Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 24, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, August 24, 1961
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7bp4-H exh/bifs selected To compete of s/afe fair De* Moines Dept. of Hist. & Archives I Mo'nes, 19, Iowa the girls 4-H group Joan Hackman. Eden Starlets. at the Fay- Canned food to form a meal— m. _ , „- . Joan Harrington, Harlan NRG. ine following were selected as Angel food cake — Eleanor Os- iop in tneir class to represent mundson, Diligent Doverettes. hayette county at the Iowa state Table setting — Janelyn Gran- fair, reports Dorothye Busching, ger, Un:,:n Busy Beaverettes. tayette county extension tome Nutrition "Science Why" — economist: Roberta Ran, Putnam Peppy Drop cookies — Annette Mey- Pals, cr, Illyria Clipperettes. Rolled cookies Judges for the 4-H exhibits . Frances Bur- were Miss Willa Helwig of Mon- Volume 47 mgton, Union Busy Beaverettes. ona and Mrs. John Patterson of Volume '* / Quick bread — Sandra Raatz, Cresco. Center Eto-R-Best. A more complete list of the Plain cake — Evelyn Niewoeh- entries and their placings will ner, Alpha Clover Leaves. appear in next week's Leader. Yeast rolls — Jane Vogts — Diligent Doverettes. Social Securitv lawn Yeast bread loaf - Charlotte „, bec " nt y law » McCallister, Putnam Peppy Pals. Undergo changes Jell or jam — Cinda 'Grimes, Changes in tht social security 1 he Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Thursday, August 24, 1961, Fayette, Iowa Six PagtiA This Issue Whose Farm Is The Mystery Farm? law, signed by President Ken- Union Busy Beaverettes. Canned tomatoes — Rosemary nodv Jun ,, : 0 , ork effect on Aug . Andrews, Jefferron Good Luck. ust j. More lhan follr million por . to estimated to benefit revisions. Included in the changes which the President called "financially sound and socially responsible" the minimum Canned fruit and vegetables— «.,~ ns arc , .__....__._..... .._-_.,_,-_^.. ...._.__.- f rom the July bond sales Over $10 million lowans invested more than $10 are P rovisior >s: million in Series E and H sav- ' Irv.n-asinn ings bonds during July, boosting benefit to S40. the seven-month total to $92,- 2. In.-ica.<-int; widows' benefits 465,856 for 62 per cent of the bv 10 pr-rcc-nt. 1961 goal. National average for 3. lowering the amount of the period was 59 per cent. work-credits no< d< d to bccor.-.e Forrest B. Claxton of Fayette. eligible f r benefits. volunteer county co-chairman, 4. Makin- old-age !>t"?fits reported that July sales in Fay- ava jl a blc to men at age 62. ette county amounted to §105.- The Housc Committee on Ways 176 for a seven-month total of and McanS| rc p ortin g on the $963,860 and 58 per cent of the amendments to the social sccuri- 1961 quota. ty law nad said .. Thc p,. O vifion The chairman said, "Every lo- of benefits at age 62 for men will wa citizen can help fight the bat- help to alleviate the hardships tie against Communism by buy- faced by that group of men wh:>. ing extra savings bonds. Help because of ill health, techr. •log- protect our freedoms by buying ical unemployment, or other all you can row." reasons, find it impossible to continue working until they reach 65." That committee estimated that 560,000 persons would get benefits under this change during Report one litter system Is losing popularity The "one-litter system" is declining in popularity with Iowa the next 12 months, hog producers, says animal hus- It estimated also that one and bandman M. D. Whiteker of Iowa a half million widows would State University. get the increase in the widows' This is the system in which the benefit and that more than two farmer farrows one litter of pigs , , ., per year, usually in the spring, benefit. Open doss dairy cattle And swine fudged Tuesday Judging cf a large number of ior champion entries in the open class dairy and mont. swine departments took place Tuesday at the Fayette county fair in West Union. Results of the judging are as follows: Ayr• liive hull. Senior champion ah I.- David Jones, La- Jersey bull: Grand champion— Charles McLeish and Son, Hawkeye; junior champion — Charles McLeish and Son. Jersey female — Grand champion — M. W. Nabholz, Hawkeye; e liannemnn. Decor- senior champion — M. W. Nab- chumpV-n — Harold I. lz; junior champion — Allen • man. Deirrrah; grand cham- Chcnsvold, West Union. pi in — Leslie Hanneman. Avrshire female: Grand champ- Brown Swiss female: Grand champion —Douglas Davis, Sum- Douglas ion — Harold Hanneman; senior ner; junior champion champion — Harold Hanneman; Davis. Junior champion — Richard For- Guernsey bull: Grand champ- man, Stanley. j on — Frank Sievesand, Waukon; llolstein bull: Grand champion senior champion — Frank Sieve— Ed Decker and Son, Wcstgate; sand; junior champion — Frank junior champion — Ed Decker Sievesand. and Son, Westgate. Guernsey female: senior champ Holstein femalt: Grand champ- —Frank Sievesand; junior champ ion - Walter Pagel and Son. — Bernard Oakes, Randalia, Best Uddor: Jeisey owned by M. W. Nab'iOlz, Hawkeye. In the swine department the results were as follows: Poland China Boars: Grand champion — Vogts Brotiiers, Eldorado; junior Sumnor; senior champion — Wai- lei- Pagel and Sen, Sumnor; jun- Agricultural Tour planned Galen Griffin to Head member drive Herons P for the Johnson, district Waterloo man- /ree copy of mystery Farm picture to owner For making identification The picture above was taken of a farm somewhere m Fayette county, in the vicinity of the A meeting was held in the Fay- *°wn of Fayette. Tho mystery ette Soil Conservation District farm pictures are - srrios spons- Office Monday evening, August ored by tke Fay (e Leader f r 14 to plan a tour of agricultural the interest of its many rcnderi,. members in Fayette county in the 3^" practices in Fayette County. If the owner of Iho farm pic- annual campaign This tour will be Friday, Sep- tured above will slop in at the The fallowing tember 1 beginning at 9 A. M. Leader office he will receive free have been appointed to probably starting at Fayette and of charge a 5 x 7 j;lossy print of their respective townships Services held Monday For Sam Shepard Funeral Services for Sam Shepard, 03, were held Monday, Aug. 21, at 2 p. m. from the First cham ion _ Vogts Brothers. g j. G chbam ion _ Den . nig Huillkert Deeorah; senior Methodist church, with the Rev. champion _ Den nis Huinker; jun- Wolcott officiatmg. |or chPampion _ Dennis Huinker. Mr. Shepard died at his home in Fayette, on August 18, at 9 a. m., after a brief illness. Spoiled Poland China Boars: Grand champion and junior champion — Keith and was Ernest Foltz, Mabel, Minn. „ , _ ...... , . , Sammie Lylc Shepard ««o Galen Griffin, last years mem- i, n - n nocnwiKr..- 7 1P07 ™ « *n>™ „ n , , • i , . . , . .,, . Horn ueccmner I, loai, on a lanm Pr»w Ofrnnd ohnmmon senior bcrship chairman, will again • -• •• - OJW ' Vjlullu tiiuiupiuu, SCIUUL head the drive for Farm bureau Sam He may buy gilts in the fall, breed them to farrow before the rush of work begins next spring, and sell the mature sows after garl the pigs are weaned. It provides ager Xe'rw^unuS 6 iaboT and" « 0en ^j? ^'mc^a^ buy/All that is asked of the own- Albert Bodcnsteiner. once'was widely used. 3,^' there ' is no ^ed to apply and route taken will be published ^ is a little information so that """"" ""'' nl " " Whiteker says the most com- be made automatically, he said, later. lne mon-system now is the two-litter for the increases. - •'••<-. -Those attending the meeting plan. The farmer breeds his sows About 160,000 persons who were M. C. Wangsness, County twice a year, to farrorv hi the are not 'now getting benefits Extension Director, Alfred Stew- Lima. He was the son of champion and junior champion— and Blanche Foster Shop- Keith and Ernest Foltz, Mabel, this fall '""' Minn. committeomen °" April 9 ' 1921 hc was united Duroc commiuecmen jn man . i ,, gu U) Elsie E wilburi Sows . Grand champion, senior He spent all of his life around champion and junior champion — Fayette. farming until 1948, Elmer and David Schomberg, S«S££ =?.« J>» •-=«—D, «;,l>r,'r;, ^.^« ^SSZlSSi l ""' sh "°" ^W^.o^.t.^: SS.^ b week. spring and in the fall. He markets would become eligible during the art, Chairman Fayette Soil Con- i » rites for Lottie more pigs from the same sows, next 12 months under the lower servation District, Ellis Thomp- utilizes his equipment longer and work-credit requirement, the re- son, Chester Turner, Chairman Smirl held Tuesday may market at seasonally higher port continued. arid Office Manager of the Agri- Funernl services for Prices. Mr Johnson said that a num- cultural Stabilization and Con- Smir , wcrc ' hdd Vuesday. ,iu B . — ........ «••• Other lowans use multible ber of older persons who had ap- servation Committee Office, Ker- 15 2 m {rom tho H awkeye ard Reinking. arrowing plans, with two or plied for benefits before, but who nut M. Teig. County Supervisor, Funera] ' Home . Smithfield ; — Melvin Molokker. Dcliict tiinl neth Schult/. Union and Plea:;;mt Valley Harry Olcsen. Banks and Cen'er — Rayn/jnd Clefisch. Wcstfielri and Illyria — E. W. Funernl services for Lottie Maurer. Smirl were held Tuesday, Aug. Fremont and Harlan — Bern fhepard worked for the Graf • ifarms eight years, and for the Cherter White Boars: Grand champion and inn for Upper fowa University, I'o v.'iis :. momber of the First Methodist church in Fayette. Sin '.'iving besides his wife are two sons, Howard and Robert of Cedar Rapids, and two grand- farrowing , more sow units, each farrowing were ineligible because Jhey^ or Farmers Home Administration, nd Scott — Urban officiated and Kuennen. twice a vear with pig production their husbands did not meet the and Leland A. McCord, Work Kev / . - W spread over the'wholeyear! old requirement, might now be Unit Conservationist, Soil Con- bu "al was ,n the Hawkeyc ceme- - - - _i:-:wi» servation Service. tery. _ _ should check Tne district commisbioner!, also Lottie Delilah Bysbng Smirl with their local social se- he i d tnoir mee ti n g and approved was Do: " n October 28, 1877 at curity office to see if they are three cooperative agreements, Hawkeye and died at her home in eligible, he said. George E. Miller, Oran Township, Fayette on Aug. 12. She was the Continuous farrowing is prac- eligible, ticed by some lowans. It involves Such people problems of breaking disease cycles and maintaining feed programs for pigs at different ages encc Grummitt. Oran and Jefferson Gerald ling, Readlyn. Sows: Grand champion and junior champion — Carol Wen- ling. Hampshire Boars: Grand champion, senior children; one brother, Leon, of champion and junior champion- Elgin, and one half brother, Lew William and Fred Schomberg, of Denver. Wesi Salem, Wis. He was preceded in death by uSows: Grand . champion, senior his parents, one sister Beryl, two ^ n , m P lon and J unl ° r ' ha , m jKT half sisters, Mamie and Lottie, William and Fred Schomberg. imd one half brother, William. West Salem - Wis ' The Belles-Wright Funeral home was in charge of the ser- . , . nriiii_._ „„,* Burial was in the Grand- se "'° r champion - William and _ . Boars. Grand champion and H an«nn receives Hanson receives vices. view cemetery. Elmer Landas, Westfield Town- daughter of Samuel and Hattie D e g ree at Iowa State ship, Harold Tellin, Harlan Town- Bysong. nn,;,, Hanson son of Mrs. Na- in^tg tSJSTS^yS Return, from vacation ri R , h M n D sirable for swine producers to re- Mr. and Mrs. Lester Tope and ship, and Ralph Moellers, Dover evaluate their farrowing systems Dennis returned Thursday night, Township. Three basic plans on with Leonard G. Smirl constantly with a view to possi- after vacationing in 14 states and the farms of Irwm Keil, Scott i», wo^at wawKeye. ble changes. Old Mexico. They visited, Mr. Township, M. A. Smnneman She is survived by three sons; Die cnanges. ^ ^ g ^ ^ ^ Ducate Jefferson Township, and Harold Richard of Fayette; Walter of De- Honowd Calif., the Ralph Goulds in'River- Ensign, Fremont Township were corah, Leonard of Houston, Tex~ .... ~. * »» -mi ^._- r-l~ rt n »»« n .. nr l As! three fl n 11 L'h tflrfi (HnrripHni received his degree in Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State university, y, August 19. He was 155 students to receive ., John Moore of Armstrong was side, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sor- also approved. Mr.nd as; Mrs. Bob Hog market center To be at Maynard At a recent meeting of Farm Bunau members, in the Farm Bureau building at Fayette, it was decided to open the new hog wo=*"iTriinn' , ....... ..,..:._ at Maynard- west union. Fred Schomberg. junior champion — Golden Glow Farms, Ionia. Sows: Grand champion and senior champion — William and Fred Schomberg; junior champion — Golden Glow Farms. Yorkshire Boars: Grand champion and junior champion — Art Koester, roes at the close of the second marketing station at maynara. SQWS . Grand champion and summer session. ^'^o^wclin'^ i"™ 0 ? champion — Art Koester. jonn Moore ui /iniiauujiE wao "•—> —----•, '•-'. -— ———— — -- Mrs Bob Mclllree of Lebanon SIUIIHILT **•»*>'^u. t , r / junior tuann/n/n — recently presented a certificate Mw^M^Zim'merma'n'and fam- TO HOLD PUBLIC AUCTION Mo.; (Mildred) Mrs Lowell Car-' ^^\ h ^p\ on ^ during "li! V. .™adV"of the marketing p nW!c a8 .: 8tance by Gov. Norman Erbe in recog- ily o£ Tucson> Ariz and visited Mr . and M rs. Pete Gaynor will ney of Phoenix, Ariz.; (Reva) p ^^ on ceremonies in State division of the Iowa Farm Bu- KubllC assistance nition of his long years of serv- many po i n ts o f interest. hold a public auction Saturday, Mrs. Haro d Stohr of Waterloo; ° vmnasiu|n tl)is morning. After- i-eau, explained that before the Payments decreaj many points „ ice to the State as an Iowa S'tate While the Topes' were gone Sept. 2, starting at 1:30 p. Highway commission employee, their son-in-law and daughter the consisting of household Mr. Moore has been in road Jerry maintenance and construction stayed work for about 44 years. work. the Leader. m., 11 grandchildren; and gymnasium this morning. in-m-iaw ana aaugmer ine L-ujia»avui K "i uuuoc;iu,u suuuo "•--•_° --•, •• ••• -;•- -•»•"•... . , friends attended a re ICaujman's of Oelwein, and other articles. Watch for the M«. Jennie Bennett of Creston. c eVp ™, n inMeinorial Union. and took care of the farm sale bill in next week's issue of usheuwas Preceded m death by ce ^V'"he graduates 40 ,-uecivw tho i.oortpr her husband and three infant ... b , „...'. .1 her husband children. ' a "A creat erandchildren and a *M?r ward ' thc graduates, their rela- markctim; center could be open- T t ! pubUc ass i sta nce pay- goods greatgrandchildren, and a sister tivcg and friends altcnded a ,. 0 . Ocl 1:l Maynard at least 70,000 ments u ^ der the fom . program8 head of hogs must be signed on dur ing the month of July am_. ...- graduates, 40 received intent to market cards. Also, oun t ed to $4,414,485, u decrease the Master of Science degrees, $20,000 must be raised in stock. of $27,787 from the previous 19 thc Doctor of Philosophy, Others on the program innlud- mon th' s expenditures. The light- three the Bachelor of Architec- ed: L. O. Weston, president of the er aid to depen dent children ».ure and five the Master of Vo- Fayclte county Farm Service Co. case i oad and medical expeixU- ^ational Education. All others I,.ard; Rodney Drewes, president tures under both tne old age a3 . received the Bachelor of Science of the county Farm Bureau; and s j g t an . ce and aid to dependent degree. Frank Brownell, hog marketing children programs made up the This was the last of five com- board member from Scott town- decrease> mencement exercises held during ship. During the past year there the 1960-61 school year. Others ^ — were 8 i4 fewer cases in the old Sheila Bradley book age assistance program while the r> 11 *:~- »»»«1. Ai aid to dependent children pro- Collection totals 47 gram has f ncreased by the s £ me The book "Stop That Ball!" by number of cases. This however, McClintock brings to 47 the to- reflects a greater expenditure tal number of volumes in the smc e a id to dependent children Hot lunch menu for First week announced The hot lunch menu for the first week of school at the Fayette Community school is as follosvs: Monday — Beefburgers, pickles, catsup, mustard, tomato slices, apple sauce, cake and milk. were held in November, 1960, and February, May and July, 1961. In all, more than 1,800 degrees and certificates were a Tuesday — Beef and noodles, peas, egg salad sandwiches, milk ^ ardcd to the five groups. and fruit cup. Wednesday — Weiners in bun, ». r 1 I ' Mrs - '~ ole 8 Mrs. L. L. Cole of Fayette re- Sheila Anastasia Bradley Mem- ca ses average approximately $40 orial Erjok Collection for child- per case over the old age assist- rcn. Nearly $100 was contrib- a nce cases. _._.... . uted by 42 people since the fund During the month of July a word of the death of her was started shortly after the total of $45,311 in social welfare Mrs. E. W. Taylor, at Bur- death of five-year-old Sheila payments was made in Fayette .on, Wash., August 17, fol- Bradley on April 17, 1960. county. lowing an illness of two weeks The books were purchased for old age assistance payments due to lung caacer. the Fayette public library, and for 345 cases amounted to $30,She is survived by two daugh- are displayed there in a spec- 943. There were 96 aid to deters, Mrs. Lois Wellington of ial section. pendent children cases which Burlington, Wash., and Mrs. Hel- Mrs- Emily Swartz of Fayette included 355 persons and totaled ... . . u ,, en Gregg of Auburn, Wash. Her will replace Mrs. Estelle Lorenz $12,539. A total of $312 was paid Weiner roast new husband and a daughter preced- as custodian of the fund. Con- to three blind cases, and $116 to Mr. and Mrs. Park Cowles were td her in death. tributions may be sent directly one disabled case, hosts at a weiner roast at their Interment was at Sunnyside, to her, or left at the Leader ot- catsup, mustard, potato salad, fruit juice, cake, peach sauce and Dies in Washington rtiu „,!.,.. nnnf ~.« .u j ~ Thursday -Beef, mashed potatoes with butter carrott sticks, dried beef and lettuce sandwiches ice cream and fruit bars. oelnut^buTte? andwiches Seen' peanut but u Andwiches green beans apple crisp, tomato she- es and milk. VISITED IN DAKOTA Mrs. Mary Thomas accompanied her sons Shorty and family home Sunday evening. Those at- Wash., where the Taylor family fice. tending were: Mr. and Mrs. Daryl established their home after leav- ^ . „JmZTT^~».«. M Miller, Carolyn and Darolyn of ing Iowa in 1910. Mrs. Taylor NO DANCE FRIDAY NIGHT „,„ _ Arlington, Wash.; Kenneth and was a student at Upper Iowa There will be no street dance of Fayette and Raymond and ^^, ..- . , __ Alvin Danielson of East Stan- university and a teacher before this Friday niglw due to tho family of Manchester, and her AH ELASTIC COLLISION •xperinwni in phytict is shown torn? conducted by four high school W0 od, Wash.; the Ted Askelson, her marriage. Fayette county fair at West daughter, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. ***•-''- wno attended th* Summer 8«l»nc« and Mathematics IJMtilute a* the Qtat« University of Curtis Chensvold and Stanley _m Union. - Hanson and family of Waterloo . .... _. ^. ., ... . .......... ._ ™. . , , , held on to Sioux Palls, S. D., early Sat- M wW urday morning. They spent the *-*' ^weafcend in the honw of their i. —zJi .^ JT j M o(her 1 '' Don • Thomas __.iUv'»and returned'home ^t^r Cowles families oi West Union; RETURNED FROM VISIT Denise Cowles, Oesian; Nora Mr. and Mrs. John Hofmeyar the Super Vftlu Askelson and Mrs. Bertha Gress, and sons Rickie and Johnnie re, be held Friday West Union; Mrs. Hazel Rasmus- turned Tuesday, August 22, from Jack Ho.war4 and sen and Jean Ann Cowles, Fay- visiting relatives in Kcnosna, bars of his banu ette. Wis., and Washington, Hi this dance, — > Own* Gwhart of BfetTilit, right dwing* th* siup«nd«d metal ball in the .xperi ^v.red

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