Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 14, 1948 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1948
Page 2
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1I PAGE TWO. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE, IOWA_ [CAPITOL INEWS LETTER (Weekly News Release of the Iowa Press Association. Material contained herein does not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this paper.) (Continued from page I) no more wholesale prices for the and at the price demanded. There's board, in other words. This might go far toward explaining why the recent special legislative session appropriated an additional million dollars to the legislative interim committee to be used for emergency purposes. It appears very much.-as though the board of control is going to find itself in need of this money before the present fiscal year is out June 3. At the present rate of spending, there will be a deficit in its appropriation from the reguler 1947 session by that time. POST TOWNSHIP LIST OF TAXPAYERS .95 11.95 82.02 41.49 169.32 51.79 12.08 57.80 54.13 36.44 4.06 NEW HIGHS. New highs were established in income—both farm and industrial— during 1947. according to recent figures of the Iowa Development Commission. The highlight of a big'year, said the commission, was that: '"In spite of sizeable reductions in crop production. Iowa farmers experienced an increase in income of 54 percent, or the largest in history of the state and the largest increase experienced by any state. "Agriculture income was expected to reach $2,700,000,000 compared with $1,793,000,000 in 1946. The per- farm income was estimated to be in excess of $12,000. "The per capita income for the state as a whole has increased more than 150 percent from 1940 to 1947. Per capita income for 1947 probably will be up 25 percent over 1946, or from $1,183 to $1,575. "The value of manufactured products also broke all records for 1947, with an estimated total of $1,-! 515,000,000. Iowa.maintained its position as the No. 1 agriculture state of the nation, producing 10 percent of- the nation's food supply. "Iowa continued its industrial growth during 1947. The labor force reached its highest total in the history of the state and at the same time unemployment reached a new low. "Bank deposiis reached an all- time peck in 1D47 and the state banking department reported that banks were never in a more sound! condition. I "Retail sales reached an all-time | high, estimated at S2,051.923.650— I about 20 percent over 1946. Retail I purchases per family averaged 52,095. POLL. One of the first straw polls on the 1948 presidential race was made by the Cedar Rapids Gazette recently. The Gazette asked readers to vote on their choice for President in 1943 and listed the following candidates: Dewey. Eisenhower. Taft. Stassen. Truman. Wallace. MacArthur. Warren, Vandenberg and Martin. Here's how the 454 readers who voted stood: Taft. 135: Dewey. 83: Stassen. 73: Truman. 44: Wallace. 39: MacArtbur..30:Eisenhower. 22: Warren. 14: Vandenberg. 7: Martin. 3. There were four write-in votes, one of each for Sen. Wayne Morse of Oregon. John L. Lewis, Secretary of State George C. Marshall and Henry J. Kaiser. An interesting sidelight was the fact that many Taft voters said MacArthur was their second choice, and vice versa: on the other hand. Dewey voters listed Stassen as second choice and vice versa, while in some instances Eisenhower and Warren were listed as third choices. This indicates a real battle between the conservative and liberal wings of the Republican party at the national ^convention in Philadelphia in June. FIGHT OVER. The state has now submitted to the federal government a three- point plan which, state authorities say, will result in continued federal aid to the state health department. If true, this will end the fight that has been raging over the department's merit system for some time. Dance MATTER'S BALLROOM Decorah, Iowa Sat, Jan. 17 Music By DALE SIMONS - - and the BLUE DENIM BOYS' (Continued Irom page 1) 1st Half Tax Hughes, Elmer O & Elsie 96.90 Kiesau, F W 164.38 Kirkestue, Leonard & Selma.. 55.16 Livingood, Cecil E 148.99 Livingood, William C None Lydon, John 60.16 Monson. E R 96.66 Ryan, Elizabeth 16.59 Schnuelle, Simon & Lizzie 159.83 Schlitter, Milton W 11.30 Schutte. John : Schnuelle. Will F Stockman. Mary A. & Les. J Swenson, S O Topel. Paul Jr Walby, Alvin & Charlotte Waters, Fred E Waters, R J Waters. Ruth & Geneva Interstate Power Co Nordness. Tel. Co Postville. Farmers Tel. Co 8.16 LUANA. Kettlekamp. E G & George Nordin S 40.13 Russett, Ol J & Laura 246.64 Sander, Walter F & Amanda 286.05 •Sander, Willard A 6.38 Smith. Mary 105.38 Smith, Carrie & Leslie 147.45 Webb, Herman D 55.21 Ziegler. J Charles & lone 50.04 Postville, Farmers Tel. Co 13.65 LYBRAND. Bachtell. Ralph W 38.24 Bareis, John 91.96 Behrens, Arthur '. 1.12 Bents, Leo & Lucille 207.34 Bray. Mrs Ruth 1.20 Bulman. F T et al 15.09 Foels. Otto G 82.43 Gericke. John & Henry 14.22 Gericke, J H & Henry 229.03 Gordanier, Horace 78.84 Harris, S A heirs (C F Meier AgO 14.35 Harris. Leone et al 268.76 Hecker. R M & Josephine Moody 4.45 Martens. W F & Minnie 2.80 Meyer. Clinton 106.58 Meyer. Robert L 19.68 Meyer, Vernas 16.14 Peake. Clarence & LaVern... 18.60 Price, Pearl Smith , 1.63 Rekow. Henry W 13.81 Schultz, Orma & Vina Poesch 113.29 Smith, Clinton E : 14.95 Smith, Ethelyn L 1.74 Smith, Ira E 19.96 Smith. Lester D 43.32 Smith, Lester D 86.41 Smith. Keith M 16.20 Swenson. S 0 92.58 Thomson. Clarence J 15.82 Voelker, Ed 20.14 Nordness Tel. Co 2.95 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co 46.68 Postville Farmers Tel Co 12.12 . MINERT. Althouse, H F, Martha. Carl.S 38.22 Behrens. Arthur 197.70 Brainard Leo D 11.19 Brainard. John 11.37 Durno. W E 27.75 Foels. Arthur H 76.71 Foels, Harlan & Harriet 21.22 Foels, Leo 5.69 Gericke, J H & Henry 5.73 Gericke. John H '.. 135.11 Glock. George 5.51 Gordanier, Horace 69.76 Green, Ralph None Hangartner. Fred W 153.17 Hecker, R M J Moody & Jos.. 14.58 Heckman. Arbe 60.49 Heins. Leo & Elmer Zieman.. 205.84 Johanningmeier, Allen 75.01 Jones. Addie 105.31 Martens, W F & Minnie 21.21 j Meier. Amelia et al 83.09 | Meier. H W 146,72 Kugel, Vernon A ...... 17.88 Meyer, Mrs. Charlie et al 3.39 Morch, Leo 12.28 Oehring, William 1 .15 Pearson, Mary Ella, 74.88 Poesch. Vina & Orma Schultz 19.69 Schultz, Elmer L 136.70 Schultz, Elmer L 143.04 Schultz, Kenneth & Esther... 216.59 Schultz. Orma & Vina Poesch 259.71 Tague, Daisy et al 182.98 White, Donald 13.45 Wullner, Ernst 22.13 Zieman, Elmer & Leo Heins.. 10.45 Nordness, Telephone Co 1.29 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co 64.77 Postville Telephone Co 25.05 MYRON. Folsom. Milo $ 28.33 Gocke. Ervin D 20.83 Gocke, Robert E & Evelyn... 2.78 Guese, Mrs. Fred 198.06 Held, August 19.70 Jahnke, Lester 15.12 Kiesau, F W & Paul E Bowlin 154.01 Kostman, Paul T 24.46 Livingood, Milo M- 6.24 Livingood, Willard S 102.5S Livingood, Willard S 37.79 Livingood, W Sidney 7.04 Livingood, W Sidney „... 19.89 Orr, B K 97.07 Orr, B. K & Kathryn 111 .39 Price, Pearl Smith 27 .99 Smith, Clinton E 42.29 Smith, Clinton, Ethelyn & Pearl Price ..: 22.54 Smith, Ethelyn L.. 32.71 Smith, Ira E 6.96 Starkey, Norman 4.86 Waters, G A 25.49 Waters, Mabel 48.26 White, Malinda 37 Winters, Alfred & Nellie 59.45 Ludlow Telephone Co 1.61 Nordness Telephone Co 2.91 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co 11.31 Postville Telephone Co., 1.03 POSTVILLE. Althouse, H F, Martha. Carl..$321.81 Behrens, W H Company 46.62 Blegan, Norris A & Myrtle G .73 Blegen, Norris A & Myrtle G .74 Brandt, William P None Brouillet, Eliza 19.34 Christofferson. Herman A 30.05 Everman, Lloyd 16.95 Everman, Rudy 196.2Q.| Foels, Albert G 257.46 Foels. Arthur H 77.16 Handy, E J 43.33 Heusman, Henry, Malinda & Elliot 216.27 Mork, Enock T & Selma 48.65 Meyer, C H Est 74 Palas. John A 451.79 Perkins, P. L 15.54 Perkins, P L 10.99 Plaht. Walter F & Lena 253.05 Postville. Creamery Co 204.38 Ruckdaschel, Walter 69.91 Scherf, John 81.94 Schroeder, Ed F 26.35 Segrist. Fred & Zelma 1.57 Smith, Mrs Maria 149.67 Steele. H V 28.09 Warnholz. Chas & Lavena... 25.42 Welzel Carl G 215.56 Welzel. Gale 14.78 Welzel, Gale, Delores, Orville 12.38 American Railway Ex. Co 73 Chicago Mil. St. Paul & Pac. R. R :. 657.16 C. R. I & Pac. R. R 68.53 Interstate Power Co 61.65 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co 21.06 Postville Farmers Tel. Co 15.13 Western Union Tel. Co..'....:.... 8.26 Nordness Telephone Co 48 SOUTH GROVE. Beucher, Bessie et al $291.10 Davis, Florence M 199.43 Davis, Harry 10.12 DeSotel. Joe 23.96 Looney. Tom 23.09 Oehring, Esther A 107.79 Orr, Mrs Bertha 107.84 Papc, Lorenz J. 10.50 Paulson, Ernest 194.10 Sander, Etdo F 85.45 Scherf, John 281.30 Schultz, Harvey ' 82.47 Sukow, Richard J 18.00 Thoma, Fred H J .• 86.06 Thoma, Leonard H J 20.99 Webb, Herman D 140.72 Webb, Herman D 173.81 Webster, Beucher, Churchill.. 12.58 Chicago, Mil. St. Paul & Pac. R. R '. 8.70 Postville Farmers Tel. Co 11.68 Western Union Tel. Co 11 WEST GROVE. Ball, Lee C .$ 99.23 Bareis, John 32.24 Benjegerdes, F'W 147.33 Benjegerdes, Louis H 12.42 Bowles; Geo E & Elineor K.. 25.68 Brainard, Dale E L 90,81 Brainard, George 11.00 Bugenhagen, Rudolph C 125.55 Bugenhagen, Walter 14.82 Cooper, Huber W 6.86 Engelhardt, Arno 7.71 Foels, Otto G 20.63 Foels, Robert A & Leona 11.67 Gericke, Henry 142.00 Gordanier, Horace 59.12 Grotegut, Edwin M 9.47 Gruhn, Mrs. Else 12.68 Gruhn, Else et al 79.42 Harris, Obert 6.20 Harris, Roger M 151.80 Jones, Addie 51.45 Krogman, Emma M 12.00 Krogman, Mrs. Lena 7.50 59.63 10.19 11.14 148.82 1 8.11 39.32 .64 31.14 60.76 116.21! Krogman, Wm '2.50 Krogman, Wm Lean & Emma 113.67 Lcet, George Luebka, Charles 82.81 Roberts, Harvey Schlee, James Schlitter, Theodore Schroeder, Arthur H Schultz, Harvey M5.74 Schultz, Orma 143.29 Sebastian, John 75.80 Sebastian. Victor Smith, Mary Swenson. Seward Est Tague. Daisy et al Waters, Eaton Waters. Eaton & Cloy.... Waters, Millie Willuns. Keitn E Postville Telephone Co. WOODLAND Baltz. Fred L Brainard. Carl Bollman, Mary C Brockmeier, Wm Brockmcicr, Elmer J Bruckner, Frank Casten.Melinda. Luclla Geick Dresser, Lawrence ct al Ellis, J P Ellis. J. P Foels, Arthur H Gericke, John H Gordon. Edwin 2.90 Groth. Fred W & Dorothy 96.75 Groth. Harold 38.84 Haltmeyer, Ervin F 37.74 Hecker. R. M„ Joe. & Moody 152.54 Hecker Bros 43.36 Heins, Mrs Fred 7.45 Heins, Mrs F J 38 Heins, Mrs Mathilda 92.86 Knmous, Mrs Henry.. 22.54 Klemme, Arnld & Darlene.... 48.46 Ktihse, Milo H & Victor .37 Lnmmcrt. Effie Lnmtncrt, Mrs Minnie Dingo, Merle & Mary Luebka, Louis MnHens, W F & Minnie Mi 'Ycr. Damond Meyer, Damond & Edmund & Bertha Sehwabo Meyer, Fritz F Meyer, F W Jleycr, Victor C NiiWiriiii,', Orville F 126.20! Oldag. Leonard 0.11 Olson. Martin 25.24 I'lahl, Waller & Lena [ fieincke, Delmar A S 15 55' Kuckdaschel. Fred C Yg'^-i Ruckdaschel, Lenora . .. 1.41 87.(10 7.17 2.52 95.89 .95 12.29 76.50 .20 .56 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY Herald Want Ads bring ,„ Sander. Otto C & Elmer. Scltara, Ray C Schnuelle. Clarence H ... Sebastian. Harlan Sebastian. Frank Swensmi, SO Webb, Herman D Wilke, Elizabeth Willman. Lorenz 2,67 Interstate Power Co 31.49 Postville Farm Tele Co 17.25 .29 .304 34.25 42.42 .45 1.48 232.13 3.41 4.75 14.14 13.05 8,34 34.27 .70 9.56 .15 1,19 .59 10.04 10.37 10.16 164.47 10.26 1.49 55.80 Farmers who sign high cash rental leases running several years into the future may regret it if the price level drops, says I. W. Arthur. Iowa State College economist. INSULH BOARD We have just recci'*, a quantity of this terial for use on 'jjKJj walls and ceilings. Roi -'s* In sizes 12x1.2 tifeg$$, 4x8 half-inch pic V""" j If you need some of better get it while ° MSS still have a supply, [gj^g Postville **** Lumber Comp^S II. J. MEYER, MauJm^r* With Better Glasses F. W. NORDEN OPTOMETRIST Office Over Carter & Herman's Drug Store WAUKON, IOWA Office H«un: 9:00 to 12:00 a. m. -:- 1:15 to 5:00 p. m. Evenings By Appointment. Closed thnnfejr Afternoon. SALE To settle the estate of the late Mrs. Ernest Groth, the undersigned will se!/n»fc at Public Auction, on the farm 6 miles northwest of Postville and 3V 2 miles soutt£Sf Mb east of Frankville, the following property on 46 Commencing at 12:30 o'clock p. m. o f Cattl tot PY* MET; *r tot &• aoVKw fat. th 1 Up cpi GUERNSEYS AND HOLSTEINS Consisting of 25 head of Guernsey and Holstein Milch Cows, some of. which ar* fresh and others to freshen soon; 7 Guernsey Heifers, close springers; 5 Holstecj^q| Heifers, close springers; 8 Heifer Calves and 1 Holstein Bull. N 40 HEAD OF HOGS Be "Mr an te babi jnday. Louif * W b 39 Head Feeder Pigs, weight about 150 lbs. each, and 1 Duroc Jersey Stock Hoj^Jjj All long time vaccinated. 340 EGG-PRO^ 100 Barred Rock Pullets 150 Leghorn Pullets 90 White Rock Hen 10 tons of Clover and Timothy Hay in barn; 6 ft. Silage; 400 bushels Ear CortjM About 400 bushels of Boone Oats | Tractor, Trucks and Machinery John Deere Model A Tractor, 1939, with Cultivator; McCormick-Deering TM or Spreader, on rubber; McCormick-Deering horse-drawn Spreader, on rubber; McCormick-Deering horse-drawn Spreader, on steel; John Deere Model D Mantfi Spreader; 1941 Ford Truck, short W.B., 2-speed axle, platform; 1936 Ford Truej with good stock rack; J. I. Case horse-drawn Corn Planter, 4 years old: McCorBJ ick-Deering 7-ft. Tandem Disc; Steel Wheel Wagon; Rubber Tired Wagon; Hi draulic Wagon Jack, new; Tractor Hay Bed; 8-inch Coleman Oil Burner; J<* Deere Corn Binder; DeLayal Magnetic Milking Machine, with pipeline and pu« used only 2 years; Thor Electric Washing Machine, and many other articles. , Terms of Sale will be Cash unless arrangments are made with Clerk before SaU Mrs. Ernest Groth Estate EATON WATERS, Auctioneer POSTVILLE STATE BANK, Ci«

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