Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 6, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1898
Page 2
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Ex * TPG®surer Slate «f Maine* -. . Uf fbtee yean ago I wa* all run down, weak, exhausted? had Indigestion, constipation, and my system wa* debilitated in general, Physicians did not help me and I began taking Dr. Miles' Nervine. Now, I am as weH as ever. ch«t A. whrt., •x-Tr»wa. «t*U of Main*, Oartinor, Me- "" Restorative Nervine b »oM l/r all droreists«"» C* 8 '"»«• first bcule iKrnisfiu or mynty b«k. Book •» heart ar.'i nerves ttrit free. Or. M8M Mtdieal Company, Elkhart, Ind Classics • 'Tb* gntUnl »ork» nt slw M**«*t •= twit. ' ' Gibbon' I, History of Christianity ' pp Boccfaner'* Force and Matter, tti* JCato^U Or£«rJ vf th* With'* »}*«» ft Moj-uJJ'.r tiaen " rort of grett tKU'.r *»d VoHaJre'« Romances. A MW «a«*», oooUJatc* 2Z Vt tactaad wnttml pr <J«s4ws», w.tir Ponrult »c<J ' M ISMntlQB*. Vretaoe toA cote* br r Zutr. Ctotfe*i,t». C, VWt to Ceylon. f - - ff W Ii ,_.., prof«*«OT In the Colrer- Jon*. AQtfwr of th* HUtorjr of C'r«* r Of Ib« ETOlatton of Man, etc teed M»P of India and Or on. Extra rellum cloth, «, ' ' MwHer'g Supenstttion in all Aj?e». Jean Mealier w«» * Fiomao Catholic Prl^rt ,sfM a piurtoral wrrtco of thlrtf y«ar« Ii i work I* bta laat Will Hid TMtamattto ,_ahlon«r* end to tie world. - Clotbll. The tam« work tn4 to t*e world . n» yf>. , por- la G«rra*o, Veiney'5 Ruins of Empires and ? THE LAW OF NATfJRB With Illuntra tteo*. Portrait of Volnsyaad M»p or the A - tnri/^icil Heaven of tb« Anrlott*. Also, Vol > Ainwer to Dr. Frleffliy, « BIn«rat>blcx etwCooct D«ro, »'4 »n FxpJanitloi of "' T, »n4 coti*««llamn» by Peter CbHb, TV. Contract, m, PrJscJple* of J'jlii'cai Law. A;KI, A ia/j«, By J«jui *» f>rBCT». O(.« TOl fk*«bor« feook« nIll b>; tect, pott pt:'l, to txf.tMm* on r«e«tpt of pr.",-. C"'; Aoy Book Bej^»U*d. CorretpoBC« »ollrtti ADLiliEfiS Frederic Dahistrom, 43 VaiBaren St., Chicago, III. '^ ALL WOMEN of an OM pato •nditeknewirom vhlob woman suffer Is caused »>jr weakness or tfsraof «m»nl In the organs of menstruation. Nenrly th/ayi when a woman I* not well thaie organ* are effected. But when they ire strong and healthy a woman Is very seldom sick. Is nature's provision for tha regulation of the menitrual function. It cures all "female troubles." It Is equally effective for the girl In her teem, the young wife with domestic and maternal cares, and (he woman approaching the period known as the " Change of Life." They all need It They are all benoUtted by It. neclal M. riving iymplomi. dvltory Depirtnunl," ModJclM Co.. CbaUa* 1MM. 1,000PM, Tuptlo, MlM.,Mrsi .... JMiutruatlon and docwrs i «!!•»• her. Wlss ol Caralri I. S. MXON, >jphitect, and Superintendent Tknd SpeolflcaUona for Work g«, AwmrBtely Furnlahed. QV8B AWON 8 A VINOS BANK 15V TH'-: IKLFMPAVtt PHtNinfl C TL'KHOAY EVh;., HOTfCK TO ADVK.KI13KR3. rot tltt rnr 1 for u r 1*** *i »**U cSarjfi tie In oar k ...................... Tare* la 9r» loiwrtfoei ............... J '-•«.«. * «» M »•«« or T«Jjfttjnrr.-~ Vi o».na per lock Srtt tanrtlon tad » east* |*r Inch fw *»cli mbK^aeat later"3 p»r luck ««« «we;h, tl.K j»r lo<* ««* BUCU tt«r*after, t*9it acrntrtf tva tl wrleofctor t«wCrrtln»«rtioB, §34*1 emu »«r loco tor MC* nbmient io««rtti». IS YOUR NAME ON THE LIST If It l» ocrt. It be. 8'jrel/ fr>-j want lo k?*p ported W! !ft<: !?•?»« of <ii« ',-ltf tn vtihii )•',<! IJT-!, sr.r! *:; the DtlKhbortag IOWM of Mt<JI»r« county, H w3U <.*o*st >"ou Only I(k a Week. Six rnonthfl ago Mayor Harmcn packed the Chicago ecbool board with new member* favorable to the elet tfon of Dr. E. Benjamin Andrews, President ol Brown University, as Sc perint«ndent of f&bool* of that city, over Superintendent Lanf, who bad held the office for many yeara. .Or Andrew* wi«be<i to conduct the ec-boolB on the merit plan, that without considering the politics ot teachers nor tbe"palh" of the Mayor and members of tbe board. The board which waa packed six months ago in Dr. Andrews' behalf baus DOW eat down hard upon nil plan?, reject ing tbem and pliciag the Mayor's and tbeir own creatures in the petitions of teachers. It in said I>r. Andrewa' T'j igna'ion in in tbe bands of the board. Mill Ume Detlroy Malaria, A writer in tne fictenlijle American, in dlS3as»ing the fj'J-jiJiaa of »ria)ari,i la Cuba and Porto Ilicj, tell* how ma Uria was driven out of the peninsula of Delaware and Maryland by the UHO ofliine. Tbe writer sa> »: "Th«j(arraer Without toou^bt of broking up th« fevers or drivir.g away ,'orever th>; deadly mlasmaa ti./altd ab>ui, that big meadow, began t > haul quick time by tbe earJ.-./uJ, auiJ m ili.j early fall that meacow looked lino a snow Held in January, Ibis done, the linut; waa appJItd to the entire farm, wiiereou fell grxlua were to be HOWII. Now, wjtb tbu biggtot hubsoil plow ever KOOU IK Iba comruunily tbu pro- farriicr turueJ under the -od tbe deptfa ot about two fu&t or more, and than It lay for mot/tut). Tuu early gpriug of Ibe ni-xt year Haw it oplendid ntw lot of tiiriotliy growing on thin peat apot, ana Iroru tb.u tio.e ou ttiestj Lunas, moadowH aucj h'«h- land», received tbelr annual coating of lime and piaster; and in ten yearn, yen in five year?, that wait the Uncut (arm In tbe whole section, and no chills or fever any more. In ton jfcara the entire community wau free from thin awful peat through tbe widespread use of lime and plaster, and only a few days ago I beard from cne of rbe leading citizens of the section referred tc, and he v,aa commenting on tiila very oubjecl." The Pretident'i Menage. The Proaldoni'o measago, which we publish today, is a calm, dispassionate recital of tbo events occurring during tbe paet year. The largest portion o! tbe meaaage is a historical review o the events in iho war between Hpaln and America. It la a moat interesting dJcumenl, prepared in President Me Klnley'H lucid and Instructive style Its reading In both liouaea of Oonur was listened to with earnest attention It wlJ be read by Iho general public In a similar manner. The President, In Ibe message, does not givu hi: views as to tbe government for the Philippines or Porto Hico, preferring to wait until tho treaty o poaco la signed, hinting that then ho may give Oougresa and tho country tho benefit of his (.thoughts. President MoKln ley does not thrust hlmsolf up jn Congress. He IH too far-sighted uud cle ver. lie recognizes that to Congress belongs tbe right of nuking such terms ao are neooss&ry to rogul ite tbo new colonies or dependencieu. He plainly states that until Oongresx makes aucli regulations tho oolonlos must ba bfcld by military occupation In reference to Ouba tbo Prualdent suys that American troops will remain in Ouba to such tlmo as tho Cubans can organize a government for thnm solves, and that the Americana w'ill aid them to that end, in accordance with tho plodgei inado whon tho war was begun. Those arc tho most in taroBtlng foaturoa of I/ho Proaldoni'd messaKo. It Is one of tbo longoat, If not the longest, tnosaagea over sent to OongrosH, and nil aubjocts In coiinec tlon with the government of thu conn try are treated. There w.ta little crit k'lim passed on the mesmigd by ullhor Democrats or Republicans, Nimrly all tbe Congressmen recognlxud It aa a wise aiid conservative document- the words of a man who w&i careful In nil bis acts, and sought only the best good of tbe entire nation. That Indictment of the Governor. Auent tho Indictment of Governor Tanner by the Macouplu county grand jury, the Chicago Ititer-deean takes tbe same position on tho question as was taken by the Tisi.uiiitAi'U on tbo d«y after tbo indictment, as follows: Tbe "failure and refuial" to send troops Into Maooupln county, which was the offense) uhurgad, \tuu oleurly the exorcise of that uutborlty which Che dt'ite ezprest>ly puts Into tho bauds 01 tbe Governor, lit) may err in its exercise, for no ono IH Infallible, but tbe constitution and tha IHWB ol the atntn exprcesly olotliu the Governor wllb uutuorlly to exercise, without 'ear or favor, power to refuse or comply with such calls. It, will be recalled that Governor Altgeld was severely criticised during bla term of office for "failure and refusal" to tend roopa Into Cook county, but no Cook oouuty gwud jury w(U so fatuous «B o iodJo* Wm. referring to the Indictment, of Qovetnat Altg«H by tbfe (rfind jury of Gbftmt*lgB coouty. f«y»: "Politic* wa* tH« motlfe In psr'h C5f"«. Cb»mp«i(fn It * t'.r-yng- h'l'lf.f T{»p'Jblicsni*m, Macoopin la *';il more confpidaous a* a stronghold of O---mfx;r«c)-. Bat from tbe »t»nd poii.t of political «xpeiiiency a mil- take wft« made in b-jth CMP». The people of tbi.i coaotry are not merely of Illinofc, have no tympstby with, and not macb toler*nc« for, tb« politics which degenerates Into personal pemectnion. H«ppiljr tbi* U troe qoite irrespective of p«rty "Bat tbe action of Macoapio county need occasion no ttirpruie. It to the one county in Illinois which for year* repudiated its own bonds, and only consented to deal honestly with ft« creditor* after tbe federal court had its grasp on tbe county's throat. To gratify a foolish vanity tbe county built a court bouse, which was then the most imposing building in tue state, but hardly w»s tbe plaster dry before it repudiated tbe bonds issued to pay for its erection." UPPER^LTON. Miss Mamie Cotter of Chicago, a fo-taor Snartleff student, la visiting friends at tbo college. Mrs. L. Karler is visiting Mrs. H. C Kersey in Troy. Miim Mabie Hafberger of Kansas City, is viaitiog her sister, Mrs. John JarnpR. Tbe Alpha Zeta society held its monthly basinets meeting last night. Dr. A. K. de Bleis delivered the fifth of a ppries of lectures before the Shartiefl V M. C. A. last night on tbe subject, "Christ tbe Hope Of the Church." Mr. Hennas Snyder went to St. L^uls today to consult an oculist. Dr. de Biols bao juat placed a new SSj grapbophone in bis office at the college, and finds it very useial In attending to bin correspondence. He speaks bis business letters, addresses, etc., into it ait rapidly as be desires, and tb«n hands tbe machine over to bis stenographer who sets tbe machine going and takes down tbe Doctor's reproduced words at her leisure. Mr. Wm- Clark, tho A. P. A. lecturer, gave the last of bit series o! addresses to a large audience in tbe college chapel last night. The subject was the life of Margery Sbepnurd. Mr. Clark is thoroughly In earnest in his work, and btiug something of an orator h«Ida bin audiences in close attention whenever be speaks. Hla lectures have been very popular and well attended. Mr. Geo. O. Pancoast one of Upper Alton's most popul ir citizens will be mtrriwJ in Ht. Louis (hi* evening to Mr-. ' !ara Hheiids. The bride elect ia a ni'iow with two little girls. The wedding in to be a pretty home affair at the residence of tbe bride's mother on Pine street, and will be witnessed only by a few intimate friends and relatives, The house is to tie beautifully decorated for the occiibion in umilax,{chrysanthemums and pi ate roses, and tbe bride wil Wt;;ir u nt«el colored silt gown with •>. wh tt- vi 11, and will carry a boquet of wh IA: ro»"f. Tne couple will arrive at Alto' |on the midnight train and proceed immediately to Mr. Pun- coani'd hanCBome home on College rivenuo. The entire community tx- r,d.j to them congratulations uud well Oo to M. Moritz'o lor your whiter head wear. The largest stock anc at*st Btyle«._ NORTH ALTON. Mr. J. M, Glbaraon baa again left eg to reside tn Alton. AH Fred Abol sbovela corn Into tb hopper and watchoa the abeller strlj tho coba of their harden, hie thoughts drift back homeward where a tiu; epeck of brand new humanity await bin home coming. Its a girl. Tbe W. 0. T. U. la to have a contea at tbe chapel on tbe 14tn ot tne month. Mra. O. E. Mather has returnei from a visit with hor daughter, Mra LouU Kortkamp, of Hillaboro. Joabua Dlxon, whose painful acol dent was recorded In tula paper a abort time ago, la Improving, although be hue but little hopes of suvlng tbe eye. Mr. Wm. Ball la again able to be around alter being laid up for pevera weeks. At tbe regular meeting of tbe Modern Woodmen last week a new Hat o ofllceru were elected. At tbe uex meeting the following will be luatslletl: Consul, Uhao. Wade; Adviser Fred Able: Hanker, T. liennesey Clerk, K. H. Mather; Kjcort, George HpolHo; Watchman, Oliver Wood Heiitluol, U. Uetitoul; Manager, Lev Wldemau. Tbe lo^nl camp will aoou move to tho second floor of tbe I) ive Ilch building. At the homo of "Ool. Johnaing there is rejoicing. Because of theao- HUIICO of the fatted calf, tbe "Ool." has killed aml"«kun a 'possum." Tbe odor of sweet potatoea are wafted on ev dry broeao that blows from the Johu elng domicile, while tbe Colonel am his numerous progeny are wearing tluilr beat smllea and Sunday clothes and all because there baa appeared i dusky belle UB the latest edition o tbo JchuaiiigB. Poisoned^ by Ivy Was in a Dreadful Condition Happened to Read About a Similar Case-Followed tho Other Man's Example and Waa Cured Thu following iiu'hlunt in given by (Jlmrlctt MorriH, gunurul j(jl>ber,r>wix'xiu^- tun Avenue, Niirth C'niiiliridgc, MUSH.: "Buvorul yi-iirH ngci 1 Ijeeiiiiiu pulHiinecl by Ivy. I tried iniiiiy ineiliclnuH, «]H;iidliit; A lur^c Hiiin of niuncy witliutit ubtuiiiiu^ a l"UlU'le of K<io<l. My vliildron wuro aluu ulflieted \\ltli t ho mime dincuKO. Wo were nil enm.taut HUfferorH with aii awful Uviilng Hi'imatlun, und it Bevmed fin II I should tear in.vuelf to pleeeo. 1 plelccd up n j»i|>er In which 1 found printed a tcHllmoniiil from u niun in Vurmunt who hud been ulnillurly iilllletodund bud tnkon lIuiid'HHurHii]»irlllii with benefit. 1 bought a buttle, whlrh wu took mid it did Me and My Children HO much (food I purelm.sed aiiotliuruupply. Wo eontliiucd Luklng llood'n Buruunarilla until we u»iul llvo bolt led and I can Hufely uuy thiit neither inyuell nor uhlhlren huve liny DIKHH of thu pulnon. H hux entirely left ua und wo uru porfuctly cured. We «lve thu wholn credit to Hood's Hnrnu- purlllit. Duforti renoi'tlii|; to thlo inudlclnu 1 wu« reduced In weight, but now I woltfh 176 pouudii. llood'x Murmiparilla IIUH not only dono niiiuli good but list been tbe uieunnof aavliij/ inua ({real deal of moiKiy. 1 would not bo without It lu my hoime und I heartily recommend It to nil who urn Balloted. 1 Imvo written this BUlum^, 'yt publication, of my uwn will, an •KL '\hvrt to know wlmt iood'slfc, Isaparilla huii done tor uu.WplUBl.KW MOBBW. HoocfV *** '' * "rv.iiiroiilyiiiiVto ON THE MOVE. We ke*p constantly on the more to keep op-to dat« in stock, qaaJity and price. Onr CHINA and TOY Stocks have been plucked from tbe cteme de-la-creme of tbe market, and notn ing in Alton or St. Louis can compare with tbem in value for the money. We import our foreign goods and buy direct from the fsctory in tils country and in maoy instances retail our goods at lee* than wholesale stores ask for tbem. For the convenience of our many friend* we hare opened oar Toys on the ground floor 317 Belle street, and are now ready Ito wait on you and urgently adviae all to come at once and make their selection. We only ask a small deposit on all goods laid aside until wanted. We have the clerks to wait oa_ you now and give your attention which later on we could pot wait on yon with satisfaction to ourselves and yourself if we tried ever so hard. Jfitbiog has ever been attempted in tbe TOY line on so grand and complete a scale in Alton and we hope you will not wait until tbe cream of the stock is picked. Come early yon hare nothing to lose and everything to gain. HOPPE'S CHINA STORE, j TOY STORE, 110 West &!it. i ?I7 Belle si. TKIAL OP MKS. BOTKIX. •.•n*atioiml I'olnnnlas CHIP fltguD »t §»n Fr«m:l«co. San Frnnclfico, Dec. 5.—The crimlna annals of Har. Fr.iiK-i.sro would bf search*! !r. vain to find a murder case that has attract.;!! the attention now centring in th<? caff of Mrs. Cordelia Hotkin. whni".' trla! for the murder o Mrs John P. Dur.nlr.jr of Dover. DC!. by rnfane of a tj'/x of poisoned candy sent through tht- nmili, was begun In Ihe tilstrkt co'urt Monday. Judge Car roil presiding. The Indictment upon which Mrs. Botkin Is being tried charges but or? murdor, that of Mrs Dunning, though the poisoned cand> olflo rtaulted In the death of Mra Dean*, sister-in-law to Mrs. Dunning Long r.^fore the hour pet for the open !ntr of court th? courtroom wa jcrfm'iv.d. among the spectators being I large of wotni-n. Attorney General White of Delaware wil! conduct the prosecution. It tiein Vht* first ca^e or, record of one state' attorney trying a case In ar.othe «tate across the r-ontinent. The prin clpal wltn».y*e« for the prosecutlo have likewise traveled 3.MO miles to of fer their testimony, These Include ex C'lngressrnan John 13. F'enningtori Delaware. Harry C. Pennlngton. John P. DunniriR, husband of the murdcre woman; Joshua D. Deane. huHband o the murdered Mrs. Deane; Dr. L. A. H Elshop. one of Ihe physicians who at tended the women, and several chem ists of Dfr.-er and Wilmington who ex amlned the contents of the dead worn en'B stomachs Attorney General White arid the hua bands of the murdered women declar they will allow Mrs. liotkln no loophol for escape. Should the Jury !n th present trial disagree she IH to be re tried. In the event of an acquittal sh will then be put on trial for the mur der of Mrs. Deane. Thi» falling, an appeal from the California supreme cour will he taken, through the federa court, and the accused woman will the be tried for the double murder, which not being the name offense aa either o the other causes, will not place her llf In Jeopardy twice, as the constltutio prohibits. Chicago Polneer Demi. Chicago, Dec. 6.—Charles Norto Hammond, pioneer furrier of Chlcag and one of the oldest residents of th city, Is dead at his residence, 365 On tarlo street. Although Mr. Hamrnon waa In his 70th year, he waa In ver good health until a little more than tw weeks ago, when he suffered a strok of paralysis. lirynn ft(\]ulns If In ItegJnient, Savannah. Oa., Dec. B.—Colonel Will lam Jennings Bryan, commanding th Third Nebraska volunteer Infantry, ha arrived here and Joined his cormnanc ills reception wax a tplendld one. How' We offer one hundred dollars re wan for any case of catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.—F. J Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have knowi F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, anc believe him perfectly honorable in al buuinoBB transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West &Truax, Wholesale Druggists Toledo. O.; Walding, Klnnan & Mar vln, Wnolenale Druggists. Toledo. O Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken Inter nally, acting directly upon tbe bloot and mucous surfaces of the system Price, ^t>^ per bottle. Sold by al druggists. Testimonials free. Don't bo persuauetl into buying liniments without reputation or merit— Oharuborlalia'a Pain Balm costs no more, and its merits have been prov en by a test of many yeara. Such letters OB the following, from L. Q, Bag ley, Hueneme, Cat., are conotantly te'ng received: "The best remod; for pain I have ever used Is Chamber. Iain's Pain Balm, and I say so after having used It in my family for several yours." It cures rbenmatiurn, lame bao.V, apralna and swelling. Bold by E Marsh and 8. H. Wyss.' $100. Dr. E, Detchon's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 9100 If you have a child who soils bedding from Incontinence of water durlnc sleop. Cures old and young alike. Ii arrests tbe trouble at onoo. (1. Sole by 8. U. Wyss, Druggist, 662 Second st/eet, Alton, III. No Humbug. Foley's Honey ami Tor does not olalm to perform miracles. It does uot claim to cure all oases of con- aumutiou or asthma, but it does claim to give oomfort and relief It advanced atuges of tbeao diseases and to usually cure early stages. It la certainly worlb trying by tboae afllioted or threatened with tbrse dread diseases. Sold by K. MarshjindJ3. H. Wyss. Tcxai The Missouri. Kansas & Texas Kail- way Co. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 16, Deo. 6 and DO, with fluul limit of return to 21 days from date of sale. An excellent opportunity for bomeiifiokers, tourists tod Investors to view for themselves he great resources of tbe State, For urtber information address John L. Williams, P. and T, Agt, 108 N. Broadway, St. Lonl*. Mn. Retutt* Will Be Embodied In Two Of More Treaties, MATTERS THAT Witt. 8K ft»TF.REI». to it»* al Frnt* In O«l*» «o *«<ron> th* H«l«»» • I Frl^ooen »nd Rr«lerr Tr»il« Brtwff" 9 T mln »»4 Ih* tnlt»d M»lw— *»«»'» h froirrntncBt fulli so *«ur« Cub Iiam > H>T«O« Bunk - Ann«l*tlan ol C«b*. •Washington, t>«. «.— The Impression ravail* her* that th* resuHs of the T,ft'-UB.»oct at Parl* trill be embodied In two or more treatl?* Instead of one. 7h«r* will b* one actual p-cace treaty, embodying cothfng more than tb« protocol pointt relatlne to the relinquish- rnent of Spanish sovereignty ov*r CuVa »nd the Spanish West Indies. Guam tnd the, with the single exception of the proviso flir the release of prisoners. All th* other matters, those relating to the renewal of the commercial treaties, the acquisition of cable ani coaling stations, acd in fact all those extraneous matters that have been mentioned as likely to be Incorporated In the peace treaty will form Ihe subject of a special treaty. Xteeultr for H«le. This course Is likely to b» adopted In order to hasten the conclusion of peace. for which there Is a, great necessity. If for no other reason than lo secure the release of prisoners and the restoration of trade between Spain and the United State*. There has been no evidence of any friction between the American commissioners. It Is supposed. In fact It is known, that In tht-Ir own sessions they have differed about some points and have discussed the?* at length, but whenever It came to the point of action In the Joint commission the Americans were united. The last report received from them at the state department was unanimous, bearing the signature of every member of the commission. _ _ DEMANDED *85O,OOO. Captain General of Cuba Failed to Get It from a Bank. Havana. Dec. 6.— The straits of the Spanish authorities for nv.ncy gave rls» to a sensational episode last week Captain CaBtellanoa went in person In Hie Spanish Bank of Cuba and demanded 1850.000. He was accompanied by subordinate officials. After making the demand the captain general offered a receipt or due bill of the government. The president of th» bank declared that It had not the casn ft> meet the demand. The captain general directed the cash drawers to be opened by his subordinates. This was done but no money was obtained. A meeting of the directors was then called. Instead of finding means to satisfy the government, they Indorsed the rufusal of the president to supply funds. Other financial Institutions support Its position. The Spaniards and Cubans continue to clash. The other day a Cuban child. who was singing a Cuban hymn, was beaten to death in Genois street by a Spaniard. Some persons interfered and Captain Call, an American officer, arrested the Spaniard and delivered him to the police. The Spaniard was discharged shortly afterward by District Judge Balen. The report spread that the Judge had been bribed, and a crowd of Cubans gathered to lynch the Span- lard. The police saved him. after a long struggle. _ ANNEXATION OF CUBA. Subject Crops Oat at a Banquet Given by Hobert B. Porter. Santiago de Cuba, Dec. 6.— Robert B Porter, the spsclal commissioner of the United States to Cuba and Porto Rico, gave a forewell luncheon at the Venus cafe at which twenty-five guests were present, Including representatives of the army and navy, commercial and mining Industries, etc., and the British and French consuls. The affair was not Intended to be anything more than a social gathering but the party speeches made- It apparent that twenty-one of the guests were In favor of Cuba being annexed to the United States. Robert Mason, the British consul, and who represented large business Interests, spoke In favor of the continuance of the present good government of tha Island by the American officials. Mr. Porter waa diplomatic In his utterances and refused to be drawn Into any direct statement on the subject under discussion. but the enthusiasm with which every Indirect allusion to the subject of annexation was greeted plainly showed the sentiment of the party. Mr. Porter received Impressions while here which caused him to cable to Washington a request that no action be taken for the present on the recommendations which he had made In regard to proposed changes and an answer was received that the matter would be held In abey ance. Mart Change Ihe fonntltutlon. Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 6. -Andrew C. McLaughlin, professor of constitutional law In the literary department of the University of Michigan, recently said In speaking of the Philippines: "If the United States undertakes to do for the Philippines what England has done for her colonies, It will require a change of the American constitution, for good, substantial government can be maintained only through military rule. Thin would only be possible by vastly In creasing the constitutional powers of the president." _ Huppljr of Tent* Atlcc|unte. Washington. Dec. 6.— Colonel Lee, chief quartermaster at Camp Thomas, Chlckamauga, testified before the war Investigating commission regarding the tentage facllitlr-s at Chlckumauga. Colonel Lee Insisted Unit the supply of all kinds of tents was fully adequate ami that requisitions for hospital tents were filled us made, though other requisitions for the regular tents for ofll- cers and men were sometimes cut down, owing to the Indiscriminate and extravagant way of calling for tentage aupplteti. Troop* Hull fur Culm, I Savannah, On.. Pec. B.--The transport Mlnnc'wusku, with tho Two Hundred uud HiToml Nfw Vork IMI liuuid untied at nocn for flnur del Hi». It baa been fully demonstrated thai Ely's Dream Balm IB a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold In the bead. This distinction baa been uonieved only as tbe result of continued suo cessful use A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cared by this purifying and healing treatment. Bold by drug g ists or it will be mailed for 60 cenia / Kly Brothers, 66'Warren street. New York. It spreads over tb? membrane, U absorbed and relief is Immediate. TryOr.ln-01 Try Grala-OI Aak your grocer to (bow yon a package of QKAIN-O, tua new tood irlnk that takes the place of coffee. Tbe oblidren may drink it without lu- ury aa well at the adult. All who ry It like U. QRAIN-O hai that rich teal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is make from para grain*, and tbe most delicate atomaoh receives it without dlstrew. One- ball tbo prlee of coffee. .60 and 20o per package. Bold by all drugglsti. Hav* You Bun CougtilDg a dav,» week, a suoutb, a iewf Dr. Bell's PiM-TftV-Uoiiey will cure (bat cough. There can b« no doubt of It. thai oared many other* equally se- rare, Drugglitt Mil it. V>-s. No urenopay. Tb« IttdM** an wepowibl* tot moroeicknew, mff«rittg, auadeattu than any other organs ot the body. A m»)orit.v of tbe Hit afflicting people today to tr*c*ab!« to kidney trou- i>ie. tt pervades all ctatacaot society, in all climate*, rejrardlece of age, MX or condition. Tbe symptoms of kidney troublo are nnmi-Uble, nicb as rbeamattam. neuralgia, isietple-wness, pain or doll acbe to tbe bacfc, • tfesfra to orioate often day or tnigni, profaee or scanty mpply. Uric acid, or brkk-4o«t depcttt in urine are Cigna of clogged kidneys, causing poisoned and gmm- filled blood. bomeUme* the heart acU badly, and tabe caetsK wasting of tbe kidneys) are found in tbo urine, which U neglected Will result in Brlght's disease, tbe moat dangerous form of kidney trouble. All these symptoms and conditions are promptly removed under tbe influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Koot. It baa a world wide reputation for its wonderful cores of tbe moat distress iug cases. 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Good to g ONLT on special train leaving Alton 8:30 a. m. and tor return on special train leaving Chlcag ll!30p. m., Dec. 13th- C HRISTMAS 1S08—NEW YEAR 1899-For tn< above the C. £ R. R. will sell eicoroloi tickets, at low rates from Alton to all station! ulihln 200 miles on Deo. 21, 26,28 a-d 31, 1898 and Jan. 1st and 2d, 1899. Return limit Jan. 4 H unters' Rates to specified points in Alabama Arkansas, Kentucky. Michigan (lower pen Ininla), Michigan (upper), Mississippi, Mis Hour I, Minnesota,, Tennessee, Virginia, Wes Virginia and Wisconsin, via Big Four. For In formation and tickets call on G. H. Hamilton Ticket Agent. T he C. & A. R. R. Is arranging a series o Winter Tours at low rates to Cuba, Porte Rico and Jamaca via Tampa. Florida. All qnar antlne restriction against the Island of Cuba have been raised and the regular lines of Cvean transportation will i ave I heir vessels In ter vice at an early da e. 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F or California Tourls 8—The Burlington Rout< bau weekly tourlat sleeper excursions, per sonally conducted(by a Burflngton Route Agent overt WedooBday f om Bt. Louis, and Tbura day from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Lo Angeles acd San Pranclaco. Tbe route Is via Denver, Scenlo Colorado, Salt Lake City will 88 per cent am bhlne throughout the year. Ask your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partiou lira. Homeseekere Excursion at very low rates 1 'via Big specified points m Alabama Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Ter iltcry, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota.Okla horn a, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin aii< Wyoming. Tickets will bo on sale Nov. ISth Deo. 0 M, Jan. 3-10; Feb. 1-K. March, 7-10 For full Information apply to G, II. Hamilton Ticket Agent. 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Big money 1 Two-«tory l-room frame Dwelling on Bluf K-iore tract near EdwardiT Ue Ooailng. One (tor; (-room brtok dwelling, oor Mb and Vine ata. io-«ore feijn, I mllei lontbweit of Brighton. Twilory brtok itore, No. Ill Bella it. 6Uir-acre firm, good brick dwelling u< (ramoMrn, Jeney oountT. .._.. Two-ilary brlok itore, No. lit Bell* it, Two-atorr 9-toom frame, alate roof dwelling, i ac»e« of IIM. B0o»os« for pur- I >ta »ti< oAaaer. One-itory 4-rocm tiutt dwelling, oor. Alby "rwo'aae loti*on Blete •ireet.mortb of Bluff it Two loti on Dry ilre«t, Twp^tory l-roomlr«»e dwelling, Urge bug and ill tore* of Uud, 1 forth Alton. ^w/«jw ».»kw_mlTee^ortli of^pper Al»» LTSrrfe'bVud^ri-^rTldi-ai. rtail ^V-^^.'MS'o^tb,, ... HB m, ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. B»Ut«of Deniel W. Collot, deo«M»d. Tne uoderwlgned btvtng been Appointed A4 mlolfttrvior of the o*t4(6of DANtBl. W. OOIXET, late of the ooi noli, di lunty of Madlaon and BUUi of 1111<S, h«r«by »!»•» notice that he will « U« Wntr Court of UadUon f+^.~L vr_7.__ t_ DU«.K_J.«lll. A a. -o- We cordially invite you to call and Inspect the Grandest 4ssortment of CHRISTMAS GOODS We have ever shown. Mexican Hand Drawn Linen, German Spachlet Work, Battenburg Lace Work, Japanese,China hand-painted Opal ware. New "Cyrano" Chains, Pocket Books. Hand Bags, in a greet variety of styles, and Eodgers andGallet Celebrated French Perfumes In bulk. Peau D'Espagne, Vera, Violetta, White Rose and Jicky. Next to Your Wife Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your little, thin undershirt and drawers must give wa to heavier weights. Where will I buy? you say to yourself. I don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will I know? Do you know us? We believe we have the best values in Alton. Will you help us p ove it? 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Also a Job lot of Men's and Boys' Fine Russian and Viol Kid Slippers at a sacrifice. This is worth investigating. All kinds of Ladles', Gent's, Misses and Children's Rubber Boots, Over ghoes, 8. A. Overs, Storm and Croquet Rubbers, greatly reduced in prices at this sale. PFIEFFER & BAILEY, 5TAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager, DON'T MISS THEMODELS Sacrifice Sale :< ,Gor. 3d and Piasa sts. "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO. FOR 5ALB, CORBUJi ;.iMdlBlBstMMte.lfMlwMk* r obw. ApplTitThis o«ojs. . At po 901 f v • ir ESH ' ' -J "" - v,. -^ >>. ', :>£

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