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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, December 26, 1891
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The Postville Weekly Review JPOaXVIlLB, SArDAY) DBO. 28. W. N .BTJ*DIOK,tlditor. BnUr*d at the I'oiloffltflPotttitUai THE CLOSE OP 1801. The la«t dayr of tlio old year nro drawing rapidly to a clone, nuil beforo WB groetour roadora again tho old year will have gono »nd tli« ntw year will hnvo been ushered in. A* wo look back over llio days tlint havo 10 swiftly sped we Mud niucli to bo thankful for, and on the wholo wo believe tho people bare been reasonably prosperous. Very seldom has the lnbor of the husbandmen brought forth better ret-.iras, mid labor of nil kinds has been profitably employed. Tho general health has been (rood except the visitation ol la grippe last winter. In the cominoruial world the volume of business has been very good although tho conditions of trade during the fall mouths have net boon altogether propitious on account of mild weather and bad roads, •till tho merchant* do not complain, although their business has tiot been quite up to their reasonable expectations, nnd nothing liko what it would havo been with more favorable weather and roads. The town lias made a substantial growth in the way of building. More money ha* been thus expended than in any one year for a long time. Tlio new brick block is a credit and ornament to the town, and the now residences of Walter Chriss, Messrs. Hoy and McNeil Harvey Hawkins and Wm. Mcljulllon will compare favorably with tho best that have been erected in any surround' ing towns of more pretentious. Various other improvements have been made in all parts of town of lesser magnitude, nnd on tho whole a healthy growth is apparent. The great uood for the coming year is more houses to accommodato those who want to coaio and dwoll with us but cannot for want of a place to lay their bonds. ITe never can be what wo should be until tho now comers can find lodgement. A dozen small but comfortablo homes should be orectod next season. Wo don't bolieve one of them would bj vacant a montk aftor completion. Many kinds of new business have beon established hore dtiling llio year, prominent among which avo the new bank, now printing offlco nnd new stoek firm and « uew lumber yard, all of which start in with groat oncourago- inent. Tho business changes that hare taken place during the year are mainly confined to tho hotels, livory stables and barber shops; Skelton & Tangnman. we bolieve, being tho only mercantile uhango in the dry goods line and thnl was arranged for before the opening of tho year. Thoro was a slight change in tho Crosby firm, tlio elder Crosby retiring, Jou Gray succeeded Kobort* & (Jrayjin tlio elothlng sioro, W. J. Hanks & Co. arccocdeil Gray & Co. in tho jewelry businoss and Anjr J. Klttss also retired from tho lira of Kluss Bros, in the harness business. Busiiicas now seems to be pretty well settled, and all tho ayenuos are pretty well filled. All that is neoded now is "a lung pull and » strong pull and a pull altogether," and Poslvillo will tnko n still further advauco in the competitive race of prosperity and rtuown. it is now the beat town of Us size in this part of the •tat* and its business domain is still widening. Whon tho roads are good you will find peoplo hero from ten to fifteen miles doing their trading because no surrounding town can touch us on assortments and prioos of goods Our lioliools are first-class nod the aim is to constantly improve them, our churches stand at the "head of the class" in this soctlon, society in the main i* goetl, and il is proverbial that whoover loaves l'oatrlllo is almost sure to regret tho stop And now, as wo stand upon tho threshold of a new year lot us rosolve to do ovon more for our town, Wore for our families and more lor the world in tho future than in tho past. These fleeting year* admonish' us that whatever we do wo must do quiokly "for the night comqlh wherein no man oan work." And when we lay the burden down it will be batter for our memory, if not better (or us, if wo have sown the seed* of kindness nnd good deeds all aloug the pathway wo have trod, making bright the waste plaoos aad glad the heart* of those whose Uvos we have touched nnd lifted up to a> higher and nobler plane There It no satisfaction In any ether life. There is a joy that paste* under standing in doing unto, other* as we would that tbey should do uuto us. In this spirit we exteucl the compliments Sotlt good friend we presumo sent ft copy of the REVIEW eontainiug our arliclo on a license law to thai great and" good prohibition editor, John Mahui, of tho Muscatine Journal, a «d in his issue of Doc. 1 lib he gives his entiro editorial page to the demolishment of the Postville REVIEW, sending us a marked copy of the paper containing the article. Had wo lime and seaco wo should lie pleased to give the argument of this great daily, that our readers might revol in tho erudition and legal lore of llio editor who had the honsr (?) of being beaten for railroad commissioner when the state was republican because lie was more of a prohibition!*', than n republican, as is tho case with a few other editors nearer liome. Ho starts out by wiso allusions to political economy and tho fallacy of local self government as applied to tho health and morals of tho stale, asserting that in this domain the stalo is supremo "whatever il decides to do in the exercise of this powor it can do without limitation by the general government or any other authority. What an illumination from the heights sublime! if tho peoplo had known this before election perhaps the state would not havo gono democratic'. And again: "Thus, then, we soe that in makiug a prohibitory law for ibo people of Poslvillo to oboy, the state does Dot consult (jrinnell or any other town, becauso il don't have to do so." Logic again worthy of n Chesterfield. Of course tho slate may make such a law as it chooses, but Ik* worst of it is tho people may rolir* the party making it to the shades of private life, just as thoy did our friend Mahin and tho rapubliean parly, on the prinelplo our friend continues was put in tho constitution, "all political powor is inhorentin tho people." Wo have only space for tho last paragraph: '•We havo only one thought more to elucidate, and tliat relates lo tho naive query of the REVIEW why Postville should not 'be allowed to try klgh license!' Just as though it had not beon 'tried' in overy civilized country on the giobo and found a failure everywhere and at all times as a temperanee measurel" Wo wish simply lo ask our o nidi to friend in what soctlon of what country on the face of the glob* prohibition ha* not proven at least as great a failuroP If it has net proven such a failure in Iowa why hns tho party which chain pioned il s*eadily doclincd unto its tinal fullP If it has not proven such a failure why is it a law in less than n half dozon of tho forty-four states of this union? In a recent interview J. S Clarkson, who ought lo bu pretty good authority, says there were more than 76,000 men who oven voted tho republican liokot in Iowa this year, who aro anti-prohibitionists. Our own opinion is that thoro wore many mote such men. Wo do not believe there aro 60,000 voters in the slate to-day who aro at heart prohibitionists. TRUE to its nature and to its gener- j ally acknowledged penchant for mi*- 1 representation and falsohood, the Wan- kon Standard attempts to mako it appear that tho REVIEW takes a position against the churches, because, in making an inventory of tho expenses that people have to bear in towns over and above those borno by the rural district*, w* included tho schools and churches as aggregating a considerable expense. Does tho Standard deny the proposition? Not at all. Did wo ever condemn churches ami school* becauso of the expense attached to their maintenance? The Standard well know* we ncvor hare. Can the Standard or anybody oUio point to a single instance whero tho editor of tho REVIEW was ever solicited for a contribution to any church that lie did not respond as liberally as his circumstances would admit? Havo not the column* of the REVIEW always been opon and free to all churchos for ail notices of whatsoever klndP While wo do not accopt the creeds wo have groat rospect for all churchos; and this respect is heightened by tho knowledge that they contain vory few members so hide bound, so phariMeicat nnd so beneath the respect of decent men as the editor of the Standard. Wo have never laid a straw ADDITIONAL LOCAL. tho way of Mr. May in our life, and avc nover pitched into him for any of boliefs, but it seems impossiblo for ra to let us alone. If it is any conso lalion to him to be etovnally misrepre renting and assailing us we hope he ill eontinuo to havo n good time. Uf course ho is mad because we don't placo prohibition abovo tho republican party, although be don't ralao linger to enforce tho law in hi* awn town, which, from all nceounts, is about tho worst cursed town in this respect, in this part of the state. It* marshal ha* just been tried in Uecurah for (hooting into a crowd of drunken rowdies on the streets of Waukon, and the jury acquittod him. If the editor of the Standard would do !CB* prohiWl Hon blowing in hi* paper and file moro informations, ho would be more consistent. But then consistency has beea expunged from his dictionary long ago. THE Independence Bulletin -Journal winds op it* editorial comments on our lalk upon a license law as follows: The REVIEW has always been stronuous opponent of the prohibitory law. Its prosenl plea fur low license and a liberal apportlonmon' of the saloons seciua to warrant the presump tion that its hostility lo prohieitios was based on something olsti than regard for true temperance. In this it doabt- •ess fairly represents a majority of tho auti-prohibition republicans." In tho first placo our ploa is not for low license. According to all obser valinu low licenso is anywhoro from $40 to 9300, even i* the largor cities, Dubuque thinks $150 about tho right sum, while we think in all cities it should be $1,000 and nothing leu than f 100 anywhere Now why do we favor as low ft license as $400 in small towns that vote licensor Simply fer two reasons. Firs on tho principlo of jnatiee and common seme. Business men cannot afford to pay the same rents and othor expenses in a small town that liioy could pay in Dubuque or any of the largo cities of the state. Such a proposition is pre posterous on the face of it. In the second place if thr liooai* i put up beyond reason in the small towns it will amount to prohibition and free whisky, the same as now. 11 town votes license under local option it is simply because iu that lowu prohibi tion ia not cuforood, and presumably oaunot be. Does anybody supposo that a liceua* of $1,000 could bo euforcoi ia Postville? We do not. We believe the dealers would all get together and agree not to take out license, but run rogaulloss of law, the same at now. If prohibition cannot be onforood here who woald there be to entorco suoh licenso law? Breu in the Interest of "true temperauoe" we believe it far bettor to have » law that oan bo enforced than one that oannot be. This has been the great failure of prohibition, it* non-enforcement. We want no substitute for it that would be open to the sane objection. Nobody supposes that any lioense —We received the program of the Hardin Christmas tree exorcises, with a request lo publish, on Friday afternoon, aftor the paper* were noariy all printed and the Hardin list made up. Our friends must remember that wo must receive all favor* intended for publication not later than Thursday; as w* go to press a* early a* possible friday mornings. 0. M. & flt. P. Excursion*. For tho Christmas and New Years Holiday* Excursion Tickets will be sold ilbio a distance of 203 miles for Oic and One Third Fare. Will soil Dec. 34, 35 and SI and Jan. 1st, limited to coatinnous passago in each direction and for going passage on date of sale. Final return limit up lo and including Jan'y 4th. M. B. TALCOTT, Agt. -M. F. Murphy (we supposo) send* a copy of the Grand Forks Herald containing ft statomenl of the Grand Forks National Bank, of which he is a dire* tor, making a capital showing. It is n bank of 9100,000 capital and is doing a busiuuss of noariy $650,000. Wo are glade to nolo tho growing prosperity of Grand Forks and that our friend Murphy is "in it." WASHINGTON LETTER. WASHINGTON, D. C, 12-1«-'91. Er >iTO» REVIEW:- Among tho many visitor* who had thu honor of shaking hands with the president in his private reception room at the Whito Houso today, tlio papers annouuee that of Mr. Abram Hart, of Postvlllo, Allamakeo Co., Iowa, and his niece, Mrs. J. M. Royor, of Maaslieid, Ohio; Mr. G. L. Henderson aud his daughter, Miss Burbar* Houderson. of Chula Vista, Cal. They wevo formally introduced by Gon. D. I). Henderaou, of Iowa, who Informed the president that Mr. Hart was one of tho solid citizens of his state, a most roliable man, nnd a sound republican and that ho had cast his first vote for his grandfather whilo ft residont of tho stato of Ohio. When this refemuee was made to the president's grandfather, Presidont Harrison cast a quick, keen glanoe at tho stalwrt lowan and gave him ft second cordial and most earnest grasp of the hand, aftor which thoy wero turned over to tho guidance of the ushor of the house, who led them into the Cabinet Room and pointed out tho chairs ocoupied by member* of thl* aad of former cabinet*; thence they passed into the Blue Room, which is by far tho most elegant apartment of the Whit* Homo. They were shown tho exact spot where Presidont Cleveland and Miss folsom stood when thoy consecrated the White Home by consummating the first marriago ceremony that was over performed within It. Tho walls of the Groon Room wore adcrued by portrait* of tho former ladies who presided over the White House. WASHINGTON ComiEsroxDiNT. Holiday Kates. For tho Christmas and New Year holidays, the Burlington, Cedar Rapids Si Northern Railway will make ft rate of One Faro for tho Round Trip, betweon nil nations on ils lino; tickots on salo December 24, 25 and SI, 1891, aad January 1, 1892, good to return until January 4, 1891. tor further information regarding these rales, time of trains, etc., apply to any ticket agent of this company or to J. K. Hannrgaa G. T. A P. A., Cedar Rapid*, Iowa. Monthly Statement of Termers' Co operative Creamery for Oct., '91 Amount of milk delivered 287,7x9 lbs. No. pounds butler made 14,103 lbs. Av. No. lbt. ol butter per 100 ot milk 4.09 Total amount received for butter less commission and freight $3,823.09 Supplies on band $127.20 Total expenses including cost of hauling 9797-77 Net price per 100 lbs. milk paid patrons Highest price per lb. ree'd for butter... 30c Average net price per lb. butter 27 l-ioc Av. cost of hauling per 100lbs. milk.... Av. cost of ln'f g per 100 lbs. milk 23 3-ioc ELLISON OUR. Sec. A Word to Subscribers). As Is our custom at this seasou of tho year we shall rcriso our subscription list and all distant subscribers who do not roapond to statoments before our next issuo will bo dropped from our books If their subscriptions have heretofore expired. Now that we havo competition at home, which will of course largely diminish our receipt*, we can less than formerly afford to carry delinquent*. Honco we believe those who are friends to the REVIEW will seo the appropriateness of prompt payment. To the best of our limited ability we are for nearly seventeen years glveu this poople a paper as fully up lo the patronage wo have enjoyed as we know how, much of tho lime at a positive oss lo ourself, and never to any great pecuniary benefit. But we eamo here le STAT, and the reoord prove* it. All wo have on earth (which is not much) invested bare, and hero we must stay, whothnr we run a pnpor or not, until such time as wo lay tho armor down, which In the order of nature cannot now be very long. We »ro thankful to those friend* of all parties nnd faith* who havo borne with in, and by theii patronage have enablod us to thus long procure tho "staff uf life" in their midst, and to "owe no man nny- thing sav» to love one another," when the settlements now due are made. Wo hope to be able to announce in thia issue tho promiums that will be given to advance paying subscribers for 1892, which will be equivalent to furnishing the REVIEW for $1.00. I A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills Best of grades only handled. RAILROAD TIME-TABLES 22, 1891, Ry. wlU m .1 :29 a. ni. F.J. BECKER, M.I).. ISO MEOFA .TIIia PHYSICIAN AUD BURGEON. Office an Second Floor of Parkor's Building, net* Posvoffloe, Postville, Iowa. DR. J. S. GREEN, MUSICIAN * scitaaon, Office and Beiidenco Southwest par •f town. All cell* prosaptly attended J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. v. H. raNsio* axiHiaae. Ofne* a>i rasldanaa on Greon saraat, leeond house lest of Hoy A MoHell'a Ilardwaia. —Joseph Nioolay met with a severe aceidont on Thursday afternoon of last week, which might easily havo proved fatal. He waa at work on ft ladder at his residouce, putting on sorao storm windows, when the laddor slipped and precipitated him backward* lo lb* ground, a dlttanc* of twelyo or fifteen feet. He struck on his head and shoulders, but no bones were broken and no soriou* Internal lnjurio* wereinitnined, lie i* getting along nicely but is pretty aore and lame. A lucky outcome to what it might have been. — We are fully aware that the crowded stato of our column* for the past few weeks have prevented us from giving as much reading matter as we should, but tho time was so short we thought it not advisable to go to the trouble and expense of issuing a supplement, especially as our observation teaches us that supplement containing advertisements or "patont" reading matter i» not appreciated by the public. The stress npon our columns Is now over and hereafter the problem will not be what oan we leave out, but what can wo get to till up with? For the next ten month* we aball not be troubled for loom. o| the aoason to our readers, wishing Iftw ia going to do away with the drink them each and all a vory HAITT NEW habit, nor that eveu prohibition will. YEA*. All tliat any pbllosophio mind hope* lo da Is to control the evil and keep it I» it possible that our member of eon- within decent bound*. Wo honestly gfea*. Walt Butler, Is going lo turn owi believe that there is no way to do thl* demagogue after all ht» honest and; 0 uly by a moderate aud reaiouable •nbor talk to m "poor erlttera" before Hoenw law-one that the people en he wa« elected P It will bo reiueni. WMM w m iup p 0 ,. t , n d *ee enforced, bored that not only on tho *tump but In Byen tho saloon* will assist in tho hi* paper he made free silver as prom- onf»>ro*m*nt of »uch a law beoause it Inont » factor a* free trade, and said wl „ be to their interest to do so. We tho democrat, ol low. mint take ' no , ftll bow „,, u0 Uaip „ w , backward step" on this Iwiie; aud that be »dv»no«d by any law that Isadiad no man could bo either noalnatod or letter o» the aValute book, whether His oleoted for preiident owopt on ft free projilbiliou or c lioeuso law that •tlvor platform. He wont to Washing- a m Q«nt» to prohibition. ton and waa koookod out io the 11 ret ^ a _ ^ tviund. djwrtlng Sprlngw^d going tooB kyn fl , pj Kftn.a.. died T/^r*' hH V e ^ W M Q T?! U ""WM* o( apoplexy.j„ WMblng^ •rffmallm.' HH e «pl *iiatloo i. tbat u , t 8upd(lT ^aihi ThU KIVM • Illy objqatw*»lo stilmnoetb< «h»nooi r..iwm « V "A ?"A * ^•Qo¥,»9i»»Wttao nomUMfof vice* .PH»»IW% tor Ingrili appein^eot, prtNldtnt with Cl «r «l«ndt So. after tiiougli it If not certain, ' Irj MyAytiBl »ll Ihero WM DO principle Involved lu the appointment will be only toftm*? NEXT to tho clamor on tin tho free trado mourners litat yoar bewailed tho fate of tho American peopte because the lleKinley bi'.l would mako it Impossible for any but millionaires to rovol in the luxury of a carpot for their floors. The piioes wero to go up so rapidly and so high that carpet* would be entirely beyond the reaoh even of poople iu raodorale oiroumrtance*. What arc the facts? Carpet* h«ve never boon advanced by the reUtl trade one cent, and now, after one year of the MoKinley bill tho manufacturers •re quoting for spring delivery price* that for choapues* have never been heard of before, the decline averaging about fifteen por cent., or ten cont* per yard all through. It I* no wonder that the democrats feel like hedging on the "cohaplououi Issue" for next year, arid in order to be in »b».p* to do thia, •helved the great free trade apostle, Mill*. They **e that the people oan­ not,be held in dartre** on thl* que* tion another year, and .to attempt it would be presuming too niuoh upon Iheoredullity of thoje whom tbey hood winked last rear. The undeniable faot ia that good* required bv the. common people, and we wight *ay AM . good*, average cheaper than ever before in the hiitory of this country; and thia I* dne to the protective feature of the law and to reciprocity. The ediot ha* gone forth, and it I* a* iuexorable A * fate, that never again can a free trade tidal wave sweep over thia country—at least never until America i* a* densely populated a* Europe, and then there will bo no need of protection, for labor will bo as cheap here as there. Kontaly aHatement of Lawler Or'? Co. for October, 1891, —The January Wide Awake comes with a store of good thing* for young and old that aro n* entertaining a* they are varied. It brings to It* reader* (lories by Molly Elliot Seawall, (i. Adam*, C'aptuiu C. A. Curtis, Maria Mcintosh Cox and tho two bright story tellers who write under the nom do plumes of "Dorothy Holcomb" and Abd el Ardiivan." the Arab. It has sketches by Amanda U. Harris, 1 /tout Col. Thomdlke, Harriot Maxwell-Con verse, Zilella Cocke, Otis T. Manson and Sallie Joy While. It nas poem* by Cilia Tuaxtvr, Anna J. MoKeag, Clara Doty Datea and other*. It has picture* by L. J. Brldginan, George Foster Barnes, Virginia tieraon, Chlldo Hassan), Hy Sandhani, Irving K. Wiles, Clifton Johnson, Charles MonteaBd E. H. Garrett, luch a combination of talent in »tory teller*, verso maker* and artist* should produce roost absorbing as well a* meet interesting reading mattor, and one need* but to glance over Wide Awake'* attractive January page* to fine the promise fully carried •ut. Wide Awake i* published at 20 eents per number, 93.40 per year^ A \J book- tellers keep It. D. Lothrop Co., Publishers, Hoiton. DANIEL A. JTERALD, 'DMerclxant Tailor, Poitville, Iowa. All work A wa r rantod | 0 giro satisfaction. A full line of the latest styles n sample*. DR. CH. HUNT, TtieDer*Ti3T. Permanently located in Postville. Oflico over Waters & VTicolay's Hard' waro Storo, Brick Block. WM. tHimaaD, i, I. SIIHISD. BHamiani) Biwmnnu, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Iniurancs Agsnts and Collation, Anthorlstd so prsctte* in all the conrsa of tfca state, Oflloeorei Lien's tfcora, brlak blook. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOUR B. HABT, Proprietor. Oppoaite - Pustvllle - State - Bank. None but tho best moats purohased Everything in first-clast shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices always tho lowest. J'RED. N. BEEDY, :-PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Tramcs. Postville - Iowa CENTRAL MEAT MARKET I 3. P. OILBON, Prop. Having purohased the abovo Market of Sohuler Bros. I propose to keep a first-class Market iu every respect. I •hall aim to koep at all times an assort cuont of the best meats the country afford*, and selling at the lowest Jiving prices. Having come to Postville to roslde I invite a fair share of patronage, and shall strive to give (atisfaotlon. . 4.5» • Amount of milk delivered. No. of lbs. of butter.... Av. No, lbs. pf butter per 109 lbs. milk.. Total net nselpH.fer butter ,• Toul axiieaBe'for raoiitb...,>>.• Aver»no a«V Pli»» e*.battel per lb.,.... H tHietl gross price ree'd lor baiter..,. Average SBSIBI bsu Ulg p«r igo lbs,.,.. XveteSe soil of nTa net looTuoludlnil -numflwi* >»tor< W«fi «*»• -. •.v • - 1 < •*<»•. 'HP.M7 7.4f «>,8*4,' 17. A New Opera House. Postville seema to be forging right to tho front "with both feet." Tho Improvements for 1891 aro scarcely completed before arrangements aro commenced for the ooruing seaaon, at tho head ot Which io tho project of building a new ojiera house ou tho corner of Green afid Lawler streets, opposite the old brick block., Mr. McNeil will put up a blook of • tores' covering a apace 60x10* foot- A otook company la being formed to build on aad own a eeeond story tho same sirs, for an opera houso and public half. Wo understand that 92,600 in stock ha* been taken and it ia probable that thl* assure* the *,uooe*» of the undertaking, although consider able more money will have to bo raised to'coruplete tho Internal furuinhlng. ' If tho work goes on it will traniform the worot eyo-sor* In town into a thing' of beauty aud kualneit, and will give ua mob an opera boas* a* no twice our (iso can approach. We hope thoro will be no failuto in lh» execution of tho work, Hud that thle will proy*, but one ot mauy avib »tanU»|i Injprovoojenls that 1818 will udd to our pre #p «rou» and PfVowittg town,Toe RBYIKV will •Iwayii have a good word for every on. UrprUo looking to Ui* growth aod >ftpV vaaeewent, o »rp »tvllle, which Ual r *»3j tho best bu «ineiB town Jn. tliU part of WANTED-Salesmen Looal and Traveling. To represent our well known house. You need no capital to represent a lirm that warrant* nuritrr (took firsUelass and trui to name. TrVOHK. ALL, THE YEAR. 9100 per month' lo the right man Apply uulok, stating age. L. X. MAY ft CO., Nurserymen, florists and Seedsmen, IT. PAUL, MINN. (Thl* houie I* responsible) UmS THE DEMAND For our Winter Overcoats, Fur Goods aad Suits tho past month has been unprecedented. Never before since we have been in businoss have we been able to show such an Unequalled Lino of Stylish Clothing for Mon and Boys. The reason for the groat demand for our Merchandiso is found in the following facts, viz: Our Superior Suits and Overcoats are always what is claimed for them concerning Quality, Style, Fit and Finish; our prices aro never higher than ia warranted by their intrinsic worth. We havo boon in businoss long enough to know that our eflbrta.lo provide Absolute Perfect Heady-Made Clothing is appreciated by inuny of tho best peo­ plo ot thia section of country. This shoald be a lUlCciont incentive toothers who have not yet favored lis with their palronago. We handle Kvervthiug worn by Man or Hoy. Honest Equivalent for every dollar will be found at our store. In Cloves and Mittens wo knock the stuffing out of our usxl door neighbor. J. U. GRAY. Tuc CLOTIIIKK. On and after Sunday, HOT. trains on the C M. A St. P. leave Poslvillo as follow*. OOIKO XAST. Passenger*. No. 8.... 4:61 p No. 4 (night) Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 a. n No. 9 Time Freight 6:16 p. m No. 11 Time Freight... .8:46 p. m UOINQ win. Passengers. No. 1 night IJ.10 a. ni. No. S 10:36 a.m. Freight*. No. 10 Chicago Slook 11:05 a. ra No. 6 Way 4:10 p. m. No. 12Milwaukee Stock. .6:85 p. a. All Freight trains mentioned, except No. 13, carry passengers when Bpevided with proper transportation. No. 11 betweon North McGregor and Calmer G. E. WHIPP, Ageat. B. C. aft mm Hoy;<& McNeil. 9 * 0 hi a u o o < •a o P* O & W o p o nacoitAii DIVISION. TituoTablo in elfect Nov. 16. 1891 Passenger going North... 5:10. P M '• " South. 4:J0, " Freight. " North, ....3:45. P. M J. K. PIRRT Ageat. POSTVILLE LODGES- OLIVE BRANCHlLODGENO. Il t RXianrs OF VYTUIAS. Vfaation tti« secouilniul fourth VrlriayaTaulu u each month. VSIUHK brethren In good slan4 always welcome. minus OIIB , c. c. Cnx>.Sa*LTOii,K otll it U NOBLE LUBGE No 61. A, O. I'. W. Tlif Loyal Ancient Ordor of United Workmen meets the Second and Fourth Saturday cvonings in each month, in tlio Masonic Hull ovor tho Brick Drug tore. JKIIN WKLZKI ., M. W. JAIIHS Paititr, Keeordcr. AUWar't'd Firekeepers. AH, SERE WE ARE ! WITH THE AND BEST STOCK™, — or — Watches, Jewelry and Silverware ever displayed in the city. When you want something for an Xmas present come in and see us. We oan please you both in Quality and in Price. Respectfully, W, J. HAXTKS (AT QUAY'S OLD STAND.] L. STEOEBEL & SON, — rnorsisTons or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (*T ABUSTRONQ * BOLTBa'S OLD STAID.) Have » full line of Boot*, Shoe*, Slip- pete, Rubbers and everything kept in • No. 1 general *hoe *tor«. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly done. Every pair warranted. We keep no shoddy. R. N. DOUGLASS, Pas*. J. F. SMITH, V. P. JAS. McBWBN. CASIIISR. CITIZENS STATE BANK, POSTVIIXK, IOWA. PAID UPCAP1TAL, $85,000. Po n Qenei'Al Ranking Bualuot*. Buy and aeil Foreign nnd Dpmeitio Sx change. AoaowtHa of Fermers, Mer- ohaots nnd other* reoelvwl nod oare fully proteoted. Intereit p»i«l on Time Deposits, InvestrjtenU mail« f,ot ouiiide pttrU «f 'on fjiyprnW* tqi 'wi. BROTHERLY XOVE il.ODGP, No. 20/, A. r. A A. H. liugulnr meetings 011 Tuesdny 'oTcn- 111 p; on or before tho full of thu moou. Jill brothrcn in good stunding are cor- diully invited to nttend. K. I). STILH, W. K. W11. MoTT .'Sae 'y. CHURCH DIRECTOK.T. CONOIIEOATIOKAI, --luv. N. I,. Diirloa, toi. rroucl.tng ovcry Suuilaj at 10.10 A.M. and 7:30 I'M. bnlibuth Hchool liuiutdlatsljr aftar mrtulu« aorvlce. 7. V. B. C. 13. maata ovory Suuiluy ovauluif at 6:13. l'rsjsr Metl- lPK WediibBUay ovuuings. UETH01)I3T.~ROT. E.;J. Lockwood, l'aator. l'roaclilim aorvluos ovary HuuJay at 1U:3»A M . AUd7:30 1*. M. Hulibath School linnicdt- etely after morning* sctrvlco. Tho Zjiwortli Loanuo ivory Ruuday aviiulnsat8:00 o'sloak. l'rayar maotlux ovary VTadnsaday STOBIM et 7 .-00 o'aloak. VoD are oarnaaMy luTllsd. Consumption Cured. An old physician, rolired from practice, having timl pinned in liis hands by nn East liuliii missionnry the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for thu speedy nnd pormw snt cure of Consumption, Bronchitis, Cntnrrli, Asthmn and Lung AfTcelions, also n poHitivo and ritdicnl cure for Nervous Debility and Nervous Compliiints, after having tostod its wonderful curative powers in thousands of cases, has full it his duty to nnike it known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive nnd a desire to relievo human .suflcriii<r, I will sond freo of chnrge, Jo nil who dwiru it, this recipe, in German, French, or English, with full direutiuiis ior preparing and using. Sent by mail by addressing with stamp, naming this pnpor. w. A. NOTES. 820 l 'owor 'a Block, Rochostor, N. T. 48yl TOITSOEIAL PARLOR. MfSAIt t'HH POSTOrVIOI. I eordlally invito new patronage Give us a trial for a month. Loam our manner and way of doing the business, I believe we can please you. .'. T. PARKBR , Prop., Poitville, Iowa. NIOK HOLIDAY Fr9&eatS —At tine— • REVIEW OFFICE. WONDERFUL ! The cure* which are being effected by Drs. Starkey <b Palen, 1629 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., in Consumption, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, and all obronio disease*, by their Compound Oxygen Treatmont, are indeed marvelous. o .\ If you are a anderer from any disease which your puyeiolau hns failed to cure, write for information about till* treatment, and their book of '.'00 pages, giving a history of Compound Oxygen, its nature and effects, with numerous testimonials from patients, to whom you may refer for still further luforma- ' don, will bo promptly sent, without ohnrge. This book, aside from il* great merit its a medical work, giving, as it does, the result of years of study and experience, you will find a vory interesting one. Dro. STARKEY & PALEN, 1529 Arch 5t„ Philadelphia, Pa, 120 SutUr St., S»n Franclico, Cal, PleWraeaUon this paper. 4m Don't forget, when you want 'plain or tanoy Stationary, ttbat the Review ottoe, 1« the place to get it cheap* ^ Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Teneee, Curbing oVe. Those Intending to purchaso Monu- tnental work for future delivery will find it to their advantage t»examine H. V. Kidder's Granite Work iu Cemeteries, as he is doing Uvst-olnss work at as low prioos as oan Be procured in the country. If ho hns not called npon yon drop him a card at Deuorah and he will bo pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kind* of Granite, at the lowest possible prices. M.V.KIDDER, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa. Postville Dray Lino P. J. BEUCHEK. Prop. Having purchased tbe origins. Postville Dray Line I am prepared to do all kinds of draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Uood teams, good drays and coroful drivers always at the Rorvloe of the public nt fair prices. All klnps of light or lioavy hauling, in town or country promptly clono. J • A. HAVIRLAND, "Votorlixtaxy Svireeon., l'OfTVIIiU) IOWA > OfBae first door East of the Com me r olal Home, Oreen %\, y Postville, (own A Doe set of surgical Instrument*. AH oeo'eisary medloinci kept on hand Xhirmw year* #ncce»|fnl uracUce OaJUprompsly aoiwereO,

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