The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1927
Page 7
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4 If^nlf il^ii' Tlie pifeHldtnila . H rofa h lyj commented uppnv bj wltlibt t •« t arent" effect loit stocK npaisulitioi!. CBlim^ of iboui fio .j 000 ,iftO< In liaoB. Inlclderiia^ lo tli<^ moBcn «a4 '«mand Ifbr iubdH, sen tfa;e|ca L'^Qey rates froin 4 ko 4vi per <S< ni; a r 4 liad ^ te idem y tcj ftiOiuI it^ 1 1 dfit-taking in -ccpn iitfdpi; sjiotii. Oils displi ^ed i fair-j ly-ttrii jUneertone.'The clos i wis Mrni.' potal sales appro ^lmatlDd 1,-^ SOAlOOd shares. 'bi tsax Citr nnr. Ii *nbs ;:(|;y. Feb. 25..<U. 4 Oepj of Agificultkire): ^ir. 8. 1 alfalfa jjl!): ,l \o. 3 I B 413.50. aUalta^ verj- leafy, at: 1 2 %mp. , I .timoth[>' $1- .50; ;No. 2 1 upland pi airie 113; Jfo. 3 »H. U. i Nol XD.;2 fl3 KiuU|«« City Gnjln. Kan laatC HAelptsiqi ii4r|il56er. l^y, Feb. 25. - \\Tlieal:| cars; unchanged to ,, No. 2 dark hard j $1.32 3 $1.31©1 37;, No. i 3Ut.30',4i NoJ ovii •I ! jfiopr ii^ioo'. i""''" itronkj: top .jtroi If J) citllmati'd IS.OOO: fulrly nc lientJt U^nbs JU-Cnffi J lOO; I ijeiilraiiito The nard. , ftdyi H hqi »l hoi : W.«f*^!,«Cril Idc of the Or|a| ai. Hor- CQnc of the tcpcni trtis- ch ndyornl of the monkH f pwijr by a (jrcnt nval- Jtounded abjut 062 by Df Menthon Thn hori- Jhed about S.OO" feet ff„^ „J,. Jpows pf Gr sat^t Beruard loss, through whirh Naroleon !fcd /;lil4 af) ayirito Italy in Jsbo; rl^leji^oaeypnr Classified Ads : *n«Je., - U T.j : No. 2 66«i<^70c; 70® 3 66 .\o. 32'^; i7T4c: i De- 1(1 rtl- eaUy get ffi],.8«-^ No. !|red $1.29'.6feii;31 Cprta 'v^c io 1% high white 170^: !kc;-Nb. 3 . 'Nb.'g Veilp' J73@74.%c: IXo. Wc; :>o. 2 rtxed 69@72(; Xo OfitA unci anged to Ic ! ligiie ^White 4S( >S48c: No. 3 ^3>i:di6c. f Mllol mBi|e $1.12@1.20i. r #e' mmm- Kafll- ?1.«6#1.17. Barlfey .7i©73c. ! 4 ClOHs: Wheat: May o li $l Majt new »i31>^: July $1.25 C<)nMiy 74%o; July Sep; iOci"^' . (anw f City Lh^x^uck-. .KJan m\ C ly, Feb. •23-jf U. partmint' >|f Agrtcultijro), \2,Q0<); unpdi; 6|ien|ng lioKlljl fo Bjc 1: Igljer: weighty bu ttjiBT l|e isb a< :|ion; stock i \p^^^n^. .91 top in .8q ou bbhdi: (<^ rabte 170 to !no p6 11.3&<r>l|.6 I light H ^litH » ;il.|^0; moa B40 poiuulH np $1 I.3D;]pa^i iR sows |10.(0<g ltl.4U. Call e, 80(;[calves'100 :j light ta stiie d and ybarqaKs «tca;dy .oijhi ij killing iclaes^.s iji loo Itmitec BtiLpily to test vilijies:] me- dlqm 4p BPO a fed steers ai)U jjcarl- inga f[7.8^(i;S {.5Q; Colorado jjcarl- " T^t welghi utters alt tlio H - chur i _ I IgH skeady 160 ilindfi (o Mm quo fully nd bulk $1 I'heat to July Ijuly. IC ^^cago Grain, r Chibago! 5"cbj 25.—Cloic: May l|l.393i^l'»fl: J'Uy $1.33 JLSS'S; qebt. .$1.30%@1 31. ^Cori?: Ma^ 77>4#775ic; jScpt. S5(!J;8 . . Hay. 44T8to; kuc; 45%c: Sept.. 144l/^c. - nyc MaVj $1.0CV4: -Mv. ?liO«%. JSept. jOOUc ' . . I I ; Clil ^Jifro Livestofk. •.' Chicjago; ''cb. 25. (U. 5. Dejit. of • AKiicUItui^e jCattle. estimated at j9 ,000: good 1,400 pound !r8 $11.8(t: next-^igh'eit price $11. )0: most :fat CO Vs $5i75 to $6.50: cutters at |;4.35«B4.8S; itlit heit^ s $7.25(f( 'i.t^; ^ediuiii bulls '. 6 .2r .(fi|6.50; reaicrs |1O3D011.5O' to packers; fibipp^s paj-ng $14 .00 t< $15.()o. ! Hogs est: niated 23,000 uneven: butchers lor; around si -ady;, Jiig louver; top 112.00; 1 ulk 1|50 to 200 Ibi, $1 .^S(^11.D0; post-210 to O'ibi. II .45eil.<5; Hulk 2l60 to .10 Jbii 111 3fi®lJ,4q; pabWng|«ows U0.i )04 !>10}^i pigit $ 1.50(^911.85 M !UlU ItlOimduloO: sjioop firm: ,rat ':Ownn jt|X .a0 ^9 .00:' fiediiig and 'Hbdfirli^Klwinbi strong (1 10c ! nr;-clwlciil 0$*lb.' finis lern «v«n Mflth thu}r|d«y'|i'lote tip $13 .00; iDlshcrs mbslfly MZMif itnad 1.85.1 to WAVERLY (.Mrs. \Y,!W. Simpson.; •• Feb. 16.—Tije Farmers Union eeting held v at the FairvitV :hoolhouso Wednesday evening, was-well aliended. After the busi- !8S session, refreshments of sand- iches, coftee and pie were served. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Godsey and s( ns, Charles, Lynn and Thomas were Sunday feueats'at the home o their- son and brother, Mr. Clar- ei ce Godsey. Will .Morrison and Ralph Mor- riiOn alttended the show in lola \\ c dnesday night. • . "• Mr. and Mrs. Ed .Williams and Haie were pleasant callers at the Sinripson and Darr homes Sunday enduing. . .) , lIlroy.Darr, and Clarence Mor-I'''^'*P *'^'"t.'' P"neral arrani^e riiSn attended church i " ^« S inday night. • G ^Th^^i'Tu.TcoZy i-'^'-'^ -any ..ends;^d,acnua w;re Sunday guests of .Mr. and .Mrs. Will Simpson. 'S\r. and Mrs. .Miles Templcman si ent Sunday evening at the Her- s4hel Smith home. iionday^ Charles Godsey in NEWS E OFHU Death of y\rs. II. l,! l'aynp.,W Known Humboldt Itrjildflnt— Violin Choir of Sfnihwest- em' College Here. ^ (Francis Ciilver) * UlTMnOLDT. Feb. 24.—J.lra[. B Payne pa.ssed. away ."ibout no'on day at the home of her son, O. C. Payne. .Mrs. Pajyne had been failing in health for some time, a ad for several days her life had bden . „„,„^ I nients have nod yet ; been made. Lanarpe 1 ^. p^y^^ been, a resident Himiholdt for a number of years ...ends and acqua n- lances here. Her dedth Is dee^ily mourned. I. o- tx. ;-6f-to' tivefe are expected to be here to tt- tem the funeral of Mr^. B. I. Payh^ .... .Mr. Will Payne, son [of the a^Will Morrison and Howard Mor- I ceaSed, and his dau^iter, Betjty. rilson attended the Hasting sale ! arrived from City. ' Mrs. W. K. Murphy! was host to the "500" club at her home ' is helping his other, Clai'ence (lodsey get ready itj move this week, i .Mr. Godsey will move lo a farm northeast Of Itlla. . : •Moving time is here and it brings with it two changes for this n<'iRliborhoo<i. Li-c l.MiA'ey will afternoon. .Mrs. Hulda Hendrichs has p ir- <-li!isrd the bungalow bn New Y< rk ianxl 7th streets, owned by Joe. Ei k- arf. She will iniovc ^nto-her n JW property In a jshort time. The . oe H:ck:irt family Is now living in he II iRiiuormiixi. J..II.. :.>U|>c» ""iKoKMrt lainiiy is ihjw ii>iii»^ •« move on tliu Hartley farili in North • houisRckart property on North ! th Filrvlcw district. M,r. ijcobue of. jjirci-t. r LiHurpe w.lll move lo the nunu ' - • - ••• •- "-.J"" ft rm vacated by Lee i.McVcy. Clar- this ei cciindijey will move northeast of la and a Mr. \Vigj; will niuve 01 the place, vacated by Mr. Goil- y. We arc sorry to lose these . 0 (1 peoide from our iielgliborhopd hill wish tiicin well in their new h(Jmcs. j.Mr. and .Mrs. Will SImiison and lly visited at tlie parental Yates home in l.,iiMari>i>' Wildnesduy. IConiad Gerdscn attended • llie jBtIng salu .Monday.'|Miss ;Thclma Scott .and Miss JamP!< A. Smith is tit the Payjnc eiiicrKency hospital now sufferoig Willi n complication nf errniplai^ts lliMl liiivi' biitluTed hlni for so nc lime. He is reported o bo pmprdv inc now. I Miss Adellni- Davis if Chcrryv ile Is visit lug lien- at the home:of|MrH. G- A. AmoH. Miss nal -ls Is reluming: lo Cherryvale from a si -ve'al iiionllis' lrlp in the | Knstj. M ss DavlM. having been 11, resldenl of lliiniholilt Hpvoral' ycirs agoi will be well rcnicmbcrod '.by inaiiy hlt-wm: t^drigrnndpnl^itrS^ :j>»ti -l-- ^Isitin. Jii. llt- o- aid Mrs Lee McVcy r • iSchuItz and Freeman families. Ttiey Mr'. SCobec of Laliarpe Is^ i,clp-! an- enroutc to Lost ant from Ok g Lee .McVey shuck corn this.-h9ma wljere they IiayJ- baen. vi-« ^^.j^ck. • r i''iK. Tliey intend to 1U.1VC here Mr.s. Wesley .McVey; and Wilbur \ incirrow inornlng. 1 R cVey of Fairvicw district are eu- tirtaiiiing the measles, i Their 1 11 n any friends hope for a' speedy recovery. Mr. and Airs. Lec.AlcVey .V iss Margarel and ."VIrs. McVey's g •anddaugliters. Thelniia and Francs Lee Scott and £jllen Mobson were Sunday suosts at. the lidd R|cVey home. Lee McVey liclped Kd bjitcher' Monday. The Wesley Chapel Ladies' Aid rved lunch at i the Harry Springs^on sale Tuesday. They will alio Mr. ami Mrs. Lutlie- Clover ire jp parontfi of a fim baliy b ly irn yesterday mornirg. Feb. 2;{ , fi number of the mcmliera of he and i T^uinboldt Chaiitnr of Modi rn Woodniep motored to I^cnnna t lis evening'to. altond a : pncial lo« ge meeting. Inltiatorv services wt-re hold. , .^sii .'Davis, eartooni^ and cdrl- .McVey I ,.atui;ist. appeared here Wednesc ay 'night, Feb. 2."). at ,the hiclr sch ml andiicriiim. This entprtaiiim nt cnme as a numlier.oii the lyce im eourgo this .Air. fvsh is a v ir- id lis intj?r- rnnid talent hb cr'at od cenm dMivered. Kveryone is vieicome to 'f"n''>"i<lt ''as hid. all services.: • • Only a fairly larKe ciowd was in J.Mr. and Mrs. Mills of (;arnetl V sited in the, Jim MclCaukhn home Sjinduy. . I Mrs. Williams of near Colony Visited in the home of her daughter, '.Mrs. Jobii Lust Saturday. worth.League evehv .snmlay even-. , , „is perf„rn ance prm lig. .A good crowd was reported ; ^ , ^^ of lyce Sinday and_a good;sernion was , J ... „,,„h „r ,u ,,«» h I JBbkj^UR li \N 0oii irfll •after ^vltrpr. MABIKET ^ • ' .180 10®Kf i:: GLENDALE (Mrs: V. W, Huuthl Feb. 23.—.Mr. and td 1—lie . «c ^00 iahJ*r< duct Co. been^ making notebooks about birds Jow jr gratlcjs not ibooks hem are] have been Ion animals, finished now interesting, we mad* some Wash- s during the drawing the ,ng Ne ;.i )ly'all of am! are bll very O:. Tuesday! inu!4ti hatche pei'iid. 1)1 r '-ontest on "(^001 1 Housekeeping" is dr^vJing io £ close. The south': idc is ahead now. having 11 poinj,.- agajn^t them while the n< "Ti; i -ide 'ha i 13. \Vi!.;;>esday afternoon all of the imril'- finishe 1 their |essons early ;iv ty'!. attended the kale at Dun- are several liew caseli of -in the commjunity. .None o! ill- schoolj chllilren have taken th. hi ;.s yet. ; f^lbyd Stotlier of Cmion Creek school visited Boyd ^Stotler of Pleasant Valley Sunday. several Of the pupilii are thelri arlthmet|ic for this year. They are revlewinij and taiing suppptv men ^arx work. Harry Strc^ter and family have beenljjusy packing and preparing to go to Nebraska Very s )oh. Tqm Brook? aiid I^oy Paul ;are moving.: How'ever.. they will stay in the Pleasant HValley neighborhood. Severn'l pupils hold jspelling certificates for having 20 perfect le.-;sons. Lawrence Stotler has the highest number of thbni. Ife has five 'eerliflcatps.—Miss May Balzer, Teachbr. LOST— Niw ANNOtlNCEMENTg^ i Striiyed, ioST^nd 10 AUTO GLOVIC—OnS. i;ost oh North Syciajnore. Upward tor return to .\. |J; .Morrlsjon at hi !h school. p )W hat Kakin riardwnrc store and Co|ien- Ingis on N. 4i'""'ckyl Pho. Hi7J- PUBLIC AUCTIONr-Pjiibllc Auctjlon every Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at Bishop's Sales- Pavilion. ' [ attendance. The nex and fidal number on the lycenm course t ils year will be a play given by the nilson Players of t)ie Kinpo In Tonchers College. Tliese playirn are always popular here, and il ways play to a full house. The Violin Choir of Soufhwejd- i-rn college nppeared !nt the hijh Mrs II i-f nudltorlnm. tonight, Feb. !4, !'oi...r vli.iie.|'nt the narVntal Mai- j " .T'li" 'i"" ' home near Geneva'.S .indav "V"??*""-^ '^.'r" 'Miimboldt Music club 1 Mr. and .Mrs. Freii Pierce tiitd lly Jean of nciir Liillarpe spent fe dny Hiiiiday nt Wesley Tuck's. Misij Merlf Oobper ofi.Forl ott afidiCharlie Cooper ol near .fncnid! vliillpd In the ufterno m. •Mrs. Bess Uoss visited witl) .Mrs. !lle'. Davis .Monday afternoon lille the men folks Inftcherbd. Cald\fell Dayls shipped hogs and Ci ttle rio the Kansas City markets lesdny. Kd Hoslty and V. W. oath'sent a veal calf; The iWatkins man Is in tliis vi- cfalty this Week. He is disposing a great number of the waterless chokers. The llones family will move back the'tiavis farm and work for .\^r. bavl;. this year, i iV. W. ^eath bought a team of large grty mares at^ the Hastinz 84i «u 1 * *^r. Sunday visitors at the C. "Wat- k ns home ;^'ere: Mr. and' Mrs. C yde Hiitton and children, Mrs. £1 Smith and children, Gino,.Pansy aid Elsie, Harry Haide|-. Mr. and \^r8. Sam Gerdsen, Wesley Word^ and Mr. and Mrs. Rob Baker. Mrs. VanPeM and! .M^s. Heath s^ent part of the day Sunday at e Roy Crone home helpins care I r the little folks till Mrs. CrL::> up. \ . ' , • i Kd Hosley and family vi.sited in , • >van Sunday with.Mrs. Kate Van- ' . d ".•eer. Vivian and Vincent Heath spent Slinday with Klizabeth VanPelt. Bill VnnPelt is .crippling around HJIth a .bad backj the result of a fdll. i , y, W. Heath and Jess Ross.are! sjiwlug wood for Biliy: Warren. . | ' - - T^e chblr Is one of, the most ui Iqiio orgn il- znllons in this.conntr). li is con- posed of twentiy-flve mr>mbPrH playing On Hli;lnged InatruiiehtM. alljie- Ing- accotnplinhcd mui lolonsi T Ite program was cxcelien . Praclica ly nil the numboni were claiiRical. In stylej and the choir iroi^ed Its 'if admirably well suited for.thla type of music. Two soprano sblolrts nlded in the program with beai^- fiil numbers. re London's firsf niotlon-plcU theater was opened 21 years ago by a Mr. White, who died recently. F11EC)P.ES AND mS ^RIE er between UI.NG LOST^IIeavy wl!|i "K" en;?raved iii Phnne 11S3W. whitx- gold. Old Knglfsh. AUCTIONS 19 orl GObDi :USBD :iCARS-fTwo 1925 CI eviolet coaches;'one 1923 Chev- rcleti roadsterJ These cars are al In goo<^ shape. B. T. Barber G: rage, 211j West street. Pho. 515. USbDi CAR BARGAINS — 1926 t yslCT f'70" roadster; 1924 Ford P^; Maxwell sedan;: several djtourings.i .Marr AuLo Supply , Buick Dealers; ; IfORi) .TOURING—New tires. ... ginal finish,' nice .shape. Boyer .M<>tor Co„ 212!3. Jeff.i Phone 23. 10L.\ BUfilNliSS- Fine proposition for.relia ile man wanting to enter business Addrefji; "W," Register. Monej to Loaa-Mortgages 40 i92lr PONTIAC COUPE-^ThiScar is like new and Hibart-Stcele BUD WHITE .MOTOR CO.. HUDSON-ESSEX liEALER— is fully equipped. Motor CO. CHEVROLET, 1924 ROADSTER-- C^IEVROLET, k923 COUPE. ISEX, 1925 SIX COACUL ESSEX. 1926 SIX COACH; ESSEX. 1923 FOUR COACH. FtpRD, 1925 TOURING (hRp, 1925 ROADSTER, FORD. 3 1924 TOURINGS, •i) ID, 1923 MIOADSTEU. '0 lb. 192a co|ui'B. HpDSO-N, lO ^i;' UROUGIIA.M. DSON, 1925 I'ku ^ANO. 2 STUIj)EHAKKU| 1923 IIOADSTEU. We Trade |Or Give VcPy : Llbenil Terms. 219 will sreli at I'UBLIC AUCrriON—I. . -- P.istiop'M Salk Pavilion Saturday: one team horses, weight 32U0. and „ , nd harness: one team, Iweight 2i;i'0: :: or 1 extra 'horses. 'C. (5. Hisllop. Auctioneer..' j , ! PUBLIC SALE DATES — Thco. Ja.gelo. HcpljCr, Kas., Feb. 25; Ed Coc;hran, Selma, Kas., Feb. 26. It interested in! any of| these sales, xvritc E. E. ,Hall, Bayard, Kab-"., for hills.^ Ifjyou are!interested or are, expecting to emplo.v an auctioneer, write iuie at Bayard. Kas.. or !tclephono 632, Kiiicaid. at jmy expense. .My ircference is my work in Ihe sales.l : 1 AUTOMOTiVE. Antom<|b»e Agbhclcg K uijED CAR!—Is as dependable as the! dealer Who sells it — Dodge Sales and Srirvice.l The best place to buy good, depenjdable used ckirs. .\t ipreseirt kve have a complete lino of Ijoth open bnd closed ntod- eU, pri^eil \o skW. i Ellis .Motor Co., 21t .North WiiBhlngton., | Automobiles (or Safe HAllfC;AlNS IN USED CARS-1923 .N'ash roadster; 19261 .Nash 2-door tiedan; 1924! .Nash tourlni;; 1921 Dm go. touring; 192i! Oldsmiiblle couhc. All Jbf these cars are In A I Hhape- Naah Mo(or Sales Co.. in East Jackson. iPhone 720- F •m)EI».\KEU Mtcll. COACH. 1921 TOUUINCS. 1926 standard . SJ WASI^i Anti) Accessories, Tires, Parts 18 'HONE 180 FARM LdANS—Qilck serrioe and reasonab e rates. A.. D. ' Haw tfibme. 313 S. 'Waahington. FARM AKD Cl -rtf - LOANS—Base . rate on 1 irms, 5? .'city .6%. Long or short Mme. "R. M. Cunningham. MONEY io' LOA Private and eastern inbney t( loan on farms and, cltT prope-ty. Low TSXe TeriQs'and payn erit to suit bbr rower. Stewart Funk. WANTED! TO 1^0.^^—14.000 on good farm. C. + McClelland, at Saunter Inn. INSTRIJ bnoN Instmctlon Classes 4.1 "THE IOLJL BUSIXbSS COLLEGE^- :*Wlir -bp& I Feb. 2 . Complete $150 Seicretari al Cours; for only $75 to '^'the fint 10 wio enroll. ' Free books ai d suppji :s. Positions secured fc r all g adnates. Three free tria l^-Jessou:. No tuition in advance. , Call a . Ill W. Broad way. PI one 1033J. IjVE STOCK Hones. Cattia.'Vehicles 48 BI.ACK ARE—6 (Tears old, weighs 1500. Alfred RoJBC.ra, Loue Elm, Kansas, GOOD M ^LK C0^^—For sale. Inquire 311 South Fourth.. |- w'ork horses, 4,' 5 and . , bid: wei,'h from 1300 to I6OO.!. Also 16-16 disc, a S-sei-tljm and BulHy plow. Thuse HORSES 7 years burrow implcmeots are a Lyons, Ibla. JERSEY Cbus. Country COW- O^born, Club. MULBft 2-year-ol Phone 9*4F13, {Tw-o 3- d WRE(iWNC--1021 .Nasji six, good I ifesjlmnipers, \ lights, j used parts, lojla Auto Wrecking Co._ PhcL_782- BUSINESS SERVICE lidng. SIX GOOD HORSpS—3 to 5 yeatrs old: Weight 12001 well broke: and sound. .Moraii. Bam HelVns, 3 miles; east rock road. kans., J, MeiTlng; Trudilng, Storage 8G COJRR TRANSFER CO.—Packing. st>rage, long | distance hauling. Riaebnable rates. Phone 140. 'Profession^ Serrlces SU IGifcRY — Medicine, X-ray. Dr. Lenskl. Phones: office. 886; snce; 1126W. EMPLOYMENT BABY We are Starting chicks ideal nbs.: We brooders! {' ami see ' per egg. h 220 Wes! Help Wanted-Male S8 FA|RM HAND—Wanted, by day or tii'h. H.. Bal :er. Phone 950-23. FARMH-VND-Wanted. See 111 R. • iJvingston. 2U imiles northeast of colony or phonb 70-6, Colony. M.NN Phonic Wanted lb'do fiirm work. 1093-32, h 'ates Center. FINANCIAL Business Opportunities 38 FOR ^ALE—Or will trade,for Jola rty: Complete auto equlp- und service station In e»^ Ihed locali <m. Will Hacrlfic» d at once. See .Murphy at .Motor Co. FOIlb TUbOR— 19^6 fcieilan. uiibol- steiing good shape, original ;finish, good tires, motol- Al mechanically. Guarjintecd. McCarthy jMo- tor Co;, 212 S. WashL Phone 893. OAldLAND bealerk •-4 "i5. Oakland landu^u sedan Bhate: '24 Fhrdroadbter: '26 •24 iFord cotjpe tud^t Sje[r '23 Stu ^ebaker shape: ca-" • '2i liudson [Chevrolot coupe;| '21 IVCI I ^-j.coi,. I Several other very cheap [Sedan. PO.N'TIAC Iflnc Ford biklioon good 4 -i)ass. Hobatt-Steele coupe, jfine Motor Co. l>ro;i(j ment lubllf^ if so Kills I.MilEblATE REPEAT RETUR.N8 - Exclusive, profitable opening foi* i|pslr«blo iiarty. Make dally profits for you. Liberal returns usHui ^ed. Business capable of large oxpanslpn. Few hundred dollar* required,' assured by mfr- chandise.; Advise cash and tijne available.'also jihoue number and address. Box "IR," care Register. PARTNER^Wanted, to take o half Interest IB 20'acres of gc,— trJic-kj and fruit laud in the'lov cr Bin Graiide viiUey, Texas, and delvelbp it; wltl consider taking small property in lola as payment. Address P. O. Box Clianute, Kans.j Poqltry; and ten Friee C$1CKS giving Food for ^ Fc have the on the <hem. Cu Sturdy Street. called Starting SGGS—B^iff V. A. north -Mbran Rock .Tjloss, 4 , R. EGGS—C^olc^ to lay. $ Harpe. bu 1 .50 a lOtJ hirs. E EOGS — ConjJ> Phone Ak'hite jmrebred. 9! 6P34. M EGGS-^W EGGS—R )so Wyaiidotjies, baby ch HCHH, hundred Kcntuck HIGHEST for: Our at your try TOULOUSfe setting, hens anil North Ohio. MAYBE ITS MbRE THjAN 900 WANTED 1^0 BUY-f All kinds cattle and ^ogs. J. CI Butcher. I "MfiRCTioiiDrsr'"^ Articles for Sale J &1 CHUNK iyOOD—For sale, $2.50 in timber oi $3.25 | delivered. A. J. SwinfordJ Phone 518. FLOOR RijGS—Linoleums and con- goleums, some 9x12 sizes for $5.00 and; up. llenninger's Furn. Store. FOR, SAi.E, CHEAP—Large electric garafee Fign. air compressor, curb gas !pnmp, and garage tools: also woiRlerful bargains in used cars. ^r. Mitchell. ' lEKDS—Home grriwn RcdJTlop. 15o | lb.; home grown Engl»n Wuo=: grass, 2»ic Ibi "See us for all kinds of field Kppfis. Allen" Cojiitty ilin- plenient Co.! | ^ ; flMOTHY SEED—1926 teed, re- shel. B: L. cleaned; $2 ..')9 bnshel IV, miles northwest Hf. DUMP BEDt-JFor CheviOlet truck that will holjj 1?^ yardsj pf gravel. Inquire 91.> SLEEPING IROCJM—FriWt rcipos- lure. 108 W. Jackson. i:NTIREi furnished. 5 rooms, 2 cl , . .. try. screened in back porch, iniod- ern, dose in; for rent JMarchi 1. Phone 534. _ Barter and Excbtinge 51A SCHUMAN PIANO—jGood one; will trade for good milk co\v. C. O. BollingerJ lola, Kans. Business 'and Office !Eqnlpment M ITERS FOR SALE.—Rent TYPKWRI, or trade.} Adding machines, any make. Public stenographer, notary and multigraph work done. Room lO-Hl. over Globe Clothiers. i Fuel. KJAF^IR FboDER:—Ic bundle, no burrs. 3. r. BaxJey. Phone 9S7-21. most new. W. K, -<Jbod pure hillf mile yfar mulqs. bred, south -old mules: 3 Paul Nigh. mile south of Snpplles $tate Accrertiicd. lbs. of Ideal with each 100 at the Hatchery. |od, $3.50 ilOO best coal and oil ^arket. Come in iftom hatching. 4c Chick Hatchery. for setting. Mrs. Imiles west, one R. 2. f leghorns, bred Phone 671, La- Banta. bite W .v ting.' Phone ,994-12. . Buren. pndotte for E. R. comp , at $ cks, 15c Hjimboldt, EGGS—Fbr setting Tom Bai' A. 0. roail. MARKET eggs] and service Barter Prodiice creim^ tru4k NONE . B: JTTER^ Start yonr baby chicks o I Thos. Siuthard,Starting and Grtwing Buttermilk Chick Puddln. for sale at your grocery or R;' C. McKlnnelr Feed Store. il GEES 26c eacH female 49 I'yandotte Rose $.'5.00 per 100. . L. Zink. set Van Silver Laced 00 per 100. And each. John F. Kans. Pure .blooded .„ „.ron 'Whit 3 LeghornH, hlijh egg prnlucing strain, $4.00 per , Spcegle, Souih k'honoi 964-11. Rrlcea, paid and poultry, cliicken coops are pick up poul- Co. Pho, 658. EGGS—For .also bantam canaries. 423 Feed, FerUlfaers B< JBiiVLED ALFALFA hoff. 3 miles east and' '4 Carlyle. ^0 ton. C. Tho- south H^pseliold Goods llnb of il bon't foi 69 FJURNITURE-1 carry a complete ew and used furnitui-e. •get me when buying. Bryson Furn. Store, -N. Jefferson. IJARGE OjAS RANHliJ—2 r.eznors, hetl. chairs, dining table, sewing nachini!. rocker.! dresser, oil pump. ill 'barrel truck, wagon; other ar- jicIeH,;Hl ..-o 20 atire.s land lor .-ale. rade or rent. See me at place, ^. blocks northeast Country Club lotl later than "Friday. "M.jrcb ! l- Mrs. Lull B. Dean. IjSEb FUjkNITURE—Stove*, cream ifeparatorii, farm ,machinery. Real luys. eas^ payments.- Curtis Biir- ;ain Stoi|c. LaHarpe. 2ND HANJD HEATING STOVES- ilexnprs and ftirniture, good as .new, cheap. Kelley Hotel. ! Mac hlnery alsd Tools 61 .MOWLVG !Oii, one jfor; sale: Austin B MACHINISS—One Emer- .McCor'ma!ck, good ones; also : 4-year-old mlkle. •OS., lola ,R. 2. J ; MUS Ical Merchandise 'fii TRU.MPE'T—Holti'n.jE Flat, leiitber -C.nsb, 3 mouth piecoK. music rack, like new', used 1 only few times. >Vill sell for |:i(lifl0i less than cost Sod It at'ithe Register. IVanted—To Bnjt .^adis(|ij. ROQWaiAND BQAitP jgopms !witliout Bo i ^dj Works, )IdC >.v I ^ —»- qiohe,885. Roojns-fpr Honsckeefalng J6(>, bOWNSTAIRSlM Nibely isets. pan- koO.M.S—3 connecting riioms. fiir- nished ifor housekeeping ;22S|N. Thinl. ! Phone 120:1. ^' jtEAL! ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flijs > j 74 I'ART.MENT—4 rooms with bi-eakfast nooK. close in. : Phone lllOW modern, flii-st floor. lPARTMEN'T—3 rooms, on front, downstairs, street, i Phone 1396. Famis and Land for ] 'ARMr-jFor jr.ent. - W"rit - Or see H. C. Burtiss. Humboldt.;Kaiig;_r_ JHooijes for Kentj HOUSE-]-" rooms Tiimlcr ed. R^iit cheap. 112 Third. HOUSE-j-.Modern seven blocks i soutli of squaijo |ll29W .i HREEi ROOM - HOUSI light!-.. City water, loca South Chestnut. See M. REAL riLLI .N^ STATIO.V—For jsale; doing go( d business- Incitiro J. W. Bloiim. P'jerless Oil Statin, north side square.; " llESTAi'RANT—Doing necs; or .will trade for COTTAGE-^Nice 4 room street;! will exchange Arbuckle R^al Estate. CLASSIFIED bo' East llleiit 7« -77 7 fumfsh- lOonr, two -i Phone i • i^Electric M at &08 Busiiictis property foi '^ale dress: Box 143. lola, Kati.s-: febod 'busl- llpid. Ad- ! Houses for Sale \ lOUSE—">• rbpm house t lot. 1 W- S. Ford. l.aHarpo. Kans. lOUS &i -Six room modern, with ! two lots. .Iitckson Realt>* Co.,'over Brown's brbg Store. " ' HOUSE—Five room mo ble garage. I good locat Reutlicr. 1 . DISPLAY CHEVROLET f Si ,jort paved for stock; Limove -nff Icrn, on: aOu- JohD One Chevrolet CluisoN •Jne lfl!J5 Clievrolel Conpe—« . . tlii^ IWi bodge -Toiiring-- good sliiipp. One Ford Coupe. ' One IHI9.Ford Touring-good tliib 1921 jfoAl Tudor. ; • —NEW One new iltt? Tudofr wUl "el real .buy. shnpe. Tw |i new Fbrd <ion ^liruclors. price, i I rIgW. ivHi Ull HwO less (bnii i \nriiorI'/ed CllievrOlet §caler<(. MbtOR CO. BYBLOS^BR ri'gular 1 i.

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