Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1927
Page 3
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R. J. Dunn of _ D, Kelley. £aim inj| Oi^fFarm I Mortgat e Tri Was; a bu: incss y'^d cjllod tola iWki &ico. —Ybu'Uj it Special; for Saturd:. Peamt Britt e, 20jj 11). Hov aid'a Ca lUy Sliop. " ' ^.'Oth > Aiekan( er.-sillesman <lJp Rofss ^rbueWe Garage, wasf L ife C!en ;er oi bu siness todayi ,—Tlcke s are oi sale now for "To) Old i'^ime lTuies."MGet the*! T^si Tved i t Mercha at's I flday, '."Miss Inez Marti i 'ojt Sulphdr {S^rlnES, "exasj cane tc lola la: t tfucHlhfe fir a visi witl Mr. an)i •Mrs. f '-il- PoWel oil tJll Ea tiling dinirent—at |28th. ' Tjiere's ;a report lu .irculatlo i today tliat a weddiu s is ioon to b -: Boleinniee 1 in an .1 ast ola hcnii ; TJiP i bells haven't -ung the glor lousineWs yet ^nd the interestel partijes jwbn't'tell >o al that cai bp lione fs to r\vai^ for develop mends. ^br .j f^red ,"Woodi)ur .vi graduat foot specialist, riredts corns, burf- Ions,, weak ened a,rchtjB, et|. No cxtr^ charge fo • rcsldertc* cal s. Phon SCO. SiriWest .Vadljion. Wni. 1 Hchlelchrr. ;foiTnerly o the Uitiinoiid barber shop here hi\\ :now of Madliinn, KaiiH^.; WOK ai{ «vcr nlKfi 't visitor In ilola mlKhiv ; JH<» rcturWfMl trt his wori: i "MaiMiori this mdrnii g. ^ Rector fpr St Co. visitor jupou tUd realt* firm. ay: surely injoy, one prd jlutely f ro^ of i42z— 8o ™4 he t igh schpdl —<:hlidr<'n'K btaut Mi $.i75i Kll colors. I&jcijy.^! : ..: fnl lats, Jl..-.() EdVanls .Mil or »hc TippI re<'t. was Fall Mi. e. 15. iMppiojor i ?kIotrir (|:o. on Sdutli: st business Ivisltbr InsTVcuMho •lodai-.--! • • . . 1 • i' • I •• ! I r :---\ ' \ -J —Speriid Sniidaj' idinner jit lh( I'orllani rtotel, ^Sr. I Hhc jUscd Caii iiTsoii a veil lie. ip , to Ncoshcj i'nchiding Edwards —Music ipupils! of beo. agsisted and 6-ifilaid Stih6ol ly the: Cdofiter QuartetU give a frej Baptist I Tj Feb. i 28 a lis invited. b jhusical nildf, :Mniiday evening, 8 o'clocl . The public Walter piiphant M Moi-au has • Diamond I»ar- work the fir.-Jt takei ai cKair the] Iber ihbb aiid boDtan Of tiiis hvetk. - ^pecinj Sirndny and ;er<^nlili:.-^ Kelloj . ;. .....1 ii^«>v«« uit, . aiiid iCoii'ee Nli^p. i Mi-. H. p. ; clerk in Brum's dijug store, has purchased tlic -estlcace propt-ri y at 714 North strest of i^bcrt CoK^Iey and he witliblti parents wll " '-- thel j hoinp ;Thl8 is ip a good location Jioni -- bUnkeobcard'S .< Willi Chlckeii 1 'Tlj'.- Alli»n C.'<Miui|>- (ofiijiani- linloaUcd fj he iig I to ^ny. .', ' —Dr.": G. S. ;I..ainl|eth. ^MJierl cikeley ha dencepropbrty at 71] and [will m love to • hi CUas.i carlin, rcpl-esei the fjntpri btionai; Harvester Co., with beadiibarters atl was ' in ' Id a today kail (TeaUtrs inlpiis lirip. F.iL.B.LEATEtL, if • • i* - . I . Mrs. Hiirhe tc 'd&y. wds Tklrs. jWil 1/ se^vi s:i fehopp: bhldlngl tJJ^ aflWr friur o| It MigW be iiif couiJse ; Mrs. Ida Miller, saleslady at the Mc'Lain ladles' ready-to-wear store In; the SIters biilldiug; will go tj» Lallarpe tjonightito attend a meeting, of'th^ Eastern Star lodge'.at that place, i ' —Episcopctl ladies will hold a Cake Sale Saturday morning, at Self Service Grocery. AVith the warm spriaslike days at hand people are Rlannlug their gardens and getting ready for planting ,tcarlcss, onions iand all kinds of garden isass. • of tb ^.flu (orjsekreral daye^ ported oil tb6^ mend and thought will sicfon be ablo tol 515 Soutli ington avenue; 't who fias ijecii ill iB re- ii Is be out. —,?2x'l cord tires. W4.5«. Repair Sho C. Canatscyl Clyde Smi government he will take 116 East Jbckson. h was taken lospital, at worth tlie tli^.^t of tlm weel(| treatments. Dale. .Mr.; Smith's son-in-I companicd him to Lcavenw< * * » * * IT >VAS ALL WnOG It was erroneouslyi stated ill yesterday*s Regi^tpr that ;^he admission to tl^e' afternoon grade school children's concert of the kai^sas City Little Symphony Orchestra would be 10c. The admission is 15c, '• . —•Trumpet: Holten, B Fllit. leather case, 3 mquth pieces, music rack, like new, used onl ^ few tinies. Will sell for $30.0 » less than cost. Sc6 it at the B iglster. Lonis Rosenberg, sergeant in the regular arm.v, jsjin lola inst ncting the members- oC the local init of .\ationj I. Guard cavalry. SilUngs by ^ay or night at'the i?tamp iPhoto Studio, In tlie Fuller Apartments, 5'^' N. Jefferqoji. J. W. Stouerock oT 12S Tennessee street, has tradKd his residence property.for an farm in the nei!;hborhood var., -Md.. and will Icavo Waah- to the Leaven- where S. E. w. ac- rtu. ing of irlccs. '^It gives the proposed ft dcral board almost unllni- jtcd aut lority to lix'prices on the [designalcd commodities." he said. Nothin ; is more certain than that sucli pr ce fi.xiug would upset the normal exchange relationship! existing ii the openf market and that it. wouli finally have to be extended to ever a mijiltSiude of other goods a 3d services. • Goyernnient South 0 acre fBoli- Ife first of next week with bis f^mJIy. for * j theip new home. « * *' * * * * * * « k ; \\'.: E ; Qoyor : of i-lation 6n Soulli; Jc^ made a! businoi^s Kallfs todajr. i .—Broiidlastirig i)i-to-tilie-minut( «tyleii ii lieautiful Siring Hats, all] jhead|sizss and all iiddrs,] [blacl* ind white, at ?|l.75. jMiUinerir, ^ | :,\E/|-a Li iter jcf P- Ktartfcd vork a\ Hanjliurj^cr Inn oir South Wa^iingtdn avenue. III., ha L. Waite. ;)rcheslra, will recital at the' IHnner nuon Mo|l«l Dining ortiupy it for link' property is. a nice bnd afc Inm .Mr. G. -M. Dyktiman, fdctory representative from the Chevrolet Motor Co.. is In lolu. todayi installing maphinerv in thb repair department of the Shelly Motor Co. -f- —Stamp! Photos, C for only in.-. Upstairs in the Fuller Aparlnionts. 5'^ North Jefferson street. .Miss Uiith Swongor. (laughfi-r of -Mr. and -Mrs. .1. F. Swongcr. .Ir.. of lis South Walnut stroi-t, was Initiated in Gamma I'Jil sorority at tilt' University of Kansas at L.-iw- rchco this week. Special ('Jilcki -n Dinner Sunday lit Krausii's iCafe. 5(|c. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Illoke h- I limed homo loda.v, from a tbrep weeks' visit with their daiightir. Mrs. Fred Goffiijld and Mr. Ci)f- flcld in Yates Center. —Dr. A. B. TWadell, Osteopalh. New Globe Bldg.;! Phone 191. , Harold .MiHor.was! initialed into -Alpha Tail; Omega fraternity this week. Harold ai Kraiidson of! .Mrs. Sarah Doggfjtt Ai this city and is a .'itudcnt at K, Uj —Sec "The Nigger .Minstrel" at Liiicrty scliool, Saturday. Feb. 2(j. ! W, F. Kennely. who has been Jiving on a farm iwest of the river, will In.-ivc Monday for Blackwell. called there by the illness of a son. Mr!!. .Kennedy 4 -ent to Blackwell yesterday morniiig to be with hini. They plan to go!to New Mexico in the rpring with their son f6r his pmalth. ; Yhe Kennedy's'have been residents of Allen I county for thirty-four years: .-.Mr."Kennedy rented hia farm jfor a year. —30x3',;: toid tiros.' $7.:tu. Tire Repair Shop. C. Canatsty, Prop. 116 East Jackson. -Youngberg's Oj-chesira. of Ottawa. Avhich furni.'jjicd the mii.«ic for the New Year's ball given here by the Elks,'has lieen secured for the Elks St. Patrick ball March 17. —Foi* Painting ami Paperhanging, call Antrim,/ .Mr.«. .\nna Kirkpatrick went to Humiioldt to<lay on business. —\Vrlst Watch repairing a. spi>- clalty. J., V. .Merchant, Jeweler —O. L. Cox, M. D.. SpelcIaUst Bye, Ear, Note and Throatl J. P. Haworth. reprcsenta the Union lnsu>-anci; C headfjuarJers at Wichita.~Kaak, was In lola today on busine Lyie Hamilton, the local ^Don't 'fall to -see th^ Vortex Electric Waaher. iilckel-llned copper tub; it crack, and alkali will not tiib. K. C. JOlcctrlc and PJ Clayinii jVoodin and I'en'larvis pfayod with . II lioldt orchestra for a danj last nlRlil. —Wrist ,W:itcli rcpniijnji;: rialty. J. V. McichanU!! J and Optometrist. ivc of wirh, with nt. llaag- has a lill not Alt the iDJb.. Co. price fi no; justi It' is [which t to be spared.' 01)1 ;d to "t he lax he fedcj M by 'stablis "This s not hiiQ in ing once started has alike| :e and np end. an economic folly from lis country has every right] iect.K to Taxing Poner. The rbessagc furthermore object-! " li'e remarkable delegation of ng power," of conjgress to i*al farm hnreau. "nominal-. Stall jwin Si ying now. lllTTLE ON Interest «ani- .i^m Telief legSa- the fight *lll end.iiM In the end we That |l! ill I feel like EFFJECT N. Y. MARKET |*al farm 'bureau, "nominal krmers,"! which Woiild be liled under the bill. | -<:alIod| equalization fee tax for purposes [of reve- e accep'ted serise,"|said the iiresidei |. "It is a tax for the ipecial lenefit of particular groups. Asa d ijcct tax on certain of the Ital necessaries' of life it represents tl e! most vicious farm of tax- lion, tjs real effect is an employ- jnent of tibe coercive powers of gov- ^rnmen to the ^nd that jcerlain pecial groups of farmers and pro- (f^essors i^ay profit temporarily at (he ex[cnse of olhcr farnicrs and immunity at large." kpqnomlcully 1'usound. Message declared the bill cfilly uniiound since it i'ould !^c^ unlikely that surpluses dould a <if the Is The ijconom spc- welti' Ilia .McLaughlin .-iml son Carol I), of Bronson spenl' M-SIIT- (lay Willi .Mrs. Leila Weast it 320 Soiilih M'alnul street. j — Doughnuts "Very Siitnriljiy, or Special order. Phone 400.' H::rlcy Warron and faiiiilly moving today iVom 50."> NoriH ond si reel lo their new home ro- lenlly street. purchased at 712 —Homecooking is a spociii Lewnian's : Cufe. Cliickcii | Thursdays and Pmidays. • South ty at crved [will s<-rve |r Sunday. iniidcment cak- of wire /Special lattentlon givfen Dia' iasies of Colon ai d Rectum. Elec trd-'ihera py and I'^yaiptfaei ipy, lOtflce ; Ola State lank Bldg. Fbpies—147 4ndj705. Henderson M wa£^ shqppin hg' ill lol Surgeon, lionc 613J. sold his rpsi- |l .\irth stret-t farm. itative of Arcndia, Kas.. ng upon ILD. itclicll of.M . in lola ye ie Wheelfer of LaHafp a yesterday. JMphey to loan on real estat^ tejrms no con miss^ions. Th Btkildi ig &| Do m Association Or|;inj!zed| in 1885. >(e|K- locafio^ :f)oi ittiw^st'^orner of Square. CE Pepsj, Secre^ijiry; ^ cUy trdinanct for builldia; oft bonfire i Bock In tbelaftiernoot well toi people to ob- this a>td act a|.cordIn«Iy. I Yes, tlrM oij «;i|an<jpa il. E;) riowe 1 i(i wearf Inr p smile today t at Wouldn't b pu I*d ^ff w th a y^ c o^ oxen. H Is- sb biimflizzle|l o-er that IHtl grinddaufftirier iWilcl 'pui In Its ap- peiralfce lii Ijiet.'l, .A . Powell horn •reehtl:j-, thkt l^e I oritlrely or nb e to, traiiiac*! bti sltfeK./ Wbe i ctetomer | aalsit h m somcthln jalihtil-ai bnalneBai matter Bhef* a I'm. proHU of he alway little girl ine 0-family: 'rJf her! and Optonielrist:; .Mrs. M. A. Cniitl and grandson, .lack ('lillclres:<.' went on the 1 o'clock bus to .Moniii to stay all iiish' itiid Jack's ni 'Jilur, .Mr«. Childress. Iwill join t bent tomorrow lo spoiid the day wilii Mr. and .Mrs. Charles .\snrr. —Jn?t like Angel Food Cake, :7an Hoozer'a Bread. 2 for 15c. ."Mr. and .Mrs. (J. E. Stanford and children and Klza .Marvin, nho have been visiting .Mr.«. .\rchie fjmlth, returned to their home yes- tjcrday. Mr.s: Smith, who Is ill. is i nproving nicely.' | . —Are you trying for the Kelvl- ijator Electric Refrigerator? It's f ree! See K. :C. Jilectric and lumbing Co. Mr. and Mri. C. L. Whltakor started this morning in their car for Winfield to visit relatives. They will return' Sunday. i —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, tola Laundry BlSg. Phone 138. - Ray Strawdernian has been employed as one of the truck drivers for the Lesh Oil Co. of which E. P. Slack is manager. —Try It once—you will bare no other. - Van Hooter's Bread. A letter recently received from Miss Lola Wheaion by her mother, Mrs. A. J. Fulton, gives some interesting facts aboiit the ^•eather at Crystal Falls. Mich,', where she is teaching.this winter. Miss Whea- on Is art supcrvjsor in the schools at Crystal Falls. 'She says that the weather there is' cold and crisp, the temperature stays between zero and ten below most o9 the time, at time's reaching from to 35 below. It snows on the javerage of three times a Wt-ek. Th\'. snow has been not less than four feet deep in Crystal Fails since .November and along the roads thb di*ifts have been as high a« cars.. 'Immense snow shovels ai^c kept busy all day Idng every' iii^i to Iceep the roads open. Ice skating. itoboRgahlng. snow shoeing, etc.. are the sports chjoyed there. 1'he natives there say ;that Februat^' anil March are the worst snow' rtionths of the year. .Miss Wheatou .says."Give me dear old Knnsas with its sunshlue instead of snow." • • I " Mrs. Floyd .Marple ,of il', Tliird stjeel left this, morniii Earllon. Kans.. to 'bo with mother, .Mrs. M'. H. Dozier, seriously ill. N'orth for her Who is —Phone your Want Ads ia .MrJ aiuV .Mrs. John Scott Ici:iv.-itoni.:;lu'for Dallas, Tex a b!i:{inoss trip. .Miss I3cryl Robinson wil hpnu- tonight from Independence. Kans., to spend the week end homo folks. She teaches in Independence liigh school. Iier Miss Cljira llrowii left yeslirday for Lawrence to attend the (state ineeKnir for teachers and visors of rniisic whi<.h \i beiugj tliPi'-f* this week end. She w home Sutiirday night. MiH^ Lniil.' Wilson of M6r:ii iir loin "today enrmitp to iGak-iiPti I for a visjt with frlvnils cvii wecli end. .Thi- fiiciuls of .Mrs. !Cjriii ni\v will be'sorry to k';:rii tha porls from her wifaiiU' are far rvas^irlng Since her fall wce!<n iiKi>. resullInK in a br lilp. hhc ha.-' bei-ii ;;radually Ii i.l^'cnsih and her rtM-overy I gnrded as doubtful in vif-w of :i(lvanc«'d .-igc and 'he Krcat s lo which she ,w«^ subjected.. "Incr and, t flumptUi i|n Incrl I \Va >8 be pxported. ' :^sed prodiictlon on the one bupled with .decreased con|n|on the orther, would jnean ased exptirtable surplus to Ie dumped on thi; world market, taid t!) jpresldenl. "This In turn. Arould n <-;jn a c0|nstantly dccrias- 1 Ig'woi I(li prl(-e until the point was rL'ached \vlicre lint world price was Miffhlentiy low so that, oven while I icrcasiid by our tlarlff duties, coiii- iioillllci would flow into this conn-' t y in largo quantities." I Oblerts III iliirran I'ovu-r. Furlbie'liniore. the preiiJelil ob- ; L'ctid to: the liowei- gi.en to lliu i kiirin liiir(.i'iii iiuder In- uili. [ law Uxos no standards, im- ju ri'SSrictii'P.s and ruqiiirts .aliens o» ;.!iy kind." sain iNew York. Feb.! 25. (APl-^The presidential ' veto j of the McNary- Haugen farm aid b II had little effect dn the.'comihbdities markets here tpda.v. IJThej action apparently had been dtscouhted by ope (inttonj marjket, the Minging in a sligljit flurry ofjli- (ii|ldatIoii which was absorbed by trbde .buying and covering on a ddclin^ of 18 to 10 iioints. i The ! effect on the grain markets ivjis more pronounced. Wheat br;Pke pearly one celit a bushel, but soon recovered the'" * live miarke^. ators in the announcement loss in an ac- CHICAGO GRiAIlN 1 I TAKE^ pi(3 JUM^ Ichiciigo.j i-'eb. 2 }i. (AP)—Word • litit Pi-osldent Coolld?ip!had vetoed thje .McNap-Haugen farm relief blil cailsed a sharp rally in | grain fiituros on' the Chicago board of tr ^de. I Wlieat gained arouiid 1% ceiits and corn more thpn a! cent. Tliert ; was a noticeable Switch toward the buying side andibrok- ers rejiorted that offerings were ll ^ht. : i • 1 Previously in today's session tHe wljeat niarkjet had\shown a downward tendency. 4!' !('. T. H irrls Suiferlnff Ijit'ected 1 and-^asper^nij- fcenon A lile to Be VoWn rn Again. To (.Mrs. ()pal .Alitcheinl LAHARPE, Kan Is is suffering from an iifec- ii^jher hfrnd tion jasper Fulki toda; ;f for the mom hs.; Ever; he Is ia'Ijle lb 1 e, about againl R. L. Logan of Blue Mound here today yi iiting relaUveb frienls.! i MHI and MrJ--. H. G. Rijlgt Olson of lola % and Mrs. C. H ed T Mr lette; wiio farm the Mri Lioyd Mr. 4 iiy. Mr [iesday al the Geo. Roe,ho and .Mrs. Malconi received a I from M|rs. J. M. Carpe ileij. tio'a und left i-ecently ^loved from lola in Missoii the ijbads ver^ ilab. and Mrs of Iota nd .Mrs MESSAGE BRINGS MUCH (COMMENT are • Sec- a-dcral I • nn pOSC) iio ri~,i liv. j Ho d^clart i al.:o li'at :iicnil»-r.'; 01 tin- Ijoird "w. aid Ij • iiiult-r i-on- sianl pfebsnro fiiii ihtir <-on.stii- Uents ppssible To I tlicse ci cporiei inian b jt posie Poin:i" justi eakinjj raising cop 18 Will i s. on isf tc in be with the to:push iirii'ijs as iiigli as .xjiect modi cuiiistanies --j.'." he siiiilj :i,ture; with ijualitios it dot,-s I ess." • ; ^ i )i^ out thai lilt department tj.had heen employed in liP |Conibinations aimed at hje ifost of livln.i;. tlie mcsisnied: VIdldtes Anll-Trnst Lan. This bill,: if it accoiiiplishes its I 'pose. .wiii raisf-'tbe price'of the etffleq iagricultural commodities the ijj^host possible point, and tu in held i ill be liens. •The .'olved in. was , ""•{iJt.-r dl i !<•: ders jvejo of '<ib- rejief bil| was r'-'lni thai roni I iMtiiou re- h .-r lock Doiiato ('n'afrrjiina. tr-iinrrj .\Ij?.s Edna Coatt"-. viol^iiist.and MIi^s Emily Si'.ilev Harris, pianist, musi. ila/« li.'-ts, who save a tom-crt last i Iglit in the Fir^t .Methodist Epii i opal ihiirch spoii.-iored by .Moment 4 .Musical club. left today for C(ffc-y- ville where they will appe; |- fo- night. They came here fnilm an engagement at St. Joseph. .Mo. aliid from Coffryyillc will go to, Tulsa where they ure bookeii. Tlioy are making the lour by aulomoblie and were very much impressed | with ioia and thii lar.:;e audience /which grcelod them. / n. M. Anderson, generally Ikndwn as ''Ben." has rented the roum formerly occupied by the. lol: Fruit Co. :n the Allen block on th • north side of the squate and has remodeled it ."iid ii^stalleii up-to-date bathroom equipment. Stalls are built' for the display of hat i tubs aiid other accessories of th( bathroom and tlie shewing made s very pleasing'to the aye and pros lective customers j can see just how the equipment I will appear in the r own homes. Ben Is nn old timer in the plumljing business in^ real- ar in- some- some!of his as a |;logan e-lrip 2.5. (AP) -.\o since the war such !in oijt- of 'Interest U'jishlngton. Fob. rro'tidcnliall messagij d.-iy lips ajtraclod wrjrd :;nianifeslatioii .-injong mciubers oil -.•ongress as ;:r^-etf'd: I'r«-sj(lcnt (j'oolidge's veto mijs-.sagc on the |bil|: ',' i .IVIllinimli: it was til j tliv .senate, in v oii;i:iiiiited. th •reariiiig of the mes- saii- in tiif.- scnatoj chamber was lisjened i(i by xyhat virtually laniountiul lb a joint Session of sen- and Mri. Feb. 23.—Mrsj (i rson was down own first time in sei eral one is glad to 1 now ri_ saying they f(j bad after - they Ervin I.,ong and son spen Sunday jvith om Green and lam- Koscoe. John and ijon of Hu^nboldt visited TJ day \ 'ith .Mr. a^d Mrs. Lowell Bau- manli ion Grel -h of lola and T. pai-en :ii :|Mi'. uiiliMrs. Ton|<(itee}i. : iffrs i Gebrge IMalcom r^h ed a letter from llr.'and Mis, ;<}.< D. Hanl^ytbe tir^' of itbe :^k|.84y- }ng' tHe wind seyerd Mrs dinne Stella : Mrs Hattiel '7.' '*r. -4 1 ^ n-l storm • wbicfit was hlse did auite a bif 6t age ti thJB wheat ami oats iTrcps aroun 1 Argonia< Kan.^-where j Jlr; and h ra. Hartley are visitlngj T lie sanjl (lew qliitW badly. r • Caleb Barker took Snndhy With her daughter,; Mj-s. Green. Q. L Donald called on M Gullett .Tuesday aftei^oon.- . George Williabis gave; a banqdet for th^ Register carriers afSaii- 80 Hat­ ter Inn in lold Monday evenlij was and isit- [ne.i .AjIc.N'ar.V-Haugen | liddressed only Iiich the bill I jriition under i s til disr.'gard ' "anil credit \ doing so the board will operate ihoul any reslraint imposed by •i^^e ami tnis i laws. The granting on any s ich powcrj to a government to run counter to bur idilionjs: th.- philosophy of bur gcvernnibnt. the spirit of our insti- ind nil principles.of.cqiiily. idniinislrative difficulties are siifticieni to wreck the atl and bouse. Scores of i house { |nii pnbcrs j:ijmme:l into the back of jilK clionibtr and overflowed into !lln aisles. Ber-riuse.Ot iho Ie£;islative situa- lioii the iyailiiig was. niit begun un- ilishortly uficr 3 |>. in. By ihdt iuje most members of congress | !i:ii heard of the veto, but they |\vi re anxloiis lo hear the e.<acl -.vohis In Wjhich thej president put he! seal of liis disapproval on the bllll SAYS MEASURE IS liO PA§S AGAIN Th. ai: lis hicago. Feb. 23. liilriip.spn. president the iiis dho liiil AP»—Sam H. of the Amer> 1 Farm Bureau Fclderation, from home in Quincy. III., when informed of the president's veto of g. PAGE Mfike4 -Lenitfe : Gr^cjil and Fern Cla 'k {attended tl;e 1 a|£- ,er« ir^l the line pa t>( to Mie Kel- flejr Theatre^^ Thei e! j Were abqot forty-flte'carriers present. '^f Thelsale of t.he loUsefaoId' goods beltjn^ng to Mrs sVlattic L<>as«!, Hichi was held ,Tb >4lay was ;we^ attend'ed. " ' ; ' {. J.; TV. Spangler is an the sick l^sj^ news which hfs frieids tire ^orrjl'- to hear.' i' . •'• ' |^ leinaiiie of: Mrs. Ilart and baby werfe omitted from tiie 'jiames of thdae present at th ; ^urpcise<par;| tty given'Mr. and!!Ins. Crowell Iqr the tfarm bureau', fo • Jvhlcb the re-r tportjsriis sorry. 3. . • T Nortlimp Bldg,, formerly]occn^i<^ 1>y James BIcfeardsoB I IpLA'S EO^IJLAH StditE i kN EXGEPT]^^ AL DRESS E^ ^ENT McN'ary-Haugenihili authorized olfii-e here lo .issue a statfe- iiiciit ill whiih he predicted that FARM LEADERS TO CONTINUE FIGHT iiext congress wpuld pass the j again. GOOD HEALTH MEANS 1 FIJLL itAY '^JL*t thU NATURAL lUmedy ^Va.'hiiigton. Feb. 2.".. (AP) -Tlie lajipointnient of farm bloi- jver Pri'sidenl (•oolid«'''.s ^ I he .Me.N'ary-MaiiKin farm TrgEP fit4-«ind your | pay envelope milled with n warn- IV| will look after itaelL When your the fislit bail nut end-il. ; ' g<unnc-h geui lazy—and stomaeiis do i;h ili-'i')- i- nil Imiie ul n""-• j^ttjiatwaypncoinawhile—rthewaste f """*lii)ii at tilis session i>f ionKri;ss. lite ,1. , i rr " matter collect*, frnneDti, and poisons siiiir'""'•*'•'•""'' "T'-'-i'i t" I 'line I yburbystemjimiUhcn conies siiort time I •"'R l.a'k Iiefbre seiia'e and houte ue .M : jDifn't waft unUl then—get some wiiiier, raising an Issue wliii'li Dillingham 's Plant Juice today,'and many pojlitkal lenders expect to ! KEl-lP Ct^ ! ; seij carried proniiniuily Into tlie' I Flint Juicd is jnst thel Juice of ( [caltipaign of l!)2.'!. ! n^ein»lhcrl )8 ,fe»ve !B, MoMoms,! wo Republicans whose and foot* into whicli Nntwe has . ^ |ei-c linked in the drafting difimte corrwtive properties. It i? II both declared they had ' P eH*"^.**' ion of striking their coi- ;I?i"°<>f dfflComfort,itwi^lM^you| I ~ I liver and IMWCIS do wgat Nature ini ,i . ... . . ftejided. See what Mrs. EUzabetli Reed 11 a grievous disappoint-211 Codvi Street, EVansvillt, Ind. beuatnr \ gj^™ ^bout tl^ rfore tlian thirtjl years the 'ivesL,'' saiil 'However, it is not a P^r-1 old remedy: Callouies Qoicic, safe; sura relief from painful callonses on the fee£ At BB drat and >bc ami iy dots not need anv pardcu trodnction to the people but how it is a pleijjBure to 'say thing about iiim on account good nature nnd his abilitv workman in his line. His Is. "XI. .M. .Anderson, the o plumber." In .\bysslnla. a public haIrU:ut is the penalty inflicted on the ijkoman who lies. : AUTHORIZBD lltl-raiUHINO AUTO AND' FUlUflTURE REPINISHING Thrasher Auto Paiiiteri 12« x;ira!nnt, I'iione ICl t)NEUMONIA . Call a physician. Then begin I ' "emergency" treatment with W VAPORUB fuBered from indigestioi, constipation, and nervousness for 28 iyean. Nbtliing I ate agreed with me. I'wasinaternble .'condition, and sufifcred'constantly with I bkiatiiig ptina jort at the bottom of my ribs io ttte aakll of my foacic, amid np under my shoulder blaidcsi Now I eat anything I want and liiave no troable. Plant Joiee surely has done wonders^for lAsk yourjdniggJBt for the original Dillin^am'fl Plant Juico and keep yoor 'i pay envelop^ f uUI ' Pla^r Juice ! TON C iuS OfAHSER IHAR0WARE& ^MFLBMENTS IOLA-KAN.rA.r Gingham Aprons-^Tretonne Trin; priced It — ——H -L j Hoover Aprons, white priced _!-.-----;.----, JUST RECEIVED—Shipment eHildren'sj 98cto$2.5f) HATS and HOSIERY FOR CHILbREN; Mi presses, aizes 1114 East Madison Slfers Bldg. N6 oiling:—i-it lias a Genet al Electric motor li-ith ball Ibeari^gs that [are pAtked in lubricant, i j i' •' • j 2 Ifnusiially strong |^uc-j ^ i on "because -of;; itj sexr^n-l^lia^e^ spot weld |d, rion-destructible jfan |ust-proof bag—of jijlue tWillTvith trap in throat which! prevents .d|ir ; from falling back inti air passage. Easy-tp-empty b a Has extriai lai-ge opdning SJt t0p .i I - i ^":\- ; 5 Bag perfectly seale^— ijaitent^dij spring type lag clamp. |the G-E Clean 8 Handle Iock-|-the han- ffle can be Io<*ked' in •;any pbsition' ''^•"^ .'.spring, keep; ? right unless led. but & t? is lock^ ^ight /jyt^igj^t —cleapeij ody, ^otor base ; and] ip are oif aluminupij. Ldjustjable — suijtjior i Jbss pitevjented by Inloz- zle jtdjubtment screw fin fronii axle which leeps the lips of; the I ojizie {parallel to 1; the iilotir, whether clean ng Ipn^ nap i rugs or bare floors, i I • I-1. I Li • a Snap-on, sel t^cle^pjng j brush — foi-- loosehing surface littei • — h^iii', threads* lint:' IQ Spelcial castt ts—raak- j ihjg cleaner 1 4rticular- ly^ easy to ir aneuyer. 11 Pistol - grip haOL ,^ . comfortable, vj^itti'rub­ ber bumper op'end io prevent marjfing of fiirhiture. Tifigger stvijtch alwa; ,gier tips. 12 Long cord twenty fefet. Large, roundel^ hooks/to prKent piit- tingr of cord. ISl Guarahteed-i-by-' Gen• erariHectrig ; year, I4i Complete jfor ione iih set of .^ix practical i swiyel- ihg attachme its—easy to connect ai (I use... -w

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