Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 24, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1961
Page 2
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Established In 1914 3 =7 NATIONAL EDITORIAL Subscription Rates In Kiiyru<" Jiiiil Adjoining Counties Outside ruyetti-' and AdjoininR Counties |AS^>tgTI <jN .(fill.*.,! '.' ! V h ( $3.00 Per Year S3.50 Per Year Chattin' Creek Bottom Commote With Stonev Page 2 Fayette Leader August 24. 1961 Fayette, Iowa "Isn't it true that dieting is a penalty for exceeding the feed limit?" The Leader is published weekly in Fayette. Iowa, and distributed on Thursd.-iy morning. Entered at the Post Office ai Fayette, Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Sioneman. Owner and Publisher Editorial Comments Need For Support Of Chamber You have frequently heard remarks such as "Why does the Chamber of Commerce do this?" or "Why doesn't the Chamber of Commerce do thai?" .Utst what is a Chamber of Commerce? While outwardly it may appear to be an office with administrative help, meeting rooms, records, informal, n to belter serve the community, visitors ar.d answer requests from the four corners of the country relative to the home community, the preceding is not the factual definition of a Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is the membership, men and women from every type of business establishment, large or small, professional penr-ns and individuals interested in the problems of their community. The community in this sense is defined not within the city limits, but areas outside of these boundaries. Criticism of the Chamber of Commerce is in reality aimed at your business and professional acquaintenances. This is not to say that a Chamber of Commerce should not be criticized, it should be and no doubt will be if it is doing the job that it should for the community which it serves. Members sacrificing time and energy away from their business or profession to serve on com­ mittees are highly cognizant of the needs of the community and give freely of their time to do something about it with the financial and moral support of others not f» fortunate in having adequate free time for work of this type. In their efforts to better the community in which they work and live whether it be Cedar Falls, Waterlco, Chicago, Los Angeles or Yankton, adverse criticism bothers them but little. Constructive criticism is welcomed and even requested, but it is a well established fact that the "sour grapes" remarks usually emanate from sources that do little for the home community. A baseball team is helpless without players with hitting and fielding ability plus baseball sense. Likewise, a Chamber of Commerce is helpless without the support cf progressive and thinking members. A Chamber of Commerce will stand still and, consequently fall further behind when members are self satisfied -and indifferent. We are very fortunate in Cedar Falls to have a deeply responsible and community minded membership that recognize the urgent needs of the community and take action to solve the problems. Taken from the Waterloo Courier and written by Ed Boyle, Executive Secretary of the Cedar Falls Chamber of Commerce. In answer to th< inquiries to why we have no! varned advertising, stories and ;;i<-tiircs for the Fayette county fair, wo can only say that tin fan board must havs forgotten W!MT < the town of Fayette is. We only received one or two stories and pictures about the fair . . . which we printed about a'month ago. And in a telephone conversation with a fair board official last week we were informed that since they had mailed out n pamphlet on the ia\r they were not rving to do any newspaper advertising this year. We do feel that it was very commendable of the Oelwein Register to donate ('.') a full page ad and some smaller ads, the Fayette Union to donate (?) two half page ads, and KOEL to donate (?) numerous spot ads for the fair. If we had known donations were in order, we could have done the same thing. **3 JAMES C. BROMWEU, SECOND IOWA DISTRICT Debate on the President's foreign aid proposal lasted three days and ended with a severe set-back for the Administration in the Mouse of Representatives. — B — The proposal was for a five year program casting !j>B.8 billion dollars, plus interest, because we would have to borrow the money. Without interest this amounts to almost exactly the amount of all the federal •taxes raised in the State of Iowa in 10 years. — B — The issue was not foreign aid vs. no foreign aid. It was foreign aid with G^ngress holding the purse strings or foreign aid without congressional control for five years. The House of Representatives insisted on tight control, the Senate went along with the Administration. A conference committee of the House and Senate is meeting to reach a compromise this week. — B — Debate in the House demonstrated two things. 1. Great dissatisfaction with the administration of foreign aid so far. 2. Vigorous insistence that this money shall in no way, directly or indirectly, benefit Communists or people who like Communists. — B — Party politics went out the window. The Administration and Governor Rockefeller (on his own) made a plea for bi-partisan suppprt of the President's program; Instead, the idea of handing 1 over the purse strings received bi -partisan opposition. — B — One question that was implied throughout the debate but never asked in so many words was: Just what are we trying to buy with this money? . . . One conviction which was stated expressly agajn'and again is that we have not received a dollar's worth of goods for every dollar spent JOT far. — B — Actually i there are three groups of opinion in the House. Those who are against foreign aid. 'isiose who. want an efficient,' restrained and carefully continued* program. Those who favor a liberal all-out program. . Wit&QWt M 'challenge to con- greastotiftl; authority, wltich is a const}tuU6nal matter, a foreign aid wf? would have had no trouble In the House. The issue was forced not by Congress but by the Ad^inisteation. Basically we M« concerned with -m ..spread'.*!* the;$pe of freedom in the world aM Congressmen were quick to po« t this put day in ar4 day out. More than 10,000 drivers Arrested for speeding More than 10,000 Iov/a drivers and truckers have bean arrested for breaking highway speed limits so far this year, Iowa Highway Patrol Chief David Herrick reported today. He said the total for speeding arrests is higher than it has ever been at this time of'year in the past. Herrick reported that the patrol has apprehended 2,013 truck drivers for speeding, 1,580 auto drivers for violating daytime speed limits, 0,405 for breaking nighttime speed limits, and 502 for violating restricted speed zones. Herrick said he felt the enforcement drive is having an ef­ fect on traffic fatalities since the number of deaths on the state's primary highways is running below last year. He pointed out, however, that lack of manpower prevents effective speed enforcement on secondary roads "and that's where we are losing out." The traffic death toll on Iowa's county and local roads this year is runnin.y more than 40 deaths Ahead of last year. Herrick appealed to drivers to piotect themselves on secondary roads by reducing speed, entering all intersections with caution, and being particularly careful on loose gravel road surfaces. SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS iSmwaP CENTENNIAL Aug. 25-Sept. 3 De$ Moines RACING THRILLS BIG CAR RACES Afternoons: Aug. 27; Sept. 1 & 2 STOCK CAR RACES Afternoon: Aug. 26; Night: Sept. 3 JALOPY RACES Night: _ , Aug. 27; Afternoon: Aug. 31 I J* I SUPER-MODIFIED RACES Afternoon: Sept. 8 HORSE RACES Afternoons: Aug. 29, 30 GREYHOUND RACES Night: Aug. 25 AND . . . FABULOUS MUSICAL REVUE Nights, Aug. 28-Sept. 1 THRILL SHOW Nights: Aug. 26, Sept. 2; Afternoon, Aug. 28 BRILLIANT HORSE SHOW Aug. 29-Sept. i NATION?' GREATEST AGRICULTURAL EXPOSITION featuring the FARM0RAMA Seven of the eight largest manufacturers return to the fair in one of the world's largest tents, Plus, nearly 50 other exhibit* of timesaving, work-saving machinery. The machinery show of the year in Iowa. AND . . . National Livestock Show 10,000 prim* animate on pared*. •i-H, FFA Fair—The lulura of low* farmJaf in sell on. Quality Meat Show—-Th* ihow that help* brinf better meet to your table. Farm Crap Show—The boat from tba "Braedbaikat oj U>* World". • Poultry and Rabbit Bhow—Exotto breed* tram leading raUare. Farm Gadget Show—Inftnloua Invention* by Iowa (arm folk*. .Team Pulling Contaat—Mv« "horeepower" in thrilling A .competition. IUNDRE0S OF BIG FEATURES r < thamp Wbitafi Firework*. NE1 Reduced Prices , FOR ALL GRANDSTAND PERFORMANCES MON- 'TUak far all .umda^d i^ornumo** on MfcftMw and Sunday*: box Mailt •3.60; renvved ***t*< W.00. All arat*" a *Mr*l 'admUaion^ children. , ' . SBATS NOW/ We'd like to thank Doc Borchert for his thoughtfulness in having the coffee j> t ready for a bunch of coffee drinker.-; Sunday morning when the", couldn't find a restaurant open on Main street. He al.-o had donuts available, and could have served several orders of bacon and eggs if he'd had a hot plate. Having made previous plans for the day, however, he felt he could not kefcp his barber shop open to feed the tourists and local residents who eat down town regularly . The question now is who's going to serve the coffee next Sunday morning. V/e find it hard to believe that anvbody with any brains really bciieves in federal aid to schools. The real motive behind the much hnllyhooed subject is promotion of bureaucracy and perpetuation nf bureaucrats. The one logical exception would be direct federal aid to those school districts whero-in there are many families of service men or government tmp?oyees. Within the states, there is rearon for staK" aid, because the state has the machinery with which to collect and distribute the various taxes which can (or could) give property tax relief and tax equalization. There is no rightful reason why there should be more than a small nominal tax on any property that does NOT contribute to the owner's income. But any such thinking is idealistic, not realistic. Picnty of property tax will be with us on into the far- thermos! foreseeable future. One foremost reason being that a house, a building, a plot of land cannot be shuffled from bank to bank nor hidden under the mattress. In the meanwhile we can hope for some degree of property tax relief. This writer shall continue to contend that an Iowa adjusted gross income tax is the play for another dance, and the following Friday night there will be another square dance? An abstainer is a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a favor. — By Reuben logical and rightful means to that hoped for end. Taxes are paid out of income, therefore income bracket or ABILITY TO PAY should be a foremost consideration in taxation legislation. However, In the event of an Iowa adjusted gross income tax, with a large percentage of the take to . be •'earmarked" for state aid to schools, the dependent deduction clause should be definitely different than that of the present federal ino:me tax setup. There is NO logical reason, NO rightful reason why a PROSPEROUS man should be exempted from his fair share of tax because he had the experience of marrying a woman that proved to be a success at motherhood. On the other hand, there is every reason why every man should be responsible, within the limits of his financial responsibilty, for not only the .support, but also for the schcoling of his own offspring. To this "grass-widower" hog farmer it is displeasing indeed to hear an early bird candidate (who is a salaried family man) start chirping about "increased dependent deductions". On 3 day vacation Dale Maxson left Sunday on a three day all expense paid trip to Lake Okoboji. Mr. Maxson won the trip for being the lop Westinghouse salesman in this area. Other lop salesmen from thp state will also attend. Two years ago Mr. Maxson won a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks for being top salesman. FOUNTAINS BEAUTIFY STATE FAIR SHOWS A piece of news that should mrike the local youngsters happy is that the theater will reopen on Friday, Sept. ti. We hope the kids have been saving their pennies and will attend the movies as often as possible. In this ago of television, the theater business in any small town is nothing to brag about, so they need all the support they can get. It was a shame that the street dance was rained out last Friday night, But then, there's always another Friday night. This week there will be no dance due ro tne county fair. However, next Friday night Jack Howard will FEATURED FOUNTAINS will add glamor anil beauty to the MlniKiMotii State Fair »hows AUK - '-<S through Svpt. 4. Beautiful girls nhown above will perform nightly In trout of the Gaudstanil in Lot Mo Mayer's Disappearing Water Ballot. Klsewhero on the grounds, falrgouvs will be able to visit DftncVng Writers of 1961, (luniiiinproiliHiid npectntciilur In which fountains and colored lit'lits are tbo performers. The All-Star Night Grandstand Show which luuiuruH mo water ilaliet also will offer stage, circus and aerial acts and fireworks. CEE ^ os * Spectacular w)EE Night Show Ever Presented by Fair, Closing with Gorgeous Fireworks. Other Big Features are* • Huge Open Claw Cattle, Swine, Sheep and Draft Horse Show*, First 6 Day*. • 80-Acre Farm Machinery & Home Appliance Shew*. • Auto Races All 10 Days— 5 Speedway Car Meets; S Late Model Stock Car Races; Two Thrill Show*. • FFA & 4-H Club livestock Shows, Cattle, Swine and Sheep, Last Four Days. • Huge Farm Crops, Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Shows. • 8 Nite Horse Shows, Aug. 26 thru 31 & Sept. 2 & 3. Matinees Aug. 25, 26 A 27 and 5ept. 3 & 4. • Royal American Shews on World's Largest Midway. • Two Children's Days, Aug. 28 & Sept. 1. Girls, Boys under IS Admitted Free Outside Gates; 50c Nile Show General Admission. ••Buy R»t»rwd Tkktlt by Moll.' "* Granc /itand, 12 t, $2.50 (£«»pt Sunday Afltrnoont, $2.50 A S3; ond Lgbor Day AHtrnoon, $3 A $3.50). Hor ( . Show, 11 .50 t $2. Send Check or Money Order fa Minnesota Stota fair, St. faiil 1 J. 1961 Ouliide Got* Admission*, 'AduHs, S0t, Au»o», SJ .00. Service Line Crews are making installations and must wind up operations SOON! IF WE HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO CONTACT YOU CALL PEOPLES NATURAL GAS For Appointment, Or Stop I„ Ou. office TODAY TO BE SURE OF NATURAL GAS SERVICE AS SOON AS INSTALLATIONS ARE COMPLETED IN FAYETTE * PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Office Between Fayette Letfer A Theatre -~ Clifford Heyet, Mgr. MM * 266

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