Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 5, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1898
Page 2
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BY TMB TfilBfflMWI *>WW«J CO.IPA^V, newly pf tAeir oiBd*1 MONDAY AIlVERIlSRRS. «I wn pocftire I wouU oat be today b«t for root HttftCurc. , . __ tut. fot« re*« ajw ooctort fafol to help tne. When I fae- Ma taking tfaii remedy I was unfit for anything but for ux month* I have felt perfectly MILES' Heart Cure 0r. MOM Medfcal Company, Elkhart, ma. * Liberal Classics CUMwn'« History of Christianity. "TWa tajwrttat »ork cosuJn* GiMx*'« »a«n«n, Bonstxrr* and cowl HUM of SS» ii C3>H»i!*o».'' Croiro fir*, «« pp, K. Buechner'* Force and Matter, i Romances. AMWedition,containing 2Z ot •-—- - t btstsaS wmieat production*, with portrait and OIIlEatratlonii. Preface and not«a bjr reusr geunrT VWt to Ceylon. fcHaeckel, proteaaor in ttft b'nlTnr- IKM. Anlbor of the Hlatory of Cr*», -latorr ot Out ErolntUm of Man, etc. i Portrait and Hapcf India and Of on. ' Md by Clara B«U. l TO! , pool Ovo., ^rtra Talluni cloth, $1. Me*H«r'« Superstition in all Ag«». Jcac Meiller waa a Bomtn Catboilc Priest Who, aft«- a pactoral Mrrlce of thirty year* in fnaoe, wholly abjured religion* dogmaa, and toft tU* work a» fela laVt Will and T^Um^ttto ^^HstwriaUoaeraand to ih* world. RUpp.,i«r- tr^^Clotn*! Tbe «*m» work In O^rmao, V«lney'5 Ruins of Empires and THE tiAW OF NATURE Wltti Illuntra- OO8», Portrait o< Volneyand M»p of tbe A«; trc*otlc«I He»»eo of to* Ancles u, Also, Vol »•»'• Anawer to Dr. Priettl?/, a Bionranhlcal Woooe by Count Darn, *od an Explanation of Better, tepp. Clotl>,7^. ; Social Contract, - Project tor a'perpetoal f'taxe. Bjr Jean /ac- -—IBoaweiti, Citizen of Oeoeta. On» rol,, " —pace*, with f&itrilt, extra lel- Vba (bore Ifeook* will be cent, [--o«l peld, to Mjrttddro* on receipt of prlc«. Any Book 8pppll"<l. Corniponc,e wllcitnl. ADD11EH8 Frederic Dahlstrom, 43 Van Buren St., Chicago, III. tl e«» IB* lot ta* ««< !"*r»«. ^f» ' ' i for *«•:» »»t»«^'.»it lowni IS VOUR NAME ON THE LIST L Only IDc a Week, asALL WOMEN of •a th* pafaj •JuJiJcknenfrom vhloh •women Mffar to cau»ed fcr wwUcnett or d»r»n|;«m»ru In in* orgtrut of tn»n»lru«tlon. Ntarly »Jwayi _ «bea • woman I* not well the** Off »n» «r« affected. But when ttwy are thong and health/ * woman It very teldom itck. WinflGldai la nature't provtalon for ths regulation of the menstrual function. It ou?s» all "female troubleu." It b equally effective for the girl In her teens, the young wife with do- meiUo and maternal cares, and the woman approaching the period known ai the " Change of Life." They all need It They are all beaefiUed by It. TBK vote on the indictment of Oov. Tanner it at Imil made pablic. It stood 13 for indictment and l<> against. Ol the 13 for 12 were Democrat* and one Republican. Of the 10 against four were Bepabllcins and aiz Democrats. ft was a poWiea) vartfic!, M nearly everybody now admlte, and no criti- ciflcooftbe foolish verdict 1» more • arere than that of Attorney Walker of Oarlinvitle, a Iifa-loag Demoerit, who »ay* the verdict was a political one, and that it will never be brought for trial against the Ooverr,or. JK there l« a marked determination upon the part of the long-winckd Senator* from the East and Boatn to talk tbo peace treaty to deatii, President McKinley Bhoold call the Pcna'.e together in extra session Mircb * for it* consideration and give the windmills all the .time they want. Many of the Senator* have acquired the habit of trying to talk an objections) measure to death. These feilown are a general numnee. That a reason a ble time «hould be given for debate is admitted by a'J, bat that precious time sboold be uaed far interminable talk on every meaanre that maybe objectionable to a numbjr of Hena- toru, is not only absurd but silly. SECBKTABY of War Alger'a report was anbmlUed to Con^rets tcday, among other recommendation!) prc- posea the i.ollowing: That the regular army of the United States be Increased permanently to 1"0,000 men and the requUite oflieera. That a portion of the rank and file be drawn from the nativeo of the vnr- ioas liilsnd»—to be commanded by officers of the regular army. That a native constabulary force be formed for the various cities of Porto Jilco, Cuba, and the Philippine;. That agoverameut railroad be built lengthwise across the Inland of Cuba, with branches, with the aim of giving work to the natives and for the pacification and development of the land. Tnat at least 000,000 Krac-Jorgonsen or similar gana be secured and stored In ursenaljB. TUB Chicago Journal has belabored Gov. Tanner as severely ua any papi r in tbatcity, if we except the Tiiiifn- Ilerdld. wblcft for three years has uaed its columns daily to defame tbe Governor. Of the indictment of the Governor, the Journal Bays: The Journal IB glad to aee the Thne»-lleral<l id the only paper hi Chicago tbat regards the indictment of Oov. Tanner a» justifiable. Even the Governor's enemies admit that the action of tbn Macoupin county grand jury was Billy and uncalled for. The more sensible of them aee that the Indictment in certain to create •yrupathy lor Tanner, and tboy re gret It on that account if on no oil,or. But the Timu»-Humid, in Its weak- minded way, Insists on giving Tanner the opportunity he has been looking for to pose as a martyr to the cause of white labor in Illinois. Tue governor ought to tbanlr. the Lord for some of bis enemies. i eon requlrlnr apodal MM, riving aymp' Advlaorr D«pirtni-.... iMedlclnaCo.. Chatta- MXON, irchitect, and Superintendent •)>od Speoifloatlons for Work Accurately PnrnUbed. OVCR MTW SAVINGS BANK Hum Tho Caroline lilandi. There In a bitch at Parlu In the Ing of tbe peace treaty,bcoauHo of iho requt-Bt of the United St/iteH for 0110 of the Caroline lolanda, fur wliiel.' thiti country is willing to pay it reasonable aunj. It Is wanted for n cable and coaling station. Too Ameilcnn government alflo abk. for the OBtnbll«h- meiit of rellffjouB freadotn in tho inlands. The Caroline Islands, sayg Iho Mow York 'Mlmne, under which gonern) title the Polow Islands uro Inoludud, are a microscopic group lu tbe Western Pacific, the nearest of them being about three hundred miles duo cant from Mindanao, tho second lurgoni and southermoet of tbe Philippines, and tbe same distance due south from Guam, the chief of the Marianne or Lartroue Islands. They are widely scattered through thirty-two degrees of longitude and nine degrees of latitude, and number all told more than five hundred separate islands, the mujorlty of them being small atolls. Tbe total area is about eight hundred and thirty square miles and the population portmps between IKty-ilve and sixty thousand. Tbe people are flue specimens of the brown Polynesian stock, stalwart, amiable and Intelligent. Tbo climate Is pluastut uud the Islands aie fertile, tbe products being oopra and the other products common to Polynesian Islands. Tbe Islands were discovered by the Portuguese In 1027; annexed nominally by Spain in 1U80; prautlcally abandoned in tho eighteenth century uud down to 1886, when Germany attempted to seize them as derelicts, served ax tbe subjects of ileroe contention, and were finally awarded to Hpaiu by tbo Pope wbo acted as arbitrator. The Islands lie directly on what will henceforth be ono of our most important trade routes and cable routes, and much nearer to our possessions than to any other land; uud their civilization Is chiefly due to the lab >rn ot American missionaries. Spain's Interest in them, pu the other bund, in a never been much more than nomlun', and now tbat she has lost tbe Philippines It will be loss tliau over and rju,|t* Incapable of material ^ M«<5i«on ooonty'i cfHc«?r» took charge <H porHiant t<s4ay. At tbe Ing of tbe connty board Ibe election rtiinnii were foitn»i!y c*nT*»»«ti »od fjaf* m -yc^ d^rj-affrd eSec'^d. Toe ne v S-*!rrijfjiTtristforj d o^n not IBAKB • coro* pkte r:h«ng« ii the personnel of o->onty f.,ffic«n!. Judge Ksriy who was dwIire-J elated to the office of };*» t.rovcD him«*H *o effi-'lertt tbat i th<M* bavinjf l>n«iB-.i,M in tbe County j Court vrili be gratified to?ee biro there j Mr. Henry PJniker »l»o h;m»e;f and he too re»arne« hi* oil pii'.-e in tbe Counly Cie.'k'n offine to t.rifc tol/re *atlif*cli?n o' 'h* poblic. He ha« proven *o capable that hi? •.eM-lse* would be bard to dUpanae with. Mr. John Tethftringtin i» tbe n«» County Tre!i*arer. He l» not a strang* er ai rte served *» deputy ander Cr»an- ty Trea*arer Mc<,'ormick. HI* for- tuer chief will be his deputy in the offlco, an arrangement that will be very HatUfactirjr. The new treasurer i* a good bu»ine*» (nan and the pablic will find him accommodating and a man with whoaj It 1* a pleasure t J deal. The new Sheriff i* Alton'* old Chief Police, Jacob Kahn. Altoniani will be glad to nee bi» face in tbe Sheriff'* office, for every one knows that he will be an efficient officer. Mark Henoon, the Mayor of Granite City, ii IheSnperintendent of School! He propoBeu to introduce gome reform* in bii office which bo thinks will increai-e it» efficiency. UPPERALTON, Biaaie BeynoHs of Venice, veiling Mr. and Mrs. J, G. Beynold*. Mlsi Ma« Kirby of Jerseyville, is tbe guest of Hies Nellie Maltby. Mr. Sarauei Fareajan of Moro, spsnt Sunday with friends here. Mr. and Mrs. George Stclle of Jerseyville, are vialtlng Mr. and SJri. Kirkpatrick. Miss Eila McReynolds of Venicp, spent Sunday witb ber parent j, Mr. and Mrs. John McBeynolda. Mr. John Messenger ofOiiro, was in town yesterday oaliing on old friends and relatives. Miss Mt zle Morgan la oat of school :7ith 4 whooping cough. Mr. Lyman Banker fa able to be np again alter a fievere siege of malarial Tbre* notable »*rri*l» boglfl fa Ui« December camber of JBeClor*** Mug- awlo*. "*aiky," tn«finri of Kipling's t*ritt o? osories of fcb&t>! b»y life, It s bearty and wbole- »ome t*l* of Bcbiol-boy iogjnaHy and adver.tore. The flrtJ of Mi** TarbeH'i article* on tbe <; L*t«r Life of Line >ln" in an eten more di*1ingu$9b* L <J begin- i Ding than the first of Mr. Kip!log'» ' stories, finally, we hiTe the flr»t of « seris* of paper* by Captain Marian on "TfieWaron the 8*» and It» !.»«• ton*. 1 ' C!er*Und Sloffatt tel'« some good ftoren of banting big game on eiepbsisie, arid IUy fi;»nr:»r»l Baker give* a thrilling chapter from She record* of tb» Government Secret Service. The Chri«tma* nntnber of 81. Nichols* is full of tbe holiday spirit. Clara Morrta contribute* a sketch, "My Little Jim Crow"; TbornM O. Allen, Jr., who made a tour aroand tbe world •wheel, tells about "Tne Ba?i of Siberia." Klyda Richardson Steege describes "Football of Ixjn< Ago." A. atory tbit ba» a good, wholesome moral la "An Arnalear Kris-Kringle" by Warren McVeigh. Vor the Cbristmaa number of tbe Century Llent. Hobson U writing bis story of "Tbe Sinking of tbe Jlerrl mac," and the first of hli papers appears In th!« number. The second pa per giving Capt. Charles I>. Sigsbee s Personal Narrative of tbe Maine, Is devoted lo "The Explosion." Prof. Wheeler's life of Alexander tbe Or eat takes up tbe young Macedonian's brilliant campaign subduing the re beltlon tbat followed the assassination of Philip. Tbe concluding part of Frank B. Stockton's characteristic ttory, "Tbe Vizier of tbe Two-Horned Alexander," is more surprHng than tbe beginning. Mr. 8. D. Colhng- wood contributes a paper on "Some ol Lewis Carroll's Child Friends." A poem by Dr. 8. Weir Mitchell, "To a Magnolia Flower in tbe Garten of tbe Armenian Convent at Venice," illustrated, Tbere ara a number of articles appropriate to tbe holiday season JM. Taecott, writes of "Christmas at Betblebem." "Uncle 'Blah's Christmas Eve" is a humorous Southern story by Roth McEnery Stuart. Tbe pn?e story in The Century'* competition for college graduates, "The lioac Twijft Haavjm and He.'I." by Anna Hempstead Branch, Is printed. Mrs. John Horton accompanied by bereister Miss IJara Messenger, returned to ber home in Bt. Lou\* today after a short visit witb relatives. Tbe town council meeta tomorrow eight. Word has been received that Mi«s Sadie Rcdgers is very ill in Montreal, Canada. There will be a meeting of tbe Methodist 8. 8. Board thi» evening at the residence of Rev. J. A. Large. Kev. L. M. Waterman filled tbe Baptist pulpit yesterday. Ho was brought ber as a candidate for tbe pastorate of the church, and proauctd a very favor able impression, ilia sermons were scholarly and impressive, and delivered wlibo forcible earnetfcuets tbat won bia hearers, Mr. and MrB. 15. B. Tikon are entertaining Mr Waterman, who will leave tomorrow for bis home in Dubiujuo, la. Oiiaiteriy communion was observed at the Presbyterian church yesterday and tbrve children were baptized. RVV. II. K. Banborne delivered the liermon and assisted in the baptismal service, AM INTERESTING METEOR. lt» l.liiKi-rlnu Trail CluinKr. (o ttlB l''l>MII of n |j NIlUIH'll I.OOH. I 1 , ,'rn-or Ii. \V. I'rcntipif, Instructor ut in Hli'-nmliee »ud iiMrcmoitiy at Rut- fffcri! vilify, in New Urunswiuk, N. J., hail ilin KIH,<\ fnrtiiuii to ohft-rvc in the early bourn of TnoHltiy morning, Nov. l/i, » iiurious iiK-lcor of coiiHideruljlo brilli.iiK-a which pas>«l through the cxiiiKti-llutioii <it The Twin*, I'rofeseyr i J n-iitinH hr'Kiiii liin oliKcrvntions ut 19 o'rliK'k, iinil ho loft off ut KidO n. in. hd unrl 1'riifefnir Freclfcrick Dodge, *ljo WIIH with him, had coniittd SS lan- toorH. A KOOI! many of them bud triilus hit-tin^ u fow seconds A fuw minutoN before' J o'clock ho observed a iiictuor of iimiKiml hrilliiinei; quite clonu to the Hailiant, that point in thu connt«Hatiou lx;ii friini which tlm mofct of tho t-urly Novtiiuhor ini;t(Mirs ajinenr to rniliatu. At 1 :'JS o'clock Jib niw thu most ro- Diurliahl" ini:ti-i,r of tln:iii){ht. It pasHed betwiM'ii lhi> KtarH CaHtor and Pollux lu (iciiiini. It hud n train uf renmrkuble pi:ritlKt(:niM>, boinfi vUiblu morn tliau five luiutilvs. IJurinj,' this tiuio it nuderwenl many curium* traiiHforinutions in uhafie, cliiiutiliiH from thu ordinary atruight trail by uniiluaHy moving into a U t-iiuped loop, uud finally chutigiug to a bu/y niii(is uud then paNxiux from viuw. DuiiiiK tliix limu, tivuminutoH, tho trail drifted uniformly and ulnwly from lolu (iciiiini In Tlictn (ioiiiini, u ditiliinoe of liliiiut 10 iU<Kri<(iH, in u northwesterly direction. Tha mi'tt'or'M convolntioiiN ore- ntcil mi imprt/Ki-iiii) on thu eye nimilar to thut at u mnko «lidiiiK through ((rune. Prfifwtior I'rt'iitim rlvbutud within him- Bflf what might huvu cuust-d thin odd chuiiKci of khajjo and tliu drift of tho trail, lln miifKi'Ktwl that it wight have hcou citlii'r thu influum.'u of air curronta or au illusion of purNpcctive an tho m«- teor full. |t WIIH HU open qqustion, he said. Another inti;ruHtiiiK niutoor if Tues> day inoriifiig wan one which appeared very clouo to (iammii Lunuis, thu star muiri'iit thu Hadiunt. Ou iiccount of thu iicanifHH of tho mi-tour to iho Kmiiuut, KM path wits griuluiilly forcMhortencd and ujiprurrd iilmoht stationary. 1'ro- fcHHur 1'rcntlnH WUH JUH! explaining to PrcifcK.sor l)o(l«o tbat lliis fnroHliortenlng would htko jiluce if u meteor uhoiihl itp- pear in Ihut plum* when at that iiiNtuut tho I'lili'dtinl wiiiidurur did appear thwre. —Now York Hun. 1t> NATURE B*ck*cl»e«, Hea4*tf»s it* Nerroww-ff •re Mtsraiftf fwr Yo». '» * f«r* ens tA * rcfr 3?lr!T3jF 1! How'» This! We offer one hundred dollars re ward for any ease of catarrh that can not be cored by Hall's Catarrh Core.—F. J Cheney & Co.. Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, anc believe him perfectly honorable in al business transactions and financially able to carry oat any obligations made by their firm. West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists Toledo. O,; Walding, Rinnan & Mar vin. Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price, 75? per bottle. Sold by al' druggists. Testimonials free. How to Prevent Pneumonia. At tbU time of tbu year a cold is very easily contracted, and If left to run its course without tbe aid of some reliable coogh medicine is liable to result In that dread disease, pnenroo nla. We know of no better remedy t') cure a cough or cold than Chamberlain's Coogb Remedy. We have used it quite extensively and it has si ways given entire satisfaction.—Ola gab, Ind. Ter. Chief. This Is tbe only remedy that is known to be a certain preventive of pneumonia. Among the many thousands who have used It for colds and la grippe, we have never yet learned of a {single case having resulted in pneumonia. Poreone who have weak lungs or have reason to fear an attack of pneumonia, should Keep the remedy at band. The 25 and 50 cent, sizes for sale by B. Marsh and 8. H. Texa». The Missouri, Kansas & Texas Kail way Co. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Dec. 6 and 30, with Bnal limit of return to 21 days from date of sale. An excellent opportunity for bomeserkers, tourists ind Investors to view for themselves tbe great resources of tbe State. For Further Information address John L. Williams, P. and T. Agt , 103 N. Broadway, St. Loujg, M_o. Don't be persuaded into buying Jln- imente without reputation or merit— Chamberlain's Pain Balm costs no more, and its merits have been proven by a te»t of many ycara. Such letters as the following, from L. G. Bagley, Hueneme, Oal., are constantly te ng received: "Tbe best remedy for pain I have ever utied la Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and I say eo after having UHed it In my family for several yea'fl." It cures rbeumatium, lame back, sprains and swelling. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wysu. ON THE MOVE. We keep constantly on the move to keep up-to date in stock, qinlltv and price. OorCHISfA and TOY Stccie have been plucked from the creme- de-U-creme of the market, and nothing in Alton or at. Louis c&n compere witb them in value for tbe money. We import oar foreign goods and bny direct from the factory in thi§ country and in many inilanct-a retail onr goods at lem than wholesale stores ask for them. For tbe convenience of cnr many friends we have opened onr Toys on tb« fcronnd floor 31T Belle •trrer, and »rt now rpidy to wait on yon and urgently adviee all to co»ie at once aud make their .(election. We on y ask a irnsll dep >Mt on all Goods laid a«lde until wanted. We have tbe clerkg to wait on yon now «n<3 give your attention whicb later on we could Dot wait on yon with satisfaction to Gurftefvcu and yonm-lf if wa tr!«jd ever •o hard. Ifitulnirhu ever been attempted In tbe TOY line on eo grand and complete a acale in Alton and we hope von will not wait until the cream of the stock U picked. Come early, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, HOPPE'S CHINA STORE, 110 West 34ft. TOY STORE, 317 Belle st. PICTURESQUE MANILA. r>r»rr!pllTr Dili. Mnn'n l.r Krum a St. Paul lerA Home. $100, Dr. E, Oetcbon's Anti-Diuretic May bo worth to yon more than $100 if you have a child who soils bedding from Incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble at once. 91, Sold byS. H. W}B8. Druggist, 662 Second at.-oet, Alton, 111. Many Lives are Saved by the timely use of Dr. Bell's Pine- Tar-Honey. When a cold creeps upon you, or a cough racks your lungs, no remedy Is BO prompt or effectual. These loiters, as tbey trickle in from (bo Pbilippjn&t, arc givtug an Idea, jrjilaally cle&ier, of the life atid conditions of tbo American soldiers in th? Pacific ..(lands. The following extract* ate from letters io bii family at Fort Bnelling, Minn., by G. A. Conrtrlght, cbief clerk to Captain Jones, quarter- matter of the post. One describes a visit to the cathedral. ''It is the finest church I ever saw and one of the largest It has magnificent oil paintings and statues of real gold, some with precious gems. In the «ns I visited there are several domes, one nearly ag nigh as tfaa one at Wash- jpgton. Bat, after all, what do you tuppoee tbo church is used for? Barracks for the Spanish. One had his bed just in front of the altar, another slept in a confessional and their blankets are spread all around the edifice. Gqardg are placed at all the valuable paintings and Imagea. In one church there Is an image of Jems valued at f ITS, 000 in our money. It is about three feet high. The display of gilt, gold pn<J silver fur^ uisbltigs la very rich and, costly. "While I waa waiting for a shower to pass I watched eome native children playing. One boy had on, a derby bat, } don't know where he got it, but I do know that tbat was everything be bad QU. Another little boy was dressed just in B coat, but they were as happy as anybody and played just like tbe boys and yon and Bntbie. In our yard here We have several cocoannt trees, two olive trees, one quite large banyan and ceveral others that we do not nee a( homo. Flowers are in profusion, coma of the flu etc orchids, rare lilies, ferns us tall as the top of our porch at home, but none BO sweet to me us onr rose or the old fashioned pink. Tbe animals they have for heavy loads are the but- faloes yon bav<> seon in the menageries as rare and wonderful beasts. They aee generally fat and sleek. The musk oxen plow tbe ricefields and draw the carts. I have 40 come every morning. "1 huve two large warehouses and 4 paved court full of stores, and it is 3on:u and go all tbe time, everything from n steam engine to a tack. I have (iva storekeepers, six teamBters and 40 laborers and do the clerical work for tbe whole boodle myself. I don't tbink I could get home on the 0 o'clock car by a long shot. "Wo are living in a bouse formerly occupied by the commander of the Spa ri- al) barracks. Wo have two carriages to :ako us back and forth. It is uear the bead of tbe botanical gardens, onco called the finest In the world, but now in ruins. There are still some very pretty palrai left and flowers without number. Bread is 20 cents a loaf, eggs 40 cents a dozen, fresh beef SB cents a pound. If it was not for tbe commissary, we wonld fare poorly. I have got so I don't care for Ice; wonld rather drink tbe filtered water without it, and I know tbat it is better for UE. " — St. Paul Piouec'i Press. that . .. Wt^'.S^r n toft err rs! -Vva'* oors* Io srs^MTirrf »»ns!r.e tins It IKS t ' b» ^s it'-trr of pMtnr.- Ira » tit «6»t wi!! !hs!« lift to » few fflooih*. or ra»j Th» kt4b»T3 «r» f'Mti . btood pts'ft. »rJd If th*r *«' out of arier, Ittf V.M& reaiim Irejtare «»S *T<rrr f«rt of Ib* tra«y »a,5«r». Flrat UM n«rrf i sell t»» i»l*. A b«ck«rb« ?IT«* irmralag . 1\tr,'. bf« (u!lypr«T<K> ik»!Uioo.«>nd» who <Mb*r«l»« wrjnM «tfr*iy fcaTedj^d. fegre Iwen rs*toirdlc h*»!th r>f Morrow'* Km-G» cM». ThemaEnei In wbt^b tb'« !D*4Mrn! acti Is Hta*tr*l*4 br U» <a«»of Mrs. t'*t« Hellnmt, 7CB lUoe «., Alura. fi!-, who«tj-«: "Iwu troaMn) with rbca re«i»m f-r «>O!?tlm«-, f j-«iff?riM WM terrible, M time* it •*»* a!rna«t IrrpoMlbSv tor ro* tc t>e*r!t. Itai > »»tfre p*in la ray back) »l tlttet tis< p» H in mf tttf: k WM »-> *?r»re t*»t 1 c<>ald baraty g«;t op or &ovtt . I c<raM hot tl^ep nt night or rest toy time. I wu toM of Morrow* Kid-rM-o!<!8 tat! wiL«t heaeBt tli»y had be«a to o1H«r» wbo k»d inflfern! »• I did, bat I could «c*rce!r twliere It beeaom I had 'rted vrerflh'jix ur,a»r t^« tan ti»t WM rwornmend- *d to me io cure k?4n?y troabl« ' nd rb#BmA- tlna , and lb;r 4id rae > o r»wl . But 1 thought 1 would try Ki.l-o«-oM« tnd ! got a box at 3,'.'. Wf»*' drag twre, 1 WM fr*»tly wrprt»W wb«n Inadtr or two the p*ln benn to IMTB me ulf fcjr magic, and »ft« a t!ro« I feit psifitttly well aed IUTC wntlnncd :o feel so «TM itnce. ' ' KId-nt-olds are Yellow Tabjet* {not pll a)and core kidn«r aflrerats, c^noua-en, etc. Urer- Ui are rmailrtd p5l<ewand coreonuttpatton. KW-r.^-r.i.j} jo rU; Urertai 25 eta at druvgtata ornailejby John Morrow A Co., dtwMta, SprlqgBeW.O, R. R. EXCURSION RATES. H omeseekerv Excursions.—NOT. 1st aiul 1MJ acd Dec. «U> and 2«h r rU tbe Burlington. R EDUCED FUt«* to Bout'n°m uid Wfatem resorts no* la effect rt» the C. A A. R. R. id connections. C HEAP EXCURSIONS-To the Weal, Nortti- weni, Houtb and Soathires: vlll be rui via C. * A R. R., acd all ctnnc, ling rn IXw. 6Ui ar.<12^.b. Return Urn t 21 rfijrs. For rate* and Nil particulars apply to Q, O. Norri», Agent. C HICAGO AND RKTURN »J.50—The C * At. R. R. will sea eicureioc '!*€•!« &l tbli rery !o«- rat? on Saturday, Dec. 17th. Good to go OXI.T on special train tearing Alton a. m., and for return on special train learlng Chicago ll!30p. m.,Dec. IWh. H unters' R»t« to speclfled points 111 Alabama, Arkansas, Kentack}-. Michigan (lower pen- Istuil', lUcb^«n (upper), Mississippi, Mla- Blourt, Minne*ot4, Tennessee. Virginia, W««t , , . , «« Virginia and Wisconsin, Tla Big Fqar, For Information md tickets call OQ u. }I. Hamilton. Ticket Agent, The C. * A. R. R. !* arranging a s*rte« of 1 Winter Tours at low rates to Cuba, Potto Rico aud Jamaca via Tampa. Florida. A1A quarantine restriction against the Island of Cubs have been raised ana the regular line* of O. ean transportation wilt i are their Teasels In service at an early da'e. T o Cilifomla and Oregon.-Toe C. & A.R. R. rune weekly tourist sleeping car eicursions • t very low ra es, psreonally conducted every T^andsy, leaving Alien at !i:IO p. m. ruaplng via Kntsis City, Sa t Like City and tb» Scenlu L'ne. For rat^s. rfserratlons and full particulars apply to O. G. Nori it, Agt., A'.tnn. TO C1TT OF MEXICO~Pereonal!y Conducted. 1 Excursion—Will be run by the 0. 4 A. R. R. and connection OE Thursday, Dec. 15th. Special train of Pulinun cars through without change with side trips to Guadalajara, Guana- juataand Monterev. Round trip rate only 3161. For partliulars and reset-rations aptily to O. G. Norrls, Agent. * The Barllttgtoa'B Through Car SerTlce—Pal- 1 ace Slesptri and Chair Cars (seats free) to KariiSj,- City, St. Jce, Omaha, Denver, Billings, Reck Island, Dubcque, Cedar Rapids, St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tourist Sleepers to Pan Francisco atd Los Angeles, Ca ifornla, Portland, Oregon via Denrer and Salt Lake Ctty, every Wwnesday. For rates, routes, etc., call or address J. B. Thomas, Agent. CorCa!lforr;!aTourls s—The Burlington Route 1 bus weekly tourist sleeper exeurblons, personally conducted (by a Barrngton Route Agent) every Wednesday r am bt. Louis, and Thursday from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Los Angeles ar.4 S»P Francisco. The route Is via Denver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City with &8 per cent sa shine throughout the year. Ask your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for particu- lirs. M tmesf^kers Excursion at very low rates 1 'via Big specified points In Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Ter- titcry, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota. Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina. North Dakota,Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota. Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Tickets will be on sale NOT. 15th, Dec. 6 30, Jan. 3-10; Feb. 7 21, March, 7-10. For full Information apply to G. H. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. Homeseekers' Kicnrblons. — Upon certain 1 "dates of Cctober, November and December, the C. & A. wil *e!l excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates lo points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado. Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Northern Michigan,Minnesota, Mississippi, Mibseurl, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Te.- as, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The reductions In rates are of sufficient Importance to merit the attention of prospective travelers. For particulars call on O.G. Norrls, Ticket Agent oBvore Hliowntorm lu Mlnaourl. Kansan City, Dec. 5.—The most severe snowstorm of the season, accompanied by a heavy wind, prevails throughout western MlBsourl and Kaunas. In southern Kansas the prospects are for one of the worst storms ever encountered. Telegraph communication and traffic will be badly Impaired. M, MAHONEY, VSL k'ANCE AND REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Two-it n double brick dwelllnf 10 roomi [ring it. i-rocm frame dwolllogoo FoioUin it. U-rcom brick dwelling on BsUe it. J-room (rime dwelling on Bute st. J-room Crime dwelling wlti eioti Upper AI to Ooe-itorj (-room frame dweUlnf, 6A WlUlan reet. M7xlGO ft wot line of Ui'.n itrtet Big mocei I this. Two-attiry (-room traae dvelllcg on Bluft 15-icre triot near BdvardtrDle Crossing. OneitorrC-room brtik dwelling, cor lib .. Vine it*. 10-acre f arm, t miles southwest ot Brighto- Two-itory brick store, No. (11 Belle K. Sixty-acre (arm, good brick dwelling >r< (rune barn, Jersey oaucty, Two-story brick (tore, No. (IB Belle it. Two-itcnr >-room frame, slate roof dwelling IJU and eft aorei of Uud Bonacia (or pur cbaaer. One-iton i-rocm trine dwelling, cor. Alb] acd Twelfth IU. Two One lota on State itreet,|north of Bluff it Twelot* on Dry street. Two-story (-room frame dwelling, large bait and ill acrei ot land, llortb Alton. SB-acre (aim three miles north of Upper Allot 1 lots on Baaton atreet, SOjlZQ each. 7-rocnj frame dwelling. Highland Perk. l-atcrj brick building t w mi tth «L(J Plait t>ot*l aed bo»rdin« at vie. Mo era frtir« - r »f.:::t t ,. :it> >t .o»tr Htrr; McCLUBE'S MAGAZINE $1.00 a year loc a copy. i)»lii|lllil Miller on Mm Hlugtt. r'lilriiBn, lire. s. Tl IK reported that JniHiiiln Miller, thu California pout, who li:is reeently leluinerl fioni Hie Klondike ie K lmi, will lie tut ut traction ul one of the local viiuilc-v Ille IIOUHCB In u fi>\v iluya. lllx HiH-i-lulty nlll l«t neither ncing nnr iliime, Iml a Ntory of hU pIlBrlmaKa iiinotiK Hie mined mid ovur the Klnelvra of AliiHku anil iioitliweiit territory. FOR 1899. Among the special features are A New Serial by Rudyard Kipling The Later Life of Lincoln. _.. ., . „. My Miwi Ida M. Tarbell. The Naval Side of the War, by Capt. Mahan. A Telegraph Operator's Life-.ReaJ Experiences and Adventures. Contributions by tbe highest authorities on new developments In SCIENCE, INVENTION, EXPLORATION Embracing articles descriptive of Unsolved Problems of Astronomy Life io tbe Deepest Mines Constipation Ciiir.rfi fully imi[ tlm Blckni'.s.H In Urn world. U rcl.iins tl, i; iliuiMt,'i| IIMK) tun lung iu th« buwulf uuil |>n)iliiiu>> Liliouaiu'in, tvr|ilil llvur, llull- Hood's _ _ _ • I I ^% III S • • • ^ar goslluii, tOllgUO tiiid t.tiiU lll',nl,K'Ill', III- Huuii'u I'llli A I'iungo In tbe Dlvlug Torpedo Boat Submarine Navigation Tbe Kite In Modern Harfare TolegraphlDK without Wires Tbe Marvels of tbe Sea What Peary fa Doing in tbe Arctic The Teleotrosoope Pictures by Tele graph SPLENDID SHORT STORIES They will come from auob writers as : Hudyard Klpllnu William Allen White Uamlln Garland Htophen Orane Hhan P, Bullock Hobert Barr John A. Hill Outcliffe Hyne Morgan Kiberteon Clinton HOBS Sarah Orne Jetvett Octave Tlianet Sarah Rarnwell Klliott B. Netblt Ellen Glasgow w. AUilriig|(Ut». J'reiuircU by o. I. Iluml & Co., Ijiwcil, Miuut, Tbe uuly i'llln to Utko witb lluoU'n HarMMwrlila. We ahull publish a number of vert atrlkiou atorles by new writers, and also a number of those ehort, crisp, dram it'o epl»oje« fnuo real life wbloh our readers have corns to know as a special feature of MoOluere's. THE S. S, McCLURB COMPANY atio na»t ajth Street NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK Lieut. Hobson The Hero of the " Mcrrlmac," Will tell bl* wonderful itory In three numbers o| THE CENTURY MAGAZINE. Tliil will Ix a full ac-counl of I IK liuliuf of Ihe " Mctrimac " ut Sanliuffo, »nd the experience of Che writer and uu lacu in Kuuiiii pnuris. ll will bt read by every AmtlKJJl in the land, ilm ii o i,|y O1W o f ,, ull y rithl I'luUralcJ ftnanal narraiivei la Till Can TU » V '» "=* SpaeUh War Seric* . Tktu mi* U lb« No. wilt uirtlt fur HO otktr itufat/at veinUt ClNTURV begin' CAPTAIN SIOSBEE'S STORY 01 the Destruction of tbe •'MAINE," Iho arrival in Havana hattwr, the Iniulu lo he> cafUln, th« cxpjotion and wreck. Tb« wM« fctury of (lie deatruuiun o/ C« vc;«'t fleet will be (old by Admirals Smiuson ur>4 Belli*"y. C4tcl4uil " Hot ' Kvarn, C«ptiuii Tuyluf, lUut 0(bm, If you du not lake "lug C'IKTUHV in ity, you will mill the grexcnt rsuduig (xf UM ynt- The November number Itfint lh« rt/lum* Mad hat Ihe opening chapter! of * tptcixticiJy ifluft- tra(vd life of Alexander Ihe UrBaf,iui44l Marion fiawfunl'i great hl«orfc»l novel "of in* t'r*. wdei. l.uaa. llobtnn'i anklet te»iu is lit* Uwctntiu number, $4.00 » you, TUB CENTURY CO,, Union Square, Now York. •O We cordially invite you to call and Inspect the Grandest Assortment of CHRISTMAS GOODS We have ever shown. Mexican Hand Drawn Linen. German Spachlet Work. Battentmrg Lace Work* Japanese.China hand-painted Opal ware. New "Cyrano" Chains. Pocket Books. Hand Bags, in a greet variety of styles, aid Rodgers andGallet Celebrated French Perfumes 5n bulk. Peau D'Espagne, Vera, Violetta, White Rose and JicKy. Next to Your Wife Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your litile, thin un dershirt and drawers must give wa tu heavier weights. Where Will I buy? you say to yourself. I don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will 1 know? Do you know us? We believe we have the best values in Alton. Will you help us p ove it? Take our underwear home, compare it with what you get from other stores. If i is not the best, bring it back and get your nr ney. This shows the confidence we have in our underwear. H The Outfitter. 633 East Second Street TIMES AR[ GETTING HARD. NOW IS THE TIME TO 5AVE HONEY. GOING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS. WANTED ! Veee the finest Dongola and Genet Kid that formerly sold for |3 60 a pair, but as the sizes are small we are closing them out at $i 75 a pair. ^Thia U a chance In a life time. First come, flrst served. Come early to avoid the rush. n«j2 22 L io *1 t ?, tbl8 Br , eat X**?* 1 * we have 768 pairs of Ladies' High Grade Shoes that formerly sold for 9250 to 3.75 a pair. We are closing mem out at $a a pair. All kinds of Men's Fine and Medium Grade Shoes, all styles and widths, going at 6oc on the dollar, at this great sale of irresistible ? bargains at » £2rf«l» TM° f . Men '?u a , na B °y 8 ', Fine BnMlan and Viol Sid Slippers at a sacrifice. This is worth investigating t"^ PF1EFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. DON'T MISS THEM0DELS Sacrifice Sale ©or. 3d and Piasa sts. ADMINIBTBATOB'B NOTIOB. Eatat* of -Daniel W. Collst, deoeaied. The underslgnod haTlng been appointed Ad- uilnUtraior of tbe estate of DANIRL W. COLLET, late of the county of Madison and State of Illinois, d«oeaa«d, hereby glr«a noUoe that he. will appear before tne County Court of Uadlion ooiu)tjr,at the Court Houao, In Kdward^lle, at (be January term, on tbe flrst Monday lo b* January term, on tbe flrat 'anuary next, at wbloh tlmo all i ing olalma agalnat aald e ' ' rMUMtod to attend for I UrfMUMadJuatad. Alii MUM aro r»oa«(UM to ay lo persons Turma against uld MUM are noticed and uMtod to attend for tho Purpoa of hatltjt -------- ... ----- - , ._ pay. nmt to the uoSeralgneif. ¥ ' DaUd thU 10th day of Nov. A. D. . im. ENOS JOHN88N, AdmlBlitrator. oj^m Tbr«» UDM wj tM under tkii bMdtog: Oo* MM, tl oMAi Wra* <•}», * CM.UI OM wttk MOMtoi atlUo»al>lm«. WBtri t«. oask town. FOR SALB pltMafo,Moal*r mak« Al BOI west e(

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