The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1927
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MRS. FETHERLIN IS BURNED LAST NIGHT Mrs J Siiecht Who \ Drown}led Cliildreniin a Rain Bkrrel, Hangs Self Near Rqila. Apparjcntly; she; was! siite ho Si^echt,/ meiited, : riiighti] oil' to be {iah'zing lha sent to thp ak Osawatpmi zibeth- Mar/ 50 yeais old and»de-} ' erself la> rs. killed "early by lidhginK' lierielf to a bedj J Lv II-_'T ^ i„ r»:„i .j >i i post kt the Lav hjomei six imiles mile north of • Sir >jar> iiito Mis. Koing to was founrf 0iei>olt. her si .hot)! i )f I he. fa rirtor!nlH(l io Allon from; Kansas Ciiy iMtfft |\ti)rl{inK. hi fifelirig wji-II. i.Mrhj S|jk-cht had h»»r aproil on HHlf «i> tlie bedpoj, r^ce Diebolj west and on ila. hisj morn'mg h niefe, who weu|c i bedroom befor- Ak 'L 'ordiHB i iiilyj Mrs. ijp*<-lijt loiinty r(?eehtl wii'-re slif ihajl u -si -l sill- u-us :niJL: than: hr«e feet f j Con ity officials Pf^J)el•^f w'^e read Kers i ^)f the sheri Ife her li) t BO, to trtk lorfa.V. Thirteen years Kd Duiijiee, un^ iiptt-hi'^ lUsWand horif« nieir IMqua Specii; "lit of her iue in a lain barri I inves chat she ha < hiitjreu: iu tkie Werje- drowne i ltd "or the d J! bu was ta hOiipt^tal. Dutifee fim llec^me rutior^ eral liine.s sfie w fromilhfe hospital. Soon, dfter i th Sivecli^t and their ter. An lu<:l her Ilbth er tr dren. ed. when the; falter sav'e the ison ^rom Slie' is! survived lives jiat Kans&s %DIeT>plt. HIGH Hiqiia, t 'ity. and SCHO .Mr*. Karle O. Fetherlin. ,42.1 i I South Bujkeye. Was painfully i|burn- j ed at hoY homt' last hiRhJ whtn I her dress (-.anght on fire from la gas • rez'rior as she was writing. : Mrs.-Fetherljn does not remem- 1 ber how sh>- extiiiKuished thcj flainesi but b.-lieves she roiled on; the linoleum in the kitchen of thei home. Her. reft Jride was severely burned fri.m ifie |hip to iJie.ihoul- i . • ' ' I Hor two small rhildren, n <)lore<; • j and Bobby, wl-re sleeping'' at the ; ' linie anii there w^s no witness to; the acoiiknt. wlifiii oii-uried at NICl^RAGUAIN REOUESTFOR N|W TREATY Woul ulJl Mean Complete I o'l-lotk la.s night, j', j So rereignty, But in Tim Would Guard. American Cah^I Rights. kms- morninti TO PROTECT FOREIGNERS . asppi- fntiin nid till I CreatI place '•fertl hlnpton, Feb. 35. (AP)— The Mraraiman fmbroglltf as- * suniei a iviiler InternatZoml today as the BrifLsh r (nllmbo neared »'6r- where, despite a*jsnr. of all possible proteil'the the Inlted Stales na- rres on both coiists Britain has decided to the warship for "Miioral. and a possible, rr^ngi lola Of DaughertyLe 'hapll r ig Estate Man ^jho Is Receiver for Pi|ii^ Coniedtan's Property Beijeve.s Register's Circiiiation Is All in ' California |at Present. Krillsh subjects. used strips froiji li (o hang he w!ii<h »iis 4e onij tile i\iH)V. saiil today ihj aijt! that me •s 1 f 's officer w</r<- ale lio~pi|al ai 'cordin ersheriff, etuWied IQ find mind and »! . filled Wit disclosed placed iw'ol irain bairelj She WB« t ev- ath] of 'the c lil- en^ ito the s ate id khai at ti; iies 1. a lis li ii^ lion kA -ere drovn- iittempiei drowning. by ro her FREiSENt G If theiie' are peiple lash enjoy IJie old T)lay«>d a'lid simg ii; eii ttiiy; ihey [will graiilLv: ijheir Ui'esi njghtl by wendin the aju^litorinin of s< liooi I building. Ttiefp bey Will' in lolai vlio oned ! :u i<;s old.fadhiop- a chaiicf io Inext Mon lay ^ tilieir way to I t'h^ senior qigh ij lind'the boys ciub. I tiiii giris gllee vlub and liiRh schpot orche --' -•• to giye themione f:isbl6he<l coiicert heard. JTher^ wJ grancf tliui heart streets. ; oi' w j'uibmobiles s On ing •«( pliive'd b bv* Mlalr III the jfeat be an ol( ihe!(>r«li Wiifue ilIltiKl 4 }if\ banjo be .ilv Ijmprtrfani Iir'ogi^um by )l le rheilt' <; Mi 'ijilny l!:;i;;jaind xi 'r^itjd ijow at i ^Iryi Cotipany and .so "Three OvernesB. italtl will ieveiiing.^.^ no. ' Tic th ud that rought to thi liavi es cident Mr if""' '""u-" ".'".T" • Pregat ng $20,000,000 for the pur^ cldent, lMr.|„„„ _H...,. ........... .v ,o *eetipg present ol ligations and ti construct a.railioad and highw; ys from the Pacific to the ..\tlant (• - coasts. An ..\nierican financial adjVisor and r .ceiver general of revenue* woubl be provided Jor a.' wdll as lAmerijan technical' and -ngiheerr ing a^si.siants in sanitation prof - , graI ^s and development; of tther DNCERT ^ demonstration staged as a pro- p„b ,ic works, "-f ^ ' test a British troop con- The communication .saidi sou ^aughterlsl sister. +ho at Nirs. TO ^lee th tra!;aH tuned! of tjie finest tli^y have L !• h|e no jizz, the old tu| obei-a-j-just hive jbecojmej dear to lio Were born eliittered up- reB of the ,e\] fasliiohed datic<« i>at;ru and dan|( f, iOld tliiio ilaying mill number on ill be the daini^' Ittle Maids rljjp at 8:1.1 ij dihi.ssion wil |tet.-< may be .Merchant .1 icbHAi^uTiE W INS DEEATE TIT iri til Clianulte. F<-b. :• high • scl the third : riianute i lias won] I sional d repr^serit this sedtion of the s !tat,e flebal ".. (S5pecian—' ool j (lebatie Kansas cong strict dettate title, and e tourney. A^ut chu; ch flast nig it and judging by the comment.'; '• AnK-rifan forces demand] heard ^fterWai^. tfiere W^.^not a one of the 500 wholiad any-1 i^;f^"f]^;:7h?j?*;/,j' Z\ fight." thing but pfais s folr the mii lity ofc^the concert and congratulai- tioniS fbr the Momfents Afus ical Club which spon.sored itJ the<.- Trtreej artists! cftmposed group: Donate C ilaliemina. te^or; K«lna Cfiatesj Mi iinlkt »nd Ei illy of thaii anV pther. bi t Mis.siCoate.^ temnted with bin dnritig mosf the brourani. Miis Hat*is ardom- panitert:l«th tjie s nger and the Mo- HnM:|aid In.adtitiph gave groiipsl ot piaoo ^\od. Ipeoble attjer Diplomatic Body Urges Warning to Heads of Conflicting Armies; Of China Today. , .Slianjrhal, Feb. (.IP)Three {jhou^and British reicu. liirs tit'lay look up defense i positions filons the liorders oi'i the intrrniikhtnal settlement here (onltrht l;er«use »i the^rsiiua- tlon crputed by the iirrltal of I bine-* troops In Inrn*nMnK uiimlters. >» .Vnierican. marines. «>re luiitled howeier. l-eliitiK* Feb. I AIM -The di- lilonialici ifody y.-.sit;rday i^s 'iU 'd a 'o; warning' to' the heads of linj cun- , '•'f- ; fllcting riiine.'ie amties sayiu^' that leir i|„ vip». of the pos<»lbility that niill- IrSijiary action in t+ie region of Shan- nd -j ighai may .TI any ni 'ini .iit. endanger forelen lives and properly, it ex- j I pects tlieni to take all measures 'I's I necessary to avobi incidents which ' o« I would constrain foreign! authorl- „! i ^nt ties to take measures "Indlspens- i . I T|ie Register i.s in receipt o Lewis j)f lol^ tative Readd fapii ri printed Wash- WasHtngton. (Feb. 2.1. ! (AP)—A pleai frim President Diaz, oi Nlca- raiigna.; to the American people for tav(>rable consideration (jt pro- posajls ington new 'tn two CO s (abili7. < ondilii iniblic legatioi; The realy Jie ha .s made to the government to •, es •aty relations beiwetn the in:ries for the purpuse of ng economic and' p )lltical ns in Nicaragua, was made today by the Xlcaraguan .here. I ' 'ommunication outlines the proposals which include guarantee by the ITnlted S ates of the soyereignty and indepfndence of .Nicaragua which would in turn guaranf^ American rightii to the- .\'icarai;uan canal route. | J"In return for these gufaranteesij wjiliii would .sound th^ death t kpell <i coups (le etat and re\'0tu- tioiis ii .Mcaragua." th" lilaz,mes­ sage s tid. "liiy govei:nni«nt wciuld coi.ced t to ih<' I'nited States the right inteijvene in . Cicaragna pht be nei e.ssary in effective \hv guar- , aufees mentioijed above." ,An essential part of the! program Diaz said. Mlould be irs of thks paptr will per-.^ member the recent letter from at lola tourist in Califortjik who expressed his de- Igbi aid surprise at being allowed to go (hrouj h the Chaplin estate o the kindness of .\lr.- Dai igherty. From the number 6f simi ar requ >sis which bare come 11 Mr. Di ugherty since this jirjti<'le jppearei, he has begun to 'hin|c t ia( mos of the Register's irculalion Is - — ,'ornla.' Pjirt 'ollows It hjasj been necessary for me o turn down : great number of fequestji for a Imittance to th^ home and estaie gardens as you (•an reaJlize this is a private estate jind nol a shovtj place; also. I am merely Bn southern CallJ df the letter is as he rec here at^ •ivers to ablish I iiisturS< 'd or reiioveil from the estate. {I am verj- sorry that it has representatii-e of ari interesting letter from H. Daiigherty, son of Mr\ anld Mrs. J. H. Daugherty , who irin California ijovy the receiver's repre.sen-^ at the Charlie Chaplin estate. I j bejen netessary foj me to tiirn down tnany requests from Kansas home X61kd. especially those I did nqt know personally, but just" Imaging yourself as a; Califoixia native Uion sitting in your car at th - gai|-s|of the estateiand .seeing a taj- iwijtb a Kansas tag loaded down) Mith stinflowpr folks being aitmiitf'd to the gardens a:nd yourself left on the outside to look at the scenery through a high wire feiice. ; . 'Don't you think that you would get -just a little warm under the collar and possibly |eveh go so far as to. call up the' receivers and de;rJiand why a totirist Is treated belter lhan a native son? That is' the reason in ai nut shell that I have turn down some! re- FARMRELIEF IN CONGRESS UNDERWORLD F^UD f ! • I Two Outstanding j Points; M. w;: .f Cont 'oversyiHafe pogge 1 Bill Since Intro luction \ to Congress Wtashlngton. outsjtindlng dogged the Ptorajy three jj Congress and forecast ii;s pjiints of control 'c.N'ary-Haiigen see that nothing is |J quests. California as a whole SENATE O.K. TI) LICENSE is a jwonderful garden spot and many (iContiriued on Page 2 Number -) whi ne|er It ni order to make! able to the protection of their nu- 1 V'"7*""°" ' „ , tionals" mllitarH" misslpn to esta^bllsh ' ' adeaua^ foreign representatives T tionals. The lAnieriijan cooperation tljrfcugh i'The, "ii| ev- li|:k Mr. pointed out tliat jlie bombardment : jj, of the Frencii settlement and a!,,^^(p^ part of the native section ,of Shan-i ^j.-aratua ultimately of 1 ghai last Tuesday l>y a Chiiipse gun boat ;wbich bad deserted the de­ fending'forces of .Marshal Sun Chnan-Fang showed the po.ssibiiity of danger to the foreign section^ The gun boat aimed to shell .Marshal Sun's arsenal by firing over the city but the shells fell short. Hankow. Feb. 2.=>. (.\P)—Thou-s- iaii.fis of laborers participated today siotf of the |te .N 'icaraguan conitabtilary ' state jlieformatdry at Hutchinsiin Vtipn bill iproividing $-150,000 towards i "^f'^'^s'" . .hich present armi !S would , was pu'saed todliy by the SO.; construction of three light crii.siers j • . . 1 _. . I.. ^^^^ President I«»' 01 of banded. The project als^ plates the obtaining by pan»-|5g- her C<|ntral American i eig iborii ! frequently have "the Int^ rve itiori held or American armed forcep iij our for and Bill CRUISERS TO COOLIDGE IN NAVAL BILL Top ;4 , .Af, an I hirle iVhich {Goes to House Senate Adopts Provision Jiild Crjeate Factory! j And Measure Carries , fl^r Tags at State ; Plaii Opposed by jRefonhatoiy at i ! President for i Present. :T and fed^ hav iOIl^ bill culij sidi whi| on tad lev\ T its a'ndJ unit hai^ pos !he izatji' hav pli: iini pe. were the methi; iral farm I t !adininist« Orginall to overcoi; feud i The I I and t'.v ed weifr I "kins times bodv. Uhe'ciab, ;let. Feb. 2.T (AP)-|-Twoi .I'ol! ear passage ihifougli'J: Imost from tlit .'J start ipset at the ivhitei the eqiializatio id of selecting oard wliich red,the bills p .- incorpoi-ated e chargM th';a ure was.sefcking to'b'ecomd .-ersJMare be bill VI IS FATAL TO ON Phil idelphla. I Feb. 2.1. \ f.\P» Four rangstersliii a speeding se- i dan r: ked with! machine gun fi e i j;roi p .standrng in front! of a :l ChesMi lit -sti-ef-l ! night i-lub he-e jearly today..killing one andjwoiin 1,- | i •ins tv (> others.' .\a unaerwor blamed. ; I [dead man! was-John ferickfr. shot six rimes in the nec k lire in Jlie head. The| wonn 1- .Mickey Duffey. self-stylf tl Df the teniierloia," ahat foi r n the neck and twicjc ,in tl e >t ly <)ne bul- nd Eart Br^own, doojrnian b. who wa.s .'lit by one bi e arre:-tt|.l lour men wTto ng held for investigation. ed by the treasui.y. tlifj h was -to have been col (lasic farm commodities w, ed as an iinconstitutionujl by oppon> nis of the legis be fee woi lil have been tiiount det •nnined by the .iK-sessed a jaiiist each ma pi a cro[ in which 'the ueii to 1 e. dealing.! It Would h: ve been to, rej jJij.-.fl.llOlt lit ) reliilvilll;; iir 11 fund wliicii llie b<«ird used in I living up croj lo liiu iilaiii priei-: tic iiimkelK. fee 1 • the I ;^>rbuUIi oviij-li In thie; sub- hie lecteh [ -s ui- tak^ i|itioi}.. sui^. wat'd keteii loaril [eas ui Codjidge Says Are Uncoris Objects 10 iPlan To Equ alize Fee;. 1 Many Partsj itiitional; y\ IS tioiiH-; lihe civargtfj of tiiicoii.siiiti ity inveighedl against "tin?" f w<»ieiapplied to the meihojlm' sirii the fai/m twards 'iiiei Uni er the bjlll the president have-been compelled to sele^ me libers (r<im a list prev norjiiiiated \\y conventions coi .rs:.iii/ation<i Hutchinson. ka. Kani.. Feb. 25. (APX— I to establish a motor ^o- t^g factory at t|ie Washington. Feb. 2.=i; (AP)—The ;:enai« tjoday accepted the house amendment to the naval appropria- to 16. find sent] to the senate. | The bill It Avks.the sojcmd bill which the iiCoolitlgeJ iho has oppo.seil any ap- house'ipafl.sed ii order to make iPropriattop for cruisers pending pos3l> p the ust of penal labor Inilhc outcome of efforts to bring i-onneil|ion with motor vehicle refe'-i'''wu' further limitation of ^ istratiin. Yestirdav, the bill tranjj-jarmamentj. ferringl the n uaval gistration bureau ,i Previously, the senate had appro- from the stater capital In Topeka'ved an ainendmeiu providing $1,200• - " I • • i- at Lanis- f"^0 for })ieKlnning constructicjn of tfi th<i .state peiiitentlary _. —^. . . ,^ ^ , iii^ roieived alfare majority in tlie ""e. crui.sers. the last eight author-'-'•< ' { ized more than two years ago.! La,1 ; ter. after bouse and senate cobfer- hiiusc jAn jappropriiition of $!;0.000 tpr'gp.^. jailed to agree on the question. .Hutchinson is fy-.:,^ reaffirmed this action. 1 ^''/'L'?,.''^^ Yesterilay. however, the liouse ^, ,. .. , thak '-a4 I ?f Tl"'>'- " Democrat.;,^ centration at Shanghai and HI sym- ; nj^ttei^s now stand." XicarUua antl '« fl""""" "'l "vote -any] funds for crui.sers. adopt- ! pathy with the anti-Sun Chuan- (.rntral American i eieSbor .4 Dist" .,t. _,-.L.. . . : . .) . . , i»l> oil |ve ^let the- both en-- id!M the Fang .strike there. A huge mass meeting was at noon and followed by pa-; territory, directed excluslj-ely rade.^. Worker.s were fold that they . the projection of Ameriifan would be fined heavily if they fail-I foreiea lives and propert ed to obey the general labor uh- ' .-We' therefore have reajched th ion's covering the program, which | i -onclusion." it .said, "thatlwe wan amounted to, a one-day general strike. The demonstration was (f.-ithout iiicident.- , LOWDEN ASKED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT pes Jloine .s. lowii. Feb. 2.^ (AP) A peiitiou was circulated in the Iowa leglslnuire today requesting former (Jovenior Frank O. Low den of Illinois lo .teik the nnminalioii llepiibll -an caiidldaii' for of the flllleVi Slalen in Republican' i iinvention. .Tile iieiii 1(111 was sigii»d by nion to (iHrjve for ourselves soWie bene-- fit and permanent advantige froni [American liitervention. which we ihave ithus far found Inevltoblev I and at the same time trinsfer It I from JLs pre.teiit somewh it vagu^ I defacti) basis to a well defined de* 'jure skatus with clearly <tated rer j sponsinllities and uppareni benefits for the Intervenor and t le inter venedj" V'^SACASA" FORCES '.r';!::"'; MAY FICHt U. S. Pile ,„) J than Hlxiy nf the, |(t"< iiiiinliers of j 2.-.. (AP(~Dr. Juan Sacdsa. head ext be re- w- E ' Mie house, iniliiding Speaker I,. V. Of t Carter. : liev IOWA HlfilH SCHOOL GIRL KILLS SELF The t|am es- Will ate .VIr Slid to Cabezas, .Vlcnra >ie Liberal government here, bd- >:« that the-action of t le ITnlte I es In sending more narines to lir.lKua wa.s promptei by fhf» e'ses of the Liberal forces In 'their light against the amy of ihfe i conscivntive government at Manj- headed by (iener.'jl .-^dolfji N kua. Peli. j .MJDr.ivia. la.. Feb. 2.".. (AIM—Dee-! asua. fia ilich. 16 year olii high school j Diair. junior, died at h T homo lieri! last j: "ThR Increase in the l\mericah night after taking pioison. She | fon es! landt-d <n Xicaragua and th« Called ;he family 'soop after taking |:I)la(£ proposal to tlje UnltUl Btateii the prti ^dn. Imt wont into convul- .for a,treaty like ttiat wl<h Bions before information could be! Dr. Sacasa .said, "are la ohtained' as to her reason for end-; niienies of the strange o iiig her lif'. She bad been active | of the in church and ynnnc pe6ple .4 work, i tempt .-' I dency Appreciative Audience of 500 ^ii^enas Colafzmhia Concert At eifiodist Church Last Night American governm^ ng to force the Di^iz upon us and also o toriou!^ advance of the army..! which now control tihe part of the country, despit ' tllity jof the American tob-cek. "The facts also prme Diaz'.s a.ssertions about; force? are vain boasts, firm my statement that unable, to dvfeat .us by hij ded the Colafeinina concert at the l "i am much afraid thdk. It is taking no liberties with the , - . word to class^ each one of the three S^*I?y HTrlsJpiaiist. MiCol^m'-jas an ^'artist." Signorj Colafemi- Ina. .of course," gafe ijnorie num lers; tin . especially showed his training " al -:Jas \t member of the Boston Grand DEPINEDOLAN IN BRAZIL laitl.!' icM se^ jnancy in at-- presi- e vie liibera^ majo :tHe hosj tl^ lis inti D( ins that owti coii az •If. lif th thit th le DAY •ed.thfe «.50.000 amendment, accept-i A. by the senate, without de- i said i the hd ed today,-, ^ bate or a record vote. uthor otj the measure. DistjHbution of automobile plates i.s to li^ on a county plan. Every countj jwUl havie a nuniber. Evej-y autotn jpile Willi bear a jUate wifh the number of the countt- in wl\u-h' it >s r'gis^red land also; the regis-I try niir|tl)er of the car. "The coun|iy ( i numb* Ij and the! car nutnber are |[o ' j _ be sef |4rated hy* a dash.^ The plan j Ctjlcajjo. Feb. 2.>. (AP)—Mrs. .\et- onalr in"nt -J whosr- I disposition:, wo'lld i <riiiiina(ive prie e- alsii have! delayed a. roll call ion .^plis-j "an economi.: f;ill;i [chc^o- siiKe I in-iefiiiittjly, and .still . fa ed ; not benefit the fa ibiirs. with/the filibus^r whicii lias i ihe of U-o(ililj bl'.s-ile.l progrifss Ifor several il/iys. jait; lo ilie injury t jlhe'j the Ajicasure ivas laid a.side vi/ntil ' v ^-t .'lfare. ioyslvi tom^ii row. / / I Me oljjfcteil al.'.-, eil )}• farm 1 S "if iihi' iproC'i '•:im 'lidmi-'nt ; en tjif: sec '' share :iii c I nui i^rous cor tinned th>- ill-leeiing lu vhyds i'govj re Was 'remove ilj by • gra^.. U which would] have nvention control liiembers .. of ijo attack the bedan^e theV held it to bo nnl iresidenfs constitution-! 1 ame agent's oif th • gov- h only the iidvitje and iJie senate. ARMY FLIERS ARE 6ff ARGENTINE S lialva Blafi'ca, .Argentina. F fAp)|—Aftei a notable trip Andes n ountains in fiiur itTnited States army ; av resting on Ar.crntine rj good vll! (liphrto South eric^an conn rie;. TJhey arri ed here from' Va Chile, yestciday afternooii. .hj made the 6Z ' mile trip in six piiaute-s. Commander H pargue. n charge of the p from Valdivia the! the are the 1.T , wand was niade in good' w , land] TWO blE IN HOTEL; j OWiNER KILLS SELF of' Is to ^ake easier the reading luf tie Reneaii. rt. and ber eighteen figure I on licehse lags. * ! months bid baby were found dead Several memjbers of the houke; in jtbeir suite in a fashionable expla'led they ofbjected to the Webb 1 apartment hotel on the north side bill b«ause it puts penal labor jn, today, i Death apparently! was tompenftion with free labor. i cau^««d by fumes from a fumigai- W LIFE} TO THE EUGENICS BILL An •Topeka. Kans., Feb. 2 .n. {AP )f- ing inaterlal. Shortly afterward ' the body of Johii Rich, manager of the hotel, ] renl wasj.found on a ^;oal pile in tlie.'tioi) tviiler i^oom, evidently a, suicide in j er." rembrsQ. Rich retired to his rooms • <?fH after hti was told bfitht- two death.^'aml and: waji not seen lugain until hotel .\ phyii- j employes found bis pajama-claJ fitnehs I body Jn the basement with a pistol they had saved Ut at His- Side. I , orp they couM be ' j ; 1— SEMINOLE FIELD abused eugenics majr- whl^h would r«^nl^e obtain' a |>f physical The iWiiVh Hake till cv^ry • oiiple U. clan's license and prive that huxt il.MM be _ marrifl in Kadsaa was given riiiw life in the le|(i|ilaturc today the set ate jcommitiee on juuiciar.»' decide! to allow it to rear;: ttie floor. .i.Mi trie bill w tlon. OUTPUT DROPS I cf to allbw It to rear;: ttie : . L_ The coiiimlttee was to re-' Tulsa. Okla.. Fpb. 25. (APi-Tbe thout recommendb- jSeminb the tri dlfficu .wa^liwhen it : 2.000 fee taiils. LOS AN Mos caiti^^ than «ari gel dreksed ln;i "dr :PS co'n 'ifl devrlopmenq mu lity. etary of agrlcultbpe a Measure Is Temporari Sjidetracked Today In Srenate—Vote On Cloture at 2 P. M. a«Jiing •\lr Cs ngton. Feb. 2.^. (.\Pi—Tjie! anyonidam bill W .is tern-' uni.-ai 1 \\'a.'\ , a'")-! Koul ''^"pporarijly sidelra; ia.i/i-,is«>nat.f. Shcjft'ereil witji proposed; aniell .Washington, feh. 25.,(AJP).i i Thei McNary-Ha .igen farm re-' llief ;.biH w'as veioed today by; President CoolidgeJ killing the. last; hope -of- genex-al farmr legislation at ti|i.sise.s.sion ofi congress. The piresiden jfoiijid the billj • objectionable for aiany reas-:] and he at veto iriessage an 6|)inion by the attornejvge le^al holdings ithat the mea.sun^ was un-; •ked today| by I constitutional ! counts^ It was asserted eeiiriv/.' that (li.- I fee bn cotton-., iiirij il_:hoKS and tobacco tTull-i The. senate took up instead/ the ; to' he given the ! bill/to appropriati- iiioiiej-; fiuf the , lioard. under Itiie b rftnien.t'sj public biiilrdinpi ' V the ice Presitient Dawes rul<d I^oulder bi 1 would ri<»t Ips ;iio- ' WihOllt appeal I he ; unreasonable prict that: sanction that won e itslet-utiob under the but j privileged istatus and wpiil.d iiulo- j ; He added that t coagress j matlcally- come before the senate features of the pltin alone' were proh-lsioiJ jtombrrow at 1 o'clock whifn a inva-;on F OIL •;.s. hi 2..^^" ^ ^ Bflcause .if woul ;Sat4rdaj: hbrniilch 'cta ^fein selecting i^Vimbers of ,the temierature. ! , j ' ifayni board, requiring that he name Tl mperature—Highest yeste-day men recommended It -2 p.: ni.: lowest last night committee.:' :t 7 a. mi.; normal for tnday' ;l{.::cau .se it woul 1 e.\ce?-3 yesterday e.\:ress r fixing authority, K 3€: ., "**=''i sintle January was pleasant, ty met by his had I.O rise to a in cros.ijing the tpurs. •rbert light, east- father The plane; eight • ihfiun-: JELES HAS DRESS SI libs Atigeies. Feb. 2.-.. <APi eles "hap more siil any other :pla«j«' M. B. Ober.; of >s. presi.lfnt bf tl ation of Retail ( iiisher.-i. He\so ii iisociation cif clo|th|er» | fs in conventifm declareil I,o 11 (1 women are rh he world and dlsj Ifiy ajknoiv ioiisness" of a ' ' ' — than any dtlier 6." says •Ii, Kans Assoi lie: stale |fiirnisli r.j Ober -men ajid" women are e oilfielil for the, second RUSteLL'S BODY IS NOT LOCAtED i j Funejral services for Homer Rus-; sell, killed in ai nitro.-glycerlne ejx- ploSio^ at Borger. Texas. Tuesday, were i merely .^inboUcal, Newtbn Brigham. who feturned from Wiii- field list nlghtl said. | Accbjrding fo Brigham. Russill was id' a;trii<|k containing 6i)'i quart^ of time il| 111 . 4,000 h|u.Trts in )a magazine nearlj.v. jdayithls week sliirply declined in j Topeka. Kans.. Feb. tH. (. loutput. Ireglsterinj^ for the 21 hours! A fiJ )ortage of $4.2.'>6 In th ending Thursday rrhtiTsday at 7 a. m.. ihU.lS.S barrelf a: loss of .S.16S1 barrels j under Weiinesday's figures and :a decline of 17JT7 barrels as corapar(>d with Tuesday 's high mark; it was tevfealed .today. cpurifs of-cJerki! receiving cd the^ poijtled todal- to the citi- co nmis-[by the state House of Represelnta- ' by .1. [K. Brelrford. ac^ojant-, i tive^ today after the edncatij)nal sio I ant. DAVID BAIRD DJES A T CAMDEN, N.J. SmdJl found! scene the Winfi but i to supj- 1 Russejl forced tbi INCOME TAX MAN two Opera company and ju.stified his repiitation as a solo artist. Although his voice could not be , clased among the'great ones of the : (Continued.on Page S, N'limber 3) Bahia. Brazil. Feb. (AP)— Commander Francesco de, PInedb arrived here this aftemcun. This Italian flier had left Pefnantbucb at 10:43 o'clock this morning. con| tinning . his four coDtincmt fUgbji: from luly. | I - Gei^ke F. Hajr^ld of the fedet^al s In Humboldt to- reventi clnlty reporf.<j Vates week pleteii , , , , Cimden. S.J.. Feb. 25. (AP) — nHrd-gl.ycerine at t]iefOa\U Baird. former Tnited States the explosion. There wejre ! senator 'and Republican polltUal elader oC southern Xew Jersey, died pieces of the ^riick wejre mile akid a halt from tjie the^e- Wiis no trace pi Services were held iat d yeste r\ icea I lay in memory bf ERE IKEXT WEEK' service^ day di^isting in makihWout Income tkx Tomb>-i tenter. Ih lola w| postontce. Ha retoirds of receipts for raoi^hs of S2S. Records ftj ot^ er mont i. January, havi appeared. M( at his hbme here early today. He was; 88 years old and had been 111 Several weeks. for more than a generation Mr. Balrd h«d the undisputed leader- ishlp of ills "party ia south Jersey. TWO KILLED IN rsons In :that similar irbrk In Cbuute. PLANE CRASH Tampa. Fla.. Feb. 2.1 (AP)— Mr. Jand.Mtv. W. A. Gibs of Chicago, i-iiwere biirnbd to deatU here today when, an airplane Ih which they ow he win be in , vere ritjlng' crashed lo the ground. He win spend next H. J. Brady, pilot of the planet ih his office at tie [-wag; bnrned aboiit ihe tiody and I old has Just co^- '^snffered internal injuries. Pnysi- ' clans said be might recorer. r ha int cort tioi ORTAGE IN ^ T0PEKA OFlilCE city wat The of seijire bank and' lis: iment of bral tio ikl bank leg ilation 4lIowh it. er department w hortage wa^ foupel ii iilanes this i.-ilor.s ' lowest 33. in I p Am-: end: J . Mfor ... . , divia.! cienry since aving, iii,.h|e3. Ri du( Siin p. n Atl ioturt ils In -order.. THE WEATHER IR KANSAS—Fair ioiitg;htl and t 1st. 2-Sl idegrl>es: out laying down fciiiy riile date last year—highest hunu'dity at 12 tloon yesterday. 36 |per cent; 7 a. m to- dayj Si> per cent; baronieter red to sea level, 30..32' iiiches rises 6,:l>9 a. m.; Sets p:ll Weathir and RoadL clear; roads good. OFFICERS CAN'T] TAKE! E^ECORATIOtNS!'""-!'*''"''^ ""^j""' ITS! Washington Feb. 2.5. (.4P)-Ac-! «"°', ™ v .i «„__J .i-_ . 1... .would not even m lothi- i lias not paid Ifprm-i L'niiied States. ssage of •itance ;of here. 1 aiiM j^ceptbnce oC French decbrdtion i by —ILOS j two naval, officers, Comma ider' per (Rob rt K. Todd, reserve, and 'ap- on ! tain Thoma.s L. Johnson, has leen liiw->bloe co«l by Re^iresentatlve Blai ton< [eLN'a- I Denjoc'rat. Teicas, becau8«» Frjince her war debt to the wo biU.s. authoriizlnR the decoratfons, was |;\n-j haltj'd last'night in tho hmse. Iiest i lUaillon said he wanteil Frantje to vote i enough to wreck Keatnres rnH>ii.«tltntiaiiaL .-\rtornej-' Cenen the bill in conflict t lit ion for these riefasons: the- price aohed to hisi o n several- i >y hhe chief jex- li'.-i «'qualizatfott wheat, -rice, inciunted-tb dis- xijvg. and waa^ yf which would iijer. but. would' lining and oper- if the general /to the powers ^iro posed fariq (1. asserting. that boaril could set' with ia. legal M .preclude pros-l- ItntL-trust laws.! 't^ administrative U Sargent fotwd/ jvith the: consti- ilimit the preai- ^.v a nominating 1 delegate prlce- the board With- hall be under deter- 53: wlui:h . mined. ecipitation for tho ii' h )urs : iBetause the fi.xinS of prices has hg at 7 a. m. today, .00; ; otal J itself trnsyr been tbiind by courts this year! to dale, 1 .47; lefi- ! tb he within the p tyrers of the fed- January 1st, ,1 .24ieral government. " \lrtnally Is Bobbery. ^ . Because it compels citizens to -contribute through'(he equalizatioa lee to a certain pi- < <«ess from which they may or. may jiot profit, thus i amounting to the I without due proceis of law. lean When they congressional farr|ii bloc leaders ley had not the .imeaaure by the y\ that would be I refniired. Senator ilc.Vary, of .Ore- i freely conceded t ;.votes to repass th , gon. co-author of "The bill single-H nets, chiefly .sectl and proposes to. rjilse tht? prices of . those regardless thbusands! of othe bn directly penall Xo Ben «Si 'lt "The chief obje, Is! that it woiild farmer." President lied. •we wan< iiothitig fmml iRhcr i ex( »jpt fhe imbney she owes iii." dim- i ANTI-EYOLUTION *-iac- sli in re­ in Stat I" support (-d schools ;of any storl,- of creation of man other han thatfset out in the Biblie. was k lied com nittee do pas's.' : tared Ihe bill TKe bill wals killed bv a vott of i clearly involved dofemmental flx- 4i '.i tlr) 30. ' [ : (Continued cii Past .1. Number 1) in iitates wUer^^io^aP ^Joif was rtlportetl fa-vbrabiy today by the senate taxation: c.Ved hk- \i for M4y A. perlmanent responalblb. fjeneva. rcfusetll Inationajl ecrinomic confek-ehce. thp Leagiie o N'on-electio i a eague seat iH believed tFADDEN RANKING BILL IS SIGI^^jED "A'ashingtfjn. Feb. 2.x (I\P)-rfhe Mc?>dden branch banking bi I was slg led toda> by President Cb> Ijdge. rie bill povides for the renewal the char ers ,of the f^der il; re- allows the Kstab- i ^ich banks :peaa 1 The SJ^AIN [REFUSES LE j ;ibl> today \ bjl the senate tai4 Feb."^ 2.".. f.A,P)—ISpain 1 cbm^.ittee. to participate ih jtlie h,.r nbrary influence, o ference. no on*/ >• 'he lone riiri priff e,( hy the law of mtinii: To expe<:t (D ,r.'< and then to nia - ... - iii?;hi-r level bv Oklahoma City. yt^h. 2r,; (Ai*)— which must of'nel The) anti-pvi lution Tjill,- which : P'^"<l'"'tion while AP)— ; woiiSd prohibit the teaching BILL IS Kn .L reported that[the bill sumption, is to fl aii economic law ed as" any law of ence shows that h gfven year mean the next v^ar." Oorernment Hfsnt "RlKht." 7t\T. Coolidge def tiaking! of profit ibd of the .veto. the bill, said he the attempt. : put a few prodr dal." he said, ( the fact that )•! farmers would rt Farmier. (Ion to the bill benefit the Cwilldge contlni- -"U'batercr rjijty be the tern- .' •arbitrary fnter- tin deny that In ' •will be ^overn- iiupply and dji- \h increajte .prle- Htain them on a nutans of a plan •pssity .Increase Icreaslngj con- i in the face oC [s; well establlBb- iJature. Experi- \tCi prices in any reater acreage Ji }h7isd^t Bill] td Repeal Stii^ue Exen^pting} College: Fratei'mties Ft&m Takation GetsO. Report jTopeka Kans.. Feb. Vb. (AF)—The John Uhe statute exeiripting coUjege fraternitij committee. T jpeka. Kans-. Feb. 25j (Ak»)—•> John.san liill to repeat the sta- AnTTt ^C rtint't'D *esemptink college fraternities f\1ji U i!i .o Wr I" JpR I frori taxation! was reported favor- T le seiKite> Ways and means iom- ' IXa- • mitt?e' repbrt^^d favorably' the bil| ' ' to utabllsh the "sonthweirt Kabsas coll -ge" at i Dodge City and rejricted the {bill passed by the hbuse for es- tion son bill,to ref rom taxa- tablishment of i ktate' polytechnla school at Great jBtiid. ^Overriding objec tijns of the ways ; and.mea'ns conimi t^e. the .hotise 1 si^nctloned the : impropriation . of "j $I.5.()((0 a year for He National Live • Stock- Show Assoc aibn at "Wichita.; The committee tti^d to limit the''^ amount to |3.a0»; bedrick of .Sedgwick county had i^lToduced the blUh"

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