Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 31, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1961
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Sept. of Hist. & Archive! i D*-s Moincs, 19, Iowa , .^j The Heart Of Northeast iota's Scenic Wonclcrlnncl Volume 47, Number 35 Thursday. August 31, 1961. Fayette. Iowa Eight Pages This Issue ROBERT GEE AND HIS PRIZE BABY BEEF Robert Gee wins top honors Nomination papers for School election are due Second year of Whose Farm Is The Mystery Farm? County 4-H girls As of noon Wednesday, only be filled on the school board. The C v L;LliI nr . n * fnir nne person had indicated a de- two members whose terms ex- LXnlDlTinQ QT lull sire to seek election to the Fay- pire are Dale Blaker and Otto ette Community school board. Nehlsen, both farmers. As of F. bert Gee. son of Mr. and The election will be held Mon- Wednesday, neither incumbent Mrs. Dale Gee of near Randalia, day, Sept. 11. had indicated a desire to seek re- took top honors in the baby A). W. Martin, Jr., a farmer liv- election. division of the Fayette county ing southeast of Fayette, check- Any. ne who wishes to seek el- fa"' with his L 015 pound black ed cut nomination papers from . obtain nomination An « u «. , . . , . _ n -. secretary Ron Kocher, but had • In the babv beef sale en Fn- not returned them as of Wednes- Papers from Mr. Kocher at the day thc animal weighed 1,010 day. £'ati' bank in ' 'Fayette. pounds and was purchased for Petitions for nomination must Voting in the school election 33 cents per pound bv the Faybe filed with Mr. Kocher by noon will be done at the town hall. e tte County Union and Big Gain Friday, Sept. 1. Polls will be open from 12 noon u f West L'nicn. There will be two vacancies to until 1 p. m. West Union youth shows Champion market pig Allen Mitteisted of West Union showed the grand champion market pig at the Fayette county fair, and James Pieper of Hawk- Bob is a member of the West Central chapter of the Future Mnynard, red. Cletus Fettkether —„ ^merlc..' "\ n , „„ Maynard, red; Michael Holtz. of exhibited at lhe fair two years . Westgate, red. Hybrid Individual — James Ingels, ,-f Last year his entry won a red ribbon. Complete results of the baby ^V^re?'-- ?i b J±"i nm .u >-ef judging are as fellows: West Union; Joe Gibson, Fayette; Gary Maurer, Fayette (2); James Jamw IiiBels. Lightweight Shorthorn eye showed the reserve cham- blue - 700 - 950 Ibs. pion, according to the decision of .,, »,r-n i * 0 j Blue ribbons — Douglas Drew- the judge. B. .R. McClury of Ma- mlndiv . ldl ? al ~ Alle " Mltl .u^,! d> es. West Union; Steven Drewes, r^U"rier d °™ ;r/^ r r™ We>l ^ " - D — The grand champion pen of sted - West " nio JV£ lu< " three was shown by James Piep- , , v_:„!,,._ Maurer, Fayette er, and the reserve champion was ^ Individual - Sandra Knitkei- _ Connie ch shown by Allen Mitteisted. Dean t'- cker - Arlington, two blue rib- gtanlcy . Douglas Dayis> Ran _ Rueber ,?f Westgate showed the bons - q nn H ra Knick dalia : Dianne Dempster, Arling- grand champion litter and James P en of th ee ~ Sandra Kmck ' ton; Joe Gibson, Fayette; Philip *><«„„.. O h n «, a * the reserve eroocKer, Dlue - James, Stanley (2); Gary Klep- Blue ribbons - Dean Rueber, P* Elgin (2); Bruce Mulford, estgate: James Pieper, Hawk- an ^ avywcighl shorthom ° f ey «ed ribbons - David Turner, „, *» ">«• and . U P Q . Blue ribbons — Lois Bennmg- Pleper showed champion. Showmanship award in the purebred swine division was presented to Robert Campbell Pen of three — Merlen Ole sen, blue. Duroe Individual — James Fox, Ar- ^rXte results of the div- ^S^^^u^ ton B-ayette (2); Diane Dempster ision are as follows: ^ • } ^ t Uni( Arlington; Kevin Drewes, West Market Pig. g^J^ U RueDer , Arlington; Union; James Maurer, Fayette; Spoiled Poland China j ° Ineels Fayette- Gerald Bruce Mulford, Stanley; Duane Individual — Merlen Olesen, B h Ma y nar d ' Reeder, Elgin; Bill Schafbuch, West Union, two blue ribbons. Wnit *- bb0 n _ Cletus Fett . Sumner; Roger Reeder, Elgin. "" kettier Mavnard Red ribbons — Louis Christen, kether.. Maynard. ^^ ^ Spotted Poland China Howard Hughes, Hawkeye; Greg . Boar pig - James Graham, James . Stanley; Gary Soules, of lington, two blue ribbons; Doug- Hawkeye blue and red ribbons. Lament, las Rueber, Arlington, two blue Gilt _ j^gs Graham, Hawk- T ' ribbons. e ye ( re d and white ribbons. Pen of three — Douglas Rue- p ura bred pen — James Graber, blue; James Fox, blue. han% red r ibh>on. Cheater While Duroc Individual - James Pieper, B j _ David Gross West Gross, West Union; David Hoeh- Hawkeye, two blue ribbons; Uni £| ribb3n _ ne, Westgate; iRobert Rothhsber- David Gross, West Union, blue u Gil { _ David Gross, blue and 8 er ' E1 « m ! Tom Schultz, Sum- ribbon; Roger Tope, Hawkeye, „„,, ,.JKI™« ner; David Thompson, Wadena. two red ribbons; David Gross, red ribbon. Pen of three — James Pieper, Hawkeye, blue ribbon; David Gross, West Union, red ribbon; Cardinals prepare for Opener with Dyersville Hereford Douglas Drewes, West Union; Steven Drewes, West Union; James Frieden, Elgin; Reginald Purebred pen — David Gross, red ribbon. all blue ribbon. Red ribbons — Ronald Bnawn, Chester While Berkshire Boar pig — John Lechtenberg, Fayette; Kevin West Drewes, Drewes, Frieden, RogTr' Top;'. Hawkeye7red rib: w= ^ ^Hrt™r"ibto£ feg James, Stanley; Robert ^ Berkshire JKt-'SSS"* ^^ SSLTSS? iSZ.'&i Individual^ZSen Ameling, ^il^-l ^Lechtenberg, two Sharon, Huckdashel, ^Igin; Jan- Waucoma, two Blue ribbons. blue ribbons; Marvin Lechten Pen of three — Lauren Ame- berg, two blue ribbons. ling, blue ribbon. Hampshire tenberg, blue ribbon; ice Schrage, Hawkeye; Paul Wagner, West Union. Purebred pen - John Lech- uwh jte ribbons - Joe Moschel, blue ribbon; Marvin Hawkeye (2); Phil Ruckdashel, Individual — blue ribbons — Lechtenberg, blue. Bill Brownell, Westgate; Gerald Hampshire Buhr, Maynard; Cletus Fettketh- Boar pig — Richard Brownell, •'.'er., Maynard; Michael Holtz, Westgate, two blue ribbons; Dun(2); Dean Rueber, can Gross, West Union, blue rib- Hereford It's going to be an uphill battle for Coach Bob M.cG:rrnack and his Fayc^" Cardinals as he fields undoubtedly the smallest team in the conference with the least depth, when the football season opens Friday night, Sept. 15. McFarlnne, Fayette; Gary Reed, Fayelte; Nancy Reed, Fayette; Madalen Olesen, West Union; Delbert Voelker, Sumner. Whitr ribbons — Tom Lynch, Waucoma; Dalt McFarlanc, Fayette. Heavyweight Angus 905 & up Blue ribbons — Lawrence Balk Jr., Waucoma; Connie Chase, of Stanley; Terry Chase, Stanley; Ferrill Cockerham, Hawkeye; Robert Gee, Sumner; Rodney Graf, West Union; Sherry Nesvik, West Union; Greg James, Fayette; Jerry James,' Fayette; 'Robert Jennings, Arlington; Tom Jennings, Arlington (2); Ronald Kent, Hawkeye (2); Kenneth Koester, West Union; Dennis Blue rib D° n Robert Gee, v-a,, VTHJOO ,»«,,. U ..^., ^^ ..»- Gra1 ' We8t •Westgate <»? David"Tunwr^Ap- bon; V Robert"carnpberi,"Hawkeye, H"* 011 '' ^"l* ^""n ^^^l 'ington (2). Red ribbons - Bill two red ribbons. ^ Nesvik . w £t Umon;Rog«r Brownell, Westgate; Gerald Gilt - Richard Brownell, of Rau . Oelwe n ^L^KT Buhr, Maynard; Cletus Fettketh- Westgate, two blue ribbons; Dun- ^erger, Elgin, Bill Schafbuch, «-, Maynard; Duncan Gross, West can Gross, West Union, blue rib- Sumner; Dennis Tnran, West" - bon; Robert Campbell, Hawkeye, S ate : Nanc V Wa 8 ner - West Un ' Rueber, two red ribbons. lon> ... _ _ „ , Turner, Purebred pen — Ri^arH «ed ribbons — Gary Balk, of Red ribbons — Francis Baldwin, Wadena; Terry Balk, Waucoma; David Brownell, Stanley; Billy Erickson, Wadena; David James, Stanley; Collin Jensen, of West Union; Tom McLeish, Oelwein; Madalen Olesen, of West Union. Croasbred Fayette is new the smallest school in the conference, with the next largc-r being West Central . . . about twice as large. About 30 boys reported for practice as daily drills began last Thursday mrming. Nine of those reporting were lettermen from last vear. And a good share of them were freshmen who have never played football. The- starting line-up I'cr the Cardinals will undi ublodly contain at least half a do/on senior- Gary Campbell, Jerry Tann, Bill Chase and Ron Maxson, all lettermen, will be seeking line positions, while Randy Van Bogail, Larry Williams and Delbert Pat- trr:n. also lettermen, will be battling for the halfback spots. Underclassmen who lettered lu n year include fullback Don Timmerman and quarterback Kt.n Butters. Some of the other hopefuls who will be bucking for a spot i n thc starting lineup aro: Jim Rohde, who will be competing for the center slot, Mike Gaynor, Max Dilley, Jim Timmerman, Duane Schneider and Mike Schneider. According to Coach McCor- rnack, the backfield will average between 150 and 100 pounds, rYce copy of mystery Farm picture to owner For making identification The 1 picture above was taken of a farm somewhere in Fayette county, in the vicinity of the town nf Fayette. The mystery farm pictures ore •• aeries sponsored by the Fuy (e- Leader frr liio ini«T-;:t of its malt?-uuadcrit. If the owner of thc farm pic- Uin-.l ."bor-- 1 will stop in at the Leader office he will receive free jf ch- rge ,-i 5 x 7 glossy print of Win 6 blue ribbons Iowa state fair Exhibits from Fayette county entered in the 4-H home economics division of the 1961 Iowa state fair were awarded six blue ribbons, Doii-thye E. Busching, county extension assistant, reports. In addition the local en- iries received four red ribbons and thsee white ones. All exhibits from the o.'unty were entered in the food and nutrition section, Miss Busching said. She reports that they will be on display through Sunday, Sept. 3. Those entering blue ribbon exhibits were: Annette Meyer, Sandra Rant/, Eleanor Gjiniundsou, Charlotte McAllister. Roberta Kau and C'nda 'Grimes. Frances Uurington Jane Vag' i, .Rosemary Andrews .nil Joan Hac'tman entered r 1 ribbon exhibits. White ribb .is were (.warded to Evelyn . i.-'wiivhntjr, Joan Harrington and Jiinelyn Granger. In addition to its entries in the 4-H classes, Fayette county is represented at the fair this week by Linda Nilcs and Judy Lang- frman, members of the Westfield Worthy Winners demonstration team, and their leader, Mrs. Joe Langerman. They presented the demonstration "Brown Beauties." Also at the fair from this county was an activity demonstration team which made a presentation on the topic "What every family should knpw," Members of this team were Diane Milbrandt and Wanda Winter. They .were accompanied by Mrs. Judd Van Brocklin. .T is a little information .so that me farm picture- may be identified for the' public' the following w.-ek. the picture. There Js nothing to . i_ t i j buy. AH that is asked of thc own- Special meeting scheduled For Epco shareholders A special meeting for the Fayette area shareholders in the Epco, Inc. will be held Friday afternoon at 4 p. m., in the lounge of the Colgrove - Walker building on the Upper Iowa campus. The special meeting is being called by Herschel Hendrix, a member of the Ejx?o board of directors. Walter Edeland, of Garner, president of the corporation, will possibly be at the meeting, also. The reason for the meeting is recent actions taken by the corporation, and contemplated actions, according to Mr. Hendrix. A change in leadership of the corporation was recently made when Mr. Edeland replaced Lee King as president of the organization. The directors are now contemplating moving the central office of the Epco corporation to Garner. The office has previously been located at Elkader, where wire parts are made and plating work is done. Th;cc injured in Two car accident Three iin.-., residents received ser.V.u;i injuries Tuesday night in a two car crash about one mile north of Muynard. The accident occurred about 6:30 p. m. The three presons injured were Ronald Ralph Stewart, 18, of Fay- e-tte; Joseph McBride, 21, of Oelwein; and Virginia Henniges, 20, of Maynard. Stewart received a punctured liuif,', lacerations, bruises and is suffering from shock. McBride concusion, bruises, of thc leg. Miss Henniges suffered a con- cut;', n and other injuries. All were taken to the Oelwein hospital. According to the highway patrol office one car was apparently over Hie center line, and the < , red, Gerald Buhr, red. two cars hit =„ h™d-.n. Du.t Conservaf/on practices four to visit forms in area •;'.' Fayette county people, farm and non-farm alike, are interested in practices that may be used to conserve soil, water and the resource of manpower and machinery. With this in mind, the soil district commissioners and extension agronomy people are cooperating with the 'Soil Conservation Service, County A.S.C. committee, Farmers' Home Administration and the Extension .Service, on a tour Friday, Sept. 1. The tour will start at the Joe Langerman farm where a well established pood tor watering stock will be observed. The Langerman farm is located southeast of Fayette. Those who do not know how to get to the farm, wUl at the Farm Bureau build-* 8:30 a. m. i number two will be at tn* Thyer farm in Westfield utheast of Fayette, , a grassed waterway „,„ in 1961, and an established windbreak. Next the group will go north of Wadena on the old gravel road to the John Erickson farm where they will see two good fields of blrdsfoot trefoil. Then they will, go to the Fred Schneider farm at the intersection of 56 and the black top south of Elgin to view parallel terraces. The fifth stop will be at the Abe Habeger farm between Elgin and Clermont, southwest from the highway bridge cross-, ing the Turkey river, to see conservation practices. The group will eat dinner in the Elgin park. Those who wish may bring their sack lunch, and there are also two restaurants. Aittir dinner-the group will go to the Art Mott farm northwest of Clermont to see a gulley control dam with tile outlet, The final stop will be at the Leslie Anderson farm in the northwest part of Clermont township, to view a completely established strip crop system,* and feeding dairy cattle chopped forage during the summer, Robert Meyer, West Union; Rudy Nesvik, West Union; Kenneth Koester, West Union; Sherry Nesvik, West Union; Duane Reeder, Elgin; Carl Wagner, Jr., West Union. Heavyweight Hereford 1050 Ibs. & up Blue ribbons — Lois Bennington, Fayette; Charles Frieden, Elgin; Richard Koester, West Union; Billy Nus, Arlington; Diana Reeder, Elgin; Lindy Scott, West Union; Duane Thran, Westgate; Carl Wagner, Jr., West Union. Bed ribbons — Terry Balk, Waucoma; Robert Campbell, of Hawkeye; Connie Christensen, of West Union; Charles Frieden, Elgin; Dale Hoehne, Westgate; David Hoehne, Westgate; Ronald James, Stanley; Billy Nus, Arlington; Billy Wells, Randalia. Lightweight Angus 645 - 800 Ibs. Blue ribbons — Gary Balk, Waucoma; Douglas Drewes, West Union} Kevin Drewes, West Union; Steven Drewes, West Union; Vaughn: •p.rewjes, West Union; Charles Reed, Fayette (2); Bili Schafbuch, Sumner; Lindy Scott, West Union. , Red ribbpns — Francis Baldwin, |Wadenaj {Ronald Brown, of Fayette; Janet Brownell, Maynard; Reginald Gross, West Union; Howard Hughes, Hawkeye; Collin Jensen, West Unton; Linda 4VCU 1 ii-/>.rv/tia *VWK/^» v x^u*i«£* bell, Hawkeye; Howard Hughes, Hawkeye. BEEF HEIFERS Shorthorn Heifer Calf (1980) Blue ribbons — James Maurer, Fayette (2); Gary Maurer, Fayette. 2 year old cow (1959) Blue ribbons — James Maurer, Fuyette; Gary Maurer, Fayette. Cow Blue ribbon — James Maurer, Fayette. Hereford Heifer Cali Blue ribbon — Billy Wells, of Randalia. White ribbon — Robert Minger, Castalia. 2 year old Blue ribbons — Carl Wagner, Jr., West Union; James Frieden, Elgin. Red ribbon — Rita Jellings. Cow Blue ribbon — Carl Wagner, Jr., West Union. Angui Heifer Calf Blue ribbons — Terry Chase, Stanley (2); Robert Jennings, Arlington; Nancy Reed, Fayette; Red ribbons — Ferrill Cockerham, Hawkeye; Gary Reed, Fayette. 2 year old Blue ribbon — Charles Reed, Fayette. 200. The Cardinals will be pinning much of their scoring hopes on speedster Lurry Williams, with the assistance of the rugged blocking of Tann, Timmerman and Campbell. The Cardinals will be playing off the T-formation with variations. The schedule is not definite for the fresh - soph squad as yet, but they will possibly play four games. However, some of them will also be doing duty with the varsity. The Cardinals ended the, season last fall with a one win, six V.ss and one tie record. All home games on the high school field will begin at 8 p. m. The schedule is as follows, home games in bold type: Sept. 15 Dyersville (Dads" night Sept. 22 Waukon Sept. 29 West Union Elkader Postville (Homecoming Sumner in the accident are pending. MINOH ACCIDENT A minor accident involving a pickup truck and an 11-year-old Fayette youth occurred last Wednesday at the Fayette county fair when Jerry James, son of Mrs. Donna James, was struck by a pickup truck driven by Albert Martin of Fayette. Thc youth was taken to the West Union hospital where he was treated for minor cuts' and bruises. According to reports, the youth dashed into the path of the Martin truck. Lions meet at park Members of the Fayette Lions club who attended the regular meeting Monday night were given a work detail at Klock's Island, by President John Hofmeyer. The Lion members met at the island park about 6 p. m., armed with sickles, axes and saws, to rid the park of asme of the unsightly shrubbery, and to cut down some of the dead trees. They also trimmed up trees that had fallen into the Volga river. After the work was done, the Ltons had a picnic supper in the park and a short business meeting. Oct. Oct. 0;-t. 6 20 No candidates as yet For the town election Oct. 27 Valley Nov. 3 Weil Central WEEKLY DANCE FRIDAY The weekly dance on the park- Ing lot of Bill's Super Valu will be held again this Friday night, beginning at 8:30 p. m. Music will be furnished by Jack Howard and several members of his orchestra. The date of the November town election is fast approaching, but as of Wednesday no one had committed, ,hj,msel|..-^p he a candidate for either mayor or councilman. , The incumbent mayor, 'Jack Berk, has indicated that he might has not presented a slate of* candidates as yet, , Mayor Beck took office early this year after a prolonged court case disputing the legality of the vote count in the last election. Councilmen now serving include: Harry Brown, Vic Grafton, Thomas Henry, Virgil Bor- chort and Ed Gooder. Mr- Qood- er was elected .this spring to fill the vacancy created' when C. R. Lewis resigned.

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