The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1954
Page 3
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JTWB If, MM BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURfen mrrra Parting Shots Fired by Both M'Carthy, Army Today's Session Might Be Last One In 36-Day Hearing (Continued from Page 1) Gen. Kirke B. Lawton are called as witnesses, all the facts can never be developed. Winding up his sptech, McLellan said: "I am a Democrat but I place the security and welfare of the country above any party." The Democrats once tried to have Clifford called as a witness but were voted down 4-3 by the Republicans on a party vote. Symington accused McCarthy of bringing up all manner of diversions to sidetrack the investigation. He referred at one point to "Diversion No. 1027." McCarthy said the Democrats were making "protestations of piety" while at the same time deliberately concealing valuable information. Welcn accused both sides of "practicing politics" and asked that th* hcarlngc movt along. McCarthy said Symington deliberately failed to show up at a meeting McCarthy called several weeks ago to decide what to do about the names of 133 workers in defense plants McCarthy said have been accused of subversion. Symington said that meeting was nothing but an "end run" but thjtt he had showed up and been told no one was present for the meeting. Mundt put in that both Sens. McClellan and Jackson (D-Wash) had told him they were on their way to the meeting. Jackson accused McCarthy of bringing charges against the Eisenhower administration that it was coddling Communists in defense plants, atomic bomb installations and the super-secret Central Intelligence Agency. McCarthy retorted he was not saying the Eisenhower administration was "being infiltrated" by Communists. He said "every Communist we have dug out so far except one was inherited and brought in long before President Eisenhower took over." McCarthy said "no one is as unhappy as my Democrat friends when it appears there is some pos- of ending this investiga- sibility tion." The Wisconsin senator told Jack son: "You know that if it were mittee, we would not today be in this investigation. We'd be inves tigating Communists." Sen. Diksen (R-H1) said he in Smart, light-weight geflyini NYLON ... Jarman MIRACLE MESH There's more oaetial comfort to &e foot when you're sporting a pair of these good-looking kccles* Jarnvm Leisuais with foam crepe sok and heel. They're ventilated wilfe cool Nylon mesh lor summer wear. Beat the heat— come m. for yow pair ngfet a*ay.. row* pjtfffffDtr SMOI trout tended to do hi« campaigning after adjournment of Congress. Dirksen said the Republican administration inherited a problem of Communist infiltation in the government. He said the Eisenhower administration is "going forward on every front" in solving it. Saved Their Bitterness While other senators joined in the wrangling from time to time. McCarthy and Symington reserved their greatest bitterness for each other. McCarthy told Symington he has "demonstrated to the great American jury how unfit he is to sit on this committee" as a judge of the McCarthy-Army dispute. McCarthy and Symington hotly told each other they were not fooling the American people. As the wrangling grew in bitterness, Army Counsel Welch spoke up: "Could I remind the committee that Mr. St. Clair and I came here this morning hopeing that we might ask an occasional question . I am almost numb from what I have heard." St. Clair pressed McCarthy about the alleged "blackmail" attempt by Adams. St. Clair suggested it made no sense for tmdAsa e orsort to "blackmail" since, he said, the Army had the "highest executive department" authority for its position that McCarthy had no right to question loyalty board members. "Blackmail was entirely unnecessary," he declared. McCarthy retorted that it has been proved that "the blackmail was most effective." He said the Army's charges in the present barings wr th only way to halt his subcommitte from questioning loyalty board members about security clearance given workers at secret radar laboratories at Ft. Monmouth, N. J. McCarthy's story of the alleged blackmail effort, related earlier in the hearings, was that Adams came to his apartment Jan. 22, tried to get him to drop plans to question the loyalty board, and "made it very, very clear" that if McCarthy did not, the Army would issue an "embarrassing report" about Roy M. Cohn, chief counsel to McCarthy's subcommittee. Commodity And Stock Markets- GUATEMALA (Continued from Page 1) 100,000 persons were expected to throng Guatemala City's narrow streets. The Guatemalan general staff and the presidential office earlier yesterday denied a report that the army had given Arbenz 24 hours resign. A joint statement, Said ihe army "is'giving all its support to Citizen President Arbenz." 24 Seek Asylum El Salvador's embassy in Guatemala City was reported bulging h 24 refugees who sought asylum ihere from the- government rund- up. Exile surces say 600 or more opponents of Arbenz and the Communists already are under arrest. The government reportedly has ranted safe conduct for 18 of those n the Salvadorean Embassy to eave the country. Several other ippositionists already have made heir escape via this route. Guatemalan exiles in Tegucigalpa made no secret of their military ^reparations. Men dressed in fresh chaki but wearing no insignia walked the streets and gathered at the city's airport. They were seen carding planes without any ap- arent effort to hide their movements. i i i i i i * . . wi*h a Natural Gas Incinerator Such a marvelous difference! You grow flowers and shrubs where your unsightly garbage cans used to be! That's what an automatic natural gas incinerator does for your home. You live with sweet, fresh odors rather than unpleasant ones. Live with complete backyard beauty rather than unsightly spilled garbage and garbage cans. An automatic gas incinerator installs fa most any convenient location. It takes rubbish as well as garbage. .. takes paper, cartons, old clothes and personal items. Swift, sure, silent flame automatically reduces everything to t fine ash. The incinerator's low, low cost will surprise you—its operating cost is just a few pennies a day. Trade your garbage cans for a new, more pleasant way of living. Ark-Mo Power Co Ntw York Cotton (12:3* quotations) July ... Oct. Dec Mch .... 3421 3420 3417 3431 3431 3420 3417 3431 3417 3412 3412 3428 Ntw Orleans Cotton July 3419 3419 3414 Oct Dec Mch .... 3416 3415 3434 3416 3415 3434 3411 3410 3430 3420 3414 3416 3429 3416 3411 3413 3432 Chicago Soybeans July Sept Nov Jan 388% 391V., 270& 271% 251V* 252 jo 25414 255 i; 385% 269 V« Chicago Whear July Sept l90Vi 193 V s 190*8 193 Yt 253% 188% 191% 388 271 250 Viz 254 189% 192% Chicago Corn July .... 157 1571 Sept .... 152 152 156% 15634 152 New York Stocks (12:45 quotation*) A T and T 156 Amer Tobacco 60 5-8 Anaconda Copper 37 3-8 Beth Steel 68 1-2 Chrysler 61 3-8 Coca-Cola us Gen Electric 43 Gen Motors 71 3-8 Montgomery Ward 61 7-8 N Y Central , 23 1-4 Int Harvester 31 1-2 Republic Steel 59 Rodia 28 1-8 Socony Vacuum 43 3-4 Studebaker 18 3-4 Standard of N J 89 1-2 Texas Corp 71 1-2 Sears 64 1-4 U S Steel 48 7-8 Sou Pac 42 7-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. W> — (USDA)—Hogs 5,200; mod- eraely active: uneven; weights 180 Ibs up 50-75 lower than yesterday's average: lighter weights 2550 lower; sows 50-1.00 lower; bulk choice 180-230 Ib 22.25-23.25; about 70 head 23.50; 240-270 Ib 21.2522.25; few 270-280 Ib 20.50-21.25; 150-170 Ib 22.00-23.00; sows 400 Ib down 16.00-18.50; mostly 16.5018.25: heavier sows 13.00-16.00; few Crowd Attacks Heckling Reds Six Are Injured At Rally Marking Workers' Revolt BERLIN I.-PI-A half do?,en Communist hecklers hooted speakers to- dny jit a West Berlin rally observing the first anniversary of the June. 17 worker's rebellion in the Soviet Zone. The crowd threatened to kill them and only fast police station saved the Reds from disaster. Two were badly beaten and one was rushed to a hospital. All needed some first aid patching. Police hauled the six men out, of the seething- crowd of 20.000 West Berliners who begged for "one more crack." The disturbance came as West German officials addressed the rally in front of West Berlin city hall. The crowd was in quite a holiday mood until the hecklers started shouting anti-West remarks. Irate West Germans seized the Commrnists and bashed them to the street. Flying squads of police drove wedpes into the crowd and hauled the hecklers to riot control ars and then to police headquarters. The West rally climaxed the commemoration of the riots a year ago when two million Soviet Zone and East. Berlin German workers rebelled against Red rule. A delegation visited the graves of six West Berliners caught, in the Soviet sector and mortally wounded in the rioting. West German Vice Chancello Fmnz Bluecher told the rally: "Here it was proved that it is th will of the people o the Soviet Zon to live in a free, democratic an unified Germany." 16.25: boars 9.00-16.50. Cattle 2,000; calves 1.000: trad ing slow; most buyers with ampl supplies of beef on hand and very causious: a few opening sale about steady, including good an< choice lots at 20.00-22.25; cow finding slow sale; some utility an commercial offerings at *11.50 14.00: about steady with very little done on canners and cutters; bull unchanged; utility and commer cial 13.50-15.00; cutter bulls 11.50 13.00: vealers 1.00 lower: a limited showing- of prime at 20.00; witl good and choice 14.00-19.00; com mercial and low good 10.00-14.00 culls 7.00-8.00. CORRECTION 25%. 4 Model Frigidairv Electric Ranges YOUR CHOICE ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 206-08 W. Main Phone 2-2071 Another Dreifus Scoop! Reg. $41.71 USYTO RUB 3V MM. •• Htm »••• * M* • i! n i: 111 s Only One New Polio Cose in This County Of the nine new cases of polio in Arkansas reported by the State Health Department today only one minor case was reported from Mississippi County. The nonparalytlc case from Milligan Ridge Community. Rickie Sparks. 2, is reported to be in good health at this time, according to the examining physician. Symptoms were so mild, the doctor said, that the boy was all right in a couple of days. This abortive type polio is not contagious, and very seldom becomes serious. The child usually recovers in a day or two. he explained. The total cases of polio in the state thus far this year are (55, almost twice ns many as had been reported for the same period last year, the health department said. Other counties reporting non- paralytic cases wore Lonoke. Monroe and Union,, with paralytic cases reported in Craighead. Miller, Monroe. Phillips and Union. Ninety-eight of the 129 children who took the polio prevention shots returned for the second blood test, according to the Polio Field Trial Office. This is the last visit for the children. With The Court CIRCUIT— (Criminal)—State of Arkansas vs. William Smith, prostitution; neglect of minor children. State of Arkansas vs. Carlee Da- OPPENHEINER (Continued from Paa« W the H-bomb. Dr. Rabl, chairman of the AEC's General Advisory Committee—a post Oppenheimer held in the postwar years—made it plain he does not think the Russians have perfected nn H-bomb. AEC Chairman Le^te L. Mpjmss hits said the Russians have exploded "a weapon or device" involving fusion, the hydrogen bomb process. His use of the word "device" suggested it might be only a laboratory-type model. Saw Russian Success Rabi testified in the Oppenheimer hearings he was "pretty certain" the Russians would perfect the H- bomb "in time." and he added: "What I am afrnid of is this controversy over this case may hasten the day because of the sort of attrition of the security of technical information—all sorts of stuff xppearing in the newspapers and magazines and so on that sort of skirts around it (the H-bomb). "You know you have a filter system for informatin. You put bits and pieces together. They (the Russians) already know something ..." When Borden. now with Westing- Electric Corp., sent his letter about Oppenheimer to the FBI, vidson, assault with intent to rape. COMMON PLEAS— Richard Clevlnger. Mrs. Richard Clevinger vs. Henry Gosa, E, C. Gosa, J. C. Williams, $690 automobile accident damages. members of the congressional atomic committee were informed of it. Those who could be reached declined comment today. "It represented his own ttriak* i"gr," said Rep. Price (D-H1). Meanwhile, Rep. Hinshaw (R- Calif) said the committee waa Informed officially that AEC Commissioner Eugene M. Zuckert had lost a semisecret 100-page summary of the Oppenheimer testimony and that this was one reason for releasing th« full transcript. Overweight? SWEETENS INSTANTLY WITHOUT CALORIES! HAS NO FOOD VALUE Guaranteed NON-FATTENING Use FASWEET in Drinks, Cereals, Fruits and Cooking OME BOTTLE SWEETENS 500 GLASSES ICED TEA! Get it at your Grocer's A. DREIFUS iamond Demonstration - EXCISE TAX CUT 50% Easy Crtdit Tirmi Meet Dreif us WKST \\t\\\ ST.

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