The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1927
Page 8
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pnSFIVE LOGAl.COURr "reliminariy Ganie Is to Di^cide' Chi iripi »nship 0^ Churci Lsague In Ibla--Te4ins Weil M itchfed. }on prlccv of one . 'irimi 's tM<> offtrlngr tonight lei Bchior high s hool ^ym .naBiul V h<-n 'jlnla Jiinloi collflto batti id junior ciilHKe from ParsonB. In luldttlo^ lo he m^in atiraj Ion. which jslipu <1 priive ont !«• hcHtTliaskWl 'ba 1 gamcH offer •r (h <i iit)pr<)v-al <r hoc: I fnris (I year, thij Methoi! ist ni il Preal lioijal ii'uinteis'wi I (an ;1(> for tJlio '^ola chufi -h leagi e ch; inplonsuip. (At prcSujiti th ngs Hand jhst ftbuut ^van U^'twee i the wo rhiifch ,fleagui!i It'iints. wit i nelificr having la decided advantage, won oiie.gajpe in| the hree-B j 'ilay-of]f KiTiiis to Iccidvi'the li crh»nipijuni.bip. unij toni^lil's th «i tale. p6'rl» from par.sons Ind! tell R that' lolii wjll ;bf game, hnil Parsons lar^» niinnbei* of I 'jonrnej'j here for. [certain about] the b, but he^iis c a' set ol^ plsjyers on the floor will [figjit :i II the lime. J opening same I )etween lyterian^ and .Sletliodist.s ' gam havc| tfist The Presf>: sian| at 7 a''clocl|. with the ju college game starting shortly cr S o'clock. ; I jGroff and Fronk ijt forw^ds. Mkna is f.-! for HUMBOLPT HIGH HAS TWO GAMES Ilunvboldt. Ffilf.. 2.1. (SpeHall — The Hnn.'boldl {High School team will clash withj Vates Center here I tonight :n' a H^jSH 4 league game. I Mnt+iijoi'iii; is lendintr the . leiigiic, while Yates Cciiter is In the cellar. '< I Next Wedne!'<lay_ Humboldt will I entertain bu'jliiiglnn in tlie final < I game of the year. A win foi; IJurl- j ington A ^oiild bilifg that ile;uii into the ndmlk- " Humboldt for first place. SPANISH PI G WILL CLASH Each has | dofdated iii lorfljdlil 's Cpach StocSebrind is ekiually r from sure iroe giie inie !ife hat!; probalile th;ill 'arson^ fans the friiy. a Will Iresult of tonigj rtaiji that he m center., anu M lat. guards.' After JManh wilj drop!ion with Bui aav apu tim^ jumping cenler, hack t|> a gu ker playing tfloof. .Melton wiil not I start an injured font. Igaml} iMscausci of J^"''''"^"'' starting lii probably willi be rts follows: sher and McE »'ain. jforwai Vohs. c<!nfer;| Bci|jamlii and :Ci Uall. guards., VERDIGRIS VALLEY RACE NEAR CLOSE Independent e,. ltan.,F(| Frellonia ani( C(| In he; cage rnc< pilcy league,' arej fin'i 1 IhruHt for In' line of tliif gr loj pluy. .but I'rciloiilu. Iinx tdt^nnliiige of <inii iiiiije i|ivirr " III','. „i,>.i<i,r III,! vV ,Lii .'.u> he orV iK'e ever: knjwn'Inleagni' nn- tifs vill MAT SQUAD LOSES TOPinSBDRG Last Bout On Program; yVas" Necessary to De- j cide Match Between Two Teachers Colleges. Pitt.shurR. Feb. "TK CSiU-ciuIi.- The. wrestler.-> rejiresent-'iij; I'iil.-.- bursf-Stale Tc:iclier.s ciille;.'.'• won a liotly i-iinti'sli (I j iiiatcii lierf l ;iMt ni!;lil I'roiii lli<> ' l'::ii|>oria .Stale Won't .\rn Vork. Unless He Wins Derisively Pauliija ProBiibly {Be Given A e r Chance. tvh. s:.. (Jvp) ulll hiivp nil iiiltiinliiup e'.fsM iiitd-oiio-liiilf ,|iounds nxjfir Ms .^panNh rhal, j Puuitno dun. In their f^n rniinit| welijlil I'llniiniilloii ni:i nLht tti .Vnilisiin Si|un lien, liiinsen n*!|;hed !!<!no I!H ; before title ut lilrl°e :coninti'islon' Ib noon. S-.w York. Feb. 2:,. (AIf) WlNljfEJR $5q,000 NEW ORLEANS RACE iiiK in Interest. I.iiis F.'riii. will I 'lnilinM. ifSpaiiisli it he appc lie thai lieavywt meets Ktiiite Hansen in the ivill ior \ifl- Teticbets cullego bv a score of -'V'^ '''•=''>;y'"'«'l^ i:,'.4i to II'L.. The laM tussle was \'"<lison ..Satiaro ( nocis-sary to <te;;idc the meet. ' It be Paiiliuirs fir-^t Tho Pittsburg grapplers .Secured auce in an American |iin a fall anil tliiee decisiotis anil th;>,.mi.siileied the (Itirk bor>j Empori:! Rt;ipi>l'.r.-? won r,vo fylN.' KUkarils iourneV. Tli.-.lT.'.-piiitttd matcli was declared Liiliiss he decisively dof a lirau. Tlie summary: . i.«en. he probablyi wiU not 11.1 pound clas,s-.Madison. Pitts-ij,, the tourney. Paalina ItLw an es- Lird the the IP ^lojds: an- Ib. -5 ( ffeyvUle. Icai P» ers in Ihl' Vefdli rls • It jh 'p for iH- preparlng fi be chttinpio'tis atest I bnttleH Hot It HclioidH Itiivij two giii^ieK he li 'tM he .VM. ltd nn. ill! ni. Ill;i<. liiid Hholil'l nlfer jiiiifl dnlip n 'iirple ntid liidd hen.«icliiitnpt( n n lie lietwj'en I f"rt'i|onln victo Inch « first/ dac Ki;ed0iiln hils ,t ti-uniH 16 pi |lle[ hals Indnpei Jnme.s longilil u .Neodestti!:; CA ind rofjfeyvlHe at he C:Ortl< Ufn? hot It frii tiHhtp jtltCKI' WASHBUfeN TO ST. BENEDIC .\ijrliii(on. Feb. J cnedlc;t« pulled •re la>it iiiKht. di olUge liCansas conferenc , i Itj Isi paid that Ii.onilfinL gre\y to f^hoijfiing center atiife it was once t!o (he I Tyburn pillows.; | Tens jtiiotisands of peop ' (pxf<Jirtl|Sueet to s|c mei^ dn jinnged: and cheated i)eslfoijnrade. Cofd ilowjaclj Nt. mill woitld it wo tea y itotJIght • berth for th .•(» (•otttparatlvl'ly iiy While tJoff detrce i; to pi IiidiMiendi I H 'v at!; Kredo Cherr .VA 'ale. LO^ES jioria. ill 4 iniiiiiies. .l:.'.">-poiiud <-laV.-:--Itico. Eniiioria. ^ threw Heaver. PltLs^iiurg. ^iii !• iiifii. j l.^ri-potind class—Schindler, of] Pittsbnrs.. won' a decisioii over! l>«win:iii, Emporia, wj^h a seven- minute time advantage. I ll.'i-ponnd class—Strube, Empor-i ia. threw C'.trran. Pittsburg, in .tM: minitles. l.">S-noitnd das.s—(iarr. Pittsburg, won deijis'on fiver Clawson. Em- pori.i..with a 3-iriintite time advan- taite. I 17 ."i -noiirid class- -A' was de, dared lu-twi-.-n jDeiid;', • PiUsliitrg, I and Iltint; Emporia. , . Heavyweight dtiss—C;imiibell. of Pittsl'ttiK. won ^ a decision over UidKcwiiy, Emporia, with . a time adviiiitag.' of 1 niin.. fil see. GILL/rORiBFRRFiE lAVNSAS RELAYS - i .•- - • 1 r ,nwrciice, Km|im„ Feb. I'.l- (.\P;-- lljiiy L. (illl. noted truiik coitchjof rec6rd in Europt lilglifs fight will; be the will eilliei mako ox bre; Parsons;co:iegc bji at.' worrying ainint the lola's lourt. llete's wh:it says about it; pEveit thi cout't. ut lola is' a liandl lite locals .should handle t Unit v.cll and probably with the long count of tli (AGE RECORD Bksketba 1 Team Has Ten Straight Gain|es Durng P'resent Baisketball i treason. iai i llsmore. f ell. (Spec more All letic club m is bu Idiog a rept: t beast H basket clci<. haviiiRfwon its last t rite, teiitli win was Wednesday/ night when tjije defeated Hi/on.son here 38 to ,Ioj>n.<:on tOi fiseil eight from foij high p/iint honors. Tlii a'lly wa.-* t lie last game o Koi^ for Kl.smorc. as no other been scheduled. JV compilation of .scor>>3 th ten games mfcre scorijd 350 points. posing t ainst El a4e is .X.1.6| hits for rriie Elsmorc record for •sqii follow Elsmore at Elsmo! erless O )re 3.^. 16] E smorc 30 Elsmore .l.-H tre 4C, anitte: Klshiore at Elsnfcre: Elsmorel 3S 'y- ay. "•I lia the If riih 'en <liy of llllllolH, ; will i lie lereiee foi'itlle finieth iiftti {iiil KiillHiiM ItelayH nt the I'lllvHrHJIy or KnilHii.x.'April'It avum «niiottii<eil lii'a liaxketijerii hutr iVrtiit Ideii ub lul Mhn n on the lung trlng seorlijg |<i Ihl nIumI. Il uM nil roll 0 mil lonll Hie MMilor hlirli Mehlioi nnil liihi iunl . ilitubjlleo liirn mil In iJirife iiDinlfr l.iid'mil wUy I 'nrMiiit dei 'i'iil loin Ni -Aenil ueeU sketeers side .lit ' I'arsoiis I though the ap sike, lc^ sitna- kill end Hcoro." >i tt dli. Ill end n Hie liiiHi'ter, :lil mi emirl. nlll . Ill didn't iiiro. here today. Jnhii t'-.-fJrover of K |"''S l'liin>t are neiirly conip HU ^iCliy. Mo., well known iKporlMj,, „„.^.,j„^ ,„.x, ,„ .ril(-li(l.,or lite iitlildlewe.Ht, will act „ nvill^,ii league. AnnotiUiem.-nti "li"'.';'" ""'.'^"ll""" >•"'»>•« ^o'^rot the lime and place of tfe m-ct- " toinor ii.i iSi)eci|tli-J the tinex pec- eating AVashbii liasketecrfa 26 tjO 16 ii 1st. ed rn a ew York. Feb. 2.-|. fAP)-—An- ucenieiit of his jiitention to re- 1 his olfice>!as . Dnilod .Stales Oxfoiid Strejct, i altitrney for this! district was made hatll^ be Ihii greati-sf I by f the i world 1 e- | ing| liho road that led i ti'i |e streamed aloig | and wo n- tJie lli1rdsiic (H 'SHlve year. - "llie Kiiiisns, relays Ittive grown in five yetirs to be one of the major iiajk citrnivals of lite I'nlled .Sitite .'i. I.ast year'.ulltleies from a hundred itisi iliitloiis from fifteen] Ftates competed here. I i BUCKNER SA YSHE WILL RESIGN SOON; illg wHI be madf row. Friini (hp wi|y I he lii^ men ill' loin nri iretllng Hie IdcT of n Kijinl -pnit'e* "Jonal il N |ir ilinlile I sip! of I ¥P' .1 \i was at one lime, as properly ] oppotltijii-! typiial a girls name i as .li|( k may! g Gamble £VBftY apnrl- that falls firr hoUsans bucks fi r "Lefty", Gr oin|!tbiii£ bafJ It ippened to It of «i|preinc; effoii on fhe part thl) performem Invniyes a t«inb|o. ' I am ipcaklng from tihyBlful atanjipol itj \Vh«ii a niajoi league iiiaKii ipi^yH ianywhern from | f 25,0011 tUM),()00 or mo c for a "bi lejiRU^" phenom. he lit lakliig long J:hancc that i he pliiye o^ly fioi deliver b if reninliflmnti fiVipijiterlouii Injury. " with dlie as phvHl til. The major league racorda re vi-jtl any nunibc -ofj i:a«eii wh rc plliym. highly, t utcdj have ful ed niAke the grad ' e to [sh n will i^nt lie showl iig regu ar care rs I Aljio. many rooj leg after enough muff to wiii' a ijerth. have hal' tlieir quickly ended be aus^ of labme injury! that handlca ipcdjlbe^r pluyj * I' * Baseball Worrjss -jjj^illLE. baseba 1 Ii^' fairly f^ee 1*^ froin ipenjona contact; such combs In'i footbal and basketbtill, •lilli slldifig into bases and kakljig omiB desperate chancfe trying trelch a hit, carry a big r{sk- iJust'think.wbai a.blcvw it won iav4 bvu Con lie Stack if, iftcr i&ying lietter thin bne faunilrid |tioil»an4 bucks fijr "Lefty'" Gro' e, Itlia*. which end !d :|y southpaw o( his; |bis pitching days-; I \a Icnow of at leidt 20 n who lian bad major leagi tbeir careon to Id cut in as or putl rn T hu<{ at the! r RUll If .Ia<}k is manjager cf 11: it is aij^'nred- Ihit loll w) Emory R. Hiickner this morn- J. t go.«I accounting of its?lf at lite npenfiig of his sitnitiiii-; mni lot'cign diapioncis lb <n the Daitfiherty-.Miller < on- nier. a-yiitial. proliablj li;iseliiill team, that lola reall.j will Ijaie u teain.j It is itnderstonij tliat the liiislness ni raising nimiey sfandlng that Jkirk lieeonie manager of tfie \Hi of. In n; arc I inder. h'fi I IwllI eani. I lib the irk (frill Mntber 3 Kinnilniied from i'age li connrr.-, his matiner ;iiid ledinhhn I of situ Ing'was| itiiiiiipcaclialilr. aii ' eveiv iiiiiilii'r hi" >:i;tK w:i^ a .;it J ci>s;> Sii liir as till- tilldieiK'i' vv; j ciiiicer H-d. Hl< Arioso troiii il liacca, |Sitiig lit I c, I nine. Wiis ' it, ;! ili>t|lliei:lly llie itesi tliittf. lie did ;ii a hiritigili ami powii ' liiluidl voice ^ ted lor irgiiiil/.i FIGHT I TICKETS SELLING RAPIDLY I- n 21. at {The box ight's gaiii p -:ismore .lohnsonj Johnson lore, c-f [niels. c Cnx. -A Ltjdlum. g C(>.x, g Totals - loess behind Itldt litoht of h:« -iilltcf tiui liitjs dljil li,ot n-vctil. .UlsH ll'oales. Jill- \iiillitlMt. pli :t (|i|'tltej Hl |(|lctt<<', iltlli'i ifily, i^l il:lyed l.-'omc lirilliiiii; pieces aI I ln 'nve .l In r' iibilll.v ii Iri 1; nieliin,' 1)111 Itct- iitn -t .sui,^'> iiittnberii iindiabiy wetc tliosc of:!ii tneiodlOliH anil ijiib'ter n ^iHire mk'Ii an "Orlentale • and ".Miglity |,:ik a Hose.' lAIIss Harj'is al ilie piiiiio f. deived entbiisiasdi! iiiid gciicroi applause in her m>1o iiiiiiibers. tlie best of which perhaps w :is .M;n;- DowelPs PoloiiaiseJ 1 I . .-Mtbougli no group ol, arii.sls can |.Triange a program! which will suit ^everybody in a larg<' .•(iidiejt'ti p.'!|l -feclly. titi're is no iloitht iliiji tlio si , lectiojrof iiiittibrrs for tlii« lonc i i was the', feature whidt cotit tiliiitiil ; .More I hail ili.lM ti|keis already I :ii\<- l>i>< II sold i 'or (In- .\iii >-1'icaii l.'Kion bo.Nlns iitogtiiti jal .\Ii-i - 1 El il 'iiil Hall iicXI Tii '-Hdii .vl iiiglit. :ii|il in- i H' - I'liiilniis p )lni low.-ifil ;iiwdl-fllIed:Hn ^ hiiifii- wli .-ii ihe pK -litiilitary Ti' Hi lifts. i • |- . Fiiiyij Itijiweis. Kansas Cliy mid dl-w.lglit. who will i|ppiiHi* Johnny; I \\'.('itcf III Fori Sciijt liitlie main 1 I 'vriii, Is <• ipeclc,il -tii arrive lit loin . tiiii'iiiow ii'> ciitiipleii iriiining for ilicir boiti.j ' i •' , lit the Miiii-wliidttp. IvttliHJts Kid E :i'l (:r. wlir ittlx wlt |t a; .Neodeslia f v.'ii ri .iiiiiiitti 'i' has annoiinced. and liiiy Willi M lici'alded aH a tiutgli one. ilii> 1,'S'cn is pritni'd (<• ilreseiil lite iCvetything is In: ^eadlneaa. the .liv t figlit card ill lliij' liis.ory m lola. : I ' • • ONE WIEER MORE ' FOR CONGRESS e- team, ill give most l.-irgely to ii.-^ ' Kiicee .K.S. Tliey did popiil.-'rity :i:itl not err on the i \Va-!iini:'6ii. Fd). 2 si\tv-ni!iih c(His;tess i} ii::l w j<i u.-.t" i:' till- ii.siitil t rtllciiil shci-l se.-isioii •iv: !i I lie lii)-iv;i- in a .j:<.i..l ai:il .;ri\iiiu: to it> Hl;iti'. •' (API -The •ntured !; ti>il;i.v with iiijospeci.s in the !ewai-ks that dima.xes but more orderly in :hom»jside of bettig too "Iiiult brow." :s i|s;snm-;do :;o niaiiy arti.-;!si who scent to Three liibi Jinduslrlrs iinre annmineed Hint llfey W'll pi ire indu-ln'al leuiiis' in Itbe rin- ninir, land a fourth shon d nr- I'l.-ire illself wlihin a k'en- days. A foi^r-team Industrial 1 eaitae shdul^ fnrnl*i^?llie fans- With plent); of anialrar bavrlalt dniot- Ainerican J^'glon fighi .short by having ja mssela snaf ^e nrin or slipuldi^r. . think of |what a tough break It wo lid have been for the White Sox If till K.-iinni. who <,««st pracllcallsr much is (Jrove, Kutfcred aknuo iiiiklu injury whllti sliding lliut him pernmneiitly out of lite Ming. . ui!li iltliiKH <)fien Itiippen on th* lml> ^eld. • C^se of Carlaris IE laci! liorKo game la an ovcii more preeariouH biiHlncHH thutt bui +:ball. This ifuct is reculled by hard lurlc rFatty" Anderson with .Carlurls, who a year ago jlhls time wifs tho uonsatlon ot turf. ccently In looking ovsr the re> 8 at Tlajuuha, I noHiTed Whcro . Carlaris had sOored n victory nt six I furlongs. It caused me to I hope | that bo might still haVc some ot the speed that, carried htinj to & mcmbrablc victory' in the Colfrolli Handicap of last yeah . Shortly after that win. '•FaUy- Anderson, owner of the big bay, turned down an; offer of one-qitarter of a million fori Carlaris. I Brought east! for feature s^ake.s. Carlaris suffered several reverses and was flnallyj withdrawn because of inability tojhlt hU sirid^, diia largely to leg iiijuri^.s. Offered S250,(ioo tor Carlaris on* year «go, Andersoii. might | bav» trouble collectiiig $2500 for hjm to«;iy. . It's a great! Uf«; It you idoa 't weaken. eri. are p'tb-kled ticket sale for Tuesda.V, and crowd. ! [to di^ath the mati| xpecl a Ban Johnson, who lias furnished ; of •lear most of trnnMin [rl -in. I IMi. f . St f iolt. 1 ;itiglitiin. res. g . •lor. g 'ifoliiN : eferee Chi -The tilLskctball tatjioni in Mai n kanies. tjiir ^cd in si'iuad 21. K. tl<efflel!l prob- tl |ej sca- gjjnies played shows lams totaled IDl more.Elsnioi points a gan e the opponents Elsmorc 3: Elsmore 42, SaJon ^•e; Elsmore 27 (i I 10, at Elsni Ilia Pigg.s 24. at E .Mildred 27, at .VI Erie hri hanulc I'eerless Tsmore 31. .Mild Wbn BABE RUTH HASN'Tl' SAID HE WILL QUn i K<lw York, Feb. 25 (AP)—pabe UiiiiI has not delivered any ultima' turn to Colonel Jacob Ruppert, owner o: the Yankees, on the publication of the big hiller's 192^ .sajlary di-niiinds. This announcement canu from the Yankei' office's today after a receipt of a telegram from ivitti's inisiness manager' denying the Habe had issued the threat re-i ported in I>Js Angeles yesierda; I0LAFIVET(1 lid the t pn.s- IwlMlc nil point .s aver- to! 19.1 tlic sea- lErie 7, burg hannte Elrf- Isniore; iidred; lEls- j2!; at: ed 25. Elsmore 42,.Hit^niboldt •Ilamore. score for le follows: Wednesday f . f k-M) Fn s -1:-. 1 4 4 0 (I !' ; 17 FC: 2 II - . 1 4 ..0 . .3 . .. 0 < . 0 FT 0 i 0 .Ni-ad. lola. ADE ACQL] i^'in Diego rce H^-n king, t( !tice i la 11 (lei run ;lti> ch.^riie of!h! d labor Calif...1-Vb. 2.-.. I • ni niabei Ktlth [day was acqujtl I... lltulliOi IS vini; violated li'd IJW. FIIJNERAL FOR FMB XPLOSION VICTIMS I|earue. Ti ncrsils of f:v late Tburs |l.i day. They fl clean it wlie redl followtHl One peciili lee onsider it b.-neatb Ihdr d :.i :i :iiy w>ny ci .loinns .of s ulf for the - An plajl or sing .-luyihinK aiiyhi.iiy ."iportinK writers this hum eyprtieanl before: tier did lii.-y i o-". '• S.<!i]:ini: write , insult theStasle.-; of lite best eiiii. iii,- , 111 in; I riticufific lieir andlciici- liy tising any j e tiiusici TIti-y liiui tv r.v', ' 4iver the It here record;! thing on th'- progiaiii (roin grand! opora cown to Old Piack Jiie iitid i (life w; s done just iis ttrlisticall '• llie oil cr. ! . ' Hood itiii^ic would li^- more popitj iar in ola iif jii-ople li.-id more In (|uent (bailees to licar sitdt cmtl rts iih tlie- run- iiiKlit. Vff hegiHier Wants for resitliii 1 mmmm winter, was liimself. and is th ilhe atmo of-lialy. disdinc-tly at dreil miles. RUTH IS ITTEI) TOIDAY X.. Feb: 2.-.. (AP)| men burned to 11 pipe lit*' stoni'ge tank k- be hradto- nlrt-ed the laij an explosion Ibv a fire. ritv of'the climliteiof clearness and; jihere. which mountains bein:^ a distance'' of j"Wbaf' J »ery iund.~ U.'Sing in if ho eyer ge hi'aii right foir oiuvfillir ANKY ivrong wiib tbl< |>irli|reT -P. Tnileni i .j enor Golden' Glow oiL Who '?as an^l smodth ,pei-forin|inir Gj Iiivinjjr. .voii \VnrryiClub!f' enroll yoi Lol IKS .<vi've you—^\vell! MOTOR! > Yes the gentleniiin Is .s the blai^tid thifig star j,^ .'itati^in and .you in.stall isiilf Lesh Service iStation O^ Ani' Lesh'Pump ELMERj line antl oil h ;ii .s di.sillu.^ioned him. ant C (l again, he'.s going tr get .some Le.-<h ga.s am' juick-vapori'/ing Lcsiil jolden (^lovv oil in your winter utomatically in the "Don'ti CITY oil CO DULLEX&DALGARNIO Distributdrs AT J J • 1 Victory by Neosho Connty Five Would Drop Locals To Sixth Place in : Big Seven Race. IJrou- -•Ti F 1 0 II 0 1 iola will take: a little rriin Clianute tonight to -ban^l mute basketball five ' a ig. .Vt Itast that is the tude of lola basketball fanij ihd down trint atti- arid high belief of most of the scl^ool basketeers. Probably a large number <^f local! fans wiir drive dow:n ti game, in order to get their glimpse of lola's 1927 basketball sqiiad. • .. i An loKo! victory w-ill placi locals solidly in fifth prince, a liefeat, will send Ihe locals biing iuiosi.xtii place aniil ad the Iwhile tum- l -anco Civ. nute to that position. I is probable thai Coach wil start the same five he surled against Pittsburg ia.-jt i Saturday when lola did- the nne.\pecteil handed the Purple and jWhit first defeat. ' ' I .The probable starting libeup follows: Massey aiirt ;0. i.Mcquire, ''ortjvards: iFuhk, center:' L. Ouire and IJarber. guards. .*iId*on. however, may start alj of the forward positions. ( men will he taken to Channli| for .iiiK -rgencies. j-v ToiiiKhl';) gjanie is the only scheduled illtis" weok in tlie ricvii confen^nco. T le Iol :i: . i-conds will pla>j the (•lianitte sc.cbi|ds In a prclimlnjiry In M 'j> - JiOine by 11-.-' st;:ile R. i. JamesT^uggdsts l%a' Games B^ Playe«i-During Week 25 Centl ^ Adm Piigigests. Fee for is4ion.. KCOtt and its. Mc- iDon- dne iher one Big rer-ent yifhrs nearly all ol{ 111 stsirit have eoini- from Atlnhtic or Piiclfic i -ojists, with • ton inl.-ind tioiiiiM. the the few 'Something new in the .way.' idioas comes into pfay in the :Beini' professional ba8el>ij|ll talk in lol u^ilh a ^uggestloi^ that lola di claro a half-holiday one day; eac week this summbti - in order that IjOla may turn out and support S club. |.' ' . rit Is the contortion of R. James, 41.5 North ^AValnul. stree that business woiild hot!be iajnri if all of the business m6n of 'thi Icity would agree'; to clbae Up fi I a half-holiday each week. ' _ ! He believe.s t ^at many \tIII atr tend and supporjt] tbe team where they would not do so on Sundayl ! His letter fol ojwg: I "1 am * interes t^d In. the, agita^. \'cu for a good baseballfteaiQ foiM lola find w^ould ike to place a few; iiiggcstions befire yon which. .C believe, will havje a lot to do wUhL| inaking a ball tje^m a success. I •In the first p ape, i beiieve tJipjt during the ball Reason; bnerhalrl day week (say Thursday after-, noon) should be siren to oni:' baUi team, and thit i S shonid schedule; ;l game at lola i very week. . ^ i 'I dq not bel eye that boainessj will be hurt if it .siness men wUE agree as a who e to do this an."^ besides many wi 1 attend and'Bup^'~ port the game tfi^t will not snp- port a Sunday ga me. '.• ^ j "Then too, I Wellev&" that. th& Iirice for admiss i^ ,shoiiId not be<^ more than tweitj-five cents for? adults, with no ebctra charge for: rjcser^ed seats. A good resnlar*. crowd of suppori[ers should be the si mere financiat:! v^ould no doobtv ioanclal sncces|^ jtejjm. besides t.t^s iaim rather tlian !succesls. and it iProve i to be a i [also. A good ball ajlvertlsing featur«58, has a lot to |ilo in uniting the people! of a corai-v niiinilv nnH chnn jjjig miiny knOCK-' fdr their home^ fi tennis, toumi^' h|iinity and chan i'j-s to boosters town." ;Thc annual lawij ihent for the Son CliamplonHhip w , On., Ihe F»-! death here k to <iccur- uirity rivals seen Iiiln- .n.iTr.VKKS 'l:Mt It. m. Hallr — ftome of Better LAST'TIMES^Ai Margaret iLivingBtori Mntni djir 1 to U iilGIIT8. ^ -a;00 li. m. icturki — Elite Ore hkstra ==: y s Krazy Kat KaHoon Komedk"—Ben Turpin ' A HollywcxW Hero; .Un i .'=!aluyday—1 to 4 p. m. Nl.n TVi,K|{ hi"T^IE COWBOY ( I -TIIK JJAR ( ' .Sent Cunl L Maximum v\)latility means power maximum I Texaco CfasoUric, the volatile gas, to deli ivcr every unce expected. Buy Texaco Gasoline evdry time, and Opposite Ice Planl^ SLACK, Manager! 'JVxaco Mo^or Oil, the clca^, dcak-, lubricant. of tractid enables your n its designer golden-colored K EtLE Four innons S MONDAY—"THE M liow-* jREAL SHOVl , Harrison 111 Atlantic StAte* he held! at,' wfcok o^'March 2. Ford ill Siglrt lOc-Soc lOc; Night ip420ci , ibi*"— DOROTHY tysTER tfrazy Kat Kartoon| eft Comf ly—HsmHh'^s Ixc!*." 41 to 11 p. BU A N UPSTAI Rs" .»lntlnee--riclnrps llnly lOp.'JOc. .""fijflif—rictnres and! Sfmphonr OrcbiJHtrn ^o|-.r,«e. TONIGHT ORG jAddeci: jHarold Kelley pNF.Y TTIiE SYMP aE$TRA FflECES—2.5 find; Everett Ijind The Vt Iga Boatman ALSOi apNY isingin^' ,\.grippi>ig. ripping. iiiR with story of \ ~-:\ l».alil SATURDAY—Art Acord heroic deeds anil hjippy laughter—the a young man ^\^o found himself tHroilg: ng hero. AI .SO Comedy and News. in 'fLizy Lighlningfi Comiy I ^ and Ne\ts and iSerial. I • ; lulsat-'-I. iaiiiaziisg.. • • •'- lovo'

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