Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1927
Page 8
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^iPaGBEIg ;1 ^ CHAfe. 4 III t REGliSTER >B£AC l! : . Fi scojrr ithe ioU id Cli^ M: ro^tqcrioe: tter]. !,. icK Exchange ConnecUnK peif Cify of M C1& Of Jpla. j ' A|i^ County, df ICirS fiilon. ; ofi the WoHd. ' " '. W It Bn»scl4 i itoulh '•... 1 **f "' B V MAIL^ J OuUldolAllehCjiun ; ®^~mn>n county t •©he- Tear. ....'J M«>ntJi9 i pnV ]|fonf h itATES. i'liy^ LaHarpe .16 CcnU ,.r...$7.80 ..l...»5.00 ......$:.B0 ll.SO tl '.OO »:.oo .M 00c ASSOCIATtD lalcr !<{Brrlcs ilBtPd PrtwR Is «*rli|slvoly cn- »^ ihn ii4e for rcfcubll |,, Snn?ews tllspatdbi-si t-rc. rtoJ lUfia afro tli<> lo<5»l iK-ws p iliimiod hcro- , iQ^ A H tiihts orJri'puWii atif^ii of sp<- Bible Thought f6 I will jpouij upon ipo ll :B »»W . • i * ihc spirit Of Buiiplicaltons.—Zecli. I • |Bveiy ciitlzeii of |Kip tloiiial inslilutipns gf t ic' State at uild^ratatiding a at I in] ibe (Bov^riju: '.iiUtUujtioos, must objbi jret tlie Atrodticcfbnf < f the teg Blaturcj io, ibolislr tlie I - Attrd' of'JRcEeiitfi and i etu rn to the ct ited sys- |)y 3oaid vof hope that (eatcd. in a purely ml era aro firu liOHl- arc Houelit a^jarded aw de^nonKira- llr ojid aaill tiiorouj;bl^ dls|r ttta if I govcrnine^ 1 CC^trojl.'Uid caqnol bi| . ibf B^asiire wilj be d - TheijBoVrfor Contro i'lkititlckl boardl liam ; paid ^ KJilkry [and; ,th(^< I aa pafitigal plttmn and •ucb. ;|Tlic Stflltc had i{ I tldft nidtr ihc way 1» vbteh fun^tiona -dl IJaylH r a IlQanj caRi!>or f >RE6S. i»o(l wire. cation of to It or rrsrrvfMi. Tdday. ouse of ^ace and : 10. as ^vbo has educa- ini of thd froblcnia In- cnt of sucii •ve I with re- bill injp elligeut Kitite of (lie tt <'oiiirol , . th. way It cnb midc t|) funetlr n' ujndcr ilK; onttraj of a narrowj mh drd and un- acriq^loilR Obtcrniir. Kv<jn aside frOBi ljbit |.extri !inc illluMration tho Board|ofrt:ont|-ol. ikRuii aiid uKain. during tie years ^f Jt ^ ^xi.stence, j proveti iiH Inabilii^' to function in such 4 way as] to firon otc|' the lil'st r the reason i intcrc^(fi of thu State ft that its incinlii'rs were by}'the very natur^ of thcij- appoint mcht. politically, minded, jthinking first of the political effect of any action they ihfgbt pe coniiderinK" ralber'than of^ th< .adtrandement : long educational lines ofj tte ins Klitions under tl oir control. The Board-ipflleKeijtsl. on the other land, is inpt a pa d Board and • voBitfi M uponj it. then fore, arc not ] sough <by political bat gcrs'on, nor arc appofntnicnts to ft made to ro- qUitc' poltticalj faybrs. ! The men [ 'Who sirre on jthis Boa ;<I are draft-" ed-foi jtbe se'Tjvioe. T ley confer a • favor upon the Govern r' by aecept- I )ng thb appcdiithient. 'ather than , reficivlne a fa n r tron him. Tlicy i arb chosen for t leir interest in cdu- , cAion {E^id foil ltj|e!r. «tllingncBs to aenw! tie'pubiic; Thty. have no oliieir con'cernj .yelativi to the lir- iatituttoiijsundlr their h|irBO than to BJet them I develop along liqcK ; thai JRhi li prove biOHt isl'ful to the Statc.j CeVer In the east degree Oettg jrartiaanl polttics (inter' into tltefr !d<jllbera|lflmn| ^'It^h the result, as cational anyoii mafcliig inquiry, tiiW tic State edu- ing t]iel,r work (bcsc ,-ycnr «i With '^nthUftl o-may iDstilkitldnH b decree lof ,m anld b'upyat cy n for raalny i not KBO With la .0U8 HC! proper I'elatieJDB wttli (Uid.bnr wholje syf^teml lurther rcRalt (jtia^ the yari- ia aj-e being brought into in^ another of higher Mucsitlob being put~i I'bn a plane Of ^irileijly pri>gresi aid consistent devil0p9)ient 'lecauae th^re is a body-'of |diBiniercst!e|d iien engaged in planning for thb cnfre system. Surely the prekent^ jlat of governing the State sdhob s by a board &t jidnotary' regents 1 as! approred fttelf Mri^g jeven ! the brief period it half neeh In existen ;e and the LiCgiiilatkirfe ought; no to take backjirard step by ircti rning to a plaojirl ^ich after Uong trial was so thoroughlyj discfroflitct that it was ^cast ovc|rbpard only tvo jrears ago by ubanin^ns (jonisent Kaahing'J 6fkty iniie^ Shanghai, is In rUins; bnc^ the forces ofi thb ilorjthern lei der. Marshal Stin Ph^att-fitn^g are Jtrraming to ,Shankhsli, lobtinglall villages on the tfayl—Pirrss Di.sps tch Cbnfirpiiiiki what m s said in the i coltinins pf ifclrdaf as to. the so: . tie kind JiiRiiL carrfcd Jon fti of soldiers that learn upon |ive^ been do- past, two harmony, they have long year. southeast of Wie Register of war that qhlna and are w^ag- THE PKESIDfXT AS ^REACHEB. k. C. SUr: If tha'printetl and siiojcen Word thrdugi aaliicfoup phgazines and objeictionable theatrical performanceji hua a demorai- IzihgMnflueBde on the nation, who can estimate the effect Boodi of such an afldma aa that of Presl- Icnt- Coolidge f c^terday on the :haracter anld service ofl'^asbing- Washlngton'M practical idealism Uas the sort of thing > that would Appeal paftlplariy to Calvin Cool- jdgc. Sountl Judgment in affairii, oniblncd with d'evotion to the pubic good, is what Mr. cjoolldgc him- has endeavored to show (n lila Dwn administration. In strcaaing he need for economy and thrift, he President never overlooks the bancc to show hpw these qualities fnay be made to minister .. to the Jgiier nature of men and women. >Vhen be deals with such a prosaic ubjcct as roductlQU of govcrninrnt xjienditurcs he takes pains (o [wlnt out that tliis is only a uicanH o an end. The end is that the iu- lUvidual citizen may have lefi more the fruits of bis labor to use 'or the well being of his family. The characcr of ^Vashington was k subject made to bis hand. In discussing it be drove home to his ast audience of the radio and the : loVspapcr the homely truths he 1 as . constantly proclaimed. Once 1 lore ,he has shown that he coni- ) rehcnds that the 'President is not 1 icrcly chief cxcQJitive of Uio goy- I rnment, but Its spiritual leader as ' roll. The President of tiie United Itates has the opjlortunity to be its foremost preacher. It was In 1 his role that Mr. Coolidge appear< i\ before congress and the country esterda^. T^!IoiAPAli.lJB I BgGI3TEB ,j!riBU] =0-t£) AR£ ASUeR] K V; BA C W ACH /^O i HAUF S Mati ^ERED! uEAME. you'b srAirrA we coKiMERSA-ndM! ;\NHAj rne voo y -myiM '-To DojGVdC MV iNSuRi^Nce BuRiEb AU\(£ IjDf? 3 S0UO!H6 U I?^« SHE. IM Mor PEOPLE V OO'RE JNfe:g!EBkUAltY 24 .1 DUST \jEi MiKJiOTe.^! Iff. bbsn" SecAose iLAi^ lb SHAVE 'i-AK D HAviETO CLOtf ES[CLC »SeTSi TME A^b*4B CALL^« (iTUAVe STACKSt Wichita Eagle: Industrial Cbcm- i 5t Harrison's assertion that $250 rorth of products can be made < ut of a ton of wheat straw^ does- t mean that straw stacks, which ! re so prominent a part df the ccnic investiture of Wichita's land- capej are to be saleable at that I rice jtohiorrow, next - month oY I oxt :rear. But it docs mean tliot ndu8|rlal Chemistry will eventual- Ikr'iurn a lot of the tblngH Kansaa I ow views as waste pi|'oducts Into I old. One of the IntcreHtlng fca^ iircH of. Harrlaon'a aiJKertlon ap- pars'In bis list of products which re to be derived from straw. Ixsnd- ifig in that list are llduld rooflni^ iid paints. One of the chief lac- ( uers- now-in usecomes from oat straw. , Irhe .basis of the ncw -fan-):led coatings in this ;n-orld. and the ncWfangled are irapidly sn- 1 crseding the old-fashioned covcr- ings, is cellulose in a combination ith (ho derivatives of nltrogefi. Kansas burns jip niiilions of doW lars in'cellulose every year. It Is gratuitous contribution to the ky. "The day is coming whep it ill be added to the cash box. The |hing sounds fantastic ' and isn't, wcnty years ago an assertion that ^lan' would be painting things with gun would hare sounded crazy, •lut in-industry- today the gun is j )cin^ used for that purpose world litliout end. And the ammunition t uses is -cellulose. The poor old {icglcc ed yellow straw stack is a lowde '-magazine which w-ill help he Kt nsas farmer make a (/reach n the wall to a better day and .In- jlustriiil Chemistry will' Ic td the f*ay.. I'pr 'llE O.N, UKOTJIKIt! ' i ThcUola Chamber of Commerce K offering a prize of $100 for the liggcst five-acre yield Pf corn on illen county upland a^d a similar irize for the best five acre yield I n Allen county bottom land, ilf I lie Clianute Chamber of Commerce make the same propd^i- ion to the farmers of f^coibo conn- I y. The Tribune wlir ibet (|barley !>cott a dozen golf balla that Ne^i ho can lay it all over Allen county vlicn It comes to raijiing c^rn.r— 'hanute Tribune. i , T i You're on, Brother! A idozen ijiolf balls will copic in handy next prlng. And we hope;tho farmers k Allen -county-will realize and ap- |)rec'ialc the confidence we a)-e idacing In them. Golf balls cost ^oney. and tt /ere is nobody whose noncy I we would rather, take than he Tribune man's! But in all seriousness the Reg- stcr hopes Neosho county wilt get nto the corn game along with Alen county. The soil and climate }f the two CDuntiea are. much alike, 50 whether Allbn won or Neosho would depend Ter^,jnuch upon the, wits of the men who entered itito he competition. A contest betwejen :hc two counties would stimulate interest in both and would attract wide attentlOD, besides resultibg in grxnrios more corn ion less land. As an a'N to agrioulture it would >eat the McNary-Hatigen bill a city block! • Oiit on a big ranch near Cheyenne, Wyo., there is a; pet'antelope with almost human JntcUigcnce. i It will listen for hours to music coming ih over the radio, but ip quits the fUnily circle WheriJBvet a api^ch fci tuifwl in; !>• THE B.iys NEWS. X/cholaa .Murray Butler, who aroused considerable cuinnlent cobcerning two national qncsti|)ns, prohibition and a tbird term .President Coolidgej is presiden Columbia University. New Cit >l a post he. lia.s held foii yeat-». More than.any other among contemporary educator:^ has entered Into the game of p tical politics anil for many yiars be has l)ccn promiueut in the cc un- cils of the Republican party. P -lor to being "elected president of Columbia, Or. Butler had been a Ijrqminent mcuibei' of the fac ilty at iihlloHophy. He has playoi: a large part in the arbitration m< ve for of ork 25 9ian he ac- ment, aild as one of the trustee the* Carnegie Kndowmont for Advancement of Peace he has come known Intcrnallonully amj JuriHtH and stuu-smen Infliienlla ushering In Judlcihl- and arbl selHeinent tions. of international qacs- In l'Jl(7 WHbur-fllcnn Voliva, crseer of Zloni III.", scheduled total assets as S'.i cents; todajj has an income of ti million dol a year jind controls twenty-six situtions and industries. ma>-; be a punk prophet but he certainly, is a whizz as a profitcpr. ov- his he ars in- Tbc i^ian but The fact, that Sinclair l,cwis starting out upon a walking tl)U Knglund. ha.s kept bis de^tipa k secret, as carefully cabled ((lo less at bis exiK-nsc) from London, tloes not special appreljen- sion in this office. Your- of the being in ral in of ion libt- to be of assl INCOME TAX >o. : B{. .The period for filing inconii rcturn.'-l m&dc 'u» the ba.iis iil calendar year 1!»26 ends at night. March ID27. Whcu reaFoii of illness or alj.sence I home additional time is required, an application tor an extehtion' should be addressed to the co tor of internal revenue for the trict in, which the taxpayer tax the 4iid- by bin lec Iriis- ^ilcs hlR return. iTbe! application n ust be made .before the return is due and must contain n full recita of the causes l(or the delay.: Bxjept in the case of tiixpayers ; who arc abroad, no uzteniions aro gri^i ted for more than six months. Copies of (liic prescribed foijnis. so far 83 possible, are furni»ried taxpayers by collectors. Kallur ; to receive s( form, however, does not relieve the taxpayer of his oh] ga- iibn ,to file H return and pay lax i^n time. Taxpayers who not supplied with the proper f should make application: ther thf are prja tor lo the collector |in time to lave the rnturii prepared, verified, and filed on or before the due date Carefully noting the instruct ons on the forms, ithe taxpayer sh >ald nrepare his return ^o as clearly and felly to set forth', the data thereiii called for. ImpeHect or incoirect returns are not accepted as n eet- fng'the renuirements of the income tax law. tracking a prescribed t irm. a statenfent made • by a; taxp lyer di.<;ol68ing his gross income ant the deductions therefroiii ''i^ay be accepted as a tentiative' return and. if filed within the.prescribed time, will relieve the taxpayer from Ha- bility to penalticp, prorjded that without unnecessary delay, &U (h a t«nta,t(ve return jis replaced I y a return made on tlie proper for n. Taxi aycrs whoke liet. income for 1926 w is loiOOO or less anti wai <|e- rivcd '»lilefly ffoii salary or wages arc require^ to make their rctliiTis bn; Form 7040A.I 'Persons whdse net Ineomcj was in* excess of $5 ,004. or, regardli|ss of the am luut, was fferired from a busines) or profoMiou. including farming, are required tb nse the larjer. .1 otro. lOlO, is the "Float- Iflgi Univftrs ty-" which consisttjl of a cjollefee ftculty, : uu men, j 100 girls, a .stcani.ship;a id five months timb.-wu.s lonethink-of a failure from an educational standpoint. The prcseuqe df the gif Is. he said, resulted in courtships degrees of intensity. tractcd the froiii the voyiiuv. It may be on iiomq thi ifrs, but ricadlines^ FA^IMBRS I MUST OWN SALVATION. S CAMPER. thought _-| TliejCake Falk, Never lift the Jltd oC the steamer bpilbr while jcoolcing cake, dumpling^ or puddings j or they will ^11. On| tie' Irontttg Boar£ • A liea\'y coiltoii felt of two thick- 1 ni ss^s makes tlie best cover for ' yi^ur^ ironing [board. of varying which dis- of tho uien sirrfouH piurpo-se of the tliut tbl' men lost out we'll bet tb«Ve wct^ffjal lead ^9 glrlji that got edii- catedl on tbjtt ti^tu! Clrt-uscH are advertising' for sword swallowcrs. We know HOV- eral rcstaurknts tbdi could produce some might)' promisjlng umatcunt. "I yoif never sec: WORK ' OBT lAYS ARTHUR Now that movies have bcpun .to do their own talkink. what vrtll haP|Pcn to't le self ippointed an- nounccrs of all the titles? Possibly they can ifind .sonic way stance tti the care-takers of public librari|--s. * « * » inconc in Onitilin won the clieWing gjim championship by cramming lj)l .iticksiinto liis nioutli at once. W get his $25, rigley is licginning to ,iU00 back alrca<ly. R miktE ivhAR .FUOGE J ; 1 cup Brown s igar 1 cup ppwderc d sugar H cu >..granul; ted sngilr % cii »-Vhlte 8 (rrup 1 tab espoon bitter :Almo 11 cup jniik { Flavoring Mix : 11 i ingretiients except jfla^ oHng apd cook until it will;fori i a real s oft ball : n cold watcri Co( I some, a dd; flavoi Ing and bei^t' unt 1 creamy Pour out on blittered pjate. This maces a very rici candy 1 nd the powdered.i sugar nialc^^ t very fjne grained.-l-C. I] itresh ^FPtiE m VHim DU.HPLIX&I. Pare the .fruit] and keep • in coll water i We preparing a mce bis edit do ish. vhU h roll out and ci t in pieci s !4 or 3 inches squar . I^lace He "fruit on, and wrap u? i^icely a dough Drop the tlumi- llngs, (ne at a time, ,into lioilln; vfater. They .vlll boll down ii t^boiit 1 > minuteif the fru^t is ( I one of the beat cooking varietie i. Ijaltc tl em up; put in a biitterel pan' an I brown in the oven fe v i^itiatei. Serve "while hot. 1 witp s>veetei ed crean;, with either nu meg orj lemon flavoring.—Ci R. «UG]iCl|BB£RRti C'l^TARDi Pit. Stew the buck eberries an^;ica\e (hem «itii but ery little : juic- Line th s pie-pan i with good L -rus ^ud fill half wit i the fruit. .^lakjc a mixti re; of eggs, sugar and as for :ustai-d v ea and poitr the her les—eno igh to fill lipp eacfi pan. I ake in q iick oven.. j Bett( r bake a tvhple pii for each m«^mb( r of the I imily as one-fourth.iectic i will li ely not be chough—-thcjy are so llellcious.j-jC. R. milk, ovdr (;KA^D.«OTHteR•S BUBBLE' PVI S HXG . j ^ One liuart flojur. sifted with 2 of salt; eiiougti to make a; ver y teaiipoohsi (level warm iew milk] Use Our Sei'vic^ -iito yoijr door to get the Service aptl Qutil ypu ai-e lentitled (o7 You'll be satis ied. Fresh frvdU and Vi ;£^eta]tjles Country Eggs, per ^zen Smax, tl^e new br^altfast foQdt, per Piickwick Bran Flak0s, a good one ]V|luffets.|a whole whp^t biscuit, toa^ed __-4_-__ l5c One half ealion Karp Syrup, white I Beef, Pork^ Veal, Lainb aAd ChicUens Linit Starch for I thin bati be adde old; tim(} >Dntch hand to but! the theLgeii good bake in wanted lahii Iwhites I (plain oij or jelly er; 5 well beaten egg^. to| at the! lajat monient. The way was to bake in a blven (^di it took a 'deft take 'emJ right side tip), hoderni wky is this: ^eat jans hot: jgrease well with 1; pour in the batter "and lulck oyeii 15 minutes: If |xtra nice|.beat the yolks I lies separately, adding list. For' sauce,' Use cream swe^teneid) butter, sjfrup, to suit taste.—C. it. larU % cuii 1 egg i2 >/2 cu ;Vi cup! Iev« squares egg. 2 j2 leve I Cream and mix beaten late. Bi nately dry three Keep in til flrni. ty Groceries ....19c fptkK.-^i 25c iOc land one 10c -' 35c V^onp we Have Parking Room f i »r Your !29|2-291. I Gorper 2nd_^and | incobi man Mi lis old-& I mat] F OR molntha he had hated t6 face ib . was slip ;>ins. Losing out Me Whoi once shown I uch shining pronusel jl^or hi goniiJ Ambition, itt. happened? He seiemed to gT< fore the; day was half-way thro ^ What corse was beggaring his life? Com tipation blighti/ manr a brig^.t ireer. It destroys inituiuveL It weakjens theibody^and leadij tb Weaiy !hl disease^ after disease, j Yet. coi sti^ pation c an be relieved^^—safdy, ] >er^ nianently. Kellogg A AlJL-BRAf iguarakbMd io give relief I Why parl-l>ran products are ineffective Docton recoimmend ALU-^RAN be*) tii lOOSS bran. Jheyixmir, CaUSe|it{Ui luu/p LMOU . cuEjrau that t Op % bran means 100 % sultslj Here is why: system jmobtani ^thic^ its reU [Car We Deliver JCtliig^aAIJ^BSAH :tntk ihisiaS. , iaaraiBMe: .'£*t it J^dfidla'f to dlMe^ U it dts mot X *//4 V |F eentiipMtioa wewHlttbai piiet. 'erbus absorbs. And it gently distends —cfe^nsmg. removin); wastes. Icontains; sufficient; "h ilk" to work—because it is H 0% bran product, the quantity p: small to be < ntirelyj DonUrisk dangi AUL4IRAN works as H6w differen! ^om p whose dose must increased. Serve AU-BRAN (jream—Imd add liet it aoalc a 'eyir. _ 4ut its niit-lil e flavor other cereals.. Use ^ the redpte oi i ^vexy -Ke]Ioi^'s /)LIL4RA^ 100% hTti^.mficl Batde Creek -Comes Sold by all's^ocersj the intestmes ALL-ekA.^ perform ;thb In a part- bulk isljtoo. ffective. ' \ drugs \ nature does, lis and drugs constaiidy 4rith fruts mon lents 4a - milk i or .or honey, to bring iMikit >»ith ips. iTry. isdieorig^al Kellogg'in ready to eat; Served iby dmersi ' f CHOCOljATE ICE BOX COOKIES. shorteni|ig i cups sugar |ps flour ' milk teaspoon salt melteil chocolate j teaspoon baking pb^^der the sbbrt^nihg. add sugar thoroughlj)^, Add-tbe well " . salt and melted ctibco- at well, jthein' add aitcr- niilk! and the reinaiiliing \ sifted together Sh^pe ihtQ liblls. ice box over.nlght orjun- Cut i^tb thin slices [and the ingredients times. • bake ten minutes in 375 degrees F. Makes 5|i R. M. : . . i POPt'OR> FILli^iiU. .Make a boiled, frostii g ful' sugar,' tablespoon Hnbgar and .jked, aui(L iji4h whittjs jjiiid. irhen 3 CUI S: Sprta d Ii IgJiigcrslrat jmed greca baion 10 minutes. Serves sik;-^R. M, .i. table^ocin water poured da the stiffly b of 2 eggs. Beat again atiff. esbugb. stir ihti) Of fresfily popped' eo^ between thin cookies, br crisp cookies. : TrSA >EWBl 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon flour 1% tups thin cream !>-:'-: tablespoons chij pepper ' 1 tablespoon grated 2 cups tuna fish 1 egg , . 1V= tablespoons chopped pimen"- tb. . . •Melt tJutter. akU fltju cream: gradually. Bri ing point. Add pcppcjrB^ bnion land' tuna. . Add ibeaten, anil cook thriq Serve Jin timbalc case: cs. or I on toast. Time ing 20 mihutes. Time liot 'fiviu^ cookies.T- pt a cu» and tl 6 to boi : piment i \fMs slightly n : minute s. , pattr; caM 'in combiii' l(n cppkisg Fbjr your c^;ftveilie] ice we are carrj^iig a jlinfj o!f Nqtioiis, as Threadi Pins, Tsipes, Po^deri Needles^ Tlimibies, Work SMrts, JGldyes, iPowels, at Pfuies that ^i^VE. MliaK, Eyaporatdd, jmall size ... SALMON, Alaska! R«;d, tal! .... HOMINY, large;ain, good quality PpARS, packed in syrup, No. 21/2 MATCHES, 6 boj^es [20 cu. in.) .. CRACKERS, 3-lb. K-ispys, b^x MEAT DEPARTMENT iPORK CHOPS, eitrz quality, lb. . SAUSAGE, pure iior|k, lb. L ... ROASTS, extra nice, lb. . .5c I 31c i.lOc i 25^ i ,27c i i- 25c U23c 18c Pholie 497 ' ^Quatity GrboAries 701 S. Washi a^n < > © WeseUXJ.S. ed niieats e; judgliHieiit it ^iitinspectT elyjl tn om safter meat t(ie jtlwUsahdSfffSo . . and csdbt^pifi i,t^ jmeats. tot I>||^ your ipfeats where {are ^{protect id. i»iDrt, tkin'b SPECIAI^F Pare P^k 3ai Made.ifrom .seasoned with perj Pure hiea Plenty df Pork Li Sanliitlit Pldtfc 16 ft 11^. ^^ei FreshjI^orkPic Bacon Sqifaires^' Extra! fj^^y END Beef. WEEK! apd fancy;) >A\ ANI) SATURDAY &. -:._[]-__ lH . le m, pork trimmings, ure sage, salt and pep- no cereall ers 5c lb.,; 6 lbs. SJSc & no sfiaiiiks, 6 jl. __J-J ^-li4c 6 toSlhl&ilb _19^ 20c Lard Jb. SOCIO lbsrfdr_LJf .Il! Fancy; C|huck Roasts, com fed beef, lb Ut Compound, per Ibt __ ._J__— J .:14e SEA^NABLE SPECIALTIES .1 Fzephls^,^ ^piam4^^^^8^, , Bi Ik *JBfnIIiii • J ^Ss *'a S i &r ^ihyig in good kindisj au,^,Goose Liver SiU meat.' "Meat, Tllat Tou Can JEit" 'I' 1 - i

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