The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on January 9, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1892
Page 3
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PottTille Weekly Review. FfflisHO ET1KT SATURDAY W. N.IUROICK. BY fi.bO A YEAR lit ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Tho poultry business seems to be •bout over. —W. J. Hughes, of tho Ossian called briefly since our last issue. Bos, —If you want wood l«avs word with me or any ot any teamsters. P. J. BsucHnn, Drayman. —"Jim" Carrinrton, season. Mnrphy wai down from N. V., during the holiday —A loit Shawl, pair of rallteni anil odd glove have been left at tbii office for identification. —\V. J. Ilanki 4 Co. make change in their jewelry announcement to-day. It -UlfcJ be of interest to read it. -We understand the Fisher—Bally cases have been settled and withdrawn from tho courts. It is belter so. —It is said that Rev. J. W. Forner has received and accepted a call to a pulpit in Minneapolis. Geod for him. -Geo. W. Harris distances big tar- key stories by coming to the front with a gobbler that kicked the beam at 34} lbs. -If we should havo good waatLer and roads let a good delegation go to Hardin to tho donation next Thursday night. - Lange Bros., who had their drill fast in a well for forty-six days just got it up Wodnsaday night. It was a long siege. • -Mrs. Benj. Smith has been quite sick Ibis week with something similar \a the grip. At last account sho was convalescent. — How about that new leaf yon turned oyer January onof If you turned it over in tho right direction take no backward step. —The January term of the court, Judge Hatch presiding, v \eni at Waukon noxt Monday, aro 81 rases oa the docket. district 'ill con- There —Uncle Abram Hail returnod homo on Christmas eve from his visit in Ohio, Virginia and Washington. Ho roports a very pleasant visit ail around. —Write to Bissell. the dentist, of West Union, Iowa, and enquire about the beauty of Laughing Gas in extracting teeth without pain or daager. —Write to Bissell, West Union, Iowa. the dentist, of Mlee Mary Crosby, Teacherof Fainting. Order specialty. work a 43tf Miss Anna Xaatoa lnstraetor on the piano and organ, Postvllle, Iowa. KisslTelUeH. Abbott, Teacher of Vooal and Instrumental Muslo, Postvllle, Iowa. To X7 Patrons. Ploase call and settle your little bills, and lot's bogln the new year square. 3t T. SROBTKEBR, Blacksmith. Photographs. It might interest you to call and learn my prices. All work warranted to be satisfactory. CHAS. F. ALLIV. Hone-Shoeing. No hit and miss, bat a good job every clatter and prices very reasonable. THOS. SnOBTKIBD. Notice to Partiee Concerned! There will be no more Scheme Cards given out for parties to trade on. Those already out will be redeemed as before, when the proper amount is traded out. Ik SKKLTOM 4 TAHOIMAN. —Word cemes from Washington that Damon Collins is dead. He went to the Pacific coast for his health some months since but it seems that it was without avail. Another Cne young man snatched away in the morning of life. No More Cards! Wo shall givo no moro scheme cards to our customers in the future, but will redeom those already oat. We believe this will be belter for our patrons as well as ourselves. Luni<AM & SANDERS. —If we owe any man a dollar that is duS we want to see bim and pay it before we spend all our little wealth. It has been Rao work to do this but we n'usl square up once a year. We don't expect to be able t<> do it again 10 less than a year. —We carry in stock the celebrated brands of shoes - Bradley oV Metcalf, Pingrec & Smith and C. H. Fargo & Co.—in largo quantities fur Men, Women and Children. Before buying como and see us and get n GOOD Shoe. 11 SKELTON & TANOBUAX. Donation at Hardin, There will be an old fashioned donation at the church in Hardin for the benefit ot the Methodist minister, Bev. Benj. Berry, on Thursday evening, Jau. Hth, 1892. All ato cordially invited to attend and a good time is expected. —Prof. Colgrovo's school at Nora Springs ie a an AND success. He has enrolled 140 different students sinco Sept. 1st, 1891. Ho has an able corps of instructors and the expenses have b«<jn 1 educed to the lowest possible figure. Tho Second Winter Term begins Jan. Mill, 1893. Students admitted at any time. —This Is the week of prayer. Here union services aie being held and it is the intention to coutinue the meetings next week with tho hopo of compassing a revival of religion iu our midst. We hope these meeting* will be largely attended and that much good may result from thorn, though il is a hard field to work. > <—Among all our subscribers there aro none more stable and cortain thai our German friends. This has seemed singular to us, as their politics are different from ours. But we havo tried to do them justice, realizing that they were to be the dominant powei in this section and that as a class thoy are among the most honest and upright citizens wo hnvc. Lulman & Sanders force has been radaaed by thr>)» since the holidays. Mr. Uampson, Otto Luhman and Miss Lois Tultle have retired. —The grip is again gripping our people with an ugly grip. So far it is not as severe as nsual, but those who have it don't complain of i: beiag too light. —Largo qnantitities of homo raised tobacco havo been coming in from the Norwegian settlement, south of Poit- vilie, thi« weak, it is getting to be qnite an industry and a profitable one too. We judga from the quantity brought in that it is increasing in extentoach year. Nearly a Quarter of a Million Names. The address of every farmer in each county in the state. For sale in quantities to suit purchaser. Just tho thing for business men. Correctness guaranteed. For terms, address, THE TELEGRAPH. 36w6 Dubuqne, Iowa —School has again commenced for the winter term, with the old corps of teachers except in the 2nd primaiy, which is presided over by Miss Wheeler. —W. O. Brown and wife and Perry Bsebe. of Cedar Rapids, and Mr. and Mrs. Track Craigo. of this city, made tho REVIEW office a pleasant call last Monday. —Miss Lizzie Lukanbill holidayed in Oasian with home folks, and Miss Klein vacated in Caimar, we believe. We hope they had a pleasant "rest from their labors." —If yon want a new set of teeth do not fail to consalt Bissell. the dentist, ot West Uatoo. Iowa about the eele- biated New Metal Plates, tea times better than rubber. —The Wille'.t entertainment given by tho V. P. 8. C. B. at th» Congregational church last Friday evening was well patronized notwithstanding the unfavorable weather. On account of the council meeting that evening wo were unable to attend. We hear it highly spoken of. Oyster Social. Wc are going to have a short literary entortainment and an oyster supper. For those that do not likn oysters wo will have peaches and apricots. We would like to thank the friends for help- in so many times and givo them a cordial invitation It cuine again. At Bethel church, Jan. 9th, for the benefit of the Sunday School. Br OEDEE COM. —The Augusta Ohrstrom Opera Ce. drew a light house hero, as it did in all surrounding towns As the papers ail speak in very high terms of the entertainment, and as we aro no judge of music perhaps il would be better for us to forbear eritioiam. Our private opinion, however, is that it was a rather slim show-no eompat Ison to the Andrews Opera Co. —Mrs. Clinton and tho ladies assisting hrr in keeping "open house" 00 New Years day, did remarkably well. Nubody could have done better, either in the way of social entertainment or in the line of refreshments. Although the day was stormy and inclement, between forty and Gfly persons paid tbsir rtspects, all of whom voted the occasion a grand success. SLED. TOESCH—In Grand Meadow township, on Thursday. Dec. 31st, 1891, after a protracted illness, Mrs. Poescb, widow of J. Poeseh. The funeral was held from the German Lutheran church on Saturday and was attended by a large concourso of sympathizing friends. Personal Points. L. Armstrong enmo ovor from Waukon last Wednesday evening. Missos Mamie Abol and Lots Tultle spent New Years at Monona. Mrs. Hoys, a sister of Mrs. II. Stone, from the cast, is here spending tho winter. Mr. and Mrs. A. Abel expect to go to Cedar Raplde In March to roside with their daugb tor. Prof. Hancholt was down from his school at Uospor to spend tho holidays and sue his—folks. Gus McNeil left on Tuesday evening for Des Moines, where he will attend a commercial college. E. E. Burdick returned to his 'run" last Tuesday. His wife will remain until next Wednesday. Miss LoisTuttle will go to Dueorah on Saturday to take a course in the Valder business collogo. Mrs. Jacobson and tho children spent Christmas and several days thereafter with relatives and friends noar Clermont. Ab. Gorhnra came down from his run in Montana to spend the holidays visiting his family. He looks the samo as of yore only he is getting a liltlu silvered. Dave Jacobia sarprised his frisncls here by appearaneo on our streets last Tuesday. He had been absent so long tbat we wero beginning lo mourn him as dead to us. Our friend. U. A. Murphy, of St. Paul, spent Christmas with relatives Closing Out Sale AJ)Out 260 Garments on hand of all grades and kinds consisting of FLUSH IMS, FLU J1CEIS, Cloth Newmarkets, Cloth Jaokets and Short Wraps, and Missos' Cloaks and Jackets of every description, including all of this season's production and those that we bought at 60o on the dollar that are from the stock of the large Cloak factory in Chioago that failed. Every Cloak and Jacket Mist k Mi ni Will It Mi! Misses' Cloaks, 50 cents each and up. Ladies' New­ markets from $2.00 tip. "We are determined to close out every Cloak and Jacket on hand and prices are made to suit every purse. The goods WILL BE SOLD WHETHER WI GET COST OR NOT. Sale commences immediately - - - ~T~ ;\Z I and continues until all are sold, and SOLDIFOR CASH here. We aro under obligation, for [ „ . „ . — , . . ' ARMiBt&Ortq & ttOLTER, THfiRfeUABLE OLOTHifiRB, ESTABLISHED IN 1863. Carl Holter having purohased the interest of Levi Armstrong in the firm of Armstrong & Holter, to take, effect February 1st, 1892, all book aocountu and notew must be paid by that time. This month closes our 9th year of business, and wo wish here to thank our many friends tmd customers for their liberal patronage. It nan always been our aim to adhere as near as possible to tho truth and to advertise what we have and do and to do just what we advertise. In order to reduce our stook before inventory we shall make SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS to all OASH BUYERS of Clothing School Books. We now havo a fnll and complete stock of school books used in the Poet- villa schools and will sell them at the lowest school board prices. We also carry a full stock ot ail school supplies at the lowsst prices. Brick drag stoic. R. N. DOCOIASS. —Skelton & Tsngemaa deliver aa address to the public oa the second page which all is seed ot goods will do well to read. When it com** to good goods and reasonable prices they are "its it." —Foster and oar friend John Xtarno aissud thoir reckoning a little oa tho weather, but then others hare doee the same before them. Perhaps after all ft is safest to prophesy after the event occurs. —Everything is settling down to business just as it there had been no boti days. White this is a joyous season ot reunions and good cheer, and is replete with pleasant memories, we still feel a relief when the festivities are over and we settle down to the routine work of everyday life. Hew Dental Xeweaa. Dr. Will Cote has opened a dental offlce over the harness store la the brick block, where he may be foaad on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, where he invites the poblie to call wheat wanting fint-clase work done ia his MITCHELL.--At his residence in Post- rille. Dec. J9th, 1891. Wm. Mitchell, aged 67 years and 31 day*. Mr. Mitchell was born in England, Dec. 9th. 1334. He came to the United States in 1869 and was married to Hannah Crompton in 1870. He has resided in Postrillo since 1873. Our Frsmiums for 1893. As outlined in oar issue of two weeks ago. we give as a preminm te all subscribers paying fur tbs full year 18M in advenes the choice of Mrs. John A. Logan's Home Magazina and the Farmers' Friend, a semi-monthly farm paper published at Sooth Bend, Ind. Both these periodicals are the beat of their class at the price, SO cents per year, and are cheap at tbat prise. This is a free gift to all oar subscribers, old or new. whe pay for the RSVTEW for 1893. We have already ordered a large Dumber and shall be pleased to order several hundred more. Only il.5* for the Rintv and the choice of the above periodicals. -Pant Tape! and wife. Cram over FrankviOe, went out to Nashua and spent Christmas with their relatives. Mr. and Mrs. P. Miller. Like •very body else they report "Pete" prosperous. —We have had several large snow storms within the) past tea dsyo sad as • result we nam nearly an> ieefc of snev on the ground. If ft keep* on this wayantiitheath of Jalja» asay have stofhfag. —C- H- B&snenain* awl F. Iraatie*, good baanocsw nvctft of Caaassav BJ£BCS> ^St oniter renewed eoffgarnwe far tvrorm eitendarf, They are old PesCvflSe Boy* sod it is. a dWghsto as so> not* thenr continued ;roeperity. — Hal£ Ellis has porehaeed a nnm'ktr of bias adjoining his) residence property and »»pec» t» build one or moeo: houses oa thep next eessetfc LeC the gpod work go>on^ Ihtam f» a* eSnPgnr of gettnig; ceo. many iooaem. —-ttyow need sttytliuja; dowtojwar tectn came or write as> Ks«ei& tii*d*sv tiasVof West OWntiw faatavfe* BOTSSSV Waswnfialfi wcrtwaMne? ssrfbmMl *M* Wewfc *«« iM^Ts&aav Mnv ' "i "*--fnal linsliii est kiM^ssWiM as — titS* StaMA'saust etSS Jr^w "W"^ ^JKT ^W?f!Weas —We got the "sox" last Christmas, sore. They are ra ezhibiitoa at this office "for » few day* only." We are at a lose to determine whether Toes Medary or J. A. Creecy "sot" for a mcdtX They are tho oaly two geatte- mea are know wheee pedal utmaiiies wo aid Hit them. eooatry dor- —The Deeorah Journal tho practice so general nsrwspcjfwoffuayoudlaga mg the) year, fcaat thfeks i aadtdufUer se^sm waedd be prefers sic. WewoeMlievtoteeer what areefc ha the) yesvhs denser tha* 'the) week swav Ittoaweek of ef —By reference to their new advertisement on this pege it will fa* scei that the old and popular clothing firm of Armstrong St Holter has been dissolved, to take effect Feb. 1st. While Mr. Armstrong has never been a resident of PbstviUe his freaoent visits here OB seeoejnt of his bosinees hare given him a wide acquaintance with oar people, all of whom wQl regret to have Etnn sunder his basin ssa reJstfans here. Bat it has been oelv/ a qMetioa ot tiase from the ba when Mr. Hotter wuoM aoo eeed to the bnwfnoae he has built up by Eoog years of hard work. euapJed with integrity and frugality. He near has the sxperienee. the) Imsinees and the capital to warrant hint in taking the bnaJaees ifowe; and a* Mr. Armstroeg's interests fie ia eaether direction it s* a Suing tiase te> make tho change. Th» RarnaTW/ stncereiy wishes both parrfsa ia ihofiHarc. event ex- by the marked success of the his usual Christmas present of a box of vary flna cigars. Mrs. M. L. Alward and daughter Clara returned to their homo at Mt. Vsrnon on Monday evening. Thoy spent tho holidays hero with relatives and of course attended the wedding. M Miss Cora Miner, of Ion, has been the welcome guest of Miss Jessie Hobbins during the holiday season, and the young «eoeiety circles of our city have enjoyed Mis< Cora's presence among them greatly."—YVauken Democrat. Theo. Draves made this office a short bot pleasant call this week. We are glad to learn tbat he and bis brother hare built up a lucrative business out at Sibley, and are contented and happy, as good boys should be. Our friend, Charley Coettel, was down from Csstalia this weak, aad as usual dropped into these headquarters to renew his "aliegiaace" lo the Review for another year. Cl.arley has a good job with Mr. Alien in the meat business, which he knows so well bow to handle. Another one of those solid and substantial farmers, Cbas. Cha-a, enrolled his name on our books this week. I*, is a pleasure to us to get acquainted with this class of people, who feed the world and cause the prosperity of every community. We have a great respect for the farming class, I >r all our oariy days were spent on tiie farm. Koll of Honor. We are proud ef tho following list of subscribers who have paid for anu;her j year since our last issue, and thns sig-! nifisd their dstermination u> stand by the old REVIEW at least another year. The list is not quits as large as last year from the reason tbat we put no advance subscriptions in the bills of our business men tbts yesr, unless so specially ordered We will say for tho beneiit of our friends that thus far we have received more new subscribers thss wo bavs lost old one*, bnt of •oursa ws do not expect this to continue. Our thanks are especially extended to the following list of friends and patrons. May the new year have rich blessings in store for all of them: J. S. Hawkins, J. W. Mather, J. B. Laoghlin. Dr. J. Shepherd, C. H. Biancaaiae, Mrs. Sarah Lassey, H. Chnstoptienon. W. H. Bernhard. E. Z. Swenson, D. N. Tarner, E. B. Hinds, Will Mitchell. John WelzeL Ellison Orr. W. C. Breed!**™, Mrs. J. A. Finney, ONLY at Great RednctionB. We Mean Business. Call early while we have reap the benefit of this gale. a Fnll Assortment and Special Sale of Fine Holiday Goods ! Barrels and Barrel* of Candy are placed on sale at PRICES that far UNDERSELL andiOUT DO all competition. WFTY NOT Sweeten ft CMlta for CMstas 15 10 Pure Stick Candy, all flavors, 2 lbs. in a boxlfor cents; retail price 25c to 30c. Pure Mixed Candy, taffy mixed, cream, &co, only cents; worth 25 to 30c. Pure New England Broken Mixed, fine colors and flavors, 10c; worth 25c. Pure Cream Candy, elegantly flavored, only 20c per lb; worth 35 to 40c. Best Roasted Pea Nuts, 10c per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 Cts. Beat Brazil Nuts, 10 cents per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 cents "We Sell Best Winter Apples, three bushel barrels for $2.50. We Sell Best Winter Apples by the peck for 25 Cts. 20 Per Cent. Discount Sale On Overcoats. Speoial Sale I From now until Feb. lstv /fi will sell Men's, Boys' and Children's Overcoats and Ulsters at a discount of 20 per cent, from rogular prices. Ten | Per Cent! Discount On Suits. ! Special Sale All Men's, Boys' and Children's SuitB at a discount of Ten Per Cent, from regular prices. All Broken and Odd Suits, Pants and Vosta at almost your own price. On Furnishing Goods, Hats & Capr;, Gloves, Mittens, Underwear. Trunks and Valises a liberal reduction will he made. This is no fake to catch trade. We mean just what we say. E. T. Henderson, J. S. Mott, C M. Kerr, D. E. Baker. Geo. Lull, J. D. trsser, Peter Welch, John Kloaa, A. Abcrnetay, H. D. AngeiL P. D. MoSetiar, Cbas. Chara, Dr. C L. Topliff, Win. Fleming. Wm. UitchoIL Mrs. A. Mackey, Mrs. J. Gitnse. Cheat GoetteL Jobs Motr, J. H. Gray. 9. LsmhofBy Th«OL Draves, i. M. Harris, F.H. Dcvnng, J.Ferry, H. S. Lohniaav E. Hardin, M. Moxphy, Jas. Cooley, Chss. Skelton, (i. W. Harris, E. B. A. Brstnard. Mrs. M. L. Alward, J. W. Murphy. L. D. VaaGorder, Mrs. Mary A. W, Coiirsoo, Jobs Sanders, F.F. Hardin, Robe. Waters. Jr. ARM8TI0M8 & HOLTER, POSTYILtE CLOTHING HOUSE.' Ws have placed on sale a Large Line of Albums, Plush Boxes, Gent's Silk Mufflers, Toilet Sets, Silk Handkerchies, Sec, that we offer at nearly one-half their commercial value. HI Ti i Prices Win! The Goods Must Go ! Best LL Brown Muslin, yard wide, by bolt, 41c. Best Pepperell R Sheeting, yard wide, by bolt, Sic. Best Lonsdale Bleached Sheeting, yard wide, by bolt, 7ic. 33 1-3 yards of Calico for 1.00. 36 inch Fine Dress Flannel, only 25 cents per yard; worth 35 to 40c. 52 inch Fine Dress Flannel; only 421 cents per yard; worth 55 to 00c. 23 lbs. Tine Granulated Sugar (1.00 worth to one fiunily)fbr l.OO .t Best Water White Kerosene Oil, 10c per gallon. Best 5 Gallon Galvanized Oil Can made, with pump complete, 1,25, One Large Plug Tobacco, No, 1 quality, 2 incnee wide by 12 inches long, only 20c. Jan. 4, 1892, Postvllle, Iowa. TUs»Yc«fesv laa*th*FwMa*» Stean vna jrfwiFeeal, Cora Ileal aacj Grav baas Moncfay aad Sstuswiay ef sreeit hereafter. Having xMeal i of vseAoVarovhfiic aiagli faery/ we am pvperedto^rW^Masohfait, aa* sdIKno*o«sa*e^,eaisnw6»otfaev #«fitgfS»»»«» tagar aaei Sew* thaw 3Siijs06 (i &!i |r* CSaaat leiimfriiiuoaH af taw ' ttewasE tiTtntfttffsfif IT Hairy ft? HwHriBPfi 4asv* ittjtns s% staansir fcsaw am asanas 1 ha shasa aaanl * natural seaaatoaaastesTatl Ifmla n# fwcttiwfo I>tttfds4<tar into myelin Bur* fcgjMjka^' .•jLgbmgfm^ •'•' WRUH& '' ill' nsstnSaTlt. ef Mr. J. W.> tho of Dec 31. lS9J,lfr- Chaa. A. Hsofahefch lo Mxse EOa JU AIwercL Ksv. E. i. Leckwooii eaae&lfog. Mr. Biaiwiak csnse lo Foatvillft kma Chsnae*. Jbarav He haa fcr some MfffHfrT aeat aeeat eessehtesasaj the> seiv hajp aane&iatt haaaaeaa flat* Mr. Ward. B* haa rnmm siufeil hfmasFlf to> oh* •aaay arho hasa TiryfiT 1 has as^seaaaaaaa aa a giBsfeaiaa at was aorta. pte ef rVaawSSe, »hia hastsa; haa» her aasiiashsaa ahsla&aaaV iraew Wtr Taranwji la> tits art i&a a>a»V JUa» MR. Bsrarsrutaa asos &cn —The Graphic says It isaoes U axi aa~ ben fa a year. Brother Me4sry eaw tats hatter aboot that after he haa nta fit seveateea years fnatsaj of four ajasha. A gnat naaoff more peoostaest I papers than cither ef sha Foseviltc HAsWWICK—AI.WAKD-^At the re»V | papers tfonr.C iosuaoa hoQaar wee Sr. We heOera that these is sot a oaily m the atatathataoaa actaaapaact ^afelE- aatua every Iiotuiay la tha year, aael ther* ara Sra of thenr. Wa have oarer heart! a partietc of eaaspiafat hecanee ef oar skip of a nreck, afthoogh wa woieM maeh rather pahOshs Chaa not it w* coaM asd eto jnaCima so> oar hefp> sad our aasCaess. ACeazeettatt, ia ear horry ha guSug to press ftyferr Clhtteaiaa s*a ayirffitflaeiff sonsa trpofi'sphwal errors ha the stateaisnt of th^FitrnieeaCi«aBasry/. Jashatoc ataea»th*saanitwsnt ajaafar Seaeiooer antead v «i Otrtoheavaaiaa had Efcaod ha fha saaaaeT ajsaa) iiaa^aaaaai^a awaav her: of Bta. ef bustar to> tn* MO {ha. of THE GEEAT SPECIAL ZALE ! Our Men's Suits, Overcoat*, Plush Caps, and Meat's and Ladies' Underwear will still continue in Jbrce, and the Prices are not matched by any competition anywhere. A CORDIAL Invitation is extended to all our patrons of Postvllle and vicinity to visit our Store and seethe Maitf- moth Stock of all lands of Furnf^ ture, Carpets, Ruga, Curtains and all kinds of HOLIDAY GOODS, We are hers to' please you and will try our utmost to give you Gockl Goods at Living Prices, Come and sweusif y©udfcn*tbuy, you will he tr sated courteously. Tours Very Truly, WALTER CHRISS. tOmM-7WX»A~rAl Haa faitfuweai jjjjjjy^^^l l^^j*^^^ ^^^^f^fl^JJ^^** -eflv^*^a^3^-'"P^^^^^ That the Newman Bxoe. Organs with to* patent Air Clrcalatiugr Reed Cell and the Standard Sewing Ifachinewith its Rotary Shuttlev e^etli«b^M iustrtv m mm wu YARD F. GEafKMTON. •ooniplsttosUidfUlstodc ofXmmbwr, Lctitv 83>hv' fSsM, 8aVa ^I)bcrs t Blinds, Mouldings and Building Pa *f pw,Taulowp^ie Flooring and Csiling oak, ash and AJ1 pautiesintending to do any building the coming season wiU consult their own interest by obtaining ftguresfiromme. Particular attention to filling bills,' Best of grades QUIT handled. .. ^ mentsoftheirkindinthe wco-^aiidn^alw the , « « « mm « g SS^^d^rS^rJtSa^ ^ Silverware I ^WtmMtEnttM s— ifgininTgHpjui iffnilhilfiiHttL J^*^- ^I^J^}^^^^^^ Eaaa^saaajjB}aaaa» Ill faijllll JHUjS, TBfa aaaa | Highest Prices Paid for Live Pjiltry •vm no if w*i i»caaw A teaw »m9Jtm»TmvfM^w^^'m^' W,Ward&Cfc% I . - '• • * While we do n^ytpretend' iiUati who held tli*? iifyil^f*^* :^P^P^.-.t(rflant^5aa^'j ^J^t^J^J^^ • ^^^^Bf^^^^^^fSl ^^ftgBJS^sr^^^' ^£i?^*t £LlL * .• \ es^SP 1 .eMff. ^pM|Mff , sfflBaVJsM^^Wja^ ^BJ^^nr aVar^a* W^ 4l9k^M^^^^^~ ''''-aafeaaVtasnB ' tTfllflnTMltflf.

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