Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 7, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, September 7, 1961
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B* Mobs* Dept of Hist. & AfcWvDl > Dei Moines, 19, Iowa J , Volume 47, Number 36 The Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Thursday, September 7, 1961, Fayelte, Iowa Six Pages This Issue Four farmers ZOANNA MARTIN AND HER HORSES ZoAnna Martin to perf In horse show here Sunday Legality of parking Ordinance questioned The legality of one of Fayette's ordinances will be determined Friday of this week in Mayor's Court, according to Mayor Jack Beck. The ordinance in question concerns the five minute parking ZoAnna Martin will be one of Roman style, jumping through a zone on the street north of the the attractions at the Volga Riv- hoop Roman" style, jumping thru Fayette bank. The parking zone er Riders horse show, Sunday, a hoop on one horse, whirling the was established several months Sept. 10, at the John Frey farm hula hoop while riding, riding a so in an ordinance passed by south of Fayette. sideways and backwards, vault- tho tl?wn council. Miss Martin recently returned ing with one horse, jumping free The question of whether the from a tour of fairs and road-e- reign, shoulder stand on one ordinance is legal or not arose o's this past summer. During horse, and the side saddle jump. Tuesday when W. V. Clark re- the horse show here she will ZoAnna, a 17-year-old junior fused to pay a fine for overtime present much the same act as in the Fayette high school, start- Parking in that area. she did on her summer tour, ed trick riding three years ago. In Mayor's court Tuesday Included in her summer tour she actually started riding the morning, where he was charged was the Buchanan county fair, hogs in the farm yard, which with f ail ure to pay the parking the fair at Osage and the fair at caused passing motorists to stare ticket. Mr. Clark pled not guilty Pcstville. She also performed as they went by, creating a haz- and contended that the parking with a road-e-o during a centen- a rd on the highway ... so her ztne was n °t I e 6 a l because the nial celebration at Isabel, South parents decided to get her a pony ordinance had not been properly Dakota. on which to do her practicing, published as required by law. Included in her act was: Rom- she now has two booking Mayor Beck stated that the an riding, hurdling iRoman style, agents, one in Cedar Rapids and ordinance had been passed by riding sideways and backwards O ne in Chicago, locating places the council, and to the best of for her to perform. There is a their knowledge the action was possibility that she will be book- le S al - In ordcr to investigate ed to perform in British Colum- the matter, however, he set Fri- bia next summer. day, Sept. 8, as the date for a ... . hearing when the she went on ordinance will be a trip through the Black Hills, o w , Custer state park and the Bad- Super Valu stores lands with Dr. Elizabeth Ken- p urc hase state 4-H nedy of Oelwein early last sum- . . . mer.. While on tour she is ac- Grand champion steer Super Valu stores throughout Round-up time For identical twin Holstien heifers The sixth annual Fayette coun- companied by her father, Albert ty "twin derby" is on! Martin, Jr., who drives the pick- Everybody can play, but only U p truck which hauls the hors- a Holstein heifer under three es . for Broad program available For the 1962-crop wheat Approval by farmers of mar- national average of $2 a bushel, keting quotas for the 19G2 crop available to those producers in of wheat means that growers in the commercial wheat area who wheat-producing ar- c. mply with their 19C2 farm board posts 2 to be elected In general voting Four hats came into the ring for the Fayette Community school board election prior to the deadline fcr filing, Friday noon, Sept. 1. Pi n Kocher, school board secretary, stated that four men, all farmers, checked out and returned signed nomination papers. The four men are A. W. Martin, Jr., Marvin Ingels, Ralph Alshouse and Harry E. Schneider. Mr. Martin, 35, resides three and one-half miles southeast of Fayette on the John Doyle farm which he is purchasing. He is married and has five children, three of tham attending the Fayette school. The Martin family moved here one and on^-half years ago from Marion. P or to that time. Mr. Martin had spent 14 years as a 4-H leader in Linn county, and six years on the county 4-H club committee. The Martins are active in the Farm Bureau, Parent- Teachers association, and are members of the First Methodist church. Mr. Ingels, 39, lives one mile south and three and one-half miles west of Fayette. He and his family have lived there 14 years. The Ingels have two children in the Fayette school. Mr. and Mrs. Ingels are mem- \,y the Fayi te Leader for bers of the United Presbyterian the interest of its many readeni. church in Maynard, and also the If the owner of the farm pic- Fayette County Farm Bureau. Free copy of mystery Farm picture to owner For making identification The picture above was taken of ;i fumi somewhere in Fayette county, in the vicinity of the town of Fayette. The myster.y farm pictures are ••• series spons- months of age with an identical score) says Coun- Director M. C. ZoAnna has three horses, * wi ^J^ M :^ an £?^ 8 * y VF ou 2r of Which she uses in her act. The two which go on the trips are a seven year old mare and The Grand Champion . . _ . ty Extension Wanesness ' was owned by Carole Minish of reported this week by Ellis W. who cooperate in tho special I!)(i2 I)UV - A " that is asl< Clio, Iowa. The steer is a Short- Thompson, chairman of the Fay- wheat stabilization program f..-r - r '- 1 ;i lilllt -' iufor. horn and weighed 831 pounds. e tte county A. S. C. committee. diverting a specified portion of Uu ' f '"'iii pic-lure i versuy neeu av ««« 10 BCla ui ,. f . . . A record $2.25 per pound was In the 39 states comprising the their wheat ac-rr-n,;, to c-onser these identical twins this year year old pony stays at home, but paid for the Grand Champion, nation's ,.-<>mmc mul wheat pro- lion uses. to kLnuD a research Droiect at has been dolng tricks Since he ^ or a total of $1,881. ducing are.-,, over 79 per cent of |,- : , rm w ) 1(Vl | allotments !heIowa P State University An- w *? S *T» *"*** * d ~ Each year Super Valu supports the pro-h.cers wh, ? voted in, th, io«.a w hi, ; h are ,0 p., ,-,-n, , r „» T«,,,O ? t ffi ts University — keny experiment faro* Besides But their chances are limited. worK, Only one birth out of every 1,400 an ar * . r , produces identical twin Holstein versity since she was 14 years the Iowa State Fair, heifer calves, according to Dairy- °J d ; sh eis also a member of the The Des Molneg man A. E. Freeman 01 the uni- Vol S a Rlver Rlders and takes growers All that is asked of the own- past patron. He is active in the information so that Lundbye - Carpenter American ui'e in ay be identi- Legion post in Maynard, active In the 39 states comprising the their wheat am-figr to conserva- !lt ' (l fl "' lh(1 public- the following on the school reorganization week. committee for approximately ~ three years, and a member of the Freshman orientation to Northeast Iowa Farm Business D . . 11 i 11 o j association. He has received Begin at U.I.U. on bunday several awards in soil conserva- l-'icshmim orientation will get tion and hog raising. He and for nw- bcvn versity. spite of these odds, the uni- The *»«*^"^%$ J" itv dairvmen have ourchfls- oegin at i i .ou a. in. WILD d cuii ed'v? set of identical twins over ^^afn" show 6 wllf'be aM^ m* ^°"*' -!-. I«J TK.> .nnlll 00 . • Supgj. her regular school 4_fj c ] U b activities by purchas- referendum approved marketing or than thoy w. uld liavr has been taking j n g 4_H club beef from county quotas for the 1 1902 wheat crop, under pn vioir; legislation. at Upper Iowa uni- f a j rs and packers, as well as at In Iow;l ' mon> tlinn 90 P er ( ' IMlt Maikainj>: quota p<-nalli( "" " of the producers who cast but- (j,'i po, ci-iit <f the May 1. l!)fi:> underway at Upper Iowa uni- Mrs. Ingels are active in the lo- lots were in favor of wheat mar- parity pric-o, on "exro.ss" wheat vi isily Sunday, Sept. 10, when cal Parent - Teachers association, keting quotas for 1902. produced on farms where the nearly 300 new students will ar- Mr. Ingels has attended both Since the national vote in fa- farm wheat allotment is not o;m- rive on campus. An open house Upper Iowa university and Iowa part in many of their activities. Valu stores purchased . 4 K K op f of tlin Polk county fa r on August 7 vor of <l uotas exceeded the nee- plied with. h-oiK county rair on m'.fjusi 11, „„„„_„ *,„_ *u{_j c „-<„..:•„ «u~ essary two-thirds majority, the wheat producers subjcct .i. 10 sets from the Fayette county ar n 0 irvmpn who have sold iden- Dairymen who have som men- tical twins for the Ankeny re- T H aftemoon Iowa have purchased a total of include : Kelly's pony hitch, sad- 270,000 pounds of 4-H beef this cprnmhlo Hovpr Ipnf tpam year. An average of 27 cents per dfle scrr ? b ^ e ' raceV bat race k£ P° und was P aid for this beef fi3r JSraS? wat^r'ace? • , . , VT iiv;ui> ivi VJU iic\J wheat program recently enacted markcting quotas on thc 1D02 into law will be put into effect. \ holsc wh( , wiu havc ;m The program will include the fol- for the freshmen and their par- State university in Ames. to ™ ls . wi ". be held in the Colgrove- Ralph A . lsh ouse, 37, lives on a suppor t a t a minimum smaller of (a) 13.5 a total of $73,000. Youth Center dance at of the acres or (b) the highest number of acres actually planted to wluat on tin- farm for harvest in any of the calendar years 1909, 19(io', or 19(il. » '» '" , . * f I '1 1 • f *»**»**•• A »*k*4«WW4UV,< V f t AAVW0 Wt* •* Memorial bunding from farm which he fa b , south . p. m. Members of the U east of F Ue The fflniil has iculty, staff, and Student Ci. vei nment will be on hand to welcome the new students. Ti sliiiM will begin at 8 nine years. Mr. and Mrs. Alshouse have five children in the Fayette school and ° n two at home. John Barry, ie Albrecht, It Rus'sel Friedly, Maynard; Martin ih will be a dance for the t Workers to meet Monday morning. In the after- Mr. Alshouse is a member of noon the traditional orientation the board of directors of the session at K'nck's Island will be Fayette county Farm Bureau, held. The afternoon will include and s a township 4-H leader and county climatology leader. He counseling, recreation, group is a g raduate of Iowa state uni . Hawk There will be no admission chants in purchasing 4-H baby charge, but a free will offering beeves at the Fayette county Fayette area youngsters at the Tno Wi)lin); Workers club will will be taken. Everyone is wel- fair. You . th Cen , te l . m the American meet « t . 14 a t the home of . . . T^ ,i.w . PnnHnlia and Lvle come to attend. Le 8 lon hal1 Fndav n '8 ht from 8 Gertrude Downing with Dorothy «'»£'»«' ;mri a Jack storv - told versity. CvDGuGlCdi XVUIIUclJicl • aiiu JJJTIC l«» ill till tn 11 n m T t i_i ...... — « « * ^r^re^fpoints which ed^oTtotit ^ng,^ ^^.^ * * " MenSersnip cards will be sold ^1,°wm b^Scred with Here are some points WHICH ^ _,_.— ._ tt _ t 0 t _ Thi« Fnrlav niorht lit R;/ifl at 5.0 cents each. This card, plus « w h n t's new" Mildred Stein- be in charge of the ing lot of Bill's .Super Valu will ea ? a "S™*- wc ; i . lu f™ Illl i. ""I™ entertainment. «;T",ii««n«i«h identical twins to drive in the farm yard to ThU Friday night at 8:30 S«8SWSS.j5= avoid any^ossibl^ccident, The weeklydance on the park- -ents^H £t members^ , be b hem ag^nV thir^rid^m-ght *$* wil1 be l^" 1 ^ [°\^ beginning at 8:30 p. m. afternoon activities at the cen- Music for the dance will " Color pattern may be similar .... . in identical twins, but almost Local 4-H members never alike. If a pattern passes «;. MI . t • the mid-line of one twin's body, vvm " DDon » at rair it usually crosses at about the Hoger Tope and Roger Bauer, furnished by Jack Howard and same place in the identical sis- representing Fayette county, re- several members of his orches- tre. ' : ceived a blue ribbon on their tra. Twice before Mr. Howard Head shape is identical. demonstration "Gun Safety" pre- has been scheduled for the dance Identical twins may be differ- sented in the boys' 4-H demon- an d each time the event was ent sizes, but' their relative body stration_ contest held at^the Iowa ra ined out. proportions are alike. -n- »-i- i~* •- ««.- Color shade is useful is new- «,-,«-- bom calves haven't been expos- Chakravarty, International Farm standard Service Station, ed to strong sunlight very long. Youth Exchangee from India, state Bank of Fayette, Upper The same red or brown tinge iz who is staying at the Rodney Iowa University, Ed Campbell's often found around the jaws and Drewes farm and M. C Wangs- Deep Rock station, Interstate M 'on"daV°Se~pt "ll,"af's p"m" at throats of .identical Holstein ness, county extension director. Power Co ., University Cleaners, ^ Lee'ion hall twins i • , TheI( J? r L at f d sweets demonstra- Knight's Hardware, Maiirer's the Uee ' Researchers are trying to find tion, What every family should shoes and clothing, Gay's Bar- A .. M ,J the relationships of breeding to kn-Dw', presented by Diane Mil- ^ shopi Zabriskie's Garage, Attend by 1'ipsident Eugene E. Garbee. He and Mrs. Alshouse are A new feature of the orienta- members of the Parent - Teach- tir.Ti this year will be a Hawaiian ers association, find the family Inan, served by the Fayette attends the St. Francis church members of the Church of Jesus in Fayette. Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Harry Schneider. 40, and his menu will include roast pig, f am ii y u ve O n a farm one mile in the seventh the 12th are eli- the Federated Women's clubs of e foe membership. Graduates Fayette, fnr the year 1961-02, 1 be held Monday, Sept. 11, - at the Farm Bureau building, cards, with the American Home De~,.~~ cards will be required at paiiment as hostesses. +„ «,„ *„)« K n^ Merchants who are helping to all act i v jties hereafter, all are The theme for the meeting is t S..!?L*^ 1 L_ b X « ejoy sponsor the dances are: , lrged to sign up at the dance « Her tu lcnts are many." Th..Oelwein Woman's club will pro- council will hold sent a puppet show. regular monthly meeting —— Semi misses curve on Highway 150 north A semi trailer truck loaded with about 40,000 pounds of froz- The first genera, meeting of ^±,?S?' ..^CS -^ *"* ° f ^^ ^ *" h8S with baked pota- H ve d the past 40 years. The toes and fruit punch. The pigs Schneiders have five children in are Farm Bureau and the Parent* and the St. (he the will begin on Wednesday morn- '?"£i i7"*o™4*r* S?'hS WeSa^vSg Wi11 jS S^ iU ^ elCCted clay of classes. open from 12 noon until 7 p. m. oinc , «. affect growth brandt and Wanda Winter, re- i^cy^'Oart^«rf"iBaten';"aSie Volga River Riders of Fayette ^"^^^JSeTthe^ve on Serving on USS Yorktown Newcomer, get-together and production. Freeman says ceived a red ribbon rating. They slnger plumbing and Heating, attending the Oelwein Saddle • 15Q bout one mile serving with Air Anti-Submar- Planned by local groups anstS "2? "ZSfflK ^SSr^u^.lSSUSS! iai PC 2S nB r d ?.. B1 S: ^^L^S^S^^ ^ « '^«? ^^. n ^ ^ ^™ ^ ab0ard the »»• A "newcomers get-to-gether", animals can be completed with- and Linda Niles received a white B jn. s Super V alu, Fayette Insur- family, Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Mur- ih a few years with identical ribbon rating on their demonstra- ari ce Agency, Fayette Leader, phy, Dorothy and Roy, Mr. and twins. . tlon "Brown Duties". They p wp i e ' s Natural Gas Co., Farm Mrs. Howard Roberts, Merlin and m County Extension Director were accompanied by Mrs. Joe Bureau Insurance Co., Williams Donna. overturned in the ditch. The submarine warfare support air- sponsored by several local or- OL-surred about 8:30 p. craft .carrier USS Yorktown op- ganizations, is planned for Sun- erating out of Long Beach, Calif, day afternoon from 3 to 4:30 p. The driver of the ' ~ '" "-'•'- ' — " Wangsness is asking everyone In Langerman Payette county.' to let hiirt know Bo* *••"• Locker. m • j u 1 which was coming from Carroll Turner received a blue olo)oH th{U he met & caj . on the SQn of Mr _ and Mrs Bernard ribbon on his colt. economist, accompanied the teams. c Dutch and , spvernl snar P curve ^ several way wm ,.,, that the the center the ie truck \s Bernard M. Rohde, aviation el- m ., Sunday, Sept. 17, at Klock's the north ectrlcian's mate airman, USN, Island in Fayette. In case of n the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. rain other provisions will be high- Rohde of Fayette. made. scheduled .All-new residents in the Fay- - - - 1961 will 1)6 flucsts of club'in'their honie^unday.Tept Marilyn Scheidel, little daugh- forced him off to the side pf the 20 other First. Fleet ships depart- organizations. Purpose of the 3? A business meeting was held ter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard road. • He was unable to pull the , ng for Hawoii to relieve sister ev ent is to help the newcomers following a pot luck dinner. The Scheidel, was six years old on truck back on the mam part of vessels now operating m the Far get acmmlnted and also to meet ,«.« w ^...- following members were prea- Thursday. Aug. 31, and to cele- the road, and the truck rolled East with the «™«. ™~* ----- ?- -> ^ v— representative, feet: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence brate entertained a few The phone number is 62 i,u»/4 fh» twins must be less than »O BE AT WEST UNION r -i—-—a — jr*-- ^—~-« ........... ...». >,»...._—, — . fh^emonthMld when they are Congressman. James, Bjom- flowing members were pre*- Thursday. Aug.J^ and to cele. the road. Fleet, some The two fleets are responsible u^ ,here longer. ~ — ! ! "' *-*" -* *"-" All merchants and who have ^ r f S ^^us'^ c^w;i^ o/^s^^ ,,. X eee 'n^m InlSit them be vteltin^ at the court houVin Sad,'Mr. and,MTumls,w¥rn. school hours. bruised but had no serious injur- World trad^routes ^grossing of ihe civic organtzations ta> Fay- Wangsness will tn^f 1 M«n« P fti West Union on Tuesday after- eKe and dauatler Delaine Mr. Those attending were: Jimmy ies. , . the 85-million-square.mlle, Pacit- ette are urged to attend the get- ^Birtos.. of K2 mav atao be noon, K 12 * ' * ^ Hd Mrs A7s8a£t3K6; and and Sri Ann Wolcott, Cindy and Another semi was brougnt in ic Ocean awaj the Ptat, Fle^t In together to help'make the new- twin Holstein heUers may a^benoc^sepi^ todlwiil any ^ 8 , Ralph Behrens, Mr. and Wanda Hulbert, Mary Jane But- Wednesday to transfer the fro*, .the eastern and mid-Paclfto, ind. ^ers welcome, A. ft. *?e« ~f w ,„ *.,*, .^,, L . —,* ;^. s Ray^omj Hotikhaus all of ters Denise Pattison, Kim Van en goods, which apparently was .the Seventh Fleet in the weetesn^^Refreshments will be «___ v« * * ™™f ..*^'i . ' . , nu«««Mr CnVlA»lA r " "" *"-" '"' " Anyone wishing to discuss any Iowa-State matters with him 1 will be wel- members served Ames, .Iowa- fifrawberry Itoint. Bogart and Sherry Schiedei, not damaged. Pacific. during the afternoon.

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