Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1927
Page 2
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|KB £rLG. ; mil, Meni ' r haWst el • actoought AiJd PJafce • to|tlj>] - Thy pl^as ij The onjy ji OYfh. Ushte vision^ iribnt i:"8k; ir but \a •pla I*. Fancy*!) • i.^ - awi ^yj! , But can jt^ie ihlaa flei Ha!U nbered mine 0 [age - Bhlne! d her ; sb4lowy brood th^yr^ajlJI .obDyl •' ind Time es must w lilBasurcs we air. d(e. ng •fell Mm Snatch Ich lUH r «pent hour? These, hnlM>ii UDnam are 'subject feel, wheu ban call our Hone's summer Cloud or jM) )er. ifaln frost vorji wilbs of{ Pow^r, ch rfllcs thd |her Pour I 8tr «|aiti be lifiiit: And glldj those pijrc^ realms of resuj Wiere I Virtue trliimph] sons iaro tlcst.j i i 4-Sabi«el Elks Bridge* Party The i: hoBtes s IcOmmiltteii Louts Scblahgcr, IcIuUrziian cd; by' Mrs li P[ Stov. I rem the music bel{ Kjlinginsmi^h ' ments -A'er* serV' T. Beld. Mrs. I Herman Mrs.-C Li Hoyt knd blri\ Hdrton, cnterjaiu4d at irldke last night irt thcj Elks club roionis. JFavoris lit bridge weie deceived by Mrs.' C.^ L T .| Mdriann, .^Irj .i W. S, Fees.'Mrs. B. E. Baiyles kiid Mr. M. Li Laudj;.; iDaiicingj foil In fteason melt of \d well- 4nd- Rog r. »g furnished [orchestra. d. iThe next <^arll part>j •«-lll be l^rch 3 Txii* n! Mrs. D. 1. Northrup win be ubiaipian of the committee. ' jThoselat ijid party \\c cLlMcssrs. and Mesdaines S.^ A. Bixby, CljevalieK' Jl Cii-ter, q. iJ •; El B. Cpnkj • Enfield. | K. : Fpust „WL S. ; Glbert, J, J '. : O.' Ganat ie>{ ^lark.JHar y T. D. 0. Dullea! W. Fees, Oriffin, E Fickle d^rviB, D. Ptarkenirig, . Vforks. of 0 -BowluH, Caj. Wn, Thtilmii Vin Proijk.T - Suiri ^sh an(| the jjplrlt living berfect y alid her Mrs. assist. ,Mrs. J. •phpjlien. jr.. F. J. wed; cards, -•'by the Refresh- 'Kenni'th iish.iC. El Hadri- J. 8^n. J. U iid r. C, L. il6y(,j F. Ilot-tont -Fail,! Klein. M. L. Laulde. E. E. LSrhn, ill.' E. ,M<Doi al<. Frank JMcCarthy, e. J. McCain, U. J. Marr, J. G.i MiUclbach How: rd Miller. J L J Murphy. J. 3. Mun< is. r. E.; O'Fla lertV. W. 1> . Ilund ill. C.H. Shield si G. I W. ISlierwojd, Louis Sdhlaig^T, .ll Frc I fechm dt. -C A -'Swiggbt !t, C. B. «peaci;r. E. E Bayles. j )t] Warrens lU gj Mo., Francis :Stci<Jktr, of Vatps .Center. Herman Thrjlcn, jr.. A. L. Ellis, of H,umboIdt: Dr ao 'd Mre. O li. Cox. TSr. and. Mr i. P. Ut-nsk , i)r. and Mrs. J.;T. jRtid, Dr. ami jMrs. A. Hi. TwadoU; > fsdalues Ci. E, I'eni: S'orthrui>, 0. H. I'. Slovir, Amelia II iboldl: .Mi iH^silluzel lurluf* t;ard Julia Ir- !Iaddux. M^HHrs. Mul- L. B. Lloyd Cocik. A. 11. II: Hoea Hlnrpld^Tn Hello. i^iiHlH .'and Uij : wo ore B «alh J IM KI UR Sta np I 'hoioa ' UpBlairH In !t ;h |;!FulIer niYtmenls, 6% No^h m pjrson strcj 1.1 Vernon uljnittn.- iyi|.' Hero et. ••'Mrs. Ji A 1 Ijlilhnii 4indl -eniiertalned 'the •membe First Di!visl(in! of thel Working! so(i-je y ol the First Presbyterian I chur :h ' yesterday atter- inooB In the jhomc'of Mrf 3L North S$f :dnd street.' Mrs. P. R. i Fotrest. man, presided oyer th arid Mrs. Li]A. Kratz 1 Mrs. Kay sj of the General b. Milbam, Vt>tl9nals. 0|£^ciersielecttd for the ii<ixt fiscal ybar will be: ptrsi J. A. Mllbaln. chaibhan:'Mrs. (P. R. For- lieit, vice-ch^ifmari; Mns. Samuel mown, trea^irrer'knd : Iris. :A. L. l^gJird. sectet^ry.- Fort i^-two calls w^r6. n^de Isince the la t {meeting. ; Nineteen mentbers and one: guest ~ attended the liieetirig. ! , • ^ <<!•* J i - --|!>pecial Is mivy ' Imineri noon iiwi crenlng. j Killtj, H«tei: Itlning I Boom and Cbf fee Shop J I TTcdneiidMy jicUqn CI ib i iJrs. j. G. jl litteihac i was hostess Wednesd^: aftjernc on j to her 'Vffednesday ^ n :tlori clt b. liuncheon was served tit one oMock and at bridge Mrs. C. C.; Au :her|man received the h^g 1 score lavor.! j Thfe clubimehilKfrs p eseht were: ! MrB.-Wj p. Rina .ill. Mrs. ' D. P. Ntu-tbru'p.^ Mi" i. J. F. Foust. Mrs. II L. NorthrniJ, Mrs. C. B. Spencer. IC. p. JMoore. 420 surprise I janniVersiiryl ot] Mrs. SI eyenlug wa^ snnit Infc -included in <he refrcshijicnls »»| argc birthday cake m<(untcd lighted oan^les TWie guests were: M }ei|t.-Ariderson, Mr. a|i4 ijjyjfrs, Mr. anjj Mrs . Mri and Mrs.lVer Foivl Roy| Moorej. Mrs. Arthur Moorej Mrs. F. J Ho^bn andj Mrs; Auehcrnnan. JApf .Party at , d»l«r«mIAai C^orert 'Miss Joy Hershberdcr ch oned tlllrty-onil ofi her pian'o ld?nt8-at a line party it the ^ Nomina contort kt the i Irst dist Episrtipal crliurch given .night nnijclr tie auspices of ments Mus ^tti plub. * * • Bfrlhdajj Kijrpr •«<• Pari r A pariiy Was given ti si i|lg the honi'e ijt ^ r. and Mrs. Y Ntitlh FiPii Htrof / as II h< nor of;the birt iday XijHOBT. I iolden Weddlnff innlverttanr JiHiiclieoii thy ex- I Mrs.'P. C. Green and sister; Mrs. ]5d. Sutherland, gave ..a noonday uncheotf.^'Tuesday, February 22,; in he home of theit* parents, Mr. and Jlrs. \V. T; Woods, 837 North street. Ill honor, of the goldeii wedding nnlversary of Mr. and Mrs. Voods. • Owing to the , illness of Mrs. Voods for the last few months, inly immediate relatives were luest8„ Mr. and Mrf. Woods re- 4elved many useful gifts,"several f them coming from friends who labsciire the | $ve elsewhere. It will, be of interest to know tihat seven people who attended the I redding,of Mr. and Mrs. Woods. A 'hich was soiemnizealat the farm 1 ome of, Mr. and |Mn. lAllen Mays. I ear Carlyle. are »tiU Uylng. They I re: Airs. Willanna ^rjien, of lola, later of Mrs. Woods: Mrs. Emily 1 larrls. a sister, of i Lbs ^Vngelcs: Ir. J. jE. Mays, a brotherj of Llb- ral. Kansas; Mil. Ora< Dunlap, of Lay-ard, Kaos.; and Mt J. it. Oun- 1 ip, Mr. J. H. Furikhbu er dnd Mrs: Q. H. Mcqiure, oljilola. Mr.-and Mrs. Woods have three daughters living:!'Mrs. Ed Suther- lind and Iklrs. FJlG.'G-een of this ity and Mrs. C. P. iSn Jth. of Liberal. Kansas. They also have tjleven grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs; F- ' C. Green aind family; Mr. an I Mrs. Ed jutherla^id and i famil y and Mrs. \Killanna Grecn^ and! son. Mr. leorge jA;nderson, jcobprised the ibriclieon,-party, i ; 1 . .•7>"' * lfresb )1erlan .Second Iiivlslon Mrs. F. W. Ander4>n, of SW orth Washingtoiji aveniie, was as- istell by Mrs. Chris Troutwinc in ekitertaining the;mcm>ers ,'or the Jecond Division ! of he General \ 'orklng Society bf th« First :Pres- hyterian church [yeatsrday tifter- ifopn. . , 1 I I A number of hymns opened the (fcvotional period whh h was con-| t ucte<'l by Mrs. E^l Sutl erlaud. who r ?aa the 121st . rsajm. and the: I orll's Prayer w ^s repeated. Mrs. C. M. Cortner," chairman, presided orer the businesii mse^ ing and rc- T Drts of the year's wort were read. 1 lection of officers resulted as fol- 1 IW8 : Mrs; C. M. Coikner. chair- r an; Mrs. A. W- Anderson vicc- c lairmaii and Mrs. Ed Sutherland, jcretary-treasurfer. ; Mrs. ^Ned Hggins and M IJB . N^j^nian werd" guests and sixteen riiembers were aL the meeting. RefrcLshments were :rved. i ' - • * • llilrd »Ivision XeetR, Tlic members 'of-tlib Third 1)1- visfon of the Pi|esbyt|>riaii Workr i ig' society met I yesterday aftcr- j 0 (fn with Mrs." A. N[ Mitchell and yirf, A. F. Chastalnjjn the home (if the former. 514 ISouth Wash- i|if!^n avenue. ' ; | , The business inentlog was pre­ luded over by the chairman, Mrs. Ichard Ewing hndlfir devotlon- dls .Mrs. W. H. Heyitnun reiid -hor fivorlto hymn. •?AbI<lcJ With Me." Mild' 'gave a »thort sketch of 10 life of llij» wr Icr, Henry Ight. The follnwlrig officers \iere <!lcctcd for the ensttlDg [ear: Mrs. lUchiard Ewing, chalr- 4iBn:.Mrs. (>. 8. I..amboth, vlce- hairman and Mrs. fS. E, Lynn. > ecretary-treasurier. ! B I g h t c e n iiembers were present. Mrs. ''lorcnce Ca ^ss, Ifrs. Jjary Mason tnd daughters. Miss Goldie Mason ind Mrs. Bert fe. Wagner, were Quests. The hostesses served re- jreshments.' treeting of SonUlmst jDIrlsIoa The meeting of thi Southwest Olvlsioff of thei First Christian ;.adles' Aid society vfis held yes- erday afternoon in the home of Mrs. O. E. Craven,, 705 South Vashington avenlie, who was as- ;ist^ by her darighte'ijs. Mrs. Jack :raven and MrsLifra Moses. Pray- r by Mrs. J. W. G4vin opened he meeting and!ithe'women spent he time in quiltinr-1 3Jrs. C. C. 'an camp was ja 'gu4st.- Twenty nembers-wer «r prjesentl The next meeting; wHL, be with Irs L, M. Holeitun. ';• * ,f * •: ] OBrtA DItfsion M CblDrch A m'eeting'of the Popth li >i«ision (f the General Working society of .the First Presbyterian j church was 1 eld yesterday afternoon at the < hurch.' i , Mrs. C. E. Repisberg was. acting ! ecretary and Miss Mary Rcm^bcrg conducted the Idevotional period. i:iectlofi" of new I officers resulted iS follows: Mr ,8. Clarke Gilbert. < lialrman: Mrs. J.' GL Stadler. vlce- (liairman; Mrs. C. E. Pennington, iocrctary and Mrs. .:A.; R. Sleeper, treasurer. The hosiesscs. Mrs. 'A. ::. Swjgart. Mrs. W. E.iStarks. Mrs. (larkc Gilbert and; Mrs. Harry ( ook. served refreshments. Twenty \omen were presen . I. B. Ladies Aid Xf^ln An all-day raVctirtg of tJie La- cries' Abl of the United Brethren hapi>y hours can beapent here, but I b^ye learned not'to fitep on tbb toes, of a native son for if one doles—well 'the ocean -Is only ten mile's west of the~jclt'y and D ath \'alley is not far-off on the eas ! [The Chaplin estate has bieei a dreary sort of plaic for the ]iast ^'veral weeks,, btit since Mrs. Chaplin, her children and her ^wn serrnnts have been allowed the use of. the home, U has regaltaed its old a beautjiful home place. ; "In case'you come to California and I am atlU at .the Chaplin estate, just give me airing pn on ' of these famous self switeiiing Hal 'phones they use oat here anc if there are any; native sons at out the main g^te entrance; I'll tip 'ou off how It will be passible, for you to crush one of the side, gates located In the rear of the'esiite. There is no wine in the cellar, {but orange juice is always on tap' Always with best Wishes. I akii, IJBWIS H. DAUGHERTV [SISTER. FRIDAY EVENmC. F EBRUARY 25. jlMYJ ice-chair; meeting dithe de- pej- slu- llola- ffho- last Mo- pqrothyi Wi! Siwler, ]BiII|FiOiwl4r.! Moore .and Merle Moore. !«. «.[r fjfo Divisions Mfset Th^ Nortlieais|.and $outhea|stj Ti^iona of the Ladies ' " ^ir^'ith© Ffrst .ChflsUan jgijjp&t meetingj all-di}| in jibe church tocial rcom. ICviren-' ijr^Ten meml era iqd Junlareu • rrhe pre-se it and piecingj qu It hlcjcl^s was jjroi* done, !Siil 00 rn. Irmally and Iter. Mr. Delia Miorc, The lind as a with Mrs. Mrs.! J. o. 9art. and Di- Ald ^iety qbUrca leld • yesl e: ;day 'ren-' s !V eral Qililting I ill , L: May lerta the INliEPENDENCE Ffh. 21.—Mr. and'.Mrs. Curl jCa- tioii uiui G!nK>rt called at the hi mo of Mr. Will Cumpbeli, undo of iho former,,Wednesday afternoon. ^ ^ Betty Jeaji Pierce spe^it S.-(|ur- day morning ^viih .Myrili Campbell, i I Mlsses^ Alta .McGinnis and Clara Pnrla8c .a spent Sunday iifternbon wU!i .Mrs. John 0:|y. i Mrs. Bert Willlite has 225 chit-ks a week old. John Ciumriiic of El Dor ido spent Monday night with the Campbell boys. ' J Walter Wikluiid was ojierutcd at St, John's hospital last Thi rs- dav and is recovering nicely. Fred Pferco got setting .eggs of Mrs. Verlin Niemeyer of Allen CJcu-: ter distric-.t Saturday. 'Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Funk iiid jions. Chas. Jr.. My roil and Riihird called on .Mr. and ' .Mr.*. Fo: tcr Funk Sunday afternoon. Mr. and .Mrs. Waller Wood ind children. "Miss Ixiriisc iind Scotl of Moraii railed bii Mr."and Mr.s. )scar Brown and children Suiida; i I JCWJK I..arson and children. I es- lic. Iluth and Myrtle: attended the dedication <>r Baiitist churrli • in Brousoii Sunday afternoon. Mr. and .Mrs. Foster ij'nnk i -allod on .Mr. and .Mrs. tiscar IJn wn Siin.lay evening. Mr. and Mrs. Alva t'ation imd c-hildreii. Elva :iii(l j Howard, of Cherry Grove district, spent S in- day with Mr. and .Mrs. AVm. Cat ip- bcll and family. The Rev. Mr. Husc her and Wifiv and son John spent Sunday vith Mr. nnd Mrs. Foster ?'nnk. Miss Josephine CI iic and Wr. Axel Wlkliiiid were riiarrii'd at I I K- brldi.'s home ih Parf ^oiis Fob, l."?. Congratulations to tjho youii!; people- .Mr. and .Mrs. Kostcir FuiiK In •If- ed the tpaclicr and ufipUs to ij clr home? Ii> hear PrcHidcnlj Cooll Igi- speak over the radio., Tlicy enjo••••I it very ininh. nnd thank .Mr. iiiiil .Mrs. Fiink fur their kindnc-ss. m •fill D We had Sunday of thel mornlji not! occur hrc.^ Ing so let opening of Arranged: opcW the 3 \flram'ing twd wil p'uinls. B a^kl what r about It. At the eWnlng eeit erbj.- will Is tiught *t and closlnr estlng topic ly nvited chuxch. \ m. PRAIRIE CHAPEL IL. 1). MttttockB.) Feb. 22.-»-Mr. and "Mrs. Cultis Robb tiKik diniic-r Sunday,at llar- ley Robb's. Mrs. .Myrtle .Mattocks had the nilsforlunc to dislocate her shpul- assured of a cotnltortable bulld- iD )i ?'hand at the school hour, ^eing made to ,iool Ih about wcbksljand spelttial privileges be alI(^T'-cd our in you emple.;, e grestt Ir Isfortune last icit havlripj exercfefcs.' This will igaitf ah all be tihe Sund^: iibnts ilre ice Dr. Sow- IlkScuss ciolutlon as it ijlny. Th , Is the third acldress )n this lutcr- :The pu lie is cbrdlal- unday school classes and >Ker*'ocijl has planned :> all sem-ices-in this Methudlst ll ave Uecji Jundiiy rir iWith Sunc^ay sesslont 1001:9 :4^ jft^rship. ; fuIfUIIn ^l i liiterniii Aii we i son;. "Itllsj pec ally cin it I^ bett<[r to attend chu rch. 0u4 S juday; s|c X orning ject "Loye J inipr aiii] at i p. ni; Smior 'Ep^orth L^gue 6:30 p •!• H\ening. il -6rshi |r.! 7 II of Mail •ThO ^(1 you do not atteri ject -II one and: sii lloi so otj Qci us and v.'p C. I. w COLDS-MIT Flr^l p'reachjn^ p. in., by nolds. Morr .Mu.'it I Do ^{ topic: "Sin ic by tl^ I Steele lllliristian jat 11 a. ITaJstor|. .Mu4 Fre a. II Si or T Well I 7:-1=1 Iv hoi. n!or aii^l iioc^iclics paclier TrainlnK (I and M rndcr til choir .di ii-vni I Bible; js| Dr. Waroljl lie neselay ayor nioHing p. ni. nvilod at I his! AsscH-i )|l S . I Wcsij a. ni. jnninr Btbl .^dujlt topic New Crl tlio Jifiiior topije U a. ra. W :;i. lodnosila strci-t 'at; .S :^^lI| testinieijijj •lli^ work IcMisi." P^jliln) . i'^T^ St TliiiolHj ('Inireli; iecjli^i llcdy I i>tiii I a. ni. I TIIO.MAS K;i lay lurch iwiuc held yesterday at the lurcli. At 10 o'clojck Mrs. Mary ^ Mlson bonducled a grayer Kervlce 1 1 connection with; the tev val II oellnRH now lieing lield. ."The re- u ainder of the lluiei was Hpenti in einlltlng' and making dougliniils. 1 be publliT lunches | which havr hi?en ser^-cd by this organization ciery'Thursday nooii have been discontinued during thi>. protracted Jiieetings. The Rev. 4nd Mrs. A. C. 1 iidor. of Lccomptoni Kan., were puests. Twenty-one members were a t the meeting. i [Vdd BoUIng Water^TJufs AIL , —^Then note Ifae ddiclous aroma ojC fresh ripe fruit la Surilite-Jall. I's your guarantee i> of quality. Compare! Siinlite -with >'any other galatine 'deasert then judge for y >urself wb(ch is best And. re- n ember jthat attractive aluminum d lesert molds are treo to Sunlite n lers. Your jgroper has 'Sunlite or 4 in get It. Write gunUte. Wauk ssha. Wis., for , illi^trated Free iJLJIuminum Mold Otfer- der again Sunday which will her up for a while. The Rev. .Mr, Lee filled his regular appointment Sunday, the last time before going to conferencse. Born to Mr. and Mr£. Fred B au- nlng Sunday. February 13. ai 8- l>ound daughter. The grangers were busy hau ing coal Thursday from >Ioran. Ed. Manbeck shelled corn for. Ben Bacon Friday. C. F. Maxwell and family vis led Sunday in LaHarpe. • George Maxwell of; lola is .is;- iling this week with the.C. F. .Maxwell and r... .D. Mattocks famill-s. Btn Bacon and family vis ted Sunliay at Ebb Bacon^s. - John Ludlum of Elsmore baled hay for Gus Smith last week. iMr. and Mrs. ILink Davis of Stroud. Okla., are here visiting his father, Wm. Da\'is. who is on the sick list. They will also visit cither relatives and friends. Harley Robb sold a work lie rse to a horse buyer from Humb ddt Tuesdayj Austin Jcfferis went to w ark Monday with a drilling rig" a ter several days . lay off on account of the bad roads and jweather Harold .McAlulty and Miss Fern Smith were married Sunday In Moran. iMIss Smithiis a daugl ter cif.Robeft Smith of this neighlor- hood. They will make their he in lola. Beauty Without Sacrifice yOtIR hair endowed with the .maocBt betuty of along, flowjhg wave--«od yoaf bair bandied lo geni^ too. Only th« Engine Met! od affor* (kcK twia idvantages A^ j—Telephone your Classified Ads t(Jl8, ;, . i .1 _ I*(>WD]J:R PUFF Beai^y Shop Sirs, wijriui, Ojteidor ' Over Howard's , Ca^idy Shop , Pl^one 168 ll. ' "Come thou 11 "do theije gooel. le ud thic niecii at i 7ip. yho puhl attoml ::liurch. Tejmiilex Corl rteets.) ^ijripturc slneiiMi •The Ort :ition." 1 any heat for I our : people (.'lltirrlk reminded In pice jto i L' In hjed' os- ^ornlng. But ody and sc>ul school and arc: i a. ni! a. ni.. Sub- the Law." illate leagues Free Metkodlst Ghnreh. .•i07 Nor :ir Third] Street.) ISuiiday! sclool m., Mrs Chas Grky, Supt' : Rekv W. E. Miller wlIU bring the messages botl morniitg and evening. !; • ' h I . Vob are iny ited to hear this man Gid iireacjh the Vfprd, without fchr or favor isp !cial( singing every night All 11 {unite ln]this cvaugellsilc bat- against si^ aiid Satan's domln> A LBERTA V^. BONHAai, Pastor. , l-'Irk A (CeirnerLin X. £. Clrarch. oln' aridi Bnckeye.) ^ujiday; schcJol 9:30 a. m. Class meeting. 10:40l a. m. JMohlng wci ship, 11|:U0 a; m.' C. .E. L-ague, 6:30 p. m. ::v^nlng wo-ship ?::|45 p. m. ard mcetl ig Momjay night. •Jterarjr Tui|8day niight. jiVednesday night praise and song soWlte. 1 • rhjirsday, night choir rehearsal. Frljday I nightj social given by trustee hblperjj. ! | The firk Sunday qtiarterly meet- ink fe hope to put! Idver a great pn)gram .j j iii ! C. lA. JACKSON. Minister; :t50 p. m.: Sub\. break over day in the with H, Pastor. hurcli. m.. and 7:30 J. E. Rey- ing subject: "What BeSavejd?" Evening Spotlight.'; j-ected by Mr. hool at !t::i0 jvitf. Snpt. intdrmefliate Kndoav- 6:,10 p. in. ICIass moots /''iy at :• is cordial- all servie-cs Jtiblo Hiudeiils. . WasliiiiKio ir ailiilt and s e-oniiKiiiy. :anizalion of Pot. •d :r>. •Doljvoraneo." the Gre.-«t Multlliiilo." m.. "IJclIveraneo.' Ala East .Moil rue p. in. I'rayor. sorvico Bible? text: honoraBlo and glor- lin::i. , ld)TLEM/SX.. Sic'y. 0urrh o^ tin i>'axarene. (Corner Fi|-st and'{Neosho.) irsiial Sunelay services. The Si^udjiy schooli meets at 9:45 a. m. TI e ipastor M -pll conduct an old- fa; ;hit>ned: lov^ fdast' afterwkrd. Comej ane] join in this happy oc- cafsion with this united people. rh^ junior ^. YJ P.! S. meets at 4 ). m. apd the senior^ at 6:30. At night tho theme Is "The Sin- Owh Plaice." . | e mid-year convention of the Kins IS City liistrict convenes at Ft ^cott on March 1, continuing thp entire! week. .\err\-s [will be here to be- Kiii the revival on March 6. Plan to hear them i preach' and al: ml; old-itlinoi religion. MkS. C. M. I FLOWER, Pastor. nor's rh sin^ Hr>t Chjirch i)/ (-hrI||t-NcIenUsi. iunday iscliool at 9:45 a. m. ^hiirch |at 11 •('liriiit J(>>:us." IVoflno.siIay v >'clpck.,i S ^iorviciti will fico. corner St istreets, r I Ramsay's Kant Ma •It 'week iday vcniug KpiM-oi (200 j;B evcV. S. Walnut.) ;i(>l. 10 ii'ltMi ai KT/. lid a. II. Subject. ihcetihgs at be helil at church of S>{camore and The reading room Dry Goods Store, ilison avenue, open from S to 5 p. m, Tlic imblio hs ^ordially invited to uticnji the services o^; the church :in<l tjci visit th(| reading room 1 HcntANiys >al Churcli. m. |il s'e.rnii>ii. 11 l-L. Rector. I An hity tb or ntihinff, it! I Tube (Mitti Shaying I Cream at X-n—^-^S IGeiti Safety Razor ! at .!_._ 1.00 Total L+l- J. _ 51.35 ;0N SALE SATURDAY i BOTH F 6 R ejxcfellenli get- a D opportu- new razor Jon't miss i-'i DRUG STORE ?f J $Ieiider FcKJt Arch Fitters fit those hajrd to jfit feet. • iParchmi SPOT nt. Black Kid, 'a,tentJ and $9.00 :ASH SHOE STORE Harrkan I k Delicious l^hole wheat dEREAL Try it Breakfast ITc^mpri-ow Trliilt ]F.!ic |thedisiEpIiM;opal Gbnrchi Since tbe^serv ices 'of next ^ui day wi 1] conclu le the confer,enc e year; tieipaatoi will.chang^ hi regular ^'Sunday )rogram so as to bepreesiit-at thi latter^^eriiid cfl th^ Sui day scho ll and deliv4r ~ short J ddress. He 'will apiirec atei a f ill attencaniSe on this]Special occ ^ion. I You rill recei ve a cordial cotne' i( all our services. - ^uiifor [League 2:30 p. m. li 'X <e &e; \6 6:30 p. mi EvJHftiiB woi^l ip 7:30 p. ml Pe Raj- ithe SOtJl^H i)AIRVIEAy Feb.-;-4,.—Mr. ind Sirs. .Will ry and their da ightcr. Mrs. < mond Smith, ae visiting j daiigbte:[ ai^d si ter,. Mrs. Arch c. Biift; 6^ ICajnaas . rity. 1 TUe Grange^mtt litonday night tt^ Ed Stev ii-trs. • • jl Alvie Turner c r Bethel, and Rof cof'.kes er ot Pl4a8B ;qton wer^ visj- jHenry Itln^ Mk' and Mrs. Sunday. 'Pra^e meeting; will be helil ;k\ .Mr. 'anj) Mrs. M shols 's this Weel. Mr. N'icl 61s' win l)e the leader.' Lckil us have a good attendance. Mrs. VtRiert Hd veil! is visiting! he daughte:.' Mrs. 'heifer Andersot, of Carth lige. Mo. ' ji Mrft. (ddie Pod visited Moiiida:^ with hei jKusbani . who Is rec^)ver ing f ron * an ope atlon In the For Scott ho ipital. ! ^iend V of Ann; Sarah Donnison formerly of this c ommunity. wi^I be !»orry to know th it slie is very';|ow of Brig! t's dises sc. Hor hroher Jini Dendison. it recpvcring fron a seribui attack 'k the flii.i Mr. ax d Mrs. Earl EUicAt lanel | family ai d Mr. ai d Mrs. C. Rogers and lamlly vi UcdJMr. and Mrs George I eitman Sunday. Epworh I.«agte; at, 7:30 Sunday night. E irl Ellio t will be tlio lead er.:: Vfe J ad a go id: attendance ;last Sunday flight, jvte invite ,you to come. ByJ^ Krarly, ,....„ tlicm cnvJc^ \w; niK- Iiaiiel:;. Tlicyia.^k |dna WaU4ce Hopper. me how S-lntV so They time. .\[y stirls r.f. citic. the sheltered hands. T Thc.rc; perfp <-tc(l iliply it w 1 keep joiinp kiiiow t :-..-i |t stage V |;rinie a vator js \vi->:i:cii |!ie-y iicvK^r cltr.r>. .sen licJ ir i:!e 1 .Jicnc.Vr :y ."ill tt >ii I'dna Wal ace Ho I-otioii'. T le" price I Itrgc y lu to ti tried hoarl y <?vcr> hut iiothin [; con:; C<i6k» in Thrfte Mtnutef TnailTjubl FMiia A \*3 tar- IToi ? V. f Shori Mnil ino a fre; Hand Loeon.' It is net ] rcasy < jir.irs at »i ife. •At that tt'itei doc«. nil tliil f rime cl(} Al?o .nil t lat «c:i ,hc years io. idiiice .'iiprcnic • This lia id Ictidii is iio'v 5t:pi )!ird et coniiter-. It gnarp.nti^! rcnics vilh it. Your dc .iler will retur i yntir money if it doe^s not tilcasc Go Kqt it end rcc v/hat it me.Tn^ to vou. MFree Hiis Coupon K Wlorth Tcy njdTtTtisc ai|d create a gnater «|enu^h (or >A «nsSI S I'KK- M'.TIK nfc arc anlhirlzed liy'^lheimaniifiidturers boll le of . 1 i Genuine Narcisisus t , . ^ Oiir Regular tijifi, Uxe. on pr «senfatloB M illils ('OI|MIII and *IA9 CcWipuns i -edermi^ble nnlj- until auUiorlze^ distrihal iOH is cxbauMr i cd. Alsd our tiM |ttrluigc| for 96c.| I . 0> «A1/E At ilelivcr The Leaider Mercantile PRpAY AXD SATURDAt O.NLY l.iniil i BotiJeN to ^sch €^itpmtr-4iooi ' ' •If Company jOnly on l)ale ludicaird mem Wp wish aniibunce that .we hai'e mov^d our shop fr^m pur resideiice om North .Chestnut Street, to 8 ^ackion, in'the b.uildins: formerly occi pied by the Io|a FVuit Co., ori the north side «f he squj re. In ouii newj location] we will be amp y prepe red to offer you the very best in Plumbing and Electric al Work of all kinds—and you kvill be excJeedinf ly pleas ed with our pr cesi ' I / • . i We wi 1 stock an up-to-date ]mk \oi Fixtures and 01^ display room is open f )r your inspection ai^jrtime!. I:' e lilCI^ bt) soft, l' irav. I ail tlic T I; encounters :a!I 111 flirt. In iii.hsl iardi Vet the ni|>.st rarr!y have itlth in a hand lotion ' r-.i -i -rti. I F w;i' li my I MII'!.*. Micicy. it ilissp- (I it i '\<^rr .iiti<-<;!3ll 11 Ih .it 5 <'aii C I MCS, es ii> the'ls. '•or (1. >!••..a'! tint C'Vii b.?rids form i>cr '.-s Yotith Hand i-. cnc. 'y if. I thini: I have thing of this kind, i .nrc-; witii thi.'?. ' A '-ivc. rhica?". risi tubs of .Youth JMAMD] Phono 223 When ypu .see these d that we'jve never offer thi.'? price. The niater land afeiw Cantons ambng them, in ranged of colors.'JJ agree 'vith us d such values be f^ije at alB are Flat Crepes inpstly a beautiful of c Special-f-T^his Week! Sunproof Ruffled Curtains. Blue 4nd Rosel Per pair__i. i$p€icial--This Week! 25c; P^janiai Checks—white ; ind a^ors. Periybrd. -.•-[ -A.L 36-incii Raypn Per ynrd _l- Special — Tfeis W;eek! Slip Satin-i Cokirs:; Xiolid^ i.- —^ Jim

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