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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, January 16, 1892
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PUBUOOD lmr SATURDAY W. W. BUBDXOK. THUMB: tl.UO Ptr Yoar, Strictly la AdTMioe. TA« But Aiturtltiny Medium to rrach the four north-iaittm conniitr Offlc* BoBtfcWMt Corner Lawter and Ttlilir, s< ADVERTISING RATES: W. N. BUBDior,-Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUB POLITICAL CREED: THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL OU1DK. TERMS : $1.50. IF PAID IN AMVANNCK. XIX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 1892. NUMBER 43. — ; Ttuic 1 ID. 2 III. 4 In. M col H col­ 1 col. 1 week .... |1 CO II DO tl 30 li 00 J10 00 1 weeks ... 1 BO a 25 S 7.1 8 7S 8 00 18 00 8 weelc-4... 2 00 8 00 a un 7 10 10 0(1 18 00 1 month .. •i BO 8 75 o a-, si an IS 00 1* 08 8 months. 8 00 4 SO B Oil 11 75 17 on 25 00 8 months.. 4 00 0 25 11 10 00 2! 00 85 00 4 months.. 5 CO 8 00 i r> oo SO 00 89 00 50 00 1 year 10 00 IS 00 18 00 80 00 45 00 80 00 ftusini eanis uot excelling (We lines, |5. !...>. fat advvrllsi-mnnt* at legal rules. Advertisements tnsertril wltti no specula Mme will bo publish?.] until nrdereil out un** -atar^ed for ae- eonllnuly. All bills payable quarterly. The riDbcstof tbcnew senators is Felton,' of California, who is siiirl to bavc one mil-, lion to Stanford's three. Ha was a poor boy at the tiuio of the discovery of gold in Culiforniu, and made bis money in mining. BEMUNOK constructed of compressed wood pulp nro iho outcome of some ingenious mechanic. Combined with graphite they require no lubrication, and greutly reduces friction. The compound can bo cut o. ibind like itir -lill, mid almost (is hard. A dynamo is stated to have been fitted with these bearings with sutisfac 'ory result*. Tun liverymen of Linden are getting ap a subscription for tbn purpose of buying a residence for Prince Albert Yictor, the deeds of which will be tendered to him us n wedding present. The liverymen muit not be confounded with those who earn their living by stable keeping and carriage letting. Thoy are members of the old livery or «uild companies, and in their ranks have the richest ri'^ivhautH and leading dealers of the big ity of Loudon. I'BB I'biludelpniuacattcmy of sc.icnc» has decided to fend un expeililiun to l.orthern Greenland in the siring, fur the relief of Lieutenant, Peary and his lit tie parly, who were foolhardy enough to winter there Tim wife of the lieutenant persisted in re muining with biiu, mid her probable fate adds to the general anxiety, liven if the whole paity hbull be brought back alive, it is doubtful whether they will have uc quired utty information of such utility as to compensate fur the sufferings eu dured. _ AccoiiuiNU to the report of the secre lury of the interior, there are 075,100 pensioners curried on the rolls, 23 of wbuui are widows or daughter* of revoln- tioury soldiers, and thrio are 559,027 applications on hund from persons who are not now on tho roll". The expenditures are nearly 9145,000,000. The secretary estimates that this may rise in tho future to $100,000,000, but it. will toon drop to * 180,000.000 when all lin-L payments havo been mad-, mid (hut there will then ben rapid and continuous decline. THE LATEST NEWS. "A smart western gill is Miss Jennie O'Neal Poller, and people here say she has struck a gold mine in her new ven- tun-," suys a New Ynik correspondent, "a monologue called Flirts and Matrons which she has been giving for a week at the little berkcly Ljccum theater here. Couquelin, the fi .nious French actor, first made thu monologue fashionable. It U usually very short, but Miss Potter, with western pluck and enterprise, attempt tho daring scheme of making a whole evening's entertainment consist ot eight crisp little scenes, portraying the life of a Bociety girl from the ago of 7 to 20. Society people here have shouted with laughter over the dash of the whole thing, and Miss Potter as u debutante all blusheB and white tulle gvretiug throjgh a waltz on the urm of un imaginary partner is absolutely unique." Mita Potter wan reared in Grunt county, Wis. INDIAN CYCJ.ONK MKMOIHS. The meteorological department of the Indian government has recently published the results of' an inquiry into the nature and course of storms in the Arabian Sea. These researches apparently show that the cyclones are formed on the northern limits of the southwest monsoon. When the nelhexn limits of the monsoon reach the land, and when the northeast monsoon ex tends from Asia to thu equator, no great storm is generated in-the Arubian sea, The results of lliis inquiry-are important as showing that the real cause of the cyclones is to be sought iu the conflict of he regular southwest monsoon current with the opposing northerly currents mov ing from tho Asiatic continent toward the equator, According' to ' the prevailing theory, vytones are generated where there are great vertical differences of temperature, giving rise to' UBcondiiig currents. There are, however, no evidence) of the existence of such conditions in the Arabian Sea at the periods of maximum storuii- nea« OHNHR4|, NOTES. THE Ontario legislature has been convoked for Feb. II. A itKCti'itooiTY treaty with Salvador is promulgated by President Harrison. MAHTIAI . law is likely to boproclujmed in Kansas on account of .tho county seat war. TUB trials of the Miantonomah's big guns, fired with full powder charges, proved satisfactory. PLANS for the uiain Carnegie Library building at Pittsburg, Pa., were ndoptrd Friday. The building is to cost $700,000. ADJUTANT GENERAL REBCB Wednes day commissioned Henry Barrett Cham- beriin first lieutenant of Company M, First j Infantry, 1. N. G. j A iui .1, declaring the lottery business a felony has been introduced in tho Ken lucky senate. 'fCvANOKMBT EAKINS ," a former greenback orator, has been declared insane at Detroit. Two hundred miners at Cable, III., have struck for a restoration of the former rate of wages. TUB value of grain exported from San Francisco last year was $33,205,000agaiust $22,114,000 tbo preceding year. THE Rye Flour Millers' association, of New York, has fixed the price of rye Hour at from $5.25 to $5.35 per barrel. A HAii.itOAD strike in Texas shows no signs of cessation; it is feared that other roads will soon bo tied up. AN electrical stop wulehhaa beeu tested in a bicycle race, where it determined the wiuuer, although it was only one- hundredth of a second ahead. AN Abington (III.) man recently had removed from his urm more than u hundred shot which bad been there five years, since a time he was accidentally shot. Gov. CAMI'UBLI ., of Ohio, is president of tlio.Ohio Mining company, incorporated n Duluth, Minn.. Monduy with a capitul tock of $1,000,000. IN his unnuul message to the council Mayor Grant of New V ork strongly urges the citizens to inaugurate a movement for representation at tho world's fair. TUB president is preparing a proclama tion of retaliation against the countries which havo refused to enter into reciprocal trade relations with this country. CAI'T. GABHiKLfiON, commanding tho revenue steamer Gallatine, made a roport to the treasury department, confirming thu press dispatches in regard to the IOBS of that steamer, and the death of Jacobson, the carpenter. THKHB is a story current in Bridgeport, Conn., that to prevent the work of ghouls, a dummy was substituted for tho real body at the funeral of P. T. Uarnum and that the remains were hidden away until all danger of grave-robbery was post. CiiAitiiBS GARDNER , Yale professor of Latin, and J. Lawrenco Laughlin, professor of political economy in Cornell University, have accepted offers of, chairs in Chicugo university at $7,000 each. OuiTUAiiY: At Cincinnati, Surgeon W. H, Long, United States urmy, aged forty- two.—At Monmouth, Ill.,Chauncuy Hardin, aged seventy-seven.—At Boston, Joseph W. Clark, ag<>d eighty one.—At Grand Rapids, Mich., Jacob Barth, n^ed fifty.—At Palestine,.Texas, Carter HOT rison, nephew of the president, OBITI/AIIY : At Galena, 111,' Frederick Sttihl, aged eighty-three. At Harbor Springs, Mich., Murgnret Boyd, queen of the Ottawa Indiana; Sophie Grayerout, aged one hundred and two. At Mdtine, llt.,8. W. Wheelock, • aged seventy-five At Fort Wayne, Ind., Dr. Howard McCullough. At Bloomington, III., Samuel Lander, aged ninety-four. At Washington, Rear Admiral C.R. P. Rodgers. shot and fatally wounded his wife and then o:mmitfed suicide. THE Wella Fargo ox press off! .o at Houston, Tex., haa been robbed of u package containing $10,000 or more: TimtTY masked men attempted to lynch a murder in Kansas, br.t were driven off by the sheriff's force. TUB report that Bab Sims' daughters were lynched in Alabama by tbo party searching for Ncal Sirtw is now denied. JAB . H." COI,R ," of Nevada, Mo., was sentenced in the circuit court to n term of three years in the . penitentiary for wife- beating. A. M. Cur .VKii, u prominent citizen of Nebraska, was murdered near his home at Spring View, Friday night. It is not known who committed tho critno. AT Grayville, L-i., L. N- Biahar- non and Cal. Foster, charged with tho murder of a Jewish peddler, a week ago, were taken from jail and lynched by u mob last night. TUESDAY morning William Kebnick shot Fred Weber at Kcbnick's own farm near Elyrian, Minn. Weber wont to the homeof Kebnick at uboul 3 o'clock in the morning and knocked the latter down with a chair, ulso abusing bis wife. Keb­ nick then lojk his nhot-guu uud killed Weber. (Vt.), fOT the issue of fractional *ilve. certificates; also for a congressional rep resenrativefrom Alaska; by Miller (Wis.) directing the committee on public lands to inquire whether public lands have been erroneously conveyed to any railroad company; by Oushnell (Wis.), providing that nil silver dollars hereafter coined shall con- tainone ounce troy pure stiver, and for the free coinage thereof; by Joseph (N. M.), for the admission of New Mexico as a state; by Halvorscu (Minn.), to 6x freight rates on all interstate railroads; by Lodge (Mass. 1, to re ' late immigra-tion; by Post (III.), to re- •1DIAM0NDS IN STARS. Gents Found. Iu An Arizona Meteorite Form An Absorbing' Subject for Siiecnlatloii. an ounce; stablish n duce letter postage to one cent by Abner Taylor (111.), to c registered parcel postage; also, to reduce registration charges; by Miller (Win.), authorizing the secretory of the navy to use a sufficient number of vessels to convoy to Russia all contributions made by citizens of the United States; by Rnloe (Tonn.l amending paragraph 199. schedule O of the tariff law, so as to provide that lead ores and le.ul dross Bhall pay a duty of % of a cent per pound provided the ores containing silver and lend in which the silver is of greater value, be considor d silver ores and be admitted free of duly; by Newberry (III.) authorizing tbo secrutury of war t > detail for special duty in connection with the world's fair, such officers of the army na are re There Must Ha,ve Keeu a Vegetable Lite Where TUIH Particular Meteorite Came From. FIRES AND OASTJAIJTIBS. THE works of the Atlanta (llas« com- 8 auv burned Wednesday night at Atlanta, it.'Loss, $50,000; insurance, $40,000. FIHE Friday destroyed the court house at Marshall, Minn, ft had ju»t been completed and was not yet accepted by the couuty. The loss is $80,000 und the lnsur- .iiieo $18,000. 3 BVBIIAI . firemen are roporli-d killed or badly injured by thecollunse of it roof during a fire iu a Sunday-school bnililiug in Pittsburg Saturday morning. AT Sedulia, Mo.. Sunday night, in the ubseuce of David Huc.kuer and wire, their two children, a boy and a girl, aged respectively 7 and 5 years, weie burned to death. SIXTEEN persons, including the pastor and soprano, were overcome by natural gas in Grace Reformed church at Titlin, Ohio, Sunday morning. A noiM'.u in the pork-packing u-iablish mentof A. M. March at Bridgeport, Pa. exploded Monday morning, wrecking the- building. Two men were killed and several others wero wounded. 1 JOHN FITK & fio.'s butter and etieesol establishment und Junius P. HiiiiuiuV; Co.'n i pork-packing house, in Pitls lurg, Pa., were completely destroyed by lire Saturday morning. The loss was $60,000, with about $30,000 insurance. AN engine und a freight accommodation train on the Now York, Ontario & Western railroad collided early Wednesday morning at Smyrna, Chenango county. Engineers Shechan and Young were killed. Another man is missing. Finn in New York Tuesday morning in the five-story building at the corner of Murray and Church streets caused tin aggregate damage of $21,500, distributed us followB: Lid in & Rand Powder Companj, $500; United States Glass Company, $1,000; L. Rosenthal,. $5,000; G. II. Brown, $'5,000. Insurance unknown. An Interesting Story by Prof. Henry A. Ward of Au Kxtraordinary lih'd'H Nest. Of nl! tbo curiosities which the wise men of tho Association for the Advancement of Science took to Washington (or exhibition to their fellows, the most extra ordinary was a meteorite with din jionds in it. Such u thing had never . „. v j .„ been Been or heard of before; in fact, it quired for tho purpose; by Pickler, for free was tho only specimen of tho kind thus admission to the world's fair of all who far discaveiud in the world. The din served in tho union army or navy during IIIOIKIH were little ones, but what they sig- the war; by Stewart requesting the presi- nificd was big. The meteorite in question dent to invite the government of Mexico wiia one of many found recently in Ari to designate three commissioners to meet zonn, near tho Canon Diablo. It was sup a like number designated by the president posed by the discoverers that they hud hit to negotiate a reciprocity treaty between upon an iron mine of enormous value, but the two countries. A number of execu investigation proved that the great chunks tive documents wero sent in to the senate of metal picked up had been shot out of and referred to appointment committees, the realms of space. The place whence SENATE .—Among the petitions present- they were obtained is known a-- the ed and referred were several from Oregon "Crater," became it looks like one, buing and Washington iH relation to the lands a circular hollow, 100 foot in depth, three of the Northern Pacific Railroad company; quarters «f a, 'liile wide, and t -urronndfd several from the Illinois State Grange "in with a wall of rock so steep that the hot- favor of au income tux, and of a popular vote for the election of sonalors; of free mail delivery to farincis; of im proved wa*er ways; of free binder twine, und against deuling iu options Amone the bills introduced and re ferred were the following: By Mr. I'effer, ti m is strewn with the skeletons of uni nuls which have got in and and been un able to climb out again, Nevertheless, it is not of volcanic origin, as i* proved with certainty by the fact that thero is no lava, obsidian—voluauic glass—or other volcanic product in tho neighborhood. What for tho loan of money to the farmers of was it, then, that made the crater V Goolo FORSOOK , of a revolution in Indiana; by Mr. Cullon, to regulate com merco camod on by telegraph. Tho resolution offered by Mr. Morgan instructing tho committee on foreign relations to inquire into tho condition of the Nicaragua canal, was amonded by instructing tho_ gists say that it was formed by the impact of n finglo giguntic meteor, which at some time in the past struck the earth and buried itself out of sight, leaving a hole, which has since become partly tilled up, i-urrounded by a wall of rock that was committeo to inquire also what amount of forced out of p'ace. lumgin'j what a big money has been uctuully expended for nny purpose, and what contracts or other o|>!i gations have been made by the company MONDAY, JAN. 11. SENATE .—A resolution wiw introduced by Mr. Teller proriding for an international bi-metullic conference, and re ferred to committeo on judiciary: Mr. Morgan introduced a bill forfeiting to the United States lands claimed by the Northern Pacific between Bismarck, N. 1)., and Wallwalla, Washington. HOUSE .—Among the bills introduced in the house today were tho following: By CONGRESS. TUESDAY , Jan. 5. SENATE .—The president to-day sout to the senate the following nominations-. Inter-slate commarcd commissioners, James W. McDill, vice Thomas M. Coo'oy, resigned; William It. Morrison of Illinois, (a reappointment)^ fourth assistant-post- ouo it must have been Fo Icavu n cavity three-fourths of a mile iu width where it hit this planet. The huge mass of iron of which it was composed is there yet. of course. Perhaps it is not sunk too deep to tender mining for its material unprofitable. Fragments of it formed the masses that were picked up by tho prospectors above referred to. Chat ono which contained the din monds, however, has opened mi absorl ing Btibject for speculation. It proves that there are diamonds (in other worlds than ours; but also it points to many other important conclusions. Tho diamonds of the famous Kimberly mines, which u Swett (Idaho), providing for an interna tional bimetallic arrangement; by Sjott (III.), appropriating$100,000 for a display present produce almost the entiro world's of corn products at tho world's fair; by supply of those gems, are all found at tho Chipman (Mich.), requesting the president bottoms of just such craters as the one to inform the house what negotiations have deecribed in Arizona. It is believed that been carried on with foreigj governments these craters, so called, wore formed by relating to the re-establialnnont and use tho impact of great meteors, because there of silver coin as a legal tender money; is no other conceivable way in which thoy by Hatch (Mo.), defining option and could hive been made, and for other rea futures and imposing tax on dealers there- BOns geological. If so, then it must bo in" " = '-"' w —i.~KL. MI .u« diamonds of terrestrial — _ . other words . .- r -_- stsuaard silver or 25 1 8 grvtius of stand- tnoso precious jowols are not native to the waster general, Estes C. Ratnbono, of ard gold and that any holder of .gold or earth, but havo been fetched hither with Ohio; William D. McCoy of Indiana, silver bullion of $100 or more of the dust of other stars. That accounts for resident and consul general to Liberia; Btandiurd fineness Bhall be entitled to have the manner, hitherto doomed unaccount i m " n? 88 V> ^ n i to 4 States con- the same coined free of charge. It also able,-in which they are soattflred every- sul-generai at Constantinople; An- provides for tht use of coin notes and where through drifts of alt aorts, having draw P. • McCormick of Texas, United their redemption in coin. By Brosins apparently no birthplace or definite re left ten or twelve feet out (,f the water when it us tho lowest. I BUW two gigantic kangaroos on that trip, und measured the leaps of 3ne of them. Thirty-two feel' the tape line showed for each jump, taking it from toe mark to ton mark, as the animal left them in the sand. It is marvelous to see one of these great mursupinls streaking across the country in immense bounds, literally throwing itself through the air with its mighty hind liralu aud hardly teeming to touch the earth in its ilight. The beast really looks iw if it was flying, and I am not surprised that dipt. Cook's naturalist should huve taken thu first kingaroo he s .iw for a big bird. ''On our way to find the nest, I came across a beautiful spociineu of a rare kind of lizud. commonly culled the 'flying drugon,' because it sometimes appears to fly, supporting itscl in the air to some oxltint ua does a flying squirrel. This one, which had un especially largo und fine I iifile around its neck, crawled into hollow log fo escape. I up-ondnd the log, when it fell out, and 1 told ono of the black fellows to pick it up. Ho did so, and immediately currying it to bis mouth, bit ofi its head. I was very angry to lose such a treasure in that way: but, wheu f scolded he man looked astonished, rubbed bis stomach and said, 'Good, good.' Soon iifihrwurd may attention was called to ti ort of 'Jack-in-in-thu.pulpif that grow in a Utile dell. Its leaves were somewhat ilbered, which fact wus accounted for lien another of my aboriginal com pan ions plucked the plant- up by the roots and showed me, hanging from them, a bright recn caterpillar, quite a foot in length, his lulter be cooly held up by one end. ropped it down his throat, closed his eyes n an ecrtocy of gustutcry appreciation and ibbud his stomach alto. We reached the nest at last, and it wiis ell worth teeinr. It was u circular mound 8 feel high and 22 feet in diauie r. Thu birds begin the construction ol such u one by getting together a big heap fleives. On top of luiduroiind this heap :y gather earth by scratching it back ward toward tiio pile, and it wits in this way wholly that the great mound 1 de •eribo was built up. All the surface soil had been scraped awn .y for a long distance around, for adding to tlin accumulation. When the birds havo thus made their earth heap ready for the season 's uying, they cut a cylindrical hole down into tho middle of it. Into this they got one h> one and lay their eggs. As soon as all arc through thoy till up the hole, leaving u cavity shaped like a wish basin on the top of the mound. Rains com a, and the water retained in this hollow filters through to the de-poit of leaves, which are thus made to decompose. The heat of decomposition hatches the egg .-i and the young fowls burrow their way out of the mound, not upward, but through the sides. It is a wise bird that knows its own mother, for the purer t bird gives no thought or care to their offspring after depositing their eggs. You can imagine what n vast amount of material is put into one of tliORO nests wlirn 1 tell you that a friend of mine iu Australia made his whole garden patch from one-half of one of these niouiid -i, —Cincinnati Uommorciitl Gazette. States circuit judge for the fifth judicial (Pa.), appropriating $100,000 for there- lation to other minerals, cweuitj MatthewT, Allen, United _St >iteB lief of the famine stricken people of " • , lipjjpucheru tays that the: Princess Mary, who is engaged to Collars and .Cuffs, is decidedly pretty, "I remember remarking her us a pretty girl," be adds, "one day when »h<> was on the terrace, of thu house qf commons, before I knew who •he lwa», so that my t judgment was not warped) by any- udgmen*, in favor of her, princess as a rule, being deemed beautiful if she is "ft exceptionally ugJjV' 1 Glaus Spreckelu, the sugar king, is a . man of swarthy face, which contrasts sharply with his vshite hair and -white . U ard.« He is of. German parentage and never tried, to learn English well, so that when lie speaks rapidly it is a.diflkult matter to understand him, He be^an to refine sugar iaa small way in Oalifornia, ,, iMdbU rise iu'fortune dates from the ', time he was brought into association with Kalakftuft, , ^ ' - Richard Mansfield will in Ap*U go to 8an FtowUcp from New YotV fora tour • of the Paolfio slope, which will' last until the following July, Upon the'conclusion r Ity MMBnUow^a^U} fjo J ^Ejjgland -,»*b#Hi ;mMMit «iMWJ ^ato'lc« Cawe/OD, at, the L^^oe^wl<}an()ft OMMM WWJ, sliterQt^k^ij ^|p4qiMJc, Who wslMripaiiBWspieeoptoriat.tbe TUKRE ore rumors Guatemala. SI-AIR'S new tariff was•• promulgated New Year's day., FlllNOE FllBDBRlCK GUBTAV CHAHLKS of Saxe-Walmer-Basenach died Wednesday iu Vienna. •<•'•' Five persona were drowned through the capsizing of a boat in the harbor of St Valery, France, Sunday. News from Cairo confirms' the report that the Mahdi was poUoned. A young woman in his harem is sujd to have done the act. iTue village of Biscbenwuulduu, Selesiu, has been entirely destroyed by Are. The inhabitants, (n their homeless and destitute condition, are enduring, much suffering. rep^Kflted* Were that a J friendly; ftrrange; incut of ithef Matters i at iama ihetweeu Italy 1 and IWV nlted 'Bttttls^is^near lit hand. - ... Vuia reported Ijbat tbe -.dootorB ^twhfl ]. , in attendance 6n the qdeenVot' Rdumania despair of saving her Ufe; ; .'i;,'. SIUGKOKUB B. BIDUBLL AHIY, at one time British astronomer royal,' died 'I 'ueH.- day at London, uged 91 juaii',' 11 1 "" spouse to popular demand, rescinded 'all conoest ions to the (qhacco; ipaonQpoly^ ( . TniiBE^, persons w.ere. killed ' and six severely injured ,by an explosion in^the Monopol pit in Muufter Thursday, ' - ; LO«D BAUBBUBY denles'having sent an agent to the Vatican iu order,to tr^at with the pope inregard to the Egyptian hierarchy, \ • >• , ' , , . » , 1 ; . MOH. THaAMMianV'archbishop of SoiMons «ad Lyon, w dead as the malt of an attack'of the grip, 51 ^ '•>*< J attorney for the southern district of Call foruia; Abraham J. Seay, governor of Oklahoma; Daniel Ray of Illinois, principal olerk of the surveyor general's land office; Dunicl T. Hindman, agent for the Indians of the Sisseton agency, South Du lief ' of Russia, GOV. BOIES' MKSSAGK. It Is UsUverml to the Iowa I.eglxla . ' - tart. „ ... DES MOINES , Jan. 12.—Governor Boies kota; Chief Engineer George M. Melville, 8ent i ,i B ttnnU al message to the legislature United States engineer-in-chief and chief t Viiu afternoon. of tho bureau of steam 'engineering^with The governor said that at no time in IT is reported that >*sikntf »oi4teN' •.. . . ... , ... had an,entounter with rebe)s In'ihfclfar; femsh a,,dj?paj[|j«eoiqf, finance and ooin' lay peninsula 1 , in which 18 ve wbels'wffe r slain, •*•'•"' Six petso'ns'w'ere killed and s^veji. r »ever' My burned by an explosion.- of f GRESHAM'S VISITOR. The Jnlfre Haa an Exciting; rlence With an Insane Man. F.xpe- 1 lie Lunatic Gains Admission to His Chambers aud Demands Protection. By a Combination of Strategy Force Ho is Arrested. and A WOMAN 'S J.IFK. K £ r Ti !i H ,. S Tf™ r8 .' nfr H - wVe«ThroVghout7he"8tato. It was the VLtfffiZiLS^ VMl ° 0t - ^rg/n caused by tf the failure 8 of crops fa55 ^.h ?rfKi .iSl«l ^u« at The'reports of different state officials l^ffJ?iH?rfI^ q ^^.^ , ?i l A Ul8 "how a satisfactory condition of affain in i^M&M.^ IStfSuu* . ?"i their respeotive aapartneaU. Tho gov K.L U „°. n fiM^ t n e ^°' de " "- ,ver , bul ' ernor stafVd that tho recommendations of ion are apt tied under a., M iBting law, tbo8e in cn „ K0 o{ state ) nb tituticna and never repealled so far as the senator can the commissioners of the Columbiane x- W B ^ n .V^ fr OT!Weof silver. The ^ 8ition mau8 tQr „ total amount of speeial ' — •"- '-' '-- *l ,802,950rHe . especially that oUeets o'f the mint to ^w'i^'iotal^S^'JK.^ chuTago eX H ^su ^e 'ste ating $2,000,000 to be used under the di- _ Jeoklon o! the secretary ofagrioiilture for "^j "jr 8to f e "institutions, thus making a •^^IrW^TThl 111 ^ we " 8 '1 Jjreat"aviog to the state and covering the Sr^SteP^^^ ^ ™ much bfl er shHpe. He Swu" tLS&ASFlfl^J* 1 Rn * 3(X fe 000 . to mends that the'work in several state in- 'vSsSSS^J^ufLk" ? eD ?^I stitutions be furthered and everything pos- Peff«lnl»<jauc«abinstoproteutinte«tate gibiebcaone to make them most efficient. 1?3L ^ttlrt The St^SSi" a separate dSpSrfr ^LHJ^^^J£?"^2I ment for the superviaijn of inBuranoe vSitt^J^SSSS^JS^* business and priva'te corporations organ- yWBtSaL^iSS!&J^ ^ P k* n i! » a *» PWMtary profit was favored" so ••«fiS P "SStt JMS^'^ 1 \M' tn«t suoubusiuess could be kept traok of A in »^oh more efficient manner than now. WpSiMS^^S^S&uSSS^^i "pernor said that annual Inspections and hw> holding offi^idf^snnM'the "f 1 , , t,ft I 8 ?•••«*••«» bi * b Pfe n « 0 ' >^ if - gyvMnmeSi ?l6r Wlhles1l M atlon of.the oi P ,ine *M .lf°™'* [ «JkW «Jj»- pen.ioniburesu, to prot.ibit usury; to# suggeste to the legislature that if any ^i.h a denwUmt of, finance and ooSv the »»w»in regard ,t) the lUpsf robns&inUonai I amend- n * h , ? f ^o,.^ WBg «*y m^rl&m lotteries, to prevent the B 8°« W <WW*«d b * tho P tw . ent , ?« lgltt : 'opeaingwSimdayofBjiyexpMiUon^ ture. No mention Whatever is made of appropriations made by the United States P roWbt " on - - . . ' - J — - 1 1—AA__ . i_ - ' * ' ' ' '' J. 1 t ', i . i ' aUheWolfa^lnH-near^ln:^ C thousandc^of W8*Bnfflt • ' ' " ' we/ AuaUiftj.ljecame i x BuLOABiA -has -nnuB of France for renw^imi incident, and the nexrtt J HoitiSw^fid)witha».l^* treat 1 'ort Madison, Iowa, and Ciesson, IOWA; 1 ivl A^l-A ^WteWSS MW&flto tox the ereoHon ^«^»^F^S$osIoffloe an l f court buUding. in Ohl- RaTatr In the Midst of Daonr- This'WoaM'sssm • contrsdlotlOB—to te, In fsct, tp tt)» Mrs. - Bnt sxpeilfocs hw prevsd ita pOMlbllity.*'TitoOwcsseof UwIa4lvi4asl who dw«Uslas suMrkiiu "ngton. A rohuft eenstl- tatioalsM esitam «tf*ns* sganu* theamM WsM> 1st Sscwlt* testis***, sowis*;, Some scientists go so far us to assort that diamonds, like oaal, which is HO near ly of the saruo chemical constitution could not possibly come into existence without previous vegetable growths to generate their matci'UI. For this reason they infer that the finding of the gems .in thu meteorite domonntrutos that there must have been vegetable life, at all events, in the place whence the meteorite came If there was vegetable life there, it is u f tir presumption that there was animal life also. All this may be untrue, but it eifurds the first guess glimpse that has ever been obtained into the greatest problem that mankind has ever attempted to handle—namely, the question whother life exists in other worlds than ours, From the philosophical point of view, .the fact cannot bo taken for grunted in u universe in, which the sun is merely an inferior star of tho fourth magnitude. Nevertheless, some absolute evidence o ,i tho point would be extremely satisfactory. Meteorites ordinarily are nearly all iron, with a auiall percentage of nickel. None, of them have over een known to contain u particle of any precious metal. No vert he loss, many of taem are worth many times their weights in gold, becauso of some peculiarity of structure or othorwisj Every collector of minerals makes it i matter of pride to havo u'specimen of every known kind of meteorite- in his cub inet. If a' new sort turns up and he, has not a piece, he is unhappy. It happens sometimes that one weighing hot more than a pound, of a make-up that has not been teen before, will sell in bits for a thousand 1 dollars, if its possessor know how to dispose of it. - People are not less interested in other worlds because they know nothing about the next one. ' The moat interesting man among the scientists who havo been visiting Washington is Prof, Henry A. Ward, the great natural science .collector of Rochester, .N. Y. He haB spent his life in traveling all over tho world, for the purpoie of gathering mnterial for museums. The adventures be has met with while in pursuit of curiosities in one far oorher of the earth or another would fill many delightful books, In conversation tho other day,' he referred to an expedition he once made in search of an extraordinary Australian bird, which ha>^,a communal ne»t! a whole Book uniting tbflrtff^rbi in ilscoflstruc- tion, and ehatlhgits- conveniences for the near Weiibadra? , SadMsffi e ^#Sf ^^M°fl i» VBMUT*-' A proioaged discussion occur- 1 fcWBlttert nHrBOMof,,la} ing their .eggs. 'II was in the neigbhorhqod^f Fort ' lits,' Rorwin, on Torres BtraiU.'! ( gaid tb© pro> feBib 'r,' "I'had^ome native hl«ok fellows wlthnie; and a lot 0f ! biscuits to pay them with 1 . 'Biscuits go with them for<wages as «ell"ae>'money, bieauee they oare for ntitbipg in life but eating. ; Ml rod give thorn cQlps*tbcy oatry them In tbslr ears, I and they«W>mcre'lipt thanmot'tQ wf»ar no fblathw^TWI.,' 1 ^WW .|(>b»Bd around their ' left" ftw^to>hoWH>b%cl r p'P)J« *»* bslryoric Its Muvuii Mtay ;«6 From tho Cr»Ule to the Grave. A wee mother is carifully putting her favorite doll to bed. With* tender solici tude she carefully removes each dnintv garment and fastens on the tiny nightgown. Then, with a fond kiss, she hugs her treasure, to ber and places it in its little cradle. After patting it gently she tiptoes ".out of the room as the twilight pc-pj curiously in. A fair maiden stands before her looking-glass adding tho last touches to her evening toilet. Her lover will soon be hero! Her eyes are full of iunocont love- light! Shu looks eagerly at her reflection in the glass I How glad she is that she is pretty! She frowns a little at a crim- that will not stay just as it should, i ring comes at the door and she hastens away to meet her beloved A young wife sits anxiously waiting for hor nuvtband, At each approaching footstep her hcurt beats rapturously aud then grows heavy with disapointraent! She will not go indoors, it is so wet out there! Tho creeping shadows cheer her trembling soul—to she waits and wishes, and the shadows lengthen into daikeaed night, A mothor is rocking her baby to sleep fie looks at her-gravely while they move to and fro, tie if asking why the bright cuiishiue must leave und. the ug.'ly shad ows hide hor dear face from him. There is a wealth of wisdom in his great sweet eyes! He holds tightly to her dress, if to keep her near hiiu! When at last his eyes aro closed she disengages tho loving hand, kisses bim ightly—be must not bo awakened--and arises to put him into his crib. Then she sinks back into her chair and begins to rock again. It is so pleasant to rest in tho twilight, und he is so sweet to nurse I A woman kneels by u fresh-made grave. The head board stares coldly ul her. una seems to Bay over unit over again Ihe. words inscribed upon it: "He WDB her only child and she WAS U widew." With tear- ladeu eyes she bonds down lower, till her lips rest upon the earth. She longs to kisb the quite form it is biding from ber! And the twilight seems to hurry putt and lose itself in the darkness, A careworn old woman sits watching tho shadows come—thoy are friends to her —frionds that she welcomes—for thoy al- wuys aing the same old song to her: One Day Near Home," And she smiles to them her thanks. She, too, repeatss: (."One day near homo." And so life- woman's life—goes ou in tbo twilight till rest comes to her weaiv body and joy to aohiog. heart—till her spirit rei olios its home, where never a shadow can . full upon it.—New Orleans Picayune About Navy Flags. The rod flag is a mark of dungor and showing a vessel to be receiving or die oharging powder. A flag et half mast means that a deatb haa occurred, and hoisted union down is signal of distress. A flag-of truce is a white Hag displayed to an enemy to indioatoa desire for a parley or consultation. The yellow flag belongs to tbo quarantine service, ana when diiplayed 1 B a sign of contagious disease CHICAGO , Jan. 12.—Judge Walter Q. Gresham bail au exciting experience with a crazy mau today. This morning when he first entered his chambers a strango man approached the judge, fumili- ur'y asking if some one, giving a name the judge docs not remember, had arrived. Being told no, he left. About 8 o'clock this afternoon the lnnn ente ed Judge Greabam's room again and told him the marshal had that money locked up .ind would not give it to him. "Not yet realizing that the man was out of his mind," said the judge, "1 asked him what money he referred to, and be said £5,000 Jay Gou'd paid him for him. 1 think 1 observed a wild expression on his countenance and told him to go with me to the, but he declined, saying the anarchists wero after him and wanted to kill bim. I then told him to lake a seat and went to the marshal's otlice and told thu deputies to inform the proper authorities of the condition of the .poor man so he might be cared for. IJeputy Hayes returned with me and when we entered tho room the presence of the deputy excited tho man and he declined lo go with Ilaycs. I directed the deputy lo leave thu room for u. time, which he did. Tho man Ihon closed tho door leading from tho chambers to the court room aud locked 1 told hi.-u to Bit down, and he did sn. He again said ho was in danger from anarchists; referred to his five thousand dollars und claimed my protection. I assured him that he should not be hurt. After a little he again became quiet, but in the meantime some of tho deputies had sent for the police and they wero outside. The man in some way learned of their presence and again became excited. I had him tako a seat again and told him iliat I mu?t go soon. He requested that I protect him until Ihe military arrived. 1 told him ho had butler demand protection of the marshal until the arrival of the soldiers, when he said he would do so. I wont out and re- vuested Marshal Hitchcock to go to the room. He could not go but sunt his son. and 1 told the man young Hitchcock would afford him protection, and I immediately quitted the room." Two policemen and two other men after a struggle succeeded in overpowering the lunatic who, with a cane ho curried, attempted to avoid capture. He gave his name as Martin McConany. He is of powerful build and abuut fifty years of ugc Nothing further his yst been learned about him at it. A deep mourning border ran around the edge. I read: "To Tom Nichols, froinStclln;"nnd down in the Iftft-hnnd corner: "There n,e no mathematics in this chapturj it is the last." Hor lips formed speech but uttered none I tried to spoik, but couldn't articulate, a word. She turned towards the wains- cnating, then came buck to the table and took up the packet, glided to the panel and—disappeared! Then I saw the pages of "Bopp s Comparative Grammar" in their place. I sprangont of bed, turned up the lamp, looked nt the waiuscoal aud—full down on the floor in a faint, the first cuso of succumbing that ever happened to mo. 1 felt sick, unhinged that morning- just as Lnzurus must, have felt when rained from his tomb. At 9 o'clock 1 climbed to the top of a Chelsea omnibus, road to Pic- cadily circus, walked through tho Seven Dials to Grout Hu'sell street, bnt all along the journey the shadow pursued me, weighed on iny soul. On entering the museum Charles Vincent asked: "You have he.ird tho news''" "No." "Well, your friend Stella--Mrs. Liwu —was found dead in her bed this morn ing!" "Any particulars?' 1 "None—perhaps Mr. Ingram (editor ot Kigor Allen PoeV works, was also a friend of Stella's.) can give you some." What n"eded I to know more? A life that was dear to io.> hid gone out. I had seen it iu its High!! THK SUl'KKtfArUHAIi. Keutarkttble Personal K*parlance Ite latml hyx. N. Mluliolus. "I want tome proofs revised of a book 1 have in tho press." I looked up from the reports I was leading in my office in tho British Museum and found standing before me a tall lady dressed in black. She hold in her hand a packet of rough printer's, proofs. The lady's accent at ouoe bespoke her person ality. She was an American. "[ will let you see our list or' upplicant for such work." "O, pruy don 't," she said; "it is soim thing I want done right away." "What is your subject, madam?" She began to unhand the packet, where upon I tugged her..,not to proceed— "I know nothing about matheiviutics or Bta tistica, madam, and it would be of no use." 1 felt sure this large-brained wom- au must live on solutions of tho quadrature of the circle, l found this American lady charming, anything but an agglomeration of figures, and undertook to revise "The Pearl of gratuitously. The TATTOOBK THK I'HINCK. A Lutitfliublu slory of tlu. fl»li- (<t the Jtrlt- lMh Cruiril. 1 have made tho acquaintance of such a quaint, retired tea ciptuin, with grout white eyes and snow white hair and mustache. He had been the world over several tiiiius,und them seemed to bo nothing nor nobody which and whom ho 1ms not seen or heard. Jiiot now we are to intimate—newspaper inlinuite—witn the prince of Wales and his doings, per hup i un anecdote which the captain told me of George, tiio prince's Hceoiv.l son, may ho amusing. 'Ihecuptaiu, some years ago, was in Sun niucUco with his t ;lnp. It WHS cbiutor- (1 by a big manufacturing company lo go to New South Wales, whore the ciip,tniu was lo buy 2,000 tons of a certain uulehru- ed bituminous coal, says tho New York ournal, for which the company contracted to pay $8 a ton, delivered in Sun Vimciecu, Ho arrived safely ami put up at the finest hotel in Sidney. At this hotel wero staying tin! duke of Kdinburgh, with his nephew, a son of the prince of Wales, und young Gladstone, a nephow of tbo great statesman. They wero then taking a trip around the world, thu boys in tho care of the duke of Kdiuburgli, who commanded the ship. My sea captain made their acquaintance and dined with them th,; first day of his arrival. Ho told the boys some of bis jollies! stories aud they took to each other immensely, but siriiiigo to lull, ho did not catch a vestige ot thc'ni for tho next two weeks. One day they appeared again suddenly, oizndthu* captain by I be hand and insisted upon his going immediately to pin them inn glass of ciiauipa/ae iu houji' of the meeting. "Whero on earth havo you been hiding?" nsked tho captain. In bed," answered tho prince, with a sound, half groan; Iwlf chuckle, "and it's all tho fault of mat long legged boast, Tom Nolan." Then young Gladstone put in a naughty word and wrapped oui: Yes; t l ie beggar dcclarod wo would beat up in or.u day. I'd like to tnrash him, but, his buck is a yard across, and 1 could not knock him down, you know, if I tried." "What tho dickens did ho do to you?" "Why, see hero," said tho prince, and the captain, putting on his spuctaclos, discovered that the princo's under lip hud been tattooed with tho royal "broad arrow." whilo young Gladstone's lip was similarly decorated with an anchor, two lovi ly "fust dyo" eiuoel 'iHhtneiitii, which would last all their lives. Clinking with supprcsiod laughter the Rup'.iiin said: "Tho old suit has done his work ««ll, but this nwd not liavu kept you in bed two weeks." "Oh, blusii you, no" said the prince, "but you know ho coaxed us into having dolphins und mermaids, mid mottoes, pri-tty much nil over us, and oh I it's .abominable,'you know, for wo wero soon laid nut as still! as ramrods nnd howling with pain. It don't mutter, now it's all over," added lha prince, rather ruofully, "but, by George!. I'll never be caught iu such a trumptury scrape ngain." "Nor l,"cbitntd iu young Gladstone, with un emphatic bang of his list on the Utile; "but tho worst of it 1B , you know, that wo shall be dancing and (lirling at Polund''—of coune, poetess and myself in time became great t^t !!t»*i!.« d JrS u Ti t . 00B i'^!,-*°. 11 T 1 ", h^*7ndTnuinKTncWron'Vithaii"tXo« admiration of Stella s brilliant mind and ridiculous mermaii/s and idiotic whit-a" ^VI'M^IEM - i callems prancing around all along Well. Stella called t.i see me everyday ihe line Cleorgehas made it royal jackass she was in the big reading-room, which o£ WwB(jlti WW J, llm _-- * J °f te " !1 wr , ole » ie ' lt V. en ,10 £ B ln "A radical jackass," laughed the cap her bold, clear hand, such as: "DourTom: ( u j n H v*. D ^ I am all alone this evening, pray come to tea. Faithfully, Stella"— notes that of- "And the signs of it will lust forever ton got me into hot water after the hot *bixtt ,IMroM is.dqae. - QtberwTw,,h*yi»g sobb Sd thv« A convoy flag is white, triangular in shape, bordered with red, and is worn by men-of-war when conveying merchant * A church pennant is a white flag with out swallow-taiU, charged with a - blue Latin cross, hoisted at the peik during divine service, over the ensign. A dhipatoh nag is a while, -tquare flag with f^ve blue crosses, generally known* as the flyeof clubs) hoisted forward denotes impprtant and.urgent special service which must not be interfered with by any officer junior to Ihe one by whom H was •dispatched, " ' ' . >'„ taattago purlieu MyVncfaer W1U he Wb T Yon will havo to dunce and pray and offer mermaids tea, madam ut home not being a believer yourselves to your sweethearts, Ing^K^ "jSi ^n •grimunce Km her Bohemi„„ 8 sprignt.i.,ss in ^^^'X out laughing- ^"stelia's daily visits to a busy public of- splendid ship, in which they were .teum. •a were dialiked and riisented by our at- ing over the world, and while- thoro the i£^Q^^l)SSorOMmminK 1 oiptuin put tbo youngsters up to playing y&^^^^iluK^M^ »ou.e .higlijmks upon the old _«jkt who wHhSwlnlbu 'rnrthe" poe"t,"but shd had not .had Mrsmuied thein to be tattooed, by •SA .ta.w «>..!>iiriJr As I missed oul way of an awful retribution. • A duy or two after the great ship steam- As 1 pusscd oul ri.ii» had flilla I * b6,hW ed'away.and the captain,S.huving loaded "^.sirTshe came in, and I told her the ship with the coal ho was to get, set husyto^he^Don^yon -^^'^wlth an irresistible . wink »bink, air, the comes u little too often— and you are ao mi ch employed?" that he bought the coal for two dollars a Noi" —and I left feeling vexed that 11 to <i. Two dollars more coverod every ex- bad been denied to see anybody. That pease to the door of the great manufuoto- nigbtaruost remarkable thing occurred, ry, io that the result was a tidy little for, I wus (hen .residing iu Cheynne Row, luoo for tbo captain. Chelsea, near the forlorn bouse, with its Some year* afterward he was in Yoko- long walted-in garden, inhabited bv bama, and lelt it at night by gotticg on Thomas Carlyle. ' board a Bbip bound for California Iu the The bouse, which must have been built morning he rose eaily to watch the last in Chelsea's hlstorlo tioias, was than own- receding sLores of Japuu. A (all, handed by the brothers Sylvester, who.were some young man came out ot hia Btuteroom "vun-proprietors"on a large scale. ,I slept at the tamo moment, in his dressing In a lofty wainscoted room on the "draw- robe. lug room' or second floor. There was u "Hello," be cried, "why, if here ain't "otx-room" attached, in whioh I after- my dear old oapttunl How are you? Bo wards I learned a mad woman hati been glad to meat you again." confined, but what had become of her uo- The puzslatf captalu looked at the young body knew. t uiun in a vain lupe to recognize hiui.when It was in the dead of night, I awoke the other, lifting a splendid mustache, with a start and found myself sitting bolt disclosed a tattooed anchor on his Up, upright in bed"-* small light in the di- "'"Ou.'uowl knowyou! You are GUd- minuive spirit lamp Bickering as if U stone, ; What a big, good leoklng fellow would go out. Then J BW-i-my heart: you are, to be we," ,a.,,„r^u., 3XJ*,.-, t .. 4 ir„,^o f me," laughed the other. in-a 91 imor mng wmie messj mm. fSlLiJcA.^tLi> - _ ..Jrai iture and bnd/a, moel e»i«,y» • We," m$ 'cottP b^ether.'»-8an Frinchco with I s

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