Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1927 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1927
Page 9
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jihe old inidterlal la most toej jtoj bd a faudccM (ro ;beted. A) •odfl picdes iaf ne v kooda that i»ot be U8«d in y( uriscrap quil bo'saTC(I fof the crocheted rujj )ii la coEipai-attr< Ijr Bbcnt liftii Jiayo cnaugrii -io legm yatr fu A very prkty 1"- ieUeril and Inqairies to Aunt Naney, of the House- of the lola Daily Registier, lola, Kansas. ..For a long tin e the old faiblon- e <i rugsl like bur ^rknchnothcr rused to use were'put sfit'ay In tb! gar- r»itt anil *v^rytli Ini thai wai used In the rame:l(i t iciform of cirpbta ii)^d rugs were lougbleA: on 8. If weren't '4blc to have a b lught- i>n rugj or 4w6 wo fel 111(9 oar h <jirao wp» very Ci« mplc c. < t late yearit the old ai hjonc A b -aided rijgn, cilochclcd.< u f» an i r« t car- Mnn iMivo been < lulto the rago. >t:fip«cfa|i]r do wi I ke tu UHO ihc-m r <i |r n»hij|( rooreji to »oku Ahvm Jpinkimoro ''comf; ";TH» crocheted jrulK in mode from rHgH torn qulto llnj> and crocheted in^o rugs o( m «t any D I ZC ami JKt ^apc. I jwbuld a!dvl»c "hew m«- lerlal t(> l^juscjl for this rtjig as soft I the cancan and you design, can red^ or .lit-dwD akid blue' and wh^n yoli have made ten of color put then together coaf-se iliread p t twine ,b the s <rr a checker ' b >ardl It'inish out «T edge .wjth several row ferf firm crochMingj and yon hav^ k Very Aloe riig about ^iidja hakf j-jardsjlon^. Tor the braided rug you can our oldlpiecefe ^f cloth and iork in very nlcfe. If you ha lot 6t ragn that ijre faded out not imany prettjj theolt, color a fe^ colors and tjieii aa ;an ioiit? de wrapping colors aniong kierial} thin xj-edm BREAK F I ^ —Orange Ju'ce use for i^mes always our .0 a s'om^ of ith'e' fade d , braiding soi the 1 ri|<lil side Is and you can use i II ^our rags good advantage. ' A large tirkld a )6u an Inch and a! qiiarted wide mikes a very lirm rug land jif faewe 1 together right, I^ysj down on tjbe floor smooth. If: you 'vrish! aix 6bl )tigj rug be ure bo self about and hen J 'ach vith : lape the •of win obe use hey e a and and start with a! Jong enough piece of tlje braid for the center, or as you proceed the rug will filially get ro6nd. The best length for a center Is about twenty Inches anil it will »uy oblong, until it Ijj ajboul a' yard and a hillf long. fTfiln in abffut OS .large iia r >any one would wish to have. Thoy arc up heavy to handle lY imia any larger. Yen it takcH a long (line lo ninko on<! and new It^iiigother, but Ihluk of tiKf oervlu! you ran get out of oni>. I have liud one on Iny bf<l ro<ini floor for uliout iwelve yearH and it Isj -Hllll good. Hurtv It in faded ii mtle liijt no| bad tind It was sowed logclhor. with sewing thread number S. A good way to use up'soipe of these long evening is to start you a braided rug. Supp<i»c you do not get it finished this winter you van use up your old car()ct rags that have beea'laying around and get them into something useful. They can be made very atfractiH' if a few brigUl, colors are used.' Some women just braid them without sewing the rags together letting the end on the rag stick out on the under side of the braid ljut I rather have them-sewed then there is no danger of your rug coming unbraidod and getting ruined the .first time you give it jU good shaking. Just tear the rags the-isize >-ou want your braid to tie and .start to braiding. As you work one rag will be some shorter than the rest even it you start with them all even. When the short one gets too Ubort to hold on to easily "sew on, another and proceed. ; Several different colors used' tog &ther makes a good center anil then, try to braid your colors so. each round is different, finishing, it with three or four rounds of some dark color. .Vow another word about the -sewing. .Doti 't sew i it too loose.' .sew close and use dpuble. stra ^id of 0 "mb?r S srwing threail or caipe! warii. Don 't .gdt ; it toojliull so it won 't liiy smooth On ih^ floor; .--Try jt on the l"Ioo|r every/ound or two to see how yoii are gttting it togetlier. 1 inWT NA.NTY. ! CARLYIE : (Fern Rpne: ) Feb. .22.-fThose who W. C. T. ,U. connty i istftute held here Tuesday .report a very enjoyable time, j In the 'mor ling session Mrs. Siblieit ga,Te « y ry Intferest- Ing and heipfiil talk 'o|i the moral welfare wo(rk. Dinner in the This is the in the base completed, in quilting ent of the church. IHt dinner on various branches o T. U work, welcome In The commuuHy .Mrs. Sibbci Carlyle.: id was senfed »o beiseryed leni as it hhs Just been heaftemodn was spent nd Mrs. fiibbett talked : the W. C. tt Is always Longshore of lola and; .Mr.p. 'eiie. Mrs. Walterj Kettl^ and Isy Annri were callers ait the [astic a red. Tile play w'as repeated pneva Fi iday nigh^. .Mt|s. Lydia Davis and Alrs.lFlor- encej iva ly. Sjilrls: J;iR firainarl home Wiednesilay. ;.Mt and .Mrs. Roy l^arlingi ami cljild en spent Sunday at the! 'Will Graf^ home. I • . L : !>l4 and Mrs'Harllngland Wabies speiit Friday at the Powell iome. jMii] and .Mi's. W. C. Caldwjll of Uutn|b6ldt spent Sunday' afteijnoon at tht Roney |home. c'rlsb gratiani tHrndt. n^ilk IJUNCHBON— Jo )d lUit «!rt «r, jcotlj ge ehctese-raAirt •i ^j. I-.11111^, tea. . I DINN£R -4Broi |«d Itmb chobi« >>tuoe^ «n cutsef >le, canned II na' •%k< and or^tik* Jejlly. valil la -^.mlditf. niUki coff te. «t«9le wbi al ' 7%m vet BimKl m#»v» planif id nmha^ ot s«fttl :<ii lUren at w II imiti. WAlie evadren undif i(9b961i »ta, U 'MM well pa It "i\t iagi %IU ab wAot the ha b jHt'tiliforl M-c ilc (4 «.t. crowii g . lldMn 4iull «$tl e Idnlts ne4d : ahd 6ruKte I <CU |i8 dl9DMid flgjl, J% hiplngar, i ilatcU gJilatiD, 1 oran^-Juice. >ttflii many water*, ltd' kraier and Vk\ t. Cook la ttfe ^ 1 linger. Drain, iMli ^Dr, 41 which thei i •Boua D9 efapa ud <^P9 Bf • ~ l^iiUbMpeenscoll Diris fm m lira ana M I 'ii'iAJ oi^age jBfiM. Jl Ibei iablng to aei , A0ti Aid tarn irit( di^^ fft{«61d w«(ei Lat •UJrd 'iDtit 'Uioi im\Y ctalllei iin'^drA. 4 Senra jirlra whipped - 1 tkttlespjDon butler 2! tablespbptiH .flo ir ll cjnp oobkM ric i2r.^l cnp Aillci , i2L3[ cup sSftiOn >|lejlt blatter. |add^fl(iiir. salt pibp-r am] .\M 2-3 e riii^ all I «ih|)o'th.. into hot greksl<l noi sai td ten Aiiniites. thr-n bake n hit |o\?i>n twebty. ijliii;ff». Vo d llkf an omelti an I tuin on hjtt plotti'r.-^. E; I ! bill Pul ,ter iina woi-li 11 t In-iikn lLe|t rls ovint Miy and \X flip dates-cut 2| ^ablespocjns 9uga|-. ji: ta: :c!>po(n bread dong ij. jbiko i:i ^Ifcw hot ,o;- coTil, • sandt. /<-h« s. make^ excelldnt I 2 M fold iat be rseiTied' !" f J E EAX i toul' jggs, jeatth I glit«-' , ;up si^rj ablest dons co oi cup fl mr I 1 te|t|ipp«|in J ^akinj i avder' ' teistspooii vanlll i " :ablespdons, Ini k sugar into ia flbnr. pc^Ser, sirt longj {)aa \5 spread'"" " llkiB- 6ift4d d baked bish coffee e so jp etiij-will be ek B.ncnl Enamel. .;l?Corched spots on the enamel o the kitchen table mav be. removeij byjrubbinK with a cork dipped ii; daihp salt. Winner A>D KICE. aid c^ok until bubbllnk. milk jnr^ually. stl' UBilll rlc. pan at d ;e jwUl*. Oook d jsaln or and la ha!< .s. add noi 'i .'l .-; tgigis. add nil I with bakiig qo(ioa. Bake ii j Whe'h.dbiie low ieiii g. I in the,niilk before a^dli g not curdle. ^ -— j Soft Bruoli. ..Cliandeliers and wallt should be (.IcaiaHl ^ witii brush. lixtiire.s a soft - Itpniuies Stuln. •KqunI parts of cgi; and'Kly<iorliio applied to gruijs Htaln.s ; will ru- mbvo Iheni. I VALUES! incdmparable! kiichcn ecofitmy! Cam^belli Totei^t* toil 9 Again we prfcr a: group of value's—priciiigs t^ikt itisure Crystal WIfeife Michigan , Ravy Beani (jome In today! Lifablttoir toilet Soai iCAlCES • PURE CANE S PECIAL I , . Fine granulated sugar m sale jat this Unusually low {rice! 14 LBS. Ben; Hnr Soap Gh ^ata' wiSGoiJsiK I^LL CREA! to BARS 34c i^-lb. peck 43c iggJy prices co|sisteht)y low. Dav in anddav- out you will find Piggly W How pleasant It is to selett jast the Items yoi want arraiiRed shelves!! And for this plehsure of he Iping yJ3urself, 15 to-20 per cent regularly every month in conparist^ withj groccrv bill. . ' THESE PRICES TELL THE , FOR FRIDAif AND SA' WHDAIY GRAPEFRUIT ' SJ?™ ORANGES Sw^et and Per dozen __ Oregon, Selet teif Well bleached HEAD LETTUCE Crisp and So^id Per head „_ BUTIER Shadybrobk^ Per pound _ Fresh PORK AND! BEANS Libby's CRISCd Ideal shorten 3-lb. can --Pennant Six lioxes _ CRACKERS Criq)y. Salte^ 2-ilbJ cartdn COFFEE I>ad>' Alice Fresh roastei^ MOTHER'S OATS P. & G: 15 tars llSrEast Madisop THE Oui| Ads Contain Unusual Offer&igs Eafch Week STORY cy iom the conveniently, |you may save i the average j 5c 27c me ^ ^. ng i—-H- China prize * ^acka^e l _:_i ,li-J. Where Shopping iW a P ea.sure 39c 50c PIG ne/ps /nose ..hi 11 c. We A 'pgs I. Mrs. D. H. Mdore. Sr.. and Hazel Lehman, all of Htinir .were callers at the Roney Sunday. Carlyle Christian Endeavor i went to liberty to help a new society. The topic the eiening was ••Christian ;c n?." ' The meeting under the rship of Mat>el.Upshaw was ed by all. W.C. T. U. and mission claHs will hold an all day at the church Thursday. Carter is quite III of tin; ish lilm a speedy i;ecoyery. ' ljar«well dinner for tbe'iiarl- i^jlven at the cburulj Mon-. Demji, Mi.<;s boldij. ^om i T/,1 members Onga^ize tor Citizi leade^hip enjoy Th study ineetihg Ich Wi tlay eye] qrowd 3! med ojC friend .Mr. an sble a't e -noon." spme •gret niunlty. feat of j.Mr. an , .finer . !%nday. Mrs. A. HiA m with leg. There) I was id the Ilarlitigs a small gift as !hip. j I Mrs. Gerling wild bavel heir place tShursc iy a: Mr. and Mrjtj 'Gerll' of our gi^d fi g move frpm oir They will' move <tolony. j j 1 -Mrs. Roy SHarllijg were jiests at Bariiey .MfcCab^'s mclre sefeing ^arney McCa^e an| assisted MrS: Ro; |tbc packing oif her] .MondJiy. I a coii- Inorth- Mis. Hail- housp- • thc past week have given U lus a wonderful wjiich Is evidence thajk the public enlfoys'the _ trailing with a store ^here tWy arc treat«d with nesS and courtesy and! are assvr'ed of receiving -4 LIVE AND LEI kxpansii^ni .411en founfy's 4 $-lb. Peerless Mid at 4S .lb. tii^ (jholce, (Best ll^or prlte) C.& Sligar, 25-Ib. bag pure Rdisins, Thomp^n Seedless ill pounds for .. Belans,Baby Limas, 31 lis. Coffee^ Self Servicp^Santos 3 i^unds for .U .. J... Pineapple (everybody's jfrui 2*4 cans sliced ... Green BJeans, excellent 4iial No. 2 csins ..... Salmon, fancy piiik, tallj can Tutia iFish, light meat, per cfin - .4 SaVdiries F. F. 0. G. lar^r^ dv^ls 15c, 3.4 H. Cane $1 5 lbs.' .. .... .........^5c *eaberry , $lji0 ) 4 No; ;.0Sc ty, two I M.25C 18c, 6 for 15c solid Apjricbts; Baker braiiid ' iSlackterries, Baker br^iid Piiiea|!>pl|e, Libby«brari( ,i Peaches, Georgia Belle, Bartlett Pears, splendu Gooseberries.......... Applebutter^ Pallas brajtid pacit ... .7 .......1.79c crushed ... | .85<; sliced 1 .sfe brdiid .....\M M FRPSH GOODS We are life' largest buyers oi this line in loi^. We make it pos^ble for you to ow i| your fresh goikis la cheap asiif you wei-e oh the KanSasCi y market. IFre^hi shipinent da il>\ ' I ! Gelfery] large and fancy ^unqK .. LlSc ds, 3fbr2i;d for;;;"*^ .m •••H 25c, 33c, 40c 71bs. ;V.2ic Head LiBttuce, large solid he4 Spinach,; per pouiid ...... . ItfeW Cabfege, tJ«6r pound .. • GreenP'eks,2^ttn|d^'..|.. . Bunch Carrots, fancy Calif. 2 Onions, 6l pounds for ...... Grapefruit, Texa^ each 1... Qrkng^s, Sweet Navals, ^z. SWeet Po^atoles, N^ncy ^Alls, i 3-ib. box J and 2 -^:We wil SPECIALS [Looke-Wiles JFlrispy Crackers bs. fresh Ginger Snaps .... Mt also have sp /;cialirices on our lin^ of iLoosb- Wiles Cpokies. Salesman Will be in 1 pound puie C. &jH.Cane Sugar FRE]$| S.'pounds limit; to One cu^^omej:. We WiD sJjrve Loose FRpE ^itji (pofifee store all djay. Dining Car Coffee i i sales nan will aLo be w th us all da ^, We ise Dining Cjr in 011^ own hom and-1 m heartily e iH dorse a <^offee of su lerioij qiialit Speci ll price! v.... fWiles Cookies Red Figures I^k For i Lrticfes ^ricedbin , Oiitiu^Siiiiar^raeEbtSi^ ._ tested re^ipe;of years standini ijs followed in In^king ^orilin h Caisup. It'is pi eked in the fall ojf the yeari v'hich jirisUresithe product of a natural flavor knp color. No prespijvativq i& used and a proper balance of sugar and Spices makcjs it an extremely cjesirj^ble tabltl (lelicac|r. 1 'i.- Monarth Caisup,iliirgc bottle .__ NavyBeans^ 10 pounds Fancy Head Rice, i(J bs. _.iJ_ •—. P. &] G , Soap 10 bars Folger'l Coffee, pef lb. Yacht Club Pears, No 254 can—-_L h'cs. No. 2 */2 cjm Del Morite Melba PeacI CraclieJ Hominy,^ Ibsj. for —: Bulk bats, 10 lbs. ;for Cane Sugar, 10 Mis. fot^ _^ TheBfMletSf -—73e 75c __-43?: ..-55d .-135^ .__29c _2^c -__45c __75c - f Fosters Clearance dale Continued the Rest of the Week / DRV GOODS Rayon '.yists ..u-L- Rayoh Silk, per yard J -A-.-I Stitched Comfort Batls -A-i——-- Amoskebig Gingham, yarcl Fast tolor Percales, yard Unbleached >Iaslin, yard Bolt Toweling^ J. ' 40-in«*h 10-vat-d Full Siz^d Bleached Shieets, each :ii .arffe| Hiick Toweli?, eich -J Call ahd see these ai d oth^r values, specials 'every day at 2 GROCERIES 48-lb. Winner Flour, guaranteed ISrlb.jWhite Water! Ro^ Flour, none better| 3 lbs.:.'15c Coffee .i. . 3 lbs. 45c Coffee ;0 bars Niptha Soap . lbs. Seledless Raisins cans! N:o. 2 Sweet! Co cans cans M J. 2 Early Jun No. 2Vi H6ihin\ quarts iWildflowcr Jams, assotfted - 79c ---«9c-79c 7ac ____-_15c i a7C ...loyji I $1J5 -$1.00 Doiilt forget the H • p. m. loin ; Peas'1-- Crackers _L_-_^--_ -lb. Box! Selected Soda -lb. SackrCorn M^l .. lbs. peiriut Brittle 0 Pounds^; Compound . _L^______J_. 0 lbs4(^n KettlelLeaf Lard I All kirids of Fresh fruits,: Vegetables, Capons and Hens, I . all 4.16-437 give you ih6 highest qualify meats dnd grbceries monef'^^ti buy an 3 d real c eliver^ servick 1\\e4 ;aike only reason-! I,'itpays toi)aj dble pi^ofit. You (ian't evkdei mentjtliat, after a f denqe S hortj Cut Steak, l|b.,. ^eef Bpil, lb. ... Bette .-$1.95 -_.$2.^5 soi __-$1.2g 98i 49c SSkt -i-r- F^esh -.—69c -.43c 20c -_L25c ..$1.25 .-S1.75 Mei^'ts^ Deliver r peefBoil, IB. . ..... I[rau t'tour: the truth of tftb state-f ^eef R^ast, lb. Com, leas, Sweet arid J iiicy, 5 cans Good an(i Sweet,15 cans in bulk. pefclb. Vhi^e Similiinei ^4-lb. bai .$1.00 i .^1.95i .lX.42c White Sunshines-lb. l)ag i0rooiii,!a good ^ ^ • ^^c^^Ejd Com|>inatio4 ciiipbell Scjup jandlWasi^^ Three! Phihes 401-402-403 • 5 S ifolr con- I V- i f ...20c| i..'...ioci •i-.12V^c' \... ...l^c . .,r .50c .....50c L...L.5C

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