Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 31, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, August 31, 1961
Page 4
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Maynard News Volume I, Number 14 Beef producers group To hold annuo! banquet MAYNAHD — On Thursday, the project winner in the feed- Sept. 7, the Fayette County Beef er division. Cash awards to those Producers association will hold in the feeder project will be pre- 90 youngsters took Part in reading Program, story hour Boyer, second. Canned fruit, apples, Mrs. Wesley Sorge, first; Mrs. Austin Wilbur, second. Peaches, Mrs. Leon Jacob, first; Mrs. Hugo Busche, second. Bing cherries, Mrs. Joe Wander, first; Mrs. Wayne Gran_ _ tier, second. Pie cherries, Mrs. Joe TrumdaTAu^ustSI, 1961 .^cu^^ofwS • der, second. Gooseberries, Mrs. Mrs. Hugo Busche, second. Spice, Cecil Davis, first; Mrs. W. H. v,.;„ S p C ond. Strawberries, Mrs. Davis, first; Mrs. Hugo Spice, Mrs. Austin Wilbur, first; Mrs. Kcitf. Hugo Busche, second. D.ron.ted Ceci ^ sccond Blackberries , MAYNARD cup cakes, white, Mrs. A u Wilbur, first; Mrs. Perry Shel- drn, second. Decorated cup takes, dark, Mrs. Elsie Turner, Arlington, first; Mrs. Austin Wilbur, sccond. Cookies, heney, M r s . Floyd Henniges, Maynard, first: Mrs. Blanch King, second. Fruit, Mrs. Leon Jacob, Elgin, first; Mrs. El- tnsnrf sie Turner, second. Filled. Mrs. The summer its annual banquet at the Mayn- sented by the County Bankers reading program, sponsored by ard Community hall beginning association, of which William the Community Library Hoard, promptly at 7 p. m. Dinner mus- Wilson of Oelwein is the presi- and the story hour sponsored by ic will be provided by Linda dent. the Ada Reading Circle, cl Dempster, Arlington, on the pi- The business will include the Saturday afternoon, August 20. burner ano. election of four directors. Pres- with a party for both groups at The program, reviewing the ac- ent directors are Max Jennings the hall. A total of 90 children tivities of the past year, will be and Louis Dempster of Arling- from kindergarten through third highlighted with a talk by Fred ton; Floyd Frieden of Elgin; Joe grade took part in the projects Hatch, livestock commission man Brady of Hawkeye; Clair Clax- Mrs. A. F. Bergman, chairm.-in from Chicago. ton of Randalia; Emery Wilson of the book committee at the Robert L Berry Arlington see- Also featured on the program and Henry Davis of Oelwein; and library, presented awards to Re- onc) Molasses Mrs Nnnfred O.s- will be the presentation of win- Don Hartz of Maynard. becca Tn-.esdell, Jnniece Rubber, mun dson first- Mrs Selmei ners in the Fayette county Jun- Only 400 tickets for the dinner Shurla Fuller, Jackie Hennagcr, Enckson' second Pinwheel ior Cattle Feeders project which are available. The few remain- Rebecca Hoeger, Connie Sue j oe Wander Elgin first- mi». is sponsored jointly by the coun- ing tickets may be purchased Hubbell, LuAnn Lundry. Paul Aust j n Wilbur second Ice box, second. Cream style corn, Mrs. if bankers association and the from any one of the directors. Hoyger and Paul Kuennen for Ljn ' d>1 Grimes West Union first- Hu g° Busche, first; Mrs. Glen Beef Producers organization The Tlu! prime beef for tne dinncr havinf , read and lurned in writ- Mrs ' Elsie Turner wc „ nd .' Cho- Boyer, second. Whole kernel corn, winner of the individual baby win bo furnished by the Mayn- ten reports on 10 or more books. o]at{ , brownics M rs Hugo Bus- Mrs - GIen Burington, first; Mrs. beef will be presented a trophy ard Savings banki the Elgin stat0 Qn behalf ()f lhe Rcadi cir . h ^ M[ . s Don pin(( ,,. West Hugo Busche, second Green snap by Donald M. Hartz of Maynard, bank and the Arlington State c i e , Mrs. Bergman also handed Union, second. Peanut butter, boan -"> Canl Wehling, first, Mrs. president of the Beef Producers. bank The dinner will be serv- Austin Wilbur, first; Mrs. Elsie second. Ginger, Mrs. Austin Wilbur, first; Mrs Elsie Turner, second. Oatmeal, Rita Hoke), first; Mrs. Ted Nus, scc­ ond. Chocolate Chip, Mrs. Selmor Erickson, Postville, first; Mrs. Mrs. Elsie Turner, first; Mr?, Cecil Davis, seoond. Red raspberries, Mrs. Raymond Mays, first; Rita Hokel, second. Black raspberries, Mrs. Wesley Sorge, first; Mrs. Joe Wander, second. Rhubarb, Marian Child, first; Mrs. w. H. Keig, second. Pears, Mrs. Hugo Busche, first; Mrs. Wesley Sorgo, sccond. Plums, Mrs. Joe Wander, first; Mrs. Hugo Busche, second. Dried apples, Mrs. R. M. Brause, first; Lola Boyer, second. Ground cherries, Mrs. Joe Wander, first; Mrs. Wesley Sorge, second. Six varieties, Mrs. Hugo Busche, first; Mrs. Cecil Davis, sccond. Vegetables, Asparagus, Mrs. R. unci- M. Brause, first; Mrs. Vern Boy- Mrs, er. second. Baby beets, Mrs. Leon Mrs. Jacob, first; Mrs. Wesley Sorge, „ , .„ . , , - out gifts to the 31 children who Mrs. Perry Sheldon, second. Fried Hugo Busche^ rS f ^ e 11 o w He also will present a trophy to ed by the Women's Society of had perfect attendance at the cakes, Mrs. Robert L. Berry, sec- * na P bcans - Mrs - Wesley faorge " i .<•-..--.=. ----- Christian Service of the local s t orv hour each Saturday after- ond. Sutrar ccokies. Mrs. W. H 3 circles change Date of meetings MAYNARD their meeting dates ahead one ding anniversary, week. They will be on Thurs- P , ,. . ,. .. . . ' ocal s^ry hour each Saturday after- ont |. Sugar ccokies, Mrs Emmanuel Methodist church. n0 „n during August. They were Keig, first; Mrs. Blanch King, Kay Bunn, Kim Bunn, Jimmy second. Bar, Marian Child, Au- Presented new Cftf Bunn, Bobby Bergman, Jon mra> fj rs t; Mrs. Floyd Henniges, MAYNARD - On Saturday Crabtrec, ^inda Cushion, Cam- second. Any other kind. Mrs. August 20, Dr. B. C. Kappmeye L^T"' 'I <f'2" , V Robert L ' BolTy ' first; Mra - Glcn vv y Fink, Roger 1-ink, Susan Fink, Boyer, West Union, second. Canned Goods Red Raspberry, Minni< first: Mrs. W. H. Keig, second. Preserves, Black Raspberry, Minnie Todd, Oelwein; Mrs. W. II. Keig, second. Tomato, M i n n i e Todd, first; Mrs. Daryl Ross, Arlington, second. Strawberry. Mrs of Hamilton, 111 presented Drs. Bobb ' y Glew AU)n Gracsch ; Mal Three of the C. C. and B. A. Hall with a new cia Graesch, Barbara Harrison. circles of the W.S.C.S. have set Buick in honor of their 40th wed- R , nnie HJUmun, Sheila Hillman Todd. day afternoon, August 31, instead C» rv ; c , iJ . at Backbone of Sept. 7, the regular date. The service* at ttaCKDOne EsWior circle will meet at the MAYNARD — On Sunday, Maynard park if weather permits, Sept. 3, the United Presbyterian n^h ^^^LviZ'r,,^ -,nrl ' "•—V „ tI otherwise at the Emmanuel church will hold its regular serv- ? arbar 'l, StlUVLB< ' 1 S,,uve and Wayne Granger, first; Mrs. Hugo Methodist church; Mrs. Hugo ices at the Backbone State park, Sharf will entertain the Martha with worship service nt 10:30 a Chuck Klink, Jimmy Klink, John Klink, Donna Lowry, Jayne Paivonn, i>_:iise Pike, Alan Rummel, Debbie Schwarz, Janice Sliter, Dean Steege, Glen Steege, LOCALS Susan Thompson. The games at the party were directed by Mrs. Henry Kappmeyer, Mrs. W. P. Truesdell and Mrs. Clyde Renfnw, with Mrs. John Thiele at the piano. Refreshments were served by Mis. Glen Mittelstadt and Stella on Friday, Sept. 1, with guests of Dr. Ida Rohrig and her „_„ „„„,„j • i i i Sverett Paul, Mrs. George sis t 0 r, Marie, enroute to their "'"""^ namea ,n o&Kea circle, assisted by Mrs. Glen m. This will be followed by Nicholson: the Ruth circle will cooperative dinner at ijoon. ineet with Mrs. Leo Simpson, with Mrs. Minnie Boggess a'.* assistant hostess. The Ladies' Cemetery ussoc- Sgt. and Mrs. William Taylor Knieht iation will meet with Mrs. Floy an d family were Friday, Aug. 25 b ' Glew on Mrs. E Turner and Mrs. Harold Arthur home' in Tacoma, Wash. Sgt. Tay- And canned goods dept as hostess committee. i ori w h 0 has been stationed at.-. » t • On Monday, Sept. 4, the Scrab- Biloxi, Miss., is awaiting another At rayette COUnty t&K ble club will be entertained by assignment. Hundreds of entries from Mrs. Clyde Ranfrow. The Naorni circle of the W. S.C.S. will meet at the church (Tuesday evening, Sept. 5. Mrs. Robert Ponsar, Mrs. Louis Gamier and Mrs. Charlotte Ranney will be the hostess committee for the Helping Hand meet first; Mrs. Hugo Busche, second. Shelled beans, Mrs. Vernon Paul, Fayette, first; Mrs. Leon Jacob, second. Peas, Mrs. Hugo Busche, first; Mrs. Vernon Paul, second. Spinach, Mrs. Leon Jacob, first; Mrs. Elsie Turner, second. Other greens, Mrs. Cecil Davis, first; Mrs. Elsie Turner, second. Young carrots, Mrs. Leon Jacob, first; Mrs. Hugo Busche, second; Tomato juice, Mrs. Hugo Busche, first: Mrs. Robert L. Berry, second. Soup mixture, Mrs. Wesley Sorge, first. Tomatoes, Mrs. Hugo Busche, first; Mrs. Wesley Sorge, Busche, second. Plum, Minnie second Dried corn, Mrs. Vern Todd, first. Ground cherrv. Mrs. Boyer, first; Lola Boyer second. Robert I, Berry, second. ' Combination of six varieties, Mrs. , , , , T Hugo Busche, first; Mrs. Leon Jam. blackberry, Mrs. Joe Jacob; sccond . Balanced meal, Wander, first; Currant, Minnie Lo i a B oyer, first; Mrs. Vern Bay- Todd, second. Gooseberry, Mrs. er sec0 nd w - K «'K- fi,st Strawberry. Canned meats, beef, Mrs. Vern- Mrs Lloyd Henniges, first; Min- on Paul, first; Carol Wehling, sec- nie Todd, second. Other jam, Mrs. ond Porki MrS- Vern Bover> first; Hugo Busche. first; Mrs. Wesley Mrs Cecil DaviS( seC ond. Sau- Sorge, second. sage, Mrs. Joe Wander, first; Mrs. Butter, apple, Minnie Todd, Coci i DaviS( second. Chicken, fust; Mrs. Robert Prey, West Un- Mrs . Lcon Jacobi f irst ; Mrs. Weslon, second. Grape Minnie Todd, ley Sorge> second _ MinC emeat, first; Mrs. Vern Boyer, second. Mrs Robert L B€rrv> first Min . all over Fayette county swelled Punch, Mrs. Hugo Busche, first. nie Todd| seC ond. Mrs. Fred Schwarz has been th(J exhibu q{ baked and oannod Jelly apple, Mrs. Leon Jacob, Candy , chocolate fudge Lola ln first; Mrs. Hugo Busche, second. Boyer, first; Mrs, Perry Sheldon, Currant, Mrs. Leon Jacob, first; SOCO nd. Divinity fudge, Lola Boy transferred from the Oelwein „__J_ „, 4L ,„ /-•«.,,.«.. TTOI^ t„ . .. , . A „ „, . , goods at the County Fair to hosp. a to he Allen Memorial a „_ ti fd hospital in Waterloo. RJbbons flnd h " ^ rf went Minnie Todd, second Plum Carol Mr. and Mrs. Leon Holmstrom to the following: Wehling, Readlyn, first. Grape, and family, who have spent the Baked Goods past two weeks in the parental Bread and rolls, white bread, Leon Jacob,' "first Other jellyj er, first; Mrs. George Boess, Hawkeye, second. Penuche, Mrs. Mrs. Glen Burington, f i r s t; n ug0 Busche, first. Other candy, Blanch King, second. Peach, Mrs. Mrs. George Boess, first. inu at the "united" Prsebyterian Holmstrom and Fish homes, left Mrs. Cecil Davis, Fayette, first; ehui-h Wednesday afternoon, Sunday, August 27, for their Harriet Hemmingson, West Un- Sept^ G Mrs John Ingels and home ir. St. Joseph, Mo. They ion, second. Wheat bread, Mrs. Mrs Donald Jellings will lead in were accompanied by his moth- Austin Wilbur, Hawkeye. Quick the study of the lesson on "And er, Mrs. Martha Holmstrom. nut bread, Mrs. Leon Jacob, El- Joy Is My Witness". Mrs Albert Bet _ is soenA[ne gin first; Mrs. Daryl Ross Ar- The nrocram at the meetinK , ™ Dert is ^ en °] n S Hngton, second. Date bread, Mrs. of tici Ladies \7d Society at ht Jfveral days with her daughter HuB Busche| Wauc0 ma, first; St. Paul's Lufheran church on M ™- II „ I ?!^.„!?l mmelman ° nd Mrs. W. H. Keig, second. Ginger ber SO ur, Mrs. Hu»o Busche^first, deluded the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Mro -• • Calvin Willemssen, Shakopee, Minn., and Mrs. Frank Hall, Oelwein, Mrs. Raymond Mays, West Union, first; Carol Wehling, second. Pickles, apple, Mrs. Vern Boyer, first; Lola Boyer, second. Peach, Mrs. Daryl Ross, first; Mrs. Hugo Busche, second. Dill, Picnic held Sunday MAYNARD — Approximately 40 persons attended the annual picnic of the Order of Eastern Star and Masons at the park Sun- Mrs. Austin Wilbur, first; Min- day, Aug. 6, beginning with din- nie Todd, second. Green cucum- nor at noon. Out -of-town guests Thursday afternoon, Sept. 7, will family Waterlo ° bread, Mrs W. H. Keig first; Mrs. RJpe CUCU mber, Mrs. W. II.Keig,' be in charge of Mrs. Ernest Miehe Mrs. Hollis Windenburg enter- Hu 8° Busche, second. White rolls, first; Mrg Els ; e T , (1 sec0 nd and Mrs. Florence Sicclc. On the ed the Oelwein hospital Wednes- Harriet Hemmingson, first; Mrs. chunk Mrs Robert Frey first- serving committee will be Mrs. day, August 23, for medical care. Austin Wilbur, second. Wheat Mrs A ' ustin W ji bur second Slic- O. J. Tokheim,, Mrs. Henry rolls, Rita Hokel, of West ed Mrs Hugo Busche first- Mrs Schrader and Mrs. Fred Reinke. Mr. and Mrs. George Carley Union, first; Mrs. Leon Jacob, Ro ' bret ' Fre v sccon d' Mustard' Mrs. Erwin Schrader and Mrs. loft Wednesday, August 23, for second. Cinnamon, Rita Hokel, MVS Hueo Buschr first Mrs Henry Schrader will have charge Sandusky, N. Y. to visit in the first; Mrs. Robert L. Berry, Ar- Au sUn Wilbui second Water of the altar flowers for the home of his brother, Charles, and Hngton, second. Any rolls, Mrs. X_ n'arvl TW fi™t" month. to assist with fhp W1 ^* lr ThBV Austin Wilhur firot- Mr. Mnr,. meion, mrs._u a i y i ttoss, nrst, The regular meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary will »«•" " a "5'"-=». ™u- »««IIU, Flovd Henniges snrnnH be at the Community hall Tues- ert Readeker and family. Charles Pies, apple, Mrs. Perry Shel- c-itan M, Mrt T TWrv Carley has been released from don, Oelwein, •-•>•• ^--» > atsu P- Mrs - liobii ^ L - Berf y- noiiie oi nis oromer, ^naries, ana nngton, secona. Any roils, Mrs. , M DarvI iBn ,. fir . t . to assist with the work. They Austin Wilbur, first; Mrs. Nan- MM Hnw RiT,^ stopped enroute at Freeport, 111., fred Osmundson, West Union, JS 1 i to visit their daughter, Mrs. Rob- second. ^/D™. ^'J mU ^ day evening, Sept. 12. first; Mrs. Glen first; Mrs. Joe Wander, second. The Womens Society of Chris- the hospital where he spent more Burington, second Mincemeat tian Service will meet at the Em- than three months after suffer- Mrs. Austin Wilbur second' ° f eardcn rolish - Mrs. Vern manuel Methodist church Wed- '"8 two broken legs in a fall. He Cherry, Mrs. Austin Wilbur first- Boyer ' first - Mrs - Hu 6° Busche, nesday afternoon, Sept. 13, with will be in a cast tor some Mrs. Daryl Rosse second' One ij 000 "' 1, Corn reli sh, Mrs, Robert Mrs. Leo Coleman and Mrs. Mar- time. crust pie| Mrs Austjn W j lbui . L - Berry, first; Mrs. Wesley vin Fortune as leaders. The top- T f . „ . , . . _ ,, . first. Two-crust Die Mrs Austin Sor S e - second. Pepper relish, Mrs. ic for discussion is "The Spirit nn ¥'v"^ Mr ^ E1 , dwlnlL - Baldw ^ n Wilbur first CarVif McE ^ree Elsie Turner > first ! ™* s - Vern of the Lord". Hostesses will be "°J ' f%' w $° D ha ve been at the West Union second ' = ^TOSW & ffi -tX^ewXrwiS ^if^'^T 3d Arthur a^dM ^j 'ohtTWele J£ ^ . ^ Sk K'r Mrs w 'vne' The Ada Reading circle will ™™\o SSmtaT Wy^ SSZ W -t'^SLXtTST. hold its first meeting of the fed- he , u attend The S 'rsitv of ^ US i in Wilbur ' second - An e el T &J^^F*^™ Wyoming for tStifSSZ £ Urt' Boyer, SSS'. SS on Friday, Sept. 15. The theme the air f for the year will be "Iowa, A Century Ago" and the dn/'s top- Burnt sugar, Mrs. Hugo Busche, ic, "War Years", willVeYscZ: Beware of Wpowered" SlS^^^rt ed n by ^ 8 ' c 5 rl R W Carlsen o . Electric fences on farms Austin Wilbur . second. Nut', On Wednesday afternoon, Sept. ,. " tariH » Mrs. Austin Wilbur first Fruit 20, the Deborah guild of the .JJ»n't overpower your electric Mrs. Hugo S t£i £ Helping Hand society will meet f« nce b V usin « a stronger current Austin Wilbur second Chiffon with Mrs. Vivian Hubbell, and than recommended, warns Vern- ^Hfl J e ^_CWffon, the Rebekah guild at the United on Meyer, agricultural engineer Presbyterian church with Mrs. at Iowa State University. Glen Mittelstadt as hostess. Both Some lirms are advertising an groups will study "Hallelujah, e * t . ra Powerful fence controller Christ Is Risen" with Mrs. Faye wnlc « boosts the current past the Cummings and Mrs. Floyd Hen- f« fe ty limits, The firm says this nigei as" the respective leaders. , extra P° wer " vvlu WU pesky • The Eve guild will meet on tenceltae weeds. Mojday evening, Sept. 25, with ..Not only will this control er MrflTMarvin Ingels. The dew * m weeds, says Meyer, It's a .fire tiQDjftwillfce led by Mrs. Eugene hazard under certain conditions Sliter and the lesson study by - - and can also endanger Uve- Mralcarlaen. ' * st0 ^ k - . + . . u . ^ fflT . Meyer points out that safety S J^^'kanafii dictates the purchase of contxol- PW*" b5nefit ** me * lers which have been approved MJYNARD — The Booster by a recognized testing bureau, clubfljpQnsored two benefit soft- such as Underwriters' Laborator- bajfegames at the Maynard park ies, Wisconsin Industrial Com- Weliesday evening, August 30. mission or the United States Bu- aroes matched .the-Handalia reaa of Standards. Tlieir one girj$| LittJ* League 1 team with hundredth-ampere recommenda- tkmwt the Maynard glrhj. The tion is enough to keep lUiimals sec^jp game was a,-contest be- inside a fence, Meyer adds, and Mm-:^,ymi^WM :}J ^»m ao is the suggested ahock dur«' tealland the Jathewlo! Jh» b»k tion of one tenth second W and , gameawere under-'the nine tenths second "off," jtartin* at 7;80 p r m. Pro. Never use a steady current, will #> toward paying fer Meyer urge*. Unless an animal BW uniforms and equip, oan shake loose from an electric bought this year for the fence, you run the risk of electro- 1 'm^^K***- • COMPLETE PROCESSING FOR YOUR FREEZER MAYNARD LOCKER Phono 66 Maynard, Iowa P0LE»BUILDINGS GENERAL PURPOSE POLE BARN 52' x 52' AS LITTLE AS $56.75 Per Mo. Let us show you what we have to offer in the way of money making buildings to improve your farm. Spahn & Rose Lbr. Co. "ONE PIECE OR A CAJRLOAD" Duane Blauson, Mffr, , . Phone 47 — Maynard, Iowa /ON All of ua ai People 's Natural Gas want to play an important part In the progress and growing economy of this community and in* surrounding area. • We've come not just for today . . . but for ten thousand tomorrows and mo;*. We intend to build our bmiseis here, as we have in other communities whore we live, on a xock-xibbed foundation of service and integrity that will endure through the years. • This is OUT home. too. If we can help in any way to make it a belter home, we hope you will invite u*. to Join with you in getting the-Job "done. PEOPLES NATURAL FAYETTE, IOWA Office Between Fayette I^er'M!^ Cliffor.5 Haye,, Mgr. * PhonS 266

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