Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 7, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1898
Page 2
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It Is equally effective for the girl In her teens, the young wife with domestic and maternal cares, and tha woman approaching the period known as the " Change of Life." They all need tt. They are an keaeftttedby ft. IN his address from the throne to the members of the German Parliament, yesterday, the Kaiser "balled with delight the peace sentiments of proposal" for universal e young Kaiser gave the of approval to the Czar's peace jtlmonts by asking for an increased budget to pay for a large addition to the German army. General Lee'i Corps. Thirty thousand men under Fitz Hugh Lee are to leave next week for Onba, to occupy the island nntll a government by the Cubans can be formed. A strong demonstration is to be made to impress the Cubans and Spanish that the United States means to govern with a strong hand nntll it can tnrn the island over to the people of Cuba, who, according to President McKlnley, will be expected to govern the island "without passion or prejudice against any of its residents, whether Spanish, Cuban, American, or of other birth. CofiitlttitlM and By-Lswi Adopted Which rix Amount ef Rewsrdt Offered for Criminal*. The committee of five appointed to prepare a constitution and by-law for an anti-burglar league, reported last night at the called meeting of gentlemen proposing to organize such an association. Mr. Frank Ferguson, temporary chairman, presided. Mr. E. M. Dorsey, secretary, read the report prepared by the committee. The report was amended In several particulars; the most Important was In the matter of rewards. One reward of $200 Is offered for the arrest and conviction of any person who commits an unlawful act upon.the person or premises of any member of the association, for which act the law would punish him by not loss than one year's imprisonment In the penitentiary or reform school; 9300 for the arrest and conviction of any person committing the crime of arson and rape upon any member of the association, and the Executive Board is authorized to offer not more than 3600 whore a murder Is perpetrated. The initiation fee will be 92 60 which will include the first quarter's dues; and thereafter dues will be $2 per year, payable quarterly in advance. The constitution and by-laws were adopted as amended, and a committee consisting of E. M. Dorsey, H. K. Johnston and Dr. H. T. Burnap were appointed to secure names for membership, and as soon as 200 names can be secured the chairman Is authorized to coll a meeting for the election of permanent officers. EXCESSIVE SWITCHING CHARGES. Antl Imperialist League. Ervlng Wilson, "Secretary Anti- Imperisl League, Washington, D. C.," is sending out postal cards for voters to "protest against the extension of the sovereignty of the United States, over the Philippine Islands In any event, and over other foreign territory without the free consent of the people thereof." Mr. Wilson does not appear to want votes on the other side, as be sends no cards (or that purpose. His side is a jug-handled arrangement by which only the voice of the antis may be heard, and is a fair expression of a certain clans seeking to control the destinies of this great nation. One-sided people are, as a rule, neither good, great, nor very wise. "Jim Bludioe." A number of papers, among them the Chicago Times-Herald, revamped the thread bare story tbPt Oapt. Win. P. LaMothe, who was burled in Alton last Sunday, was the original "Jim Blndsoe" In Sesretary of State John Hay's famous poem, written many years ago. The Times-Herald's account was the longest that oame under onr observation the verses referring to Jim being quoted In the T.-H. The following telegram will set at rest the question as to who was the original of "Jim Bludsoe" in the mind of Mr. Hay, as described in his poem written so many years ago. Washington, D. 0., Dec. 6.—[Special. ]— Secretary of State Hay said tonight: "I never before heard of Oapt. LaMothe, the river captain, said to be the original of "Jim lilndsoe." • "The real original was Capt. Oliver Fairobild, who was burned (to death on the steamer Fashion, on the Mississippi, two or three years ago." Board of Railway Commissioners Rules Against the C. & A. and Bluff Line. At a meeting of the State Board of Railway Commissioners, in Springfield Tuesday, in the case of the Olt.- zens' Coal Company, of Springfield, against the Ooloago & Alt ju B illroad Company, for charging$5 for switching a loaded oar in the city of Alton, the commission found that the railroad company had charged -§3 in ex cesi of the switching rates prescribed in the schedule of reasonable max I mam rates of the board. Tbe sauio decision was rendered in the case of the Boston Water & Light Co. against the Bluff Line. Both companies have been discriminating against patrons of the other road and have waged a war for several months, during which the public paid the freight. The Alton In raising its charges did so on the pretext that the Bluff Line was overcharging, but how the Alton hoped to affect the Bluff Line by this means no one has been able to understand. How's This i We offer one hundred dollars re ward for any case of catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.—P. J. Cheney & Co.. Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, anti believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West ATruax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.; Waldlng, Kinnan & Mar vin. Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price, 75>» per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. tclutect, Superintendent BpeolflcaUoni for Work Aocvutely Tarnished. OTJUi AtTON BAVIN08 BANK A Frank Confession. The Memphis (Tenn.) Commercial- Appeal (Dem.) confesses on its party in these words: "Evil days have come to the Democratic party. It is not only a minority party, but a wrangling and dissevered minority party; it is not only become a party of negation, bat a turbulent and faction-bedeviled party of negation. It has no leaders and no objective point to which to lead. Tbe tinsel of place and position is more thought of than all principles or policies. What was once a great party that stood for the broadest statesmanship has degenerated into a number of Insurrectionary factious who agree only on one policy, that sublimely stupid policy of doing nothing and of objecting to anything proposed by the Republicans. "Tbe Republicans are extending the trade of the country, opening new territory, building schools and courthouses in our new possessions, and, whether right or wrong, are doing something to show that they have reasons for being in existence. If the Democrat* in Congress would supplant Bailey with an expansionist who Is in harmony with the spirit of the age,and who Is not a belated wanderer among the paths and ruins of antiquated theories and traditions, there would be some hope for the party, but as long as Democracy means to do nothing Bailey la as good as any one else that can be named " UPPER ALTON. A fairly good audience gathered at the high school assembly room last night to bear the concert by the Illinois Lyric Q aurfcette and Ojn^art GJ Mr. Barnett Wyllle, the violinist, was a Shurtloff student last year, aud was a great favorite in musical circles. Ilia delicate touch and poetic interpretation were never butter revealed than last night, and each of his selections were enfcbueiastioaily encored. Tbe vocal numbers were all good and met with a hearty response from the audience. The town council met last night and spent most of the evening in routine business". One matter of some interest however was brought up. A committee was appointed to confer with the village attorney, 0. W. Leverett, as to the udvisaljiltiy of passing a curfew ordinance. This is a step in the right direction. The curfew law, which Is becoming quite general, requires boys of certain ages to be off the street at an early hour. Boys allowed to congregate on the streets at night Invariably get Into mischief. Of late some of the pranks played by them In Upper Alton have been of a serious nature. If the proposed ordinance materializes our streets will be quiet nights and property owners relieved of some serious annoyances. Mr. Wm. Clark, the A. P. A. man, wound up his engagement here with a lecture to men only, to which an admission fee was charged. During the evening some miscreant filled the chapel furnaoe with old shoes and rubbers and out the electric light fuse. The lecture was almost broken up but was finally continued by the light of a few smoky lamps. Mr. Clark Has had rather a hard time of it here, but nevertheless announces his intention of coming back next year. DR. Wl'RTH'S OPINION OF THE HEW DISCOVERY MEDICINE. IN A Remarkably Sutcestful Remedy for Dyt pepsla, Indigestion and Stomach Trouble). Dr. Wurth In commenting on re cent discoveries In medicine «ald There la none which is certain to be BO valuable and far reaching ID benefi as Stuart's Dynoopsla Tablets, the new stomacb remedy: I say far reaching beoauee people little realize how im portant o sound stomach and vigor ous digestion Is to every man, woman and child. Indigestion la the starting point of consumption, heart disease, Brlgbt'a disease, diabetes, nervous prostration liver troubles; whpiatbisgo? Simply because every nerve, mnscle and tis- HUO in our bodies la created and nourished by the food we eat. If thai food is. by reason of a weak stomach compelled to Ho for hours, a soar fermenting mass of half digested food It poisons the blood and nervous sys tern, creates gas which distends the stomach and bowels, causing pressure on the heart, lungs and other organs and seriously impeding their action Ho says further, the point to dlreo attention ia not the nervea, nor heart nor lungs, nor kidneys, but the stomach, the first cause of all the mis chief. The remedy to use for indigestion and weak stomachs Is not pome cathartic, but a remedy which w!l d'gest the food, increase the flow o gastric juice, absorb the gases, and Stuarts Dyspepsia Tablets will accomplish this result in any case of stomach trouble, because these tablets are composed of the digestive acids aseptic pepsin, Golden Seal and bismuth, pleasant to taste, and not be ing a patent medicine, can be used by any one with perfect safety. I be' lieve Stuart'a Dyspepsia Tableta wll cure any form of indigestion and stomach trouble except cancer of tb stomacb. Fall size packages of Stuart'a Dyspepsia Tablets are Bold by druggist! at 60j< or by mail from F. A. Stuart Co Marshall, Mich. A book on atomic! diseases together with tbonsanda o testimonials will be Bent by address ing above or call on your druggist fo; them. Try Oraln-OI Try Grala-0! Aslt your grocer to show you a package of QRAIN-0, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee Tne children may drink It without in jury as well as the adult. All whi try It like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it i make from pure grains, and the moe delicate stomach receives it wlthou dietreea. Qua-half the price of coffee 15o and 25c per package. Hold by al druggists. Have You Been Cougbmg a day', a week, a month, a year? Di Bell'a Pine-Tar- Honey will cure tha cough. There can bo no doubt of it It baa cured mnay others equally Be vere. Druggists aell it. 26j. No cure no pay. Don't be persuaded into buying lin- imeots without reputation or merit— Chamberlain's Pain Balm costs no more, and it9_merits have been proven by a test of many yeara. Such letters as the following, from L. Q. Bagley, Hueneme, Cal., are constantly Le ng received: "The best remedy for pain I have ever used is Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and I aay so after having uned it in my family for. several yea's." It cures rheumatism, lame back, sprains and swelling. Sold by E Marsh and S. H. Wyss. $100. Dr. E. Dc;chon'8 Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 9100 If you have a cbild who soils bedding from Incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. II arrests the trouble at once. 91. Sold by 8. H. Wyss, Druggist, 652 Second st:eet, Alton, 111. No Humbug. Foley's Honey and Tar does not claim to perform miracles. It does not claim to cure all cases of consumption or asthma, but it. does claim to give comfort and relief it advanced stages of these diseases and to usually cure early stages. It is certainly worth trying by those afflicted or threatened with these dread diseases. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Texas. The Missouri. Kanaas & Tessa Kail way Co. will aell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Deo. 6 and 30, with final limit of return to 21 days from date of salo. An excellent opportunity for homeanckers, tourists and investors to view for themselves the great resources of the State. For further Information address John L. Williama, P. and T. Agt , 103 N. Broadway, St. LouK Mo. __ Bean the Signature of ... The Kind Vou \\m Always Sought THE HEWS IN BRIEF. Rev. Ausust F. Karfhage, a pioneer circuit rldrr and missionary of tho Methodist Kptxropal church In the nortnwost. dlfd at Kansas City, aged 80 y«>ars. Th edli-eetnr* of the Metropolitan Btrrf't railway. New York, have In- crenpfil Ihe quarterly dividend from 1H P'T cent, to 194 per cent. Dr «'. II. Whltwell of Dubuque, la., has been appointed assistant veterinary surgeon for lown. Nathnn Morris, a hermit miser, 80 years old. was found Oead In his hut near Hloomlngdnle. Parke county, Ind.. recently and at his Bide was the dog which had been his only companion for several years. His estate Is valued at $50.000. M. I... Meyers, white crossing the railroad tracks at Assumption, Ills., was struck by a passenger train and killed. The Prince of Wales, It Is announced, has practically recovered from his Injured leg. It Is rumored at London that a British cqjiadron, commanded by the Duke of York, will visit the United States In 1899. The Central Union Telephone company has been granted the right to establish an underground system at Springfield, O. OUR Carlson was killed at Kewanee, Ills., by the falling waits of a coal mine. The socialistic community established near Vancouver, B. C., three years ago has collapsed. Professor Marsh of New Haven has been elected a corresponding member of the mineralogy section of the French Academy of Sciences. Ole Nelson, about. 40 years old, fell down a stairway and broke his neck at Madison, WIs. Charles Heine of the Fifth cavalry swallowed strychnine nt Milwaukee. He was wanted for deserting. J. H. Randall, flged 58, was killed by the cam at Fall River, WIs., while walking on the track. James Mellcnry, aged 19 years, Is the first veteran of the Spanish-American war to apply for admission to the Indiana state soldiers' home. THE MOVE. We keep constantly on the move to keep up-to date in stock, qnalltv and price. Our CHINA and TOY Stocks nave been plucked from the creme- de-la-oreme of the market, and nothing in Alton or 8t. Lonls can compare with them in valne for the money. 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This distinction baa been achieved only as the result of continued successful nse A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cared by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by druggists or It will be mailed for 60 cents " y Ely Brothers, 66 Warren street. ew York. It spreads over tho membrane, is absorbed and relief Is immediate. for Rent. 5-room dwelling. No. [624 E. Fourth street. Apply to Wm. Sountag. Go to M. Moritr'fl for your winter headwear. Tbe largest stock and stest styles. O Beantba Signature cf Ihs Kind You Haw)/ When you are nervous and sleepless, take Hood's Saraaparllla. It makes the nerves strong and gives refreshing sleep. Pertwal. Mrs. H. Ootter arrived home from Oklahoma, today, accompanied by her son, Mr. Sam Ootter, who will visit here for a few days. Mr. Ohai, vU Beall la IP Wisconsin on a bttdnew trip for Beall Bros. Mr. Nathan Cole returned to Springfield) today i after a short stay in Alton on boilnwf. Mr. 0, F. Crowe has returned from » bosinoK trip to Fort Booct, Kansas, Will liny I'lnplllto Mills. Cleveland, Deo. 7.-11 Is stated that the tlnplate trust will liuy outright for cash the CroHci-nt and the Brltton tin- Plate inlllH of this city, and that the Jirifsi'iit owners of these plants will retire fruiii the buslneH3. The trust will, It IH umleratood, take charge, of the two nilllH named on Jan. 1. Ha Klllml H Hlrlkm Illutor. OHhkosli, \VlB., Dec. 7.—Tho December term of circuit court opened here yesterday with the trial of Edward Casey on a charge of murder. His alleged victim wan JIUIR-M MorrlH, the young striker who was killed In a riot on Ihe SJ.'l of June al Hie plant of the AU'MIIIen cumpany. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. HELP IS AT HAND. Oae of the Worst Dlseties Kiown to Mm Is Overcome by Modern Science. When the common symptoms of kidney troubles are n«fleot«d the careless sufferer Is n great danger of oontraollng diabetes or Bright s disease, two of the most terrible afflictions that have been Imposed on mankind. The remedy for the earliest stages, as well as the worst pMO«,onn that will roatore the kidneys to sound health, Is Morrow's Kldneolds. These yellow tabletsi should be taken when the back aohes, or when htadaohea, chilliness, loss of energy or pain In urinating show that the kidneys are out A recent case of the our* of this awful disease by Morrow's Kld-ne-olda Is that of Mr. Austin B. Askew, employed at the Big Four Freight office, Alton, 111., who sayst lf Abont ten yeirs ago I had a severe speU of inAammatlon of the kidneys and t never got entirely well. I was troubled constantly with urinary disorder frequent discharges' attended with a burning sensation. I was f specially troubled at nlght.hsv- Ing to vet up nre or six times every night. I •offered wl»h a lame back all the time, and sometimes so bad that I could not attend to my work. Last spring 1 was particularly bad, and my health was completely broken down I I wa« partlonlarly tad, and my health *a • completely broken Sown 11 read about Morrow's Kld-ne- olds and thougnt I would give them a trial, as they were well recommended. I took altogetn- ertwo boxes and was surp.lscd at the good they did me. They did not only cure the lame baok and urinary disorder, but they built me up so I felt like a new man. I have enloyed good health ever since, and teal confident they have onred me entirely. 1 procured them at 8. H. Wyss' drugstore." Kld-ne-olds are Yellow Tablets (notpll's)and cure kidney ailments, nervousness, eto. Liver- lax are small rod pellets and cure constipation. Kld-ne-oids CO ots; Llverlax 26 ots at druggists or mailed by John Morrow ft Co., Chemists, Bprlngfleld, O. How to Prevent Pneumonia. At this time of the year a cold is very easily contracted, and if left to ran Its course without the aid of some reliable cough medicine IB liable to result in that dread disease, pneumonia. We know of no better remedy to care a oongh or cold than Chamberlain'*. Cough Remedy. We have used it quite extensively and It baa always given entire satisfaction.—Ola- gab, Ind. Ter. Ohief. • This is the only remedy that IB known to be a certain preventive of pneumonia. Among the many thousands who have used it for colds and la grippe, we have never yet learned of a (single case having resulted In pneumonia. Persons who have weak Innga or have reason to fear an attack of pneumonia, should keep the remedy at band. The 26 and 60 cent sizes for sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wysa. Many Lives ace Saved by the timely use of Dr. Bell'a Piue- Tar-Honey. When a cold creeps upon you, or a cough racks your lungs, no remedy ia so prompt or effectual. R. R. EXCURSION RATES. 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Thomsa, Agent, Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your little, thin undershirt and drawers must give wa\ to heavier weights. Where will I buy? you say to yourself. I don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will 1 know? . Do you know us? We believe we have the best values in Alton. Will you help us pove it? Take, our underwear home, compare it with what you get ffpm other stores. If it is not the best, bring it back and get your money. This shows the confidence we have in our underwear. H.A.WUTZLKP. The Outfitter. 632 East Second Street Cor California Tonris's—The Burlington Route 1 has weekly tourist sleeper excursions, per- sonaUyoonduoted (by a Burlington Route Agent) every Wednesday from St. Louis, and Thursday from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Los Angeles and SinjPranolsoo. The route Is via Denver, Soenlo Colorado, Salt Lake City with 98 per oent sntshine throughout the year. Ask your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, (or partlou- lirs. Homeseekers Excursion at very low rates "via Big Four,to speolfled points In Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota. Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota,Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennesse*, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Tickets will be o Deo. 8 > on sale NOT. 15th, Wyoming. . Deo. 8 2J, Jan. 8-10; Fab, 7-21, March, 7-10! For full Information apply to O. H. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. TIMES ARE GETTING HARD NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE nONBY. GOING OUT .OF SHOE BUSINESS. . WANTED! . the findrt Dongolaand Genet Kid that formerly sold for |8.60 * pair, bat as the ilzea are email we are closing them ont at *i.7B * pair. Tbli to a chance ta a life Ume. First come, first served, Qome early to avoid (he nwh. In addition to this great Bargain we have ?68 pain of Ladies' High Grade Shoes that formerly sold for |2.60 to 8.76 a pw. We are closing them ont at $a a pair. ' •" " •• " Uomeseekers' Excursions. — Upon certain 1 'dates o( October, November and December, the C. & A. wilf sell excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates to points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Northern Michigan,Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina. South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The reductions In rates are of sufficient Importance to merit the attention gt prospective travelers. For particulars call on O.G. Norris, Ticket Agent Wtofe|*ft 0* tended tbt fnner»lof Aft* COM. Btel- Ml, if,, yitsttrtay, aijd returned home No When you tuko Hood's Pills. Tliublg,olil-fann- loiusd, suguivooutocl |illl», wlilcli tour you all to pl«co«, ure not In It with liuuU's. ICusy to Uiko Hood's unit cu»y tu npomle, l» tnifl ^^ ol lluuil'n I'lll*. wlilcli are |Q" 11^» up to ilutu In every rcipwt. W~ III fkm 8»r«, ourlahiluiilmini, All • •••%r drugilUts. aw, Q, l, HOIK! A Co., Lowell, »!»*•. Tlua ouly flUi to t*k« wlU) H«WJ's tiuriwpttrllla. Fire and Water-Proof M. MAHONEY, NSl'RANCE AND REAL BSTATfc PtW f ALB. ioaol* Mok twolllaf 10 now ROOFS Gravel ^ Composition ROOFING MATERIALS MuuiMtar*4 DT JOHN DA* Iniely rubied tho following bulldl »ud !<«mp'» Brewer/ Drop < postal to ai oall on dwelllnc on Fountain at, It-room bHolnwemof on Belle (t. *-room frame dweUlni on State st, -room frame Iwel lot witn Uott Upper Alton ne-story l-room frame awJBing, nt unfit**, ?iiK>ft w»it Una of Mala atroot, Blf money «3i Onesto kinds of Ladies', Gent's, Misses and Children's Rubber Boots. Over e rB| m lm<1 c ' ro ^ net R nb b«w» grwMJy reduced In prices "t PFIEFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE OVERCOAT SALE have Now is your tima to buy an Overcoat Cheap. vVe i story l-rooaj brtok dwtlUM, oor ith Sonants (or p r*>»traa»e*w«Uln«, oor. Alb} m -- -._ OB Dry il wo-story t-.roOB . andsliaorisofland, -aore (arm thret lot* l-ro OB 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, » - ". : " : -•'" '*, '••. ,. '-, ". S which we will sell -for the next ap 4ays REGARDLESS OF COST. We must clear-them out and it will price before you purchase. v<>W ito £<?1,e ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTIOH. Bitat* of Dajtl*! W. Collet, d*oe4Md. MACK, Corner Sbleldt end 00««* S Model Shoe t Clothing Ce. ••IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOUKX

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