Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 6, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1898
Page 4
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gY* 'i f. Btisifiess Men: Let the Telegraph 5how What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Accoun op t talc* <ht * tine- him « if*' k little hn «pin, V'.») tat him. Voo •• k of r«<-r*»?* * maa ^ood b»aifh any Ih«n y«a can a hot**, Fiievtlinjif will Jtiak- hmithjr BWB toor* htaUbr; it •III make unhealthy tatfl more t;nh*a!(hy. When • man has V—n living ia too W(t a harry, when be h*» worked be ka* ip>t to that he doe* r . _ n«t «leep or «t, or r»t, i MM th* wbc4e wortd .'look* gfcwtty if, him, I If I* liffle tat him to tike m<-flk-in*. Th-n, * WtacB be i* braced op a bit, it if time I fOOOfb fat him to Uk* to th* bicycle. I Wben » roan's afrnt h»»t *n *rfar* »» I Otem, to that the I«st little diwppoint. I autM mjM OB bis t«sip*t like * file, wh«n hi* stomach and HH* and irerTt* are d*. fHMred, *tt4 fae l» contintttllr gloomy and •U&IKb^r, be shofaKI tak« Dr. Fierce'* CftUea Medical DfjKWrery. It tnakt* * BUS a* feongrr «* * S«herman and wen to It that all the rrtal element* of the food are JdMorbei] into the blood. It t>rac«« tip tH- Urer and poU it to work in the right war K drfrea all biliotav impnrttie* ft&in the MMtto. It fill* fle«K tHrrre», brain cells, aifte*» end boo** with the life-jiviojr eld tteat* of rich, red, pore t>l<xxt It make* * mat health? and then * btcyde win •Mice bfm «ranr. Medicine dealer* *ell tt, and lure nothing; " jast a« Rood." of th« HE REVIEWS THE But Ha* Nothing to Say Regard* Ing the Policy as to Ofir New Acquisitions. MESSAGE QP THE HA1IOH S HEAD OecUrei Tb»t tbe Inland of Cab* !i To B* a Prtt saA Independent Nation. mta, Che M«JlcmI •Kan. of M FOB BALE. |in)C^ftjT comet* 6t*i too. OUnt on EaMOo MrMt Mt. 10th M'.h of rv iriTn -vlovar. th" cs. !'• th«- H 7. va» ha-.-<)»"J tr-'ary ,.f t«-rtrs Imjx ar/d an ijjar;-! I'orto Itlra unit At*To It« II»M f I'lilllppln»«. Whl<r « T)m« I n'l»r Mill Arn.j of Joooon tr,--! !»(-. t"i !y matum a draft the pr«"-ls*» our note of Jy]y Followin of the (irefti T« the It; elvtri U;e erit'i! m-f •>•;,«: and ti' r-<p• nx- fr'- KKFKKKfcl) TO Notwlthit«r,-:ti;K by th" Joke in a v.-ry »a.t! ly incr"ajjing denred f«r th<: !.-itir<fr •.••/! u.-n cor'l-'.'. K:>r.ufa>:tur<.- b«en prMu'.tive. nerlcuiturvl have }-i<!.'«J«--I abundant returiis. i:j! the fleirS*of tmJu."iry is !.-cis<-r r>.-v. a i/y the pr ury's (-«<-»i|,-ts to by its authr>r». in- flr.:ir,"-n ernrnerit lxt?rt-<i Jint' Itw rr< first rark, wi.i.'e ii at i Rtandar-J. haji .»tfr.-£ih-7.»'l t to ''ever the fr.t«- uecticr, of tfc«- relation of ihi of primary nwm>ert«us IFCIH- fig in o:i'(> w »hk!» f dratt CO! the con- frets wtii duly KfjrKJaS* arjj wi.«^i]r «-t upon. Thf I'rited Ptatw Ji».« »•>! ?v»*n an Ir4;fr»r^nt *r-e<tfstrr of the ^^trs^r- «Sn-*rT events trsr/splrini: in the Cht. «hetel»y j«rt!>ir,« of ta r->«r» t that th» of * rot hai 1,-uI'it »p (n th i"»r (X*tl|«ant* has obriats-3 th» f nor country f*»:<>mlns an actor in the Ktrte. (But ?i» l« ckwely walcblnR the treatment of American citixens In China. TT.« r'f^«id«-Rt rr:fen" t«> neiroiiaiinnji F ith France ^n-) fterrnany f--.r !he r»!(ef .-.f "iir tunir- with ;.bo?? countries and R the ho{* of their rU'-r-e's.J KRIBSIXIIIP OK OltKAT ItKITAIX. ? of th* Hpan- •r.-t*f). th* only a virtuai ultl- f f pro:«w«--| embodying f f»n'J<T«<I to Spain in Ki. wl!h added stlpula- r..» of total! aa (..> th<: appointment of * for th*; ^valuation of *b<- Spanish Ant!!!?!. I <"»•> Aug. 11. M. Cafnhon. announce,! his J». ArneM. KM rrf •«<i torpMitr of fh- lii :e *ad !nftj-mm«ft-/n OK «ix txxtlev of we*. Van ha-nr bera "la* «y lift." A man or woman who neglect* a*Up3tkm »vrer« from •Ion- gowooisijf. Dr. Pierce'd Pleamm FelleU cor* con«lipa»ion. One little "Pellet" j* a ecoile l*ia. tJve, and two %. mild cathartic. AH medicine dealer* **II them. Mo other pi it* are " . Klracb o« B«ti» atrMt; 'a foot tf iir, of S. H, MteboU ot , lot TBrUO teet. A «M location. ABMdkrtxnt aw«Ulo« (warfr iunr> Ttthtath jAMifbwted aj tvnaoB-, ta tOMlaWm. _S»flM tot of I>*TM Deri* OB BlaB strwt WH* «-rpom brtok d»euimr. TkeJ. il. Tonaor boaKat ?*£ oontalolne abcut O «orw; tan 10 room dweUJcf :froit at aUUo4. Sean* SM tot* oe max street wltfe *afaidi>»w«f;iK>fnaac,IsT. L. Aio«i (-room brtck dwelling, betted with *t»m. Lotl3)il»f»*4;/lwi tndti s*U black tram Hsorr *n*t. a A dMtraSt* rntM*K&> OK ?m*w& «r*«t wttfc Inotat. HftUB wit* tanao*. Lot « f»«t oo A ftseorowrt/oo tlKnwt* •M* of *tr*«t, »e*t of, fit**?.. An&-roota i-atBoai with Vr. iZ5ii» (eet; AM TO* Oe« Of tb« flat*', iodttoi) In HWIIc. Al w<- ^ ' toade tr«*i ot 1 blocki «r»iaMloMoi>BeU**tr*«t Mar* l«p lierr bride aweUlng on MOM lot conwr of i»i*04Vla0*U A f ood Inrwueent. _^ ^••isdlOMoaWiwraet Bear Mr. Otrsuaf ,_lOD«'dMbl« dwelling of Mr. R. OanUng, ited bf st*«m wltta modern tmprpr«m»nie, l»«T «e«lr»ble s-roon brio* dwsUfnjr, ltt U* (met, irttb all modem Inpnrreneau. 'Mz^ss^^mK oSNoreUy Mf(. Co. property oo id street, - (Ut*. la HldUand Pwk, Wteh W br (boot ««>nif)f OB BUM •»»*(. PftC* i dweffloc OB Second ttmt. •0 OneloUon Aibjr street; doobta brick iw«lllo«, comer TUN, «a4 «n*t«, oo» of tt» fla«*t locjttou to Alton 004 7-roon dw*Wo«i food lot »nd «n» room dw»llui« IB Upper Aiwa, food itraet. In Middle* lociiloa A Ot Alb«/t Vtde on Bell* recto* -afid Bnlsbed »uio, d»it ~ ' " 'MaadwtMr fwrt front, property not o'ritk dwelllDf on Wlillwn itreet ua -~ AfoodTrooindwoUliic vita AD* rirer tlf.w, •Wedbjrliot water, FOR RENT, The twu itory brick dwelling with 8 room«,on BeUetltw arenoe now occupied byJ.MoulUrn. Umtmeau ' Ntwitoreroom and two 4-roora ten nm balfc room f Sod street ne»r Cherry • L. J. CUmon home<t««d la Upper Alton ID room*, barn wdftu-wn, now occupied r. Oeo. Lent, PoMeiilon (tlreB by July 1. E5TATE, (NbURANCE, and LOAN AGENT " ''"' flOOM II, P. 0. BUILDINO. FOB SA1.B4 on Liberty streat Ff»nl(lln, for 1600. 1 ttl|Sr»9ufii o< Brighton, ' ,oao-ti4lf good pasture, ' brlolt modorn dwelling oo»r _d ind Ooorge •troetn. , llnp house wltU ; Urg» lot on C MUtE of Twelftti street, wry (ruae dwelling No, ill eut ,jt6>tlWO. LotWiOO. Oooditreel bouse sod inolber In good looatloo »n. KeoU for W8 per month: r 8-room retldenoe oo Bute itreet oo iOBOnk itreet between the 'our R. R. tracks, suitable (or m»nuf»oturlng purpotes. )oa«utslde of Allow tireet, bet. , for OODi ' n In <fer*er pouoty, btlt nlle «tion by rail of rlrer. i puslnoMprouerty. oorner lad i«t«.,oD ew/teran. (rune ir ildenoe, new and al , tltutted oa Fourth it., r»Hdenct,i aoooreolinl a, on eur urmi, Bom tad Y TO LOAN. hlpTickeU In my last annual 7r,<r*«ai(e very full coB*lri<-r,'ition wa» gtv*n to Ih? question of the Ant if ut tht ffovwiimtnt of tne "tfnltftd Ktatp* toward fipKln and the Cuban lr./urr«:ctlon »* being by far the moist important prol/'err; with wbirh '**. wer« then called upon t</ o'l-al. Th« con*M*ratiorm then silvan;"!, ami the «zp<iflltloo of th* vi'/v/*' thi rein f--x- prt*x«l, disclosed o-.y K*r.».# of th* <-x- tr«?m» gravity of the situation. K<-ttIns ajil'Ji.- a» logically ur,found<-d or practically Ina/lmlMib'" th«- rt'vjsniil'.n o£ the Cuban insure nv* a* V-rig»r<rnts, th* recognition of t!nr in<lt-j,«n.j«nce of Cuba, neutral lnt«Tv.-riti'.n to eri'I the war by impoclng a rat.ona.1 compromise between th<- ••'.riunuantj!. intervention in fav«r cf ^r.?; or the oth^r r«rty, ami forcible arim-jiif.,oi] of the Inland, I concluded it wen honestly dui-to our frUm/l- ly relations wl h Hpaln that shi should be given a r>-aHJ,nttb;*r r.?;arK«; to realize her t2r."*t»t!or« of reform t'» whit:h «h<- h«»i Iwconi* lrr*vix-at/:> fomrnltt<;i Within o few weeks, pr«vloui<ly nhe wlllch It was tonfl'i<!!jtly arMrtn't would be '.-fl)'.';if:iou» to r<-ir,fijy the «-vils so dpt-ply aifectir,g our own country, no injurious to the true Interests of th<; mother country a* weii as to those of Cul/a, and H<J repugnnnt to the universal sentiment of humnnity. Th<: ?n- KUing month brought littl-.- sign of real pr',grt»» tfjward pitdflmtion of Cuba. The autonomous fi'Imlnistration r.v\ up fn tbe cap:tfil and some of thf? principal cltltK apf/euri-d not to K"!n tjj,.. favor of ths inhabllantu nor lo be ubl<: to cx- tend their influence to the large t-xturit of 'territory held by th« lri:iurg«nts, while the military arm, obviously unable (o cope with lh«- Htlli nriivr- rc- belllon, continued many of the moat objectionable and ofren.'ilvr- pollclr-H of the government thut h.-irl pr<:rrrd*<] it. No tunglble relief H-as afforded thi; V(int numl'^tn of unhappy rcconr-entradmi dfritr'He th* roitcratcil profi-KKloriH nfadir in thut regard and the amount appropriated by flpuln 'o thut end. DJEXTIIClTiON OK THK MAI.NK. Convinced tho M«»l TliuitKlitruI That a Crfil> \Vu» N«nr ut Hand. The proffered expedient of zones of cultivation proved illusory; Indeed, no less practical nor more delusive promise* of succor could well have ucten tendered to Ihc exhausted and dcBtltutt 1 people, strlpp'-d of all that mode life anu home dear und herded In a ctrange region among unsyinpathetlc gtrunKcr'H hardly less neccHBltous thanthenis>-lveH. Hy the ond of Dece/nher the mortality among thrmi hud frightfully Im-rc-axed. Conservutlvu (-sllmu-tes from HpiinlBli sources placed the deatliu nrnong these distressed people at over 40 per cent, from th« time General Wt-yler's rlecrc-rr of reconventrutlon WIIH onforci'd. With the acriuiesenve of the Mpanlsh uuthorl- tlus u scheme was udopti.'d for rcllrf by charitable ronlrlbutlons raised In this country, and distributed under tho direction of Ihe consul general jind the several consult) anil by noble and «arn- e»t Individual effort thruugh the <,r- garUzcd agcncli-N of tin- Anivrk-un ited CrOHH. ThollHIIIIllS Of Ilvr:H Wftrt" lllllH eaved, hut iriuny tlioiisiinils more were Inaccessible to surh forms of aid. Tho war i.ontlnuicl on the oi.j footing, without ioiii|iri'lic'tislvc plan, dvvel- optng only the Hiimr Hpasmocllc encounters burron of Hliuli.-/;lr rcHtill Hiat had marked th* comeo of tin- i;urtier t^ii yours' nholllon ud well n» tin, prtwnt Insurerctlon from Itn Hlurl. No ultcr- natlvu »»%•>• cxbauHtlon of either combatant, und thuri-vvltlml the pi-uctli-ul ruin of the island, luy In Hlghl, but how fur distant no one could venture to conjecture. At this juncture, on Ihe ir,lh of February IllSt, OPCUITeil tllo lll.'StlUCllon Of tho battleship Maine while rightfully lying In the harbor of Hnvnnu on u mlUBlon nf International courtesy and good will—H catastrophe the auspicious nature and horror of which stirred the nation's heart profoundly. It l« a striking evidence of the poise and sturdy good se»»M! dlHtlriKulshliiK our national churuckT that thin xhockl'ig blow, fall- Ing upon u itcneruuM |>eo|>le already deeply touched by preceding evenlH In Cuba, did riot move them to an Instant, d«»p«rute resolve to tolerate no longer the existence of a condition of danger and disorder ut our doors thut made powlblo such a deed, hy whomsoever wruUKhl. Yet the lii»tlnct of Justice prvvullcd iinil the nation nnxluunly awaited the result of the m-an |I!HH In- vestlMution at once vet on fool. The finding of the naval board of Inquiry eiitahllshed Ihut the origin of the BX|ilii«lr.n WHM external by u luihiiiarlne mine, and only hulled through link of poslttvn ti-Mtlinony to fix the I-I<HI>OMH| ••'. CuUi *s th<- tru'r ar.'l iawfu! '•n; of that l!»'an>J—a j/ropoBl- f adoption—th* oor- KT.-«*. afl«r c.-,rif<r'-ni:". on th* ISth of -ii. !.y a v<,t* -..f (2 to ?.r, In th* «^nat.- ill in f In the h'<us« <«f r^prentnta- nn-moral>!<r joint r>-so- "Kirst. That tho p--fip> of th<; iiflar.d cif r - «j(>-j arc- and of right ought lo be. ',<,'}. Thtit It is thf duty of the i r?Ta!f:» to demand and the gov- of the l.rnit'M Htatfrw does tif-rt-t.y il'jmand, th« government of nt. >,n r -<* r*rlin<iui»h it« authority and (C(,v»-rnin*'nt In th* Inland of Cuba sir;/! wfih'lraw Its land and naval forces from Cui,a and Cuban waters. "Thin!. That the president of the Vrtltvi tSat»« bp. anil h* hereby Is dir^ct';-l ard ornpow*r*d to us* the entire land and naval forces of the United f5tal*K, a:d U> ca] 1 . Into th* actual service nl th<? l.'nlted StaU-s th* militia of th« ft«-rveral »tates. to uuch extent as rnay if: n*c*ftsar>' to carry thes* reso- Iut!or;K Into effect. •Fourth, That th* United States hereby diMClaims any dlnp^'sltfon or In- tfnti'.n to »K*rr.i«e sovereignty, Juri»- ,llf:t:'>;s <,r rontroi ov*r haid inland ex- c'rpt for the pacification thereof, and OJiff-rtB its determination when that Is accomplished to leave th* government ami control of the inland to its people." Thi* re/.olutlon was approved by the exetu'lv* 'in the n*xt day, ApDl 20. A ropy was at once communicated to the Hp.inUh minister at this capital, who forthwith announced that his contlnu- ar-*-'- In Washington ha/1 thereby be- tom^lmpoHiillilf.and asked for hlti pass- fnirl*. which w*ie given him. H* there- ut'-n v/itlnlrow from Washington, leav- Ir.g ihe protection of Spanish Interests In th* rnltff! HtattB to the Frc-nch »mbas--ador and she Austro-Hungarlan mIi:!B' f ;r. Simultaneously with Its communication to the Hrianlsh minister, O-jneral Word ford, the American minister at. Madrid, was telegraphed con- flrniatif/n of the text of the joint resolution and directed to communicate it to the government of Spain. • • • KYATK OF WAIt IS IJKCLAKEO. Kpnlu llrrukm Off Olploliititlt; Negotiation* HU<1 lli» Fight l.'On. After the InHtruction reached General VVo'/dfnnl on the morning of April 21, but before he could present It, the Kpunistli rninlBter of state notified him that upon tho president's approval of the jnlrit reholution the Madrid government, regarding the act aa "equivalent to nn evident declaration nf war," had order'-d HH tnlnlHter In Washington to withdraw, thereby breaking off diplomatic relations between the two countries ami reusing all odlclul cornrnuni- <atlon between their respective repre- Hentn tl VCH. Gen'.-ral \Voudf<)rd thereupon demanded his passports ami quitted AIndrld tin; warn*! day. • • * '.»n April i2 f jii-oclnlmed a blockade of the northern eoant of Cuba. • • • Hy my tne«.-,HKe of April iiii the congress KUH liifornii->! of the uituution and I rtooriiirieinkd formal dedaratlon of the existent" of u unite of war between the United Bial-'B and Hpaln. The congress accordingly voted on the fliijy;e day the net npprnved April 25, 1898, declaring the existence of such war, from and Including the Ulst day of April, and rc-en- ueled the provision of the resolution of April '29, directing the president to use all Die armed fun-en of the nation to carry that act Into effect. • * • [President MclClnley then announced to foreign nutliiim the slate of affairs and they nil ix-Hpotideil with neutarallty proclamations, which were fully enforced. Ho then recounts the mobilization ut the nnllcrl Htulew military and nnvul forceH, giving their Htrength.elc., preiiuitloiiH ugulnMt attack on our sea- coiiHl, Inclucilng the war loan authorized by (ongre««; tells of the progreus of the war and gives a brief account of It from beginning to end, all of which Is familiar to newspaper readers, and given the following statement of the war casualties: Army—Officers killed, 23:. enlleled men killed, 257; total, 280; ollleei-M wounded, 113; enlisted men -wounded. l.iiM; Intnl. 1,577. Navy— Klllod, 17; wounded. G7; died as result of wounds, 1; Invalided from service, 6; total, ;U.| Jt IH fitting thut I should bear testimony to tlie patilntlKrn and devotion of that large portion of our artny which, although eager lo be ordered to the pout of greatest exposure, fortunately WHH not required nutsldn of tlm United HtalcH. They did their whole duty, and like Hieir comrudoH at th« front have earned the gratitude of the nation. In like manner lliu ijllleuiH arid men of the nriny and of tho navy who remained In thi-lr (leparlini-nlH and statlonn of the navy, performing imiHt Important duties vonnei d-d with the war. and whose ro- (HiertiH fur uxHlgmm'iit In thn |j«ij and ill »v:i WMO e{jinlielled to refuse because tlmlr »er v Ices K us IndlsiioiiHable here, are entitled lo the hlghex! eiimmendu- tli.n. • • • 81'AIN fin KN 111' THK HTItlKKil.K. Camfx/a, aj th* t*n(t"<I Slates, ,f Aag 32, M ry • I th'- pr--,toc--,I. * • [Th*- prrit'vt,: as h«ret'jf(.,re printed Is '•r*: intr,Kiij'' 1 'il in sub*iar«?. Its alg- nattjre t<-*\>!i'-<l In th* suspf-nsion of llt!*» at.d on Aug. H the muster out of IM/X"> rn-rri was ordered. On Txx. !, 101. W, ha-1 fecn must*r«l out. The ap!.'/«T:t of evacuation roir.- mi.t«lc'ns for f'uf.a and P<>rto Rico and ut the p^a'«r commission now sitting at i I'aris IK h*r* rtfiurAc^.] WKKtHTV Palnr* Conn* In »w Territory Shflrwl— Cuba To Itv Indrpenitrnt. T|IK ri^gotjations have made hopeful prr,srr*i!S, «<:> far that I trust iwxm to t>* at>!" to lay a definitive treaty of peace l>t-for«. the c«rr.atp, with a review of the steps leading to its nlKnatur*. I do not Hop** for Ih* tinrrr** at tbe Anglo-American C0mtnt*ftlnn. Our r<f!atl<jns with Great Orltaln have continued vn the most fri*niily footing. A*-"T.tir;» to o»r re^ue-st. tbe protection of Arr.'>ri<-an» and their interests In Sr.anl«h Jurisdiction was fl»sum«1 by the (Jlpiorr.atSr.- anil consular reprefen- tatIv<-« of f;rt.-at Britain, who fulfilled their dclkatf and arduous tnirt with ta'.-t an?! Z"a! eliritlns hiyh rr;mmenda- t!on. I may b* allowed to mafce fitting allusion to tho instance of Mr. Hams- den, her majesty's consul at Fantlaeo de Cuba, whose untimely death after dist!i>R«iRh<M! iwrvti:e anfl untiring effort during the «ic-s* of that city" was sincerely lament<-<! suant to a request rna<5* at th» instance of th* swretary of Ftat» by the British ambassador at this capital, the Canadian government granted facilities fr.r the pasnaitn of four United States revenue cutters from the Great Lake? to the Atlantic c,,-a«t hy way of the Canadian canal and the St. Lawrence river. Tbe vessel* had reached l.ak* Ontario and were there awaiting th* opening of navigation <&'.. ;E war was declared between the Tnfted States and Spain. Her majesty's government thereupon. , by a communication of the latter part ' of April, stated that the permission 1 granted befor* the outbreak of hostil- . Itles would not be withdrawn provided , the Vnlted State* government gave as- I surance that th* vessels in question would proceed direct to a United States port without engaging in any hostile I operation. This government promptly ; agre«d to the stipulated condition. It | being understood that the veuse-ls would arwl b«t« t«r protect e*i" cnfr«?ncr from th* dan- It" r« to irhfth It is «ubj«<ud from a dl»- tailiar<T« ir th* perjfra! 1 astir.?** con- ditfofia of thf country. In rnr jadgm'tit th? pre?j>r,t condition of the t!*a«tirr amply juMiftps the Im- n-j*-llate fdar!rr<«*nt of the l^pi»!ation rroromfroit-d on« j-par •*••.>, un«l?r wttch a portion of th* gold hoidlnjts *houM b« piaord !n a trust f:,niJ ttvm wftirh er»*nt)Bfk!i «ho'.iM be rf^fftnfd upon prf**r.1a!ian. tn)t wh»n once r»- d°<>rne«3 .ihoutd not inert-after t* psld tmt *xr»pt for jtol'l It H not to tn? lnferr«^ that other lcft!«lation rplatine to our currency I* not required; on th* contrary, th^re is an obvious demand for it. Tb* Im- p«ri»rc« of »il«»niate provision which »I!I Insur* to nut future a. money *tan4ar<l related as our money standard now is to that «f our commercial rivals Is t*C'-m!lj- recoirrilzw!. Th* companion prciposillnn trial nur domestic paper oirriMiey «hai! t«? kept safe and yet be tf> n isi<rii t" id*' ne«ds of oar Industrie ans] Intf rnai comroerre aji to lie »<!<?- quftV- and r<"*i,«,r«ivo to fuch nw?d.« lit a prvfpopition *carc*!y If-** Important. Ttie Ful>j«?t In all its part? I? ct>mm«nd- «! to th* wife consideration of the con- thp future of th* new possessions which j K w | satisfaction If communicate wise. It will b« my duty to continue the military government* which have existed since our o'rupation and government of the people security In life and property and encouragement under a Just and beneficial rule. An »o«n as we are in possession of Cuba and have pacified th* islands It will he necessary to give aid and direction to Its people to form a government tor therrse'ves. This should be undertaken at the earliest moment consistent with safety and assured success. It is Important that our relations with these people shall be of the most friendly character, and our commercial rela- tlonn close and reciprocal. It should be our duty to assist In every proper way to build up the waste places of the island, encourage the industry of the people, and assl^ them to form a government which raull be free and independent—thus realizing the best aspirations of the Cuban people. Spanish rule must be replaced by a just, benevolent and humane government created by the people of Cuba, capable of performing ail international obligations and which shall encourage thrift. Industry and prosperity and promote peace and good will among all of the Inhabitants, whatever may have been their relations in the past. Neither revenge nor passion should have a place In the new government. Until there is complete tranquillity In the island and a stable Knvemment inaugurated military occupation will be continued. With the exception of the rupture with Spain, the Intercourse of the United Htau-s with the great family of nations has been marked with cordiality and the close of the eventful year finds most of the Issues that m-cessarilyarlse In the complex relations of sovereign states and rlonorable solution by amicable agreement. [Here follows the usual gist of Information regarding our foreign relations, status of disputes with foreign nations as to personal rights of citizens, etc.,ln- culdlng the claims of Austria for her subjects who wc-re killed or wounded In the Ln.ttimer (Pa.) labor conflict, which Is expected to lie satisfactorily settled. He also relates the various little civil wars In La tip America and the formation of the United States of Central America and Its recent collapse.] CANAL ACISOSS THK ISTHMUS. all sources of discord and irritation in our relations with the neighboring Dominion. The trade between the two countries Is constantly Increasing and }l Is important to both countries that i»l reasonable facilities should be granted for its development. {The annexation of Hawaii is here mentioned and the facts related as they are well known to the reading public. It being stated that theCullomcommission will lay before congress a plan for the government of the Islands, without stating the plan.] REACHES THE NATIONAL FINANCES. blllty of Its utilhorshlp. All these thlnga can led conviction to the most thoughtful—oven before the finding of the nav- Tb« Surd L» urippe Cure. Tbere ia no me Buffering from tbla dreadful malady, If you will only get the right remedy. You are having palo all through your body, yeur liver in out of order, havo DO uppotlte. nu life or ambition, have a bad cold, in fadt aro completely uued uu. Uluoti'lx Bittern In the only remedy that will xive you prompt aod sure relief. 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The Nicaragua rnnal commission under the chairmanship of Hear Admiral John O. Walker, appointed July 24, 1897, under the authority of a provision In tin- sundry civil act of June 4 of that ytar, has nearly completed Its la- born, and the results of Its exhaustive Inquiry Into the proper route, the feasibility, and the cost of conntructlon of an lnl*r-ooeanl<: camil by a Nlcaruguan route will be laid before you. » • • In view of overtures made to the governments of Nicaragua and Costa Rica by other partita for a new canal concession predicated on the assumed approaching lapse of the contracts of the Maritime Cunul company with those stuU-H I have not hesitated to express my conviction thut considerations of expediency and International policy as between the several governments In- UtreBted In the construction and control of an Inlur-oceanic canal by thlH route require the maintenance of the status quo until the canal commission shall havo reported und the United States congress shall have hud the opportunity to pass finally upon the whole matter durlriK the present session. Nevertheless it appears that the government of Nicaragua, as one of Its last suverelgn acts before merging ItB pow- ITS In those of the newly formed United Htitteu of Central America has grunted un optional concession to another association, to become effective on the expiration of th<; present grant. • • » All tlieB« circumstances suggest (ho urgency of Home definite action by the congress ut this session of the labors of the pu»t are to be utilized and the link- Ing of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by a practical waterway Is to be realized. That the construction of such a marl- tlnie highway Is now more than ever IndUpi'nBuhle to that Intimate and ready iiiliT-Ciiiumui.lculluti between our HiiHlcrn arid western waboards demanded by tin/ annexation of the Hawaiian IsliuulH anil thf prospective expansion of our liillui'iici! urnl commerce to I'u- clflc und thut our national policy now more Imperatively than ever culls for Us control by (his government, are Inflammation Rheumatism D«ya. Cured In 3 und thank Qod I am saved and now a well and healthy woman." Trial botllea free HtK, Marsh's drug store. Regular size 60 f and •!. Guaranteed or price refunded. ___ A f tor hearing some friends continually praiRliiK Chamberlain's Oolio, Oholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Our- tia Pluck, of Anaheim. California. purchased a bottle of it for bis own uae and is now as entbuatastlo over its wonderful work as anyone onn be, Tbe 2fi and CO cent sices for »ale by E, Marsh and S. H. Wyss. , Morton L. 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Our dutiable Imports amounted to $324,735,479, a decrease of $S8,I5«.690 over the preceding year; and Importations free of duty amounted to $291,414,175, a decrease from the preceding year of $90.524,068. Internal revenue receipts exceeded those of the preceding year by $24,212,468. The total tax collected on distilled spirits was $92,546,639, on manufactured tobacco $36,230,522, and on fermented liquors $39,515.421. We exported merchandise during the year amounting to $1,231.482,330, an Increase of $1*0,488.774 from the preceding year. It In estimated upon the basis of present revenue laws that the receipts of the government for the year ending June M, 1899, will be $577.874,607 and Its expenditures $689.874,617, resulting In a deficiency of $112,000,000. On the 1st ot December. 18SS, there was held In the treasury gold coin amounting to $138441,547, gold bullion amounting to $1.19,502,545, silver bullion amounting to $93,359.250 and other forms of money amounting to $451,663.681. On the same date the amount of money of all kinds In circulation, or not included In treaa- , ury holdings, was $1.836,879,504, an In| crease for the year of $165,794,966. Estimating our population at 75.104.000 at the time mentioned the per capita clr- culHtlon wan $25.09. On the same date there was in the treasury gold bullion amounting to $l38,60i;,54a. The provisions mode for strengthening the resources of the treasury In connection with the war has given increased confidence in the purpose and power of the government to maintain the present standard, and has established more firmly than ever the national credit ut home and abroad. A marked evidence of this Is found in the Inflow of gold to the treasury. Its net gold holdings on Nov. 1, 1898, were $239,885,180, fin compared with $153,573,117 on Nov. 1, 1S97, and an Increase of nel cash Of $207,756.100 on Nov. 1, 1897, to $300,238.275 en Nov. 1, 1S9S. The present ratio of net treasury gold to outstanding crovsrmnent liabilities. Including United Htutt'B treasury notes of 1890, sliver certificates, currency certificates, standard ullver dollurs and fractional silver coin, Nov. 1, 1S98, was 25.35 per cent., as compared with 16.96 per cent Nov. 1, 1S9T. LE01.SI.ATION UK flKCOMMKND3. NuU>. !U;tl«eimxl In Gold Should IJ« ICx- clmngeil Again Only fur Oiilcl. I renew so much of recommendation of December, 1897, as follows: "That when any of the I'nlted States notes are presented for redemption In gold, and are redeemed In gold, such notes shall be kept and set apart and only paid out In exchange for gold. This Is an obvious duty. If the holder of the United States note prefers the gold and gets It from the government he should not receive buck from the government a United fltates note without paying gold In exchange for It. The reason for this Is made all tbe more apparent when the government Issues an Interest-bearing debt to provide gold for the redemption of United States notes —a non-lnterest-bearlng debt. Surely It should not pay them out again except on demand and for gold. If they are put out In any other way they may return again to be followed by another bond l»»ue to redec-in thc'in--anuther In- terest-licarlng debt to redeem a non- InteresNbearlng debt." ~ This recommendation WUH made In tbe belief that such provisions of law would Insure to a greater degree tbs FATOn.«l INCREASE OP THE ARMT Think- 10O.OOO Men Sol • Man Too Many --Pension Affair*. Uri'l-r thp art of r.ontrress approved April 2«. ISS», authorizing the president, "in his dIjCTt-tSon, upon a declaration of war by Mnpreys, or a declaration by ronjrrwss that war exists," ] directed th? Increase of the regular army to th<? mailmum of S2.000, authorized in said act. Then? are nt>w In the regular army »7.S« ofHoeni and men. In said act it wai provided "that'at the end of any war In which the t'niled St£ites may be- o>rne involved the army shall be reduced to a peare basis by the transfer in the sam* army of the service, or absorption by promotion, or honorable discharge under such regulations as the secretary of war may establish, of (supernumerary commissioned officers and the honorable discharge or transfer of «up»rnumerary enlisted men; and nothing contained In this act shall be construed as authorizing the permanent Increase of the commissioned or enlisted force of the regular army beyond that now provided by th» law In force prior to the passage of this act, except as to the Increase of twenty-five majors provided for In section 1 hereof." The. importance of legislation for the permanent increase of the army Is therefore manifest, and the recommendation of the secretary of war for that purpose has my unqualified approval. There can be no question that al this time, and probably for sometime in the future, 100,000 men will be none too many to meet the necessities of the situation. At all events, whether that number shall be- required permanently or not. the power should be given to the president to enlist that force if in his discretion it should be necessary, and the further discretion should be given him to recruit within the above limit from the Inhabitants of the Islands with the government of which we are charged. It is my purpose to muster out the entire volunteer army as soon as the congress shall provide for the Increase of the regular establishment. This will be on!y an act of Justice and will be much appreciated by the bra\ - e men who left their homes and employments to help the country In its emergency. There were on the pension rolls on June 30. 1898. 993.714 names, an increase of nearly 18,000 over the number on the rolls on the same day of the preceding year. The amount appropriated by the act of Dec. 22. IS96. for the payment of pensions for the fiscal year 1898 »was $140.000,000. Kight million seventy thousand eight hundred and seventy-two dollars and forty-six cents was appropriated by the act of March 31. 1898, to cover deficiencies In army pensions and repayments in the sum of J 12. 020. 33, making a total of $148.052,952.79 available for the payment of pensions during the fiscal year 189S. The amount disbursed from that sum was$144,651, 879.80, leaving a balance of $3.431,012.99 unexpended on the 30th of June, 1898. which was covered into the treasury. There were 389 names added to the rolls during the year by special acts passed at the second session of the fifty-fifth congress, making a total of 6,486 pensioners by congressional enactments since 1851. _ AGRIUCLTUBAI. OFFICE IS BUSY. ,,„.„ resulting from the war compel th* prompt adoption nf a. martlm* pdf* kj *•}• the fnitH State*. Th*t-" should t.* *xtar>:ii4i*>] regular ami frequent et*arr.«h:p rommun'ratlon. *rcourH|t*d by the I'nlt*"! States under the American flag, with the ne'.ily acquired lul- an<!«. Spain furnished to Its rolonl** at an annual c,.>st "f about IZ.OOO.WO f »am*hlp llm* rommunlcntlng with ft portion of th* world's markets aa w*U •s nith trade rentei* :>f the home gov- *rrmcnt. The United States will not urnlenahe lo do !*»». It l» our duty to furnlch the peon!* of Hawaii with f»- cilltl'ii undej national control for their export and Import trade. It will b* conceded that the present situationcall« for legislation which shall b* prompt, durable and llbsral. The part which American merchant yegg?]* and their seamen performed In th* war with Spain demonstrates that this »erv|--e. furnishing both pickets and th f «*rond line of d*fens*. Is a national nec«wity ami should be encouraged In *v*ry r.on«l:tullnnal'way. Details and metlK«!s for th* accomplishment of this purpo** are di.«cu«»ed In th* report of th* secretary of th* treasury, to which th« attention of congress IB respectfully lnTlte<I. Th* postal service of the country «d- vah<-es with extraordinary growth. Within twenty yearn both the revenues and the expenditures of the postofflce department hare multiplied threefold. In th* last t*n years they have nearly doubled. Our postal business grows much mor* rapidly than our population. It now Involves an expenditure ot tIM,- 000.009 a year, rumbers 72.000 postofflce* and *nro!ls 2C4.000 employes. This re- markab!* extension of a service which Is an accurate Index of th* public conditions presents gratifying evidence o( the advancement of education, of the Increase of communication and business activity and of the Improvement of mall facilities leading to their constantly augmenting use. [The president then tells how the postal service "followed the Hag" In Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines.] In my last annual message I recommended that congress authorize the ap- polntm*n* of d •vmmlsalon for the purpose of making systematic Investigations with reference to the cause and prevention of yellow fever. This matter has acquired an Increased Importance as a result of the military occupation of the island of Cuba and the commercial intercourse between this Island and the United States which we have every reason to expect. The sanitary problems connected with our new relations with the Island of Cube and the acqulslt'on of Porto Rico are no less Important than those relating to finance, commerce and administration. It Is my earnest desire that these problems may be considered by competent experts, and that eviryth'n? may be done which the most recent advances In sanitary science can offer for the protection of the health of our soldiers in those Islands and of our citizens who are exposed to the dangers of Infection from the Importation of yellow fever. • • • SUBJECTS OF VAKIKD JIOMIOT. BELL'S Tar- »'J t I } < «" wniatnff tho ^ncffnlmtM.J»wlHi(itJ vlrnies of old nnnf^ ^r*>^ ie<l muflirlftiilagQntAt eMrHt-icil it.v a uevf l« tiliflr process. 250, c und {(. r e?l|'t «i pfi-m bjr Tfcr E. B. K«th*rh!»4 Chas A. Strittmalter Merchant Tailor. SECOND STRfcCT. Ortt-i 704 BAST OeoUemta who TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, MODERATE PRICES, Tnu are !*ftta£ t? c»lt uid tumlo* my NtW STOCK OF GOODS Gathering FacU of ffte to the Farmer— Allen Contract Labor. The department of agriculture has been active In the past year. Explorers have been sent to many of the countries of the eastern and western hemisphere for seeds and plants that may be useful to the United States, and with the further view of opening up markets for our surplus products. The forestry division of the department Is giving special attention to the treeless regions of our country and Is Introducing species specially adapted to semiarid regions. Forest flres which seriously Interfere with production, especially in irrigated regions, are being studied that the losses from this cause may be avoided. The department is Inquiring Into the use and abuse of water in many states of the west, and collecting Information regarding the laws of the states, the decisions of the courts and the customs of the peopie In this regard, so that uniformity may be secured. Experiment stations are becoming more effective every year. The annual appropriation of $720,000 by congress Is supplemented by $400,000 from the states. Nation-wide experiments have been conducted to ascertain the suitableness as to eon and climate In the states for growing sugar beets. The number of sugar factories has been doubled In the past two years, and the ability of the United States to produce Its own sugar from this source has been clearly demonstrated. At the close of the year thirty forest reservations, not including those of the Afogfmc forest and the fish culture reserve In Alaska, had been created by executive proclamations under section 24 of the act of March 3, 1891, embracing an estimated area of 40,719,474 ncres. The department of the Interior has Inaugurated a forest system made possible by the act of July, 1898, for a graded force of officers in control of the reserves. This system has only been In full operation since August, but good results have already been secured In many sections. The reports received Indicate that the system of patrol has not only prevented destructive fires from gaining headway, but has diminished the number of flres. The alien contract law Is shown by experience to need some amendment; a measure providing better protection for seamen Is proposed; the rightful application of the eight-hour law for the benefit of labor and of the principle of arbitration are suggested for consideration, and I commend these subjects to the careful attention of the congress. t POMCV"AUVOCATKD. ton City Centennial Annlvenary —Czar** Peace Propoftal. In the year 1900 will occur the centennial anniversary of the founding of the city of Washington for the permanent capital of the government of the United Stater by authority of an act of cflngresg approved July 16, 1790. In May, 1600, the archives and general offices of the federal government were removed to this place. On the 17th of November, 1800, the national government met here for the flrot time and assumed exclusive control of the federal district and city. * • • The people of the country, are justly proud of the distinctive beauty and government of the capital and of the rare instrument! of science and education which here find their natural home. A movement has lately been inaugurated by the citizens to have the anniversary celebrated with fitting ceremonies. * • • I recommend to the congress the granting of an appropriation for this purpose and the appointment of a committee from its respective bodies. The proposal of the czar for a general reduction of the vast military establishments that weigh so heavily upon many peoples In time of peace was communicated to this government with an earnest invitation to be represented In the conference which it is contemplated to assemble with a view to discussing the means of accomplishing so desirable a result. His majesty was at once Informed of the cordial sympathy of this government with the principle Involved In his exalted proposal and of the readiness of the United States to take part In the conference. The claims of owners of American sealing vessels for seizure hy Russian cruisers In Bering sea are being pressed to a settlement. The equities of the cases justifies the expectation that a Measure of reparation will eventually be accorded In harmony with precedent and In the light of the proven facts. The Important question of the claim of Switzerland to the perpetual cantonal allegiance of American citizens of ROBT. M. STAA1PER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, MS BELLE STRBBT. Money to LOMO on Improved Property RENTS COLLECTED. £)rs. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURQEON3. OFFICE in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Eastern SIB. Phones 13! and 171. R SCHVSSLER.M.D . HOMEOPATK.ST aod SURQEON 'nSKCK, Hnrsii HAOI80C 100 ' CASTOR IA for loJhati and Children. Hi Kind You HaiB Always Bought •tfutortol Wn*t do tfei Children Drink 7 Don't give them tea or coffey. Have S QU tried tbe nf w food drink called BAIN-OT U is delicious and nourishing and taket the elace of coffee. The more drain-O you give tbe children the moca health you distribute through their •jrptenia. Oraln-O ' made of pure perlv prepare [radei of coffee but ooata about oue- half aa much. All grocers sell it. 16o and 26o pyre frajni, and when pro- pared taitea like tbe choice Hteain»lil|> Uii«» Bliuuld Ita Kncoura^wl Nationally—l'o«t»l Mervl<>«. I The annexation of Hawaii and the changed relation* of the Unlteii Stutog to Cuba, Portu Hko and Ihe Phlllp- Uutreitlng Stomech Dneaie Permanently oared by the maaterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalid! ufed rafter no longer becaqgeUila great remedy can core, them all. ItQaourt far the whole and indl- with roe nge la mar- veluua and aurprUlng. It make* no f allure ; never dl*appolnt«. No matter bow long yon have Buffered, your cure J» oertwn under the uae oftbls great health-giving force. Pleasant and always aaft. Sold by 8. H. Wyn. world Of atomaoh weak on. Tbe Hoarseness L,ead» On to senoua Irritation of tbe throat, and may end in a racking, rasping cougb. Dr. Bell'8 Pine-Tar-Honey will quickly clear tbe throat and leave tbe voice clear and smooth. U U an Infailble remedy for coughf and ooldt and all disorder* of the toroat and Jung*. Good druggist* tell It. 26o. A Little Bniffl*, or a stubborn cold, or a deep-seated oouRb can be cured for good with Dr. Bell'* Pine-Tar-Houoy. Tbl* famou* remedy, taken in time, will Hop tbe progress of consumption and bring tbe color of health to the pallid cheek. Druggists sell it. for Hoar««n.*M. Ben). Ingeraop, of Hutton. ind., nays: he bad not upoken above a wnUper for month*, and one bottle of Foley'a Honey Wd Tar rertored bit volee. H Js uted v«jr Ir ' speaker* and *lnger*. flo Mann and 8. U. Swiss origin has not made hopeful progrc-Bs toward a solution, and controversies in this regard still continue. The newly accredited envoy of the United States to the Ottoman porte carries Instructions looking to the disposal of matters In controversy with Turkey for a number of years. He Is especially charged to press for a Just settlement of our claims for Indemnity by reason of the destruction of. the property of American missionaries resident In that country during the Armenian troubles of 1895. as well as for the recognition of older claims of equal justness. The arbitral tribunal appointed under the treaty of February, 1897, between Great Britain and Venezuela to determine the boundary line between the latter and the colony of British Qulana Is to convene at Paris during the present month. It Is a source of much gratification to this government to see the friendly resort of arbitration applied to the settlement of this controversy. I have the satisfaction of being able . to state that the bureau of the American republics created In 1890 as the organ for promoting commercial Intercourse and fraternal relations among the countries' of the western hemisphere, has become a more efficient Instrument of the wise purposes of Us founders, and Is receiving the cordial support of the contributing members of the International union which ore actually represented In Us board of management. I join with the secretary of the navy In recommending that the grades of ad. mlral and vice admiral be temporarily revived, to be filled by officers who have specially distinguished themselves In the war with Spain. [The president also approves the Increase of the navy recommended by Secretary Long.] I earnestly urge upon congress the Importance of early legislation providing for the taking of the twelfth census. The several departmental reports will be laid before you. They give In great detail the conduct of the affairs of the government during the past year and discuss many questions upon which th congress may be called upon to act. WILLIAM M'KINL]--* Eiecutlvi Mansion, Dec. 6, UM, BRONCHITIS Bronchitis is very prevalent It generally begins with a common cold, attended, with cough, hoarseness, soreness of the lungs, tightness of the client and difficulty in breathing. If not cured, it becomes dangerous- thousands die from bronchitis annually. Dr. John W. Bull's Cough Syrup is the best remedy for this disease | it relieves the cough at onoe, eases expectoration, and cures in a few days. £)rs. E. C. & H. ff. Lemea UPPBR ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to B a.m; U to 1,«to 8 p.m. TELEPHONE 87. £)/?. C. B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, OfflntHoui: It.M. taUiB, cilia ».n, U W. THJHD RKBT DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Tune. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 300 Belle street. HENRY J. KLUNK, am b»IU* IftOV. r>0 E J Dr WUiluniir Indian Pile Oiutuieut will cure Blind, llci'dliif an.d Itching :s. Iiubsorbstbotuinon, • nlluys tlie tubing at oucc, aots „ Mlus u poultice, clvea insloiil re• lief. Dr. W!l,iaiuirinclinn,Pile0UH- • rnent Is prepared for Plle-innil Itching of tho private ports Every box Is warranted, Il.v druaglxtK, by mill ou re- ™*^tftf^?ls3&£Bm Will P Do** —r- pny our* Bronch *"€.taj: U9 "

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