Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 3, 1898 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1898
Page 5
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THERE 1$ MORE REAL-VALUE IN OUR $3.50 BY f HU t'BUBORAPH PRINTING COMPANY. M« Werlw a New art Original Game t« $wl». die a Olrl Out ef $10. LINE OF Ladies' S oes Than any similar price line in the country. Turns and Welts. Sixes aK to 8. Widths A to E. SATURDAY EVB., DEO, 3. TELEGRAPH BUILDING), Count* THIRD AHD PUIA Bit. TUB DAILY TELEGRAPH if d»llf»r»d by owrlen to all parti of th« olty «f Alton, Nortfc Alton and Upper Alton, for 10 o«nt* p«r w««k. Mtlltd to »ny MttMt at the rats of M grata pet month. THR TELEGRAPH hai ih« larfMtolroniitlon of any paper In Alton, utt \» tbo bc*tm«dlum TlM- Tai»D AMD PUIA BtMITI. MOW No. M. MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. Oopntnnder, for painless extraction. »• Rogers, Third street, over Booth's Tbe Bachelor's Club Is arranging to I give a dancing party in Pioneer Hall [ February 4, Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, SOB Belle at Mr. and Mra. Louis Barby of Deca I tar, spent today at the home of Mr. John Bauer. FOR Saturday and Monday We will give 12 per cent discount on Ladies' and Children's Jackets and on Ladies' Cloth and Plush Capes. 12 per cent discount on White and Colored Wool Blankets. Children's to? black ribbed fleeced hose at W a pair. Sizes j to 9. Children's 2o/extra, heavy ribbed ho^e at icX. Sizes 6 to <),. 3 H. E. LEHNE, 113 W. Third st. Cakewalk at Turner Hall, Saturday | evening, Dec. 8, The Home Forum Society had a [ very pleasant literary entertainment at their hall last evening. An exoel- [ lent program was rendered. Oakewalkat Turner Hall, Saturday I evening, Deo. 3. "The ladles of the library were well patronized at their annual supper last evening. Supper was served until 8 I o'clock and qnlie a neat profit for the benefit of the library was realized. Gun and look Hubbel.— Jarrott bu repairing done by ilding, e. . 2nd st. Scott Is the busiest tailor In town. Fresh Baltimore oysters, oranber- ee and celery juat received at Stanton & Yeakel's, 2nd and Market. For Bent—2 rooms. Alby street. Apply at 915 A fakir glib of tongue and nature of •peech atrnck town today ami noontime found him gone. His stay though short wan a lucrative one (or he left at least one vlollm and perhaps more to mourn his visit. He had a new game and strange to say he found aome one npon whom to work It. Hla gsine was to offer to his victim a prom • lae of securing a valuable prize If the victim would first place a «10 bill In a paper envelope. The envelope con talnlng the ilO he aaid he would place inside of a larger one and these two be waa to leave with the victim until 4 o'alook In the afternoon. Then a second "agent" was to come around to open the envelope and the 110 bill was to be restored to the owner and a valuable prize with It. The victim was anre to get her ten dollars back and was more than liable to get a valuable prize, possibly another 910. But the fakir was not In the business for his health, ao Instead of placing the 910 In the envelope he cleverly stuck It In his pocket and left. He went to a house at North and Pearl streets where a family named Overboil lives. He explained bis plan to enrich a young lady of the family, and persuaded her to invest 910 in the scheme. The young lady was finally persuaded to do so and the usual sequel waa the result. She disobeyed hla instructions not to open the] envelope until 4 p. m. by opening as soon as the fakir waa gone. Then to her grief she found the envelope empty and the fakir gone with her money. The po ><KK><HX>O<)-O^KH)-(X>-O<)~O<XHK>^<^O 25 JACKETS Less than Cost of Cloth. Which have last years' style of sleeve, perferable to some ladies, hut which we will sell at less than cost of Cloth. This is a Great Chance. Pierson & Carr D. Q. Co. ><XXXXH><X>^<><K><X><><>0^^ O-O-O-OOO"< llea wore Informed of the swindle and went to work looking for the man but have not yet bad success. The fakir la described as of medium height and weight, well dressed, red mustache and balr. Have you Seen the LARDER STUD It is the best Shirt Stud ever produced. Post in center back makes it suitable for shirts with either button holes, eyelet holes or a combination of the two without the annoyance of coming o'ut of shirt or fear of loss. Only made in 14 kt solid gold, and only H. 119 West Third Street. Sawyer & Reiser, Madison Bids;., Phone 185. Q. B. WILKINSON, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Office—Uor. 2nd and Market sta. Residence—337 Bast nth at. Olflce Telephone 305. Residence 1903. S hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON, ILL. W, D. ARMSTRONG, Director. Pint t*rm beglna Sept. 82nd, 1898. For count la lutrumcnul and Voo*l Mualn, Bloou- ItM and Painting. Bend (or catalogue How Do We Do II? By hiving No Ajreoti, No Pttfglcri, NQ Mlddlenen. You pay one email profit. One-hill S«ve4. 7 stylos t<v select from. $46 nfttelilnof< only $17. ComplBto with all attachments 16 yean guarantee. Equal to any machine sold Uurouffb agent* at twice our price. Call and see our Handsome Drop Head Machine and others at me office Front and Henry at. HAPOOOD PLOW CO. It Pays to buy the Best. •eit OMfe f fleet Right. A Trial Order Coavlacei. ANDERSON, GROCER, T. M. n»a» 111, PJ» SUeet. The Bluff Line steam ahovel la to be put to work aoon widening out the road-bed at Oil f ton to admit of the straightening ont of a bad cnrve In the track there. We offer a lay-ont of Underwear on onr middle table exceedingly cheap, because It la In broken lota. No more information baa been received as to the whereabouts of the poat office thlevea or their identity. Inepeotor Price is still working on tbe case. Handkerchief a, Gloves, Mitt en a Hose and Underwear, all plenty and cheap thla eve at LCCTURE ON MUSIC. Wm. ArmitroflQ. the Critic, Telli of tne True Miulcal Artist. Alton Conservatory* Eighth Year. Third Term. Tec. 1st. Music, Art, Elocution, Delurte anil Special Studies. Mian Alice B. Marsh, Voice and Piano, Seminary street, Upper Alton, R C JYIIII<> Second .nil Alby • *•" ««Il«a,3, ,„., A n oni nf. Rend (or Catalogue. Personal. Miss Genevleve M'FIke, of Monticello Seminary, will apend Sunday with' Mr- and Mra. H. G. M'Plke. Misa Estelle Yager, of Montlcello, la apending Sunday with her parents, and baa aa her guest, Mlaa Josephine Pitman. Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Ball of Jersey- wille, will apend Sunday In Alton. Mr. Will Flynn will leave for New York city tomorrow on a business trip. Choice Country Butter 20? per lb., at Casper Horn's, 416-418 eaat 2nd at. An aged couple living in a tent In the willows at the foot of Ridge atreet was reported today aa being in destitute circumstances and very much in need of assistance. Try Nelnlnger'a Magnolia and new Improved Fig. ^ n__ Shampooing and vapor baths new barber shop, A. J. Zangg, 210 Fiaaaat The funeral of Andrew T. Rawley will be held Sunday at 2 p, m. In the Baptist church, In Alton, instead of at the family home aa announced. Interment in Alton cemetery. Dorsey j-uci Oo. have left Belle atreet and are now located at 314 Piasa street. Qlve them a call. All the undertaken In Alton will go to Chicago, Monday night, to paea an examination required by the State law. It <dll be a decidedly inconvenient time for any one to die, aa the undertakers will be gone two daya. For Kent— 4 -room honae, cor. 7th and Henry ata.—H. Wm. Bauer. Mr. and Mra. A. P. Herren celebrated the twentieth or china anniversary of their marriage last evening. The ocoaalon was a very pleasant one. A party of friends of the couple called during the evening taking an abundance of refreshments and an array of gifts suitable to the occasion. Every one present had a moat delightful time. The old reliable place for toys and candies is McOollnm'e. Ea never had such a fine stock aa be has this year. Sale of fancy Articles. The aale of fancy articles of the Ladies' Sewing Society of the First Baptist church will take place at the residence of Mra. Geo. T, Davia, No. 527 Alby street, Friday afternoon and evening, Deo. 16, '98. Damage Suit. The suit of J. 0. Oox vs. Alton Bail- way & Illuminating Co. for $3,000 damages waa tried in the Circuit Court yesterday and waa given to tbe jury at 4 o'clock. Mr. Oox waa assaulted by a watchman at Hock Spring park several years ago after being ordered out, tbe park not having been opened to the public at the time. Mr. Oox waa struck by atones thrown by the watchman and claimed damagea from the company. A sealed verdict waa returned this morning, and has not been opened. but It Is reported to have been for f 200 damages for the plaintiff. Dunnegan & Leverett represented tbe plaintiff and H. 8. Baker and Lev! Davis the defenae. Hard and Soft .Coal. Delivered to any part of the city. Telephone 213. WM. FBIBB. Buy "LaBelle Tbe beat, «4,00. Munter-ln-Ouancery MoGInnia today sold at master's sale to Q. A. Soblueter for 8507.90 a piece of property on North street belonging to Elenry Mede. Tbe sale was under a mechanic's lien. Try the Best, "LaBelle," 94.00. The electric oars are to be equipped with vestibules to protect the motormen and passengers from the cold. Vestibules ahould be provided as a matter of safety to passengers,-as motormen cannot run the cars carefully when benumbed with cold. Call and see the elegant warm lined shoes and slippers for ladies and genta. Prices 81, 81.25 and 81.60 per pair.—J. M. Glberaon & Son. Mend broken dishes with "Climax" GIne Cement. Draggiata and grocers. Northern Potatoes at Casper Horn's, 416.418 east 2nd st. The funeral ef Capt. W. P. LaMotbe will be in the Episcopal church at 2 p. m. Sunday. Owing to Oapt. La- Moth'a extensive acquaintance tbe f nneral will be a large one and many of bis old river friends are expected to attend. Dr. A. 0. Barr, dentist, 113 W. 3d st funeral Notice. Members of Erwln Lodge No. 315 A. F. & A. M. are requested to meet at Masonic Hall, Sunday at 1 p. m. to attend the funeral of our deceased brother, Henry J. Mueller, Members of Piasa and Franklin Lodge cordially nvlted WM. SONNTAQ, W. M. If you have catarrh Uon'c dally will) ooal remedies, but purify and enrich ,'our blood with Hood's Barsaparilla. Dr. G. A. MoMlllen, office building. Cakewalk evening, D dentist, post- . t Turner Hall, Saturday 3. For * good shave, hot and cold bath go to Maul & Hall, Plasa st. Go to M. Moritz's for your winter headwear. Tbe largest stock and Ateat styles. Wanted. Twenty boys and girls, also 10 ladies, to sell tea, coffee and baking powder. Apply room 6, Oonsley House. 6 Dr. F. W. Hannah, a practitioner of the Osteopathy School of St, Louis, waa in town today considering Alton as a location. The doctor and his wife are both practicing oateopatblsts. We have one of tbe moat complete linea of heavy soled winter shoes for ladies and Igents to be tonnd In tbe city, at prices that will make yon buy. —J. M. Glberson & Son. A special train having on board Mr. Oarmiohael, the owner of the Bluff Line, and a party of officials Including President Kimball, Superintendent Mlllard and others, passed through Alton yesterday. The officers were making an Inspection tour of the road. All kinds of dried fruits at Oasper Horn's, 41U 418 eaat 2nd at. Banner Bargain Month ot Fashionable Pall and Winter Woolens. 1 These are price values poultlvely without n precedent. SUITS TO ORDER. $16 oo to $20.00. This Includes all our One Fancy Worsteds, OheTlota, Sootoh and Caaalmeres, In Checks, Plaids and Stripes. Black and Blue Worsteds, Suits (o Order $20.00 to $28.00. These Include all our fine Imported and Do- tnestlo woolens as fine as SH5. We are heavily over loaded with a big stook of Fall and Winter Woolena and we must re- duoe stock to ralae money before Jan. 1st. The time to buy ts now. Everything at ooal. Call audbooonvlnoed. L Q. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. 221 Plaaa at. The lecture of William Armatrong, the famous musical critic of tbe Chicago TYtfntJM!, at Spaidlng Auditorium last evening, was a musical treat. The audience was an Intellectual, discriminative one that recognized full well t he true worth of the words ot the eminent critic. His lecture was an important one of the mnalcal events of the season and the audience should have been larger. Miss Bessie O'Brien, a talented young mezzo- soprano of Springfield, assisted Mr. Armstrong in his lecture by singing a number ot selections illustrating the style of the composers spoken of In the lecture. The lecture waa on the subject "0npnbllahed Interviews with Great Musicians." Mr. Armstrong said tbat his personal Interviews with these great musicians had enabled him to make a truer conception ot their work and to understand them more perfectly. He lapoke of the charao- terlatios ot the truly great artists, among which la modesty, « virtue which is very seldom met with among tbe higher classes. Mr, Armatrong tritely remarked all truly great artists are modest, but the truly great are extremely rare. He told of interesting interviews had by himself with PattI, Nordica, Calve, the De Reszkes and all other really prominent artists of the day. Of Nordioa and Patti he speaks ir> tbe highest terms of praise, bnt his opinion of Calve was not so complimentary. He told how Nordl- ca'a endeavor baa always been to improve; that ahe never is satisfied with herself but always trying to do better. "Self-satisfaction retires more prlists than age." In closing he spoke of tbe sympathy with tbe composer and the art that is necessary to a great artist. "It is sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, that makes tbe artist truly great. The singer or composer whose heart grows in instead of ont, can never reach tbe people and excite In^them a feeling that ia genuine." The Value of $23 In a Musical Education. It will procure three private lessons per week for thirteen weeks in either voice or piano, witb one class lesson per week In sight singing, one lesson In musical history, instruction in musical penmanship, technical practice and piano practice, under the supervision of a teacher, at the Alton Conservatory. r j-*.r*~S^S) PAUL BROS., Prescription Pharmacy. Pure Drugs and Medicines, Pilot, flUns and Oil, Sponges, Chamloi, Toilet Articles. Pine Toilet Soaps. Henry and Second Sis. The last of the Spread Eple. The old Spread Eagle baa made her last trip between Alton and St. Louis. She made her farewell trip Wednesday, when abe left Alton for St. Louie on her way to Paducab. The Eagle Packet Oo. baa closed the contract for a fine new side wheel steamer to take her place in the local trade next spring. The new Spread Eagle will be a finer boat than the old one and la expected to be taster. Part of the machinery of the Spread Eagls will be transferred to the new boat, which will be ready for business sometime in June. The Idlewlld will probably be placed in the trade when navlga tlon opens, to ran until the new boa Is ready. . The Spread Eagle is one of the best known boats on the upper river. For almost flfteen_^eaTJLghe has piled between Alton and St. Louis In the day time, going to .Grafton at night, aiid baa the reputation of being a moneymaker. She waa always popular as an excursion boat because of her speed. In her youthful days she had the record of being the fastest boat on the upper Mississippi, but of late years her timbers have been so racked by sand-bar running and constant wear that she has deteriorated sadly. Her successor in the list of Spread Eagles will be designed especially for excursion business and her ownera expect her to be a money-maker too. The new boat will be the third bearing the name Spread Eagle. Hard Spring Wheat "Oream of the Earth," 94,00. ALTOM BOU^B MILLING Go. Dr.A.W.Kue. JUenusc, Hpaldlug bid. We Don't Care To spring any Good Cheer Chestnut on yon Once a Year, or any Christmas But we Would be Glad to have every one to see our Holiday Stock of WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, CHINA, STATIONERY AND FANCY .GOODS. 10 Per Cent Discount on all CASH salea from $ S .oo'an sMj-jxjs.srii'* - •-" * E. H. GOULDINd'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House.J am Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey Fuel Oo. They have moved to 314 Plasa street. The only place to buy GillespleOoal la 314 Piasa street.—Dorsey Fuel Oo. We have an Immense line of ladles and children's, gents and boys rubbers, at very low prices, ranging from lOc to 40o per pair for children; 16c to 60o for ladies rnbbera, and 25 to 60o for men's.—J. M. Qlberaon & Son. Hugo, the 2-year old child of Mr. O. F. Mneggenberg waa badly aoalded yesterday by a vessel of hot water being overturned from a stove near which the child was playing. The hot water poured over one arm and the back of the child, scalding it painfully. Dr. Bowman thinks the child will live notwithstanding the fact Us burus in aome cases would be fatal. Bet/'i Toy Store. H. A. Beta has received the lineal stock of toya and holiday goods be baa ever bad. The up-stairs store room Is full and he invitea everyone to call and see them. -B80 B. Second atreet. The BOYS should be kept warm. Take time and come and see what a nice line of Boys Suits and Overcoats We can show you. We have them in ages j to i j years, and *// kind of prices, H. M. SeHWEPPE, Go to M. Morltz'a for your collars, 16 f, two for 26,', for your cuffs, 36f per pair. The beat for the money. l$I.OO Per fair. Glberson & Son have tbe beat liueo factory shoes for men and boys to b fonnd on earth for 81 per pair. Oal and see them — J- M. Glberaon & Son New Barber.SJiop. I hava,aa0bed a fine new barber ab<MHj0|plf>p,a corner, Fifth and Ridge atifWar; where I Invite all my friends to call and give me a abare of patronage. W. A.Rii'K. Have your gun smithing and lock repairing done at tho old river stand of B. Dorsett. A full line of repairs will be found there at all times. Good work guaranteed—W. D. Fluent. Prohibitory Cigarette Law. Alderman Bowman is about to start on an anti-cigarette .crusade. He has had under consideration for some time the cigarette habit and the resultant evils to little boys, and is going to make an attempt to compel boys to break off the habit of necessity. Mr. Bowman will introduce at tbe nexc council meeting a resolution for the introduction of an anti-cigarette ordinance. Tbe resolution will be in effect for an ordinance nxlng a prohibitory license on dealers Jn cigarettes that will cnt off the sale. Another Alderman introduced a resolution for a similar ordinance some time ago bntaome of the local grocery stores raised such strong protests that he dropped it. Mr. Bowman declares |tbat he can not be bluffed and will do hla very beat to bare passed an ordinance licensing cigarette venders. Mr. Bowman will also introduce a resolution for a cur • few ordinance at tbe nej/ »3" fcioll meeting. 'i^i; Trading Mampi, After Oct. 1 we will give trading stamps to cash customers.—Dorsev PuelOo. ' Every reader of this paper ahould see the sewing machine advertisement of Hapgood Plow Oo. In thia issue. It will interest you. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we • handle teas agd coffees imported by Chase <S* Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a * . name ' that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. THOS GOODIE, Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'S Importations. No. 26 West Second st. i- -g Telephone (BOYS! You could not please your boy better than by buying him a nice RIFLE for Christmas. 22 Caliber Rifles at all prices from $2 to $ Air Rifles from 75? to $2. A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Belle are headquarters for Barney and Berry P. S.—We Skates. 1EASONABLE GROCERIES and Maple-sap Syrup, «»tt«C Ust of letters uncalled tor at Alton postodlo* for the week ending Deo. 3, 18t*f. . Persons calling for these letters will please •ay they are advertised. , W. T. NORTON, P. M Aires, W H Mm Ford, JH Dr lilney, M»y Mlia jjinon, William VUribal, lUrdln Mr Meiusl, Mr Merrltt, Ed -a Montroy, John Mr Morley, Fr«nk Mr Nindykii. Jerry Mr Parry, W II Putiitm, CCMr llu», Lou J MIM Hearten, J K Hmilli, p M Third Street Clothier. Hard Spring Wheat. "Cream of tbe Garth," •4.00. ALTON BOLLKB MILUNQ Oo. Coil. Hard or soft ooal at K. J. l<ookyer a office at quarries. Telephone 1604 for Heat My 7-rooin house lu Middletowu, Hleaiu beat.-U. H. Nlxou. .-3 Masonic flection. At the annual ^convocation of Alton Chapter, No. B, H. A. M., held last evening, officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows: H. O. Tonsor—B. H. P. H. P. Obalk-B. K. Fred. 8. Detrloh- B. 8. Geo. H. Smiley Treasurer. Jno. T. MoOlure -Secretary. S. F. Connor 0. H.; W. O. Johnston P. 8. Jno. 0. Beamon It. A. O. Orland Heinphill M. 3d V. Alfred 8oMer M. 2d V. J Qeo. G. Koot—M. 1st V. Joofaua DlxoiJJ^SIbutlnel. 8. P. Connor'WW'deslguftted to rep- rewnt the Chapter In the Masonlo 'emplo Association for tho ensuing wo years. >f , Tbe Modern Mother has found that her little onea are Im- iroved more bjfctUe pleasant jStyrup o rigs, whan In need of the laxative effects of a gentle remedy, than by. any other. Children enjoy it) and it benefits them. Tbo true remedy, Syrnp of FJgs, ia manufactured by tbe California Fig Syrup Co. only. Simon pure Buckwheat Flour Sorghum and fine table syrups. Extra fancy canned whole tomatoes. The best grades of canned Corn, Peas, String Beans, Asparagus Tips, Mushrooms, French Peas and Lima Beans. Fine grade of canned Peaches, Pine-apples, Raspberries and peeled Apricots. A nice line of Dried Fruits. Choice variety|of fine table apples. Oranges, Nuts, Celery and Fresh Oyster constantly on hand. J. H. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street. Phone 187 TOYS! A large aud complete Hue of TOYS up-to-date Juat received. Which we are ready to ahow to all. Wagons, from Wf up; Wheelbarrows, IGf up; Go)Carts, I5f up; Doll Cabs, SO*'up; Chairs, 10/np; ' l '^^-*W upi Bauk8 ' 5/> "P' ' r ° o1 uiiesto, 10* up; Dolls, if up. Sleds! irffifflf^fYorsos, Desks, Black Boards, Easelsj Doll Beds andOradJe* Side Hoards, Stick Horses aud Chimes, Laundery Bete, Drum*' Pianos, Trunks, Haw and Saw Buck, great variety of Penny Goods. etc. All kinds .of Games. A H. A. BETZ.650B.2dm

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