The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1927
Page 6
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MEDOT BIGT Defeat Would Serd Team Third Place in Kansas Jnnibr Colie Race fee ftrW -iKniglifs gam ' niiri i'aijBdiis junior Ijal t<'!( tioi of ^iiis.l is the :ll the iKaiisas: 1 cf ilils weeli I'^ir-so IS is ruiikliil ffjit lit ^lic jiaiids of Die Hca.'ioii H'C^ - coufily fifct pfifcfiiiaKi' <toli .tioiiH vi( It-aiii iiubr<M' Arkan «ii leadiiiBf i Arkaii illui SIM ri'luriis with lio [ola •-.J tii •r<t\v down' i rbin ory. also, w( mil. II Id L Ci quintet. >-M City win Ind i |s time on Friday j| ifiht daiiKi-r of ItH t Kvhil taken aivay from It repose. Port Seolt meets tliep in a same whi sul< ill ; n easy Fort .'iiid wli cU "xvill car into und'isputcd posiSt^Hioii of third pla^-e. 1 i ^- ; i ! An intercstinK tac or in Friday liiglifs play is tlie fii( t tlllit if Fort "lis and Par ons nourbon coi(nty ecoiid place li Parsniisc for tbiixl ptaL- lola, the go into d fnci'. wi to a tie saslCity J -lort ^coit faces lonu- lioAVjeVe'r. Saiard: thej (iiii itei. invadeij Tltfl CoffioyAtille five tion fer jbeilic; hard- t| Fort Sioit Hi" liaie Aj viftJiryj in-each pla|e; Fort Siptt i pamtf of! Parsonsi if CO u (I t y uad wo n i ts| night here. uother prob- y ni^ht when Coffeyville. tas a rcputa- (I defeat, and ts hands full- game would ithin a Iia^f thej Labette game' Friday s jiifit alHiiil PatHons and I be re |i- iKt Kan- 1\ wceJf ago. it w dt'flded i^iatj Pitlsburji Ii(isKil)ly jFd t Scott V oilld rest'iitatlves froinj ho ithe Kiislto tlii- H^a1c high I choiW basket- •haH toiijney. but :no4' lIiingH look ii liiltUf tlirfj-reiit. I A nyi'i'i, ngo tli«r • wis llltir doubt jliiil ttiat I'd •.biihr liltrli ••(^hool H)« llip ;:«l i *>s J «f this Mfrlioji of tlir sliil4 , I ^owpiit. tiiiiiV:. l(ir>- la«! Saturdnr ' iiluhl iilaciiN tliliiK» III it differ, i-iil llith(,ind iiiiy^h n|r Is likely ^ to jhiijiiipn.; At -pre; eiitj II Is ti toss Hit, lilt if loll |llU }'N liU' Mii |io Isortj of tonrinnicnt ball' fliiii It piiyeil iiualnst I'llts: liiiru', [il sc'iiis iiii >re tliiin llkely ti^ut tola will l|p inei of tli« •sifite il«uuu'y-iirjis|jocf • F belxj Ejiiporiii attri At tpiat ulillg (: be ning ors. ida.y i-eii nit foil If nne niglifs Jia-s Wi ;liita j uii Ttachcr.i a ::Oilsiderabj J one of t lefiijiitely. [out Kansas icor Wicfiita wins teams probiibly will PiMsbur;, when thi; fij eoniijilccl. • : llowiMpr, It Isn' after jifl. {I'itt.slMinil are faces lol- leire of |Kiiil>orIa .irarbli 4 |al Km- intikes a j very jM ^ri:!, and the. E;iiiiij n jMlssllile wiuiiclr. . Ithe Kiiiwas uiicertalni' <| It's getting along s^iout time for tliat twilight lcagia> fzedi and! Jhe Register .sports editor would like to Jiea from iiKlus- frie!J that! miKht start teams in the league. jWitb a Httl; daXa. it is probable i that a liieeling Coulil be i'all*(i sopietime next] things inovijog. ^lud^iiii; froini (h Kliijd lloWers. Clilcjigo Biiddle- w^lirlil..| llfere's' pi sojiue iinciiineiif here di(} nlieli^ tit .Ueuinrlal vSp^irts J-^iitor. "Kogisleti. i i ••what iwaj (l)e »ei<iJ liet\|('Pn j .lfilinny AVa(; opp<|:u-ni ,i fi-r ive.xl tu •'- iy liii t at F< III! y liii t at F< rt Si nit -ni 'iry Serves me colri' • lipr"f opi (iiK.'lil Willi Nebfahkaj botnro that 'a^! !lt Isli 't Ithe 4;util tm UNUuriy for the |«rlter of iJil eolilinn lo uii'sWerlanoiiyinon^ letters, bnf this letnerj is tiiiiile an excep* thin. fur aslne I niiw',|;l «lin- IMJ 1V«i »iier and' Fl< yd Bowers • n ^ver met. *- " ' - .ilivi). as far has jiie»er fojiL'lit irorii »l )ra«Li. Bowers we lihunv. Boiver^ L 'ht h Is from I>«^s .Hojnesj rej-^ntlj w:ent liiidei aiHentent «if Saui Kilnsas t'ily, jEd spijrfs I'difor of lihe f'Ify .IfMirnal-l'ost, liiin. AH f«ir thej reifre«ef-l« a. prbvlon tire writer re ne.\t Tiiesdaj].—. He le 1st hav«i the eotin.Ke Tiabie. Fie to forgii iliiK lelte^ out lor of ithls merely ininp ft) tiise a knoek atjtlie .jliijeriran LJ-glonifl-rht earJ he nii|rht at of ihls contiietloiis a^d sfi^n '•' Two Boxers Me be oUegc basket- atQ re attrac- uniijr College g o F 'er ii de- earljer In ip Labette tliu pcr- A Par- ilace that y. league n tl wocn lola jtliis week •hing for 8 games, tie' being it' is in Ind^pcniiciico •h sjiould re- iScoft .victory, y that team ! loses to l;rpw will e confer- I |ropiiing back' •e with Kan- ! BAI^R DEFEAT^ OTTA\^A QtriNTET Otlawa. Kan, ^Fob. 14. (SpecialI Baker unlveisity! went Into undis- f)uted possession of foi rth place in the Kansas conferenc i hifre last J nigli by defeating Ott iwa IL'niver- j Hlty 31 to 28 in the ohly j Kansas I Cohferenee game billed. fTonight j VVashburn journeys to Atcliison to 1 citJKh with St.-Benedicts inj a con- i \yill jjayg Change to WAGNERCAN SHOW STUFF fpj*encc fray.' Tomorrq College of Rniporia p Pherson and AVJchita clashPH with Kmporia Wichita. Atchison to i s ,inl a con- w'ntght the ays- university iTpflciers aU FINALCHURCH at mm! Decide Whit^ Has Rikht To the Title That Both Rghters Clajm. .Iiidging froin (he record and After Presbyterian Last Night, M. E. Fjive Have Chance to| Cop Pennant Fridayj -Faced »;ith the possibility of dropping into basketball ol liviou, the Presbyterian quintet canie back ' hn tliy [senior high school coiirt aiid forc- licg the .MethodistK to jilay: il thiilfi game at 7' o 'clock toniorrowj niglK Ito decide the chaniDioiiiihip lof .the jchurch league. Tlie .Methodist.^ star ed Off with rust which indiinttd rljlit the clafiuH of _Floyd 'llowcrs. .Idlinuy Wagner will liav|j his lianilh full wlieu the lui) rlushat .Men orial hall Tue.miiiy night in the A iicri- can Lcgiouj figlil program. Wagner's stationery tells (lie world that llie is the middlew(;ight cliampioii <<| the middlewesli. < ir at Win '''^ claims that diHl;iic- ei rarspns Junior College WiJl Quintet Par aittempt which tl rncfl buck Parjson.s heri e, bt Par-s:»n.s from the The PaisoiK iiuiniel is gli>wering<* flier till feat, a jirsiiiis ji| il is pr lloweve iiialural .•-•oiiie way jCoach sting of the I 'arly .Kca ^tili EL DORADO d H defeat liaudiii tlie iiior i-olleKu fiiollKi!! fiv<,'. meil for' a "vii i/'i>. it seem.s llial • li>' sup- Il lola i Iseries wgiild close lastintghi ithe 111 >se of S ng air 8 to 2 lead at he .first quarter. A change in the defense lif^o'iighf results .^nd tlie half eliised ij: fvith tiie Presbyterianti leacjiingi Shifts in the .Mcthjidist ailed to bring resultsj iir t: lalf, and the Presby JTrombold of the Presb(es tos ivo from the field tor liigh f lionors. ] . I Box Score.i is liktly to have lots of iroiibl he gets near the t.'hiiago boy , A .second ,botrt with Kinch^slowsi '!? 1" I that Uoweis. defeated Finch in the . . ' second, winiiiii:; on a techi teal fiiienpjkno.-kout. j I With these two lioys to mix iMip to show the fans the cliainliion lie last won. .Metlioilists SCIliot. f a-'unk. f . Menzie, c (Cl Bell, g L\ten, g • _ iMeCarty. gl ... 'I'o'tal - I'resliyte ian |\lc(;iay. f - 'u .rllM, ij . , , _ i'rombold, Siul. K ' . . ,'ortner. g . (CI 1 Keferee-j-'ronk, I. .I.JC TRAINING FLIi POSTPONED ketljall game viy'sity and AVichita is attention, lie teams will of the ruii^ fert^nce hon- [ both of the lag behind lal Standings.; likely Scott Field.: Belleville. IIIL Feb. : I. (API—A cross-ccjuitry Irain- iig flight in the army dirigil le TC- 0 to Fort Leavenworth,.KmiI., set ^r today, was iiidefiriil^dy imjitpon' d iipcause of unfavorable wfather Conditions. rhi team is il pi wiileli coin(erence uaiitjit}-. o gi|t organ- tion. (Ml tin- other hand a recerit ijew:;- •luper article mentions IJoweis as cliiiniHiil of the ' midillcw -ight championship of tlie niiiUlle vest. It'Is a problem lo decide whii h oi them Is what he claims to be J That should be «lec:ded at tlie I Legion nuns Tuesday night. As I things look, all of lola. and most of' the rest ot Kansas | will ch liirn out to ilibi-over the answ One of Bowprs's, latest ; f: was with Battling. Finch of jSiJvan-; nab. Ca. Needless to say; Bo vers upset the dope and gave that ,gen-; tieman a 'irubbing. Bowers has tlie repulationO gain- I ii5„ ;.• mean infigliter. and Wa ghts! Try tO| Uy Local Junii id >o^.s jiinior col to .settle matters witH Invades Inia t(> Heck KevcnKC Tctr I f f Uiiix r Collcirjp AjrKrejjatipn Earlier Prescn S^a.s6n.;. cge invjJde[* loja tomorrow iirlier in the sen or college enlefh (iilo (lu­ ll lair or a'liollier. tev.'. Ilinsliaw kliiiH.s. ah Ira $ioi-k«*lirati<l. local rn.icli. •i Parsons' jinx. ' I'ar .'-oiis gures. 'atway.s K^ts il- lot water when it iilays s warriors, iig lo cast till [night. diled • altractioiii gill's gaiiie. till jllllW. ju lior colleg--. regardless iil ioui-,' pi^rative r- into lo|a. ^linsbai^ arj- plann loiiiorioW; hs an i marrow ji terian andl lets will gaine to ( nipions Fridav Handed Out • night in un tlie Tola jutiior college teara. .son, aiid up- conf(^rerice lead. AND ARK CITY LEAD iiii; H 'lAM .Methodist ehiiri'ii i|niii-{ ketl clash in leclde till iil> a jin Lhunli league'^ are Sa.'.'kclbdII laiis are as ;aines if they be-. t;'ner ] e if I iiiiio the s^-fliior iiigh school] iRi rrow ntgln. The pni ga ne will titart at 7 o'tloe HILLY.ptDS VVIN FROMK.C Hi Kansas lyards St""'. ^" I niiddloweighl of the niiddle\|esl. and three koo'I prpliniin:iry Jiatiles. FC ilfT P 0 1 1 fighr fans sJiculd gel their nioijey.s worth. I . .\iiilpd to all ('lujheralded'al nie- tions is the announcenieiii that fieorge Cox, ,Mu'be.ri-y referee, will make them all liKlit. That s1y>uI'I - ; <rea|(e plenlv of excitement loi the I fanii WEATHER PROMISES TO'BE ABNORMlAL ity. Feb., 21. (S |)f St. .losepli. .\ yeilr 's national A. .A. V. eh Kilnsp': Citv I: defeated the Kansas City cinlb (luint^t. '!(> lo '^'t. P: Topeka. Kali.. Feb. IJI. (A •j ; Willi I'lniiera degrees above! „ I prcniisi's ici .1 i riiary for Ki j i biiwever., will ^,HT TOtoAY ores averauiiiK normal. tliii< m e an, abno'rnial nsas. 'l-lie nil not be II I'l breaker, .said ^. I). Flora, the >j weather oliHer|Ver. today. .SliKhlly lolder weallii predl.ded lor northwest Kansai^ night with a forecast for cli weather toniglii and throughout the slate. loniiir«ow. Ilpgularly appointed uiii| mad^' their first' aiJju'arance in .N'ational League in'itu:!. Up to time it was the cuslom for home f'liib to fiirnisli the umpire. '1 .'ten nth 'ell- nth. Di'd ai.' jwai*. lo- iidy ires the hat, the; weelv to get record « lo lie iiexj Taps.; Iiall. It of ner sday the bout and his eveiilns .Sfolf; If e<'ljy. Wag-. hilli ibout •A il .from F.XN." low^. and tlie man- Cramer in l '4>ejirane. Kansas oaehfs for lionl. It «eDis^ thai letter ' Is "Science in Spoils TpDDIE COLLINS, the isoiarlcst ball player I ever a mo into contact with, starred at football as Avell as baseball when he attended Columbia Unh'eraity. . j While .football land liiscball liave but little in common most of the college alhlete.s who si ine oil the gridiron are pretty goitl diamond performer.'?. • AVithout oxception, pra tically (pvery I>>g league collegian frailk- *1y admits that at college He far 1 preferred football to baseball, despite its .3trenuo.sity. i I One day last summer while Collins and I^were discu-ssing |i foot- liall game that both of us tt-ikded thb previous Xall, 1 1 put tlii!<. question t6 him: "You've played both games, Eddie, •which do you regardjas tjic Jiioro sclentitic?" , I knew •that I would ict an niialytiral reply from Collinsl who is always the student, ller-'it is: Views of Collins ! '•pOOTBALL from the ai glo of •*• team play calls for jnoiic science than baspljall. The di im()nd Kanip offers more posslblHi es tor the Individual.' "T .v Cobb, with his rcn >a rkable latliiig eye. great speed, dcfeptlre .^lide and keen mind, woilli have been an outsta'uding star c|n any kail club. '•Walter Johnson's abilty to .\riii consistently! even whei with a hopeless tailcnder is .f irl.her the line and Ihc player.-; foni^ the interfcreirce play an cqu important part." Strikes me lhal Rddic'."; r^ply will satisfy liulh sides ot the q .tion. As always he' was- dccid< illy diplomatic. ,* • • Breaks Play. Part In? Illy all riick, can assert ihdi- N fWns lire jHh 'scd .and turn Tl exdajr nlWfs Iflght. proof .of how a star liim«plf in baseball. "CIds." on the part ot thef vidua! player will as.tert itself in 'Laseball regardless of conditions. "In football there have, (few star pfaj'ers wh() have shown iVith the brilliancy of Cobb, but Individual merit was not entirely ire.spoiislble as in Ty's tai ^P).' In- v.iriably much needed assistance on the part of their ttrairimates luaiie possible the fame that! came [their wa.v. j '11 is unfortunate, but in foot- Ji;i'.!..' (lie r.lory .T!'.v?ys'goes |t.» th.-^ ball loier,. altlioush itliig uisu in tJREAKS play a big part In sports, but. it aUvays sir mc. that none offered more prjssi bilitics for fickle fortune lo <astj the deciding die than baseball/ A'^pitchcr to will consistently in- the riiajors must b(j favored byltho brcakj. It is not enough tliat.' he pitch cffcctivoly. His ttam must give him ahl? support in I ho Held and at the bat and luck siriile on him. i ", 1 tlon't believe I ever obscr,cd i better example of the nb;ve truth than the experience of •\Vaiie Iloyt- during the c.-irly BtapJes ot the I'J'JTt race. •AValto Uoyl, to my.-way of thinking. Is a grpat pitclier. Iloyt has everything that goes lo mike a star, speed, curve.s, tine c(ia^go ot pace and a wise noodle. Yet, despite all his natural ahil- ity. backed by an intelligent mi id. Waltc Iloyt during t.he Ilrsl two months or-ihe season wasn't able to finish a bait game. •. • i • Concrete Example- JN his first 15 attempts that s a|;on Hoyt was unable to regis cr •a single victory. 1 Just to illustrate what the- br<jaks mean. In his 12th atten pi. to go over, it seemed as if he vasr about to succeed the ;t. Louis Browns. With two out in: IhQ first half of the ninth, the score stood 5-2 in ifavor of N' "Vork. Iloyt looked d sure winn >r.: lloyi fumbled an easy tap tl at! should have be-^ii the third o it. The next batter hit llie Jirst ball (or a home run. making the score 5ft. The next man up'.also hit the fi st pitch for a homer, the game vas tied aiid lioyt was on his way to the (flubhouse. > . Pennoi k fiuI4i»-d the game and the_YanK8_wuu.iu lO.iuDiuga. .tlrkaiisasirilj) 'I ttoradii >p«itnn V lehiia V Infield II ntcl(insi>n UpirinKloli !. . Kin<niian ! .!.. Wi«-hita. Kaos.. t .Krkuiisas City li;! Dorado IKl jinx".;f;H :>>:il(inlaj iiiKhts. respeciively. she for Id- i will! have I'he champ '' ' Pii -.l)y- Ark liiiiiiiar.vj Wiiifielil ;iiid .4rkansiis City teams i. 1 1.:....- 1 I*-.. I.-., •« I- ;iiri- I of ; veil III re igyni ti>-1 liiiiiiKiry! filial sei'i^is td lie improving witli ev"i! K by ri>:i> I I he Oile •I'V iisas VallKv> big .ill. Ie;<gii" .s'.!wed bi (Ii ;r rivii s and IMJS W. I» fit. !» i >|H !» •_• •SIS !l .'t .7.-^1 K » ; i: ."> ..'•I'l '2 it .IS*] i l» .Its* ! 0 li .(MM^ i Fell. LM.' (API- caa . defeat Win- Friday and ••.\. bet wi liiltir .So east iiig .ill lolJ whisll will f hing i.s •II (Jhanul ''riday ni runs an Kansas ni true, butj fans rej e after tomorrow night 's. or wai see th sixth Posfcibly thd kinship .of° the Il . school bas- iip. But the he KI Dorado thing alon.^; but ill thing An get he en rely pint a aheail Kaniv. Diirail ten iJriint er s o' if last sea.soiil I 'l ;ri| • fcatPd on ier own flobr. I j r;i;.i)orii( M '<'> • a!ie!(d of o.. last ' 'V 'liil.i iiiiliiiins.. El Dorado, Athletic :uinl| igam^s in >ts! sd or at by ujinning all tlic remaining ;l> S .n f w< .N' wal rs .iciory mar.Jriit loor w :i rk's plal l! it. Jith El Dorado Kitfer-. Arkansas ' NeUton otl I'.-a k tie. ton liiid beaten the the ewton Ifirst (iuMV had hreli de- >; ' two heduro over .N'ewton on the Bail- H the big up- Karlier in liaril K hmes and ;City. AVichita fan lor the jpen Dope, includiiig a vicjtor.v o Chani^e earH<s;;| 'Jic'ai an lolii John' fecott saysj -•atci II- ^ he isn't even t ing hip wife how tomorn w iiig4tB game'Is going tb come okit. In "Bg Seven'^ 'Baiketbaii I:ac6. t stake in I he g: anil lola at < ht," |artlcle in a soiltlt- wspaper. I nterf it isn't. lize that tJie fl nd lola s placo in ill in fifth posit squad idowri iL-onference play doesn't nieai^ to teams in nrst certaini ^t o lola. lolu victi probablct eiitrenclf defeat of the Ideal Teatns in thf| main ha- nal Irajj OIIJ td which arje runriing! and second ; pl^ceji- does m ry, whic will fin ed fill in fifth : pi: placff five. in the s eason. victory.' hut' CoJic|i first di pnactive tjliis week] present risioii as ill ce morsejl renuJin-r Jndep< ndehce. place. The choj ing fo'.Big Sey ketbal fans th game March 4 and Firt Scott The winning will b! the victorious teim in race Ifir the Bi^ Seven i^hampi^m- ship. ani sofacH { To OfficMte Games IS a lola ChaiJ to-ji iser'l CO.! I lutt;| i 'i k'er; linM ro-rj Team? entered: for the t(iiiriiev „.s:iare: .Mi dred high school LaHarpe, Bronson. I.,eKj>y. Xeosho jFalls l>es Ibst n confeience b| s season between Pittsb+rg. It Fort Scott, leam in t lat gaijiie: he diet ing ac ors. in with Tii Feat lit I0LA BATTLE RIDIIYNIGIJT r^i'_\ iir'*ii ' Wmri. i. i 'las lieiii the lead all season. Gan^ Will Decide Wh:ch| y,4Un ca^.v. ram Is to Rul i Fifth Place i iseeoml wUh 60- jpoints: while Fe Benefiel. is put ff r high school hff [the Verdij ris Valley Leagi; 5 poinds, displacing B •ngil! Of llndependenco wllo 'l ithernK^II is tliirli with IfiS point^. :.McUeynolds of (foffeyviile is cloi i;fourth |witli ij't pf>in SIXTEEN ARE ENTERED IGtoilRNEY a^ Coach Stojckcbrand. an^ Welborn bt[ Here With [the entry teen te<«iiis arelsc for .the! fourth^ ai sp 'onsori 'il by tlic RAISE Drj Mitchell Ii Chairman Of Cbmmitte .$2^000 to Hinance Baseball M|>ran Are Next Week. li.>;t clo.seil. six ieduled to appear nual toiirnameni lolii junioi- col lege'. evf .Tylhiiig indicates twofasi days of play Miirffh 4 and 5. Blue Mound, ^alns Center, TJnion-| town. Fredoni IJepler. |Hiimboldt, Colony s-'u (ind.-=J ChHiiuI.e." Mpc-j onds. Xpodeslia sJoconds and lola seconds. Coach] Ira StoCkebrand of tlio junior college and' Coach Wiilburn of Jlora the gam il will, officiate at of In lolai A ciiniiiiillcp of men today .started ic may.result in lola jiai'ing a scmi- profossional y<tar. Ur^ P. S. basebi Mitchell .Maro Brownfield. loia bil man, and L. ().' .Northrup of Lumber company feeling "tlie pulse" o men to rsee whether be passible to raise 10 support a basebal It is planned to r^i^ $2,000 to (hp Northrup _ 4re out today ^ Ilqla business or hot it will ^npugh money Club. assurp a club which |w^l finish the season without a fiiianciat deficit. Dr.i .Mitchell is professional men oi talking: to the the Icity on the proposition., whiie S'orthTup is coiisiittihg busincs! j men and Brownfijjld the oil m^n bt the county. , It is the opinion of the baseball committee that the ndneyjcan be- raised, and ifi it is raised, there will be nothing to'stand in the way jball cluh in of a iola. successful has .Missouri Valley C (|nference coll- PKcs are not stronB for Kastern footliall coaches. Will the siiiglc ei- jception of Bob HigKii s. the Imentor iat W"ashington University, all of jtfae 1; Conference grid coacpes hail from the middle west. to Raise Glub Iiieo husincs.s ion in what 11;, club this chairman. ON THAT basis to make a rliyi^e.) Tl" good old *aIonc,i I| select the to- the great- bacco that givek r le pleasu :e in est measure. (l| wasn't delijb^rat|ely; trying at tobacco is Joy Smoke—^ Prince Albert. known as Th^ National an^; for good reason! Have yoii ijc\er knowiji th^ thrill of opening a tidy red tin jo favorite and inhaUng that grancc? Have yoii never of a pipe with P. A. at the tasted that matjvelous smol^e? high time to start! |»ridce Albert, day. up no too, fuU, smokmg thi i fine old ivbnderful fra- one end other end and Then it's Coopiny, ' i nev^r don't pipe fied Prin a Bjuy you'self some Prince Fill y( >ur pipe to tli r ^oticc how refreshingly 1 latter I; ow fast you that it i i mild withoMt rich b>dy wliiich tol >acco.. tell yoi in all sincerity smokjed Prince AI how good t No know can tiistc. you tl link e Albc rt. Albert c brim ar CO eed it. sacrificih to- d light j I it is, Notice, 2 that I demand 7.'A. don,>tnd • if/i •pnn • ifli r-fcrr tttttVcJ t>] , 1 • 1 ' ui%4 rid V ptisf^fciaff hvmidnft r.ntntt'rf^rr fo/», /Ind dlwmyg hit of ^itt\~ai *'i pmrrh r^. ttic Pnnit ^Aibtrt proem. ational j J. Remolds Tobac . f^ton-Salrm, V. C

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