Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 7, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1898
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SIXTY-THIRD YEAR, (bttfctiihei j.. Mr7 n, IM».)» ALTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY DEC. 7. 1898. TEN CENTS PEK WEEK ja Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph* i<>j V, to punt anything,'* hltohln#poit or »hou«J,W bUrn mM* or a parlor floor, M* th»t you Gave tht right paint for that particular purpoM. No paint hai over been mada equally Ing—buggjei and houieiandfUrnl- Of OP lio oo 1m „-. .or eaah c, , ..-btibKradlent i ttttit bo ground 'and t IUI11 and aoou THE SHERWJN.WILLIMS .{TQfHiLnwjrtU' Drrr.t- Prnrs \ yon ar« inr* ofgtttlng the belt tbat ean be mado for your I purpoM. They hare a rBpatflilon,of «0 years' lucoeii. j i and •Ttrroan U, fUllyiguiwiStied. -Ourllttlo book on' t \\tmm\\\mmm rmnnr : THESHERWIH-WILUAMS CO., Paint andCdhrn MWBMmrt AT«.lbhl6agO; Blio'Cleveland, New York, and Montreal. H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Licensed HReHITB(2T Qrneral SuovriRtCfdidenl vnd Alecttnnt(.«f Oraughtijrntm, P ATHNIS - TO «ot pfinon Vlnhlnit w ODtllt L«tt«rirF'ater t o& OKTT laTeiitloni ar 1 d»«lKn«, I w f)»i*owif iMtrln^n »nj apeclfioiitloni u»t miltH «|>pllo>ttoDc f*r i 10* Vt, THIRD STREET. Tblrt Pinnr Oommenolng Nov. 16th, until farther notice, we will sell at Strictly Cash Price*: AUiOijrillfCr.RAIN qARPBTB from the cheapest to the Btet all Wool* at .ft redaction amounting to 16 ,per cent. ; Brussels Carpets and Velveta enough for a room at cont prices.i,Bring in your measure. T . GROC£R, Cor. Sixth and AJb> s\» Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits. Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sjp, Frest Oysters, ^e^ F||S^aBi;ead,« Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure TeielffilSf e .^sa^g. s r ny We desire to call attention to our New And jfMite;iy6u^o inspect mr Hn? of Beautiful Rockers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more complete and our pticesdbSvei than ever before. For good goods at,Jp\y; pfic$s deal with the .reliable and old establlsheds ijireniose'; of ' R & Street. J, JBaijer & §ons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embairaers. Second Sfrcel.J Opposite City Hall. Alton, I1F. Ha^ye an Elegant Line of SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of In Latest Styles, 'Electric Power. We we prepared to contract for Electric Power at * tr ^ fc . '*' . i' ' I. ' ' . . ' call on us .r44 j t Electee : pumping water; in fact Lights, Annual Report of the Secretary of the Treasury. FIOUllES THAT ARE INTERESTING. Attention C'nllod lo HIB Qrent Default* of Oald In tha United .Stales Trcnnury, tie Ing Hie liargniit on H*cofil—New Nenntnr from Oregon linn No rinne lo 811 -The Day In CoiiRreii—Powell Clayton It Now mi Ainttannador. Waiihlngton.Dep. 7.—Secretary Onge'u report of the operations of the flecal year, his estimates, and recommendations are very Interesting. The total receipts for the fiscal year were $41)4,333,053, Internal revenue furnished $170,000,000,. and customs about J1GO.OOO,- 000, while the sale of the Union Pacific contributed $58,448,233. The expenses were $38,047,247.00 in excess of the receipts, the cost of the Spanish war charged to navy department being $68,82.1,018. The total revenues as compared with the fiscal year 1S!>7, Increase $63,946,785. Ordinary expenses Increased $77,594,423. Military expenses Increased about $43,000,000, and naval establishment expenses $24,109,000. lleoetplft for Next Yenr. The secretary estimates the receipts for next year at $577,874,047, and the expenses $112,000,000 more than receipts. Naval and mlltary are accredited with probable expenses of $310,000,000. Pensions arc placed at $141,000,000. For 1900 Mie receipts are estimated at $610,958,112. Expenses, $30,000,000 In excess of the receipts are counted on* $4,000,000 being added to the pension estimates. In the operations of the treasury attention is called to the great deposits of gold, the largest on record, original deposits being $147,693,194, and the total deposits $198,740,000. One hundred and ninety-three thousand, flve hundred and twenty-two ounces of silver were purchased. Trade statistics show the most prosperous year 'In the history of our country, the aggregate representing $1,231.482,330. For Wnpte In Coinage* The secretary recommends reduction of one-half In the allowances for waste In coinage; authority to coin silver from, whatever bullion In treasury to meet Increasing demand for fractional currency; desires a deficit charged to certain mints of $530,681.67, for old defalcations, losses, etc., wiped out: wants a direct appropriation for the bureau of engraving and printing; the privilege of keeping foreign gold deposited to order to sell, rather than being obliged, as now, to melt It; desires additional efficiency of revenue service; pensions to revenue service em- ployes, and Is emphatically for the creation of an American sea-going merchant fleet which is not "intrinsically more difficult to establish than has been the recent rehablltatlon of the American navy." Porto Rico Is the subject of considerable comment, and much space Is devoted to currency reform. SENATOR WITHOUT A SEAT. Simon of Oregon Will Not Ho Stationed on Democratic Side. -Washington, Dec. , 7.—When Joseph Simon, the new senator from Oregon, was formally sworn Into office he found that there was no seat for him In the senate. As he had qualified, signed the roll and received congratulations he was turned over to the sergeant-at- arms, who was expected to provide him with a desk and a seat. The senatorshlp in Oregon had been vacant so long that in the arrangements of seats no provision was made for Senator Simon on .the Republican side of'the chamber. The new senator resented the suggestion that he sit on the Democratic side. The Republican leaders consulted and It was suggested that Senator Butler, the Populist from North Carolina, might be willing to move over to the Democratic side. The North Carolina man had tried that side early In the day and was stung by a chance remark that In view of the race troubles in his state he would hereafter Identify himself with the Democratic party, so he refused to give up his present seat and Senator Simon Is stilt seatless. 1'roceedliiff* In CongreRB. Washington, Dec. 7.—-The session of the senate was devoted mainly to routine matters, the Introduction of bills and presentation of reports. Morrlll presented a petition from the legislature of Vermont asking for the revival of the grade of admiral and recognition of Rear Admiral Dewey. Ilitle presented a bill tit revive the tirade of admiral and vice "admiral. Vest of Missouri Introduced a joint resolution declaring that under the constitution the United States has power to acquire territory to be held and governed as colonies. The house held a brief session and adjourned out of respect to the memories of the late Representatives Northway of Ohio and _Loye_of Mississippi. ~ ' AutbaiHfiflor to Mexico. Washington. Dec. 7.—The president has sent to congress the nomination of Howcll Clayton of Arkansas, to be an ambassador to Mexico. Senor Romero, the former Mexican minister, having been raised to the rank of ambassador, Minister Clayton's promotion followed under an act of congress. The president falsa sent to the senate a number of appointments made during the recess. They Include those of Secretary Hay, Assistant Secretary of Stale Hill, the Hawaiian commission, the Purls commissioners, and a number of consuls. Monument for Mnln«t HIM-UCIJ, Washington, Dec. 7.—Secretary Long, at the suggestion of Senator Hale, baa submitted a bill appropriating $10,000 for the erection of a monument and a fence at Colon cemetery, Havana, where the dead of the Maine are burled. Congress authorized last March the transfer of the bodies to the Arlington cemetery, but the outbreak of the war prevented action, ar.d as Cuba will be free and may become a purl of the United States, the authorities do not see that there Is any necessity for a transfer. Creeki Wuiit Another Treaty. Wellington, Dec, 7.—Secretary Bliss has received soinu important ntliclai dispatches from the Indlun territory Indicating a change of sentiment on the uvunin • Armc* owvt. Tbe best salve In the world (or onto, brclaeB, norea. oloera, salt rhenta, fever aorea, totter chopped hand", obll- blalna, oonw, and »li akin eroptloua, and poalUvely octree piles, or no pay required. I* to. go»w»te«I to give perfect aatlafaotlon, or money ref on fled. Price «B cent* per box. Tor aalo H. Marih. Alton and Upper Alton For Kidney Troubles there U nothing better than Folej't Kidney Cure, everyone who trlei It will »gree to tbl». Bold by H. Marah and 8. H. Wyaa. The person who disturbed tha congregation i M t Sunday by coughing, u requested to call ana get a bottle of Foley'f Honey find Tart which always '. Marib andfc. Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum bating powder* ate the greatest menaced to health of the present day. SOVAl BMUNOfOWOtKOO..NIW VOBK. ' part of some of the Indian trlhcs \ylth whom ihe Dawes commission has been negotiating trenllps. The dispatches said that the outlook was more favorable and that another meeting of the Cherokee council IP about lo be called to frame a treaty. The Creeks arc also paid to be preparing to negotiate another treaty. The Kal<?ii;li Ordered Uonio, Washington, Dec. 7.—Secretary Loner nan caolel orders to Hear Admiral Dew ey to send the cruiser Raleigh to the United .States. No vessel will be Plgr.ed to relieve the Raleigh, It being the opinion of the officials that, with the addition of the battleships and the gunboat Vorktown, Rear Admiral Dew ey will have an ample force at his disposal. This order is significant as In dlcatlng the belief of the .authorltlea that there is danger of trouble with Germany over the Philippines. SILVER DOLLAItS OO.lfo MONEY. Judge Smith'* Derinlon In aPamoun Mltli IgHti Cone. . Pontiac, Mich./ Deo. 7.-—Judge Smith has rendered his decision in the case of Stephen A. Baldwin vs.-Fred A. Baker In favor of the former. ' The circumstances leading up to the suit Involve some political questions regarding the money standard. Baldwin owns a farm In Bloomfleld valued at $3,000, and upon which Baker holds a mortgage for $330 The mortgage was obtained by assignment from Us original holders Dec. 13 1SD7, and there was due In interest and principal upon the mortgage $364. In payment Baldwin tendered Baker 361 silver dollars, which he refused to accept. Baker at once began steps to foreclose the mortgage. Baldwin filed a bill In chancery asking that the mortgage be discharged Inasmuch as he had tendered the payment to Baker. Mr. Baker filed B lengthy answer In reply covering al the points of the coinage laws. In It he quoted the coinage law passed by congress Fob. 12, 1S73, providing that the standard gold dollar "should be the unit of value." On this basis he argued he was not being paid the full value of the mortgage, as a silver dollar's market value was but 68% cents. Judge Smith's decision was that the tender of the silver in payment for the mortgage waa good, and accordingly ordered the mortgage discharged as palii; The case .will he appealed to the supreme court of Michigan and from there it is expected that It will go to the United States supreme court. KILLER IN AN EXPLOSION. mine mown Up While IMvnn* Are Kemov- Ing It from Hie Water. Boston, Dec. 7.—Four men were killed and several severely injured at Fort Independence, on Castle Island, in Boston harbor, by the explosion of a mine which had been removed from the channel by a diver. The dead are Sergeant Morris McGrath; Hiram Vaughn, private; Brennan (a diver); Ryan, (a citizen). The men were engaged In carting the mine from the shore to the Interior of (lie Island to place It with other Implements of the same nature which had been taken there since the war ended. DUagter to the Steamer Loiidolilitii. Boston, Dec. 7.—The steamship Lon- donlan, of the Wilson-Furncss-Ijeyland line, from this port lost In mid-ocean, sailed from this port for London on Nov. 16, with a cargo of general merchandise valued at $300,000. She carried a crew of forty men. The Londonlan was a four-masted steel vessel of 3,CM tons net, and 5,532 tons, gross, and was formerly the Idaho. She was 450 feet long, and wus built at Glasgow In 1896. Captain K. B. Lee commanded the Lon- donlan. When sighted all her boats Were gone, which gives rise to the hope that part at least of her human freight may be rescued. She had thirty passengers on board. Lymnn Abbott'M Latent Theology. New York, Dee. 7.—Every seat In Plymouth church was filled Sunday morn- Ing when Dr. Lyman Abbott began his sermon, during the course of which he Bald that It was not necessary for a man to believe In the divinity of Christ to be a follower of Christ. He praised Felix Adler's religion and theology as containing all the essential elements of Christian religion and theology, and said that his followers, Jew or Gentile, whether heterodox or orthodox, were Christians, because they were doing a work of righteousness. Setllml u-llli Uncle Nam. New York, Dec. 7.—Max A. Lazar, u diamond dealer who was tried In court a fortnight ago on thu charge of smuggling diamonds, has Bellied with the government by paying, through the United Slates district attorney here of $38,000. The Indictments pending against Lazur and his brother, Edmund J Lazar and Ihe brother's wlfu, will be dismissed. Tun Million for Flunk Gould, New York. Dee. 7.—Frank J. Gould, the youngest child of Ihe late Jay Gould, has come Into possession of $10,000,000, this being his 21st birthday. The father divided his fortune of $70,000,000 among his six children, each receiving tha Income from his or .her part, the capital remaining In the hands of trustees. Dealli Nuntonoii AHlrmoil. St. Louis, Dec. 7.—Division No. 2 of Ihe supreme court at Jefferson City has alllrmod the death sentence of O, I}. Baker of Shannon counly, who wan convicted of I hi? murder of his wife, whom he beat to death lust March. lie will be. hanged on Jan, 10. \VHIidruwi Ilia Hi'.luiuiUon. Chicago, Dec. 7.—Superintendent Ail- drew* of the board of education has withdrawn his resignation. It In In his own hands again, and everybody connected with the board of education and the city hull IB denying It wan «vur written. Dr.BulIs COUCH SYRUP Will f'Ure Croup without fail. The l»»t remedy for whooping-cough. DMM itaall- Frloe 90 ots. «t druggist*. RBlClimfi IS OPENED. Emperor William Performs the Ceremony in Person. MAIM POINTS IN HIS AllDltESS. I'l-lnrlpnl (>li.|i>H» In tlip KnUi*r> Pnll«) Will He (<i <:nlllrllitil« l.i (lie Mnttl nance of I'r:u:i> ~ [le-frr? In tin* AA«iifl*l tloii of llti> Kmpri'iM nf Andtrln ninl t)in AliH-Aimrrhlil ('onrrri-Mc u — Common! Ull I't'CrtldtMlt'lf M*>.«*HKI>. ISerlln, l')ff. 7.--The rtik'hsttiR WBP opened liy Km|ii>rnr William, who iif nnnntinciii),' llic InlroiHu'tlcm of « Bor of poi'lnl and Inlxir bills invl llic i'»m- plctlun of (lie organization of the urmy. enld tlmt Cicrmuny'i' Millions with al the foreign IMIVVITB lontlnui'il to lie friendly and thul thu principal obj THE NEW REICHSTAG BCILDIKG. of Ills pollry would 1)6 lo contribute to the maintenance of peace. Therefore his majt-sly hailed with warm approva the czar's magnanimous proposal for the furtherance of that oliject. Continuing, the emperor referred to the assassination of the Empress of Austria as a garage and ruthless act which ha< caused him deep pain and which hac evoked the most sincere sympathy throughout Germany. Antl-Aiinrchl»l Conference. Alluding to the anti-anarchist confer ence at Koine, the emperor said the readiness with which >.he Invitation been accepted by the powers justified the hope that its deliberations would have practical results. Alluding to the war between Spain and the United States, his majesty said Germany's neutrality was conscientiously' and loyally observed toward both belligerents. Then taking up colonial affairs Emperor William pointed out the measures taken for the economic development of Kla Chou. declaring that while conscientiously respecting the well acquired rights of third parties, the. German government would direct Hb efforts to the further promotion of Its economic relations with China, whlcl: are yearly growing more Important The emperor concluded with a reference to his visit to Palestine, saying he hoped the brilliant reception accorded him by tht, sultan and the Turkish people everywhere would prove to be of permanent benefit to German prestige and the national interests of Germany M'KINLEVS MESSAGE. \Vhllt Somo of Hie Tjondou Newspaper* Say of 11. London, Dec. 7.—The afternoon newspapers here express satisfaction at president McKlnley's message to congress with the exception of the allusion to the Nicaragua canal, which to the minds of the editors, does not show sufficient, appreciation of British treaty rights. The Pall Mall Gazette says: "In language of studied moderation, but which leaves no room to doubt Its meaning, the president foreshadows the fixed determination of the government to stand by the policy of the 'open door' In the east. That declaration brings the United States In a line with us. it ever the time comes to speak with enemies in the 'open door' way." Referring to the Nicaragua canal, The Pall Mall Gazette remarks: "While fully admitting the validity of the president's claims for the complete protection of the commerce of the United States, we may be permitted to point out that British Interests are no less entitled to consideration, and that the government at Washington Is already bound by definite obligations. We are convinced, however, that when it comes to business, there will be no. disposition In the United States to question the friendly equality of the two countries in this matter." The St. James Gazette says: "The message will be read with pleasure. The president faces new Issues in a broadminded way and suggests the solution of their problems on large and generous lines." The St. James Gazette reads the Nicaragua and friendly relations with Great Britain sentences of the message together and draws the Inference therefrom that President McKinley recognizes the binding character of the Clayton-Bulwer treaty, "It would be strange," the article continues, "If the opportunities Just now offered by the Canadian negotiations do not result In the near future In a comprehensive understanding between the two great branches of the English-speaking race, not merely on the broad, general lines of common commercial Interests, but on such closely-related details us the creation and guarantee of the Inter- oceanic waterway." TfiE EXCEUENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is duo not only to t.'io originality and simplicity of tlio combination, but also to the care and skill with which it is manufactured by ucicutiliu procossi'H known to the CALIKOIINIA Fio Svnur Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purcliusin^ the *JUD and original remedy. As thu genuine Syrup of l''iys is manufactured by tho CALIVOK.NIA FJO SVHUP Oo. only, a knowledge of thai fuel will asslat one in avoiding 1 the worthless imitations mMuif aelmreil by other parties. The high standing' of the CAM- yojiNIA Fia BniUl' Co. with the medical profession, and tiiu Bulmfuction which the genuine Syrup of I'ign hus given to millions of families, makes tho name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its ix j u>edy. It it> far in advance of all other laxatives, us it acts on tho kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it docs not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get Its beneficial effoeU, please remember the name of the Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. •AN MOUVIUJR. K>. . Onk MeMthyHappy Girls often % From no cause, become l&nguid &nd despondent in the e&rly days of their womanhood. They drag along,always tired, never hungry, breathlew and with & palpit&ting heart after slight exercise so that merely to walk up stairs ia exhausting. Sometimes a short.dry cough lead* to the Fear that they are"goinp; into consumption'.' They are anasmic. doctors tell them, which means that they have too little blood. Are you like that? Have you too little blooa? More &n&mic people have been made strong, hungry, energetic men and women by the use of Or. Williams* Pink Pills For Pale People than by any other means. They are the best tonic in the world. Miss Lulu Stevens, of Gasport, Niagara Co., N. Y., had been a very healthy girl until about a year ago, when she grew weak and pale. She lost her appetite, was as tired in the morning as on retiring, and lost flesh Until she became so emaciated that her friends hardly knew her. The doctors declared the disease an'tcmia, and gave her up to die. A physician who was visiting in Gnsport prevailed upon her to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. She did BO, nn<J was benefited at once. She is now well and strong—the very picture of health. —Buffalo (N. y.) Conner. CAUTION-. Most druggists are reliable. Some are not. If a dealer tells you he has something "just as good" as DiWilliams' Pink Pills for Pdle People, he is unreliable. Insist on having the genuine. Sold only in packages like this. At all druggists 01 direct from the Dt.Willi&ms Medicine Co., Scheneet&dy.N.V. Price50*p«Tbo*. IHK EOPLE IE. OTt1B.ArC *\\4W i AXTI-DIIKI'FCS JIIOH IN I'AUIS. CollldPH with Advocates of n ICcvl.slon mill H ItltM KlIHIM'K. Paris, Doc. 7.—At a meelinR held under the auspiri's of thu 1'alrlotic league, the moat violent anil-Dreyfus organization In Paris, MM. Millc-voyi; nnd Deloulede declared Hint Ihft time had arrived to pass from words to acts. The audience thereupon started lo march lo the Cherrtu;-Midl prison, where Colonel Picquart is confined. The police Interfered, whereupon the mob made for a meeting being held by the advocates of revision. A collision occurred, revolvers were (Irc-d, and one man was wounded. M. l-'eroulede's frantic followers continued Ihe parade, shouting "Vive I'armee!" und "Conspucz Dreyfus!" until they reached the Strasbourg monument, where they were finally dispersed. Pope Not Hntftilo to Uiic!« Stun. London, Dec. 7.—William T. Stead, editor of The Review of Reviews, who has Just returned from the Viitkan, gives to the correspondent of the Associated Press an unqualified denial of all stories representing that the pope Is hostile to the American policy regarding the Philippines. On thu contrary his holiness is ready to en-operate with the United States In restoring order there. United States illlil Her Uulnlilr*. London, Dec. 7.—lit. Hon. James Bryre. Liberal member "f parliament for South Aberdeen, In reply to a question whether In his opinion the United States constitution permitted the hold- Ing of colonies said: "I should tlilnlc that, notwithstanding the language used by the United Hlates puprcmi' court In n famous <nse mure than forty years HKO, the means may be found whereby tho United States inn hold the recently-acquired territories without violation of the constitution and without conferrllie upon them (lie privileges of Mates or territories, for which they arc obviously unlit." For Rats, Mice, Roaches, and Other Vermin. IT'S A KILLER. After eallng, all vrrmln wk wnlcr and ihe open nir. HeuccltiU killer is the IIIOM cleanly an earth. For Sale by all DrupglfiU. Price, 15 Cent*. NEWTON MANUFACTURING & CHEMICAL CO., -' VI William Strixt. New York. THE HOLIDAY SEASON IB at baud at iMarsh's Drug Store. ^ You will and ,Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brushes, And many other beautiful and useful things. Henry Watson, McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Always on hand. Alaol Itonlor la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Tracks Running Into the Quarrloa. Telephone No. 31. AI TON II I Residence 6a8 Alby «t. /*•-« I Wl^l» lL-«l-o ffPHIDY I These tiny Capsuloa aro superfo to Balsam of Copalba./^S CubebsorlnjectionsanmMlDi CUREIN48HOUH3\1> the came diseases wlthou Motf s Ncrverliie Pills The grial remedy foi nervous prost rat ion and all nervoin '. diseases oi the generalivc or. gans of either MX, such as Nervous Prostration, Failing ui ost Manhood, Impotency, Nightly Emis. slons, Youthful Errors, Mental Worry, ex.- cctslve use of Tobacco or Opium, which «ad to Consumption and Insanity. $i.OP xr box by mail) 6 boxes for $5.00. MOTT8 CHEMICAL CO., Prop'*, Cletelai<d, Ohio, For tale by B. B. Wyss, No! it is not claimed that Foley's Honey and Tar will cure CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA in advanced stages, it holds out no such false hopes, but DOES truthfully claim to always give comfort and relief in the very worst cases and in the early stages to effect a cure. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H, Wyss. FALL and WINTER 1899. * Ihe most complete line of Foreign and Domestic W ens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just re* ceived. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, {Merchant Tailor, ua West Third 5t

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