Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 17, 1961 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1961
Page 5
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Council Proceedings REGULAR MEETING July 3, 1961 Meeting called to order by Mayor Beck at 8:00 o'clock. Councilmen present Brown, Crafton, Gooder, Borchert and Henry. Absent, none. Minutes of last regular and special meetings read and approved. , Mr. Paul Pickett of the Library board met with the council in regard to presenting proposed budget of the Fayette Community Library for year from July 1, 1962 to June 30, 1963. The council decided to take it under advisement and to act on it at a later meeting. Motion by Borchert that we approve all of the cigarette permits, subject to fees paid and approved bonds. Seconded by Crafton. Carried. Motion by Gooder that we purchase the pick-up truck from Melvin Holtzman for $200.00 with the extra tires. Seconded by Henry. Roll call: Gooder, aye; Henry, aye; Crafton, aye; Brown, aye; Borchert, aye. Carried. Bills presented and examined as follows: General Interstate Power Co., Service $ W. V. Clark, Service Max A. Conrad, Municipalities Membership Dues Melvin Holtzman, Pickup Truck 200.00 A. E. Wood, Petty cash .. Internal Revenue Service, Withholding Tax .. Fayette Co. Mutual Telephone Co., Phone rent & Tolls _ Charles Soribners & Sons, Library Books . S7.60 Campbell & Hall, Inc., Library Books .. . . 147.03 Don R. Phillips, Inc., Library Books 8.56 Dennis Heth, Labor 6.00 Imogene Sheoley, Ass't. Librarian 23.28 Jean Karr & Co., Library Books 16.48 American Publishers Corp., Library Books 52.41 Nathaniel Dame & Co., Library Books 16.55 Internal Revenue Service, Withholding Tax 9.90 I. P. E. R. S., -Retirement 7.87 Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm.. Social Security Tax 9.00 Interstate Power Co., Service 3.23 Beryl Thompson, Librarian 66.82 this year. Seconded by Crafton. Carried. Meeting adjourned. A. E. WOOD Town Clerk L, Alverson. Mary O Binwn. Verona Sherman Total .$ 447.47 Utilities Prwer Co., 6.41 250.00 61.50 25.00 11.10 Interstate Service _.S 225.00 Langerman Construction Co., Machine Service _ 66.20 Lerdall Construction Co., Machine Service 14.50 Chandler Company, Water Pipe 77 47 Treasurer of State of Iowa, Sales Tax 33.73 Total S 530.1(1 Recreation Becky Maxron, Playground Instructor $ 100.00 C. E. Smith & Sons, playground equipment 2.35 Lewis Variety, Playground Equipment 1.38 Hap-N-Kcn's, Playground Equipment 15.35 Total S 119.2tf Road Use Tax Lysle Wooldridge, Labor '& Material S 90.50 V. C. Benderoff, Black- lopping streets 5,603.8!> 45.15 Total Trust Street Langerman Construction Co., Machine Service ... $ Joyce Lumber Go., Post "& Cement L.. G. Thomas, Labor on Trees _ Ronald Paul, Labor on Mower Sfcrgent - Sewell, Inc., Brushes ..._ Earl Crawford, Repair Parts _ Internal (Revenue Service, Withholding Tax . I. P. E. R. S., Retirement Iowa .Kmp. Sec. Comm., Social Security Tax Melvin Holtzman, Salary SQQ1R ----599.16 j p E R s Retire . ment ...... ..... ....... Iowa Emp. Sec. Comm., 3-00 Social Security 85,694.35 153.33 SPECIAL MEETING July 31. 1961 Special meeting, JULY 31. 1961, FOR THE PURPOSE of a hearing for or against the Budget estimate and of expenditures for the year beginning January 1, 1962. Meeting was called to order by Mayor Jack Beck. Present: Councilmen Gccder, Borchert and Crafton. Absent: Councilmen Brown and Henry. Also present. W. V. Clark, Town Attorney. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p. in. and the purpose of the meeting was announced as being a hearing on the Budget estimate and estimate of expenditures for the year bc- ginning January 1, 1962, and that said meeting was being held pursuant to a notice published in the Fayette County Leader, a newspaper of general circulation in the Town of Fayette, Fayette Ccunty, Iowa, in the July 20, 1961 issue of said paper. A general discussion was held among the Councilman relative to the Budget and estimate, and it being past the hour of 7:30 o'clock P. M., July 31, 1961, and there appearing no persons to be heard either for or against said estimated budget and expenditures, the following action was had: Motion by Councilman Gooder that the Budget estimate and expenditures estimate as published be approved. Motion seconded by Councilman Crafton. Roll Call: Gooder, aye; Borchert, aye; Crafton, aye. The motion was declared carried. Motion by Councilman Borchert that the meeting be adjourned. Motion seconded by Councilman Crafton. Carried. A. 'E. WOOD Town Clerk Anderson, Edith Ostnutder Larson. DOWS: Amy EA,RLVILLE: EDGEWOOD: Freyermuth. ELDORADO: Ro/.ell., Anita Steffens, Hazel Stendel Tope ELGIN: Paul L. Pimiey ELKADER: William Lani^ KVANSDALE: Dale Kltc. n Piper. FAYETTE: Helen .Jo Uni-get. Meredith Frances Dunn. Knllcen 'Vnfinson Miller. HAWKEYE: Sylvia 11 Uoiseh- ncr, Carol Ann Plcggenkuhle INDEPENDENCE: H a <• h e 1 Welch Hulmca. JESUP: Beth Origin Bailey LAKE MILLS: Malvl Dinn- mermuth Schatz. LAMONT: John Roland Kay. Leah Gibson Griffin. LA PORTE CITY: Helen Joyce Hilton. LUANA: Helen M. F.no. Donna Vna Sickle Mueller. McGREGOR: Don,thy Costigan Oberfell. MANCHESTER: Lura Forrest, Alberta Hamlin Helen Woods Westphal. OELWEIN: 'Ruth E. Donald Fleming, \Vilm both Campbell. OSAGE: Margaret Hi Icy say. POSTVILLE: Cicilia Nolan Berg. RANDALIA: R a 1 p h Eugene Darmstadt, Cathryn E. Sinnott. STRAWBERRY POINT: Ber- nicc Serena Davis. June Huth. Di rothy V .,ye Smith SUMNER:' Albiv. I.ouis Overton. TRAER: Janis Keistrn Knight VENTURA: Leah Porno,- Esbeck. VINTON: Helene U-nius Uo- quet. VOLGA: Agnes Bram on Pardee. WAUK.ON: Marilyn Ann Cm ber, Erma Jean V.'inkie. WEST UNION: Bernrix Irene Metcalf, Virginia R. Yonngberg. Hiinna Turner, Stella, i Eli/a- R;ini- CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS: Rita Irene Barkcy. KEEWATIN, MINNE S O T A : Mary Pauline O'Meara. LE ROY, MINNESOTA: Clara Prestegard. Bachelor of science degrees will be awarded to: ACKLEY: Dale Dean Kreimey- cr. ARLINGTON: Arietta Hicks Lconhart. ELKPOHT: Gary Lee Rut- bdge. FAYETTE: Anita Van Horn BlaluT, Marion F. Landas. INDEPENDENCE: Robert Paul Klieman. IOWA FALLS: Larry Dale Jackson. NEW HAMPTON: Dennis Brumm, Melvin Denner. OELWEIN: William Burke. VINTON: Alice Helen DcLong. WATERLOO: Robert Lee Dirks. WINTHROP: Herbie Jay Walter. ELMWOOD PARK, ILLINOIS: Stanley Michael Seybert. Fair schedule set The 4-H and F. F. A. entries closed for the Fayette county fair Aug. 12. This is the climax for the year's work for the exhibitors. Baby beeves will be weighed Monday of the fair and divided intr: weight classes. Dairy judging will get underway Tuesday, August 22. Robert Fine-ham will place the junior and open class dairy. Wednesday, Bill Zmolck will place the beef animals. A livestock parade will be held in tin: evening. Thursday B. R. McCleary will judge the swine and sheep. The junior cattle feeders show will also be placed Thursday. Friday, the market animals will be sold. Other animals will be released at 4 p. in. Friday, August 25. The cooperation of 4-H members, parents, leaders and many friends, will make the show a 140.40 6.24 25.00 28.60 6.36 17.39 1 v<> 30.80 26.40 276.50 Total $ 294.23 Sewer Rental David McGee, Salary $ 171.15 Interstate Power Co., Service 71.66 Total $ 424.29 Public Saiety Howard Hubbell, Ass't. Police _... $ Ronald Ash, Fireman .... Edward Campbell, Fireman Eldred Dumermuth, Fireman - Otto Finger, Fireman Dale Maxson, Fireman <£ecil Orr, Fireman £rank Wood, Fireman _.. Harold. -Swales, Fireman Harold Mullins, Fireman tiloyd Holtzman, Fire,,;'man ...— - waiter Nading, Fireman ^ene Singer, Fireman .... Hbward Johnson, Fire"man _ Max Shaffer, Fireman .... Howard Hubbell, Fire"man - - «.00 CyleTldbb, Police Uniforms - 199-50 6.24 101.40 236.50 142.30 63.00 60.30 280.50 Tola! . $ 242.81 GSAND TOTAL $10,284.68 Motion by Crafton and sec- onder', by Gooder to pay the bills as exatr.'ned. Roll Call: Gooder, aye; isrown, aye; Crafton, aye; Henry, aye; and Borchert, aye. Carried. Motion by Borchert that we adjourn. Seconded by Crafton. Carried. A. E. WOOD Town Clerk 43.65 49.00 14.50 52.00 35.50 52.00 52.00 40.00 40.50 35.50 46.00 42.00 58.00 35.50 16.50 SPECIAL MEETING July 14, 1961 Meeting called to order by Mayor Beck. 5:00 o'clock. Councilmen present: Henry, Crafton, Gooder and Borchert. Absent, Brown. W. V. Clark, Atty., present. Meeting called for the purpose of working on the budget estimate for 1962. Hearing on the budget to be July 31, 1961, at the Town Hail, 7:30 o'clock. Motion by Henry that we allow the Fayette Youth Center $500.00 as was in the budget for 71 persons were Graduated from U.I.U., Thursday Seventy-one persons received degrees from Upper Iowa University during the annual summer Commencement exercises held Thursday, August 10, according to Registrar Wilson C. Gill. Dr. Eugene E. Garbec, president of Upper Iowa University, was the speaker for the graduation ceremonies, which were conducted at 10:30 a. m. in the Colgrove - Walker Memorial building. Those receiving bachelor of arts degrees include: AMBER: Mildred Pardee Fischer. ARLINGTON: Mabel Henn Gordon. AURORA: Dorothy Travener Boies, Lottie McKennis Crippen, Jeanette Gibson Flickinger. BURT: P.orM- L:- St-.wrrd. CEDAR iRAPIDS: Margaret Hoffman Luvaas. CENTRAL CITY: Dwight W. Hendricks. CLERMONT: Aldora Loftsgard [•'Bros., Batteries Zlabriskie's Garage, Tank ^ Truck Repairs IJaoyd E. Holtzman, Sal- Internal Revenue Serv- .'' ice, .Withholding Tax . L P. ,E. R. S., Retirement Ipwa'Erhp. Sec. Comm., * Soilkf Security Tax .... Alfred Ash, Salary Total —-- $1,745.39 Sanitation jjirweir/'Inc., Service —$ 10.00 EysJe' Wooldridge, Labor "*> Garbage Truck 5.15 |J. ^Corporation, ";' Sheaves 11.12 I P.'IS. R, S., Retirement 29.75 Tpwa'iEmp. Sec. Comm., * Sofcial Security Tax .... 25.50 f>avid McGee, Salary .... 100.00 tfotal $ '181.52 Municipal Enterprise poubleday & Co., Li- Z brary books * 22.74 The Only All-Stainless Steel Bulk Milk Tank! See Us For Used Can Coolers Phone or Write CEDAR FALLS REFRIGERATION Phono CO 6-4327 Highway 57 South Cedar Falls, Iowa k TMHS WEEK'S^ _*£rfttM0£J Feeds and Ingredients CUSTOMIZED FEEDS CWT. 16% Pig Starter - Grower $3.80 14% Pig Grcwer 3.50 12% Hog Finisher 3.00 15% Sow Feed 3.05 16% All Math Layer 3.40 14% Dairy Feed 3.25 INGREDIENTS CWT. O. P. Soybean Meal 4.70 Solvent Soybean Meal 4.40 60% Tankage 5.60 50% Protein Blend 5.40 Wheat Middlings 2.40 Wheat Bran 2.30 TON 92.00 86.00 110.00 106.00 48.00 46.00 Terms. Net Cash ALL PRICES F.O.B. FAYETTE Pricus Effective to Aug. 24 NUTRI-PAK COMPANY Phone 145 — Fayetle, Iowa ^.ARIZONA CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN In ScotUdale- the "Weir's moit Western Town'? —12 miles northeast of downtown Phoenix. Arizona's newest and f/nerf year around hofe/. 180 luxurhui room* and iu/»e«-a// wW/i private tun deck, many nave snackbar fcffcfient. Dinning Room/ Cocktail Lounge. Heated Swim* mlng Pool. All tpurfe and activities available. Excellent Meeting I IUROPBAN PLAN- facllltle* forlflroupe | wri* fer Iwhur* up to 200. j KOIMftJOBtt, 0** Mor. Scott sdale WASH — 20c" IC DRY — lOc ... DO ALL YOUR Si WASH HERE — IT'S A BREEZE If you can drop a coin in a slot and pour soap into a machine . . . yov will find washing here a, bjaeie — because, that"s ail there is to it! We've plenty of washers and driers, too, so come on in today. East State Street — Fnyette, Iowa WHO'S EXCITED? WE ARE Yes, and we know that you are excited, too, about natural gas coming to our community. Peoples Natural Gas doesn't want to paint a gloomy picture... but here and there we have not been able to contact some folks. Our crews are installing service lines now. And they must wind up operations soon. We will be around in ypur neighborhood once more We will come rjght ahead of the pipe line crews. Then they will be gorte ... and < will your opportunity to enjoy natural gas service right away. So now is the time. To be sure of gas service call PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Leadw & Theater Clifford Hiyes,Mgr. — Phone 266

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