The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on January 9, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, January 9, 1892
Page 2
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The Postville Weekly Review. *0«TVIkLB, BATDAY, JAN. 0. W. N. BTJRDIOK, Xdltor. Entered at the posloffiec at Postville at second-clam matter. ALL ABOUT TIN PLATE. Wo rnpnhli.ih from tlio Dceorali Republican a latiar wrilt*t> for that paper In r*plj to questions risked, by this N. A B. Taylor Cotnpnuy, of Phila- tlolplila. ft boni9 established in 1810. It K' T0> * m *"J f»*l* about tin of which the m»§» of people are I^nernnt, and should bo road by everybody Inter- nitud in that industry or the McKlnloy bill: I'nn .ADii.i'iitA, Deo. Uth, 1891. EI>ITO*I llBi'uni.iCAN:— Ountlemen:—lleplylntr to your fnvor of tho 11th whieh lifts just resnhed m, asking wliftt In the dlflervnco between it roofing and terne pinto, wn hcg to iny that terno li limply n Franaii word meaning dull and it n term uiod to deil^nnto a kind of tin plate, thereforo tenia and roofing both mean nxadly the iftniu tiling. Pluvious to 181J bright tin only WAR made, that it, ilieel iron or sheet itool coated with pure tin. In that yuar thoso sheets of bright tin worn locko.l together and paasod through a bath of Innd. Tide work wan oono in l'hilndol- phla. The YYslsh mantifactureri nt onco ooncoivcd the idea of mixing the Irad and tin together a>d then coating tho blnck shsots, thereby saving the additional oxponio of the eaiiond operation. This wai called rooting tin or torne, and plntcs made in I Till way •are boeu coining to AmerioA evoi lince. Tho proportion of the motali used in the coating, varies witli difloront makers. We have seou platei, tliu coating «f which was 7* p'ir cent, of pure tin, while others wore ns low as 10 percent. Shoel iron or shoot stool cannot bo coated with load alooo oxccpliug by n special process which is very expansive. Tho term "tin plate," covers both - bright and roofing tin; that is sheets of iron «r steel conlod with puro tin, a mixture of tin and lrad. Wo have heard a great deal said nboul torne plate being manufactured In this country for • long timo. quantity of bright We feel tiiat tho tin madn lu tills country has beon much larger than roofing or torne, but the total amount of both is very insignificant. To our minds the unlversnl ignorance of what tin plato really Is has ennsod the most ridiculous artlclss to bo written on the sutjoot. The pi availing idea seoms to bo that tin plate is pure tin rolled into sknslB, which if you have ever examined, although llin thickness would bu say, oua-ctglilh inch, you would Und would be vory soft and pli able and woald not answor at all for suoli purposes as llu plato is generally usud. Tinware mnde of bright tin sold tinder the name of block tin is a very old trick of thu trade. Thure is no such thing ns ware mnde of puro block tin; it is all iron or steel, coated will puro tin or a mixture of tin and load; and that coated with a mixture of tin and lead is for rooting purposes Tlioro is no ronson why tin plato cannot bo made in thin country; wo huvo the steel, we havo the rolling aiills, and they have produced the stool slieetn; these are simply pickled, cleaned and then coaled with a mixture of pure tin or a mixture of tin and lead. The pro< cess is most simple; the lead is readily produced in this country and sold at a vory low price. Thoro ie pig lis in tills country; we have had somu from tho Xeniescal mines In California, and have found it equal to any wn ever saw imported. The prico of pig tin in Philadelphia is within a fraction of a cent of tho prico In London; tho freight on pig tin from Loudon to Philadelphia is about tho sauio as tho freight from New York to Philadelphia, namely about Id oonls por hundred pounds. ' Therefore the manufacturer hi Philadelphia should receive the same quality of pig tia is used by tho manufacturer in Wales, which wo understaud is generally the tin that comes from Australia, and it should cost them about tho samo E rlcc, because tho railroad freight from ondou to tho factories lu Wales will ycry likely bo About the samo an the oooao freight from Loudon to Philadelphia. Pig tin Is free, there is no duty; but Judging from tho remarks made by some writers we imagine thsy aro undor tho Impression that the aame duty existing ou tin plato Is also on pig tin. • We at'* making in Philadelphia both rooting and bright tin. We arc mat in* the roofing tin using the load from Missouri. Wo nru making bright tin using tlie tin from California, and havo turned out this day as handsome bright tin as we ever saw. It is luado from steel that was rolled in Pennsylvania, coated with pur* tin from California, and tho work is dono by won born, bred and raised lu Philadelphia. If this is not Aiuerioaii bright tin plat* we would Ilka to know by what terra It should be oalled Our present oapaolty Is 160 boxes par day. Wo havo on tho ground the lix- turos necessary to Inereaso our oapao­ lty to 200 boxes por day, and wa expect within a short time to havo a oapaolty of 400 boxes pur day. We would say that tho prlcos of the plates we aro making are exactly the samo as the prleos that have bo in ruling for some time past and w* feci that w* hav* accomplished a great deal, • A nation that can produo* almost auythiug from a pin to a loooru olive, should surely carry on the simple Industry of taking the blaok sheets, which are already mad* here, and properly lirepariog and coating them with puro tin or a mixtur* of tin and lead. Our work is one of business, purely and solely; politics have nothing what* ever to do with It. We hare no bill nor party to bolster, but bating Imported, for, so many yea**, the hlgh*st grade* of plate* that could be made, aud sold them under guarantee, holding our< selv*s personally responsible for the satisfaction give*, we considered it good, oommon busluess Judgment to prefer to make these good* here under our own personal supervision in plao* of having them made over throe thousand mile* , away aoeordlug to, our instructions, and we aro sur* that all right thinking people will agree with us. At any time you feel that we ean glv* you Information the* will be of interest, w* trntt you wilt not hesitate to adylso u*. Yer re sp»utfnlly. " «YG. TAYIOB Co'v. N. mi TUB Newton Journal says; "If w* t t'bllthed a dsiuooratlo newspaper we ould either refuse to publi* ,h* adv*r- fts«m*nt*: otllr* merchant* in which »h*y **y 'all goad* oo*»p*r than aver,' or w* would quit *»ylog In the editorial oolumn* that th* MtKlnley bill advano- t»>lt9 prlww of all good* In WW by the peopl*. We weuld not |l]qw our strf^te^-Jnd P «e and undisputed IOWA 1* raislag funds for tho starving Russians. Jud(,« Hendnck, of Waukon, has been appointed to look after do- natloas in tills county. Ail who can should contribute their mite to the suffering millions beyond the sea. (lor. HuMi -iicRY, of Kansas, has appointed Ex-Congressman Perkins to be U. S. senator to succeed Senator Plumb, deceased, The appointment gives vory good satisfaction, although there was quite a strlfo for the position. Mr. Perkins was a warm personal fiiend of the late Benator Plumb. TUB agony Is over In Ohio and John Sherman has been re-elected tothe>en- ate. Tho fact that there was a hard and close fight made <>n him proves that ho Is losing his grip' in his owa state, and that ho nood have no further aspirations for any other position. Ho is a great man and perhaps the best financier in congress, but his greatness Is slipping away from him with advancing yoars. The younger blood of tho state demands recognition, and the demand must be headed. Sherman, with numerous other great men roust aoon glvo way to younger men. u i IT can roadily be seen from his Washington leltor to liis homo papor that Congressman liullnr is dlsgutlod with his party In congress on the speakership quosllon, and incidentally on the tariff. Mr. Duller very sensibly does not like thu idoa of Ills party, including himself, making aeynral aampnlgua on tho tariff as tho only national ixauo, aud then practically ignoring it ns such as soon as it got in a position to do something in one branch of congrnss at least. H must bo humiliating to a tariff reform democrat, bill our congressional frlond will loarn that democratic principles aro formulated to catch votes, not to stand hy. If that parly knew that by indorsing the McKlntcy bill ontiro it could carry tho election next fall thoro would be no bettor protcu'.ionisls in the country than llioy. Tkoy well know thoro s no chance In tho world for them to oa, - ry tho country again on tlio free trado hobby, and tbolr only salvation is to hedge, (treat is democracy! COLORADO LXTTBB. WASHINGTON LBTTBB. UCNVEB . Colo., 12-18-'91. BllITOU REVIEW.— Dear Bin- Contrary to Foslor'a pro- dictions we aro having fine weather hero, but it is very cold in tho mountains and plenty of snow. Denver la a great city but it has a decidedly dull appearauco at present. The real eatato boom of a year ago has taken a tumble and properly has depreciated in value at least 30 por cent. Owing to the real estate tumblo many a man has taken a tumblo to a lesson of oxporlonco which thoy will not soon forget. Tho advantages hare are not so many ns in termor years, as tho supply of Ubor exceeds th* demand. Credit 1* due to the difloront well organized unions la upholding wages. Owing to tho altltudo the air is bracing and a trip in the mountains far excels ono's expectations—tho scenory wouderfnl, tho mountains beautiful, and the canyons dreadful. I've mot a number of Iowa pooplo here and I almost think thoy hare mado a mistake, as I tkink thore's no placo like home—Iowa. WM. LAVKLL. DBKOOBATIO POLICY TBIBD. WAS (Galo Ciry.) If dotuoorallo papers will writ* out fully and if democratic congressmen will spoak out fully one chanter of th* history of damoorntlo policy sipou American affairs still within the memory of thoso not yet old, It will bo found that th* democratic party will mako yory slow progress lu brlngiug tho oountry to a repetition of democratic policy as to (roe trado. It is an amazing fact when soberly thought of, that in th* only four yoars that tho democratic policy of fr*o trado was evertriid In this country, th* government ran behind iu a time of peace twouly million dollar* a y*ar for uach yoar of James Buchanan's aduilnUtra- lion. It was a period of profound peace witli trado and business everywhere uninterrupted, with all th* pros- parity and conditions existing which tho democratic party claim mako free trado to desirable. And yut under this polioy the American people wore annually running into debt ou the ordinary expenditures of their government at the rate of millions of dollars. Howell Cobb, seorolary of the treasury, showed In hi* roport (or ltflO, thnt tho dofl- olenoy in thnt year wet about four million dollar*, but iu fact it wa* about twon.ty million*. There were thirty million* of American*. The expenditure of tho government wa* only a 11a.- tlo.ovor sixty million* a year. The United Slate* had half as many people as it ha* now. Mow the sixty million* of Americans hare to devise way* of moating.four.-hundred million dollar* of government expenditure in a year, ancT yet keep its revenae from blooming larger than Its neods. Tho democratic parly and th* American people must •erlously consider the alternative polioy to whluh the dcmooratlo party deliberately invite* th* oountry. Th* polioy 1* known. It I* not conjectured. There ha* been full and tried experience of it. It oan never be tried under better or more satisfactory conditions than In the four y*ar* from 1859 to 186*. And the faot must b* recognised thnt th* polioy resulted iu making th* gorernment when it numbered thirty million* of people, Wa* out of debt, and in time of peace run behind ov*rr year for four y**rs, aud in the last year twenty million of dollar*. Thar* is no disguise of the faot, ther* oan bo no suootssfal evasion of it, that It th* democratic party do what th*y say thsy mean to do, at to th* commercial policy of tho Uuited State* and of the tariff, thoy deliberately m«au to put upon Hilt oountrv a polioy wbloh bv the experience of th* four year* from 18*6 to 1860, tbow* that from the tint* they begin tholr polioy it will mak* thi* gorernment run behind from on* to two hundred million dollar* eaoh year on lie pronnt annual expenditures. The domooratlo , party deliberately Invito* Amarloan peopVtti Join th* category of Turkey, rapt and Kus«t* aud tho** governments. thj»t*r* v g*i»g straight to bankruptcy M tolling up eaoh year a g^r«rnmnnt dAt In tlnx* oJ 5 *ao* end upon their ordinary «peqj iture*. U Ike demojritlo party v *M deal talr»y,:>M the'peon e r 'wfc^a? them tt»|^,daju«t)e>mM.r «^Jp i^ww^to^heentl is which fhej r* l*adlno>$Amarl(<an niton)* iha iausi km fm Pi mm „, .imp* wllltjmply Math taerlmn people, the pw c ihor)t»rwrk of the dttpp WisiiiKOTOK, D. C, 12-18-'91. KtHTon IUVIKW : -Mr. Abram Hart, Mrs. Royer, his nle*o, rny daughter and self to-day presented a letter of introduction from Hon. I). U. Henderson to Sec'y J. M. Rusk, department of agriculture. Our roceptlo* was most cordial. Th* Seo'y is a man of An* presence and would ornament th* cabinet of any government on earth. After a ploasant conversation relating to his department he sent one of the messengers of his bureau to guide us throagh tho labrynths of tho hot houae, whore we saw a splendid variety of most beautiful ferns, flowers, palm*, cacti and tho original of tho famoos naval cranfo tree, on which there was bud, blossom and fruit. This department would hav* been a delightful feast to Mrs. 11. Kerr and one that woald have roquired many weeks to do it justice. Wo were then conducted Into the seed packing department wkoro over a hundred women aro constantly employed, packing seeds *f every kind to bo distributed among •ixly million of people. Mr. Adams, tho gentleman who guided our party, proved to bo an old acquaintance of Mr. Hart's, of Morgan Co., Ohio, which accounts for tho special care he took In pointing out all tho objocts of interest in this new and rapidly growing department. From this we passed into tho Smithsonian Institute and National Museum, whero the accumulating wonders of ages would roquiro many volumes to des- oribc them. Mr. Hart was agreeably and repeatedly surprised to meet with relatives and old friends who aro still residents of tho homo of his boyhood. I can assurn you, friend Burdick, there are few men who havo attained Mr. Hart's ago who could keep on sight seeing from 9 A. M. to 13 o'clock At night. Last evening wo were most agrcoably entertained at t'ao house of Prof. John McCretry, formerly of Dubaque, Iowa. Ho is one of tho big brained men of Washington, and is rcc ognlzod as ft pest, philosopher and thinker. His pressncu on tlio platform always commands a full houso. This evening spent with tho poet of Iowa will long be remembered, for we wero entertained with fun, philosophy and soiunco in full measure; It was indued a "foast of reason and a flow of soul." G. L. HENDKRSON. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —The Iowa legislature will convene next Tuesday. Winter Excursions to Wanner Ollmes. Kxcursiou Tickets to Mexico, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Ihs Gulf Coast, Texas, Hot Springs of Arkansas, and Excelsior Spring of Missouri, now on sale by ujeuls of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Unil- WAV . Apply for rates n*d other information to tho noarcst agent, or address Geo. H. UcafTord, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, Illinois. Council Proceedings. Council mot in regular sessioa Jan. 1, 1892. Th* mayor appointed W. N. Burdiok oae of the committee on finance and ordinance. The following bill* wero allowed: P. O'Boy, labor on strcott, S.S0 W. McQuillan, S.OO E. Mors*, " " " 1.24 Hoy oV McNeil, hardware, - 3.38 S. F. Clinton, lumbar, • 32.41 —At th* election of officers for th* Farmers' Co-oporativo Creamory Association, hold Inst Monday, tho following ofllcors wore elected: President, Jamas Orr. Viee President, J. It. Laughlln. Soorttary, Elliaou Orr. Troasurer, A. L. Meier. Trustees, H. Webb, Juo. Sahuetto. Tho company was found to be In a flourishing condition, as the statement soon to bo published will show, to tho orcdlt of the ofllcors. Still Another Paper. "It noyor rains but It pours." This Is not always true of the weather but Is of tho newspaper boom in Postville. A German papor is soon to b» established here. This has been under advisomont for a year or two and wo knew It would be brought about soon. Unlike th* establishment of a seoond English papor, this antorprito I* assured of suueoss in advance, booause tho field it ample— praotlonlly unlimited, there being but ono paper In the Oerman lan^uago In this part of tho data, and that at Blka- dor, so far away as to hav* but little effect here. The rapidity with which the German population I* Inaroastug iu thl* Motion, and thoetUbllahment here of their principal ohuroll, mako It prop- or for them to have a papor printed In tkelr own language, While it will doubtleas draw aomewhat from tho patronage of the BIVIIW we oan do no les* than extend the hand of welcome, tor thoy are olaarly entitled to it. —Wo are under eipeolnl obligations to many friend* of the Raview at a dlstaoe* who hare forwarded their subscriptions for anothor year, and are no les* gratlHed at the word* of enoour- agement they contain than for th* money onclosed. Whilo we haven't the assurauo* to give these appreelatlrc word* to tb* public fooling that wc do not niatit such strong languaga, wo yet approolate the kindly favor with whioh they receive oar humble effort*. This eausM us, at eaoh succeeding year, to redouble our effort* to make a paper •till more satisfactory to lu patrons, Wo cannot «xp*ot to pleas* all or to retain ell.. If we did we thould feel that there we* Mmetblog, jrrepgi beoevue a f*arl«*i, oattpoken journal wW of n*oe»t|ty make *?rang apemlH »• woll .m wrong Mend*. Hut we ^^fe4¥Amj9W^fJi; v <em eouiitry pej^rli ^t o«h .*how'n)pr^ Mbeoriber* of front ten to e^reatee^ 7**,n standing than ih,e RSYKWI enu ft •(Heller proppfliloR qf, jg*f Jrojn yejr. if Bethel Itami. 1 Grandma Brninard is better again for! the time. We must write our dates '91 now. i How time Hie* away. If the roads would only get smooth a little some ol uc would try and bring you folka a little wood aoon. A good many of ns grangers are going to try aud jump and hump up to town to-day to the creamory meeting. I am quite sure that good sensible girls like young men beat that try to eave their money. If you don't believe me aak them. Wo think our creamery n, great boon to tho farmers hcrcabouta. What wo mutt do is to exerciso a little charity and remember we aro a large family of farmers and friends. Our S. S. has a nice attendance of young people and some older ones, ft scorns to mo 11 ko trying to do right to koep up a 6. H. in any neighborhood. Taxes arc a little up in Kvorgrcen and West Grove Independent districts. Cause, now school houses. Somu tilk of a graded school in Kvcrgreen- sixty eoaolats are most too many for one teacher to do justice to. Grandmother Holler continues very poorly yet. Also Undo Kzeklel Voungloro, but ho Is qtiito forlunato in having a home with his brother Nathan. Wo sympathize with thoso old people for how soon, vory soon, wc will be in their places. One young man hat commenced right, Claranoe Owen bought tho Ever Potorson plaoe. It makes us feel good all over to ace youug mm trying to save their hard earnings. Vnung men sometime you won't be ahlo t.) work so hard, arc you lnjiug something hy far that limn? if not commence the new yctr by a rosolnlion to begin now. Grandfather MeWillinms has boon haviugquite a bad time with the rheumatism, but the o'.d gentleman lias got the bailor of uvery diuoaie yut. His ton James and wife, of Minneapolis, havo been spending the holidays with homo folks. They go home this morn inj. Jim and tho boys have beon hard on the rabbits while ho has boon hern EtAH. BETIIKI ., Iowa. Jnn. 4, 1892. — fr'rod. Chara swings too cleaver in Hart's moat market now, Mr. Grcff having retired. —Only livo columns of looal matter t his week. TAX SALS NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, WA, 1 [•S3. Allamakee C 7'o John Uroderick, or any unknown owner of Southwest quarter of Northwest quarter. Section four. Township Nincbj-Eiijht North, Itanyr. Three west of tith V. M: You arc hereby notified that at a public salo of Real Estate, for Delinquent Taxes, held at tho Treasurer's onicv, in said county, on tho 8th day of Dccombor, A. 1)., 1880, the Troasurer of said county sold to 11. O. Dayton the following described Real Estate, to -wlf. Southwest qunrtor of Northwest qunrter of section Four, township Nlnety-Kight North, range tlireo West of 6th P. 51. Said certificate was duly assigned by H. O. Dayton to J. M. Robarson, and again usHigncd by J. M. Robersuu to C. J. Wagner. Aud that the right of redemption will oxpiro, and a dcod for said Real Estate above described bo mndo, to thu undersigned, tho holdur and ownor of tho Tax Certificate of purchaso of said Real Estate, unless redemption from said BAIO bo niude within ninety (UC1) days' from tlio complolud tervico of this notice. C. J. WACIKKH. Dated Decombor 81st, 1891. F.J. BECKER, M.D., HO MEOPATHIO PHYSICIAN A5D SURGEON. Ofllo* on Booonrt Floor of P«r*»r'f Belldlnc near Poatofflea, PoiHlIU, Iow». DR. J. S. GREEN, PHTSICIAN a tnnaeoK, Office and Residence Southwest par •f town. All calls promptly attended J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, n. •. pi*«tr>» iiiMiiaa. Offlaa at raildanxi on Orean itraat, aacoaA hooi. aaatof HOT AMcHtll'i Hardwua. STATIONERY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tanoy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap. Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purohaaod thoorlgiua. Poet vlllo Dray Liue I am prcparod to do all kinds of draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good loams, good draya and onroful drlvors always at. tho sorvloe of the public, at fair prices.. All kinps of light or heavy hauling. In town or oountry promptly dono. Consumption Ourod. An old physician, retired from practice, having had placed in his hands by an East India missionary tho formula of A simple vogotablu romody for tho speedy and pormaf out oure of Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh,, Asthma and Lung Affections, also n positive and rndionl euro for Nervous Debility and Nervous Complaints, after having toatod lis wonderful curative powers iu thousands of oasos, has folt ll his duty to make It known to his suffering fellows. Aotuatod by this motivo and a desire to relievo human suffering, I will send freo of olutrgo, to nil who dosiro it, tills reulpo, iu German, French, or English, with full directions tor preparing and using. Sent by mull by addressing with stump, naming th' 8 S apor. W. A. NOTES . 820 Power'* look, Roohe*tor, N. T. 48yl WONDERFUL ! The cures whh'h aro being effected by Drs. fltarkey A Palon, 1621) Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., lu Consumption, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Bronohltls, Rhouru- atisui, and all chronic diseases, by their Compound Oxygen Treatment, are iudoed marvelous. * If you are a suBerer from any disease which your physician has failed to cure, write for information about this treatment, and thai r hook; pf'.'00 pages, giving a hlstury of Compound Oxygen, it* nature and effect*, with numordu* testimonials from patient*, to whom you way refer for still further Information, will be promptly sent, without Tat* book,.aside from U* great merit Dm. BTARKWT ft PALEN, 1&29 Arch St,. PhlMsMiijuV«.< ' DANIBL A. JEEALD, '^CercliarLt Tailor, Postvillo, Iowa. All work a narrantoi| | 0 g | T e satisfaction. A full line of th* l*l**» styles n samples. w>. saaraaao. 1. 1, easraiao. miepiianD Biio-rnane, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Imoranea Ag»nH and CollMlori, Authoriniit ao pr«cll^« In »11 tha conrta of *h« ii«ao. OffltB nrai I.len'i abora, brlak block. POBTVILLE IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, J0HH B. HART, Proprietor. Opposlto_- Postville - State - Bank. Noun but tho best moats purchased. Everything in flrst-clast shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices olwajs the lovfest. :-PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dcalorln Picture Frames. P ostville - Iowa CENTRAL MEAT MARKET I 3. F. OILSON, Prop. Having purohascd the above Markot of Schiller Bros. I propose to keep a flrst-r.lass Market in every respsct. I shall aim to keep at all timos an assortment of tli* best meats tho country affords, and sailing at tko lowest living prlcos, Having eouiu to Poatvilln lo reaide I Invite a fair uliarn of patronage, and shall strive lo give aatisfaclion. -Salesmen! Local aud Traveling. To repreacnt our well known home. You noed no capital to rnprraant a iirm that war- rauta nuracrv atock flrst-elass and true lo namo. WOftK ALL THE YE Alt. 1100 per month to the right mau. Apply quick, slating ago. L. L. MAT A CO., Nurserymen, Ftorlsd uml Sendsmca, ST. I'AUI., MINX. (This house is responsible.) 3(m2 Granite Oometery Work, Iron Fencoa, Curbing Sec. Thoso Inteiidiiig lo purchaso Monu- monial work for future delivery will Und it to their advantage 11 examine M. V. Kidder's (Jranito Work In Cemeteries, as lie is doing tii-Bt -claas work at as low prices aa can bo procured In tho country. If ho has not colled upon you drop him a card nt Decoruh nnd he will bo pleased to visit you with Designs aud samples of all kluds of Granite, at thu lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa. Postville, Iowa. Have this announcement to make to the public. That from now on until our annual invoice (Feb. 1st, 1892,) they will sell Winter Goods at greatly reduced figures. Below will be found a few : of the PRICES WE MAKE L. STROEBEL & SON, — rnoraiKToas or — Boot and Shoe Store. (IT AUuaTnoNa a noLTia'a OLD BTAIP.) Havo a full line of ISoota, Shoes, Slip- pel s, Rubbers and everything kept in a No. 1 general shoo storo. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly dono. Every pair warranted. We keep no shoddy. R. N. DOUGLASS, Pass. J. P, SMITH, V, P, JAS. McUWUN, CAsmaa. CITIZENS STATE BANK, POaTVILLB, IOWA. PAID UPCAPITAL, $25,000. Do n Gonoral Hanking Buslnois. Uuy and sell Foreign nnd Domesllo. Ex- ohango. Aooounts of Farmors, Mar- chants nnd othors rocoivod and oare fully proteoUd. Interest paid on Time Deposits. Investments made for outside parties on favorable lorms. CHURCH mnECTomr. CONOKEQATIONAL--nav.N. h. Barton, pas- toi. PreuoUug everxiBundar at 10iS0 A. U. aua7i90 PM. Babbatb Hebool iaunadlatoljr altar mctntag aorvica. T, P. 8. O. B. meets every Buuday avaolofat Silt. Prayar Had- lug WcdueaUay cvanlnga. MI'.TIIOniST,--noT. E,;j. Xookvood, Pasta*, i'roaoulug aorvlooa every Sunday at 10:JSA M. aud 7 ISO P. M, Sabbath School Immediately attor tuornlug aarvloc. The Ipworth Itaagua every Sunday availing at 6:00 o'aleck. Prayer meeting avary Wcdnasday av 7 iM o'clock. You ata mmaalj UafWa*. POSTVILLE LODGES NOBLE LtlDOE No 61. 4.0, U, W. The Loyal Anolont Order o! United Workmen moot* the Seoond aud fourth Saturday evening* In eaoh month, In tho Mason to Hall over the Brlak Drug tore. JOHN WIL»«X, If, W. JAUM rmur, B**order. BKOTHERLYXOVX XOBOK, No, MtA. /r .af^'X. K«gU )»f meeUng* QO TMM*;ay*fM' Outing Flannel, 8c per yd Apron Gingham at 4c per yd Wool Flaanel, 16c " "" 11 Ml.. 6c " " All Wool Flannel, J6c " " 11 *4 M . 7c " '• All Wool Red Flannel, 20c " •• Dress " 8c •* " Aurora LL Mualia, 4Jc •' '• Good Dress Stays, 10c " " I^onsdal* Bleached, 7je '• " The Best Hade Stay, 18c " " Fruit of the Loom, 7jc " " Prints, 3c •• " 4e •' •• Mc '• •• Crash from 7}c up All Wcol Cashmere, 3c •• " 4e •' •• Mc '• •• Buttons in all colcra. fic per dor. Cashmere, Book Fold, at 10* •• " Z1T GROCERIES We are here to meet all competition in the future as •we have in the past. Bekrw we give some prices. The Best Fine Granulated Sugar, " " Light Brown Bulk Roasted Coffee, 23 lbs. for 1.00 25 lbs. for 1.00 20c per lb . 30c per lb 33 Bars Soap, - - 1.00 Fine Dried California Peaches, - 10c por lb Raisins, - - 7,10. 124 and 18c per lb Only 10c for a 3 lb-can of the Very Best Tomatoe*. An 18 oz. Plug of Tobacco for 20c G-ood Mixed Candy, 10c per lb Thanking you for past favors we remain Yours respectfully, SKELTON & TANGEMAN. THE DEMAND For our Winter Overcoats, Fur Goods aad Suits the past month has beon unprecedented. Never boforo since w* have been in business have we b«on able to show such an Unequalled Lino of Stylish Clothing for Men and Boys. The I 'cason for tha great demand for our Merchandise is found in tlio following facts, viz: Our Superior Sulla and Overcoats aru always what is claimed [for llienl con- ccrniag Quality, Style, Fit and Finish; our pricca are never higher than is warranted by thoir intrinsic worth. We havo beou in buainess long enough to know that our efforts to provide Absolulo Perfect Ueady-Mudo Clothing is appreciated by mnny of tho bast poo­ plo of this section of; country. This suoald be a auftlciont incentive toothers who have not yet favored us with tholr patronage. Wo handle Everything worn by Man or Uoy. Honest iOcpilvalunt for evory dollar will be found at our store. In Gloves and Milieus, wo kuook tho stuffing out of our next door neighbor. J. a. GKAY, Till Cl .OTllIEK. STILL CONTINUED The Most Popular Family Newspaper in the West IT IS THU BEST NEWSPAPER FOR THE HOME .-. THE WORKSHOP, OB THE BUSINESS OFFICE. FOR THE PROFESSIONAL MAN, THE WORKINGMAN. oa THE POLITICIAN. IT IS A. REPatlt-IOAlI NBWaPft .PEH, end aa »ucb la ably oonducted, BUmbarlnp amono llfl wftara tn» obleat In tb* country. IipubllabaaALL'XHa MEWb, »oi keapa IU reader* serfsetlr poatodon ImDOrtani cvanta all ovorjha world. Ita tSVciHKBT Pil«T0RB4 mil aoualto tboic of tha b»al moaaalno'j. AmonpTtfconnTbutoraay W. p Holib,pmAH2It. bTOokTOFi,ui<H. TAJIO XrPIJNO), JniHLEV DAUB, MART HABTWEtt, OATHEKWOOD. THE BEST STORIES AND SKETCHES IN THE LANGUAGE. Ms lOHBiatr and DOJCEiTIO^TORaEOPONDENaB Is vary cxtaaslvc The Tontli's Depurtment, Cirlostty Bhop, Woman's Kingdom & Tho Home Axa Better ttan a Maaaalna lor tha dually. Oaa oltbs steal Impuuat Faataraa la tbc Department or FARM AND FARMERS, EdlUdbyJI^joV W. D. HOARD ot Wlsoonaln. Editor and Proprtatorol "Upard'a Daliyraaa." Tills Is a ocw laaturc cad aa Important oaa to Agrt- cuiturleta. ______ AN ALLIAINOE DEPARTMENT Baa aleobaan opened for the spaolal purpose el dlaouaalno tha auaatlona now caiutloatuclarmaraol ton coon try. THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN In One Dollar per Year, pottage paid. THE .-. SEMI-WEEKLY ••. INTER OCEAN I* pubUabtdavary Monday «ad Xhuraiay at *3,00 par year, poatpatd The DAILY INTER OCEAN ia $6.00 t^AI^Aio The SUNDAY INTER OCEAN » 2-00 X4,b*ralT*r*)*t*A«tlT*A0*B)ts. U»dfor0arepla Copy. Addroaa THE INTER OOEAN, Qbloago. RAILROAB TIMC-TABLSl aWtk&_& ^k ^_^Ml TUGDeNTI&T. P*rn»»Bwily (ooaiad ID faMtvlllt. O«o* OTarWattp* Viwtoy'i H»r«li wnniiortr VriekBlook. Hi- J.A.HAVIRLAND, V 'OtPS ^fv ^jr ISUXg'sSOUv Foirrott, IOWA. Ulie»;flyrtt dgot JBa»t of tha Cowmer «lal HpjiW. Mt Po»»vUle, Iowa A ftp* *mt p| «HrylMi in*tru9 «ntw. ;' 4I^«S»f»#ry IWdiplBei ktpt on bao4 'jrhlrlaao 7MM ^aucoMpt >r pwVloa C*H»pjompilyin*ff«*^ On and after Sunday, Nor. 92, 1S31, train* on tho C. M. ft St. P. Ry. will Uav* Postville a* follow*. aoiiio BAST. Passengers. Mo. 2.... 4:61 p. a No. 4 (night) 1:29 a. m. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 a. • No. 9 Time Freight 8:15 p. m No. 11 Time Freight... .8:46 p. » UOIKQ WIST. Passengers. No. 1 night 1J.10 a. n. No. S 10:26a. u. Freights. No. 10 Chicago Stock UK>5 a. ra No. 6 Way 4 :10 p. m. No. 12 Milwaukee Stock .6:85 p. a All Froight trains mentioned, except No. 12, carry passeDgers when provided with proper transportation. No. ! 1 betweon North McGregor and Calinar G. E. WHIPP, Agcat. B. C. R.&N.R.R. DBCOIUII DIVISION. TituoTablo in elTeot Nov. 15. 18ft Passenger going North... .1:10. P V. " " South. 4:10, " Freight. " North, 2:45, P. ;.I J. E. PERRY Agcat. 1892. Harper's Baza?. ILLUSTRATED. Harp**"'* Bnwr li a jonrnal for th« homi. T' glvoi th» Iftttitiufonnr.lii.ij vrlth rftgrir'l to tl* Kasbioni, nntl lta nuineroun illuitrntlotn. i'url- deiijiDB, and jinttorn-Bhoct suppli'incucF en IndtRpenaatle nlii-.o tu tho bamo drcai»nmk«r nn< tho profoiBloDAl Tno<!lHte. Ko rxpennn in sur.KM to mako Ms artlstlo attrnctivouoia of tho hitfluR- ortl^r. Its bright ntoriov, aintifluti couimlfcg and thoughtful VIBKOI satiify all tantn, and it' lust page in famout aa a budj?ot of wit an<< humor. In its wo«k'y irisu«B oveiytblnc U In eluded irhich iu of interest to woniou. Th» stri ala for \8Jl vrlllbu wrltton byNVnitur IUitant am William lllnok. Mrs. Olipaaut will heoiuo . contributor, Marlon Ilnvland'o Tinioly T*lkri "Dny In and Day Out," are tutondod foi uv\: rom.uud Hclou MnnliiU Nortii will tpeclutl: addru» ulrltt. T.W. Hi^yinnoii In "Wonu'ii an< MOD," will ]d<mau u oultivutod audlwnoe. HAHPER'S PERIODICAL! Por Yoar: HAnPER 'HIUTiAR N f HARVF.It'H MAGAZINE 4 1 HAUPfill'H WEEKIA' * I' UAIIPKU'H YOUNG PECI'LH * L'- PnstaRn Frao to nil Bubacrlbcra lu tho Units J States, Canada uud Mexico. Tho Volur.inn of tun llazar bo^ln with tho flr*r. nir.iibor for •Tauuury of riicli VL'IIV W'h. n iu Unio 14 Tiiontiomid, unbHcriittUniH v.ill IK','.M -fvk'i tho NuinlM'r nurront nt timo of rccfipf. ot ••vtitt. Bound Voluiuntf of llarppr^ llazar Vi* thrri Ttium boclt, in lion t cloth bludluK, will . •' hy mall, pOBtnKO pnld, or bv exprvas freo . oxpeuao (jimviJod thu frnluht dooa not i-vc* <•' on« aollnr per volunio), for #7 00 iwr volumo. Cloth Canoa for each tohiino, Butt»bh- f 1 binding, will be sent by luall, poRtpaU, or reooipt of VI 00 each. Hoiulttancoa nbould ho mortO hy pnstn,!^:- Monoy Ordor or Draft, t« avoid ohnnee of lot 1 Newapapora aro not to oopy thin advortiaeiin h' without tlio wxproRkt order of Hnrpor »t I\roth<. Addvesa: HABPKII & IIHOTUKIUI. No*' Vorl. 1893. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. Hariier'a Wookly (or tha coratud year will a i t*lu nioro attraoilvo luuturuii. lixiii- find A:;* < llluatratl'ina, and n grenturnuuibir ol irllidcn Hvo, Intouae tutoroat thau -will )>o louiid la n> othur pnrlodlaal. Aiunn^ thoae ltvttor will bo ' sorlaB o( artloloa ou tho twouty.Ava grt*&t<.ttt >n' tog o( tho world tuoliidliiR five lmndred llliis' t« tloni. '1'ho Columbian Kxiiositlon, tlio An., and Navy, grvuk publlo ovontf, cilBimti.rH i land aud aoa, aud tha dolnija of thn colcbrat .1 uooplo «i( tho day will bo quscrlbod und illunt- K ted in an attraotlvo autl timoly uiannor. '1 •' • Douartmaut o( Amateur Sport will cotit!!".* undor tho dlrootion nt Caspar A. Whitney. 'J'l- • boat o( moilcru -vrritofo will contribute alj'.i' atorloa, nnd Ihauioat diatlncuishod nitlita T.•• make tho Illustrations. Tho editorial «rth of Mr. Gfor«« William Curtia will romaln as s oapoolal attruotlou. HARPER'S PERIODICA! : Por Year: IIAUVKIt'B WEEKLY t> :••') H.llll'HH'H UAQAZiNK 1 W IUIIPBIt '8 BA2SAK , i ' HAIU'KKH YOUNU PEOPI.ri PoatagoFroa to all aubtorlbora InthoUr.' • '• Btatca, Canada and Moxioo. Tho Voliimeaof tho Weakly basin with flvat Number for January of aaoh yoar. \V1.: ! no time Wmeutlonod, aubiorlptlona will ht„i:with tha N umbrr ourucut at tho timo of rei > of order. liound Volumta of TTarpor'a Weekly for tl-.r. •• yoara book, loueatolutU bindiim, will bo KM by mall, iioatago paid, or by axrir.aa, fra•• axpanaa (provided tho freight doea uot vzi' one dollar per volume), for *7 00 por volume. Oloth C'aaoa for aaoh volume, auitabio t' binding, will ba aout by mail, postpaid, raoolpt ot tt 00 oaoh, Itemlttanoea thould be made by T'ontofll -> Money Order or Draft, to avoid ohaneu of lusi. K»w»pnp»rs are not to oopy tbia advorlloeuK: < <• without Uiaaaproaa order of Harper £ Uvotlie... Addreaa; HARPBH & DROTUCM, Haw York 1802. Harper's Magazine ILLUSTRATED. The Magailnowlll oalebrata tha fourth Oen- Unary of the Dieeovery of Amorloa by Ita It. Uiaaovery, through artlolea tWiug a raoru through ejpoaltlon (ban baa hitherto batni mode of theRaoant UuprooedaiitedDovalopuont o.'O i • Oountry, and eaueotally In tha Oveat Vart. Partloular attention will alao be given to t>:i- matio Enlaodaa o( Amarlean Hlatory. The Field of We neat Biuropeau War wtll >:•) deaorlbad in a Series of Panora on tba IJUUUI:.. "From tha Blaok Foroetto the Black a<n\, H uy Poultnoy Blgelowkud F. D.Millet, illuiliftt •'. by Mr. Millet aud Alfred Paraoua. Artlolea will also be given on tha Genuou, Austrian aud It-1 lan Armies. Illuitratad by T, do 1'hulatrup. Mrr W. D. Howella willoontrlbutoanew novel, "A World ot Chanoe," oharaoterislloal'.y Amarloon. Eapeolal Prominenoo will t e R1V>'.I tobhort Rtorin, whioh will be ooutrlbuUd h, T. B. Aldrlob, It. H. Davis, A. Conuu Dovio, Margaret Poland, Miss Woolson, and other wutr writers. Among the literary featuraewlll baPeraaiuvl Bemlulacenaec of Nathaniel Hawthorne, by oollege elaaimato and life-long friend, HireUo Bridge, and a Personal Memoir of tho Browulr^a by Anne Thackeray Bttohle. HARPER'S PERIODICALS HABPEB'BMAQAZINK, Por Year »I 00 II ABPBK'8 WEEKLY, •• HAHPletl'B BAZAR, •• BABPEB'S YQUMQ PEOPLE, 11 4 (M < CO IS Wl «j£Sf*8* r T M /ll subasrihtrsin the Unllad States, ilaURda aud Mexico. Its Volume* of the Mogoalna begin wllb tho ITS for Juno and Detvimber of eaoh yew. ^Si* «•«»•»««>. SubtorlpUona' will wltbtt* Number ourrant atthv iimet iodine, U o««t* aaoh~-by mail, postnald, I CT WOMSS ahotald KATfAM: ijd Itbottf sJa* sxpraai prdw of Rorpair* Brotli»ri), loss. isntoood

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