Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 25, 1972 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, August 25, 1972
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A 2 Alton Evening Telegraph Friday. August 2."i, 1072 U.S. plane losses mount in Vietnam Ity GEORGE ESPER SAIGON (AP) — Tfireo American fighter-bombers were lost over North Vietnam •last weekend, a fourth was downed today and six of the eight fliers are missing, the U.S. Command announced. Sniper attacks kills soldier in BELFAST (AP) — A British soldier was killed early today, the 14th in two •weeks, by a sniper who fired three shots at a patrol in North Belfast. His death brought Northern Ireland's three-year fatality toll to at least 531, more than 300 i " them this year. Another soldier was badly wounded when a gunman opened fire on a foot patrol in Londonderry. The army claimed to have hit a gunman on the roof of a building in another part of Londonderry, near the Bogside Catholic district. The Provisional wing of the Irish Republican Army cmio 'Neutercmtm? are new type of oc&au storms MIAMI, Fla. (AP) Thanks to a sharp-eyed satellite, hurricane forecasters have identified a breed of sea-going storm. Half-hurricane and half-tornado, it's been dubbed a "neutercane." The National Hurricane Center in Miami issued the first warning on the mermaid of marine storms Thursday. It said Neutercane Bravo was located over the North Atlantic 600 miles northeast of Bermuda. Packing winds of only 40 miles per hour and moving along at 10 m.p.h., Bravo seemed an unlikely candidate for landfall, however. "There is no potential for rapid development," said forecaster Joe Pellissier. "There is a chance, however, that it could evolve into a hurricane or tropical storm. 1 ' Before the advent of weather satellites, neuter' canes were lumped in wim cyclones and tropical storms. The ATS3 satellite changed all that when weathermen got a chance to see detailed pictures of the ocean. Neutercanes are smaller than hurricanes, have a different energy source anil travel different areas of the ocean, according to center director Dr. Robert Simpson. "Its identity as a circular storm often less than 100 miles in diameter ordinarily would go undetected except for satellite pictures," he said. "As a marine storm ... it generally remains at sea, a threat only to shipping in its path." Alpha, the first in the June- to-November neutercane season, carried gale force winds into Georgia May 27 but went largely ignored because it struck an unpopulated area. The neutercane season will mean a whole new list of names for forecasters, who are used to tagging storms with female monikers. Charlie is next up on the phonetic alphabet list, which caused at least one forecaster some unease. This raised North Vietnam and 91 missing the resumption losses over to 82 planes airmen since of full-scale bombing on April fi. the Command said. North Vietnam has announced the capture of more than 20 of the fliers. patrol, T under new pressure to stop its bombing and slimline; campaign. Appeals for a cease-fire came from priests, politicians, and civil rights and community leaders and from Hie Marxist-ori»nied Official wing of the 1HA. The Officials laid down their arms in fav.',v of political acM r n some wi-i'ks ago The Ci"il Nights Association in Ncttry, where nine pooplc were killed in an explosion Tuesday, sought a meeting with Sean McStiofian, (ho Provos thief of staff. The association accused the Provos of "a callous disregard for public life." Priests, who have been in-caching reconciliation between Catholic and Protestant communities, deplored the rising death toll. And the Social Democratic and Labor party Ulster's pro-Catholic party, also denounced the bombings. • The IRA Officials charged the bombing campaign was "one of the greatest causes of sectarianism at the present time." The Provisionals accused the Officials of hypocrisy. A Belfast court ordered the deporting of an American believed involved with the IRA. He was Ronald Alfred Hirsch, 34, an actor from New York who admitted his visa had exp i r e d . Officials said a notebook found on him had the names of IRA members in it and a London address connected with the IRA. If you fail to receive your Telegraph by 5:30 p.m. phone 465-GW1 before 6 p.m. and your copy will be delivered. The weather over the North cleared somewhat Thursday, and American planes flew more than 310 strikes, the largest number in a week. The Command said its fliers knocked out 25 warehouses, 10 ammunition storage buildings, 15 bridges and 31 water supply craft. The Command launched an investigation today into a charge by Peking that American bombers attacked a lifeboat from a Chinese merchant ship off the const of North Vietnam on Tuesday and killed five men. Peking fcitned the attack "a grave provocation against the Chinese people" and called on United Slates to ' ' g u a r a n I e e against the recurrence of similar incidents." Peking said the captain of the ship, a deputy political commissar and three seamen were killed. It claimed that, the boat was flying the Chinese flag and that the American planes circled it at. low altitude repeatedly "for reconnaissance before the bombing." The U.S. Command admitted that Navy planes attacked a water craft Tuesday off lion Ngu Island, 11 miles northeast of the port of Vinh. This was the location specified by Peking. But. while the Chinese claimed that the craft was a lifeboat from the merchant ship Hon Gai No. 151, the U.S. Command described it as a 30-foot water supply craft trying to circumvent the American mine blockade of North Vietnam's ports. A preliminary statement; from the command did not identify the nationality of the craft. The pilots from the carrier Oriskany who made the attack were being questioned, and operational reports were being rechecked. "We have no evidence to indicate that we attacked a lifeboat," said the U.S. statement. "We do not target third country shipping." -^^^^wBhfflJiJ*^'--**. f*f> ' South Vietnamese soldiers place bodies of Viet Cong killed in lighting along Hoi.fe 4 in (tie Mekong Do) I a along the road for passevsby to see. It is a common practice in South Vietnalu and is meant to serve in ' )ai * as a P s y cno '°S' ca ' Weapon against collaborators with the Viet Cong. The bodies stay there until relatives come to claim theirt. i.AP VVirephoto) Bakers ask price regulators for hike in bread prices By R. GREGORY NOKKS WASHINGTON (AP) American bakers are asking the Cost of Living Council to approve price increases for bread and other products to offset rising costs resulting from the U.S.-Soviet wheat trade deal. At the same time, a bill has been introduced in Congress for a government- backed program to promote demand for bread and other wheat products in the United States. Opponents say this could also result in higher prices. The American Bakers Association, which represents about 1,0019 bakeries, said Thursday that an "ex- Delay seen in Bangladesh vote By ALEC COLLETT UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) — The U.N. Security Council scheduled a showdown vote today on the admission of Bangladesh to the United Nations. But with a Chinese veto promised, some diplomats forecast new delaying moves. Chinese Ambassador Huang Hua declared Thursday that if the Soviet Union, India and others push the issue to a vote, he would "categorically vote against" the new nation that the Indian Army carved out of Pakistan last December. The council met for 2i& hours Thursday to rule on the Bangladesh application for membership, made three weeks ago, and then adjourned until this afternoon. Soviet delegate Viktor L. Iss r a e 1 y a n fought against putting off the vote, charging there were "political considerations lurking underneath" the proposal. He said "certain delegations are trying to see that we block this application of Bangladesh," and demanded a guarantee "that no further delays will be asked." The adjournment was proposed by Sudanese Ambassador Rahmatalla Abdulla, who offered to mediate what many diplomats see as a contest between China and the Soviet Union for influence on the Indian subcontinent. Abdulla suggested delegates needed time to consult on two resolutions before the council, or needed instructions from their governments. One resolution, bucked by Britain, the Soviet Union, India and Yugoslavia, calls for the immediate admission of Bangladesh. The other, backed by China, would postpone a decision until Bangladesh complies with the U.N. resolutions of December When insurance counts, you can count on MILLERS- MUTUAL Behind every Millers' Mutual policy stands a company with over $37 million in assets, a nationwide claims service and a 94-year-old reputation for prompt, satisfactory loss settlement. Four generations of policyholders have relied on Millers' Mutual with confidence. So can you. Herman E. ,. Williams P Office 465-5551 Alter 5 p.m. 251-B320 MILLERS' MUTUAL INSURANCE • ASSN. OF ILLINOIS AUTO* HOME BUSINESS calling for the repatriation of 90,000 Pakistani soldiers taken prisoner during the two-week war between India and Pakistan. The Western Auto Associate Store 200 W. Central, Bethalto WAS SOLD On June 20, 1972 By Max Roqers Richard Deichmann traordinary price movement for flour" since the Soviet wheat agreement has increased their costs by approximately two-thirds of a cent per pound of bread. In a letter to 'Cost of Living Council Director Donald Rumsfeld, it asked Mr "immediate compensatory price relief," adding that "the failure of even one bakery will, indeed, be a tremendous price to pay in furtherance of our expanded trade with Russia ...." A pound loaf of bread currently costs about 25 cents. There was no mention of how much of an increase is anticipated, but industry spokesmen said earlier this week it could be from two to three cents per loaf. '&& bakers requested a meeting with Cost of Living Council representatives next week. Joseph M. Creed, general counsel for the bakers group, said pre-tax profits for bakeries on a one pound loaf ROBERT H. CARROLL, M.D. Announces the Opening of his office for the practice of Psychiatry at 307 Henry Suite 325 Alton Hours By Appointment . . 462-1197 If No Answer, Call 466-0048 Alton Evening Telegraph Published Dally by Alton Telegraph Printing Company PAUL S^ COUSLEY Pre»ident. General Manager. 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Costs now have increased by an additional .67 cents per loaf, he said, and it will place most bakers "in a deficit position." He said the increase results from price fluctuations which followed the "tremendous and unexpected sales" of some 400 million bushels of wheat to Russia. Bakers say wheat has gone up from $1.57 a bushel in mid- July to $1.86 per bushel last weekend, at Kansas City, and flour from $5.40 to $6.70 per hundredweight in the past year. Congress, meanwhile, is considering a bill to establish a Wheat Industry Council to promote demand for wheat products through a research and advertising campaign. It would be financed by a levy on processed wheat that would rise from one cent per hundredweight the first year to 2.5 cents after that. WASHINGTON (AP) — Large campaign contributions by dairymen's organizations to President Nixon's reelection campaign helped influence a decision to raise 1971 federal milk price supports, according to letters uncovered in a lawsuit and reported today by The Washington Post. Reports of the timing of the campaign contributions with a decision to increase federal milk price supports from $4.fi6 to $4.93 per hundredweight on March 25, 1971, had been pub- 1 i s h e d previously. The decision reversed an earlier announcement on March i?, that price supports would not be increased. But the Post said its information shows that officials of one large dairymen's organization believe their contributions helped bring about the reversal on I he price supports, which increased total support payments to the industry by as much as $700 million. The Post said it obtained the information from letters in connection with a lawsuit brought by the Natioml Planners Organization against major national dairy cooperatives. It also said NFO attorney Hellrung (Continued from Page 1) authority. Hellrung claims the authority's failure to execute the lease agreement prevented construction and resulted in the loss of "large profits" which it otherwise would have acquired — "in the amount of 1 million.." The lease agreement, attached to the suit, called for Hellrung to lease two parcels of land, one with 7.99 acres and the other 13.08 acres. Ward Rowley has forwarded the letters to Ally. Gen. Richard Kleindienst with the statement that "this material ... seems to raise the most serious questions of violation of federal criminal statutes." A spokesman for the Justice Department said the material is under study. A Senate Judiciary subcommittee also has copies of the letters. One letter, from William A. Powell, president of Mid- America Dairymen, Inc., which contributed $65,000 to Republican coffers, said: "The facts of life are that the economic welfare of dairymen does depend a great deal on political action. If dairymen are to receive their fair share of the governmental financial pie that we all pay for, we must have friends in government.... "We dairymen as a body can be a dominant group. On March 23, 1971, along with nine other dairy farmers, I sat in the Cabinet room of the White House, across ths table from the President of the United States and heard him compliment the dairymen on their marvelous work in consolidating and unifying of our industry and our Involvement in politics. He said, 'You people are my friends and I appreciate it.' "Two days later an order came from the U.S. Department of Agriculture increasing the support price of milk to 85 per cent of parity, which added from $500 to $700 million to dairy farmers' milk checks. Fumes overcome 13 ST. LOUIS (AP) - Thirteen persons were treated at the St. Louis hospitals Thursday night for carbon-monoxide poisoning caused when a diesel engine malfunctioned in a downtown building, authorities said. All the persons taken to hospitals were released after treatment, and some were advised to consult their own physicians, hospital officials said. About 40 persons were in the Media Club, located on the 30th floor of the Laclede Gas Co. building, when some of the guests began "getting dizzy", said Judge Donald Gunn, former president of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, and one of those who became ill. "My niece fainted in a bathroom and cut her head," said Gunn. "Then we all got out of there," Gunn said. "People were collapsing in elevators; when I got down to the street level I told the doorman to call ambuances," he said. Police said they found nine persons lying on the sidewalk in front of the building when they answered the call. Acting Deputy Fire Chief John Hoeseler said a preliminary investigation showed that "apparently a muffler on a diesel engine would be just like the muffler on your automobile breaking." FRI. & SAT. BROADWAY & MAIN PRODUCE MARKET 2530 E. Broadway, Alton HOME GROWN GREEN BEANS 3 Lbs. FRESH-FIRM FOR SLICING TOMATOES . 5 Lbs. PRE-COOLED SWEET CORN Doz .69< WHITE SEEDLESS GRAPES 3 Lb , EATING ORANGES 30 For We Accept Food Couponi TO THE CITIZENS AND BUSINESSMEN OF THE ALTON AREA . . . BEWARE! Funds from tht ticket sales new in progress by the Madison County Deputy Sheriff's Assn. and the Fraternal Order Of Police for their annual dances DO NOT go to the Alton Police Youth Camp. Our youth camp is funded only from donations and ticket sales to our annual Policemen's Dance. If you are solicited by phone, please be sure that your dollars are going where you want them. If you have any questions please call the Alton Police Department. 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