The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on January 16, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1892
Page 2
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The Postvillc Weekly Review! *0MVI1LS, SATDAT, JAN. 16. W. N. feUfeblOtt, Xditor. Entered at the poslofficc at Poslville an stcond-etass matter. TWO VIXWB OF IT. The Manthosttr Frew, spaaklng of ^he proper notion of lite r«publlc»o« in lh« Iowa legislature now in •cation, on prohibition, says: ••If tho republican party, in obifdl- enco to the demands of the few hundred! of thoee who ere oppoted to prohibition, shell conclude to repeel the prohibitory lew. It will, without doubt, bring beck to lie suppotl the lieenie republicans. But whet i» to become of thet Urge body of republicene who •re opposod to the trefflc in whleky, end compoee the grand army of lowe republieanlsm? Doee anybody boliore the perty would profit by exchanging ihera for Ihe anil-prohibitionists? It may be thought thet the prohibition republican* would etill edhere to tho party. But would they bo more likely to vote against their convictions than have boon those republicans who believe In license? These are questions that must bo considered, before any settled line ef action Is resolved upon. Laving aside the meral aspect* of the case', is it best, at n matter of political expedience, to surrender to the saloon bscauso enough republicans believe in whisky to give tho state for a time at loast, to the supporter* of the liquor traffic?" Iiro. Kaon, who is a consistent prohibitionist and an able editor withal, should bear in mind a few plain propositions. Whon ho speaks a'jout Ihe "few hundreds" of repablloans who are opposed to prohibition to-day, he is porpetrating a Imge joke. Are thoro only a "few hundreds" botwecn the 70,010 republican plurality once in the state, and the 8,000 democratic plurality now l« the state? And this Is not all. Far more than n "few hundrods" of republican!) who are and always havo beon anti-prohibitionists, have not even yet voted anything else bat a republican ticket. They have not deemwd the lornl quostlon of prohibition tho paramount Isstio, and hence continued to vote with the party under mental protect as to this issue. Should tho question become disconroeted freer politics thonxands of them would voto their convictions. Itut even that class of anti-prohibitionists who have finally gono over to the democratic party did not do so at once. They gradually dropped off from yoar to year, as they found that nothing was done either to change or enforco tho Uw. Now in the event that prohibition should bo reponlud and Local option take its place, will the prohibitionists do the same? Should the- prohibitionists do as the Press infers that they will, it will be easy to tigure out just how many prohibitionists there really are in the state, which would be at least some satisfaction. But tho case would stand altogether different with the third party prohlbi liomsts than with the anti-prohibition ists who left the republican party and went ovor to the domocrats. Thay knew that by going to tho democrats they could insure the repeal of tho law and thus realize their wishes; while on the other hand no third party prohibitionist hopes to secure prohibition by going into a third party. All he hopes to do Is to perpetuate domocratlo con trol from pure splto—certainly not n very commendable christian or moral course. To us tliero can be no question but should the antl-prohlbitlon republicans return to the party fold the party would again be invinoiblo, notwlth standing the few thousand cranks that put prohibition ahead of party, and almost ahead of their soul's salvation, Would go Into a third party. Suoh men have no business in any parly of the poople. They have done more harm to temperance than all ite onemies have, and everywhere they liaye been tho foe of the republican party. They clearly beat Blaine for the presidency in 1884 and while not aoting independently in this state, they have so manipulated tho party as to overwholiu it. And oven if the party is to be beaten per- laanently in this state by the adoption of looal option, it can be no worse beaten than It is now under prohibition, and in that ooudlllon the parly will aot be acting a Ho, as it has been for tan years past, pretending to favor prohibition when it really did not. Nobody proposes to "surrender In the saloon." It would be idle to talk •bout • city surrendering to an airuy when that army had been In peaoeable possession cf that city for eight years! If there is any locality in tho state that dop't want saloons (and we hope there •re a great many suoh localities) there is nothing in looal option to prevent them from having prohibition and enforcing it, even better than they do low. In conclusion there never will be as good a time to get a good and stringent local option license law as the prosont, when on* house is republican. No slip -shod law can pass this legislature. ' But If nothing Is done at this session, two years hence both houses will bo so overwhelrolugly democratic as to bo able to pass any law the saloons may demand. On this account, if far nothing else, this legislation should be had at this session. TUB Gate City last week gar* an exhaustive artiole from the constitutional standpoiutou tko Brioe senatorial quostlon, taking the ground that the seeate bus no constitutional court* except to deolaro Brloe'tieat vacant. The faot that the legislature would; again elect him kas no bearing op the c*». Ha |f iuelllgiNe, aud .no matter -hhw often he plight Lo olq^ted , tyh would not gore the cQMillution*! IpeJIK CMjwt afford, to fall ID ihe) dtaehn.tyv of, IM (lityr. Mr Mrlct If qoi, and bu not United Stales sonalor from that state. He was elected at the behest of the Wall street monopoly contingent, the tame that Standard Oil Payne was, although the latter' had the merit of being a eitlzen of Ohio. It Is a sad commentary on the moral stamina of any party when it, in violation of the plalu provisions of the organic law of the land, will proceed to elect a man to a high position who is inelliglble. It is in direct line, however, with that party's control of the south in absolute violation of tho constitution, and of its late *toal of the senate in New York. A government may exist fur a' while with such high handed outrages uopun- ishod, but there is • day of terrible reckoning in the future, as there was in the case of slavory. "The mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceeding fine." If these things are to continue it is a hollow mockery to term this a christian nation, or oven the high wator mark of civilization. That country is most civilized and enlightened where law is most respected and obeyed. Care should first bo taken to adopt no laws not in harmony wild the wishes of the poople, for the people are the supreme power, and whon they are thus adoptod they should be rigidly enforced In high and low places alike. JIDITOK Geo. Wm per'e Weokly, has a struggling with his clivitles with Senator Curtis, of liar hard time of it mugwump pro Hill suprome dlcU'.or, not only in New York but ie tko democratic party of the nation. And the worst feature of it is for Geo. Wm. that It is not so intteh Hill aflor all as it is Tammany, against which ho has for so many years trained his gnns. Mr. Curtis should be an old enoegh politieian by this time to know that there is no hall way, or mugwump ground in politics. Tho moment he bolted the nomination of Blaine in 1884 he ceased to be a republican, and to all intents and purposos became a democrat, and k* knew just what that raoaut in New York. To bo a democrat in New York is to be allied to Tammany, the worst and most corrupt political organization that ever existed on American soil, an oiganlzatlon that sornples at nothing to compass its onds, as has just boon evidenced by lis wholesale stoal of the state senate in that state, disfranchising oyer 1100 voters in one county to accomplish its purpose, and throwing out on technicalities enough republican senators to give that body and the ontiro state government into the hands of Tammany. It must ha % sorry day for the great and good mug­ wumps to contemplate. We aro sorry for tho rsigu of corruption in New York but wo have no tears to shod for the great and good mugwumps who made such a state of affairs possible. Their position is identical with the prohibitionists in Iovrn. They could accomplish nothing in a party for themselves, but their work has made both New York and Iowa domocratio to the uttor ruin of the very measures that they claimed to bo so greatly and vitally interested in. Any man who wants reform and oxpecls to find it by antagonizing tho republican parly is hoping agaiasl hope. ADDITIONAL LOOAL. Tut Iowa legislature has done nolo ing as yet, a dead lock occurring in the senate oa the election of officers, Mr. Engle, the independent member, vot' ing with the republicans. It was thought that the damocratle officers would be elceted yesterday, as two republicans threatened to vote with the demoorals to break the dead lock, which oould accomplish nothing at best, and only oausc delay. Lot the legislature get down to business, if it has any tc dy. TUB grip Is much more sevcro in a good many parts of the country than it has been here as yet. Many deaths are reported in the papers in numerous localities. Karly Nral*! ' li'tUTa a Mtatifce. Tho history of the most distinguished men loads to the conclusion that early menial culture Is not necessary to produce the highest powers of mind. There Is scarcely an Instance of a great man, one »ho has accomplished great results and has obtained the gratitude of man* kind, who In early life received an education n ro 'toronce to tho wonderful labors which he afterward performed. "i was brought up among the highlands of Connecticut,' said Chancellor ivrut, "ami was nevor kept on tho high- pressure plan of instruction. I wat roaming over the fields and flshtug cad sail ng «ud swimming and rising and play eg bail, «o aa to be but superficlal- learned when I entoicd college. I was not In rolegn half tho time. I wot i hove, at lot ur\, or at gentle work, <tn<i mIICli on horsobaok, but never la tho hat d.sklpated.. Whon I wont to ^lit.'.y hi\v 1 had my own leisure and 'jjr.'iU cxerc'ls and relaxation In enchanting r Coi and home visits, until I got to ilu bur. 1 llvod p^aln, drank nothing ;>ut wut< r, ate heartily of all plalu, who esome lo.>l that enmo in my way. ^as do.iglitod wlti rural scenery, and AUttvo and healthy r.s I could, be. . It wat not until ' wir v .l I found I was 'ttfirSclaly aught, and then vol tin'tarl'v uolo-jk in/solf to books. The ardor and rapid ty wl h which I pursued y aw unil I tvravy course wat great .nut di'l RII (ill. and u. y heath and spirits wuru omul i.nJ uniform nnd no thor hat .'a to tid dowu tu this day" Hvrbcit Mienw fays; "The ordinary trooiniont at clilldreu Is lu \ar!out ways si-riu inly prejudicial. It orra In de- 1! but to MIIIK, dotloli'ut, la de llviu. I o cruise aimng glriS, at least,) anil In excessive luei.t.U applioatlou i oiia.csorlnu' the ri'gl. e as a whole, It* (oiH'nnoy,ts too exacting! It atks too ii. well u d tf!vo.i too III lie. In the extent in wul h it taxes th..< vital energies, it makes the Jn\oul e Ho much more Ilk.' tlx. adi .lt Hie thuu It should be,* "Tim vducat onal nbo i Itiatlou of deso- ut.un of the prucnt dav," says Prof, lluxav, ">» the stimulation o( young peope to >w>rk at h ! gli p-os'uro by lu- ces(«ut<'om|i«tUlvo e.aiutimtloni. ttoine wise ma i ,wUi»i iTiibaUiy was not an early;rUr'list »»ld o( early risers In taunral that they are sonoilioil all tho fo,-imui>nnutiiiDH'l'-'*H$w*ft*r«an. it Is too iitti-ii true of the Unhappy ohlhlren nooji of. .tj^^fjl.lpd^eW'iil m —Mrs. U. Coylc roturucd from Wis- consln last week. - How about the spelling schools Ibis winter? Somebody start the ball rolling. • Winter Excursion t to Warmer Olimcc. Kxoursion Tickets to Mexico, California, Georgia, North Carolina. Florida, the Culf Coast, Texas, Hot Springe of Arkansas, and Excelsior Spring of Missouri, now on sale by agente of the Chicago, Milwaukee 4 St. Paul Ballway. Apply for rates aad other Infer, matlon to the nearest agent, or address Geo. H. Heafford, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, Illinois. —J an nary soeras to bo a fatal month in this latitude. A year ago this week two deaths of prominent cltizent occurred, N. J. Boedy and G. W. Hanks. And this week there is mourning In two families oecasioned by the death of Klmor Laughlln and Geo. W, Stafford. Numerous others hero arc on the sick list but so far as we know none of them are dangerously 111 Thoso we call to mind now are H. B. Taylor, A. R. Freteotl, Mrs. Benj Smith. Mrs. H. S. Luhman, Mrs. W. J. Hanks, Mrs. Wm. Shopherd and Mrs J. E. Perry's mother, with doubtless a number of other's who haro not been reported —Mr. Robert L. Steele and Miss Stel la Niekols were united in marriage at Silver City, N. M., on New Years day Miss Niekols' former home was Monona, where she was born and raised The Silver City Enterpriso.has the fol lowing favorable comment on the contracting parties: "The happy couple took a trip to Velasco whore Mr. Sleole intends ongngini; in business. Bob, as he is familiarly known, has been one of Silver City's most progressive and enterprising business men. in tho various lines to which ho has devoted his attention while here, and Silver City loses a first-class citison by his removal. Tho bride has becu a favorite in social circles, nud will be much missed by many friends and acquaintnnccs." —Beating its record! Peterson's Magazine ovidently means to do this, for its January number is head and ^shoulders iu adranoc of previous years, and fdr ahead of any magazine of its price. Besides the popular old contributors, it has added Julian Haw. thorae, Octavo Thnnet, Efflo W. Mor- rlman and various other shining lights among the younger generation of American authors. "A Prince in Disguise" by Edgar Fnwcett promises to be one of his finest novelets, and this number opens with a good portrait and sketch of him. "A Bnriad City" by Sidney Ross, gives much fresh in for matlon about the excavations of Pompeii, and the illustrations are boautlfel, "Sir Trlsky" by Miss E. S. Thomas, will, with its clever pictures be the children's favorite among tho month's poems. No woman can afford to do without this invaluable housokold assistant and its great literary and artistic merits make it one of tho best family magazines published. Terms two doV lars a year, with large reductions to clubs and fine premiums to club raisers. Send for full particulars. Address Peterson's Magazine S06 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. A WATER CLOCK. iftlldrthjtr uejplti ftfom rf*r*«iiiii" A Omatlfal Pl«e« of Work that Requires No Winding. One of the attractions of the beautiful Monte Flnoio garden, at Rome, la • really unique olook, whioh is usually an object of Interest to groups of passers-by. A description of this curious and artistio piece of mechlnlsm Is given by the Horologloal Review: The caso la composed of three brunches in rustio work. It stands upon a square stone blook, surrounded on Its four sides by beautiful leaf plants, Ivy and grasses. The stone foot stands within a wator basin. Tho upper part of the case contains a dial covered with glass ou each of Its four sides. Upon the oupola stands e> staff, which carrloe tho two bells for the full hour and the quarters. At Its upper end is a small vane In tho shape of a battle axe. The fraiuo for the whoel and levers of the striking work, in which a small centrifugal pendulum takes tho plaoo of the fly, It olose underneath the dial. At the back of tho olook frame oscillates the second pendulum, and before this is located a muss of rustio work, similar to a largo coral growth, from whioh issuo two small jets of water at ropular lntorvals. Two of the uppermost coral branches are wu'or conduit pipes, from whioh flows alternately, at each swing of tho pendulum, a Bmall quantity ot wator Into two loaflike spoons undornaath, imparting to them an up and down motion. Tho pooullni- moilvo power furnlshod by tho walor keeps 'tin clook iu motion by a vary romm'lcub'n esoupouiont, so that it never roquliMH winding. The construct on of tho olo"k Is duo to rt monk, ns. is the civ o wU'.i 40 muny old pieces 0.' art wo.Iy- Colles" £v .t!on* In Qiionttou. Among: the edv.cnt'.on..!. questions which h'.vp coma up for special aV, tenllon In thoso U\v;;w American institutions of It-tuMlnir most warty Approaching tho foi-cigu un voisltles in their methods,"Unit of oxuralnatlonr and their vnluo or futility as a tost of progross U 0110 of tho most importuut Professor Hiiiloivof Ilurvurd, in the July Atlanta Monthly, deplores the watlo of limy in o"nvrtluutli>ue for men who have the U-uti acudomlo ulm und instinct. Tluit it is iv li-iidlt.'onul but no less onerous voxtriunt upon ad- vauced juuolurth'p thoro can bo no doubt. At Jolinn Hopkins, Hi'.r'iiril, and other insUti.t'uua fumU'ur with I'.uvop- eun'mothods of study nud .iittructlon, the quostlon of progress is a moot Important 01 e. It dims llttlo good for. moo I'ke Pvofe'iaoivGoodw'n, in thoir FhlBola Kapp u iiddi'Qisi*, lo clearly point out thin tlio Kui'oi'Oim student is two youi'j nhviid of hi i Ampr.cun proper, vnleia ntmitlilng Is dunu to ploco up tho gap. Tliuso mu.t com'e 'sooner pr iiitoir« pluotlcnl illsfnotio^ ORIOIN OP OATHS. it Tfni > Carcmnnjr of Or»nt SoUmnly •nil Klnbarntlon. The oath wai originally an appeal to divine authoilty to rutlfy an assertion. The old Groak go Is swore hy iho Styx, ind Jehovah Is rcprosentod in the early books of tlu bible m swearing by himself, there being nons hlghor. Tho form of an oath among tho Hobrr.v.) was: '-By the God ol Abraham.," "God do BO unto mo, 1 ' and "God knowoth." In A^sam and in 111 flirt, two poi -sons doslring to tako an oath, or affirm with groat solemnity, tukj a fowl or n dojr, one by its head, the o'.lio." by Its tali. Tho Ostyaks of Siberia swoar by tho head of n boar, making u motion with tho jaws, und oxpre .Mln? a liopo that thoy may bo dovourud If thoy spon'c falsely. In anclont times it was considered ossontinl to tho validity of an oath that tho witness should hold something in his hand, or place It upon soino object of groat sanctity. With the Jews it was th3 book of tho law, which, no doubt lod to tho uso of the bible In christian courts of justice. Tho Bedouin Arab3 have, from the mort remote porlod, uaed various fa rms of adjuration. One of thoso wits "By tho Temple:'' another, still In u .10, is as follows: Tho person taking the oath takes ho'd of the mlddlo polo of the tont and swoars by tho "llfo" of the tont and its owner. Mohammed swore by tho '-setting of tho staiv," a most pootlcal oath, though hardly so mag- nlfloont as tho oft-quoted adjurffation of William tho C:)nquoror. who swore "By tho splendor of God." Tho Roman oath of olden times jWus mado with groat solemnity nnd dlabor- atlon, says tho St. Louis Repiibllo^ In Roman mythology, Juno, making a promise to sleep, strengthened It by taking tho hoavons in one Irind and the earth in tho other, tirooks and Romans sworo by thoir fpds, by the Styx, by Olympus, by hell, by their sacred springs, wells :>.nd rlvovs, and by tho sun nud the moon. Thoir oaths were of much value and menninjj during the onrly dayB of tho Republic, but worthless nftor thny bocamo corrupt. Oaths lost thoir »anuttty and became colloquial or pro'ano nt a very early time amon<; tho JOUM. (irook lodlos cwore daintily by Vonu*. Diana and Juno, and nov and llion by some male god whoso nnmo was fioqucntly taken In vain by thoir lioso lords. The French monarch?, t:?, h-.vJ their own peoullnr forms of oath -i. Louis IX., so djvout In his old ago, sworo by God's resurrection. Charles VIII. sworo -'By the ll^Iit of God." Louis XII., who wall moi-itoU tho title "Father of his Poople." treated the Deity with losi familiarity. When he deslrod to eraphiuiuo nn assertion he simply said: "Vay tho devil carry me off." Charles IX., sutUilod his morbid desire for soma form of piofuulty by saying: "fty the head of God," or "By God's doath." Honry IV. also had two oaths with which ho freely puno- tuatoJ his conversation. Ono was, •VJarmd'.on" (May I dony God), and too other was. "liy tho holly of Gris." Bt Gris wai tho 20.I o( drunkards. TAX 8 ALB JNOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, ' jss. Allamakee Co. To John Broderick, or any unknown owner of Southwest quarter of Northwest quarter. Section four, Township Ninety-Eight North, Range Three vrest of 6th P. M: You are hereby notified that at a public sale of Real Estate, for Delinquent Taxes, held at tho Treasurer's Office, in said county, on the 6th day Of December, A. D., 188ft, the Treasurer of said county sold to H. O. Dayton the following described Real Estate, to-wh: Southwest quarter of _Northwsst qunrter of section Four," township Ninety-Eight North, range three West of 6th P. M. Said certificate was duly assigned by H. O. Dayton to J. M. Roberson, and again assigned by J. M. Roberson to C. J. Wagner. And that the right of redemption will expire, and a deed for said Real Estate abovo described be ramie, to the undersigned, tho holder nnd owner of the Tax Certificate of purohase of said'Real fis. tate, unless redemption from said sale bo made within ninety (90) days from tho completed service of this notloe. C. J. WAGNER. Dated Deooniber Slat, 1891. BTATIONEKY. Don't forget, when you want plain or fancy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap. .. ,. . nwill be m-ov.! *AKJ» «tl»lnly hMiul »li« Ofteotlun, •tt gonomll." lilted ugiwiit itJiui) Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop; Having purobaaed the orlgina. Post vlllo Dray Line I am prepared to do all kinds of dray ing promptly, oarefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and careful drivers always at. the service of tho public, at fair prices. All klups of light or heavy hauling. In town or country promptly done. Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from prac tioe, having had placed in hit hands by an East India missionary the formula ot a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and perms/ cnt oure of Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma aad Lung Affections, also a positive and radical oure for Nervous Debility and Nervous Complaints, after haying tested its wonderful ouraUve power* in thousands of cases, has felt it his duty to make It known to his suffering fallows. Aotuated by this motive and a desire to relieve human suffering, I will send free of charge, lo all who desire .it, this recipe, In German, French, or English, with full d I root Ions tor pre paring and using. Sent by addressing with stamp, naming this paper. W. A, NOTES , 830 Power's Blook, Roobester, N, T, i8yl F.J. BECKER, M. D., BO MEOPATHIO FHY8ICIAN AND BURGEON. Offls* on Sooond Floor of Parker's Bnlldlng, noar ro*loffl», I'otlTillt, Iowa. DR. J S. GREEN, PHTSICIAN * tcnoioK, Office and Residenco Southwest par •flown. 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I propose to keep a first-class Mnrket In every respect. 1 shall aim to keap at nil times an assortment of the best meats the country affords, and soiling at tko lowest living prices. Having eomo to Postvillo to reside I invite a fair share of patronage, and shall strive lo give satisfaction. WONDERFUL ! The cures whl"h aro being effected by Drs. Starkey & Palen, I62f Afoh Qt., Philadelphia, Pa., In Consumption, Catarrh, Nouralgia, Bronoliitls, Rliuum- atisui.aod all obronlo diseases, by their Compound Oxygen Treatment,' aro ludoed marvelous. - . s * If you aro a tuQcrer from any disease which your physician has failed to oure, write for information about this treatment, and their book of wOO pages, giving a history of Compound Oxygen, Its nature and effsotc, with numerous testiuiionlals from ni\tien»t, to\ whom you may refer for ttllifuf tbcrlqfojrma- llon^ will 00 promptly: aeuti, w|kh »Mt charge, ' •«% T|)|i» hook, asideKnjw U» groat 1 merit *i,a mdlvaV^ wQr^'glylog.iii, U .dotty M m\\W mn a:Mm »,i>*f •*R?r»* •Hoaj yo,o wlHV^njJ * yaw Lk^rwMag Plana rocotipn * A ' - - ' m WANTED -Salesmen! Local and Traveling. To ropressnt our well known house. You need no capital to represent a lirm that warrants nurscrv stock first-elnss and true to name. WORK ALL THE YEAR. $100 per month lo the right mau. Apply quiok, stating age. 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PAID UPCAPlTAL, $25,000. Do a General Hankiug Buainott. Buy and sell Foreign und Domestic Exchange. Accounts of Farmors, Merchants and others received and oare fully proteolcd. Interest paid on Time Deposits. Investments made for outside parties on favorable terms. OHUROH DIHECTORT. CONGREGATIONAL--Key. N. L. Barton, r as toi. PreaoMng eTorjrjBunday at 10'.SO A, M and7;S0 PM. Sabbath Hcbool Immediately alter mornlag ssrviac. T. V. 8. O. K. meeti •very Sunday evening at Silt. Prayer Meet. lag Wednesday cvintags, MEXnODIST.-KeT, B.7. Loekwood, Psetos, Praacbtng seryloee every Handar at 10;WA M, aw»7lW V. M. gabhau, Bohool tmmedl ately After morning 'servlee. The Bpwojctb League every Sunday evening at 0:00 o'clock. Prayer meeting every Wednesday eveaisei at 1 \9D o'clock, Tec arc CMacCir tawlte4. POaVTVILXiE LOOOES NOBLE liUOOE Mo. 51. A.O.U.W. The Loyal Auclent Order of United Workmen mcett the Second and fourth Saturday evening* in each month, In tho Mtttonle Hall over the Brick Drug tore. JOHK WUIIL ; if. W. JAWHI Paitnr, Recorder. to BBOTHEHLY XOVS LODOIB, Regular mcctiligt on JucMay avait 881 Postville, Iowa. Have this announcement to make to the public. That from now on until our annual invoice (Feb. 1st, 1892,) they -will sell Winter Goods at greatly reduced figures. Below •will be found a few of the PRICES WE MAKE Outing Flannel, Wool Flaancl, All Wool Flannel. All Wool Red Flannel, Aurora LL Muslin, Lonsdale Bleached, Fruit of the Loom, Crash from Buttons in all colors, 8c per yd 16c " " 36c " •• 20c " " 4,e " '• 7Je " " 7}c " " 7Jc up Apron Gingham at 8c per yd •1 *. m 6c '• " «l M M 7c " '• Drees " " 8c " " Good Dress Slays, 10c '• The Bast Made Stay, lflc •' " Prints. 3e " » " 4c •' •• All Wool Cashmere, Sic •• " Cashmere, Book Fold, at 10c " " I1T GROCERIES We are here to meet all competition in the future as we have in the past. Below we give some prices. Bulk Boasted Coffee, - - 20cperlb " - 30operlb 33 Bars Soap, - - 1.00 Fine Dried California Peaches, - 10c per lb Raisins, - - 7,10.12J and 18c per lb Only 10c for a 3 lb- can of the Very Best Tomatoes. An 18 oz. Plug of Tobacco for 20c Good Mixed Candy, - - - lOcperlb . Thanking you for past favors we remain Yours respectfully, SKELTON & TANGEMAN. THE DEMAND Fur our Winter Overcoats, Fur Goods and Suits the past month has been unpreccdunted. Never before since we have been in business have wo Ui>cn able to show such an Unequalled Lino of Stylish Clothing for Men and Boys. Tho reason for^lhc great demand for our Merchandise is found in the following facts, viz: Our Superior Suits and Overcoats are always what ie claimed ! ,for them concerning Quality, Sly la, Fit and Finish; our prices are nevnr higher than is warranted by their intrinsic worth. We have beeu in business long enough to know that our efforts lo provide Absolute Perfect Rrady-Mndo Clothing it appreciated by many of Ihe best poo­ ple of this cection of country. This shoald baa aiifQuient incon'.ive toothors who have not yet favcred us with their patronage. We handle Kvorvlhing worn by Man or Hoy. Honest fequivalent for every dollar will be found at our store. In Gloves and Mittens we knock tho stuffing out of our next door neighbor. J. H. GRAY. TUX CLOTtllEK. . WEEKLY INTER. OCEAN STILL CONTttJUKS The Most Popular Family Newspaper in tbe West XT IS THE BEST NBWSPAPKB FOR THE HOME .-. THE WORKSHOP, OR THE BUSINESS OFFICE. FOR THE PROFESSIONAL. MAN, THE WORKWOMAN, OR THE POLITICIAN. W-^^WKa 'iSep. ift-NtStta perfect)/ post.*.* •ODROE; THE BEST STORIES AND SKETCHES IN THE LANGUAGE. lttlX>»MOMan«I)0«t»lo^O^R^roWB»»I0BicTer7e»tenclTe Th« Touiu'l Depjrtauut, Ovkalty Shop. Wemau't Jtiagdom & The Uome Arc Better taca a Mcecatne Iw the family. OaaeltAeUoft Xatpomot rectum Icthe Department ol ~ FARtf AW FARMERS, secceeot AN AXiLIANCB PBPARTMENT THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN la One Dollar per Year, |KMt»,g«p«ld. THE .. SEMI-WEEKLY INTER .% OCEAN la pubUabel every Monday awl TUamtay ct tc>QO per year, ncctpcia The DAILY INTER OCEAN « 16.QQ The SUNDAY INTER OCEAN i* ftOO oSf AS^IWUD Ubcici «Crc»s tc Active A«caU, 9nH (o( matsla Copy, A^cUOM THE INTER OCEAN, OlUcaoo, RAILROAD TIME-TABLES ML CE HUNT, PtrmMwWy, (ogalcd. | n , ponvUlo. ,99«« OYerW|ts.n* Wloolay's Hard JA.HAVIKLAND, WWTVILLl, IOWA. Offlto flm 4oor KM* of iho. Cowmcr- Otil Hott»eifir«on,Sl.,Pqi,vUU, loifi. Aflpoj«tof|ttrg{«allnttrum«qisi < . On nnd atler Sunday, Kov. 33,189], trains on the C. M. * St. P. Ry. will leave Tostville at follows. OOIKO KAIT. Pattcngcrs. No. 2.... 4:61 p. m No. 4 (night) .....1:29 a. in. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight No. 9 Time Frolght No. 11 Time Freight... OOI NO WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night No. 3 Froighte. No. 10 Chicago Stock.. No. 6 Way No. 13 Milwaukee Stock All Freight trains mentioned, except N<>. 13, carry passengers whon provided with proper transportation. No. 11 between North McGregor and Calmer G. K. W1IIPP, Agsat. B. C. R.&N.R.R. 11:06 a. as .. 0:16 p. m .8:46 p. a . .11.10 a. in. . .10:36 a. m. ..11:06 a. m . 4:10 p. m. .6:86 p. nacoitAii DIVISION. Time Table in cITect Nov. 16. 1891 Passenger going North... 6 : lo. P M " " South. 4:10. " Freight. " North, 2:45, P. V J. E. PIKBT Ageat. 1892. Harper's Bazar. ILLUSTRATED. TJarpor'i Ttnznr !• a Journal for the homo. It Hlvi-H tlii latent Information with roqnril to tlio Fuahlom, and lte liulnarnui lllultratlona, Parti dnnltn>, anil pattern.ih<>»t lupplimoini »i" lndinii«ninl>lo nllke to the homo <frci<nni\kcr nti'l tlio protoKllnnnl moilUte. rxpanait U Kparoil to laako ill artlBtto attractlvonettii of tlm hlKheni orilor, I la I.riglit aturlta, nmuahit conwilloa, anil tliouKlitful oaaaoa aatlalr all taatra, ami Ita laat po,KB la tamona aa a budu«l ot wit and Iminor. In Ita wnakljr laaufa ovri ylhlue ll Included whlcli la ot intoteat lo women. Tiiu anrl- ala (or \H3L will ho wrUlan by Wu|Ur Ilaaant ami William Mack. Urs. Ollp4i\nt will baooino a contributor. Marion Ilarland's Timely Talka, "Day la ami Duy Out," aro Intended 101 mat- rona.aml IIoloi Muraliill North will apoclaUy ad.lroaa ylrtu. T. W. Hli |0luenii In "Women and Mou," wUl ploaau a oultlvatod auilleiica. HARPER'S PERIODICALS For Y«ar.* lURVEll'HBAZAR HAKPKK'H MAUAZINK HAHPFstl'S WK&KI.Y HAHPEH'H YOUNO I'KCPLE.. . 4 00 . 4 l'» . it 00 Toatt^D l*r*m to all aulmcrlbera in the Uulted fjtcteg, and Mexico. TU» V.olumon o( ;Ue UatRr bfgin with tU« flrit number for January of ench yi-ar Whon m» time U moutiouod, tubncrtptlonti willbt gin with tho Nmnbnr curront itt tlruti of rocfipt of onii-r. Bound Voluinrn ot H*rpor'« llaznr for thrra y«arn buo^, in uoat cloth bindlnft, will bo itnfc hy nintl, i>cita«e paid, or by oiprcpn, fr«« c>( exponho (provldt'd tho frelyht IIOCH not «xc««4 one Bollnr per Tolnn.f). for *7 00 p*r Tolunift. Cloth Can** for racli Toluni", lulttblrt for binding, will bo lont by mall, postpaid, on rtcuipt of fi 00 ench. Itomlttnucoa ehnuU ho mndo by pfHtrfllca Monoy Ordor or Draft, te avoid chanoe of Ion. Newapnper* aro not to copy thli advertliomunt without tuo oxpr«mn ordrr of Harper .V Brother*. Addr«n: ZIABPKK & BitOTHEHt. New York. 1892. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. Harper's Woolly fir ihe coming year will 01 n- l^lu moro attraetlTO Ivaturoa, more and finer llluatrntl >sa, aud a (raator unmber olartlcleant Uvo, lutonae tutoreat than will l>o fgiiuil In any othor p»rludical. Among thaae latter will be a acrtra ol artloloa ou the tw«mtv-flve groateat ell* lea ol tho world luoludiug (lire hundred llluatrx- tlune. Tho..Coluuiliiau Eipoaltton, the Army aud Navy, (treat pnhllo evonti, dlaaatrra on land und aoa, and the tloluita of the celebrntoil people of the day will bo deaorlbod and lllualra- ted in an nttraotlvo aud timely manner. Tho Dopertinvut of Amateur Sport will eontluue r.uaor the dirootiou of Cnapar A. Whitney. The beat of modern writerx will contribute abort atortea, and the moat dlatlnguiahed aitlata will make the illuatratlone. The odltoriul artielaa of Ur. Qtnrco WtUlaia Curtie villi remain aa an eapeolal attraction. HARPER'S PERIODICAL; Per Veari HAUI'F.R'B WKKKTiY »l Ol HUlMilM 11 AH AZ INK 4 H> lUlll'KU'S 1IAZAU , 4 uu HAHFKR'H TOUNU PKOl'Lli a 00 roatage Free to nil aubteitbore In ILo United blutua, Oanadt and Uuiloo, , Tho Volnmoa of the Weekly begin with tho flrat Number for January of eaoh yetr. \Vh«» ucitlmo la montlonoil, aiibeorlptloua will bi-Kiu with tho N uuibor ouraeut at the time of receipt of order. Bouud Volnmia of Harpei'a Weekly for Ihnn froe of . . . . r v ...Ight cloea not laceod one dollar per volumoi, for $7 00 per volumu. Oloth Caaea for uieh Tnlume, aultable tor btndltiK, will be teat by wall, }K»tpald, ou rooulpt ol $1 00 eaoh, lltiuilitauora ahonld be made by Pnatofllee Money Urtl'r or Draft, to avoid ohaooe uf loaa. DOUUII vominiaornarpei'a Weekly fo yearahaok. IvuoateloUi Mndlut, will I by mail, poataao paid, or by expri aa, expeiiae iproYhied the frflght doea not ^Z^'W** M " "Ot tooony Ihta advertlaoiuriib * l J*11 UT «he)e)j;i>re»fc order of Harper * I)roth«r«, Addrett: HAMSU ft, Now Vork. 1892. Harper's Mc g &sine. ILLUSTRATED, .™ 0 U f ?f 8,l S. w "l oolebrote the fourth Oeu- tenary oft ho Dleooreryof Aniorlna by Ita Ke- S . 1 !f. OTO ' y 'ffi ,01, Ji hB '; Mo l»««'»l''«a more thorough expoeitlon than bat hitherto been made ot nJS.?? c,ut OiuireeeUented UoTelopioent of Our SSSS^S* *"i "»l « l «l «lljr IP the Oreat We at. PartlQuJar attention will also begivonto Pra. .i-:53u f J , J ,,0 *J n, . , »w» JOuropean War wilt bo, liSSI? tl,0 «? ll V l « to the Black Kea," b» Ei?*ffi! , ^3r -.iP!! ,,,0 yfR* 1 ?• "•Ml"'*. IllualrVtea SjLIte.Si 'i 10 * *' 4 *'A" a I'M'oas. ArtloUa wilt f2!?i2 .R lv "^.? u «>• «f«wan, Auttrlau and Ital- ui w ft , U u,te ft* , <' . b J r *• <> 0 Ibulatrnp. .i M ffi W ^' ¥""« , '!,?lll contribute a now UOY- ii.«lii .? ro 8 a Phuuoe," eharaolerlitlcally K?Sf. l !M;» M»l>»olal promlnenoe will I e given totlhurt.Stories, wliAwi I be oontributad by T. B. Alilriob, It. H. Parle, A. Oouau Doyle, "Win" 11 ' Wo »' io »' and other pop' B ^?}. 9 P g the literary.leaturet will boPeiaoual HARPER'S PERIODICALS JJABPP'BBATAIJ, ' .??•>*• to »!L tubtexlhrrt in the United f I 00 4 00 4 00 II M Wates, iUaOaanJ Hexl««7 e* yeari batuti 'in ueat oloth by maiji hpstpaw, on

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