Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 19, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1959
Page 6
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-Junior Editors Quiz on- ROAD RUNNERS SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Selfzer OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE QUESTION: What is a road runner? ANSWER: This young man might be called a road runner because he is working to become a regular member of the track team by doing daily road work. But the real road runner is the bird in front of him. The road runner is a member of the cuckoo family. It is found in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. A large bird, it is nearly two feet long and has long legs. It is called a road runner because it often races down the road in front of travelers with its wings and tail spread. It can run amazingly fast. It is also sometimes called the snake killer because of its ferocity in attacking snakes. FOR YOU TO DO: During your next visit to the too, see if there is a road runner among the birds on display. If there isn't a zoo close by, look up the road runner in a bird book and read about his habits. (Margaret Peters of Lansing, Mich., wins $10 for this question. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP News- features, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will make the final choice.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Doesn't it seem to you, mom, that the older dad gets the tougher he claims he had it as a boy?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith "The trouble is, when we're old enough to date, the girls will have to have adult tickets!" •M. R«J. U.S. PA(. OH. "Monahan didn't believe we were having fried chicken for dinner!" TIZZY By Kate Osann $ 1959 by NEA Senrle». Inc. TM. Rit. U.S. Pit. OH "Fate brought Albert and me together. He had to ask me for a date as part of his fraternity initiation!" United Arab Republic Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 is the capital of the United Arab Republic 6 It is comprised of Egypt and 11 Irritate 12 Oyster products 14 Pendent ornament 15 Discharge 16 Peer Gynt's mother 17 Poetic contraction 19 Born 20 Pronoun 21 Dance step 22 Finish 23 Greek portico 26 Disunites ',19 Immerse 31 Weight of India 32 City in Oklahoma 33 Number IM Syrian coin 37 Interpret •JO Footlikc part 41 Beverage 43 Yale 45 Air raid precautions (ab.) 4G Dress edge 47 folding bed 48 Shrink 51 Get free 54 Classiiier 55 Lyric poems 5t> Pauses 57 Storms DOWN 1 Stops 2 State 3 Pronoun "T o F* p» O l_ .*5 1 u u A F* E. A M A r- R 1 E A K T 1 T T BS. 1 N E: u. P E T M fC 1 & •=> a \_ V 1_ A Nr P» A N 1 • O F» A R A B \ A N A T E N L_ •s E O T l C <3 A s N o O[NT N 1 c K KP o t? IS A & O N T A R 1= u L_ C A s. Er u •fc. 1 R E E P> £i t= t= Ct & E E & O S ES & L) •B EE ZP M 4 Arikara 5 Lowest deck 6 Scantiest 7 Affirmative reply 8 Fabric 9 Pressor 10 Foreigners 11 Chief god of Memphis 13 Vehicle 18 Easter (ab.) 24 East Indian woody vino 25 Assistant 27 Shift position 28 Lake in Ireland 30 Large cats 34 Violent dread 35 Reach for 30 Golf mound 38 Decennium 30 Runs away 40 Moccasins 42 Mohammedan noble 44 Followers 49 Nights (ab.) 50 Obtain 52 1 lea 1th resort 53 Toothed wheel BOOTS ANP HER BUDDIES Still Scheming BY EDGAR MARTIN -\.U^ \TOA V^> YX"C>CA C?^£U*? T VEK\ U£ IV wlth^ MAJOR HOOPLB OH, WHY DID WE HAVE )/ COME,5IR CORPULENCE i TO BUMP IkJTO SIR \ — I.EAVF US AWAV, , STUPlOUS i WHV CAW'T \ ERE VOW KMAVEr 1 HE WAIT TILL THE LAST] 5PEAKS FURTHER. AMP TRAPS THEE.' / OUR ADVERSARIES y OF THE JOUST AWAIT 1 US ON THE FIELD OF A' HONOR-V VERILV. vi)U'VE SEEN PickiN^ AT TKOSE SPARGRIBS LOOSER TMAM A PINES WHO CAN V T PAY W\S CMECK." HOW ASOUT TRV- TO EMD THE AGOMV s ) MARTHA, MV LOVE, I FEAR iODPZW I PRAB erMi 'ViriSiuc VNiTrATM06& V:» ] LOUTISH S3ARDERS MAS DULLED VOUR ESTHETIC FEASIBILITIES/ (?S,V\lMD AVE TO BOOK PASSA&eTO k THE COMTIMSMT WITH THE FIRST / ROYALTIES FI?0,V\ THE ?0M6 TM. ^ COMPOSING/A LEISURELY glCYCLE TOUR OF THE cSALLEElES AMD BUGS BUNNY PRISCILLA'S POP LIKE TO WALK k TO TWE STORE WtTM ME, , PRISCILLA?- Everybody's Doing It KMY MOM WANTS ME 1 TO BUY A DOZEN < ITCRACKED EGGS.' BY AL VERMEER YESTERDAY MY MOM BOL3SMT A PACKAGE SPLIT PE •tfi fit* ALLEY OOP Quick Reaction ESPECIALLY TH' JUST GO KNOCK / ALL OUR \ EXPENSE...MM'T | NO TWO WAYS \ 'IM IM TH' HEAP7 TROUBLE AND \ 'lOU AM' DOC ABOUT IT, OOF? ) EVEN IF HE IS EXPENSE TO ) BEGINNIN' TO WE VE GOT TO 1 A MOONITE.' \ GET IM HERE™ / RUN A BIT WE D HAVE ?EENi AS\' 1 HAT \'.^ULPN'T \S ALL RfcnT IP sou Pt'. r OO HARP TO / ATTA BOY.' .11J5T HAPN'T LOST 1 FIN? ir WE'P t .O( U'HAT 1VE HE EN THAT TWO TON V LOOk IOR IT \ "I J MLAR OF GOLD IN THE > AR^NSA'-RI\LR BY V. T. HAMLIN I. I- MORTY MEEKLE Lots of Pennies BY DICK CAVALLI /' AND WHIN L 6AY *?MALL V. DOWN FAYMENT I MtAN I P FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Sour Note BY MERRILL BLOSSER HE- HATES QUIFARS -ESPECIALLY ME AND MY WmHOuTTftlMKlNG, I BLOCKED HIS AlTtMPf lO SLAAA THE" DOOR SHUP &OT 'IHAT WAS A BIQ MisrAkE--- , "I SHOULDVE STUCK MY FOOT" IM THcRE--! ST/LLOVVE $.Z2-&) OMIT''' ft T -7 THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Last Chance Kt. Uu i M K»IT Vl.s p«% rlw * BY WILSON SCRUGGS THIS IS DOMkIA, MRS. WAVWE. WC MiO I AKE ELOPIW6/ I JUS! WAklTED TO SAV GOODBVE. I SAW DADDY'S CAR PARKED OUTSIDE SO VIC SU66ESTED PHOkiE./ CAPTAIN EASY A Good Subject BY LESLIE TURNER REFORB WAKING PENNY SHANPU MAKB5 TWO POSTHYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS HEREAFTERiWHEN I.SNAP WY FINGERS iOU WILL CLOSE V0UK EVES/ AND FALL INTO A DEEP, f ^l HYPNOTIC % TOWCRKOW AT W00W SOU WILL WALK THRU ESSEX PAR*.! NOON TOMORROW.,. E5SEX PARK! NOW WHEN I COUNT THREE YOU WILL WAKE! 0NE...TW0.„THKEE1 YOU'EE AuOOP / YOU WERE- TELLING US V JOLLY GOOP SUBJECT, MISS I TO RELAX...THAT OUR. JSHOW, PFWNY' BURKE'. WHAT 00 I E V 6S WERE 3£TTI^^ \ PONT FALL YOU RECALL ? / HEAVY- WORD! - - X WAS AN HOUR AGO! 7r <8T CLUTCHES OF SOME .SVEN6ALIi V4

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