Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1927 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1927
Page 10
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shipped \*jus oper- tai Tues•as well ipi . Feb!; 2!2.4 ^TJii» jilUe n^wn wps real bus^- tTufsday^niorninB, • fotir I,; carloads lof out.' f. , , .. Mr4 C^adde Stricklei ated dn rit iSt. John's ho , day. Sht ib getting al )ng as could be expected, | - Mr. anil ilr^. f^.iU. V ilson spent •Wedi'sdiy w tliVMr. aid Mrs. Ora Babcock jntjar Geneva^ The Ijrjii^stteth kiid J'erris families of (.Iol6n\ called a •-- »•! • Irwin hcijni<i Sinda!y,airi route hpnid iley (Jallet ma Woo|,f. j CMailys Spra^ue of P.i a ' wetkrcnrl 'visitor folks. ; Mr^. Bill Klfiot of Cl^a a few (lays helping- Stout get ' readv for vhicjhj Was hl^-fd, jFridi sold; tv-ell and a large in alieiidance -Mrs. Hub A'ir. and family. severiil! ICIHITY pna*.' for 'oe t|ie' 3il •riioon. Enoh Cr^nd- i . I itsburg |}V 'as home rtijh •inutt ute spent Ills. J. W, eir sale Things (i-owd wa.s tl Mr.) iind and Cami.Iy, . Robin.son iand . ner !|nd >\liip .McCajjilrty of I^i- Harne ! we're < " ' .. . . hon/e Jjunilay Rii ^hj Cliarl "irenei E'eiilanc at OUn ('arf iei's. any liosjijial |Wher liie Helms [loss a*nd |lay dinner n to Ik'lh- nnderwent u verjvi .-ieriolis ope(al|i(in. K'>r allitig a afternoo on.:j • D< took S^'i li<!>u lit his life lie • last Sellman rs. Mote •Ivin Tur- Tfre'lOtA DAI Mail to the ChiefJ—CHinesdSalute fT^dr hjiiig in till' balajil -i) . that tjejnciw' Itad a fis; iti One ( f hii slV|l«Tfl. Ills Ii sons vM-ri^ w'" ' frieni H.|hoi)fi Helmd. j -AfrJi „ ......... werdiin 'i lola bn bUKines:) Wednesday. 1 ith iliLni. for; his rec luinbert.! .M 'enluhil •port was fig <haii< <•. -oi I ht and In is many livery. !k-K. Krnest iiLid Irene * Liberator ilotin PIdne Is drivfuK i| new car. Mr.lai d air.-^. Alfred holers leave this weifk jfor) anie-xtc idijd tour of I-the siiu h.L A^r ,s. illogt rs hiw heen i In failinji; health for st mi^ time anrl it Isnhouglit the tjhangje ipight help OF GAS CITY ; i: !' I .si^m I j J d I s jinij Tracliersi Ilenrp'rpsl- di nl t'oolidirp's SiRJerh <»ier uiWn'k Kailio- Church! '.Vnnoiincrnients. rniMr wf t: IS th Iw .Ml Mr. m< (.\!r; tvho vcar, V Mvt. niUuii-^'-ll. A. F. Hoiton) ; CITjV. Feb. L':!.— Mr. and n. .1. Folk and family 6( l,a- iiriije visite! the former's brother, . tlerfiian Folk,, aud famil;-. and {were! dinner guests i)f .Mr. and .Icliu Hiyer. . j |.Mrjs. .Mi.llic Bennetl,Ray. o.f EI.S4 s t.-achiiis. at ^aleni ,«iti-d .Monday eyt-ning I. .1. Honn and, .Mrs. FARMER ^ HO two IS CAPTURED! Vntan. i Xebr., FJrank M ha s lot and vjounded eil on til [Feb. 23.' dAP)- f wit farmer who U ai ni. e otto ree o l^iles' soith.of In itpday. .Marsh was sitt . —Telebhone yd to 18. I.lke the triiiiiiplial ntiir In llimie of a Ca'sar. tli>' tt( colorful turnout ..r liJs foHower.s. _ '"l'^'^''*'' "^'"y!'''^^^^^^ of the t'liiiiexc .NatSoija Isls. *oin<'tliin»; of a i.eorKe W j^hingioi .in tiouallst .'" \oi.- the n.ilitaiy band in the lower |.l.m.. play.^.g |PrvM.mably. •'Mail to thefhief." • . I her.- 1 band. iTIieir daughter Mr.'anl^ .\jlrs. the.f der furni BO q were ames but could •oiitrol. Others ure but but th4 (lidkljr that not vaged 'wf?.re iioved Beat 4 saved. iX 'hatUiitgsi were sal- ifd her hns- loHn Butler.' tJe care iic« of n6ou when Orlin naw-. ground. A I w;ill ihelji Sehbn with 1 the. {ijrni in il eir absel., . I I.,diie Kim e^iierieiicjd a very ex- clttnE time Thursdiijj the. l^rge dwi'llii g \oTi son buiiiied loi the ' sparkj fitom t|<eJchImn the roo^ and ihe high it to 1 at flame. I John „. passlngi and ,stopT)ed i nd Dawsbniand then can - - and^ave (he alarm, et brigade wak forme or two; of iijen and •y t , aught on wind fanned Bynuin was told .Mrs. fjn to town- iSoOn a buck' a^d a siore Iwys fought |iot get it un- c4rried the fiire burned nuiny things the Jerry :)ii|wson was In alioill twenty away from home delivering a lar I'rislivl.rfan iliun li Tiie:»day load of muli-s'' to Warrcn'sburK. i ening/it'lor llic study ri'freshiij .Mo. The coniinunilv will ni'^et at ] were ^i-rvid the I. (). O. F. hall UVdmsday for bi-rs. an all day .meeting at which time I they will give the. Dawson's a"! O/^inPl?!?" 41101711 hon.sphold shower and the ladies I VTV/llIvEi ^^rVUoIlilJ will make bed ilollies. The Dawr .sons are- siayiiii; ainnnjr their friends until arrannenienis <aii he made for rebuilding. The high school siudeiits_ and teachers were inviiod to ihe' .\lc- iciiokintr and SmKlIierlnp for i .vas Laily. Joiupletely I!ell«}»• cd by Colorle-- l.hiiiuHil • —^Jaugie Tdiiiiikins. .Agr Kans.. .--ays: 'l would have i Ailafiis home Tuesday evening for i ing spells and would have to J a Washington liirthdav partv. The ; n^i to <aicli my In-eatli. .My til " nil' time. 1 used jAdini evening was sjfent playing panics. ; tell sore niiicli of .\t the usual hour, refreshineiiis ' goitre was inward, were served cons sting cif ice] hut it riidn't help, creilm and two kin Is of <ake. Lit-j Ii.-ill a bottle oi tie hit,tcliets were > iveii as I 'avorj. :and have iioi been innliered The lioste.s.s was ak -^isteil by .Mr*. I am al.wa.vs pleased lo le (). (;. nawson. • write niy e.\pe:-ienee." (let The I'arker family is moving inform;itioii irom Sorbid ("ompauy. : Tlluisday :Jnd 1 used oyer Sorbol-tjuadriiple llllCl this week to a farm iiPar! Hronson owned by C. P. Claiik. The Bible stijdy class met at the {Drug Store. .Mecliauicsbiirg. Ohio, •vj-rywheie. Locally DiMlg at ljr( liauK Kai-.Shck now aiiil the cin III! ghis I 'oiiniryn ents leni- SELF Spiro. ^ !Joiin ("•old! day iroin ^ml .\l !S. K. K. Wrigllt and anii -Mrli. Harry Hylton' wercj ay dinner guests at thelhome o< }ir. and Mi>. Eli KUsworjth. j 'I 'lije Ous^'tt.v' schdol! children anil tlj'iri • leacliTS enjoVed hearing I'i-e^ident C jcdidge's f^iieech i ovjt i; •• ladio .nl tjie liomi? of Mrsl J. E. itSffiii Til '.silay afteiiioon I T!i«re pvill be pi:a><>r mcmtjng at tie hi. K. ihup h at T::!0 TInlrsday : e eniiig. Everyhoily come. I Citfiii left .^'.iiiirday for the tiin f!laild«; Valley. i Miss .M;ir.,aret, \Vright ! spent .'tiiiiciay Willi-relative.-! in loJa. I 'lji aehiui j ;ervi<:es at thei.M. K. <• inr.-ii Sujiiiay niornine at! O:-!.'.. ;! id:Suiid:i *i s'choid tit 11. Kpwnrtli lje;'l;:i'* ^i-;jvices llii 'dei the leafier- •.liip of Ml .k Kthel .\ilams aj 7:iiO: • ! Siiiiday |rli(i(d at ilie Cliiii-cli o| (iod- at 1>', .Siiiiiiay ninriiiin; and Ijieaiiiiit^ fieivii-es ;.t 11. Kteniiig o'-rvii-es at 7::!0. i at I Ihinkow lir( :i le.i Is the i;e|ier;j!i --Iiiio ielij MaiilidW is Jl;e iiiiie I"liiisi -v V 'li iiei of : The i.irl;^'>^l .suluiiariiii- iii the I h.- • jus; hecii completed foi' tile ; Hi ilish n:: liiei'v than iliily iilidersi a itili'iil wilii a c The vessiM < ost i<i'iii.iMiO and the craft ill ihel-world liiitV'-n. HCAFE OWNER KILLS L\ OKLAHOMA V tm VST bow [to c khi.. F. !>. lAI'i 11, cafe ^iwiier. ili< >l l<>- 1 p 'stol wound oifi,-,: ~: said he iiitljei.'d ilpoii luiiiseli ul:>n tliey serve^ ii 'vviii 'iaiil on i.iui iltariiin^ 4 -l.-Juiinv (ifieii^i- in- ].-.-.Vea|Jiilil >l.p .1.1.lull- ^^^f^f""''''''^'- >i v-^semuehiinnM«aarv«af-, rinit for yoir»?If Is. dne of the most Imporuint thibn in the world Tor foa i io know,: rifcht indw. BiaU>er-to-l»e I ' Learn the truth: follovi the )la. liok- iinip I roat 1 .My I volving his i "I w«» in liibor t "!"'•' i 't minuti 'S With MEET m WICHITA t^r^'tK'^ ' ^loui childrt-nr' Newton. T !U' Wi>-|iil we-;!.. • Klin or .Mitliodisi nore : di^y sessio oris wn's r •omiii" nf ni iniiiuttnn pear on th'l aimpie mvlhod ^ o eminent ptiysiciaiu d«^ut«l h \ a an who |life'« *ork to this JKirajt ec- your , E. DISTRICT L . . - I !<ans., Feb. i.V.^'i.- 1 ijisfrii:! of t;i.- .^iMitii- as| confennce ol the hii;r(-|i will liolil a two :il the luteal church Friday of this w.^ek. iK'-nibers of the aie sciieililled lo p ograni. only my .4^ rites I .therl -cr's I an (•!nttiu;.ia.'*tib ni6l 4 ho I u«d •f.Moljhi cricod. j nijrht row, froirl tM« day [on, and ^ish: up if> the .lay pf .ftilj- b'rili "Molber's ^ rii -n .l" KhouI.I be u »«l. Write IlrK'trieM R. irulator Co.. Dept. BA 7, Allatit .1. Ca.. for frre Oooklft iB ^-nt in lilaid env «lnp.f> tciliPK .m:iny thinir;* every cJTpectant .mutlicr should know. "Mother's JrirjiJ" is ••.lUl «t all Ko<»l ilruiti »l ..r«. ^irin jio /e ami you w .II r <ali«-lh« wisdom <jf d|.ir.K to a« ttl^ weeks ruU byl : killed tio and seriously hers, was liiptur- dnnn farm.j three re shortly J^fon np along a {fence He offerpd no red .stance lowfdl a jMisse to tie him up with ' rope: uf Classified Ada Herinan bor DEAIJER IS DEAD of grain jwest. l^ng Bleach. Caliir.. Feb. 23. (.\P» I'. Pr<>bfet. JS". former m^m- of the Wie'aita, Kansas, and kantias City, .Mo., 'grain exchange, lis dead lere twlaj*' of pneumojiia. !Hc bt oife tiniej operated a string elevators in the south- —Telephone your Classified Ads tp'l8.| cleansing- and see howl ter you will feel. It'v jll surprise you'.—^Paiiacje Drug Stojrfe| <io bad I i^e. Adler-^ ^ood that -t -Ardenla Eyen Rice Hurtf GirFs SebmacK —"1 had indigestron was afraid to eat even ika has done muc now I :ea( 'ipnyfhing Howard. ; ' ; Adleiika relieves st jihach gas and .•.qumefs in TE.Nt [ minutes. Acting*: on .EtOtH uppei |and lower bowel,; it: rehifjves old if ^te matter you ttev( r thought • uj^s in your system. Let Adlerika (give your stomach i a ^id bowels i!a REIAL. j much ^ bet- in We Brand mkClbthei'oft rhhkes Short Selt^l! Per FLOORING S VV^VMTifS Clenr Wbite Pine Vz Mm^MK%^m Perl hundred feet Plain hundtjed feet _-,___J by 6 MCE POSTS 12 (o 16 feet Per hundred: feet ,__J Round White 7-foot each PH0WE its Cedar $3.50 ^8c S SflJRilPS im6ip SI INGLES PRICEJS AjKE 0O0D IN iQMAj KANSAS^ 1x6 Cbmnitn Per hundnd feet __ tliear Red Cedar SHinRleii. per 1,000 4.. F. M lOLA, PAUL, ^IftiOie tuliie to biiUdi ; 1 Hexagonal! Slate Covered Per Squarie [. —I 1x6 CleafejFir Per hundred feet __i 3dl West Bfadison

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