Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 31, 1961 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1961
Page 6
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Winners named for 4-H Canned, baked goods Individual placings of baked and canned goods entered by 4-H girls in the county at the Fayette county fair last week are shown below. Judges for the exhibit were Miss Willa Helwig of Monona and Mrs. John Patterson of Crosco. Alpha Clover Leaves Drop cookies, IJianc Trewin, Arlene Koch, Barbara Tope, blue. Ice box cookies, Linda Pleggenkuhle, red. Rolled cookies, Ellen Koch, blue. Muffins, Doris Winter, red. Quick bread, Linda Pleggenkuhle, blue; Arlene Koch, Wanda Winter, red. Plain cake, Ann Niewochner, Evelyn Niewoehner, blue. Angel food cake, Carol Wurzer, blue; Ellen Koch, red. Yeast bread, Lorraine Koch, red. Jelly or jam, Arlene Koch, blue. Three jars of fruit or vegetables, Becky Gifford, Diane Mil- brunilt, red. Three jars tomatoes, Patricia Conklin, blue. Table .selling. Arlene Koch, blue. Science Why, Jano Copp, red. Cenler Do-R-Besi Drop cookies, Doris Alley, blue; Joyce Hall, red. Ice box cookies, Marilyn Kaune, blue. Rolled rtokie.s, Wilma McBride, red. Muffins, Joan Ward, blue. Quick bread, Sandra Raatz, blue. Plain cake, Wilma McBride, red. Angel food cake, Gloria Dobbs, bkie. Clover leaf rolls, Wilrna McBride, red. Yeast bread, Nadine Ward, blue. Jam or jelly, Martha. Heitzman, Doris Alley, red. Fruit or vegetables, Gloria Dobbs, Doris Alley, blue. Table setting, Martha Heitzman, red. Science Why, Sandra Raatz, blue. Diligent Dovereties Drop cookies, Beverly Vagts, Karen Grafenberg, blue. Ice box cookies, Marcia Saboe, blue. Rolled cookies, Jane Vagts, blue; Judy Welzel, red. Muffins, Beverly Saboe, red. Quick bread, Marsha Winter, Jane Chensvold, Judy Vagts, red. Box cake. Janet Vagts, red. Plain cake, Cheryl Grimes, Eleanor Osmundson. blue. Angel food cake, Diane Meyer, Eleanor Osmundson, blue. Clover leaf rolls. Geneva Osmundson, blue. Yeast rolls, Jane Vagts, blue. Yeast bread. Sharon Woodson, Karen Grafenberg. blue. Jam or jelly Karen Grafenberg, blue: Judy Welzel. red. Fruit or vegetables. Chariene Rose, blue. Three jars tomatoes. Karen Grafenberg, blue. Three jars to form meal, Karen GnJ- enberg, blue. Table setting, Jane Vagts, blue. Science Why. D.i^t Meyer, red. Eden Starlets Drop ccokses, Susan Mtyi. blue; Joann Hackman. red. V.-t box cookies, Jolene Amc-i-iir. blue. Rolled cookies, Mary "Ruling, blue, Janice Weiling. red. Muffins, Judy Rausch, blue-. SUE take, Jean Bouska, biue. P.c_r. cake, Norma Hackman. biue' Beverly Wichman, red. Angel food cake, Rosemary Achen, blue: Bea,trice Brannon, red. Quick bread, Joann Hackmann, red. Clover leaf rolls, Mary Kay Wenthold, blue. Yeast rolls. Marilyn Hauer, blue. Yeast bread. Harriet Wichman, Beatrice Brannon, blue. Jam or jelly, Beverly Wichman, Judy Wichman, blue. Fruit or vegetables, Rosemary Achen, Joann Hackman, blue. Three jars of tomatoes, Norma Hackman, blue. Three jars to form meal, Judy Wichman, red. Table setting, Joan Blong, blue. Science Why, Beatrice Brannon, blue. Harlan NRG Drop cookies, Carol Raete, blue; Karen Fish, red. Rolled cookies, Charlene Erickson, red. Quick bread, Barbara Hamilton, blue; Becky Truesdell, Judy Palmer, red. Box cake, Carol Raete, red. Plain cake, Patty Lundry, Judy; Palmer, blue; Joyce Arthur, red. 'Angel food cake, Anna Fettkether, blue; Joann Harrington, red. Clover leaf rolls, Sharon Harrington, blue. Yeast bread, Mary Ann Hamilton, Ann Gilmer, red. Jam or jelly, Marcia Gamier, blue. Fruit or vegetables, Cheryl Bodley, blue; Anna Fettkether, red. Three jars of tomatoes, Kay Dugan, red. Three jars to form meaty Joann Harrington, blue. Table setting, Cheryl Bodley, red. 1 Science why, Joann Har- ringtpn, red. Illyrla ClipporetJet Drop cookies, Annette Meyer, blue; Jacky Schori, red. Ice box co:kies, JoAnn Wilson, blue. Rolled cookies, Sally Stephenson, Annette Meyer, red. Muffins, Jeri Martin, blue. Quick bread, Janice Frederick, blue; Anita Dennler, Mary A.nn Lerch, red. Box cake, Wanda Lembke, blue. Plain cake, Jeanne Metzgcr, blue. Angel food cake, Lynn Schori, blue. Clover leaf rolls, Jeannctte Strcng, blue. Yeast rolls, Annette Meyer, blue. Yeast bread, Connie Baker, red. Jam or Jelly, Mary Ann i Metzger, blue. Fruit or vegetables, Iantha Strong, blue. Table setting. Iva Feller, blue. Jefferson Good Luck Drop cookies, Anita Bahe, blue; Cindy Kusack,. Kathy Mason, red. Rolled cookies, Kathy Jarchow, Rosemary Andrews, red. Quick bread, Mary Ann Stewart, blue; Becky Mason, Janelle Andrews, red. Box cake, Cindy Kusack, red. Angel food cake, Anita Bahe, blue; Kathy Mason, red. Yeast rolls, Anita Bahe, blue. Yeast bread, Janette Andrews, blue; Rosemary Andrews, blue; Rosemary Andrews, red. Jam or jelly, Anita Bahe, blue. Fruit or vegetablues, Chris McLaughlin, blue; Mary Ann Stewart, red. Three jars of tomatoes Rosemary Andrews, blue. Table setting, Mary Ann Stewart, red; Science Why, Dorothy Anderson, red. Merry Hearts of Scott Drop cookies, Judy James, blue; Rosa Lea Mulford. red. Ice box cookies, Connie Chase, blue. Rolled cookies, Linda Jane Scales, red. Quick bread, Connie Chase, Jane! Brownell. red. Box cake, Beverly O'Dell, b'.ue. Plair. cake, Linda Musson. Judy James, blue. Angel ford cake. Barbara Mulford. blue. Clover leaf rolls.. Judy James. b;ue. Ye^s: ire id. Janet Brownell. blue Jam c-r ly, Melinda Graf, red Fr—: or vegetables. Judy Jatr-es. bl-e. Table setting. J-idy Jarr.es. red Putnam P*ppy P «l* Diop cookies. Theresa Taoit. Linda FLehltr. red. lr* box cooties. Connie Glist. red. Q _ . c k bread. Del ores Kan. L-nd* Dc»~ ster. red. Box r &.'£«-. I—sii C_-.- berl&nd. blue. Pia^jo tajo* C«K-«r_i H.a_. red- Ar.gfc. i-xjc >»»•:. R.C-.-J. bi\jt Clover ieti n>Lsi Season G 'ass.. t»lat. Yfcior. TJ' I H. Rvberi* Rt^.. o:.ut Veair. mat. Chorion* McAJimer. uiit Z-uxz :>: .'t'l'y Bioeru 2oio. uiut. Ci.kjy.r-.i KtoA _jfS.tr rtrr. Scents •K "r.-y B.;>i>*!ru. 2«uo- ouott Sr-"— r*ifu£ ."CLL-T .'>imizt l'r:>p zv-H-ea.. 3Lii —.i Tirruir. 0...4- H'ri Z?.in hmotsTL r-m. l:t - J-JC tr-jctfotss. 2ianii 31ihens. red :r.r.tc-ea. T»i—.i Turns'-'. iLji. Vf.-df^oH. Mary Cite. t-'.Jtt d'-atx zcxiti. zrtatt Eva Jetrr. SiJOiiitn. cuoe'. Diana HLt- hens. Sr~ ley ZszAttri. reft- Sax cii.e. VLzry Qoi*, 'z'.'jft. Plaia. crake, likTjcy rjtfi. znsL Asjal food cake, EleaM?' Ary. 'shjt. Clcwer ;eai rolis. Kszol Tanoer, blue. Yeav. rolls, Beaaee Aro, red. Jam or yell?, Karol "foaraer, red. Fruit or vegetables, Karol Turner, blue. Science Why, Karol Turner, blue. Union Busy Beavcrerle* Drop cookies, Sharon Winter, Frances Borington, blue; Marsha Biermann, red. Ice box cookies, Nancy Grimes, blue. Rolled cookies, Frances Burington, blue; Jackie Holman, red. Muffins, Metta .Schaller, blue. Quick bread, Marilyn Graf, Linda Grimes, blue. Box cake, Marsha Mork, blue. Plain cake, Artis Bjrington, Jnnclyn Ginnger, red. Angel food cake, Jane Wrstcr- field, blue; Jnnclyn Granger, Clover leaf ivlls, Shi-rry Ncsvik. red. Yeast rolls. Fi ntu'i's Hui inR- ton, blue. Yonsl liirnd. C i n <l n Grimes, .Tnnrlyn Granger, rml. Jelly or jam. Cindn Grimos. FIIIII- cos HuriiiKton, bhio. Fnnt or VOR- etnbles, Sheila Stowiirt. .lanelyn Granger, blue. Thioc j;us nf tomatoes, Francos H\irinitt"n, bluo. Three Jars to form meal. Jnnolyn Granger, blue. Table sotting, Janelyn Grunger, blue; Srionce Why, Linda Grimes, blue. Wadena Wonder Workers Drop cookies, Nancy Alderson, red. Quick bread, Nancy Aider- son, blue. Angel food cake, Mary Beth Baldwin, red. Clover leaf noils, Janet Erickson, blue. Yeast rolls, Eileen Kuhens, red. Yeast bread, Mary Beth Baldwin, blue. Jam or jelly, Janet Erickson, red. Fruit or vegetables, Rita Jellings, red. Table setting, Eileen Kuhens, red. Science Why, Eileen Kuhens. red. Westiield Worthy Winners Drop cookies, Mary Clark, blue; Mary Marion, red Rolled cookies, Carol Wagner, blue. Quick bread, Linda Clark. Linda Niles. red. Box cake. Pam Kiel, biue. Plain C3 SIC*. L. 1 11 U 3 Niles, blue Angel food ca'-ss. Mary Manson. blue. Jan.ce Stannard. red. Clover leaf rolls. Janice Stannard. blue Yeas: rol'o. Judy Langerman. blue V e a s : bread. Linda N'llei. bl-e Jasr. or jelly. Janice Star.r.ard. Miry Manson. blue Frui: or vegetables. Louise Picket:. Li-da Nu-s. i>'....- "\ r. jars to i:rrr. xeal Li.-.da NY.e-s. r-;-d Ta~le sgf.-z. Juiv Lan*4rrr.ir_ z~.-i S-ciertc-: W-y. Judy La .-%-e~i.-. cid. Wia -iser Wi -=aer$ Drop ••:-;i;-'es. S.:rou_t=. Dar_a B..— ac: ~ Z i~: Exhibit* and prize money At 1861 state fair differ Slightly from this year They gave prizes for homemade woolen stockings, knitted tidies, silk ottoman covers, hard soap and tomato fig pickles. Leaving that to the women folks, the bearded farmers fought it out for the best quarter acre of tobacco, purebred French Merino sheep, matched family --.image team and horseshoeing. That was the Iowa State fair of 111(11 when the Iowa State Agricultural Society offend more than $5,200 in cash premiums. nut the best reward of all was the Diploma of the Society, the society's "highest honorary a- w.'tiii" given only as a first premium. A diploma went with the $100 for the best and fastest trotting stallion, the $10 for the best breaking plow for ( xen and the $5 for designing a district school house ( not to cost more than $600). The men who made the Iws: f.'our barrel, showed half bushel of "barley' ed two bottles of gra; not win a diploma est cash. Nor did the a?ciet> bout passing out dip women's department- some farm wife war.' firkin (cne fourth o{ butter to the fair Y charge of ail depart- A popular farm rr part of each pnimc. over, bus the fair be one and all no corr..: take more than one c-: The l:wa State Fa-, offer $_!13.4I2 in 1*11 st r.-c v. AS : So c: i -oured ': i -.-c-ed case, exp. during the U-5-S«"JL 3. Ir. tna: money you S*i premo-om for "r.u tie' 1 , a tnca! of $30 as a pl-r-v 1-4 match. S4 . . Iccti . icr rwo her*; dec crtisher. And 53 : N-;r "^5 triers an? :. similar to No. 54 in the old book. Catawba, grape, wild grape, currant blackberry, elderberry, or rhubarb wine. Two bottles of wine might win a dollar — but it took six bottles of cider for the money. The board offered a prize for the greatest variety of unnamed flowers, which should have been a breeze; for verbenas and phloxes, for ornamental shell work and wax flowers, for a half bushel of corn meal and for a keg of water crackers. One Agnes M. Cowgill of Johnson County was the first premium winner for yeast bread and a pound of butter. "We hope young bachelors will make a note of this." wrote a reporter. The oldtimc fair board spread its money thin, to cover classes long since forgotten. Farmers could get in the money by writing an essay on some phase of agriculture . .. no manuscript to be longer than eight pages of foolscap. Thirty-five dollars was set aside for the best newspaper stories on the fair, another $15 for Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and photographs. Musical instruments in competition for diplomas included boudoir piano, melodeon aeolian, parlcr organ and dulcimer. The best cabbage pickles won a $2 premium. Staples manufactured a; home included a pair of blankets and 10 yards of woolen cloth each of which got the top $5 prire. hearth rug. rag carpet, tow cloth, swking yarn and counterpane. Field crops have not changed -co much over the one hundred years. Devons, oxen, Spanish and French Merino sheep, Essex, China Mage* and Irish Grazier swine are not listed in the 1961 premium book. The farm machinery exhibit at :.-.«; fair is scheduled to have ts cldtime glory. Even so, it is iowbtfui that it will include a jiteest; press, churn or bee hive, ind :':r prizes. The class in natural r-_5-.esry. geology and botany -nc._d*i diplomas and cash pri­ zes tor Iowa collections of fossils, shells, minerals, insects, native woods and the like. The lad under 16 who raised the best acre of corn won $20 - .. and diploma. The second place winner rated $10. Industrial as well as amatuer classes were arranged. Vehicles, not forgetting a trotting wagon; cabinet work, sewing machines, with emphasis on a cheap model for family use; carpenters' and coppers' work, locks, house finishing goods, bells, stoves and copper and tin ware, metals, leathers, bookbinding, p r i n t e r's work made up most of the list. Class No. 46 was a class of its i^ge 6 Fay«*t» August 31, 1961 ttfmn. • • • 1 1— own . .. philosophical, chet surgical, dental, drawing, ing, surveying and leveling struments and apparatus exl ited by the maker. Ent ranged from needles and pins to achromatic and reflecting tale- scopes. DRINK > 3 GLASSIS MI k OF MILK MI IVIRY DAY WHEN YOU THINK OF PLUMBING THINK OP US • . . COMPLETE INSTALLATION ON ALL TYPES OF FURNACES If you're thinking of instilling Natural Gas In your horn*, call us now for fr«a estimates. We guarantee our work and aejtlioe. Donald Vondersee PLUMBING and HEATING nrt>: c ii-i • t'"-i."iil. —HCtt . rLi^- _>-:ra l_i:.^-r tint!. •.ictLtca liner. Purter t.vt J>A:- -std& Starr TS"_t»u_- ''.-z. rreatt. I irta Sa«.nrr.it 1 * *C i r j •»'„'.:•-• :»u*. • i-tTL tc .itl? Z^TZACx L .UKU4r. JCirr *^"„tiur *u.u^ 7~"iur *.r f.i.: AI . z.ir:;i.-\ __.rfru-.- ~*—'.r " Vin-w Sim* Tims an u' -ama~ Xir- Vlh-ur ~-r„ tTtrt-ia .iiiTZ 71 .1 ..**tn Ttr.i.. 'jC-^tlj.i.-n ™ 'i'- XZL. -TS2. Taiit- JZ'~:-J L. 5a;rnira l^etar tiiu»e acistia- 3Fr,\ 3*v- Jta-se. line. T'VT r.mt5ieif- xvnha v«r=r -JE- i ^rtKrt "a rnpn~*2it the -.Tintv A the 5iij-7'iur J~ar st ?-iitviie uia JuSersaxs. C-aaa- Jtc ->na. Eghr irher ituhx »in ttiue ~b- annE. Ainita Ocwer Lesivs. Cei- ter Zsi-Ss-Zest. Dilitjent ZLnvrs-- «ttes. Hardan 53G-. Ulyr-ji C .ip- Sjer«Kies, Putnam ?«p JJ Pais. Urunn SUB 7 Sear-«nB»res and Wimiaor Vmnera. 950 0[I 950 OELWEIN, IOWA SEZX TOOT. rXMTT WAHTS WRH WAST ABS PUTT-NIK PARK Vz MUe North of Oelwein On Highway 150 Featuring COMPLETE MEALS and SHORT ORDERS tjmmmmm raroMotfu ruiuc Ttucti PA1M UAIIUTY ••NIRALUAnUTV WOUMINt COMPIMSATtOM HDIUTY AMD SUUTT tONPS AOCIOIKT AND HIALTH HOSHTAUZATION Staff Alio wMl OoaaaHy UDdtrwrHcn DU MOINIS, IOWA EARL SCHNEIDER Insurance Agency LISTENING LOG ^ARIZONA CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN ),,..,., '-Area In Seomdolt- the "Waif • mort Western Town'? -12 iq^ai northtoit of downtown Phoenix. Mxencft neweif flnof WneiJ year oroond hof«/. ISO /wcorfous roomi and wttet-ol/ w«h pji- Vo»f sun deck, many have snackbar Wfchtn*. Dinnlnd toom, Cocktail lounge. Heated Swimming Pool. All 'tpork and acnvMet available. {Kcolttnt MMtlng I IUROPEAN PLAN facilities for larovp* I ym fcrandwra gp to 200. j «OIKT tOVA, 0#«.M«f. rlxon«i Moncby Thru Saturday Motmaq — 5:00 Fanner's Radio Almanac 5;2S V/eather 5:30 Farmer's Radio Almanac 5:55 Weather 6:00 Farmer's Radkt Almanac 6:30 News 7:00 Sports 7:10 Music 7:15 Weather — Music 7:30 News 8:00 Music 8:30 News ' 9:00 Music 10:00 News — Market* 10:30 Music 12:00 Markets — News Afternoon — 12:30 *Mu»ic With News On the Hour 12:50 Chicago Markets 5:00 News 5:15 Baseball Scoreboard 5:30 How^t VWm 5:35 Music * 1 Evening — 6:00 News and Sports 6:30 Poltol^ 7SI8 Weather 7:20 *BasebaU 10:15 Muiic to Sign Off n i Sunday Morning —6:00 News — Music — Weather and Religious Programs 8:00 News 8:15 Music — Religious Programs 10:00 News 10:15 Music 11:00 Religious Service 12:00 Music Afternoon — 12:30 News 12:45 Chapel By The Side Of the Road l:pQ ^Baseball 5:00 News 5:15 Music Evening — 6:00 News ; j - * 6:15 Music 1 | 10:15 Music to Sign Off ¥ Milwaukee Braves Baseball is heard dally on "4 V Week-day games begin at 1*16 P. M, MORE PEOPLE LISTEN TO KOEL THAN LISTEN TO ALL ^p^STATl^

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