Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 31, 1961 · Page 7
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 7

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1961
Page 7
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LOCALS Mr. and Mrs. Les Hearn, are on Mr. and Mrs. George Heins at with her sister and husband Mr Clayton. and Mrs. John Hastings and with Fred Maurer has been confined Mr. nn d Mrs. Louie Sorgo were to his home this week due to a dinner guests Sunday at the Vi-itors in tl. fall Saturday. home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles home Thursday Mrs. Jesse Ouckmaster returned home last week from a three weeks visit with relatives in Misrouri. MV •«_*_ Mrs. Mary Smith, who had rcoms at Mrs. Mildred Timm's home, has gone to Fairbank to live at the home of Mrs. Iva Sperly. _ 0 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lambert left Monday for Washington, D. C. to visit their daughter, Kathleen, and to attend her wedding which will be in New York, Sept. 1. Mrs. Mae Lambert of Sycamore, 111., will stay in their home while they are gone. —•— Mrs. Emma Miller and daughter Erma, of Hawkeye, called on Mrs. Lorinda Mori, Saturday, and took her to Volga City to visit her daughter, Mrs. Ed Shelton. ru: _ m g| m ^ The Rev. and Mrs. Norman Betke and two children returned home Friday evening from a week's visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Betke at Gladwin, Mich. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Ejnor Jenson of Cedar Falls called Wednesday afternoon in the Arnold Heth home. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stahr and family of Waterloo were Saturday callers in the home of her brother, Dick Smirl. '—•— Darrel Lau, Hospital Corpsman in the U. S. Navy, is home on a 30-days leave, having spent the past 21 months on duty in Subie Bay, Philippines. He will report to Camp Pendleton, Calif., after his leave. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lau, Clarence, Jr., Ronald and Darrel spent last week-end visiting in the Duane Lau home at Beloit, Wis., and also visited in the Virgil Lau home in Lanes Park, 111. 0 Last Sunday visitors in the Clarence Lau home included: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lau, of Guttenberg; Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Lau and family of Waterloo; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lau and family of Fairbank; Mr. and Mrs. George Hagensick and Adolph Hildebroudt of Edgewood; Delores Lau of Independence; Ronald Kaiser of Winthrop and Darrel .Lau. Mr. and Mrs. flT B. Stansbury spent a few days fishing on the Mississippi -last week. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Milo Oldfather, which included the Paul. Oldfathers of Eugene, Oregon, ;Mr. and Mrs. Roger Old- .father of Chicago, and Mr. and hn Hi -tire? Mr S . ---------------------- Mr. and Mrs. oTorge Leonhart McBride n «" Kanrhiha, which Mrs. Fred day and family, and M* i n n, 1, , n u «,. and family moved to Northwood, £ a * ', n 5*7^ '! ' yD C " Mrs ' Kitty Banning, all of Wa- wprn^ i, r ,1 B , arabno ; Wls " Sunday, where she will teach the Brldes 10th blrt ' lda - v tcrlro. Afternoon visiVrs wtrn were viflilon in the * -•- i, r , , , viflilon in the teme of their comin * r -•- . parents during the week-end. B J _•_ Mr. and Mrs. \Valu-r Vnelkor Blanche, of Hawkcyc. — •— Sunday evening visitors of Mr. of Wcstgate were Sunday visitors — — Mr. and Mrs. Duane Knos and and Mrs. Walker Briggs were of Mrs. Mildred Miner nnd fam- family of Lawrence. Kans., are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hanchett of ily. visiting a few days in the home Randalia. Mrs. Frank Miller ; ,nd daughter Mr and Mrs. Harry Corkery wire dinno- ijuosls at th • Ur !; of his mother, Mrs. Chris Knos. — •— Sunday afternoon. Mr and Mrs. Corkery homt in Wadeni on Sunday. It was in honor of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shepard George Reed, Charles and Sandra ' r , ,. k ';..'.\ KirihH,, /-.. j__ r,__:j_ c- ,_._ TJ^I.,., „„!* MV ,,,,1 M... T_U._ *-' IKtI > s Dirincuij. _ . . Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bitter- of Cedar Rapids were Sunday Baker, and Mr. ami MM. John man and faiviily returned home visitors of his mother, Mrs. Elsie Rilcy, Jr., of Worth. 111., attend- last. week after spending the Shepard, and she accompanied cd the annual Heed reunion ;it month in Chicago, them home for an overnight visit, the Backbone stair — •— —•— Strawberry Point Mr. arid Mrs. Lowell Miller and Mrs. John Bahl was a business —• family have moved from the Mrs. visitor in Oelwein, Monday. Bertha Burget apartment to the apartment just east of Capl. and Mrs. Lowell Ci.rki-ry park near »"d two children, Mike nnd Connie, spent 10 days in the Home, of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Har- The Bonjour i datives attend- O' Corkiry. They left last Fri- Fayette Leader Page 7 August 31, 1961 Fayetlc, Iowa nnd attended Uppor Iowa university. Mr. Ashley is in lh» U. S. navy, and is studying dentistry. The couple will be married Saturday. Sept. 2, in the chapel on the naval base in San Diego, Calif. They will make Iheir home in San Diego for tht> preMni. Anna E. Wilson was a week- in cd the wedding r.f Forrest Exhibit Shorthorns At Iowa state fair E. W. Maurer and sons of Fayette, who showed the grand champion bull and female in the Scotch Shorthorn class at the Fayette county fair, arc exhibiting this week at the state fair Mr. nnd Mrs. Donald Burget of in DCS Moincs. Fayetlc announce the approach- The Maurers have three bulls V1MI ing marriage of their daughter, and four females on exhibit at son of the fair. cand | y lif , h t(. r B, m _ day for Cleveland, Ohio, d 3 un . in the home of Mrs. Co; Diok parents, and on Sept 2 they u ill j£™£ ^ Geofge ^^ Q| Thcy wt . fl honorg flt thfi MUn . £S<:™» ^s~:rS s? oi "" " r " r ~"' yinA v -• rmMaraj; x* - - •"- — Bozeman, Montana. Un^ton!** 0 Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hillings, the Lois Ann Corkery left Siitur- '.caching duties on _ — Rev. and Mrs. Richard Jamieson, day ft r h>- Sunday evening dinner guests Miss Ella Foxwell accompanied Mr. nn-.l Mrs. Klckm Jamieson, Calmav. at the Eugene Sliter home in by her niece, Mrs. Shirley Phil- Steven Talcott and Sylvia Samp- celebration of August birthdays ]j ps o f Virginia, returned home son attended the wedding of Don- Outlook club to meet of the group were: Mr. and Mrs. Tuesday after an eight weeks vis- na Fish and Gary Lindsey at the Clyde Sliter of Lament, Mr. and jt with relatives in Virginia. Trinity Methodist church" in Ce- Tll ° c utlo:k club will meet Mrs. Merle Hotchkiss of Lament Miss Foxwell has rooms at the dar Rapids, Friday evening, AUK- Tuesday, Sept. 5, at Klock's Island Elwm Kress ot Quasqueton. Ross Hough home. ust 25. and for a 6 p. m. suppnr. Mil- Mr. and Mrs. Heins Lehs, of Mr. and Mrs* WilMam Burton Dr - Helen 1a*n7>son of Eau drcd Earle and Mahlc Por1cr arc rural Fayette, are the parents of and family of Des Moines were Claire, Wis., was a visitor in the chairmen. a daughter, born August 27 at Saturday afternoon visitors in the terne of her aunt. Sylvia Samp- The group will convene at the the Oelwein hospital. j a k e Yearous home, and with son ' the P ast week. —•— other relatives. They remained — • — Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reece to attend tne Foxwell - Medberry Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dodge, , ... = and family of Woodland Hills, . Cousins reunion at the Illyria and his mother Mrs. May Dodge, ' ** _ Calif., came Friday to spend sev- church, Sunday. were Sunday visitors in the Syl- eral days in the parental M. E. ' '« via Sampson home. Reese home. Mrs. Hulda Holdiman and two daughters, Mrs, Virgil Nation library after supper for a short on "Survival in a dks Earle. Mission society to meet Grace Lutheran Mission society _ 6 , „. ...... „ , M ^ Jand J VIrR ; Wll ' i; " 11 Willson meeting will be held Thursday Mrs. Jessie Prcbert of Corval- and Mrs. Kathryn Funk, all of of Ccdar H a P lds ( ' :ill(> cl "n Fay- evening, Sept. 7, at the church Us, Oregon, is spending six weeks Waterloo, were recent visitors of ctto V" lends last W( ' ok - Mr. Will- , ,.i ;i i ,.„„,„. with her sister, Mrs. Jacob Year- Mrs. Lloyd Marvin. son is . £t ° n "' IiL ' v - ; " ld Mrs ' Hostesses are Mrs. George ous, and other relatives in this —•— A. B. Willson, fomiLr pastor of Reed and Mrs. Earl Sandhagen. area. The excavation for the base- the WesleyanJM. thodist church. Rol i cM is {rom lnc book ot Eph . Mr. and Mrs. Park Cowles were ciak Culver 2 on e East°Water street Mr ' and Mrs ' ''' Ul1 Tcm Pl oman tMlins ' visitors Sunday evening of Mr. ,,„ ^ c » a ..»«,i ~ n ,t u ,r>i-ir conmo ^ e ^' ^ ast wee ' < ^"'' a tr 'P through ~ i? -j and Mrs. Thore Thompson, near T n u " a ""^ D ^^, ^ Canada and to visit in the home lo meet rnday Elgin. S,lver Du?cha4d addtttonal S of thcir *™-™'^' ™* dau R htcr. The Social Hour club will meet Culver purchaoed additional land Mr flnd Mrs Jr hn T . IV|()I . , a F| . jd ft s t , at thc Supper guests Sunday evening adjoining hci property from the Durha N . H . homo' of Mrs. Earl Aanes. Roll at the Frank Miller home were ea *t part of the Jake Yearous lot, _^__ the Arlie Stufflebeam family of where the new home is being Mf and Mrs H R KecR _ Q[ t ' e . 1( , hoi .,, y ' ' Waterlao, Mrs. Maggie Johnson »">"• _»— Calimesa, Calif., came Thursday, Mrs. Ray Potter will have and Billy, and Mr. and Mrs. Rob- Mrg Vernon Paul &nd two August 24, for an extended visit charge of the program. ert Bahlmann and family, all of chMren< of Omaha) Nebr ., are -Sumner and he James Miller endin ^ three wee ^ 8 in the r . family of Fayetje^ ental v ^ rn Paul and Peter Faus . Miss Marsha Schupbach re- ^ homes. Debbie Doughty, of turned to her home in Hiawatha Cedar Falls, is also a visitor this Tuesday, after visiting several week with her grandparents, the days in the George Zabriskie Fausers. Joining the guests there h ome Thursday evening honoring Mrs. » Fauser's birthday, were the Paul Rhonda and Randy Dallenback Fauser family of Dunkerton, the of Waterloo are visiting their Walter Sellers and Raymond cousin, Kelly Mullins, a few days Kockler families and Mr. and this week. Mrs. Leslie Lantz, all of Oelwein. Feeds and Ingredients CUSTOMIZED FELDS CWT.. 16% Pig Starter - Grower $3.80 14% Pig Grower 3.50 12% Hog Finisher 3.00 15% Sow F*ad 3.05 16% All Mash Layer 3.40 14% Dairy Feed 3.25 INGREDIENTS CWT. —— Vicki Hearn of Cedar Rapids Mrs. Melissa Fauser and her is visiting in the home of her granddaughter, Judy Heins, re- uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. turned Saturday from spending Roger Lund, while her parents, two weeks with Judy's parents, JEFFERSON BUS SCHEDULE CHANGE Southbound Northbound (every day) (every day) 2:43 P. M. 3:08 P. M. Effective Sept. 5, 1961 O. P. Soybean Meal _ 4.70 Solvent Soybean Meal 4.40 60% Tankage 5.60 50% Protein Blend 5.40 Wheat Middlings 2.40 Wheat Bran 2.30 TON 92.00 86.00 110.00 106.00 48.00 46.00 Terms. Net Cash ALL PRICES F.O.B. FAYETTE Prices Effective io Sept. 7 NUTR1-PAK COMPANY Phone 145 — Fayello, Iowa FAYETTE AND PROFES SUPPORTED THE BOYS AND GIRLS FROM FAYETTE COUNTY AT THE FAYEITE COUNTY FAIR BY PURCHASING THE BABY BEEVES AS LISTED BELOW No. 450 No. 471 No. 509 No. 410 No. 466 No. 515 Live Weight . 960 795 940 905 885 890 Dressed Weight 557 448 521 509 525 550 Dress Pet. 58.02 56.35 55.43 56.24 59.32 61.79 These dressed weights were computed from the weights at the Fayette County Fair on Friday, August 25, 1961. Four of those calves were butchered by Claude Smith, Jr., and Clyde Williams. Two of the calves, No. 419 and 423, were taken to Chicago by Eldred Dumermuth and were sold for $24.50 cwt. SALUTE THE 4-H MEMBERS AND WISH THEM CONTINUED SUCCESS IN THEIR COUNTY 4-H CLUB ACTIVITIES FAYETTE COUNTY LEADER DUMERMUTH AND FAY MAURER'S SHOES AND CLOTHING LEWS VARIETY STORE KNIGHTS HARDWARE MULLINS SPORT SHOP UNITCD WINDOW CO. BILL'S SUPER VALU ZABR1SK1FS GARAGE DANIELS DRUG STORE STATE BANK OF FAYEITE FAYZTTE THEATER COFFEE NOOK PEOPLE'S NATURAL GAS STANDARD OIL STATION FAYEITE INSURANCE AGENCY HARRY'S CITIES SERVICE FAYETTE HOG BUYING STATION BELLES • WRIGHypERAL HOME I\D Gr/lPT'liIMflt I/It. iJvVSr* \ UlvUfi THRIFTY lift MART 01TS JURE' IN ED'S DEEP WPL RATION W1LKE AND WILKE PRODUCE SINGER PLUMBING AND HEATING NUTRJ - PAK FEED COMPANY HEINEMANifiXACO * ZBORNIK BODY -'SHOP UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY FAYETTE STONE CO. CARLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING JOYCE LUMBER CO. VANDERSEE PLUMBING AND HEATING DR. PAUL GOURLEY FAYETTE SPEED WASH DR. E. J. DAHLOUIST GEORGES PLACE SMITH AND SONS GROCERY WILLIAMS LOCKER . SCKNEIDLR INSURANCE

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