The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1927
Page 4
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i LIGiq a** TBntfTriatlo Jerti * T ij;re 111' ni> ii ollrl bit iiitd j .JV ji in tl M: ( iJ«'r |u(»alfl (i ;r< llmin uint. Ai-niciilnn, jniiatilce ofj UlAU of >;.-i!iitation n <l Tjalm '•pito-J|eiusa |lBm Bo<fc't.v' (• l^.j uhbrtly - ' I'ljillod rorelgiierH; sul>B!d p esen r: ce r . TJiatJ oikr w ntkiDit}j h(TS. doty : which• Tilhol w Our tl iviiy frbm tl CnristlUnity tommiilnitieii cliibs. la Bttletii hHiji II rn<|t k OtiilioiJ Btrul fortli 1. !ind rusalem that the lots, sceil stpn life. ICS i )ridf ; <injr Hfo, e.siW'oially i'l'iel oiir sol It is t<» hel we a k': .It nrk tpgoihk»r for n nes Ii V i^EIGHBOV- HS. ummun, jltlf, |iri< c^nimljiiiljy 'Hplrlt", liai niirHiorl|iiii )i A.jHiii II ililnk K Hi on J ant (oni >x. Nr ih't en > l> ont PHP aftejr t ni(?!(tly and ?o licki ivi(! th CO th^rc danger (j lis Vfry ' cqncp Chi^ist self, in (iarity W avo iBonJ e he^milj Kyen bfi.-tst hrir Rotary < anizationii: dobinated hy Chriskian" menihcr anil, by Christian idH nofcs ind mutual Tlsey aire appl'iecl Ch /Gojjpel work.s out in good w ill and solida for Christianity i ly Sui ^Mf Srhojil tJ7 IH -Ma| •hrMliin IN II. of iin •r sai? the School Lesson of thirt lIcniMHlcili Udlde fr'o^ !u dlni^y 11 A rcMidcit t.iliiii *('ir 4 M 'al.iinllc, I JfW vr I than an trhe Drltii^h d In a coi cvciit thp COI ori{r.>ntaI un8< rially In tl hygiene, was fornj ^ar, but interest ip,^i''.'."'.[-:? 5"',' --vc A ^leflatlon of 6ver-organlzed phU- anthropic and religious actlvitieii. I'seeiijs to be Impending.- This will be nil to the good ;lf it quickens the .old-fashioned, undelegated., un- profeKrilonnl and personal uoinnriun- ity a<-tlvitli*H (if all; "we ennnot h to Im nelghtwrlyj Kverv man muNt wi'lglit III the raij nolghlforH. .After re anybody' else on our behalf. pull hlH own p of Jlfe. t lets st'eadi la piibl iscibusness 11R f re y c sr s alwa:J3 ligious ai^ diffbr<?nt froih ;)tioii of con nity nowada}[s social servif is a po|rerfuI force i the West. \V Ith our neigri- i couside: ed ti religiojip the om'munity re ft! pai t. Protpstai w and lion-lchurchinA igiiiiorly end ' aj loiig. Ion coiicepiion t the smalle^ ' heir "womeil luhs and siniij nd the .-ie an relijKlon. As on de<[lards. "All the lii in ione| word, even Hhalt love thy neighbj Here in Anicrica, (IK Iexp |re8se (l by'a ..s ie«j)on arfty, knd *n rfe IlK I l^av.i .Mexico I orl whjnn iianrtfll lumu IcallHin could ii<'v< Co rai way am "X l>v |ils iof helirful nijirovenioni ristlanity. Th neighborhood itji a.' neighbor ip .s.son tex< U fulfille thtri. Thoi< lis thyself." eij ^bborliiiPHS' of socia Ibllity and <-oi|iin|initv solid (a lei^ has reachcil ill the Old Wlorl seen anytlili.1 Wf^y 'certain wei (Carlsbad and esiiecially irj ' Hlioilldcr heir banks <• dlsaHter stri inlsm and oili to i)s4 k r r idsst .sucli proieii iires.'jing their in erd Christian drmncr icy rtof t|hc "Intel he voguf icornical 1 lit i8 ile and creels" thc! - in 'to isricd soclial (who regard tjUenisclves as as le .s tiliiy o aprlrov; Reall e tl the foil cei and am t of jthe New. HVorlji. has I its dangers. doi^btle tra it- Hiliferficiality anil of Isni' Too many men are jnaking a liveliho gar izedi social servic-e. tejerranirl neighborly pre failing spirit pMie go4l wiill needs ever I hey it lireii amM> ttle iKronp of "lib-^ elllgent.sfa" o r ^t the pre . . kervice ; aTid s boiillne! s.: They jee^ tarj- cii bs-^and kindre desire for self s the niost level iin d. .1 havi iner thai^ P tllWIlK Kopwcll. Si 'V,\ njiiiid,--"car slloiililcr d and fl everyliody foriiis nil niiake iicait neighbors ppeuilcni-< ' .Sillier. that sicr-l tltk country en : m'ooil of| im^le. nejgh- at the Ko- 1 bodies, even do at the chulrcltes. Doubt- is better to Havff the hos- lian' their 1. these radical thoughtful, peijsons per- at our day's s icial passion. improvement community qettbrment, is haracteristic Of course, ecially of ir^ifessional- aiid women Ml out of <)r- Tbe volun- sp ict of the pfillness and > be ^tre.^sed: ! ; STORMS' Shrewd, houiifl |<enHe ICIIK every perNoii who pimiiij 'iiNeH it iliiii the Nocjal fvrvU'i- wlili'li liiHiH iMUHi be fircil by the niajnr imillveN, The noble lia .HnlMii Ifo • peojile'^ well- buliig-that : IH iibiond In the land lihiiuld IM' capliinfl for ChrlMl. It {\vMn IHH Videqmili! Spirit to mm- taln and gtildi'ilt. ,N'o conimunttyi Ih completely iieteliborly' until it IK Chrl.'ttlan.' UJliUlon Is the greatest foe of all' a |itr -Hoclnl forcea. It'Is the (SoBj/el, at work in a myriad churches. Whiili keeps the common life of our land siveet and sound and friendly. "Hy love serve one another." -is Puul 's precept. When love for''a neighbor grows faint, under tliie constant impact of that neighbors iniperfpctions, then the love of Christ constrains us to love even ' the unlovable. Christian conimui ity spirit lasts. Sharing the (ireiit Passions. Of late I have h^>en travelling in 'the old, region ot (ialatia, whero lived the Chrislidns to wlionv the' bespon test wa,s addressed. • It is ^no\\• central Turkey: ' and the present capital of the cou'ntry. Angora, was the capital of Paul's Clalaiia. .N'owailny.-; Turkey is working out her idea I of <-omlnun- ity'sptril. liefore the League of Naiiion's exirhange of poRulations, which eliminated Mo.-dcms from Creece and Christians from Asiatic Tui-key. there was constant |Susi )icion and distrust! and aniag- miism between the rival elements of the pop'ulation. Now the power; fill and' purgative passion jof- pa- iiriotism has wel»leil the Tuiits Into undrcamed-of solidarity. Their nation has Ix'Cn made over into j ,„.ss without becoming a fo by invoking the high prin- ! inilueiice. Wbleii; we help to ciple ox nationalism. Thi' trans^ " THEL Tie GiI)son) Feb. i20 .-fM^. aniliMrsJ AVa Jackton helped Johrniy Zinin bntcHer|Tuepday: 1 | ' Clirford L^ver helped JaJnes drus.s haul haj Monday. ' ' j Mrj and .Mri K. I., flibscm Virgi) y\erc 'in Humboldt T 'aesi Os:| and Cli;fford haver visitted brother, jfJoss. Sunday. MIJ^SC.'^ Ruth imdCora l,avcr their Ralplj iiing , .Vir child (h .Mr. i l-eii Hpeni I Sunday .-venlng: jonie ofi 'fljeir cnclc ami aii ndj .Mn). Oscjir JOIIUKOM. Marvin Hpent Siimiiiy at j Tom ^larlow 's. ' and Mr<. halhernian •:• «• • <• • •> •> <• [ay. 1 llrank fJrimes, I Abilene (Texas') Ri lene Morning .\cw> lid That \vhat this is iioi more vote.s, ligent votes. Th Mhoiild go to the ,,, ! gcHted a law coiiip " 'leant thHr Ijallotn. M:-!. Kmma tlile npenf Kylnr.iay K„I„K ,„ the dogs I night and Siindliy •with h.r n.?ph w., „f Votern Mtay away Mr. Harold IJutts and ramily. ; i r„i appalled becai( Chi rile AtlartiM, K;irl. Opal ; nd ! ; to the poris w t Roush ^pent Saliirday < at'RoHs jl.aver's. anil MiK .lame? .Andr Siindaiy Svith Mr. .-'lid .V II Andriisf* and famil.v. Harry Boeken and| .Maide i ingj for ! or agains'l live." because their power b 's disseminated. No heighborhotid can be vital in its force and .frfendl- us of ^ makje our own village "i^ir town <Jr city <r|dible: I would .scarcely believe n-i tlv serving the wid.T it had II not iiiecii for myself. Kxaiiiple is still more cont 111 this wonder whii-h has been|(|,:,n spceeli wrought amidst the modern .sue- 1 .... ., ',, , ,,,, e,.,^snrs of Paul's Calaliaiis may I ' "" lie;read the lesson of the Lesson. It 'needs till Is the best picture of Congress everj taken. It was made hy, an NE.\ Service Photographer while President; Coolidgc was delivering! his Waslijingtons Hir'hday .-p .-ech Uhe speedi that was heard around | the world. I he iiil<liess w:i.< ladiiied all over the V. S. and relayed ; Lire 4ifhout hlea'lth LH burJensilme AI) > I-IFK to Y(»I-R YEAR.S k w ^eil a across tli- .\ilantic for r(-broinica.sting in Huiope. The plioiogiapli-i and I le lack A <:liows tlU' piesidejit beiore tile iiiicjroplione. with the justices of the over all ou 1 •. , — - "imi t^»>ii « iii<i(^i; - 111 iifnii \ii tll^ ^ * : ...... . ju.-ii ii ,.•:> iii j formation Which has ensued is in- (<iinstian. we are thereby di-isuprcii.e <ouri and cilnnei member^ scaled out in front. Chief .Instice ! Pills. World, gious Taft, ex-presideni; is proniim lit among the justices, who wear their kidncifi;, cause OJficial' riilies. .Mtmy scene wa* llie llon-i L,,^. j met in joiiii .ses.ii.n. Com- i>'l;e!' notables c.'isily Can be l!";ire.-.e:.ta!iv'-s. w liei rei-ogjiizcd. 'i'be son with personal qualities. , iiiuiiitJes :ire. after all, slnipl|y <ol-! cies of ohr Christian lireilireu. '" • Vnon. Walk wnrlliy' of the Lord unto I giving] tlie and Senate ' boily I matte - - :- — r-^:T= i inoved! Iiood. iraiisformatron occurs. .Many iii town has beeii completely made oviM- by a revlvjal of religion. If tile considerations of Clirlxt prevail ill a comiinity. then the char- aclerisiles of Clirlut will fol.low. er or office-iiolder. A d man i<r woman who leacheh : day Kcliool class.- leads a triiop •of Hoy or Cirl Siroiils. in .sjri es a young people 's socielv. or pri The "fruits or the s.Hrit." a,^the i-:;||-/j^^ dertaker Twain. Lesson calls llieni. are borne \i'hen i •rhcr< the llle of (lie tree is f'hrist. ' These fruits are labulatcd Paul as "love, jiiy. pe .ii-e. long siif- iJI^]^ feriiig. gentleness, gooilness. I'aitfi. iiieekiiess. temperance." What a. descriiilion of an ideal life tor a comniuiiily and for a man! Tlial : sort of life'is possible—and it is j possilile—only where tlie Spirit of Clirisi prevails. Thus flod works out in human life. o I ".\ iiicKet frozen on duty. ' .•\ mother starved for her brood. Socrates lirinking the hemlock. -And .lesns on the rood: .•\nd millions who, humble ^ and nameless. The straight, hanl pathway Plod.- I Some call it Consecration, and • others call it Ood." Fori of Friendliness. Certain spots on the map. like .lenisalem. Antioch. and Ephesus. arci immortal as .<-eutprs of radiation. From them Christianity spread Widely. CoUoiiuially. we nowadays call such communities ire no ro;ids to soci;Jl bet- SKVKN SK.XTKVCK SKRM«1 Let us euileavor !;o to live; jaiid .la.lcoiiii \ .Mr. and StarUey and Arlicaiity. .Mr. Mrs. K^„,„ laches. all pleasing, being iriilUul in every 'ijelJe A.lains. Mrs. C. ClVak'. .Miss ,., good' worL and in ..reasiMg in the . i,„-ri,. , VoweH. • Kllzal.eth PIckart.' o" ,.re kliowledg'* "f ii" • . . .. .Mori. ey Pi of f;i)d motes . i'ltid ! rvice. C.d. 1:1(1. * ; This is Ihi'. rose lie planicil, " Here jsi the iiioiti-'in'-ni MI I-I: Heaven Is blest with |i ife<i r'si. Hut tlie li!e<siiip' of earth is toll. - lleiir.v Van Dyke. iil^niiiie JJicihison. and .Mr. and .Mrs. |i'. C. \'owe|| and Kliior. in tills World to piovide l,v I ''" ""' il'Fongl'j not for oprselves. but lor others Itlie hearts of ilidivldiial. iiersjonali-' aind that js tin- lp.i<is of ei oiioniy. • -i-Woodrow Wiisoii. VS.? that i N. E. OF HUMBOLDT (Mril .1. W. C.r —For prompt results uso the Classified ijolumns. .Moil Kiiglai eli>»-l.-l strap PUBUC SALE! when we conie to die. even tite un- ! will be sorry.—j Though a man conquer a t and men in battle, a greater queror still is he who con himself.—Buddha. * * • This above all: to thine owij ; be true. ! And it must follow, as the the day. Thou canst not then be fal any man.—Shakespeare. nipht 'Iimier. It is the ab.seucp of love, npt its ' "r""-<''"s- fulne .s.s. that makes us so impi oT tlie weaknosses and incons WORK IN EAST AND SOUTH. .Mark ^ Feb. 24. nii'asles. lOllS- COII- self hers I Hi. h^iii Ci I lien has the Donald far I ide of the a diuret^ic stiniulanti to flow. n a natural w:iy, that wa which. spr<: tlirouuhout til Irlment severe Is, diur lied p(i tail-Iifi X the l.;i yearg to your Bife. I it ciists a]sha< ow activities.! Fciley !thF he lis a regular, ! hea^ irrying out! of if not proriiptly (Is I t s poisij ejitire system; of health. Hoi( pains,' a j run-do tic. -P,rown'« I)d lid! in Hradfo il. will il) future have sm Ills fi.xed (III k of their Aaddl KriK niiig .Mr. spent Riissji Mr.| railed on .Mr. jind .Mrs. .lanaes drus.-:' Siiiiday evening. j .Mr.; and -Mrs. .Vrthnr Bricjnii Lawrence .spent' Sunday with sister. .Mrs. Robert Sellegr'tn. Mr.! and .Mr<. Frank Ba"coii little j son, Mr. and Mrs. (;liar Bacoii. and .Mr. and Mrs. Earl w(?re Sunday dinner fue S. Bacon's. and -Mrs. Ben Bacon • w herts Jit K. -Mr. afternoon callers at the E. S. IJa-! P^'*''".^' time. He m con home Sunday. -Mrs! Harold Butt.s and childifen visited her father, .Mr. Townsejid. Sundajy alternoon. Arthur Fricsdn helped the hnid- i We need a campiign of" educa- foni brothers 'sJiuck *Vorn "Mond ly. i pouring Johnny Zimmerman and llairi-i. _ son Bland wend to Humboldt af (?r a load of Iiimlier to build :L n -w brooder hofnse. ' • .Alv.-i Brooks spent Saturday nidht and Sunday with bi.s cousin.^, HUr- ry and Fred Laver. .Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmermitn. ter icrs r\n- nd • • i (DID YOU EYliR STOP TO •:• . THI]iK •:• 1 By Edson R ! Walt« • ! ' Shawnee, (Idahoma <* • • • * « * nd i at: I thoHC- who believe N 't'- i away. A vote ca.' ' or in prejiiiliee or ISH : dangerous fo! rs. . I know., Tlioiisani; i to fhe pplls for tlie An group of men: th blindly vote for or nd i ers on the baHot, erltheiy haven't tfiken i look Iheni iip. Tha lid i a \oter who is doi [IPS i rpal harm, in finitely; ,V1- i than the voter wh Ims 'away from the p61 As between a slot r{,; a qhina shop.' give to.-niufh. but at. j throwing the crocWexy about and smashing, up valuable brie-a-brac. I He isn't inserting ni es info the machin Evelyn, I.adine and I»raine.! callbd at Harold Butts's Satuidey afti noon, j .Maggie and Lena Laver! speht Sumlay with Mae .Male'.. f;ien day ev and .Mae Maley spent Suh-ljt isn't true. It. isn ening at Ross Laver's. .Mrs. James Andruss was bne jif those who attended the cliib it .Mrs: Jrviu Baptists i.Monday afte^-- nonii. .\s I aii leaving! the far!n. I will sell ni. \i mile east of Lallarpe—t^e first slab road. on- Public I .Mrs. Joepv .rifmaii > ailed on Mrs. jj. S. Brotli!(|r.s Wednesday morning. .Mrs. .1. iV>'. S :"Veiis was shop- p ng in Miinilioldt Wednesday afternoon.' ; Fi;i;d Doji; i:e spent Sunday aft-- iernotju w'lji Lynn Broihers.. j .Mr. and Mr:--. .1. W.Wadley spent ; ! xyedi-.e.-^di.yj with .Mr. and .Mrs. .Fred j .-. ilKMt II<»RSKS AM» .MC'LKS 'Three mares, weigh abou i:!llU: ws ir 1 iiJ , l^nare. weight about IdOU: 2 mules. Mirs. Wil.fred Chadd.J<k was anl.', j.<.,n ,..s old.! broke. ' |;e to : lij'" Wednesday afternoon. i'| .Mr,s. Frod Saving vi.sited Wed-I incsiiay al'ternoon with Mrs.' Will; tient' •^'"1'' I..owe, visited her i 'steti- I 'laughter. .Mrs. Floyd Brown. Sun-! idiiv arterilijoii. !' i .Mrs. J." S. Brothers and Mrs. i' 1 Winifred ciiaddock called ou .Mrs. i R ddle Siinjlay afternoon. ' Mr. and Mr?-. Harry Kelley wore slioppin.^ in Humboldt Saturday' aternoon. I iFrtid Huler hauled feed for El. ; m ^r Mailes Tuesday morning. • ; Mrs. Kinnpll called on -Mrs. Wini-' fr-'d Chaddiiii'k .Tuesday afternoon., Kfr .'and ^Irs. .1.H. .Andniss spent \ Si^nday' with their son. Russell , (' dr is.s : ml Kamiyl. i| Mrs Bellii Adams visiteil Siitnr-! ;da*.- affernohn with Mrs Will' ( Brl 'liiers. j '• ilr. atid .Airs. Fred Hnber visited ; Suiiday Willi .Mr. and Mrs. LcJIf r I Bo^iiMMl.ier in Humboldt. .Mrs. II. S. Brothers and .Mrs. WijnJfred Chaddock'called on Mrs. i 1. !. Payne and .Mrs. B.iirber Thllrs- ' ' - afternoon. Troy Beach .ind iniboldt spent Sunday with .Mr. ajid .Mrs. K;irl i;Br- .\uctiou at Uie -A loiise on the north! Pat a horserad pickle !jii not mold Keeps I'ickles Fresh. ittle.bag of mustard and sh in the mouth of la r and the contents wl I tion in the fundam government. Then, imi>resseij, the voter: : redness of the ballo sponsibility to their we can begin to iK votes. Some argue that ligeat voters remaSit away from the polls. It is e: ^y to believe this, in light of soine recent po-. litical development:] intelligent persons are not always , . . 'fhe intelligent ignorant bal-r intelligent voters, person who ca.sts ail lot is a greater men: qe to free In- A stihttions than the ignorant person who has sense eibugh to vote an: intelliirent ballot : - (Copyright, 927.) • n editor of the Pjorter and! country ' needs" but more Intel! ibooby prrizo man who sug- Ellng people to tin not one of rjlie country Is '4'ause inllllohK from the polls. i |s(> m mttny <lo ' ij) should slay i! in ignorance ill spite l8 the |m of suffragi* .4 of voters go ijurpose 01 vol- j one man or y blandly and gainst the oth- ^mply be'cansf* the trouole_^to jis the kind'of ig the country more harm ^1 merely stays s altogether; \i and a ball in ;me; lijc- sloth y not anionnt- Ipast- he isn't ifinkey w rench- I bry of govern- /[ 3a.nU into the ptals (if good When we've jwith the sac- jand their re- 'fellow-voters, k about more only the inrtel- ibut happUy- itrue because —Telephone your to IS. !:iassiried Ads Halving rented my farm, liwi and Ii! mile north 0/ Hayard am Mlldrei|. on— ! I Commencing at o'clock p. m.. the Ijolliwing dc one liiis(| Red Shorthorn' cow. ives (! gallons milk when fresh. FARM I.MPLK.M KST. S KTl'. One narrow, tire [wagon with .sulky I cultivat disc cu with .SO s.]h lio.\: wide tirei wa.!;on and i - Aboiiti'.'iilo ;buJliels of good corri lick: corn endcate; ri-horse Case 1 about 3i ITER.MS CASH. If credit is desired se .No property to be removed until sett ob. Baraett low. Il>- :>r. 4-sb( tivator: rods of set jjo'od woi] luigiiy I aidless: (!;RAI> 11 bales ' local ed for. scribed property: New CentuMv vel: John 1 Deei Case cdrn plantt r i wire: .stalk eiittei old biiafy: SM 4ood work ha:rnes^^ k harness: 'sing good harrow. A\D HAY f good prairie hal banker before sal A. IIOil)Kl{MA>X, Clortt F • . y, • u.» *ii- sllltl .* i da.T afternoon, i .jlr. and .Airs, j chi|ldreii; of Huni I 1 sell 1'-= at Public .Auction [miles south and I Beginning at ;J0 o'clock a. m.. the fnjllowing described jroperty: HEAnioFIIOK.SE.S Black|mare, T^ears old. weigh 3500; bay marej 10 years old, weigh 12.50; span gray! niare^s,. smootl mouth: 2-year-old filly; yearlinjf fillv,.bo h good!ones; bay pony. 1» HEAirjl ATTLK Six good milk tows from 3 to years o d. S freslii and rest to. b.j fresh SI on; yearling heifer; regis tered Polled Shorthorn roan bull. '22 HE years old; ?, coming yearling rqaij heifers; 2 suckingi calves. 21 HEAD OF JHIGS Three spotted Pijiand sows.-breii • jto farrow about;9th April; 21 fal shoats, wt. about VO lbs. Al» .SliROPSHIKE SHEEP 10 head good ewes With lambs 11 head [of last;spring Iambs; gooi^ re buck horn pu lets. TEI MS CASI j\s I .".in: leaving the farm. I, the iinderliigned. utict n n on at my 1 mile west and 2 '.2 mi: .-ioufli of .Alonti 'V .-ile school lioa.-e; or C . "he ti'ppe p and .was B Shat^k-ed jui-ed '^v.t"'"'^ u"^'"u^'" 'i^'"-^ Island. New Yoj^k, and at Pleasant Hill, U.^is pictured above " phbtq shows w-^t *as a, beat tiful seashore bungalow at Long Beach, Lijng Island, until high'w demolished it tw^-tory affair unt a T)ig tree In tjidiyard, and ;^Ipr& thoB .a dozek fliirin pan .Atlantic-'coast storiii which cost 25 lives.' The the lower pioto " jPIeaSant mi was struck by a tornado. The twister took off the second .stiorv left the fence almost undamaged and occupaiits of the house uhin- [Pleasant Hill residents Vere^ killed at the lime. frhe nds Mrs. llJelie .Adams and Ivonnle ! sp»|nt Sunday with .Mr. and Nlrs. AVajrn Waldrit of Chaniite. • They i alsb calle^l 01 other friends in the: i afternoon. 1 ' I .A^i-. and .Mrs. Russell Compton; of Chanute visited Sunday evening i with .Air and Mrs. Rus.-;ell ,\n- di'iiiiS. i A rs. Belle Adams spent .Alonday morning at Karl Gerk<»'s. A r. and .A!rs. Ed (^erken and briiwli gelding. !• yeais spent Thursday at ! ]2|iti:i The jnc« helped • ^~ villi sell at public es mull of .Aloran; or ij liiiies; e isl and 2'-i miles Beginning at 10 o'clock a. ni., the foIlowir|g described'propcity: Fre 1 Cerkrii Kail Gerken" Kaifl cut woo Ijlie ladies < verl- pleasant honhe of .Airs, hrokight well prei^ent wen}: AVijson and 1. p. A\Tieatle.»f black ' gelding, 12'Mj;: b|.-ick mare, f the .Al. f!.>S. spent a '• wt. lilOO; black horse, day Tuesday at thejwi;. Belle .Adams. They [filled baskets. Tho.s' > IJEAII t»F HO^.SE.S. 1 half Shorihorn li: )Uy mare. {;> years old. wt. l.laO; giving 4i .J salons - bliickj mare. years old. wt. l;;nO: il'-year-ohi old. wt.i stein hel4' years old.'calves, years old.; FAR.AI 5 years ohi, one waton wit .Alesdames R. B BiUy., J^ IP. Wilhite.'j 7 St le I wij. lilou: bay mare. 10 years old, ky plow;! •y . wt. ]:iiiii; hay fillv, :{ years old.' '[ilanter: ^'•| 1 r HEAD <»F (.'ATTLE 'tion harr. H. .\. Harwood and Vivjian. Robei^t Hainm and Betty. I eini heifer. :! years old. giving .'1 harniss: .\<lAnis. AV. R and ArBeauty no^. and Mr. anil Jackoline .J ^s .Air. and Ulis. C. C A'owell are nniving to C.arlyle, their friends, and neigh'bors gathered at their hoilie Thursda.v evenina and siir-! priiied ihem. .JA very pleasant evening was sp^nt. Those present were: Mr. aiid Airs. R. B.: AV'ilson, Lloyd and Billy. .Mr and Mrs. J. P. A\-ilhite. Mr dnd .Mrs. 1. B. AVheat- ly, Mr. and .Mrs. AVm. Ronsick, Billy Holstcin cow. fi!ycaifs old. giving iron wheiied'wa uaBons milk wlirn fresh • Hoi- sets .good T^f^- S^'^J'^^^'^;!: 'Y^'^lW^rn heifer :! years old. giVes ! sledge; h, uiilk wh.'n I fresh : red. fork: T„„,«i, i:< o. I ;—iorthorn heifer, :i years old. git-es c a '^Qw^i rfm ^Si^ i^'''- ^••-^'^ ='-^-'•-^"'1 iind Mrs. AA'. Ronsick i ~ TER-AfS CASH. If credit is desired ace (lite., .\o property to he removed iintilsettlefl for. •r; If Holsiein lieifer. milk when fresh; half Sllorthorn half IIol- Holstein heifer I.MPLri.ME.\T.S ET(. 1 box; 16-iri. sul^4-in. walking plow; corn! mow ins 4w: di w-ork i ollars scdopboaiji mcrou 1.50 shoclks kafi^ir fodder. machine; ;2-8ec-i c: corn binder;: ton with rack; 2 larn -jss; .set single buggyi pitch- I; spring seat: other articles. ririckens—About ISn AA'hiie Leg- L If credit is property to be removed until settltU foil F.uj.n I.MPLE.HES Onij good wagon an whi|eli wagon . and TS, ETC. : jlibox; 1 iron iiaJck; spring wagon: .Alcf'ormick. coi-n binder; P. & O. riding lister: 16[ sulky; plow; Avery, t ! Avelry disc cultivator; |-ln. Emerson jorn planter; a i-shovel rid- ,T ing I cultivator; 4-shok7eI walking Icultiivator; McCormickl [borne disc; 2-sec. bake; trijple gear feed ipch walking plow. I \H|arness—Good set hjeavy breech in'gjharness; old set h H i .AiiswIIaneous^Prim-ose separator No.i3; 220-egg Favirite liicuba- tor. rij >w; I .OO6 chicl brooder, new; garden movySr, grindstone, tele ;ihone, porch swine; scoop.s, forks, slipwels, sheep shearing machine; chiiken coops; somie furniture and m^jy olhe.r articles ;tqo numerous to le.sii-ed see your local A. LANTZ n»L. CIIA.S. DHAf.'OO, Anctioneor i Lunch Served hy : 1',^ mile east imiie east of imower; Os- h[]^rrow; hay grinder: IB- successful {plow; lawn niention. banker. -pi M. J, KEltTOV, Clerk (Ilidred i Ladies';AM. lEAI) OF'HOR.SE.S Browti; mare. 6 years old. weight 1000 lbs,: black gelding. 7 years old.'weigit lOOOlbs.: grey mare, years old der six'y local Hanker before sale %. R. REICHBlf AH I. i. { OL. (HAS. DRAGOO. inrtiuneer. W'eklej Cliapel Ladles' AM Satiety WUI Ser^e Lunch. HOLDE.M.IX, Clerk pair of pair of weight lloo lbs black :'. years old: black ma'es. 4 years old. tiS HF|AI» JEK.SEY CATTLE at Pub jc Auction, I I I e following described,property:! Eight ejxtra good imilcii cows, unbars old, all fresh: 3 heifers; r2 yriars old: 5 heifers 1 vear old ;!heif calvies; I; [bullicalv r. 6 month.s old; G heifer nil calf, 9 months old:; 4 s. These caftlC;- are all i [TERMS CASH. If credit isj ri property {to be removed until settlei eligible to register. • ,1 WV.Wi OF ll4oS Seven pure bred^ Hampiihlre sows, due to farrow in .Alay. ijG head fall pigs.i . \ r 1 F.\!ni I.HPLE.nENT.^, ETC. One S-ft; Deering binder; binder; .AlcCormick moyer, 5-(obt cut: hay derrick;• buck rake; com /cultivator: IS-hole Hooaier ill ill; wheelbarrow graki! fannimi mill; 2 walking Louden carrier, hay fork and other articles. sired see your local bynkor. ko for corn gr^n IS , seeder; plows i 1 and rope; ESSIE M. COOP COL. II. ID. SJWR'K, Auctioneer Lunch Served ty Ladles' Aid. G. It, BOWl US, Clerk •^41

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