Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1927
Page 6
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l^AGE SIX sintciied[at thcj Iffla [Positofnce I • fSiwtJd j plas I Matter. , 7iKtivlite)BrnncK CHAijl P. All Ilipiirimo itH) Official Paper Officii^ Paper Offlci ^r Paiker: City Alle 1 of— I - : I Editorial Press:!: Kansas Qally Bureau i of ' Congress of Daily press GISTER 18 Kx{jharii;« Connecting of tola. , of Basse^t. ounty. A«>ociatlon. :r;ttion. ,. Llsague. Cir :blatlon. •ithf World. Association. ; I iSlllBSCRtPTICJN RATES. i Ely Can-iler in Ma. C i»» t'lty. LaHat je . : ' and Bai sott. One W«4k 1 15 Cei Ui • One Moijth .1 70 C<»i Is One ireair ...... i^SO '•111- BY iVI, JLI Outside Alle i' County Ohe Tenf ; .1 J5.'0 8lx ilqnllis .... Y-.\-- ...$?;« Three 'MqDliis . ! Jl.pO i . \ In! Allen bounty One .TPiUr ..J... 1.... J4|in _K1x Monllhs 4. L..! .'»2. «> Thro* MoiUiii .;....}..I Jl.IS One ^o:|th j..... spc i MEMBER XS60C! ATJ E D PRESS. [Thd .Htslslcr uaft-Ii h (lie A!Uocint< d rttsssi rcfenrt byl tpc Mai liHisPd Wlr i>. T6o Asscciate'I Press i? hxcliisivrly ei - titit-rti to tlie for r<)pul>Iic.Ttion'>f I all news dispiitfbes -realteil to ll ir ntit otV ra-i.-ii^ crt'dit<»d In this ps pqr, Brid also tlic local news mihlishedhT In All tHiphts or rppikbll^-ation of \v\ ciijl disi^qlrlioslinrpin \ ar(^ .nl«o roscH \Bible Thought fo\; Today t'eai- not;: litle f your j 'iilicr's gop'd ij yot) the IcinKdoiir.— IJFflHU THK \ rinjluniil •j licariiiK. ' lie <lrlvf jirij (-[irryinB in:~ every dircci tiirrjiirh ivcjar*' s| IJnlicv iiiBi liils Hi illllllH lias clill Of lilu J . liasj p tlicllinlpi! ordi'rl ock: for it I•<^a;;Il^(.• to >jiv Luke 12::!2. K ni OKI) III yiiW' offWiiat luippi-nin^ till,' A*|c\yless air tf^oM day.s it lliiit n>iin^iu( Ik dull ji diKlracicd C^inliisrtl Hnil di wliirlv ripctrical. cili jioi'dorly ii'oij <pj^ r-i)(irni' wa I III' atiii(iHLi|i(;rc liy wli inrrbiindrd. n an it is. MTICC our lio i)'M'n ."tcppi of liiiillo^i limes ,liy iul>"s i of tlic ^rndjo tlie! riot liaJ is soind ur.s of tlio (lay d fnj'.aclioo vernment. a^d tssjed a radio that llicre U Icondition o nl'^s. Tliu >)il tlif appointment by of ii cuiAmis.sioni of v''icli isiJall liavo coihp of ladi'o Afllr tjli: jiass t(i ijlie .secrtitary Inil llic cont.i oVt'ijsies . referred Ijj' liini. s from partiJL 's ili ^sat'iisftcd ruling .s. on iipi)(fa with liiH Tlie ^oininiKsion wjll jiave au lassify radio! nature of 8t<jlions. p ic?;iiIato arii)afalUK ority to scrilje ill 'u.s.sign w^ve lenfftlis ajnd {station catipii-s. prcyi'nt: tiooH. I Ahotlii jirevrnti All ln|<| lletliy Iiy ijie .U wilJi; an I li>-ln]d, \ \l ,,llesil-ileri . , wliyiilie I nc^t i 'nioj year," 'Tli rview Willi .Mien, etilde -ioeial-'d :l're editorial . |iaf l)r<'c:e(ll]iK foiecaslJnK. Tniversity . any Kirl ^1 I'ire.sene.e o I fljolM ltd fi^ls in «' aKtfipli iiiany cou| tlio :ittcnt tl :e Coveinor. "inevitu rtsliips. \v)i ons of tlie. si tlieirj studies, and KHV. meant to lie a digrii^ed voyaj;(! ni leliottlie a; a sis^it -se. -ins joy-ride le'r of fa|t, tlie "Uegisj Iliat'tliS rs rsity Afloat Of. eoiirsifi the giiessj the 'jl'niv ;rcpc;ltf'd.. tiroiiiid ti in itself'tpiat is worth But iiuehi to |lio conijiniiniij'atlon and tcj end diucriyn- inalion'a id e.\ce.ssive cliUrRes traitsniiii^ion. rjider jliie law th llie jKivy in iiiitliori/. Kiiv.Miinielm Kidio slat l ^es^.4lK''^> oiniiiunioati t time inifiji oinniissiun \\i> sliould Ity the eliai !>• 'THK nAT '«i SE W.S. . I'll . >The appointni.nt of Hiigh R. Wll- .ipn to be niiniiHter ul Unrut- i.s an- ollier cjiso of Ihc ailvancenicnl of the "caijoer" nan. in the United Stales dlploinutic service. Mr. Wilson Is Miill coftiparativuly young in years, but a wfde variety of ;0 .xpcri- encp has fallen to liis lot since In; took up, di|)luinacy' us a career about fifteen years ago. He is native of Chicaso who graduated from Yale in l!iOC and then went to Paris for a special course in political economy and! allied subjects, rp 'on his rcqrn to fhicago he engaged in mercantile Ijusiness for several years before entering the diplomatic service in 1311. His first assignment- was to Portugal. Subsecinently he served at jniport- ant capitals in Europe. South America and in Japan. In 1!I24 he rcturnod 'to Washington, where he has since served as cliiel* of the Division"of Current Information in the Department of State. Moriday evening. cafcieria styl piecfug quilt call was fi^^ itr .sl ol [«r. I.' memi) etc <;ont for a ye onlrol vjill olj coniiiie ^vill pans nierfercnce of its ; tasl s will iw iiionopollzati in tn r:i hi "e- thfiir sorvilee. Iietween s secretary (I ill IISl- on4 for ^ir l-up a roil Hie vacu lecciving SI on in tlic arid nifilit jon the pirt so Coiigr- olitrol bill ay lie broii)j:iil: .•omparat ; irovides thi Presid ud of ext-Ciivi-riior 111"! •II ll- Oi<> day: in till* ieaMon I'iiii I" would idel^ts n'.xt Hi ys «ii^ls. )ly produ th udel er diver ifs fr what sliidii :ipea|rauce Aw a in kentu perjmenf w a v world is' an dducation all a voyage h<! too, inany: liistractibns (tevc the court iliips arc clii lin^ledl make it pussiblc for a 1 carr>t nni serious study going oni Xo mailer ' iforts may ship look upii^ "sighl-.seo of !nicmliers of Th be.: Ifivo hundred sailing around thij their i exp ng joy ride." re ik one tHings Washingti witTi him Ay«r» m In which I not voy; it cos lijs aitogetl n though ll C|f I)oys| while it hjt the hej facu boys on wiorld vJill I 'd ed >ini as us I of lies' of be gc di for pmiijiratic- Congr}?s A. i\|yer.i: He doe.s n[of iiiodesly ilie does 'not all \|c can hoar evcrj| Democrat in the State ed itlff |K w-wow I at man affecl eel. Frjim p|roniin< nt [kviip attei^d- Topeka n s a bir^bda telegraiii liked ".Vol (lonfideotiiil hp was ' asmi red the JjTansas Democrats present hi n as their ci ndijlate for le would acc(pt t!lie honor. 'But tie Kansak-Dcinocrats.' on date) for that kubji Possiiily t icy think on In <^rinitrpi« M worth :t. did not Jspyi it wofd. Democrat li- Presideni, to^ ion aiJ a bo slid a wo ran The fact that the State 'Senatt has liassed the liill ab'olishihg county ' poor: farms and substituting a State institution for lliem makes it possible that ^iic bill iiiay become i: la\v. The aygtiin.'nt which jlre- ^aileil 'in the i Senate' was partly rcoilrrtiiic and partly iiiininilarian. jt was; shown that tlie to the tnx-payers woiild lie less, and it Was niatli- to appear tliaf the poor would on ihij' average be iiiuch better takf-ii cure of than is possible in. tile county homes as the State institution will have a hospital \}\ connec|ionl Willi it. avIII be sanirafy iti every respect and far more Yii'imfortahic. espoc-lally in winter, thiin the average county l^oor house. CiM'tainly snrli consii II alions arc entitled to greii weight. The government of (ireut liritain was in great haste to recognize the llussian Soyiei and when the act v.-as accomplii^lied there doubtless co-eds aitniipted a robliery ip Ciii- fvere many cliuckles in Downing cago and it was a dismal failure. s'rect oyer the ^act that IJrilish capi- ital and trade would, now be ubie to get into Kiis.sia'ahead of the Vankees whose government had're- j fused to do liusiuc.'is \\*ith the Scviet iiiilil it slioiild lagr^e to lichavi it^'.'If likb a white liian. liiit it sc«-ins NEdShO VAIJLEt "•' L. Arnolds Ucligious tibKer |ancc pel.'r» mlleslsout iwjtst lours here 'indieit^d: ifon SundaV. the 2'(jlh. iChristiun Ebdeavar at Pri{aching by the j)|tswjr. ~ ajer of .\. L. Vdzie. at S p. m. P iVeflntisday eveni ij: (egulir moiithiy liiis- ug onrTliur.Sjday ; fti-r- 3rd./ It will bi i)h- icre will be no c e^en |m as the pastor fulls nt at Liberty d iiilch at. ^aleni Cljapel and at Li jeny joined in the rqviyal on are being ? heli E, .V. .Mbntgomery at loll noon a d<-lici6iis dinner was » '. The day was blocks.. Uespon some inci|Ient our childhood, ll a song and wolrd jof next lueeting will at t|ie churclj. March Srd. Ihieisc .Mrs. .E. IL C-ortk. losed wi C. It. P .Mrs. F. fs. .Mrs. . Elaint ts. Sec. Pj and .M to the ll Ices. wh( .Mayiiari •r, and al) •y Peck lie recen I. is mill Stveley ioliii far the il-nani for] .servt ll that- ii in lljis .state. Comes fr to have lieen a cjise of niarryinp in haste to repent at leisure. he [.nrilish governnient now finds it necessary to address a nolo fo Moscow whicli carries, a very distinct threat to break toff diplomatic relations if the Soviet doesn't live up to its agreements and quit its meanness. ! Whether aii .American, citizen is in favor of hating the Anierican Covernment ii;r«tect Americans abroad or not seems to depend a pood deal on whether the said citizen is himself at home,or abroad. •We never heard of an American f itizen abroad who lia^l any doubts ::s :to tlie duty of his f'lovernment to .'-I'" to it that: lie got a square ileal. ' Alafi, it has iK'cn proved colle ^^ir education does not pay A niaii in. Uoston was fined ?15ii. for .«elling liquor to bis fatheij. thus ; giving us a record t >f at Ica ^lt one Father and Soil's liauiiui't jwliicli was a faifure. ! Hecatise she had to get me;i Is for her husband, an easterii woinaji wants a divorce. She stio ildn't have married such an old fasl ionrd man. . • * * * Speaking of old fashion^ note tliat In I be quaint old to ,vn of 'Boston a man is atlvertfsing for a .•-ti'.nogi-jipher who is proncii'jnt in , slio'rtfiand. ' The ritail turnover in tlie rnind States last yiear, iicei r<liiig to tiade istimates, lixceeded sixty billion dollars, .•\nii oveii that sliipend- iiiis siiiii does not represiMil the en- llre iiiiri'liasiiig . power of oijr pi>o- ple for other lillliiilis were pill Inlii cniiital invi'sliiient and iiitn variniis forms cvf siiviug.; What a wliab of a country tlils'iii. was I Mashas i Wai- 'If the liquor .were to In; given away In -Stead bf sold lor a jirofit. the .backers of (he luoveiiient to modify ()r repeal, the' Volstead act would - disapjiear; over night.'" remarks Evangeline i Booth, of Salvatioii .\rmy. And ma\^ie is not so far wrong. thi she 'Her tieaiity and vivacioiisncss Jiave maHei Miss Madeline CouzeJis. laughter of the Seiiator from Michigan, a, popular member.- of the i-oungi r set in W'ashington." ruiis a J:ociety not". • The fact that the • oung lady is heiress to $::o.mio.(KKi irobably ha.-i not detracted from ler popularity. . ... "Well." saiil an: Arkansas fariii- r. .sitting on a rail fence listening ntently. "I h'eerdj the President' ivoiild speak atll::!0 and could be tieerd all over 11 e' country. It's ast that now am} I ain't hecj-d ivoid." i The most successful farmers we know are the; ones who run their lusiness on tin' thr'{ry that if th»<y ^an't make the farm pay themselves he Goyernmeijt can't do It for ^heiu. ' - • .1 CHERRY CREEI^ (Rose Massoth.) Feb. 1'.!.—.Mrs. Frank ijink in Piqua .Monday. Thomas and .lohii Lyiii^li ^peiit Saitinluy evening at Geo. sotb's. .Mis.s Tersa Wagner wiiii been working for .Mis. Phil for returned home Sunday. Edna Grace Schaede. Floi-ence and Fraticus Wag'uei- were in Vales Center -Monday afternoon. '()uite a number of this viiiuliy i :'.lteililed llie;play at PI(|U.t "ues- ' day evening.' - , i Miss Mary and Hose Ma yiotli ! lislleil with Loretta Lyiich'Siijiday •' afieriioon. ! . Walter and Carly Wagner llij^esh- ' I'd kafir com fur; Dan lloag '/iies- 'I .I.V. .Mr.'*. K(arry .Innes was In ("I'liter Satiinlay. Tlie ti'iii her and pupJU of CI Creek ga|vei!i sliorl program 'I liuit I'lii k'KI Frank il'eiit atta physic; y yiebie i filieil : We fi;om .\o. :; 1. •;iriiiii>! p''ir 'llii -s are imp 'i.seil by n-veniif act of 11120 for failure file a I return on time, tlie pen- liiuo. and for making a frauilu- ntturn. Disliiictioii i.'^ litade jbeEw'.-en failuiv and. •willful failure" Id lilei a return. For failure jti^ fiei a return on time, llio pen- lap k- iS '2-'> !^•r cent of the amount- of liie tax, unless a return is later fildl and ^t is.satisfactorily shown 10 Hie ' Commissioner of Internal Re .-eniio that such failure was due lo a "reasonable catisie and not to • (..,y-j. wilJful ii (i ?lect. If a taxpayer ex-i an<l \v| r(.|iscd oriiinary business care and] peopb Williai loiiumi'ii) I lie vviest siib; before I received i.Mr. and of R( after niorill lirijdeiice, iuid nevertheless was uii-.j fillip to file 11 return witliin tiie iirtlscribetl time, the delay is due :o |i "reas ina^lc cause." Fjor willful failure to make a i return thi penalty j is not more hUji $111,000 or imprisonment for lot more' (ban one yean or both, iiuii in addition 2.'i per cent of the aniiiunt of iiiaking a at Hfniyetla. of ilif tender pal by nui- p invitation the cl Aid of Salem C . 17. with .^frs. all day muctin4 ck. .Mrs. «. W. ^. Sbultz. Mrs. May Peck. :Mrs. Talley. .^tarie uicii Dear Pu.ssj f oosiii: My misire;s motored into el i i in' ];\t rvjed !pt|nt iC to iHai lo<lay lo fetop. She tmik ine in : alM.nt bi-.r f .".if. car iFith h^. J love ti'.sit up xm- city the on (he seat!an'd!lo«k out of the IJ iintic^l for tliv first time littli? »i)arr<tw$ trying to find si Ibiijg to eat. I Id tfie city's stijeets nndj.oii (be' .s-idewalk.«. . I ihoi^bt. wh.'l is iti that they prefer rroif-ileil ei |y 's streets to the pirks- nndj the coiintp- ' Vhirp. chirp," said a little ."^r-i ! row. who looked up into the I froiji the sirtrjiralk a.« we stopped.. The rhniiffpur too'ic a few crpek- >nt.of 4 big and threw them on .sidewalk. I . 1 I ! I'hirii. chirp." said the sp:tt|row Jt'^l-j: to I hank biro, while a numbeij f.f ers ihe lOibilr. sparfH>w» joined it. After leaUps the crackers the others Clew Cdr- I: \. C. ' : OiwI!' and ! .'lanild Lee Ifeck and tile Ilo ^^tess. H. (}. Hayes. - .Mrs. o Tein. s. C. iR. Peck ome of Dewey Op;al ; ; iveiit • I Peek i ; family stnday i after cliurch e they met .Mr. Peck; rroiii \ dineij togeiber. [vbose iconditioir past; caused III bettpr now. is moving this iind ; at's • .Mi]s.; du .Mrs." (Jriefn's ifarm. weHt II. Wfe next year, tit \\ lie yciir begiius |)m soaie other c . '1 next year, ^(it i;j <0^-j ! =i„; the ,d'lcwall- and gavol the ijeo- "L."'" \ jlile Wlio iia.M.wira cbK-ry lir-tle cb^rp. Bliss i suffered Iroijii k of 'sonietliiiig re- : iiig appijiiilicilis la.-it Fr day \ !ig. and tfioiigli ;il wiis a s! oi-fv j nature- Irn ible to nicilicai .IrL -aij-' ""'"i ! B .nrdj iTnii lookjed as tlio hr wi i (greatly dLifressed over business i! diffiisi eseiit lot IS. pr<i|u-i''tor of th workj^. lias lieci 1) pekin|; orders ti be (•or:it,^iin Day. a ifttfr last u|i Irs. W. Ij. Gay. Okla.-I iiiat bf-ci ii.s xpreSsions of s .•iti d to our <-(>nifor iJi ely stale, iind w< rilji of toijching rcHpect ^or tlie dcpjirt.- eiloi^e. we cqrtaiiiiy feni a tl <if earne t appreciation. This! also iiieijlioned with respct-ij' "'•"'p'' .1 «ori„,.l: c-oncrin the dfatfe!'"^ sboiilil sense letter fill ai (d serioii . .Mr. ,F1 ll dcilinf Is. Thi in, a left ill: also ike; on January | -o- j; in healUi .for i^ine j iiewsi came to r froiii .Mis. Flu l )p siul news to . Rev. hluke ser of Saleip Chapel, whom .riiars afjo. Tbis letter ikidlcatod id the dJildreii are well. Gay a busy d^ul .':atis :!t Hehr.vetta. of giving:up 111] lola R »gister. liuru, the iwnalty is not. more" than 1' ' : tUllOOO iir iniiirisomneiil for not I ^ Ul'OOO 111 iiore than 11 'adilitior iiitiountof ficipncy, ' If there iidiijfd ll .1. Iiolil the tax; For ^infuiiy I V^";;;; !^!:;:..'T.!?:^"^!''i:!i\.':^:i ';mi !vrUwee^^ Afte iniprisoiiineiii for not five years, or both, and ,, .-.0 per cent of the i ^."^'"''j I he tux. iu case of a de- ' Fri-il !i)id his w ring tiie rati ijlie tlii-i I id ^illlllHl -Iiisull. Illllilic- l|i !in 'il :ilc I 'n y i T!(''liia ; \V, Ciiiiiii ii/'s- tr-:-.i.-<urfr lii' ilie pi liiimb'.r !'ii''lii-:ill $I.iIe Ciimmil li.!.. wlii'li ;Uii-y appejiri'il at t lay af!el-ii')i>n. were present. .Miss Teitsa Wiigner is ii.-l!|,iiig i WiisIiiiii'iDn to ,tiv Mrs. Henry Pel-rn wiihjier li<iuse- : spiiiiil i-iiiiiii work. ' jlioii S''iia;:>rml i-aii| 'lilraKd piiblii- , (aliovci. and \ igliuni. fcirmer ' I lllisylviiiiia Ri - \ 1 • i le Ciijiitii! Ill I if .v before the s paign :cxpeiidi- , 1 Ss a deficiencj-. there is :, a ijhe tax interest on the | tj'"'f'*'" <liil<lli-eii and their f; iint iif|sitcli deficieiKy at the '''*'^of ti Iper cent a year from date iirescrlbed for lite pay- 'leir I); t of thi ticy In llliei*!- is ai il)r{llllt of ••gjigellce. efi'auil. 1 tax lo the date the ile- ;'l-''l-: assessed. In; addition,"'"] lied per ceilt of the > laud Mrs I'by gra visile.|i :i iWililt $1 Viiiing, be defhieniy if due lo I ••'•i<i'i"j'Xc "f H but without liiteul to 'lii'>'li'•• aii'l lai due III fniitd. Ilie i"'- i'" I'''' "> Miiiiini added In aililllloii is .'.(I jnr R''har Isoti and •nt; of the deflcieni.v. Vouir..- ...ij i _ . .| . , ,,|)p,,; tij in--. Both Insiill and Ciiniiing- sj,.i.oi: iiitlj refused l -i answer questiiiiis Woodsi •irJrdIng contrlliulions to cam- ,i,ildt. ligii funds ill Illinois aiiij Penii- .\boii Klvliiila afiil later faced pnsfsible (;j,y r. nee .M 11 i-r.itiit iltee iiivi'stig.l-! |{^l^-jl•^-llllon for (outempi |ot the iiiijed Stauvs Senate. Rhode (iff 'fORt AN^BOD*^ \{bo BROMGr ME* npH Ti^iSiDANiQEO -TeA TSAeeRS BAui- NOW,<5\TirrOff'FORE i. jBoSTi LOOSE.?! J ' '(> the ^ lire w , ch:(-keij.- ; priipiisi; I and "x ir.ilter i sure -niir Mr. Mrs. visit^.r;: • .^un.Iay i b'Vsi ex • .Mr.-;. : dead wl: ! services; llo vcrif; : ri'bitivp .Mr. 'at ' .Siinday aii'-e's p ! oranie. Mr. ahd jOrU'I and. .Mrs ^roufiht { The annual Inten-ollegiate A:A-A. om ' Ir ' 'door track and field championship ' i r'.i"' held in .Vcav York city on j larch .=i will witness three of last that If',; ear's indiridual champions fight- dekircd toiifi'K to retain their honors. These r*- William A. nowdling, (;eorBe- tlown, running brohd Jump chani- 1 Ion; Stephen R. Bradley. Prinee- lon captain, who won tfie pole ' aVtlt title, and John II.' .Moody. Iintrtmouth juniper, jwho shared the Hfth-jnmp titlp wlfl\ Rmer.snn Nor,I 111; of Georgetown, Who is juow nut fficollege conipptitipn, 7 (hicks ire doing j Friday e i niallied l/ilz aiiJ family Tiie di ath of i funeral ' d;iy lore • of neigl! ' I 'ornier i: ' .Mr. Coot: I alon.g Ii I farming j dair^-^ng' led with- coiiditiijiifj ltd have no not t' daily visits of Jobii.s; sited liA^t Siindav at last Siiiida.v, alteridiil Siindav. jiylsoni, Lawrence .Miirrs. iWif. Dorothy Page spent Hi |n; and his houfce-j; w;eek e id with home folks. lie! .Mr. |nd .Mr.s. j-Lewis Stanle.\f ,,..utli and Earle.-spent Sunday eve S),ntng at! Emin«lt .Johnson's. !' The ?ale at; Mr. Elmer Brown! I.""" iilg's .Mhnday ^\aa; well attende:!. Beulab Aldertnau spent Sunda j wi .a I'tji-n ..•oliiisou. i .Mr. and .Mrs. Biliy Lviin arn! s»ii |eorgi< Sliornik ajndj j Ruth ai; Piqua and \i took diliner Willi, tlieir li'njed I lie day iiiln irly t! \:iHir v.lili .Mis. K s>, Bell Bliss. t .-.VO WI -iveil fr Island present. II eqiii :. and ion i'i;( lerieiii e. of tiiial •cess, lid .Mr:^. liltlu lii.v. How al the and lat Uinfloii of I Uisive; o| titaiidly. near iiefchlior of r Mrs. fj lo her I' i|<i .Mrs. F H tlir Mrs. jlptit the R. V. I iva."? hell |ioon. ac, borhooil ICS com businet and stoi i been daagcrousl> past six vpiiT "thtjy ileai- Hi: liud the til tjliev months. haVp piboldt. hree bo>| can an mcr I Stat serving i during hi a brothel^ Of .\Ir<». fiinoral a to its las ik-cp ed as pastor six bheU"'"-''-^' kc i iV'B'''" heI ; O. Feb. , "'T i Watson ;'_- 1.". . •M'MlEmmeti .Johnson iioiiiH Sunday. g chinch at Sal .Mr. :iiid .Mr». S. fe. Ill loli'i. Siind;|y. attcrjiooii they vi K. II. Crook iilibiu:-,hten : Fla .Neal VsinlMissii nilay, afternoon. <ilv etiglbei<r. .i: >k holiday freedi ni iiK i >iil to III- i'atiii said j that .Miss Hi his I luother, M west ot : Hirii- ks ago .Mrs. C. t'lii a !ial"hei-v ^eil chicks. Tlie fine with no loss Mr. and .Mr.-i. Ci lipeii . for'l raisiij lave beliiiiil .::y. pe ^-seVi '-rMn which leaves fl liiutcoiiic almost Fl.ltis Baker trd, and Mr; ai Fted Wilb'te were afternoi Hoy Suavely hon r in the day .M jila. and the Ba S. T.. were ther who recen' Iy Xv ik- atteiwliiig C. B. chi»r< in lola. |was at one tin ours, and we'waril uliptt's' statenfect emplary life] oyd Lnrahce siienjt' tome of .Mr. llor ireiits. -Mr. and .Mrs.. H Dan Hunter an afternoon SiindaJ jr*'^'^';' Mrts. Hunik-r's parents. .Mr laic. .Miss Hern Hunter went toitow ! chiriied to h<-r nnj the : away with a s:ni!;' 1J she. too went dnd .softer lines • i - i.jpnl along the iin- Dtheriv real- s» .something in the i life lM>.-!!de >-i tjiis l.iist|e .ami: nic-! Worry : ili;:t si.ii'ev !ii-ri> there wero . The lilliv ii'd ! erowile.'I stre; t. liial ize tbnt thc -e \\-:, life lM >s !de rill .'f trfes with Mrds Jind lh.1t tl;r '.-j' lirt^ .. would seek t!;e ccmij'rt of the for- sJiigiu-.:..happily , Mjirople if they Peep, Peep. Sojad the ' awa.v. hn\ the jflrst .sparrow sta ililcwa lia.s.<Kd .\I6ng i|anie * man who was hhg- ch^pt toilie iioor c: ;nioney matters; Chirp, chirp." said the I^tle- So God p!ac<^l the IltUe! gparrtw as It looked up In jhe sparrow.*; In th? g^eat rity. witli; •' ' their .friendly ehlrri :lo give hap-! : 'man'ti face. • I The whole expression of Ipan'i face changed, a.s be smi I downj at the litjle sparrow, as mi ch ; as tli say. rVoii have given me I -new hope, with! yonr eheery note The next person who came ak ns was a wnman.j whoa* fae« bad hard and hopeless expreaskm, CJiIrp, diirp," Mid tlM Itt^ «parrow. Sb« utoppcd! and looked «th i such {lonzins eyes at lt„It.B8iiB. liouio the priiiK! of life'aiiil it i.s" certain i lim III on ! Mrs. dii.V aft late. .'Vlr. t'oMP was only jer of .-jerious coni'erji. \\\ .so earljr in life fall vi malady, c.-mi ily has lii'e syii| riends in. tii that ti<t:il The beireaved fani )( ' niaiiy rhood. e<I I es would fill' li-ilil'ihetJs In'it. The rlJM'ry liitli^ liVP.s in tlic cit.Ts Sparrow, whtt riiwdi-d streets; lijdren and the •re j iioiipit! who perli.ip* i would Jpverj or s«e!or think of a lir^, if it 'w»re not i for the sparrow. to ^the weary iiieoplc. Good nlfelit. CHUJt ART raidiae this IXMi •torr. Inatciuij of throvtsk your cmsti 4f bread' ta th*! KKTbmc* piU. break tsisii up and irtvaj th«m to tlio cWidren. Jn; raoroinir .i betoc* tfce^ so to schrtolj! to ttjro-w ont; to |f]i«- birds oad lot tlin! "sblldren fe «l. that; thar tu,va gX-nn eruBiba of coinfortt M I the UHla aiianrawi. i whaa* , ehserr eltlrp means as macli. jo 'our craat citF aaa u. ,«^^ ^^.^^ NORljH FAIRVIEW i (.Mrs. .]. K. ii|-y>iolri.s» f^i'ji. :;! 'We iue" iihving ' soiiii- ire.wc;ii i>,r liiiw ardiinosl of thi! '! roail.-s .•ii'<' getting si^ "they ia(! bi,' JI trarnleil. : • ' ; ..\h, .I'ld Mrs. Dan .illen nf Car- liinj Oklai .sjieiu fiiini Wediies'day D JELSMORE [2 :t.— .Mr. a id Mrs. Win;in were Suitiier gupsls al tlik- Uiidrcvif Marrs spent Tniir.H eruoon: at' 'the home of he idj! spent .S le ' Billy. ..Ik. and Mr. and .\!i.^ Wiui .Miller ind .Nina Lee. Thiiinp-oi) liiilay afteriiiion witii p s y g tie o le a Clara Tj'hompsoa ' ami :.Mi. Thoi.«ps()i!. • I .Mrs. |<usiir Ford i lii'i^liily Till":.lay Mi's Slabel Bri nesiUiy !:irteriuM)ii Colwell.l ill .M:si Cil .\lr.- iintil; .Sunday at ilie !:ii!ils home. .Mr, ;|"i Saturday rental Re.v- V.i R "Viioliis. Mr.s. ; aril Giiiley spent iii;;i;t :;i;i \ lur uncle. -Mrs. .-\rihur .raf'k|,'iii and clfii- (heli i are \isilii: .la .-kjDU lif.nie. , -Mrii. :.\ettie Coon lii i'-' j with : !ier daa.uhti ;-. I .>;cCli )U-;'. I -Mr, anil .Mr.-. Lii i s;)eni: Sunday eveniil itj jlic parental 'M is -Jlayiiig Ir.s. ifov.-.ird I Sister. .Mrs. Mow.ird her Gillhaiii Is; Willi her (\£i-Cloinl.'jilso Ul'fniah spent re. sill -VewniMii .'j: place lasl Ib'd ni riiiiKii. llll.i.- Spi-tl! U 'l i' wliih .Mi.'.-, ICiitl L' .Mr. :ind .Virs, lolin ,1 i Sunday .irtpriiooii tli A 'ri a'l.^ ::.;:. K.^^ nifvr-il on .1. .1. rplol ^\•|•|||:^•s(l ;iV I'^arl !f^it-'.-:i;n ;iiul livili,- Diiyloitj:' :iiiil. : Fr'day evenJeg wjili • Riissull .Vewii ];iil.' I Mr. J. .r. rpiiiii aiidl fanillv and I.Mr. .mil Mrs. Carl (i ; S'l'idav wi'It .Mr. am !f;illhaiii. ISe Hiel IMiiifs. throw ;awa\ riie : yi'lii ; Don't linihges.j Srated jtnakes for. cakejs. ay ow i\ go the skins i >r| itiil when III flavoring i: K\OiV TIHT .MV.srO.WACFI TltOIKLK HAS I.KFT. ''For .\jears I suffered fiom indigestion ftnd a (Jisprdered stomach. I bftughti a box of Wii.'Jon's Guaranteed Stopiach Reniedyi I had used many si-called: ri^medips. witliout result'. iThis fir-^t ibo.xi relir<ved-ine and ii>' jes'< than ;a riiontli I wa.s- feeling better thajii Ij had filt in .vears. \ take aj dose; occa.^ionally nniw. but I feel i-'o Weil all tlie time 1 |know my stomach i trouble lias left me."' W. S. firrenwar'd. Bailiff, district <ourt. Okliihoma City. If .voil are suffeifing'from any of the distressing st^miach .disorders diseafics. go \ to your druggist and get ii box (jf. Wilsons (;iiaran- |feiid Siojiiach lienied.v. FOR INSURlANCE City and Farm Phone i;n or|82 ()i Kay InvestmiHt Co. Mrs. I'hilin S j DO; IT! I Jones Electric Works i I'HONK i!2J For sale by Rrowii'.s Drug Store. [Cook's lirug Slore. Fry's Drug i-ming after school and re ^t the l^ome of CIaronc»| until .Monda.v. |\,' J. Coop, wliosij !in lola. Wedncs ill casts a shadov grief among hi on the west side was kmiiwn as a livfl win ected witli' th s. especially ii k raising, hut h:u afflicted for thf During the pas lived on a -farni Iwhere .Mr.s. <'oo! Is will remaiii un-| inge for a- isale FT when thff.- win rijturn to their, for- Robe t, who has been I the X: v.v. was at .Home |i father'}?: last illness.iand Coop, wjt.'i atj the III pccoiipnnied the. binly restiiigl '^lacc in tlie' old \<t t t*'r^' -ia*^ '-v.!^ \NothSng\ Surpasses Pl^ant'Tasting EMULSION fob- Ttu^e Who Ne^ The Health- Giving i^enafits Of todii^^r Oil Vitamins Iks Sdott & sJime. Bloom&eld N. J. 26-24 i.iiiiil.v . aiil' ;i;iii:ly spent %!r. and .Mrs. ijffey spent Mr:;. Luther WHEN' YOL'R Liqi OUT OR YOl,il I M _ GOES BXli Elect TS GO it'-MBL\G IC and • PJamb bgCo. i 'JHK KAIlio S I|(UK FOB TOUR COSVE|«I £J ?CEi JWE DELIVER; FREE

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