Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1927
Page 5
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Two Must Lose OF M LbRED lAdilress in (iruilel Wiixhiiiptonis BrtnHay— Barley *itor« .Inliu; Barley has and tire new oWneil ilKirgc. He is gettirg teady for a, Wi' nnderstandl Uu'i giiods to Brons sftj this stofk o to •);)Wn lilt I ' iiiKJ ( I,oil) illi)V(' Mr. s pi ill Ili .iiw. !aii Siiiida •V(;ia \v.. '•in. A, l .i I )Ut. wf hope sKxtk of good Charlton's a] Kliii," and I -fly An ilie farm va and,' -Mrrf. Cla hi^ \vi'i 'k '<'M" I tidnii n<ic UfKJ;.s :ui^ 1 . Hig •n<jc Kf ;jl A. flimily .<in.-nt lioiii'- siai.iit'day. (|ayH .liiXilliJriOH O .r tl. .Mod day. >j^K<!ljni ' Sal ird I •V rs. I. I'li'raii.s Shi Krni.- II iiir w •ll .v. r lliiiliV K. Ni!V : .Mrs. .Shi.. jvtsiii ilidi .' ii. sli 11 r lis ..S)illird|ay: night ilio t:r; I\i-ttiiil 1 ji|lni:' w lin. .\ Lillir on nde land lor ii lit l)i-aii \\i-v\- iJhu- .Midiiul vi KciiffI irnd .Mps.s lii-nlta .spci>t jilu; \v«'<'k Ncv-ill. Jr. S.4 .Mi'ribitH njglit with It. .\I day KOU. .Ml-.and .•flrs. siieVii of ll)la. Sinijhiy witli MI: Ion jPalterson. ilj-s. Carroni', At 1-1 iMrs. i^atun ai K «*.l'jilnotH School oil Sol«L ol^ liis ston has ' takeiil ht :)n will tak( \V<» half ^ods leave on(ie one will iA the biiild- :ro I at •e.) nio|\-Jng io| •Burris will li iJy iluiii jWairen ilhe ifan-iil; ig he ;ili nan <aini liecii away -diffiTeiit d SpaillHli It'll ugUill iiri'sldtiil. aiiM In liti .\Ir.K. Kn visiiiirs jilld lii)l> ami III loia iv-.; .lollII Bar- llowcr .-i left III'! excursion ^•aik'y. 'IV.\as- >aul Wagoner itiirs'' Sunday, i of (iarnelt with .Mrs. R. .spent Thiirs- F. Dicken- C!ort )l 'tL Thompson av nigiii and •1 .Mrs. I'res wert! lernijo t> Mrs. Patterson iior.-i LMonday a .Mi-.i anil .Mr.s I.oni' iKlni speni Alct.Aldums. • I .M^i and .MrsJj IrJ.-i Weiiiifsday evt |iiing I'alljer.soii'.s. Tlieire was a \\'il£i<| Iliisting .Siitiiraay at Hank |larg: I'Hion servifd' IniK' B<jil)i .Meeks aiild.n ily C. Snn aid nJinipy of I'leas- II i and Sam nf Iviiu-aid Spiliman': l-'lioVd - Wilson la|>- in I>aH:i li'my , Welihe lilish i'it>! spent Kay! home. , , .Mts.l IJi|kenso|i vi>- honir- kiiiiday. IC in 1 .M I lulls ()Aei- diiuie 10 " T n fC. Harris 1 Sunday ,. pvrrv ^ Hay. Uoselirj feo .Moran a(d arte jpiint ink .Sun I the1r.iie|xy! hf me(. uissi iiid Ml sp';iit ! Siiiiilav jitv j^U: land :Mrs'. I>yrl .lUf^gs. .Mi-, iaiid .Mrs. fiir«il Ijlutton liave siarie(l Iibu^ekeepinil o|n the ("has. toiwii. Walton .al- iw in Kiii- I'ayiie fjirm. .Mr. j a;iil .Mrs leiKrji 'd the pic caidi Satiirdav i -Till- body of falhev. the late .iHon -grhi I'roiii .\" htMifl FIo! lire if,^ht: .Mr. jHiiphs grand- Amos vad:^. Dnie ;in| I 111 :\\-a.s In tie HI glis h 111 c indufteil [ ajt •riie !4i )ay .ind hel •'airliew ICemeiury. llie (iliitu;iry iiekt iweidt Tiijm .Aiidersoji, and! riiooij at ^^: •i. Cijl l{ii.xton a:n re viUiling Sinn Mr Heal|li w av. ivi'B li;t F, 1,.,-r 's •tl Hi Tllesji Hi iiig Siief: .Sc Lew • I lie (urenl 1 l.'v k'hap .iii- i Fo ml fa njily and Tom amjl; pi'iiijly i'l" "jt Sunday at till Hiown 1 lime in; Wes- neighliorl ojiid. fid fa'iiiilv of Bonner I .-<]iriil V-rlo.v J Fi ie^nds inis?^eil K .MJ-s. Stjella Al Henry. 1^- 1 lyler gs ar .Mar-; from! L>ynol< .Missf^s Kdith Nev Viviah Hoi Iler,»LMr!^. .\[rs. Klizii belli I'icka iier. HicUii an. . laidj ver<- .Mijdred wecij Tl cal niarc Mr ind' .Mr.s'.il.iU; hold duv. ; Allien J.aHiirpe land loe 1 lamily oi' ^ii'-s V sited ijiindii.v. j Mii aiid| Mrs. [Ketch l.oiiike spent Frida\ ICrni ' Ha^-ris's Onf-y Kuselir^ipks at A-i iliittoii'sj. : Fli;issij' iujch *ipi!iit , 'in l.iia. I jWliile then eves Irealjed. • 'liileiici' l-aacs. w1 ill K?iicaid Satiirdtiy. I.irja I'ligli • spent iiiioJMi wlilli Ooidth.xj W| W. jWeber and .Sunday in Clianiite. .M?-;. l -i -na jiliic .Mmiilav (riinv I 'leaj Spil .-•pekit jf'oUins Kiniaid -Norton spent It Trestoii am rt*. :in Sun a n;d Oawson of rowil The 1. at the Farni- maii and fam- S^nday at fimiily spent family !ia.\l at the lot Hon i5 at the n;iy family iiojon. ivi>ited iurd;iy with Id family They went I'll Warren Miilikboldl with MORAN NEWS OF THE DAY THE iiOLA IIAILY REGTSTER. FRIDA FiirnishiiiKs iii' reople's Hffvu- (re siiiH Leases Itiiildiii ill Manu ^;<T. (.Mrs. (i. H. Fordl .MORAX. Feb. 23. -Von catl ly depend: on Kansas to s real c^nnieback -oii weatlier. that siidrten drop- iii last week every day since lime liBH been just wonder Heirs of the late A .|.l. Sh< emak- er have just sold thp siil urban re.sldence and ten acre ti|iit; ! land belonging to the aix .lohn Tyler, and jvisse.ssion he given imniediaiely. K. ..MlCornidck. who ha I (|Uile ill lor the past few d 'improving ag'iii. .Mr. .McCo ! Is a sufferer lom asthma ut\ j iinll! thiij attack been well lor Home' time and It lie will now rarddly recover. W. K. Nortll in e.\peeled IhJH evening fioiii a biiii |iieHy< to Tf-pi-ka and'Kansas (!liy. A family dlliiler was given day evening in! lionof of .Mrs Hurley's sl.xll?tli hirlllday verSiiry. Covet-.s were laid f^r following guests; .Mr. and S.^ U. Skiigus. Air. and Mrs. Hes.son Sit-, and .Mrs. Hoy I aiid .John. .Ir.. .Miss Maggiij Cuire of lola. ami the honor .Mrs. Ilufley and i.Mr. Hurley, friends oiit.side the family join in extending all good! ' for many happy returns of jb -sure- age a -\rter temprjratuVe tliat ul. 01 te to is -to been yh. is •mai'Ji d had iiniistially liojiyd home trip The fixtures and furnisliirigs of I from tliat. I ;the People's Theatre hav*- sold to r. AI. Ralston ai^d. hi i leased the bnilding and will liniiethe business. .Mr. and TlIVK- .lobi! iiiini- the Mrs. C. C. iirli'v Me- >;uest. .Manv liirele isbos 1 day. 11 EjVENING, FEBRUARY 25, 1927. IVImf Has j^^'oiie Before Deallil strike^- Garrett Folsom while Ixitliing -at Ocean Town. Is: J. ji Is thotight at first be lis a. striikp victiiii. but investigation >hoVs hehaS been stabbed to death bi'neath 'hu water. Folsoi^is .swiiiiming eonipan- ions lipd been Hoger Neville, a business partnei iBarnaby and C; ilt is established jiist il)efore his -Standing next l <i i-; .Mrs. Helen rinelita Valdon. that Folsom. Icatli. had been Ned Barron, jkViown sis the copper king. Ana stasia Fo, and' masterful man. ari'lves and lGarcj)l^\\feU4 .som. eccentric iUer of the dead takes coinnianir.' At the inquest iti is learned that llio ueath wnapoji was a piehaq, an' OrienUil knife, and thai It had beiiii bought- on the Uoard- Iwalk. ; II ,is also psiab'ished that one jCra.vdon Sears •urioiis • knives. <ag.'s Til us Kigi^. an () work! on the -ase. on. the! dead mi4n s ives. aliil noli l-'renc!i dolli* in •(join. He tells I 'I he miirderc ioin" iiiipleas^iii s a fancier ; Anasiasia architect. Dun IVl- nephew. ar- kiiow if two jorj three, but [thci|? niiy ca <ily be ;more whom I do m t krjow. Any one! of them nio.v be the murderer.f "Iponipliciited speak of.•'• ed onti? I At any rate, ol ?Hcss you'll have to let ni rough ithose letters yo fTite at[ the t-ious si nnunceil Rjg.!rd li-ggs Hiucklcd to himself i '-vas .glad to inherit h shield, his uncle'! a .s;| po.ssidle wai it •rt the <Mirl6uK" larrell Fidsiiiii's' I'ilns Itiggs that ! is (llHcovered. things may -<iiiii> lo l.'gbt ablaut his iiiiele. .\oM (;<i On Uith file Mory • —1„. CHAI'TI-:R XXVI. "'I'iieii. I sliall have to speak lijainly." .said Rr^gs. "You don't pace yoiir^ late uncle on quite so h gh n pedty^tal his sister does'.'" "N0 --I0 be equally frank - f don't, never liked my; uncle, but aside !\Ien and W'omd Kd go Larson anil <-hildren expect to early {next w-eek to near reccfiiily ROBERTSON^ Three candiilates who will rarry Chicago's mayoralty war into' the .April geliej'al election -are pictured i above. William K. Oever, nenioi-ratic • incumbent, seeks re- eleiliijii. William Hale Thompson I won I lie Republican nomi- Dr. .Idliu IJill Roliensiin is Un 'independent cai^didate.' try. .\rk.. wher^ the.v ed lor a large tract of farm I Air. and Airs. fj. C. Larson j main liere iiniil after school i .Mr. Uirson has, business \ yet to look after that will n his attention until lhat.timie. .Miss Kffie and Oma OliiihanI, who are ill of measles, are galling on nicely and will soon be entirely recovered. Cen- trad-_ land.! will re-lj Boses. : niiitters jqiiire lui.^i just ^nation. I appreciate having folks certainly goiiil boards. The primary folks made suiibon- net dolls one day last week; and enjoy seeing liiem on' the walls, i Visitors al school the past week were': -Mrsi Delia Davis -ijf Stroud, i President;: Henry Orimm. vice GENEVA (.Mr.i. Deila Leavilti Feb. 21.— .\o items of iiewij week as the correspondent w lola helping care for measl Leslie I^eavitt's. The hall slodkholder.s- h^Id annual nusiness meeting last day night which resiilted In following election: W. .V. n net I). Illuftoiii'.-i Hughs, w-as ^Io.. .Monday 1 the funer- hiirch here Id lo rest in We will give amily ST-';: oift .Aliu. 1 Aliss Opal ^^t Lallariie bf Cihada. is visit- Oklahohia. Alr.i. Hlgi:inhotham (if Klsinore'. .Mrs. M.vers, Airs. Riibel Sinclair, .MISS .Millie Hasting.s, .Miss Alar.s Doiilca. Airs. F. C. DickeBsoni .Mrs. Olivi- Jlegwimd and Airs. Ira! Norton. . , i We enjoy conipan.v and are al-; ways glad to liavf folks c.ill andi see till- work lieliig done by Hie: l-Ilildlfell. 'riie Hughs ciiildren were ab-i feni froiii school the first of ibe Week oil a.i-coiint of llie death of tlieir grandfather. The pupils of the grammar room and their leallier. .Al'iss Long weiit on a hike after sciiool Tuesdjiy and took luiicli with tlieni. AIIss Knima Lung. Aliss Meriheth .•\lir. and Harlan Isaac have been apiioiiiiei! by County Superintendent F 'liireiK -e C. Hound to Cxinduct the eighth grade diploma exaraina- tiiin (Which will be given in the gruiuiii;ir rooyi of Hie grade school linildiivg. ; i -\ little girl'has • (onie t6 make her home wtli Air. .ind Airs. Ray Clark, wild arc at liie .parental Stiikiiey home. . j .lime llaiiis s|>cnf Aloiiday night idem: .Malt Alice .MMler. ! Call, chairman Bradley, secretary: treasurer: \ V, -orge board of mana|;ers: been has conMrs: o li last IS in •s at their LMon- tbe l|rwin. prev- h R: I'll: SI tl II S( •hii Ceorge .Mahle and tiertriide Kjimvl- loii. lielpers. ' Irwin Tlppin has been ente^tnin- iii: H:e m^asIt'S {he past weid and Aliss .Vairfiie Tlppin is thinking abi,iit enierlalii|ng tiii.s week: also we hear Orace.v Kidilberg is yiiil sick with them. , ' : " Knf.wltou's store nnloadeil i car of feed and floiir thji' last wi ek. .•\ lot of steel for Indian Creek bridge was uiiIoad-<l hixe Fi iday. and Karl e Iier Selniai ls"s SI; lieck III df . CJarnett, .Mrs. jVilliain Lock- visiting af visited lay. at iKinks, Hazel rifick of Kin- uallers this ey urif jiatr^ins of our lo- ^(iith BroAvn. SMlieatley Und the Ade)- honie Siin- liiiiinii^Ke, a|iil family of '^inda.::e and Bob-Muir's Inn and •.\iiiia veiling at jiejnt- .Sunday [the week' she had she Jias been with h Toll ver. | Air. T/>IIiv Tile i -liililreii stayed giiii Simjlair. (iriido School Tl e entiri- grlide ill -Mrs. Warren- noon and Haturday Weber. Ii'ainily spent lir returiii 'd Hilton where. sisler, -Mrs. t is very ill. -^lay Wid. .by -M atte We min grals'ful her Iir:it|iiin Tiitf tifti' Id id It ion pijlriotiii all iss Alary Danica iippe tlieif' niajiiy ,good' I'll lughtf.. which will Ifnser I )ng in their riie tfacb rt feel very to .Miss Doi ic a for giving and it was a fitting cele- )f Washing on's birth'day. I? gave the jflag salute, land rjepeated the tiim piip s;irigr I tViiierica, Loril'si jitiryer. Tliei seventh grad maliiiig nai>er maphd - if ii ijlackljoarilii ' T lieeii i f nja paint; and wUI ed In ;a Uie boards 1>(^ |p4inted' sooi ris of Hntii- -.Alrs. Kva Howhiiiirs birthdii nii-ersary will lie "uesday. 22. but a few relati^]es and fr gave a bin Inlay dinner for Sunday. .-\ pyraniiilj birthday with white iiing decorated cherries and pin! -\meriian flag at the top w-aH center of attractioi. designed baki'd t)y Mrs. .1. F. Cosha. present were: Alr.Jand .Mrs. ' Oliver. ' Klmer. Karl and Kve i Mr. and .Mrs. Claude Walk, ren and Lovouia; .Mr. and hatchfts wir.b an the and Tlhose ilohn jell: Var- Mrs. Ab Carjienter. .Mr. Walk and Olire; an- Feb. ends her cake with .Ml. and Mrs. Frank Louise: .MI-: and .Mrs .Smith Leh Ci; and .Mr.s', Allen and .Ted; .Mr (iosba. Clai"e and Liicien and:' Leavin and Lewis. ' ! Britiiell Baker .spent Siiiiday night with Lewis Leavitl. .;' .Mr. and Airs. ."Viite Inge aiiij; Sylvia and Laura .May Skinner ilwere uiih Alif- Alcrilii-lli .Mer. Rodney I l.ce Iiiir:-is was an evening visit- at tile .M'-r ^'.oiiie.' SCIKMII Niiles. I . iThclma I. Kelly) i Merlyn Triiiilile lias b -.en absent from school oil account of illness, Tile basket ball lio\s esci'ni 'd from being sef|iously injured in a wreck' on iluycfiin-i cte; road .wi -sij of Lallarpe last Thursday nightl wheii on their way fo -iday basket-| bail with lola. The boys were slill; frighten-d white, playing and lolajlman were callers at the Le wa.s sucv-essfiil with a score of 2S -|'home Sunday, i:; ;j Ceorge Sherwood <rared for"! Charles Burris visited school* i chickens, ogg.s and hoiisep Friday afternoon. 1 1 while Delia Leavitt was in and rl is. !l. F. lella iiizing pains, just ili-uggisi: am! get always felt hate j to say he was- it- was a pshaw. I Utfie-" • : "Oo on," 1 W'.'H. r.nderslanil. ' mean 1 tlkonght. i feared, hither, that, there were .some transactioii.s. in which was engaged! that wouldn't •mil the ligbl." 'Dishonest'/" •-Not in the' gifnerall.v accepted sifnsn of that woid. no. But dis- norable—oh. ijdon't know just liiw to express It.;" Have you anv-j proofs of these nifcus.ntloiis'.'" ! i Ob, they're n6t really yccusa- ins. But I alwiy:^ suspected iin- was up to Slime <leviltry. and idler 1 got aiinffi wire about his at!i! I nipped djowii to his room. « lere he wa.s staying in .\ew York, j aid I found a 'liig full of papers ai d letters, and ij brongh.t it aloiis le ;with me. calling on evening. ' Air. and Alr.s. and Alildred ami Delia Leavitt .Suiidiiy Howard ly<!aviti .Mrs. Zelhi Free- avitt ens, ant.s lola AIi-s. Cracie Frame visited school; I last week and he surely k^ows Frii'.-.i^x- afternoon. lihow-. The pariiiit-teaclier meeting was|: Kvery other woman you slieak postponed'Thursday night because;'; will) has an incubator setlin: |of bad weather - and the jipreaker ' .A|(r. and Airs. Frank Boone, filven- here. Th<^ dnlyn and .Mrs. -Alaynie Deiney next Thurs- I .^peiii Sunday at (Jiiy ^Denney'ii. Airs Heslop, Sidney and -Xfllie : Byfield visited afFred HesIop 'jS in ;.\":'<?sho Falls Snmlay- ' Ibefng lllialile to get jmeeting will be held lay if the weather will permit. | The, isi-niors wU send for their f iivilatijons soon. \ Olen: Burris aiid Floyd ITeath Maved -with Haioid Do'/.ier Thursr lay night. end her lire shopping aft- Kdiia and j iMetin , Hilltop were ibsont froiu Hili'iol Friil:iy.. j The buys •had basketball prac'- 1( e Monday evi ning. The Inns and i^irls will play La- i Harpe Frii!:;;.- ti!g!i: Wo wish bolji ;ieains su: c. s^ in winning both 1 iganies. _ 1 I The A'leii I Diinly ba'ski^tbail ! Iiiiir ''.a:-ieiii will be held jii' iolsi I Mar II I and .• The MildriiJl Iwi .vis itir Mr Ku­ an -T'lls 1 he s nihil tici FrMav ^otPK. bool gather- room Tues- Stelied t.o a Iress given She h?ld the of the]<ihiUli1eii and' gavi are students rhajjs. u )stairs have heiw "tfoat • of downstairs The school We understand that .Vidlie Oob is now Airs. Cillespie. Airs. Knowltoii .and Alarjiiret called on Airs. Ceita iDickersuii ?>un- da.v. s|ee|)iiig dogs Yes. just that:. I'm sure that toj 'opi 'ii up ilie hidden fife of Car- hit Foisom would bring lo light trnlhs of such a nature that my nniit would sink; under tin load '>lj gtiill and shame that would at- taMi lo his memoi -y." "You're not exaggerating this, M^-. Celton?"-.Vo. I doy'i think so. I daresay viiii can guess the sort of nefar- io)is businCfSs he carried on." From what you say, or rather fr 1111 what you don't say, I can't iiili;. thinking it must be some fi> -m of blackmail." 'Yes. Iliafs right. But not any ccnimon. ordinary blackmail, or any small jobs. It'.--- mel-ely' that he krew a few sei-rets concerning the lives of several people mostly bis fri !eiids --l mean, iipparenf. friends — ind-over these he had such a fe: rful hold that they ;were forced to pay him bis price or be expo led." This is strong talk. Air. I'el- loi ." ; • But it is true talk. And I have pr lofs- that i .s. some proofs. How- ev 'r.- I hesitate to biing.lhem forth, be aiise any of them 'would siif- fi< e to throw susjiiclon on a man w |io may he ent'rqlv innocent.*' '.And, loo/ for your aunt's .sake, y.- II hesitate to bring ' forth ihis 111 <v side to. the tragedy?" 'Oh; 'partly for aunt's sake, but mrre hecaiise I leel this way about situation. .\nd ye a choitie in the miiitter] ist w'je not follow where the wa; poin 1 til I Pclton. He didn't si spect j, I having any hand in his th'higiit that Tiibby's. pre- K-ret was']lhus openly an by tVItcJn. • ' had Ipok.ed forward to iiplbnialtie effort pn his part io .2 the i nei|hew oif the dead man his • uncle's papers. .An was fairly Rigf^s" attehljpn. j; he. though'/ . AVas ^e th^ strx^igliflorward (jharac thrnstinf; then] •jippeart'd' His attitude! about wanting o be' memory iis 1 right, but coiili PAC E FIVE Rigg^ be' kui'c that tlid letters anil docuinent.^j lie was no specti Wf;re intact as jihad tun nil them, or /l pered' with the lot aj ! any He chose'.' j It War- largely imajj I'-tinct. bnti Tile Riggs about to in- frhen PeTtoii Hjad he tam- ijl abstracted ination,;or in- idid not trust him of . „^ . tincle's death, iurtihe did thiiJkj the nephew that M he his nest in so. could fuHher feather any way.j Be would dp So.; together, the tWo meii <went ' • -• •- - jfijll of letters i I through the suit-ase , and papers. (To Be (onti iited) >VIia( do P«!Hon ill - ill Folsoin's paners Iwerii Folsoni's -vlctllnv" atOreaii towiil i i —For . prompt res 1 bfassified .Columns. Real Relief From The ToFtrnjing Pains of NIeuritis n Kvervwhere Seldom iPail to •a I iiDf' from the le's victim' hand, he Nvas rijuj-der, ought 1 [.iiia^li'r (low gro; Folsom had b« the man w- you've tried everylhini^ think of and nothing seems relieve those piercing, ago- go to .somi"; gooi^ ;i bottle of Allen rliu Special rorih'ila No. 2-. Be s'.ire .villi gel No. i: which comes in lapsule form. • Talie these littlij dark green cap sules i .irectcd and notice -how \ in; about 2-1 h(ii.r$ they liavtj cdn- Ssiiierabl.v rediiind, if not eijlirelj binishei those- persisting - jnei-vt racking ipains that.have caused yoi; many sleepless jii!ghts. \yiiile, this, ipalrticular fprmula GetQuii-k Relief From Pain ai dj Suffering was cornrounded ' foi the purpose of conqnering painful, K '«>"ty conditions and what is| Rheumatoid Arthrit painful sjvelling of pajrt has proven wonder uljy successful in niost forms ol Neuritis and Sciatic Nerve Pains. Yoit needn't b<' afr: iit of its containing (lope of any ki iiE—it doesn't. Such ;tli and can l:al rf>IJ Be su then geti No. 2. lots of i jngs are on r. be you've got It seems lii] Inyj uncle, m:jde '•noiiuli.' witliout hel«liai- tl af ;i:i!y; 1 ivoiihi bring snsjuiiiin hot upon the jeeps id ;a dozi erifibli- thing t» [Vll this i .Now —well. Air. iig.--.. those documents go to prove aj my respectdd uncle was de- rving of very litMe respect, and iat whoever did him in. really ri I <\-orld of a pretty black eld ioiindrel." • ; ".\nd s() you iliink it might be I j ,,.rhaps iiol siriki.- the.right man Iter to let sleeping dogs lie " | aiming them." ^1 big qtlestiiih. •iiipppse n I 'd |hate^ III briiil (jin tl lot! Of iiinoj ii|tandpo!nt of yoiirjer. .\»>i iSut.; on the other'!'^ecrifls fiiiii'dured. and his 1 Jf'^uad > be avenged. .\o J belie} t a villain Garrett ' baif 1. it Moesn't exciil- j dereij |io Uilled him." )I. luit as I -said. 1 unjusl suspicion ; eiit inen. and then ( s] legac.v. and diRlttXsma 1 -\nd J who Jits U8e the jknow^n ' as s^a knotty, tlie joints—tt y i makeshifts at the 'best iiv'e only por- i(riti Neilritis and AUenrhu Sptclal. Formula Cook's Drug istore sells DR. H. L HULLS Twenty-one Years Experience ftormeily |oI i Sn. ClSTcUni ii UlUi: Di Mlilst Dn. Mlllk & Th impiion; Ulllr Tliompioiii & HTcrs; Drs. lUtllijk Hytn. Now Operati Th^ Finest San tarium j Io' the Southi eit IlocaUd oin ~XtM tUid floo« ot 'tha OnloMttlonaHBaolT: BalldlDg—fiar -bJockt -'on tli» |tJiilo;D sutlon. ' Wichita, K^nj Convcinience for * tienfs Comfort and it will ^etijiire some th|inkiiig over before 'V" jc:in'settle \\, Look here, isn't {•i)|er...NevilIe an assficiale in bnsr- iiesH vvitli your uncle'/'' "lie- uas in sonW ways. Yi.ii iee^ Cliele C.arrelt hall several lines .if bti.-inijss and manv varied :n- 1 er»sis. ; all uf .vhiih brought in iio,^ey. Neville w;is with him in : on e of these schemes. But I've n .i ea Jii 'i ti^ think or asyunie t'hat loger .\()ville liad any part in or even any jknowlddge oi'these things 1 si|e;ik qf." i "Well, !we must ask .Veville." • ; "l)o it' ^iiardedl.v. l>)r if he knows ^ nothing about it; all. We don't want-! <in !;pbten him." • .' \ , ^ "i'hen; iagaiii. .would it not be Funiiture. Fixtures Equipta4nt ThrouRhou Double Robmi, rkmoved withou^ OK, tyinB or biferoinK. Seldom ever! aiiy detention from buii- PriT«ie Rooiiii, P1L E S \ Rectal Sipecialisf W1S«> .•4eci lo let ef/ To diisn ayed to uroliL'-doing, vpur.''elf. Aliss ks with fort die would iil|i. however b lioc llie igtioraiice of •li daresay it .voiii- aunt in on this lie 'liure. she would • be leai-ii of' voiir uncle's bill as you have said Fid.-^om call- stand tude. -And it jiiay i-athi'i-i-know the i. I ban to be kept St." may be so. But liiy i .tiiiif so revifre.s and <herishes Her jbrotber's niemoryi that it woiild . I'o hard -vvith hei- to dearn he wasi li'ssj the rajis tacks. Y^iu see. .voiir atiiit ([ase ;li:in slie wi iVcll. leaving moment, let! engaged me fori her. .\: jougbt him." Iliat: qiie.stion for us get down to to iilvestigale this |)w. have 1 a right For Young People Ulilhy Art .sholl I'i'ames are matlj} for hard jwear. A fine frpme for the rlrjiiph andtuni- ijib c ay.s of childhood. I I ' .' - _'hi-H • Your Dinyinaal idai. iiiiigi is 111 hi- presi-nt.- qill/. week. i iiiires held play prac- ftlghf. , .Mis . I.istoii gyve eai,ii one the iiKiiors ii 'pr dty • valentirt' Monday eveiiiii)' after s<-hool. Stop That PTOMETRl^S 5. OPTICIANS" - 1 Before another: day .\cnldl n':iy 'be stopped in ;j( liniirs. flie fe-er cheeked tbl'! bpwcls opened, the entire system tonbd. The wiy is IIlLI^'S- a wal -15 pfricieiu llrii we paiij $l.ono.nrji fpr it. Hi -n't rdyion lesser heln. njnd don't delav. ithe rqu'ck. <Soraplel" rerUlt.s that HILL'S is :liringing millions. aiLL*S 6iK«n:BrMmi!e-QmM B« •urajniu ^ HILL'S, in th* t»d bo* with p«rttirit. At aU idnicfUt*=306. , THE B^St- YOUR LAST TRIBUTE The Monument We Kreet At Your Direction will endure the best the the de.sign am; ffir jage.|<. ' iiiirries We pro( ih.scription deep and [ only uce. tut .stand time it ning the erec .services are build a founffiitSon jthat will with- iV^. If you iire plan- on of a membrial our i!t lyour command. WILLIAMS MONUMBNTALWiORKS 301 South W^hingiort, Phone 676 r 'hat I DidTbc aV"Ijlan Brings 3tjt Many Kind and Helpful D^eds by trl 'Mill intil •an Ibi i .f i.r the past fou nhoni operators t K.iiiJas haie bef(i| If courtesy, k brlpluluess extf 1; n in the i.rdinar\| ;dutv.| TiH^ pra< called th" pl.Jn. -Soiiiecf jhe jni I- iiei{ls'are stiti ted each month ptiii'teil' ci'n siiial c;^rd..i. sc i-a -ds ai-e forwi rdnl ti> V rei tral otTii-e in Ka. distiUyed on ^ulfetiji ai-.i •III. eve am boa -ds. 1 bis telf pbonj- car yiiig III iiirllentii, dr, uf tilcsc Shd tli4 am: afr. iiei chi wali-r. sail] try inq the hpirit of sen ict; even f^evXind ordiiLry call of duty selected at] rcixirted by tel f,. ire publisIicJ J thk me (Litlince. releph< Oper itdrs •Wliat 1 l)id Ian has berti ah inspiration people arid oluntary acl iK-eiued very exij if A \z w-re crying necf ion ind heard tbd baby had was nearlj- chok t id t J suggest j; ctlrtain abou diN 4 or ahd asked .h white of 4 ny giod. iI then ; warn sah water \n<S the ladv koh' as t he cllild bias been feoh tipn |ie haid beguif no\T niurh better, enoilgh for my IDA MAU.OI^ SERVldE MEANS MANY' itHI^fGS TO OPERATORS lone TJmily Instructions years firoughj- rrportj- ndhe.s.S, deij by c<j^rse ti-.-t is •ri>-. "While tailing to'an lufticial of one the iMiiks he reiuarkfll itli^t I'neir P.B, oper„lor was ill and tlu-y were usiiij}) bteiiograpiier; iS a Mibstiitule orierator i siked if jljcould lie of a i :>sistaiic« in showing her li -. t » operarie jthc lioard and i iiiiiei:iat|eli.- arceptcl my-; ffi- Ib^ t-emaimler uf ;!iK-h hourj was siient in til !i< ting tlje-subsii:lite optr-; i!l.>r. I jief- in ih^ altrrni^in; t|i- asslbtaiat ca-hirr ca t lirdi jesulti'd The following randcim froiji bun- epliline oiiera^ors in to indicate the scope ivit^esi i I Htelpsj Poisi meld Child The ilther day ah dy failed' a nlimber. tedi aiid souiyled as siijxTvised t le cooler tell her h isliand ...w.illoWed CI al oil. ng to Lx-ath. I was ;|ny jremed> nithout iti so I '.^led a alwdt glvyijjj the eUg i or wai m salt .. . then callejl th'e lady, aid she thc\ had tried eg« white, but itjdi.ln't sked her if sh«l would I later 1 ca nic that (jivin the saltj to improve: ihe t-ould not ad'-K^' suggestion 4lui , Siiperrisor, jl'opeka, Kansas. led to is soon water .-as thank Shows Cause of Complainri "Having i«c| a grix.r^y stoi iiioiithijieies over li|e rej; three It-it-plioi .j I: rii the I teli-pholies al lined with du pro)irie(.ii if' I l.>ii '.{iieil all t ij III! i 'le.i tiiev I ."Iter- I l.d n.<tiire 1 t r .tiisiiiisstMi). triMii |K 'o'ide t' tli'iin ,lit it lue iisn'il to;ie e re.-cntL and wanted d thante)! me for the a-sijii-] .er. '- 'I i ;>KAS- RKRRKI r. ; Wichita, Kausjt».| • t'-i' lelephontjin) 1 t'cjiid celluli •eariugjjii a.lvt:rti»eiiii|iiti .lalV;ii iiuiiitlipiet e of -Ilul'iid iiitvc otf one o.' ^'i^'•\ fo-.i.'id the iiioutllpi|> I ' I .till lint, so I askni (Iii 1 o'll 1 !|a\;e fheiu all. )l'l me I i.-'iiil I, a* he I •Keetr I -:-<i I 'lUib dirt. 1)1)11 attai hiuen'HJ lit,' el iH-eii l:nown to bin (le .-111 ilie had Loinplai its'. tli.i« r!t'',l,- '>ut hr lilt- r> 'tieceil'i|i>fd iiioullipiei .\KAI ., ( i.lf .yville. Kail Servinji the Coinraunity One, morniiga lady cilled inioriiiat hxrate: a-* party to wli to' she could rep irt a lHr({r; leak in the 4 lorth of'to*u. -She'di.l i| kr.ow the p.itf y' address. .\i calling ieveral people, I leariied, his ni au-.l plajied a, oiig di:5t .i 'nce calf toUfct liini, as the ia Iv did dot care to pav tjhei thargcii. 1 lej i|Udly_ piid for the call ^ '' thanke<l nie for takin^^ in'terest in it aaj i was a bad lea;k and there was great daiij er i • BiRNlIA C 'l<IS'E, Ida, Kansts.j i)f fire.' THE MESSAGE MUST GO HRQUGH ! I lei 't .IS.; m .as; oti eri ;;i I

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