Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 3, 1898 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1898
Page 8
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~ • - t To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Accoun SALARY ENOUGH. The Kidney Complexion. General Wheeler Declines Pay as a Congressman. His Walking the Floor. When a business man' gets to the point I Where he cannot sleep at night, where be l<i ISO shattered of nerve that it is torture to I even remain In his bed, and be has to get I tip and pace tbe Boor—it is time for that I man to bring himself Up with a round turn. 1 If he dots not, it means nervous prostration i and Mental, If not phynical, death. For a man wBo gets into this condition there is a remedy that will brace him up. put him on his feet and make a man of him •gain. It is Dr. Pierce'* Golden Medical Discovery. It goes to the bottom of things. It searches out the first cause. When a man la in this condition you can put your finger on one of two spots and bit that first canae —the stomach or the liver or both. This great medicine acts directly on these Spots. It promptly transforms a weak stomach Into a healthy one. U facilitates the flow of digestive juices and makes digestion and assimilation perfect. It gives a Wan an appetite like a boy's. It invigorates the liver. It fills the blood with the life-giving elements of the food, nnd makes It pure, rich, red and plentiful. The blood is the life current, and when U is filled with the elements that build new and health; tissues, it does not take long to make a man Well and strong. It builds firm, musculai flesh tissues and strong and steady nerve fibers. It puts new life, vigor and vitality into every atom and organ of the body. It cares nervous exhaustion and prostration. Nothing "just aa good" can be found at medicine stores. "I bad suffered about eleven years with a pain In tile back of my head and hack," writes Mr Robert Hubbard, of Vartit-r, Lincoln Co.. Ark T.suflered for eleven year* ami spent a great deal Of money for doctors and ineillcine. but did not jMt relief. Tticu 1 tried four bottlea uf the • Gulden Medical Dlncovery' and Improved greatly.*' I sent for five more ami now am glad lo tell ntrroae that I am In goal health." ANII UK IS TIIK OM,Y KXCKI'TIOX. All tll« Olll«*r CollK''( > 4 < *tllfltl \Vbii Arrrpll'll Cointnln^loiiA III (lift Arlliy llnve Ili-ittvii Tliull- <'oiiKri-««loliiil Snliuli-« -Tim Tl-i-ni- ury f^ciiarftiiput Kefiinr- d, .Ifiike \ny IttllliiR Upon Ilin Ijili-iMiin Ciinu- I'p UnrliiK the Civil Uiu. Waslilngtnn. line. .'! •— The FerR'-niit- tt-arms of the linuse has reported that of all the connte«siiii-n who ai-i I'pK-d tppolritmentn In the iiriny dtirliiK the war with Spnlti l.'iinKn-ssniiin ".I"'-" Wheeler nf Alabania. a majnr and one of the hernes uf SaiitbiKn. '•> the only one wbu has not drawn bis salary an a congressman whib' In 111" military service. Shortly after In 1 :tc- tepted bin appulnlnieiit as major (?ener- 11, (•iiUKrcsHiiiiin \Vhi'el»r called at tli- tiergeHnt-at-arins' ullli''* and r.ntlflt •! Mr. Hussell that h- did imt Intend lo claim any nf bis salary as a c'lii^r'-^rt- man while he was In the army lie »:is taken off tin 1 iinlisi- |'.iy r.tll* and tilt-' salary ilue him a^ C»IIH:I rssriian U-;IH turned Into the surplus All the "thcr In the «rrny b:i salari-s. ia\\n tbt-lr It is suci!f«ted by .-l! of n'U'n-r Jruwlt:i: to their a corgrr' the t'l.'in ftt the »' tr r*MBtln« n runt-clati humr-l , imoe Companlea. «t«. FOR SALE. The Or, Hardy property corner 6th and Alby Lot 1201120 Feet with 2 dwellings. Ifllb ,. A 4-room dwelling on Easton street bot. ,; " and lit* sts,-Lot 45x120 fool. Price $700. {. Til* residence of Oeo. Klrsob on Bella street; B I rooms and bath room; In good ro air. V The W-tooat roUdenoe or H. H. Nlobols ot * Lantdonst. Lot70x170feet. Anna location. > A Dues-room dwelling (nearly now) with bath K .room) heated by furnaoe; In Middle town. Y*. The flno lot of David Doyle on Blutt atreel a - with 4-room brlok dwelling. & . Ihs J. M. Tensor homestead containing; about U acres: flne 10 room dwelling [fruit of all kind. . borne flne lots on Bluff street with brlok par; 'Ing and sewer; no grading, In T. L. Poulda add /„ A am s-roora brlok dwelling, heated wit* •X Steam. LotlMi 120feet; flne fruit; half block >, 'from Henry street. • *.•.,». 0 A deelrable reatdenoe on Prospect atreet wltb 1 rooms. Heath with furnace. lot 60 feet on L Prospect street. - A fine property on thenortb aide of Second ' 'strut, west of Langdon atreet. Anfc-rooni dwelling with lot 120x120 feet; One TOt, On* of tbe finest location In Middle Alton «*A t-roorn dwelling wltb about IV» tares pi •Wold, Fine fruit and anade trues 2 Mocks i from oar line In Upper Alton, A fine lot OD 4th atreet. Beyers! fipe lota on Belle atreet between 15th and Ittb eta, j story brlok atore. and dwelling and a iry prick dwelling ou same lot corner of J Vine its A good Invaaiojent, t slot*on 4tb street near Mr. Oarstang •'double dwelling of Mr, ft, Oaretang, • '"- modern improvements. Is inset, wltb all modern ImproTementa. )• Plsaa Foundry, everything complete! ln ; IMS: 10 lots; awltcn connection with C. 4 A, Major i.;, \Vh,— lei- has re- l a i ,itnini--;N'n Iii|:b,.-r than that ; pcrlr.ijs thv> b.ul pi cfi-rri'd ih-'i: si:,.tr.»-- a-s c -ngrcsstnat: \i!,r\ .ts \ . l,in*-l tin 1 salary of -tn..n t< 1:1;^ tb.- hu^er. Among vssMH'r: \vho ii-'.tni" r.tlnnels th,'r;ik ,,f the \\ar \\t.-r«-; Cun- gr^ssmen l'aisi;i!!,'n i«'. Illinois, ('nlsnn of Kentiickv. mi! James Hamilton Lewis »f \Vj^!iiin:tnn. All of these continued to ih-.i'.v tl;cr salaries as congressmen. \Vrn-tli.T they have also drawn their salail.-s as rob. tie's cannot be asci-rtalj-.ed, as recnrdM uf tbe paymaster KMirnil ;nv not acces-illile. Ser- Btiint-at-Arnis Hussell was In some doubt UK to win-tiler he might In pay a congressman for coiiKTeuslonal service after the congressman had gone Into the army, lie anked the treasury department for a ruling upnn the iiues- tion. The department refused tn make any. The law ntllcn-s In lli.> department merely called Mr. Kusst-ll's attention to the law on the subject of cuii- sresiilonul salaries. Provision* orA4i*> f.uvv. The law lu-ovldes as follows: "The salary anil ucouuntn for travellriB expenses, going unit returning to coii|;iv:ia of senators, ahall be cert Hied to by the prenldent of the agnate, and those of representatives «niJ delt-giUes by the speaker of the house of repreaentu lives. The certificate given In the preceding section shall be conclusive upon all departments and offices of the government." On reading thlH. Mr. ItusMell concluded It was none of lilH business whether a congressman was drawing another salary from the government or not. During Ihv civil war the salary iiues- tlon came up. Among the congressmen who hud commissions In the urmy was Frank P. Hlulr of Missouri. It was held at that tlniL- that a coriKix'ssinan could serve In the urmy and In congress and could draw both salaries. pnlo, nnllow, minkmi cheeked, looking people you so often mrel. am nllllrlod with "Kidney Com- piexion." Tholr hlilneyn nrn turning to a pnrn nip color. Ho IN their complexion. They may nloo Itnvn IndlgeRtlon, or stiff or from nleeplf H«nfl«B, rheiiniR- tlani, nmiralgin, brain trot)bl<>«, nor- votm exhaustion and soinotlrnm the lionrt ncls badly. The cntiso In weak, unhealthy kltl- noyo. tlfltially the nutTerer from kidney dlflpflBO cloofl not Mini out what the trouble IB until It in almost too late, liecaiiHo tho llrst nympU>mn «rn eo like mild nick HUSH that Ihey do not I (link llipy need a moiileinoor a doctor until (hoy II ml ihenietelvee sick In bud. Dr. Kllmhr's Hwanip Hoot will bnlld tip and KtrenKtheii their wesk nnd dlflflnaed kiilnoys, purify tholr ills- eopt'd, kidney polfloiieil hlood, clear their complexion and BOOH limy will ciiioy better health. You cnn get the regular slznn at tho drtiK*loro, at Ode nnd 81, or you mny II rut provo for yourself the wonderful virlnrrjfl of this great dlacovory, .Swamp Itoot, by Bending your iiclilresfi to Dr. Kilmer i (\)., Blngbamton, N. V., for a flatnplo bottle and n book that toll' nil about It, both Rent to you absolutely free by ninll. When writ- lug kindly mention that yon rend UI!H liberal offer in the TKI.KUKAHI. One Train Thn,T"< ,,nf."nr«. Ppiialui. M" . !>•<•. :! KiiKin*'*'!' Jarm 1 * I. \Vi-«l Binl Oiiiiliirtiir KM J. Stnhlili'- fleld, flu- tw« of Itius4- \\lio hflil up HIM MlRHotiil 1'Hi Hit 1 train neiir lit-rc Tiif«- iliiy tilelit The <•oiif.-t.sloii uf K. H. C'unnliiKhinn. thf thlnl of thn trio, la that the flint tlim 1 lit' \\n*> ppiik<>n to iilioiit train rnlililiiR VVOR hy Htnhhli-- field In last Mny StublilMlrlcl rnmi' to him later «nul tndl him Hint Jim West, nn f-nglnpf'i on tin.- Alfsftnirl Pai.'lfli', would help him. Afl'-r he tefusi-il West iiinl Slnhlileflr-lil rlietitrrivcl to kill him If ht lictruyi'il ilu-in No DaiiKt'r nf nn Outbreak. Ft. I'nnl. Ui-c. X- l'. It. A. Hcohey, Indlnn iiRt>nt at tin.' fort fV< k ajrt'iiry In .Muntanu, teleKiaiilis from I'oplar, Mont.. In (he Bcneral <i»nV<; of the llrfut Notthern railway itfl folloH?: "There IH uliMolutcly no fiiuniinlhiii for the reported ilnii^ev of nn oulbrrak of Indians MII fur ii« this HKi-iiry Is tnnrerneil. I left Helena Inst nl«ht ninl have Been in I he HIiH'kfuiit and and I am fully nut- Is tint tin.' .-llshlesl lit ntiy point." rellnlili- parties fn Hiflknap a«ein IPS, Isflctl thHl tli.-ri- llllllK''!' "f tlollldl- Which I* II,,,; u« II,,, SHliinn, I.afro.isi-. Wl.».. Dei'. 3.--A seoond lime hiiM the untl-siiliiiin crnsiide In tin- vfllim-i' nf S'tuildiinl, Vcrmm cuunly, fulled to a'TiiiiipllNh the deHlred results. Sunn- \\eeks aim Flunk Hurrh wrtM ar- rcHled. chnrticil with keepliiK hl.s sa- luon upeii Mtindnys. H. 11. White, a leader In Metlioillnt clrrh-H, Swore out the eumplalnt. The erme was tried liy Jnsth'c Dudley and the Jury dimigrot'il. Tuesday and \\ r ednesday of this week the seeoiid trial ocenrrei! and wan hlt- ti'rly contested, the Jury attainillsapree- Inif. The fetdliiK has worki d up to fever heat In the village, and so exciting has the war for nnd against the suloun he- corue that vluh'iK't* IM feared. TIIK MAKKKTN. Chicago (jruln iin,l l»i'i,tliiR*i. Chlcuuo, Dec. 2. Following were the quotations on tin; Uoard of Trade toilay: Wheat — (ipen. High. Low. Close. December ...J .tit; { .UO'i « .Cri% t .(iG% May •Uti'Ji •InT's .GtiVi .M% Jlll>' f^l^, .t'j (M*i .ti4?6 Corn- - May S4'\ .:M'/4 .IM'A .34(4 July 3J .26Vi .34% .1(5 uals December ... .2(i% .Mii .L"C% .26% May -li";ij .2', .L'G^a .liti% Pork-January li.^li ».:!0 9.20 R27V4 Muy M.4U ii.02'/, 9.40 9.M) Lard— Jnnunry May I'rodnee: le». 21(ji:'lMj l!lc; fresh 5.17% 5.12H 5.15 r,.M 5.32% fi.l'TVj 5.32V4 Butu-r — Kxtra (ireniner- per llj; extra dairies. ISifl) stock. 51©12c. Eggs MEWS OK~ANDHKK. S»«.dl»li _____ colndlnff 4 lot*. 4 flnelou In Illgbland Park, each 70 br aboul Aali room dwelling on State •treat. Prlot X good 8- room dwelling on Beoond ttrett, f wo fine lots on Alby Mreet: Tk» doable brtok dwelling, corner Third ut lby rtrwU, on* of the ftocit looatloni lo Alton A fooT7-room dwelling i good lot and flnt Vn»w7*D room diTalltng in Upper Alton, good •(tattoo, A good lot Mxloc feet on Eaiton itrtet. A good brlok dwelling wltb IH loti In UUdi*.; town. ConTenlent to motor Fin* location. A of Albert Wfd* onBelle . wltb 10 roomi and Dnlibcd tttlo, batb Mbroemi. Good cellar. Qaa and water iwvjcirrlagebouie. Lot M teet front. • i or r*uT, otSer deilrable property not **A*4 room'Srlck dwelling on William itreet. TOora'dwemngwUh J good lot* onFlttb • r«*t, out of Ridge street. Price. fl.DOO. A food 8 room brlok dwelling with i lot* on li*ln *tr**t, A good 7 room dwelling wltb fin* rlrerrltw, b*atod by bot water. FOR RENT, Tb* two atory brlok dwelling with 8 rooms, on "tyljff low *Y»i>ue now occupied byj. Moulton, A »-rdom dwelling on 3rd itreet witb bath room wltb modern ffxturea. New itor* room and two 4-room tenamenti wllb bath room; 2nd street near Cherry The L. J. Claweon homestead In Upper Alton Wltb 10 room*, barn and garden, now occupied Of Mr, Geo. Levli. Poiaeaalon Ktvun by July 1. REAL, ESTATE, INSURANCE, and LOAN AGENT ftOOM If, P. 0. BUILDINO, VTOR 8ALBJ building lot Mxl46 on Liberty atrcet Orovaaad Frankllo, rorjsoo. __ors farm a miles south of Brighton, alt la cultivation, one-bait good pasture, 1,000, A bargain, AMW two stowbrlok modern dwelling near . ' fc tt» wrner otTblrd and Ooorgo utreeU. < Tl U-room iwalllng house with largo * |iMl|4on atr»et aoutn ot Twelfth atreet. frame dwelling No. 031 eut Lottoxlio. Good street nbl* trame dwelling houae and another r bouae, all on one lot In good location own. Reota for 138 per month: aoe on Stale atreet on xlMonOak street between the Ig Four R. R. traoka, uultablu for or manufacturing purpouea. ' <ja east aide of Alton utreet, bet. <m in Jersey county, half mile itlon by rail or river, bualnens property, ooroerlnd ington sw., on easy terms, double frame n alaenoe, new and al its, situated on Pourtb at., I sore farm with necessary buildings nsai , suitable fore 4lary. ' prottabls business prop- oooupled by good sad a oonveoleul Bona and luntvretown (4. lok resldenct on, — -• • • r .*c^ Mt resldenct, i a on easy tarms. IDS lunotlon of . BnaSl hullding — -------- . — ,_ e purposes, oor. 4tb and Cherry 1 onioje. TlUe perfect. it* rtiof residence, No. •MT.tenM, mhabltantSi ILaas •«ohaojef»ron»-b»lf (be pur. butldlog suitable for store. 01 --Mouse niartb* new brlok r arCoal Branch, opposite " "' 'nearUpparAlton. o*«r rTsssi Msoosixi TO LOAN. lip Ticket9 l«aUprlB.ol»ii i«ei- Fliuls u Ilottlu Contnlu- Ing Two I'u|>vr«, Stockholm, Dec. .-il.--An engine driver named Detke hus written to the Swed- Ish-Norweglun minister ut Kt. IVII-IH- burjf a letter In which hf- xnyH that he found In tin? vicinity of the Ural mountains u bottle riiiilulnlng two puiierti, one of which bore the following message, written In French: "AinJree'a balloon hus uruHHt-d the Ural mountains. _ ANUUEIC." The other paper, InNt-i'lIwtl In Huasluti, ran as follows: "Cllve this letter to the consul ur to the police." The balloon with I'l-ofi-unor Andrei- and two companions, HIi'lmlbuei'K and Frenkel In the car, left IJiines Island, of the Spitsbergen aroup, on July 11, 1897, in an attempt to cross the pule. Since then no dp/lulte IU-WK of the aeronauts huve been received beyond u message found utttu'hed lo u carrler-plKeoii fount! by the whallnu ship Kulkei which arrived at CopenhaKen nn Sepi 2. The ineHHage read: "July Kl. l•>::', p. in., latitude 82.2 north, ImiKlttiilf K'. eaHt. Oood vuyutjc eaKtwiird. All well. Prunel* Joseph Thunkii inn Siililk.i„. Vienna, Dec. 3.—Kinperor Frani'lH Jo sepb, upon the llftleth anniversary o his nccesslon to the throne, Issued l general order to the army thunklnt; th soldiers for I heir loyally and 1'euflen valor thl'oUKliont his relxn nnd di-clarei thut he will ever look upon the arm us the shield and protector of th throne nnd ratherlaud. Amnesty ha been finintcd to political offenders li Hungary and a number of decoration have been na/.etti'd. All the newspfl pers, without distinction of politics publish articles cxtollliiK the Austrlai emperor as the Kuanllan of Kuropeiu peace. Child llnriifil to it CrlH|i, Qulncy, Ills., Dec il.--Mr. and Mrs. 11 M. (llhbs Were awiiy part of the da> from their home In the nclKhhorlui town of Plymouth. Upon n'tiii II|IIK th mother observed that the carpet In OIK of the rooms had been on (ire, and looklilK In (he rear of the house, sin discovered her 7-year-ohl daiiKhler lying dead on a woodpile, with every vestige of clolhhiK KOIIC and the body burned to u crisp. Dtillm! tlu» KliullMli Admlrully Court, I'hlludelphlu. Dec. 3.- -The Hrltlah Rtpuiner Hriiirdene, whose master. Cap- liiln Johnson, dclli d the KiiKllsh udmlr- ulty court and sailed from i.jueensto 1 Nov. IH, has arrived at the Delawtin.- breakwater. The coun bad seized Hi Meamer for debt und the marshal hud placed a bailiff on hoaril. Captain Johntmn It'll tjiieeiislown ulth the bailiff on board. llcdni'lliin In Ki'llned Sil|(iii'«. New York, Di-c. ;i. Arbinkln liroH. liuve reduced refined SUKIUS 1-lli of a cent. It Is generally uiideistood that the other rellneiles will follow ivllh u Hlmllur leductlos. A Narrow Escape, Tlmukful words wrllton by Mra. Ada E. Hart, of drotoii. 8. I). "Was taken wltb H bad cold wnlob soltlnd ou uiy lungs; oougb eet In nut] Dually terminated In Oouaump'lon. Four doctors gave tun up, Buying I could live but a abort tlrao. I gave myself up to my savior, determined if I could not stay with my friends ou eartb, to meet my ablaut onea above. My b unbuild was advised to get Dr. King's New Discovery for (lonsuuipllon. Oougbs and Colds. I nave U a trial, took In all elgbt bottles. It lias (Hired me, and tbauU Qod I am saved and now a well and bealtby woman." Trial bottles free at K. Marsb'H drug store. Keguku: slue DOy and fl. Guaranteed or price refunded. — Fri-Mli Mtiifk, 22(ii>2Ho per doz. Poullry--TurkeyB, Tij/itfVic 1 per It); chlck- oiis, 8(5'7H't"! ilueks, Ciffic; geese, 6ig)7c IHM- lt>. Potatoes— Common to choice, 27{(i34u per Ini. Sweet Potatoes— I III- nolH, 75'?( < $I.5U per bbl. Apples — Com- niun to fnni'y, $2.00®3.CO per bill. Cran- bpri'lcB— -Wisconaln bell and bugle.. $0.00 if(l!.r,0 |jor bill. <:lilru|;ii I.lvo Stock, Hugs— ICstlmuU'd receipts tor the, day, 39, two; siik'H ruiiKeil at J2.Dt)ra/3.:i5 for pltjs, $:).iU(il;f.4JV-i f'>r light, $3,20^)3.30 for ruUKli pu. klni;. $:!.'JM?u 3. If. (or mixed, and j;!.3fif(j'.'l,f)U for heavy |. licking and slilp- lilriK l"ls- ("uttle— ICHtlniuted receipts for lli« diiy, 3,fiU(l; (|tirjtatlons fanned at $ri.7U(ef..'JO r.'hrlHtinaH bet-vea. $5.ii6l3)5.70 choice lo extra ntcura, $4.60©D.1!5 good to i.'liulce do., $-I.GU@5.00 for fair to good, $4.2U'u4.7& common to medium do., $4.00 ©4.40 butchers' steers, 33.90®6.30 fed western Kteers. $2.SO(8>4.30 feeding ateera, J;:.UO(B>4.(JO cowsi, J2.60@4.60 heifers, I2.BO (il'4.25 bulls, oxen and slugs, J3.00©4.30 Texas steers, and $3.50<(8C.7!J veal calves. Sheep and I. nnibs— Estimated receipts for the day. 12,000; quotations ranged at $3.00(64.35 westerns, $2.75iS'4.60 na- tlvi-a, ami $4.UO((jr>.ii!J Himba. Kant llult'itlo 1. 1 vn Stock. F.aijt Huffalo, N. Y., Dec. 2. DutmlriK & Stevens, Live Stock Commission Merchants. East Buffalo, N. Y., <li4ul<: as follows: Cattle — No receipts; frHlntc steady for strictly choice fat stuck of nil kllnln; others dull ami weak; veulH, $4.r>0(iz>!I.OO. JJoKS— HecelptH, 162 curs: market fairly active at lower prices: bulk Yorkers and pigs, J3.30; Rood mixed. 13.35: medium heavy, J3.40; ninths, $2.UO«ff3.05. Sheep and Lambs— Itecel|j|n, 40 cars; market active and 5 Si'lOc hlKher for lambs; sheep steady; top lambs. $5.35<&\ r i.45; fair to good. $4.85 tHi.25; culls, $:i.2fiii( ! 4."fi; sheep, culls to soorl, $2.00iii'4.25; wetbeis and yearling, J4.35W4.riO. SI. I.oula Oritln. St. LoulB, Dec. 2. Whcnt— HlKbi-r fur cash, lower for options; No. 2 red cash elevator, 71'/4c; track, "iiUnTmc: December, 70%c; May. G'JV.c bid: July, (MTic; No. 2 hard, C5<j(> fide" t'urn ..... Lower: December, 31V 2 c; May .','-'%c bid. OiitK— Lower; No. 2 cash 27Vic; truck. 2So; December, 28c; Mny. 2Kr: Nn. 2 white, 30(Tii30Vjc. Kyo - Firm: r.2c. Flax-Quiet, !)Ge. MII»uiik«eOraln. Milwaukee, Dec. 2. Wheat— Higher; No. 1 northern, G7',4 {fC8c; No. 2 mirthern, CO<fi'0(H4c. Oats— Steady; 2S^.«i'30c. Rye— Kimy: No. 1, 53c. Harley— Weak; No. 2, 50c; aample, 42f,M9',i,c. Detroit llmlll. Wheat- Cash white, 8|l?ic; cash red, 69%c; Dei'ember, C9%c nsketl; May, C'J 7 ,i,i- asked. Corn--Cash, 34'/i!C. Outa— Whlti', 30c. Jty«— Me asked. Horn Hiirn«rH lit W»rk, Ht. Joseph, Midi., lin: S.— Within the lust fi'W weelis Hi'vcrul valuable barns In this section have been discovered on life. The work wan supposed to have ticcn committed by an organized gunK of llrelitiKS. Two respectable citizens arc suspected by the police as being lenders of Hie KimR. but no arrests have licen nunlc, as the police lack evidence. Turk lull Tn CuiiKtuntlnupIc that Iberc has I ..... n renewed lighting In Yamen, the pilnclpal illvlsloii of Arabia, one of the chief towns nf which Is Aden, the Ililllsb naval station, on Itic K"" "' 'I' 1 " name. The Turlclsh tiiiiips are said to have suffered a He- linns defeat between llodelu anil Sunu. Sllfl'-lllllHVIPI <ll<t t«,.1()0. Wiitei-liiii. liul.. Dec. 3. IHirKlara lilew upeii the safe In the Kcncrul store of Cliiiihvl'-k llansbtirK M Co. of 1'leus- anl l.nlie at 2 o'clock In the morning uiiil Hccuieil JL!,;>UU. Tlill-l.v-Ki'Vi'n I'rl-tiiilii llr.iwtled. Llsbini. Dee. !!.--Thlrly-Kcven jieopln \\ere diowtieil who Here mi bnnrd the Hrltlsh Hteunii't' Chin Drtimmonil from th« Clyile via l.lverpi«'l fur Cape (lontl Hoiie, wreckeil In the Hay of Hlscay. The remalmliT "f the ship's cmnpany siivcil iiiiinbiM'eil Iwenty-tbreu, who anon biianl th*' llrlllsh steamer llnlbeln. Captain Shnrhick. frmn Lmulini anil Antwerp fur Hio rle Jiinelru, ancboreil off CitKi-aes. llfleen mllt'S west nf heri 1 . The llnlbeln !ms propeller shafllnK In the tunnel bniken. Itiiriin Inilh'lcd for l\lunl«<r, ChlciiKu, Dec. :i.- Kurnii Curl K. von llleilenfeld has been Indicted for the murder nf Charles A. McDnnald. When lUirnn vmi Hledenfeld was seen In the county jail and told that be had been Indicted he said between puffs at a clRur: "Well, Unit Is what 1 expected. Of course, 1 must have a trial In court. The sooner I am tried the Boulter I will be out of here. I defended myself as 1 had a right to do, and while I deeply regret the nccurrence I believe 1 was JUH- tltled." Futntly Itui-neil hy Turpentine. Detroit, Dec. 3.—An explosion of turpentine on the second Mnnr of Heuther & Co.'s curvliiK and niiult'lliif; establishment caused serious Injury to three men. William Lenore. an employe, was seriously and perhaps fatally burned about the arms, face ami head Jon- chlm JuiiKWlrth, a member of the firm, was burned about the face and bands, and Charles Kuinmcrfeld. an employe, had a leg broken. The damage by lire amounts to $0.000. llallwtty Wri-trU In Imvti. Ottumwa. In., Dec. 3.--At 4:30 In the morning a double wrer.-k occurred ui; the Bur.Ingtoli r. ad west nf town. The west-bound freight ran Into an open switch at the bridge The engine and seven cars piled up. The east-bound trelght utme immediately afterward running Into the wreck. Arthur Mickey and Frank Connor, bcawernen. wer»? badly hurt. Mickey may die. When yon are nervous and sleep- leefl, take Hood'tt Sarsaparilla It makes Iho nerves strong and givea refreshing sleep. Rheumatism Cured in 24 Hours. T. J. Blackiuore, of Haller & Blackmore, Pittsburgh, Pa., says: "A short time since I procured a bottle of 'Mystic Cure." It got me ont of the house in 24 hours. I took to my bed with rheumatism nine mouths ago and the "Mystic Oure" is the only medicine that did me any good. I bad tive of the best physicians In the city, but I received very little relief from them. I know the "Mystic Cure*' to be what it is represented and take pleasure in recommending It to other poor sufferers." Sold by S. H. Wyss, druggist, Alton. Distressing Stomach Diueaae Permanently cured by the masterly power of Hotitli American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It la a out e for the whole world of stomach weakness and Indigestion. The cure begins wltb the nrnt (logo. The relief it brings la.mar- velous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long yon have suffered, your cure Is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Bold by 8. H.Wysa. ilASYGOING PEOPLE 'I Hose w/tt> ilnrtgard rly in Jit a lions of disease, The progress of catarrh Is freqm-nt- ly gradual. Chronic catarrh secures possession v 1 th- ont the knowledge of its vlc.- tim. It lias become so common to say, " Kvery- liodyhns a little catarrh " that many going people pay slight attention to it. Yet no class of disease Is K» difficult to shako off. Many people well advanced in years find themselves in the toils of catarrh. Mr. and Mrs. Collum, of OidUings, Tex., found help in 1'e-ru-na. Mr. Colluui's letter follows: J't-rti-na AfeJicine Co., Columbus, O. UKAII Huts:—"I think your 1'e-ru-na is the best medicine I ever tried for ca- turrh. J have tried all the catarrh medielues that I could hear of and none of them did any good until I tried yours. i and my wife have both used the I'e- ru-na and Mau-a-liu, and we arc nbout well. 1 am 70 years old and my wife Is Gfl. When we commenced to take your medicines we were not able to see after our work, but now she can tend to her work and 1 see after my farm. You can use this publicly if you want to."—A. P. Collum, Ulddingu, Tex. Ask any druggist lor a tree PC-ru-na Almanac for the 'year 1899. The Ne%v CrUHlider* Proud Wllllurn left his Uennan homo And people far behind dim. He marled out l^ie world to roam, A countless dull to mind him. They traveled* east to holy scenes With pomp, and splendor mighty, Attended by some hundred deans And prelates, staid and flighty. CoiiHtanUnoplo they took In. The sultan showed bis harem. It coat a lot of Qernmn "tin." But didn't even scarf 'em. Then on they went to other lands, Jerusalem they entered. On digging up Its ancient Hands Theiruiuerest then was centered. They dug and dug In various wuys Until their mustiest u.clied them, And then they traveled at-veral dayj. The whllu the hot aim baked them. He started home and got there quick. All Germany acclaimed him Until Ilia bills mude them all sick, And then they greatly blamed him. ENVOY. The klnff of France rode up the hill. But that's another story. He left no record of the bill, Though equal Is their glory. —Town Topics. Try Grata 01 Try Qraln-OI Ask your grocer to show yon 'a package of Gli A [NO, the new food drink i bat takes the place of coffee. The children may drink It without Injury OB well na the adult. All who try it like It. OKAIN O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but It la make from pure grains, and the most delicate atomaoh receives It without distress. One-half the price of cotfee. 15c and 2Go per package. Hold by all druggists, $100. Dr. E. Deletion's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 9100 If you have a child who solla bedding from Incontinence of water during sleep. Oures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble at once. 91. Hold by 8. it. Wyes. Druggist, (IG2 Second st.-eet, Alton, III. Hoarseness Sore Throat Hoarseness, sore throat and constant coughing indicate that the bronchial tubes are Buffering from a bad cold, which may develop into pleurisy or inflammation of the luuga. Do not waste health and strength by waiting, but use Dr. JohnW. Bull'H Cough Syrup at once. This wonderful remedy cures all throat and lung uffec- tions in an astonishingly short time. Dr.Bnll's Cough Syrup Cures Hoarseness and Sore Throat. Doses are ?inull nutl plt-asaut to tnke. Doctors recommend it. Price 25 ct*. At till dr TIIK M'ttS IN MilIllF. C. P Hiinllni'.loii. It l-< siilil, will btillfl tun iniiKiilMi I'lit !'!• illlirlllrs nf 11,000 lull" I'.lcll fill til*' I'llillll ll.'llll'. .\vt I'Mttit.'i;^ ui tin- lOili- rnnil fnr Oo- tnb-T iloi tfii'i tl U'.,:ii() inini ht«t jvnr. John Iliiwanl. 'in (rial i.luiiKi-d with tin- tniinirr nf Ain.'llii t'lilli'ink'i of Hi'tiliiii lhirl.i»r. Mb h.. «m tnutiil Kiiilty of iis«;tult ami batti'i-y. It Is ivpnrtcil In N w Vork that tha i:olla|i«ril lltisi'cil nil irii»t In to In) re- tirsuiil/i-d \\lth » ni|iltnl uf $:!J.000,000. Tin- Illlli- ibiiif'btfr nf Mr. Htudor, a fiiriiici iicnr IliiiniiHhlri'. Ills., was bllllinl to ili'lllh, lu'f I'liilhlng i.itch I tig frmn a brttah lliv. Wllliiun (!rny, a Lake Shore brake- niiin who ri'ii'iilly fi'll heir to $3;>0.000, pays bo will liivpRl n part of his money In tlie stiM/kH of thi-' load he worked for m InllB. Auslin \V. l.iiiiibnr and MlHH Lizzie Hay »[ Nurwoiiii. inailu a trip tn Kt. l.ouls mi fool. 1'Yi'U Fi'nat of riuin drove, Ills,, was fatally sufTiH'Utpi.1 by cmil gas from a stovt! A. A. I'V-ri'ls of CliirlniKiil has been appnlnli'il receiver fur the National Fraternal I'nlnii. his flutlcs bplng llni- Iteil to the aeviMi-year cert I lien tes. Thoinan A. K. Weailock ha« been appointed reeHvor nf the Oily National bank of (Jivenvllle. Midi., In place of Hubert T. (ilbbiilts. resigned. Ten per cent, atlvania: In the wages of miners a nil surface eniplnyeH him been put In effect at the CioReblo range property nf the Oliver Minim; company. The reported betrothal of Prince George of drecce ami I'tlnceKM Victoria nf Wales Is denied, Mrs Ulchtn-d Hut-ley of 1'eabody, Mass.. supposed to be Insane, killed her 12-year-nh.l daunblei- and then uttempt- eil to kill her son by beating them over the head with crockery. Thendiire .lacn, aged 75, of Shelby- vllle, Intl., is defendant in a suit for divorce, custody of child and J10.000 alimony. The home of Hiram 13lggs, a farmnr near Perry, C). T.. caught fire nnd gH, bis wife and three small children were him ed to dealh. The 'Tradesmen's National bank of New Vork, which suspended Oct. 4, has begun liquidation, the smaller depos- tura being paid first. •fi Jl C^T/Yrt L/ASTOR The Kind You Havo Always Bought, and which lift* been tn. UNO for over 30 yciirw, linn bomo the slgimturo 'of , and haH bncn made under his personal NUpnrviflton since tta Infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in this. AH Counterfeits, Imitation*! and Substitutes are but Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children—Kxperlenco ftjrnlnst Experiment. What is CASTORIA Gastoria is a substitute fdr Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine- nor other Narcotic substance. Its age is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Feverlsbiiess. It cures Dlarrluna and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of Stop That couching. The quickest und surest' wiiv Is to take Dr. Hell's I'lne-Tur- ( Iliiuev. A gitarnntveil ctoiiKh rein- 1 g I'dy, wholly i'lillUenllothers—better; ^7 jicts titrect.l> ou thy mucous inein- «' hranos. henls the lungs and resplrn- t.; tiM-v oriiiuiH und luvlgoratea the Kt n hole fiVHtem. ' DR. BELL'S Tar- The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 3O Years. ' '~ ^THM OENTAUH COMMNVi 7* MUNlUv •THCCT. NKW VORK CITV. * i contains tho concentrated healing [ji vlrliu'H oi oil! iinrt[ Lrlea niLMliciiiiiln^tinlH, \LruiMed by » uew ;-ntlll(,' procoHs. 26c, and gl. lent upon I'lia K. E. Hulhcrlipd (Barn*. Dr. willinniH' ItiillunPllc uintuiBiitwill ruro Ulinil. UluediiiR anil Ituhlnr lea. li iibHurl'S the luiiiois the lU'liinfftt uiii-ir. art; oulLii-i'. t'tvi-rt l.'istuiit re . H'il mi^'lnilriii Pile Ouii nu!ptirt'<l foi I*!:i"; am; )n 1 •IVIJK.' jvirlrt KVIT.V l<n> i wiirriuii^n. My ilrur^i-l-.. liy tiiull ii.i I- oelpt or III-H-I;. Ml o.-tna iiiui *l IM>. ij' [i poul . H'il |IM Nullur DitftMil. H'r. 3.--It Is rt'porttU The Sure La Urippe Cure. Thero IH no use suffering from this IroHilftil malady, if you will only i;et Hit> rlt,'l>t remedy. You are having jitln nil through your body, yeur liver s out of ordor, liuvo no iippetlte. no Ifo or ambition, have a had ooltl, In 'ad are completely used up. I<!lenti>ln iltturs IH the only remedy that will Klvoyon prompt and sure relief. They tot, directly ou your I.lver, Hlomaoh and Kidneys, tone uj> the whole ays- em and make you feel like a new be- DK. They are guaranteed to cure or price refunded. For sale at K. Martb'e drug store, only 60? per bottle. What (to the Children Drink? Don't Klve them tea or coffey. Have you tried the iifw food drink .called MAIN O? U In dellolotia and nour- hlng and takes the alaoe of coffee, 'he more Uralii-O you give the child- en the more health you dlatribute hrotigh I heir syBtema. Uralu-O la tade of pure gralua, and when pro- erly prepared tastea like Iheoholoe r»dea of coffee but uotU about one- air aa muob. All urooera sell it. lOo nd tifio It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Uream Balm Is a speclllo for Nasal catarrh and cold In the head. This distinction has been uonloved only as the result of continued successful use A morbid condition of the membrane In the nasal passages tsan be cured by tblx purifying and healing treatment. Sold by drng- KlstB or it will be mulled for CO cents by Klv Brothers, CU Warren Btreet. New York. It spreads over He? membrane, Is absorbed and rellof IH Iminedlato, Texas. Tlio MlHdoiiri. Kansiis & Texits Kail way Co. will sell low rate round trip tlttketHon Nov. 1, in, Deo. (1 and RO, with llnal limit of return lo '21 days from date of swla. An excellent opportunity for hoiiieBeckorn, tourists and Investors to view tor themselves tho great resources of the Htato. For rtirlher Infornmtlon ndilreHs John I., Williams, P. and T. A el , to:i N. Rroad- wity, Ht. f.otilu, Mo. cur rrtflth fulfills PAPER Tfiftt f.ilftrm /i-it'f htt* ant/ flif tfnif/fst" t>tt tlif i i'/ TVXJ' dress • inaki'r. PATTRRN5" •ilfnt "Hi, hit . /•/„}• ,-,,,1 2Sc. PER PATTERN WIIST, sLtut, ur siiiiir nni'i.i:n uow.v, r.>. \\'t will bf f/fiitt<t tu iftiitj'i'u ,,r ft tfrsiiit fifftr ti TRIAL SLII1. !iSc. rotlK Wl'l-KS ti> the BA 7.AK upon rffeift i>/ Ilit invtiey. IIO'HI t IIKUTimiS, I'ulillilirr., N. I. III; I la Mi- litilr>« 111 null i i [)rs. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURQEON3. OKflcE in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Baaton ale. Phones 138 and 171. Buflingto'h: Route BEST TRAINS H- .Mag TO |Nebraska,Montana,PugetSouiid Vy»*.'».••.•.Helium •-.-. i .--•»•»• ••••• .*•-..»--•»•• •.!• |ii i n ni *»aJB»MMMM»MMMMMMMa«i»MM»M»teigt.' Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer k*4 lulu l« Hreik »< SiH Mull ••< Int. **l »••« I«IWM «l SMMI«. ii« BAST SBCOND • • ALTON III ALTON TIME CARD PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. and Laundry Work Carefully Promptly Done. Mio Beet ot Te»i tni Chlneie Noveltlei Band. 624 Baat Second «t. 306 SUIe at •[^ P. SCHUSSLER.M.D HOMEOPATHIST and SUIMRON OPriOKUHD RKS'DKNCH, HOTBL MADIHO Teleohone 100 [)rs. E. C. * H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to 8 a.m; 11 to 1,8 to 8 p.m. TELEHMONE 87. D K C. B. ROHLANU, DENTIST, OffioiHouri: u la.n. tout m, nd I to p. IT. THIRD Rinrr Bsantis ;* ' ™ Kllul ™jm9A»Mj(S /^ s j£/JJ*-/-~ <-Aa&ffl&Z3&U at V. S. NIXON, DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Time, Yager & Yager. Attorneys 300 Belle Street. Edmund H. Blair. Real EsUte and loBoraoce MONEY TO LOAN. Nntarv Public Notary PUDIIC. OFFICE 106 Market at WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, l.ime and Wall Plaster Prlow to meet competition. Ooodi de- Urtnd, elophone 1M. Of lie* 107 .We§t Second Street Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1888, trains wlu leave Union Depot, Alton, an follows', For Chicago,North and East—*12:8S s A, »8:10 a m, «8:47 a m, MO.-06 p m. '" For Springfield-»12:8S a m, *8:10 m, *8:47 am, •S&>pm, '10:06pm ForPeona—'8:47am, •lO.'OSpm. For Kanaaa City and the West-* 47 urn, (8:20 pm, •9:60pm. ' •Dally. (Except Sunday. fSee Joint G. A A, and Big Four time table for trains between Alton and St. Loula.] °"""" ur (jJiQiidBiofourJoiniTiiiieiatiieoiTraiflg Between Alton & St. LouU. LT. Alton For St. Louln. Ar. St. L 5 i8»m ......... CA A dally .......... 7ao«m g»J° ........... Big Pour, dally ........ 78oJS 5 °? am .......... C 1 A, dally .......... 8 00 an'"O*" ...... ; Big Pour,' ex-Sun .. ....'8 00 am o JW am ....... ' • " " 10 00 am 643pm 'i 6 87 pm 803pm 820pm Lv St L U 8 708 am A «on Ar Alton A Aft nm di™ m_A_ vr..' 0 1ft DID . A 4fi pm Iraduat* Ontario Veternlary Oolleg* over The Model (tor*. (JUlo» .THIRD AND PIA8A HTH . ALTON Itl -NOSK1PPUS. O HIMIKAIKAT. rMlllii.piiit |»!d,oiir<u!tm,t<ilUo, tti^rtftlii:!, IX,.. 1^ t^Hlitr U.v, N, V. A LOCAL UiacBae, A Climatic A (lection. CATARRH Architect, and Superintendent Plant; and HpeolttonUoni (or Work Aoourfttely FuruUhed. OFFICE OVER ALTON 8AVINU8 BANK Imt a Inoul ritoirdy ur change of climate will cu H u. Ut)t a well-known specific, It Is quickly Abaorbud (Jives Heller af once Opens and olaaates ^^.. —.-:—: i tlinNasal Paasago*. Pfll f||iu ||§• Af> Allays IniUmmMton VWUW t( « ntnW Heals an 1 Protects tin Mainhraiid. HeatoWs th« bonaea oi'I'astjs and Hmoll. No Coi!al'.«, No Mercury, No Injurious drug. Full «Ui> 60»i: Trial slie IM, at DrugiilsU or by rr all. ELY IWO'j'HBRS.Tft Warren at., New Yort, MADE ME A MAN AJAX TABLETSPOSITIVELY UU!!K THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN—— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND rua- PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WUNER BUFFET SLEEPERS T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profile! and Eitlmate Furnished. JOB Belle Street, Up SUIri. Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. •13 But Slsth Street. • Alton, III. .All klnda of Granitoid Work: Bldewalka, leant tbe and MOR ' -MB sud no* mr O O NORRIS, C ft A Arent G H HAMILTON, Big jg5?A«ant C. C. C. & St. L.~Big Pour. i, rioortng, eto., done ant tbe b •aUrlal and work guaranteed lall will reealva prr.npt attentlen beatquali: I. Order* ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, tU BU.LB STHBBT. Moaty to Lofu on Improved Property BINTS COLLECTED. Leave Alton 6BO»m Q 7 10am 8 (10 am luoe*m 1280pm 1240pm a 45 pm 446pm 428pm Q I 706pm Lesve Ht. L. 7 41 am 821am 10 2X1 am 11 Mam 300pm toupm 6 &1 pm 7COpm is con Burlinfton Route. (Suburban eerrloe) ,, ,P a|| y Dally ei-flun Sunday only Dajly ex-bun Pally tx-Sun ArrtreSt. L 840am 754am 8 Mam 1100am I Mpm 140pm a 46pm Dally Dally ei-Suu Uallyex-Bun 020pm 810piH Arrive Altos Q **- Ql for AND Fors ale br I. U * ill «48. H..WTM, FREE RECLINING KAff CHAIR CM DINING STATIONS OPERATED BY THI COMPANY SUPERIOR MttALB, ^^*— FIFTY CKNTS James Parker, Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BA4T 8BCUND 3TKtU1 (lentleaieo wao iPP/.x^t* nrst-olass. «> TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. -Al MODERATE PRICES, You Are ln»tte« to oali u« eitnlDt •> NtiW STOCK OP GOODS St. L. Tbrougbienrlo*. K. ft N. W. l .„, C.B.«. Q, (Rldg, .,. sutlon) ,.fe*, W at. (St. L. C. *8t. P, Ry., On and rtttrKov. i», im trains wlttto rt Alton as follows : "*»l«E»*|l.v Uaro Alton. 10:00 am Uar»Bt. Lout* TiHMM 4i M pm /U«»y. l_B«;8un, I Sun only? ouls, ,' , r <•* .L^iLi^^' ..^lA

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