Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 18, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1959
Page 7
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Iuwa 12-15s-\n WAN IT home. D: HAI1Y Phone 2 FITTER 477 ultci IN 22-21 MY p m 7 -.M i TYPIST for II week's work. .Must lenced. mi hour week Plea inn tonditiuns. APPLY lie .ml CMM'I u n| I, Mr. Barnes Stall Ruuin St. Anthoiw Hospital PllUNL SMH •i'^-'iU 'i tic 155 ITEMS ON OUR 2 PRIVATE DINING FAST, FRIENDLV SERVICE REASONABLE PRICES EAT Children Under 12 75c MENU ROOMS PAULINE'S CAFE South of the Stoplight on Hiway 71. Open 5 a m. MOLASSES-UREA Guaranteed 30% Protein $5800 per ton *F.0.B. Coon Rapids, Iowa on "AVc will deliver lo your storage lank and/or feeding tank in the field—a minimum ot'-lV-i tons (250 gals.) We have a 1,000 gallon tank mounted on truck complete with pump which enables us to fill any tank on your farm. Straight CANE BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES is also available at all times. MOLASSES-UREA is a fine supplement for cattle on pasture this time of year—on low roughage feeds, or on corn stalks later. 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A at 512,o(iii Bums Heal : W. Klftti St. Dial 21M. <;:t-220- lie AI.SPAI'II I'anoll si north sitli a I Ui •ROI'EK'IV AT \\ hicli is close hools. Id anil for hi i uf f;i mily <>i K I m\est tin ni for IT I > Downstairs h;i> li\ inx i rn,. dminu' s:ii x. to inwn a I home will make a ini ome pi op- 2 bedrooms, rm . kitchen mil •mini shed • f lot 1 •• bath. I'pstaus has a M apt. and full hath Pull fin- attic. City heal Hack hair run lie sold off. ( )<\ ncr Mill sell on Estate. ci ml i ai t. John l nam I! i;;t-22o eal 21c tlie Soronaders Male Quartet, Wednesday, March 9. Featured soloist of this quartet of young singers is Ralph Nielsen, tenor, who has made 20 guest appearances with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and has sung with the Lyric Opera Company of Chicago. Other Schedules Schedules for the Fort Dodge Civic Music Association and the new Nishna Valley Civic Music Association of Atlantic also were an! nounced by Mrs. Ferlic. Members ; ol the Midwest Iowa association 1 are imiled to attend concerts of both of these groups at no extra charge upon presentation of their membership cards. Fort Dodge will present the Columbia Boys Choir, October 29; Seymour Lipkin, pianist, November 12; McHenry Boatwright, Nt- gro baritone, February 16; and the Indianapolis Symphony, March 29 The Nishna Valley season will open October 17 with the Continental Aires male quartet featuring Julian Parrish as accompanist, arranger and leader. The husband and wife piano duo son and Ncal will be presented December 2; Rod Strong and his dance quartet, January 27; Mil-, drcd Dilling. harpist, February | Slayer Dies in Gas Chamber SAN QUENTIN. Calif. (AP> Harvey M. Glatman, a Los Angeles television repairman who kept his own gruesome photographic record of three lovely models he raped and murdered on a Southern California desert, went to his death calmly today in the prison gas chamber here. Glatman, just 46 minutes before entering the small green - walled chamber, told Associate Warderej W. D. Achuff his desire that nolh ing be done in his behalf. Hyde Park (Continued from Page 1) vict Premier placed a wreath of roses on her husband's grave. The Premier, his wife and others had left New York City at 9.04 a.m.. 34 minutes behind schedule, and arrived here at 11:09 a.m. Mrs. Roosevelt walked between Mr. and Mrs. Khrushchev as they advanced to the Hyde Park Nel- (gi'ave. After Khrushchev had placed the enormous wreath in front of it, the party stood bock silently for a while and then moved FOR SALE: 1 k :< K.R. HOMES. \VK have a nice selection In choose from. Before mu bus or sell, call; us Wllber Walkup'Real Estate, j Phone 2(i29. Ii3-217-llcj APARTMENT DWELLING FOR sale: 5190 monthly Inronie. Write, Box Y n Times Herald. (W-aic-Htc ; Apartment for Rent 65 El RNISIIED APARTMEXTS |OI{ I cut . 1 lea I. I liiht a Mil v a I i-r I'm - I nlshcd. Pine s:C on * IT*'«( and Siaiuii. Sec .1. ISums ;it 212 • ;.">-22ll-2te W. APT. APT. .".111. Dial 21* I FOR RE XT. FOR RE XT. DIAL I i'l- IU VI. T"!«l. •2tc 1 .'.-il. 21H-:t'c him to to sing jam a jam the of you AFT. 1113 1 lit II BURKE 2-RK.nROOM Phono 9648.^ APT. AT 209 NO. I 9(U)7. Household Goods 51 Male-Female Help 23 tSED » rC. WALXI'T DININ(i room suite, S75.0U. Malt Furniture Co. 51-220-2tc NO. MAIN. 63-214-1 fe CLARK. DIAL (i .">-2 (iii-tfc l'l RXISllED. MODERN TRAILER. Cement Palm. Graham Tiaiier Court. Dial 4122. 6ri -l!)2-tfc MODERN ;t-lt()())l APT. dllioned. Dial 32!i7. AIR COX- li.'i-iriM-tfe PARKVIEW APIS. 1)1 A I. •SIT DEXT FOR PA It I' Ing table. .Iin\ Dune Cafe. TIME W \1T- ;m. Pauline's 2 ;i -2 m -3te WIX<; AND SOX Phone ;«KMi. PIANO FOR SALE ."•>i-22ii-ati Salesman Wanted 'ItO'l'l for i, I '.i i i t o. fill) TERRITORV ii.,: 11' 'I'd MI 'is'iiin u il, li 'il 1'iiiin'i 1' t. • • n < • :i'i."i 25 OPEN i .in in IF CARPETS LOOK DILL AX II i dreary, icmove the spots as llievj appea'r with Blue Lustre. Matt • Furniture Co. 51-'220-lie i :<iii!i. I.TJ-t fe A I'A III' M EX IS AVAIL\RI.E: II It- j ntslied or unluinished MiNaiib I UulldinB. Dial .'loso ii.">-2!!'-tfe Farms for Sale 67 l NED 12 FT. lent, priced fa noil. FREEZER. EXCF.L- lo sell. Gambles in i :.l-21!l-:ttc 1 i \ X I El): ;,i ,l ten n «l lie I', Hip "II.IMII.V FOR .'••I '• 11 • •: I : t - ni;_'ht r. missi, ,n. 1 \i ui \ .i iisuiiince. no e\p \ Write I'O P.. Iowa 2 ."i- C ..'Up s;i I ;i i y i at loti. • •i icrice v .'f72. 2UI-.'ltc FOR ITS. SALE: Phono SIEI.LER !)04S OIL 51 HEAT- •21h-:<ti' MINNESOTA I We have the l.ii m land to come, 'nuini.v Kails. Minn. UOIs FOR SALE: best in Minnesota oficr vnii. Write or • n J!calt\. Granite 67-214-1 re Farm Machinery 33 .IOIIX Dl.l.lil .die 24 i"..' Phone '"."'.> HOINT III< ker. H 1 1 II I'HA. yooii shape. :t:i-22o-2ip EXTRA IV.I i Co. 'Il I.(KM) t -i || \|.|.is CIIAL- i ••:!'. I.. la- i: US^IM ('., i pi'llter, E.ipniv ;«-217-51 p 8 I SED - .'li I'll KER-; ,i IsED NEW • Idea 2-l'oW pKkcis; 2 used Mm- j tic.ipolis 2-row pickers. 2 used I lie 21 pickers; 1 used A l lis Channels mtd, nicker witn slalk 1 1'iector 1 i.-cil John Deere 2"0; puke; .Si ticnkciiiei y Iiupi Co. i M.'t-'JiiO-Uc • FOR SALE: LAI E •'111 JOHN DEERE corn pickei. ,\-l condition Alfred Well), Gniv. )owa. ;VJ-219-2tp Seeds & Feeds 34 WANTED TO~BUV" 500 Tons of Baled Alfalfa PRICES AT FARM $14.00 Per Ten for First Crop $15.00 Per Ton for Second Crop All hay must he dry and under cover. Some outside piles can be used at reduced prices. Write or Call J. W. Easland & Sons Licensed and Bonded Alfalfa Millers Gavlnrd, Minnesota 'I'lume 72490 _ 34-20tl-Uc GOOD CORN I (III SALE IM MED- lalelv. I'avlnond Wei kmeisler, Arcadia, la.' ;ti-2is-:tie Custom Made Window Shades ALSO Vertical and Venetian Blinds Cleaning and Repairing FREE ESTIMATES Gehrke's Shade & Blind Co. TVW) I MMI'ltm I I) I \ R M s, TWO' fa i ms in, i • .ni i ,ii t. Kl a nk I l"f f- i maim. I'lii'tic 22;0. ii7-21'.l-lfc Used Cars & Trucks 71 lil.-il PI VMOITII 'J DOOR IM Ns trood .M'C at 2os • . Si, Coin t .liter ."i.'lll |i m pine SIT.", 00. 71-2|s-:ttp •! «.MC TON Pit Iv-l P. 18.1)00 miles 30, a\ie., In-.iter, clean. 5,i liuick .super 4-Door, jladio. Heater. IKnafiow. l J ower| hleelinc anil In aKc- 1// c;. e ^lass, . pi ice Sioii."). Ileal Motot s. 71-2U7-1 fc 13: and Bernard Izzo. baritone .soloist, March 14. Nishna Volley concerts will he held in the Atlantic Hij>h School auditorium. • Khrushchev- i Continued from Page 1) son. Yet for five or seven years, I helieve. the American government would not permit tour any oilier country : there. i "Why did that voice famous voice? Well. \vc voice with which some want to speak to our people. If the voice with which yon broad; cast to our country will be a ! rriendly voice, we shall not jam 1 it I think that should be clear." ! Once aRain. in his formal talk, Khrushchev boasted that the U.S.S.K. would overtake the United States in industrial production more quickly than planned. Then, possibly because of the makeup of his audience, he called the U.S. government's trade embargoes against the U.S.SR. "senseless obstinacy." Bclore Khrushchev spoke, Henry Cabot Lodge, U.S. ambassador to the I'.N. and Khrushchev's escort for the tour, chided him for having compared early, old- fashioned capitalism with the modern I'.S. system. "The difference is as great as the ditlerence between black and white.'' said Lodge. "We believe this will become crystal clear to you as you see things for yourself on your tour around the country." tell feet the escort Manhat- at GO [solemnly away to the house. ) So far as reporters could 1 f'-om a distance of some 50 away, no words were spoken. In leaving New York, motorcade and police roared through midtown tan streets sometimes m.p.h. Two police helicopters hovered about 500 feet overhead as Khrushchev's car sped • onto the Henry Hudson Parkway and underneath the George Washington Bridge. Khrushchev, who is intensely interested in housing, glanced out the window of his limousine at the scores of apartments in the I'iverdale section of the Bronx. Some 300 grade school children, waving small American flags, greeted Khrushchev as he entered I New York's rich Westchester County. Khrushchev smiled hap: pily- I It was the first such greeting he has had since arriving in the , United States for his tour. U. S. Relieves Gen. Prirchard in Iceland Incident WASHINGTON (API - Brig. Gen. Gilbert I'ritchard has been relieved of his command in Iceland in the wake of an airport in* cident that raised Icelandic feelings against American forces there. Pritchard was commander of the air base at Reykjavik where two Icelandic officials were • reported to have been forced by guards to lie in mud puddles. The action was taken at the request of the Icelandic government, an Air Force spokesman said in answer to questions. Icelandic Ambassador Thor Thors had made a formal protest to the State Department. He said American guards at the base had forced the two officials at gunpoint to lie in puddles of water for 10 minutes and threatened to shoot if they opened their mouths. The contention of the guard was that the two officials had entered a restricted area. Pritchard had been in command for only about two months. The Air Force spokesman said no new assignment for Pritchard had been decided yet, and no successor appointed. The Icelandic version was that on Sept. 5 two officials of the Icelandic civil aviation agency were escorting two American pilots of a German civilian plan to a hangar in the dark and were unable to locate U.S. guards. After they had proceeded some 10 to 20 yards. Icelandic officials reported, a sentry appeared and ordered the Icelandic officials to lie down in a puddle with arms outstretched and fingers apart until the sergeant of the guard appeared. Later, the police chief at the airport said the American sentry said he was unable in the dark to recognize the uniforms of the Icelandic officials. 2 tone S h a i Special Wit truck 622 West Carroll Phone 15th St. Iowa 2737 _5J.-218-3tp \VK IIAVi: \ (.ODD SKI.KCTIOX Op refnuerators. 1 amies and used elect i ual appliances, now. Ilelres Kli'ctiic. 31-HI7-lfc t.lANT l .-i l I. IT. CORONADO homo Iree/ci . . S19H 95. Onlv S.Vi'ii down (oinildes ."il -111 -tf'e l!l.-ili I'OXTIAC VIWTIOX M'AOOX,! 2 dooi Y-s st ,i nd.i id t ririMinssion. I Radio and I lealcr. layhl Cieen. ! Mrfnv Motois 71-21i;-trc • Satellite- (Continued from Page 11 Auto Service 75 POR (JK.VKII.U, AI'TOMOTIVK sales and service. Call Houlihan Motor Co. Dial 4-'W3, and for 'lank Wiicon Service to vour farm or home. Call Houlihan Oil Co. Dial 9132. 75-12d-tfe New Cars 76 Wearing Apparel 52 SKIi YOUR OLD RELIABLE ULICK- Fontiac dealer Defure you DUV a new or used car. Peters Bros', in Carroll. 76 -in-i -tfc j TRADi: FOR A Mitt 'a!) KORD AT Ihe easiest place to trade in western low a. Bill liurycss Motor Co. " 7IS-2M1-I Ic l-'OR s.M.K: COAT rat, size 11 or to and M sub. Write Ro\ D Herald. For Sale s, LAWKS Ml SK- W; till Is sizes S, All uood, cheap. <•;•, Dallv Times I 52-221 P- lie 55 Livestock for Sale 41 Dl HOC ROAR; era, Han 1 ! nort 11 n| and Son IIAMI'slllKK l.esie. AUIHII s. YA< And l.i II () . l'OR CIIOL- pto At Farm loll. Joe I'uiten/ •ll-2211-tfc A II S. Win. V. 11 -220-t IV FOR s \ I. li: sl'l(IX(.IX(, AXI) fresh heifeis. Duivl DueKes, C .ir- roll. _ -I l-22(i-.'-llc FOR l't Ki ISIll I) UAM1'- shire siirmj* and fall hours, vaccinated, nuarnntrod hreedors Km' II .lahn. Manilla, Iowa. 1'hon'i' Manntllu ,'t-5I2l. 'tt -l 'i7-llc ( AMI'.Ls, I.I'I'KIKS AM) ALL MM. Cigarettes 21c pk. or -1 for 9-U'. Chaile\ s Place. 5.V21N-He AM LKAVINfi l'OR SKRVICK. WILL sell 1950 Hurley Davidson 45 .Vol. orcyt'le. Al condition. With accessories I'hone :i on S Arcadia '• No. and 1 mi. west, Arcadia. Dale l.UihMR, West side. 55-22(l-:Mp liO CART COMKT DKALIOR FOR Carroll County. "Hottest" on u heels Demonstrated at Roselle Hall I'ai'k. Arl Hulsini^. Carroll, lowa. Phone :w;i5. ,"i.V2ii)-Htp FOR SAI.F: WINKLFR STOKKR IN >,'ood condition Call 2(iiiH after 5 o'elork. 55-2UI-2U' fll.VXfiK II RX \( |; lll.TKRS XOW, l(l\2«l. 7 1c. 15V2H. S2c Uls20, s '2i . ld\25, KHe, Drees HeHttnc Co. I 'a i i nl I. li IM. a 55-2 I'.l-Ht i Want Ads Pay You Cash for Your Don't Wants Sale Date Claimed Sept.^2 .toe Kciincheik closing out 1 farm sale 2 miles boulh i>l I arroL) | on Highway 71 and '•. mile east on : Swan Lake road, lrlbeck & Crote, I Aucts. \ Sept. 23 August Hiilliulf list., f) miles south ul Carroll on 71, ami 1 : 1 mile east, liuss and Irlheck, Aucts. I Sept. 29 — A. V. \Vllbeidin« i-lnsiiiK : mil I arm sale. 1 mile uesl and .'I '. miles south of Breda. Iloss & (irate, | A III t - ! Sept 30 Herman W. C.inte. e\ecu | tin nl Liz/a- l.i nte Kstiite. llltl acre j Carroll CoiinU l'aiin. 1 miles cist. !! miles suulli and 1 j mile east nl tin - ( Cits ol Carroll. Paul Unite, Auet. KKPLACE (TKItlXG I'l'lini's llcriild News Scriini i MANNING — Three tliotisand feel of stoel-rHnlon oil concri'ti' ' ('iul)iiiu I'leiiiK replaced lltroueli- otit lite city, on Kir .sl and Mam 1 Streets. The reinloried turbine, on brick streets, was placed in hoise anil liuo ^y d ;i\ s the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced in Washington that radio signals from the satellite were coming in loud and clear. On the basis of information received so far. NASA said Vanguard III is following a path that takes it 2,329 miles from earth at its most distant point, and 319 miles away- at its closest point. The orbit is inclined 33 degrees north and south of the equator. As it swings down to the low point of its orbit, something equivalent to a downhill slide, it is traveling 18, 507 m.p.h. At the top of the orbit, its speed is I2,(i31 m.p.h. NASA officials estimated the satellite would remain aloft for to 40 years. They said its radio equipment should operate for about three months. Vanguard I, the gapefruit-size satellite launched March 17, 1958, it: expected to whirl about the earth fur 2 .000 years. Vanguard II—the size of a bas- Mall— is expected to stay aloft 200 years. Its first few passes carried it over the United States, but after 10:1.') am. the path shifted over Central and South America. NASA .said the satellite would pass over the United States again sometime .Saturday. Turkey Dinner, Tour of Farm for Manning Rotarians (Times Herald X'ews Service! MANNING — Manning Rotary Club members were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schmidt Tuesday evening when the club toured the turkey farm operated by the Schmidts. Members were treated to a full course turkey dinner, prepared by Mrs. Schmidt, assisted by Mrs. Harry Petersen. Fourteen thousand turkeys are on the Schmidt farm, with several thousand ready for the market now. Phil Knaack, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Knaack, has enrolled as a freshman at Parsons College, Fairfield. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Vollstedt and Darlys, and Mrs. Herbert Kuhl have returned from a 10-day trip to California, where they visited Paul Vollstedt and Rollin Kuhl, who are serving with the U, S. Navy. En route they visited an aunt, Mrs. Adele Mordhorst, at Cheyenne, Wyo. The evening circle of the WSCS met at the Methodist Church Tuesday evening. Edna Halbur gave the lesson, "In Every Place a Voice." Nov. 21 was set as the date for the bazaar in the church basement. Pie and coffee will be served during the day and a supper menu will be planned. The group also voted to sponsor a selling project. Lunch hostesses were Miss Halbur and Mrs. Jack Lorenzen. Guardsmen to Be Called Out For Nikita Visit DES MOINES (AP)—At the. request of the State Department, between 700 and 800 Iowa National Guardsmen will be called out to help handle the crowds expected near Coon Rapids for the visit of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, Gov. Herschel Loveless said Friday. The governor said it is his understanding that the troops are needed for traffic control and security measures around the farms of Roswell (Bob) Garst, and the town of Coon Rapids. He said an estimated 25,000 to 35,000 persons are expected to jam the vicinity while the Soviet premier is there. The Guardsmen will be from units in central and west-central Iowa, Loveless said. It has not been determined exactly which units will be affected because guard officials first must find out how many men from various units can get off work for the task, Loveless added. Guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Lucey this week have been Mrs. Louis Fiedler, Waterloo, and Mrs. Lucey 's brother -in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kruger, Glendalc, Calif. Mrs. Fiedler came Sunday, and the Krugers, Tuesday. All I e f t Thursday morning to visit relatives of the Krugers at LeMars. Legal Notices A CARROLL HOME to be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION Located at 616 No. Carroll St. on TUESDAY, SEPT. 22 2:00 p. m. This is a 30 x 42 two story house. Three bedrooms and bath up. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, utility room & bath down. Located on lot 8 block 8 original town. Full (ili It. x 15b' II. lot. This is good investment property as it is located close to the business section ol Carroll. JOHN L SPORRER IN l III'. IIIVIKK I ( Ol UT or IOWA, IX AXI) I OK CAHHOI.I. (Ill X I V - 1 VI'K i IF I' U\ A, I'll I I II 11 l.'i in III s . S 1 - "l;H.l\'Al. 'I i • All Whom I: Mi. i ci n Ni ' I |i 'I. I.> III III \',\ i.lVI-.V Thai an Hint i iiinriu in willing. I>u i l'"i'l I "l! tn In 1 I lie lust will ami ti'slami-iit nl j TO FILL PULPIT The Ri'v. f-Mward fc,'. Hale, vice president of Hucna Vista College, ! Storm Lake, will be the speaker at i morning worship services in the Presbyterian Church at 11 a.m. Sunday. The Rev. Allan M. Peterson of Ch'Khorn, pastor-elect of the Carroll church, will conduct the v oi'ld - wide communion service here Sunday morning, October 4, 11 \ i„i.,.ii , a ml the .trihiilt Hi 1 1 ,i \ |n i nl in nl, ii till' Ullllt I MWIU'il ll\ril Tui'silnv l 11• 11 11H 1 1 , l'l;Vl,' a 1 at till' ('• illl'ltiiiUM as the il,j\ Im' i Hat inn tin WITNF.^ with the M itfftxcd, the 19.VI. I.SKA 1.1 A 1 1 i i l . i i (• Si'(iU'mtie[' 1H, 'AT\. Uel nan. m\ ut ill ..| VI 171 li il. • •it. was Uu ami nail I.', thai I hiiM' i;iili ilii;, ni i i' rInek a MI. tat tii'.S, lnw a. inm |niMif in .( .V'l.< u IT. hi'lTl i. •Illtll'l .1 .1 K I list ' I't ( 'llllt 1 'J, ltlil'.l Clitl McCiirville, A net. Commercial Savings Bank, Clerk ()3-214-ltc NOTICT: or AI-COIXTMIXT Or .'VI )M I X'l.S'l'K AT m \ STA'I'i: OF luWA. CAItlti >t.I. Cot N'l'Y. ss Nu. 77S1 Nii'l'H'K IS 1II.KKI1V CIV I :N. the nutlet signed litis hei-U duly ;t|i- liiiinli'il and qualified as ailni in i st i a • trl\ nl the estate nf ("lain 1' Rn--, dfi i'a MM I , I; I 1 I 1 i if Ci iTnIl t 'iiulil \ . All I II-i in - I in I el 111 >i I In said I'statr air requested tu inula 1 immediate ]ia\- nirnt; and those h.ivinu el.ilms against the same will [iicsenl them, duly uulheni leitteii, to the undet- slKnort for allnwanee, and tile In the office of the clerk of the District Court. Fllzaheth R nilpv Dnteil Si'iileiiiliei in, lVl.".ii) I. F SWIM nv, Attn: nev Alt t cil J Kim ke ('lei K IJi.sli let ("inn t .•Hvi. il, is, I'.i.v.) For Safety's Sak* t SlNCLAlRAs your car every 1 ,000 Miles 51 m W« Give Gold Bond Stamps MARVIN'S SINCLAIR SERVICE 1 Blk. Eatt of Burk* Motor Inn Optn Evtningi Till 10 p. m. DIAL 9122 2 Iowa Youths Die In Nebraska Collision LITCHFIELD, Neb. (AP)—Two 18-year-old Afton. Iowa, youths were killed Thursday in a collision of their car and a gasoline transport southeast of here. Bodies of the victims, Lamoyne Harold Swanson and Leroy Francis Rippergear, were jammed in the wreckage after the headon crash which occurred during a drizzle. State patrol officers said the car swerved into the path of the truck, driven by Delbert T. Greeley of North Platte. He was not injured. COAST-TO- COAST Store CARROLL INVITES YOU TO SEE THE NEW EXCLUSIVE BRIGHT POWER BLADE SAW NO OTHER SAW LIKE IT Only $189.95 NwMIni 20* BUM eoMf IN FO* mt DEMONSTRATION TODAY! A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship R. J. "Bob" DOLEZAL INSURANCE IS NOT JUST A POLICY: IT'S A COUNSELOR SERVICE. Dolezal Insurance Agency sees that you're adequately covered with guarantee of prompt, fair settlement of all claims. For the answer to your insurance questions feel free to call me at the Dolezal Insurance Agency Dial 4140

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