The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1927
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

@]927 ^ITNEA. SERSOOlDia Lord. Tubby[ what a, school jfotj young i^afters a big hot^I is'. Ro at edd." -j ' 1 It's bnly this. You've been |all throu !hV Mr. Folsom's papers »nd letter', ain t you?" | Pr tty much.. There's someiot that lork ^till to be done. Whyr] OK onl^ that -Mr. Pelton has a big «j jtcase full of papers and letters; fnd importunt looking 'doju- I'ment-s VAnjd you think they're connect-] ed wiili .Mr. Folsonis tsiatf'.'"' riiohic. MVIIIP. Tnibby. rpottiH hy Wic .liiid !bc< .\0H r.ii On a' ch ;i l>?)lbu.'ij iind l.Vlyt .Mynl '••Si>. Mir." nrsf Vfuir (h«ni CHAI'THIJ XpCV. I lOj I'l-Jtfin 'H irutli. ''{Sii. MigK^Ke !iir y [tiick itp tl| hilt, honest iliev thin Iwa.V lithli ;an cLn 11 Jinotrieri Kingjlb th [ " tie! waSj tell <|our»|e. land it • ;lnd ll)ah jl'elton r "If thnlrels one iiPt s: id.i'l can 4 .peK)?!^ speak tr Hnov.j yon did) SiJ !*Il(iw iqueer. t.ll. .Tlr. jPelton?" "Yeis. iN'obolily ( H "'t awa>; with it.i '[ "And—land 'did iJjing about—" 1: <iu' and she lookeji at lii'ute appeal, j "Did Ij say Id g he lanelie<l. "W'f' <Iidn"t l?j • Whiihl iJ.-St?*' |: i "This' <ine."; au'r \n the dak-k-eyed b le. the !nre of a siren iii faic. Ir. I ymv hinps di!)fl» an<l- y. 1 didni lig' ^he tru 1 Uov •d h.'r. haunting face. "Tliaf.>{ thf- one l-'ol.som If W. I'm It. girl, I liked the •Oh; 1 »H dld.did glad to b jaiid nov. li;>ok •so; l^^sitant. give I away the It minfi. no*'. Take es. sir. Than 'lii" -l • id ,clasping niiui to li^r heart, .Myrtle hurried a« iilmo'^t afraid the f-'i-oihis a.t and a.- ag.-iin. Ajs ill nifi. .Miss TMivd hi-r •lien'. sfiTiily. "what are Hint doll? •Mr. ma'ntfi. it, luck wou Folsoni n<'ph«nv'ii you. It iii m>| I ton • gav Jle-^he i^iV. Mil 1 Well, you come ikeii shairp knock gafiicd ni'tdiale i';ntrv,l 'an4 Dan Mli)*M'<l I<) sec .Myr le and l.iick agiliiir: \r ,e{ .Via." be "\Wati are ,voii dol I 'Hnkh.l pan.-; sai "1; hroiightl the. pirl viin save' her .that }"Ye4 I did. ! Xoi you I Due < to niol .•iay— r ji-^urase the doll.s ve yhii a dell lialf sa^l do youl .Myrtle poin he one w Iv d (ll. I »esL Ihe? ridj diear out. a; right They're thiit one. i dr preciou.s s ponpr miKl^t k fihe <loll l)u ihave it. coming' tl) r<*)niH. lady f^^t r doing \v lother's dol it to II tin- lo la haik hcrV w make HUrt' of that •' rioil. crossl :ig ba(k ht-re 1- .Mi.s.s Folsorl Jiack. She ,sa doll." ; I'm .sick ati to' iu'i "Thj»y's lots of 'em addresHed Mr. ifolFotn, and -some of "em -Mr. hjolsoms writing." "Thjis is interesting. \^heri-i i;* this Ruttcase?" "irp in .Mr. Pelton's; roonjs. fuilerals stlH be view wl )>an Pellon s Til"! ten rooms .Mr. Fol.soni used to park, in. ' "\ jhe fiw shingled prin- !*"":..... .,! . . ! i, .b r'"'**'"^ Fjuropij is the little t:air- Ingrid of Sweden. -I.ef iinl.' lo \v;i!.t it O.' '•" i ! tilled ol hf .'irini; .ih.iiit tjio doH'. (lo ia'.vay. .\Ivril»-.. C'.nu- in'.; ys '• >i.i. V.-. I u-.u'-- the ' the doll, a- sill.' .' «>'i!i.«l iid so,'iiiii\-il. 1 il'.i;'i, .~'.!j);ui-!f s'lu i -liad a (iol! :ii iit-r ii: ortif-I 11 ,-v .T ii ;i'! cm- I lik" K I ^'-j .-;i!i'.'ly. W'hy. Ii .iii. i:i.>^.-.1, !!.- < (, 1 an a ivliii lot. ' [ "I I '.ou't <at<'. 1 .don't .idniir*' ils-'in iiiys ..Ii'. I find, aifd if you want tiic rest of thi- liniii li. you're •\Vfl< nlll.- M ih( 111 " •• , " Ill .-..-o al )0 ;it ilK -ni latt r. but dnu 't givf any mure y.vay to servant.-;. Slie didn't .sfdf .Tt the •You <Io: Really?" Aiiiii .Sia -i .••.\',,-,v. don't kill me. |)ofj!' • liild I ..,h,.iit ihi.s iiere now nna I moari : 11 th ;i a ve so. ed ; th I her swJet. I best one.". If- i "Sa. i^Ue .«aid .^he'd one L'nrli- flarry used t( •Then, take best'. Faricv h.-r bt-in ol" it. Tatke I'ln -'lc!" , I't i "I don't .bfdit've ihe to ' she thoM/;!'.! it niu-l 1! , valuanl.'.r house the I like the sweet on vas. th- Buf Tiff Ilipgs bf(am<} oi'i .-. "That's no Jhatter.bor jest- iiic. •'on." I "I know it. I ain't jestin', .sir." Well, thi-n. wnat is it lhat yoii know'.' 1 .\ud why hav«-n I |>ou tolil liflnri-.'" , j , -U".!I. 1 di.!ir-; know if 1-fore '.\ii !. I d 'HMio a- 1 know i'.; iio\\ li's iu-'t a —a—" ;_ ••'V suspicion j . . i •".\.-it even that. I .More 3ike a—j a-" . I i ' .• ".\ .surmise?, An indication—" ".N'o.'no. i inisin more a hint, a clue, a.—a way to look." i "Ah. a way to look! That's fine. sprvii-f to b.' I .si.-." P( tie sin id. o lif.i,. ..'^i. „r 1 „ b.-aviness aird di.^tvntion. v<hv fool n H,. h f J whi.h at best (iat'i give < nnfab saM. -a cigar tiiiit IVIton olfercil. wiih vi>ur aunt." Rig^sj; t;i«:h a he took the .seat and tliei'tiui Jvps "t^ttlHSs sold.I)! t first hours after the (Jili live dfrudgists for. her lirodi.-r. >h ft in (leai'e:^ "I .-••"1' you don't know .\;int .Sta-j^jc Itoii respoiideil. xvith a lif-ji It iha.s le. "She could go to the i no doubt all her relativeh and for any sort' of dnter- anyltidy. Shall I'call her. <ir sha II .w4 go .to see her?" '•Present y. Perhaps we jniight hare' a lit chat by onrselves •first. Yourje wjith. us. Pelton? I meiin wiSfhHyour aunt and me in this seai-ch'for iier brother's mur-, derer'-."' . : ' ' * •'<)f ccjur ;e, Riggs—sure I'ln with yo'i. in I ha I wiTnt you to find him it you tail But I'm not so; keen to have h m f0und as .\unl .An- a'Uisia is.' Why no r' I "For i V ery simple reason! Because I fes r if ilie motive for, L'n- I'le rJarj'ett s death, or the identity, of hl.s mur lererj should be dijcov- ereil. It—well, it might rear'it un- ploaaantly' on the—er—the family di!;;liity. iif lot—hpnor." (if ^oqliniied) ;: <.:irrrtt t'l Isouu oV harini; Iweii si blin-kmiil«|r. IteMl Ihe next rhiip. ii>|ir(-l«: his uncle; i..*' • • • •. c|urch far severa LEANNA Feb! 2.3—Division .N'o.j 1 Lidies Ail under'sape<-vi .N $3s Roy Roberts leader; w progran^ and supper Friday evening.: F( Henry lAlford is .ohreddii of the rariii^r isp ' at al of the ioa of II'give 4t • ilie j lia bruary | :an<l g jcorp ' ,M. ' tills I da. ^trr Hblrtian and nt Sui the f). large .Ve^igh bbr High!' aiijd Fr'-d AJford;! IJill Crover W. A. lilt'.; 'veniOg. .Nir. and Kiisfdl ."and Sunddy evjeriing Holman home. )wd attende .i the| piay liere in Hiiml>«ldi Tiifs- .Mr^. Virgii Ci-rst: f Tulsa. Okla.. v IS RELIEF sfiNrloRTui^ whose n of lor \|as the Kijgjish I'rin .^eHs Jargaiiei of ("onnauM't.' Tubiy looked duly and propei'Iy r haired PHtTces inpulti d. .\o bin' like that. .«ir 1 sliw them ijvben 1 took up some Icq ^a- ter." ()hJ 1 si-e. I be? your pard<|n. Vei'y areless of .Mr. Pelton jto haw t lem In sight wh^n you'caihe in. W dl. never mind, you did rifihf to mc Uiori it. Tiili.s.; .i'nd if aijy thing comes.of It, I'll renieri>l)|<>r you. Yes' sir; il'imk )oii. sir." .\ id the be Ihop Went ofl and left IIIKKS to his cogitations. Ij WIS a pleasant place to mu ^je. .Tliif 'c< nifortable chair; was pla.'i'd Just al a point wln-re Riggs . riiii )rnmand the hoard walk : or could i let hislgaze so farther _a!fi.-ld. and view the wide e.xpalisf ' of bijie ocean; But w rose fifom jand be ook himself iii> to Dan P<^I- viiy not feet a medicine that is j ton's rooms. haWiig first aci|uir*d i ;n,.-i,it. to !hel [> strfcgthen vour up-' inftirmitlon by telcplioni* that lej ^f... disordeied stomach so that it i W3 .S fhiere an.l alone. " ;jwi!l do its tork without artificial; "1 thlought at first. I'd go for a ;ii ,flp. Td1 |h9se Who Have Stomachi Distress ;:Re:id Mhit til Saj .tllHiiil IlnreN .Mijulliii -NVheri yl>u hiive any jwlrii your i igestion, such ought !ii!ii!..rslari !re gla.lly 'oiik 'l. Unte Store, liiist I Continue to Sjuiffer Uniearable ltct|ing? Are you one cf tlio-e: i: ijales who arc going : tiirnu; f jtlLTing V illi a skiii di-'ii t .1 1!? you uji .'omlorlahle. niiki ctTlciei :. Inlcricrid!.' \f.i! tirkiii '4 U. urs. riiitiiii'.! your Voii ni,'iv lavc Iri'd niiiiv llhoiit ri'ijef.' Why ip ! I| v Fur more flian lij'i )e.'ii^ it:|! f. vlns reliif in luai'iy i 'tiriii> d sease. ', hoiii..iiii!s oi K-ti E aliliide p 'OV'.' lilt wotili.; "I feel SI happy for what h LS done f. r m« thit I v.'.int I kno'.v ah III it. I s:tr.rri'd kui; years liruia eci-.tua. jAl troubU' as gas. mj'dicine is Dare's Men- ! n. I delightful elixir that ook 's Drug Store and with the di.stinct diijg thif. if it doesn't > you vour money will n turnfjd. Iielied thou.sand.s—it will ht Ip yoiu. • most iT"';''hv, -Now. careful, tell rae aboHtij it.' "1! iMeantihi.-. th.- asi it-- Tiibhv. who '^^^"y ^•''"P in a, corner by then; had long aso l.urn. .1 to ",iistij,. '""'*'''-'- :>'!'• with lowered volees rdn jc you. sir. vfjry j puj.sji Ijetj.vefu tli-- sides I 'i buttered ' ^•"•'•|' > han.e of being dve 1 bread, wa .s o;it rii tii.- lioc.d d.-ck Mr. Ri.ggs. if ft ; hanging arciind tlli- i :liair!thar <on- y. [tiiiii(-d the poiily. p'-rson oi' Titus |e- i Rigg.v k| Privilfgeil in niaiiy wavs. Tiitdiy I w.'is 'allowed rr." a.r.css, to' tb<' t>e; (l( ik.. Idit lie wa.s not ^iippo.s.d t<r .ipiak to ih.' i:ii.'-r- uiibiss on ah ••rraii.'.." ' ' , . A' last lUii'j.-. Ui .tjil'il tljii Iinl.- . Ii.ip. :>iid I all d li sUle. •• "I ! "Whals it all jiJio'.il. What "lo Villi want iji sa.v "How lio yoii l;iiou''! • a gaped Ills adiiiiralioi)' ai'v good if it i|oe« li -dp >ou "VVill'von 111- pa ill? Yes l!wt only if it's gbo«l evl her it I- ' if f.dti n th.. df II "(>li. wi'll, wlii-(i a h'i>'.l jii-ii ii.iiiiral .ff J didn't L '.-t -ohii'luini: I I ass.iiKi- that it's a ' t»r. .\iiil wii .in til LaJ III" furtively now nM hoV unta-iy III lo li;s -oiiiiy ' loini?" id Tubby yo.i will. di'iiii' or a r.'al clue.. (Jr| a true way fi) look." "Y.'.-. sir. But if It IS all those Hilnus. will you—" "Y"-." a little ^impatlentl I'll see to If that ''you heard, if it is Tubb.v. looks V liiist -if he lis chest, wi'i^hty iiiat- >|ald ^loy looks then, vet witlt ijsi' fX (>rpssioii of a dving fish. 1. j why.ilieii. I just rail liimlover ami s. ilemand tin- truth." "\\Vll.;you s.-e. Mr. Itlgsh. I know 1 j siimpin'." See tti you'll ^udge you )y your appeariuice., Vdur clothes i -onocl carefulno .s.s. ineatn'es^ |f|n(l pftrf|'ctioji. They . will if us care fo|- yiem I 'fKuiarly. SEND l^SiSOMETHING EVflRY WEEK. Cox^s /Qi7//Cleaner.Better Seeds from U/i>t^^3^^5arceiae6 Sealed Package theinuUt w31 meuareoot offsetting pont, I contiminktioB, IM wasted hin*. BtrteUei aebda obme to they were packedJ Bkrteldea seedi weight paclwges—odw only W. TbeVare cleaned, re-cleaned abd ^ated for •itility and germination, j I This year marks tbe (0th iforli:- U'-Iiie muk- iS voil [i your Sltl.'ll? thing's S. ? hri'll r skill rs of ^.iliei's wenty times h hit time. M* cured! I ecoinnujadi feijins; fnuh tczema. becartse I nil tl M Biv bu itch In? \vh? unbearihliri. Dtirlng hout r^ce er takitig I I tie fur nie. l-i and ial ..= .s. I,. cxdraotcd nlitlicitial Iding ytiti leiii Ihrowt b .sto -es in l^'o is ikiure cciuobical. ri .x bottles of S.S.fe.. I t this die.idftU It j.iiouii:h for wliat.ltl '. Cleophas Frorle, ors Home, Qiilncy purely veselable. ifroi m.. 2:(m p, n Illy H one of Riftfr Pictures -r- Elite Orchestra ' • • i ' i' Tonifjht. Aifai ilFriday, i, 7 art3 p p. m. I Mardraret Livin ?ston, Harrison Ford; in ''Hell s Four tlundrea " proadw; ly'.s chorus bejl Fieri crt Rawlin.son •; Per.-i -tent coug^ i serious triMible. ;noV ivilh. Creomi|!sion, ;cr*iisote tlut is p! mul^iiin is; a ne^l With Hvit-f ..Id art jhf-L '.s thr intla .iifii iLibi!- prr'm •rrf 'Utli Of all [..nDwii d: «ed all kind.*: of s. dves viiig any re»l be lellt. idftil disiaae. S.s.S. "to anyone n the fresh [suf- |can- has ISoI- III. lis pljints and h^rbs rool^ of and { s to .VhttJre what she i needs In iip -Ko that jour bys- r the cause. I jild at all g()oa 1 ru«? Y'lui*. The liirger alzo iturday 1 -to II M<;iiTs:. r :0O :a :(M) p.h m. -A gold ru.>^h'far from the j?reat open .spaces. Iwitlj litie.s doiiijf the; digg'inif. iri 'The I han BEN lURPIN (.•oineciv>*THlv HOLLY WOOF) HERO -Matinee.s I'fc-Sflc; Ni jhts l'0ci2;>c inpii '^r .d !i) lii ^h ir one of tlin ^re.itc-;: j.r!i-i ;|.':iE K .ui-'I.s fiirris i.f iliri.i! tn ni .'ilj.i.^. iia aiiilit; Ji.'iiiri;; »'!f-.u.*r.!« '.^ llii .-j i.'ii -i i-d in. irr^lalii.a |«iid iiili: creiiT'.!'- ,'j'>'-s on t. f• ihi-i! \<.\\i> IIK- bli <'f III',- irij'di.'e aiul i (><• .a.i;Mi,.i i- tiiry in ijlr- trri doi .'r .'li , .,!d-. b .-i .ni I i .:!:.j liiry i!:-!- i -r-. a -d i r .j. u.'r. -ti-i:! 1. Iliriil d ir n..t a'-, din-.;!:';:!-,.; A:L SI and colds leadj'tl^; V'pu can sio^ Saaiii, !sion, an emulsified" akint to take. GBBI^ jmedical discoriayj m: it' soothes 8ild{- 'ir.embranes and IS?, creoi5otc'» ieo^ •iltcal authorities'ta^j lif-alib? agencies ifor^ r^f ciilds and otliac.^f n\,U~. Cfeomulsioil'f lo creosote. other,•- ili !i s .)i,the and beaL; and stop ihB* iiinariun. wlifle tJlO';^ ijii- st .im'ach. i»»hiit I flecks the growth li-ranfritd satisftj?^ I'jrtt uf prT8ist $ltf bn.nchial asthiBS.; .. r fcrtn -s ilf respiri tM I'tjr-nt for buiidr ij'.r (I'llds or flo, iii)'I iiiitfli orroldia l^in;! ai-i'orJingita WhenYoa itcbCbfil^ jRdb On Mnsterole 1 woi|; iMusterole is easy riiht; a way! It may tiiming into "flu" d(^!all the good must^ard plaster. Musterole is a deinl made pi oil of muiiaj siipples. It is recoi dqctc «3 and nurses, sore throat, cold on tism. lumbago, pleur 3 clHtis, asthrna, neu pfflng and aches of Uje Sprains, sere muscles, frosted feett—colds o i To Mo^fien: I made 0= apply and wqrkji l^rcvent a cold from if pnfeumoaia.: It :bf gr mdniother 'a nl -white ointment,''; q and other txiaie recort riended by many-j iVy ^Iusterolefot He chtst. rbemiia* sy.stiffneck ,brQa- a. congesdoo, .—i(tk antrjdntSr bhiiies .cbilblaai &i 4Usorts.- Ml sjerole U alao mildler form for ill childroa , i\t MusteroU. 'dbea Aimiyersarr of the Ba^l- yX >mpany. .60 years of experience stand bffaind aH BarteldM 8«eds BAR' LAWBENCB. Chide Stovter Cox^k Chick Scratch —supplie.sithe food jnateriall for e^ building and will ko< conditioii. • Tt .shouldjbe kept befor^ them constantly.- REMEMBER —that f«!cd alone \vi)l not pjroduce |he be-sj; result.s. You y of -sunlight. lv;Ork ahd .studj uell as t|he baby chick.s. priper caije, plen hou.iing and atltentibn. It wi 1 take .MrKlnnrr Fwd Store. lola. tininKe .Supply. Hnnboldt. l{niillty. KlM-trlf llslrhrb. Oas. S. T. Tipple k SoB< KimtwII. ('o\ t^mfn Compatiy. .Mtmn. Tti) l<ir k Uurhiln. Xonjn. .Hiiran .Mrrranlllp^ro. XjOran. ('i>\ tirain t'ompany. Kumorr. \. T. Tipple * .Son*. EN|nore. lliiNton'o Store. EKmore^ Karmerj." I] nFon. SaTonbqnr. Ilumlllnn>:iifrtrle lnrnb|lar and j Hdlrhert, t.nniflt. 1 ' They are made from clean sw^et grains with Buttermilk, Meati and Bone Scraps : and Sun^Shine Mineirals adled. Properly balanced, thoifoughly mixed land compounded to produce the best result.s. COX'S BUTTERMILK LA YIN AVD ' COX'Si HEN SCRATCH THESE FEEDS M inuf Rehired By ?p your hens in the best of must givje your , herts, a.s clean, .sanitary ancl roomy aH well ak Cox's!feeds. ARE SOLD BV Smllli's Store. |<iii;«nHar». ttNon .Herrantne fompany; SaTonbiinc. (INon .Herruntlle y<im\tanf. Stark. Hron«nn t;niln <'<|mp<iny. HronMin. I'nfontonn tlratn f'omyany, I'nlnntimn. Iiy.. KunkeL Ri^lfrld; . Farmers' I'alqi. ^jolony. . M. i*. (iadelma i.^meit. I'iqiin (•'rain 4'<un|tany, ri <|ifB.. I- r. .Xelman. Ifl<|«a. : S. ft. Seott Ii4 rallN. , lleDKley k Rroilnl. KInrald and NHdred. Karmer 'ti I'nlon rr«>dn^ ('<)|nipany, Blae Xonndf

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