Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1927
Page 4
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(Mrs. Opal; M 4AHARPE Kans.;. Pailii^ Remiber ^si ^nnday sdbool held i. valeritint party at hobie t)t JMrs.! ^'etn GreenjFrl- i dayj" e rening] • February; 18. The -ereDin f wai sijent! in Plals^ng gaUes and lindiog jridden cdndy Hearts. Theij lunch was ;serTe4 by Mr.s^ Vtern G^een.j'assisted by Mrs. <SecfI lerkiiii^ aft^r yrhijh the val- entineii wer^ distrlbiitt d. Those present werei: Lois ^Barker, Sarah -Green, Florence l^^e. Margjaret Hatteu Imsk' 9u:V«jy, Caroline 'I'hok-min, Jujanita Stevenson, Rachel eievenier, I Ti-foii Stewns, •WandaiGreeii Mrk '; Vern Gileen, Mrs: C^cil P«rkinB iand Dorothy Evelyn land Betty and leachec, Mrs, R^nisberg. j | | -! j I .' i jSnippy, jSpring ! '(patterns of wall paper Just ip from the rac- tory. Come and letjui showh'^ou i xa^torUt em tUc JUekr mdnntaln woadetfnl. cxcUlmed. samples.—Waters | & Dnigs andJeSwelrr. The ^lany friends .shocked and grieved the uleath of aiprrall Mercer, which iKcuf red at Muskoree. funeral siervico Was;« home dfljisi sister ^t Danf(jrth, Here were \4 'earn of Okla. The held at tb» Humboldt burial «rais In Bron•Mr. Me|rc<4r lived Hutiirility and son ; remeter>^ , i here- wjheb a child: and grew to Mjanhodd herd. The nmny friends linro extend tielr byippaithy to. hi Borrowlhg; rcl ilivek j .Mrsi. ]K. D. BntlWr cif northwest of lola returmHi to ^ei; 1 ome aft*r ipendine a fl>v daysj with her iuoirt »(r ,r .Mrs. Ti (V .\I«'ripfe<?, who Ick for ibdut two nk lier hvOry. lias be*-!!! vory WPckH. Ill) I U\p\ I .'II lIli .M WritiiiB. for a fiiiUk rjin;. Frifnijl^ hfVf \wir<- saildfined 1o -a illlitlp. betlf-r iT friHVfs liopn ,learn who ^Kii: at St. .1 lipjlf -alh of I A aVay Nl ^mHa jhti's hospital |:ifi llnpR.' . ' PuKeral J. Cook, .' evening cr a lin-' .•ier \ice9 are to he held WiBdileHday morning in 11 oVlock al thj'; Sleeper Chapflfiiid turial vril|l be at the old home placci injMorrlk III. —Ifor Sale.: Strawbf^rri' plants. Dunlap and i^romii, 25c I per hundred; a so rhiiberb pi: ;u .s, 5c per • bunrh, Phonri CCfl .r— J. Aj. Bauer. Air. aid Mr^. Osi-ar• lofinson an- 7 'oiince jihp birth or A ; on Monday. February 21, whomj the r have nam- U. It. .lohiiKon. I ! • William Ha<*neyi alt^iitied a seed last week. [Sunflower conyentjlon at Wichlta| reiufnlDK hone oilrih Speiiial Ted Sunilay evenlni. Laub Hias . reti rned froni Fjort J .«ivenfFort ^1 where he ha.s \m\n in army servi * fisr three year.s. jMr. Lrfub ip tin lidded wliat! he ;w <ll pursbe. Sunt ay in Cha- arid I.Mrs. Carl PLEASANT PRlAIRIE Feb] 21.— ^ilii. and- M^s. Williams nnd fa liily spjent nute visiting Mr. Curch; • : •' Prieiids of Davidl^t don will be sorry to Jiear he j<?as i aken to St. j John's ihospilal Sfiurdi j where he '.underwienl an bperaron Sunday morniht. ' ' •* Mrs, llJ. Pon.sler and Miss I.rene went Id Nevaia. Mo., Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hu.'^sl and Mrs. Sarah of loU. JMi;. and MM . ;WiIIi(j iMoss en- tertaiiieil Sun^iay' Mr. iind .Mrs. iHer>ahf 1 Smith and ^laughters, •"Misi\\ Idiie and] Ruth J( ne and .Mr. and jMik. Piniloy -Helrji jand two childrenl of Bi^nxon. 'Woirrt from .Mrs. l^oy [ICdwards at the S. li A. hbspital a that ((lit'i IK golting laloi g Mrj and Mrs .M. Tern son. We i *r. spbnl H ^rB(illi^i as fhflir I. I t trill ley. ahd l*hilll Sundiy nVeniiig Smith's. Mr. an 1 Mrs! Harlev Kuesls SundaK- Mr.Ki Uov Sicvfri .Mon anl --.^1ri*.;Ci ' day with K. Harrin Hrient Thurs- Mrs. H. Ponsjeri (•old ^'afer VI »tJ ;. C .lasBWfire that j< has (jontained milk Hlioiild always b( rinsed in Icold walfr botjoreijt i-s wjashed in home M opeka Is nicely. Ionian and Kn^ming- with .Mr. <Vey had iMr. and daughter. road. The scwery. wa«| Snddenly BT nlftreaa "Ixjokr On tb« top 'of a bl^ rock ont-j lifiec: agBlQSt itk« akyi wu.'thfr ^tiost beanUfal! goat that I have >:Tei' seen. Its hair wak long and .^kJF. It nisde: a plctbre tlut< I irtiaU. oarar-fbfseL It Iboked domi. at n> aa mhcfc a* to! aay. H»w qbe «r thow people are'| to ride Ju' aucb tuny . looUng tfaiags a&di >to! •tare up at me ttu^, they Md' nevw seen a go^t before. I ':bet S >u that' It waa aaylng every werd o' that Don't ypn? :'? . j.' "Oh, you lovely bid fiiUow," MM: ayi nUtreee, *lf' yon paty knew i^hat yoiir bMntUnl hair Is need' ioi-:;' ; v;We stopped at. a little inn • fot^ i^lnadi. My mlstkw told the pro-' prieter about the goat; He said jMV:,th» MB* M;tbey shear th« Jkiitapt j3ia,hair Ul shipped to tbs jBaaafhctararoC floe dress gcods. The •ilwiisr aohair U inade Iroja the ^'Angora igbat. The ^lengti dT the hiOr.'its flncsess.^ deMU/ ind Xrectfaai'Zrea ^kaagiiK determloei \u ValOe. .The Isvalao i scd tor vpholsteHagl r^bes. rngs. porr tlel!rjU|l..ariiflctal fats. • 0m erlginsl home of the AjB| ora tMtU Asia-Miner, t'^brics of the erlMt -Bade from - the -ADiota (otfs, hair have impressed the .world for centurlies. I'et few iie ipl9 JiB |K?t )Mt the ate. made from tha .Aito>rr>ieBt- •[_• " "y^y niatreee saU ^faat the^ im tor •attt that-aoy master had on ras •SMdereCviohair. I would have' II ied ite Ittve geae op eu the side of the •Miauih and hail » ulk -with th» goat and 'told -it what beaut ftal material waa made from its Ifrng sOkeK>lailr«; C" t r I -tcntonbaB sew. that^ coAwr vinm aststcssB*.opera, eloafc is wl lia jcApgan^ I leVe t6 feel It with ^y' ^Myriafstrav said that wfaea ^h« w«» la ilwitBerl^Ml shs asw (osts uUke4 to laake cheese, 't'bei kea wpch - fliieri AgabuttU Skjr. • r T that thera wars la^ h«ds of A*- ir >ra (clitt sraaiac tM nt! sUa <it Asrs tSiat mooBtaia. Va» iantars raised thsm for their: hair, -frhleh sold t» aiaka aohair. {The short ihgir ait4 the hair ffm the throat and hock ara' msd to aiaka fAiteatal .mcB. ' ' ' ' { I Tb* soau: ara^ sh^ai^ oa thssh SBonataia n&gas: tirlnl a yaar, .whap tha Aait is «h«>nt |six in^ than oews' laUk. 'Mmf 4«y I > will'write you aheat the (iMt{ ' cheeee Is put to 1 aavaa.'*rhaea the caret and ripi ,' HM flolka had soma chsiSB for laBcheo «.ii which the Jiaapar tbid theai wasiaada fibia ioatB'<4allk. He ssid thst he mi da> it htaMeir. My slscrcss- told 1 im rtihat^it was sQUil to tbo Sulaa ftpsato nhssss. |ThIs pleased I IB|' Vaxjr. aitiA; ;Ba.>told my nlstr »t> that SDKtS'' nink is very nutrltio js. Thatlit is VTSB to babies and scki -'•.ittoala ar» oBst ts. dsar tha hn sh; fMa tU land, jntey are calad ifsih valisra .n*y wUj eat hnshl that. BO other aaimal will toich^ OJMjr ara a grtct help to peo;ila «*a srtsk to dear the hrub fr^m' cat -OTi ia .TBB 'asa tha v >at that i^aa tlaaMnt down at ns with snch io- zloiitir ia giUteaaimporWat imn al.: I bMoa I loayihaTa hn oppot t^tf to t«Ik wlOt bba btflore wc go ha'^ hoaa. (0^i»iithtim.hy kau B—M'^»y • SEAL ESTATE TSAJfSFEBS 4' • * Issujed Dally from Office of 4 lola Abstract Go. 4' • • ******** 4-*** f • + Victoria Thatdher. et al. to G. A. Yardman, lots 7. 8, 9. l !o and 11. dock 94, City of Humboldt. $1. Charles C; :Strteby. Guardian for blary Helen, Chas. Wlison. and Hargaret U-Strieby, minors, to O. L Hsr'dmaH, ^100, lote i.S. 9. 10 ind 11, block 94, City of Hnmboldt. F. J. Dudley and, wife' Minerva, o O. W. Winder. Jl.WMi of SE%, ess a strip 50 ft. wide toff entire fvest side thereof, of 28-24-19. Bessie Little and R. E. Little, her H°b<in< Bertba E. Mftchell. lot .'block i. Gear's Additioii to lola. 41.00.. I . I . R. E. Kccle and wife <3oMie B.j to Itliza'^eUi Plumb. $1. all that part ok.NVi of NE>/4 25-34-l'8.^ com. 330 . W of SW corner of said N»4 of .>1BM. thence .\ 40 rods; JE 330.ft.. S 4tf rods, W lo beg., conti^. 5 acre«, nor^ or less, but reserviilgia strip 2 ' ft; in width off entire!S~end of H ^ld.tract for road. .Mkry K. Baker, widow! t« ..Mile rcws. $1. lot 1. blolk 10 knd lot . Wine' ^epr «sentiH more than ine- half; of>'tb« tj>tal exports of Portugal. V:-V.A s iSiO'tES mm Ina'tjr -.Ffariiwa Sheap.ilaliilaR' !<< I P^Iav P(«ii «aHla« 111 TMH Texas. CaailMarJ ^LONY. Feb. 23.—L. J. Reeher. ijg 6 miles northwest of Colony. _ tha dwep pay. Hie ha!s 22 head ot iTwes novi and will ;uld IS more. year his ewes produced two la^bK each and late in the summer th^^wera.shipped to the Kansas ,nuirhet.and brought 14 cents iiind^ They a.Teraged a fraction 100 pounds 4ach, netting him for each, ewe../ His wool fr<jm ewes ran about 10 pound.s to ~- head and sold for 33 cen(« a poiind. He figures the |3.33 will pa.f the l|eep.of the ewes and lambs for^ aslda from pasture and rough- niPSs ae jreeds them nothing. The paijture of blue jj^rass and clover is good: ihoHt of the year, over nine months anyway. He .«l8o grows 1(0(^8^ mules and dilckens ,.Cor the market'.. His figures indicate his Bet|inp9|ne.ishove operating ex- ivensesioa this farm and a piece of land be na.<i rented runs about $800 "JT"*---^ - {' . H. Mosing is installing a trip haipmer al bis shop this we|k. Geo. Wiiii'ams. of, the Riglstcr. .Msh> Brownfleld and .A|r. Wilson, .nnct .Mr. Miller; of the, building and loan organisation, were all in Colon}^ Tueiw^ay. .Iphn Scba^ges moved one of his rigs to the Currier farm of Gaijnett the last of the week and an koon as he rigs ttp. will ilrni a well for the Texas Jefferies has a block of abreage ahnjiit five niiles northwest it Colon«. on which be is drilling for .oonic Kansas City ossoclnteii. He has connection with the Kirk pipe line and some four wells ^n the iin«j that will make million open flow each.' He is drilling on Klllon II 1 R |»8 now at 200 feet. He Will try and follow up the sand and uncover some heavier product on. Walter Fees moved hi.'j rig|to the Hcilbert Bunnel farm. Just ^ mile eiisj of Colony on the gravel road and will drill to 1.000 feet fpr oil. Th4 location Is off the ga.s).siruc- tnrk John.iSchafge.s bunched some .nrrt»age for this teit on some prac- ilcal, field geology, He has ^Irllled ovek- 100 wells In; \nderson county and discovered tl at on the east side of the light t^l production in- vnwahly a beavle? oil was picked up.| SInCo there are two well.s of drill by -tW com- Burnett hU kin< three locations eastj of this; test on ^Deer creek, he figures I be jlocati oi is worth ja test" Three loIa<part et are Interested in the veiUi^ ' ' • • , ^, ' Hirry Hazlett. di>IIUng a mile ^tst • ot \ \y istphalla. after, fishing tiro';wee):s started this week to tools, ba|e out enough and then i^try slanil to Ubbsen them fbr I 'theni again. Thdy will be'by t^Hlaly abd the third wpek of fishing IllJBOon end. .The rbiaj carriers c>ngre8ai( ual district oivlTuescay and wei'e entertained a; tne chu rth basement. The Como unity Cl«jb voted twejnty dollars to b|e u«ed : in entertaini • for Ihe City of pf the second met In Col- ;ig and J. H. ide an address of ivel- Colony. BIG Port Bciys M FOR NFEK Scott. Kdn., Feb. 24. HAP attending en^e t^ be held be given interior Will see th bahqudt roon> o Hi-Y„confl here Marlc^ 4 abd, an opport|)nIty to of the magnificint the newi Scotti shj Rite cathedral dompleted jlast fall.' The banquet to scrved[in this r to be one of th the middle west, a- delegation of conference. Th> tend the champi Big Seivcn high league the hi^bt of Ma lENGE' the boysj/will be jjom. which is si id. most bebntiful in Parsons will se id 100 Iwys i to t lei delegates' will i t-, tin.ship game of t le! school ba.sketbiill at .Mc-mofial Hall in a holy; ch 5. Do You Sbaslori With Butter? Skillful seasoners with butter always- use t^e sweetest and most fragrant butter they can bu>. I Indeed the use of pooif butter is the cau.seiof mahy seasoning: failures. i ' ..Sh^dy Brook retnoves hillf the cause;of seasorjiing: failures becaus^ of it ? unusual s^veetiness arid dainty fi;ag-ranee. Tell Your Grocer 'tithe Brtter ThkBette s The Bread" 8 'block 1, Taylor's G IK City. . 1<" Add. to Walter Johnson has beea with tie Washingti^n c<iib during hts league career of 20 ehtlrc ybars. major llGetting ub Iflights Tall.<i yoii tliecn Is Idang er lahead. A .hiwlthy Madder dees not art at nighl, i ; if • ^ Dortbn, W. Graham. Va.. hbd o get I p seven or es! ^a night for forty thought jt wasjmy age. Uithiated Huchn a <«Bys: >'l " «!ghi tin -years. | i{ 'After takin abort tin^e ^Llare th« chukcs '?,ri. am allriiht i »ted Riicihul cleanses the bladder tas Ep<ioih SaHii do -'he bowels, i.thereb.y irel|ievi^g jrrii atlin. driving .bu:t foreign malti r and neu- tEalizing exce.'jsive? a<iUsJ These otlhe; f ,1 bli dderi of linh^ lat itighi 1) tabl '4 Lithi- {turnl action ivithiated :B!nchu I (Ifolier Formull icheap- 1 mfldiclny The i2!vcent.4 .Kaoh.! Sold rit 4 ilngr drjig lstbrc.<i or, Ke ler itory, Jlechanic^bnrg, CJ^Io.j-Oook's iPiuB StoJ-e. is not a lets cost 11 lead- Labbra- fays Alidrhii Banishes Rheumatic trhe First Pint Bottia 'STnst: Skaw Results or Xaner Back. Conld : Any Offer be Eairer. Cook's DriK Store abd every Iruggist in tnis county iiautaor- zedtb say tdi every rheumatic suf- erer in this, vicinity that If AL- :,.EN'RML ', the enemy of rheuma- lisni, docs not stop the agony, re< uce awollen Joints and hJo away i,ith-the twinges of Riheumatic lain, he will gladly retbru your I loney jb'ithout comment.l Ailenrhu has heen 'tried and ti>sted for'years, and really mar- 1 elous results have been accoa- I Ilshed often in the mo^ sevare tases .where the Buffering and e gony wa^ intense aiid pltk>us and V here the sufferers wa$ almost I elplefls. Druggists everywhere gjuarantee i ;as above in every Instjadce...^ maim .Make jiipi yojiir riilni today that ^u nr^- ^oi'ng jto- glv« yoiir kkin a^ reuJ chqn <je t|> gc<t well. Ypi've jirdhably beei like a lot Jtt oil cri liieople, conyln* ed ihat the •fH^y thing to >uMe|;Wii4 aju blnt- p^nt or lalve jsotn^ oC them are ^ery fooa) bht n tl|i! ifr liiajority pf, (laKOH these atidty salvies Simply Sclo« the^ poi -ea Wd thi> condl- ' in!pnnuirily ijcmalns the same. iO <i to (jooii's prugi;6tord br any ler. goo^l liriigglst tod ly (and get • original liottlp of Modnc'is Emer- ^.¥?*1S^.??5^"" that's.tie Plan.,on , Wliich Bmeniil Oil IS ISolil B|y Cjook^s ani^ All Good Druggists. ill pi yoL: Oil. jjiithe ••vrety Kive; you fin^ applliiation will relief and a few short treatments will 'thorougtily con- v nee you that | fay sticlUn t faith- fi ily to it for a short wb He your «»in troubles will bh a thing of tl e past. , Don't expect a single lipttle to di it all at once but one bbttle we kiow will show you be)johd all qiesUon thdt'yolu have at |ast dis- cnirered one way Jo restore your shin to perfect .health. J_ iiemember that Moone's.Emerald 01 Is a clean, powerful pbnetrat- In ; Antliieptlc Oil that does not BU In or leave a greasy raalaaaaod th I It must give completje salis- faitiOD oi> your, money chperfully reljunded. I From Wednesday, Fleb. 23i^d, to Saturday, Feb. 26th, we will have fo delivery to every woman w|io brings in the Advert .siiig Credit Check given below ,and;only $1.98, a Combinatio^ Package of Marivonhe Beauty Product.^, as described below. Each Combination Paclcage Mari^onne Toilette R^uisjtes lis made up,of the following, er this dictnbiition, the individuti! items will be on sale at thi.s drug store at prices liste V .MAiUVONNE COMPI :i store, and you will man'el when you .see i II thousands of others have done. ' ^on wil ' Kow it] is possible. Our answer is tliat it is ! direct 'advertisiitg campaign to inti educe Manvonne to the jwomeri ot this community. MARIVONNE RO^E CR^ME Honey sweet, and creamy smooth—lotion for hands and face ri-h- MARIVONriE-C0< lOANUT OIL SHAMPK). The .secret of ha r loveliness. Your hair retains its texture sheen and quality L__—_:.__50c MARIVONNE TA A subtle matchleks with a .soft delicatf texture _50c IjEANSING The'ideal cleansing and | night crem^ to purify and .smooth the iMARIVONNE C CREM X PO^DRE fragrance .sitin - In addition. —J $1.00* L, just a.s wonder Ijart of. a and aft; !d below EXION POUDRE Fine, soft, marvelous! blended .J.L__.-_4.?1.00 MARjTVONNE jDEPIL-VTORY You will marvel which unsightly superfl will be removed .MARIVONNE PASTE Blends jlike mpgic v poudrie 1—____J_' MARIVONNE EAll TOILETTE An indpscribabl; .sweethess luring, captivaling—a charm _4 each Combination Package «ine $2..50 si; e MARIVONNE PARFjUM It will be a Joy to Iparn the charm pf A of MIAR lyONNE TOILETTE REQUISITES will cont; tin hie, api)ealir g. HOW TO GET INTI lOOUCTORY COMBINATION PACKAGE Under our plan the idverti.sing credit check given you here together with $1.98 enables,you to ob :ain one genuine Combinaiion Package iilarivpnne Re- qui.sites consisting of [the nirje full size toiletries lic- \ tiired here and a special bottle of Mariyonne Pari um NarcLsse. Tear out this Ac: tb fair y __ S1.50 MARIVONNE BRILLI INTINE Produces lustrubus radi ance desired in smart groomin r —75c NARCLSSE—bewitching, enchanting^ beaijty luxu|-y. arivonn (^the .spring time, youthful aromay-h'resj^ jverti.siiig Credit Check and GOOD FROM FEBRUARY 2.1RDi TO FEflRUARY 2eTH. ^ Tliis opportunity may never con e agaii i. These i sets will come in the orjginiil facto -y packa res. Elach item i.s' regular .size as will be sol I in thi.' .store at>i the prices given [herewith. : Try tiem and 3ecome a I constant user pfj Marivonne. If tot sat sfactory, your money will be refundetl. bring The Credit Checl here will be hone red. left ai homes or the one given lat the iase with ; loushair ' -i-Sl.OO ( ROUGE ith the ' I 75c-1 DE -air ti-. lilame Ll-_„—U-—r-i—--- Address - 1. __L_____—I • .1 -I !'s, Largi si .^hne, Makers. Siibstantiailly Mad«^ t^. Gixe .Real Servi SPEClkL FOR FRIDAY L4Np!sATURp 3k I6EaJKan|sa» ^ Three More Days SI^ECIAL FOR SATURDAY I 1/MM> Yards l.> (B/laJn Scrim Extra Special; T'Ac Yd. sREaAL FOR! TOMORROW IMIO Yard") 4(Mnclj Extra Special, 8'/2c Yd. Sttc BniTrn .Ua^lln, EXTRA SPECIALS Hoover Aprons, .special—J — 2tr; Kedaelhin on I »r. nenton's Sleeping Carnienls for Ali Onling (iowns, values np to Ml.f.0—«tp«-lal l^adles' Kait Inlon S«ilsJ„ Fancy Hex Hiindkerclileis . ^ .--j .-.i-.- Suede'tnoves special, pali^ .^i— itedaction eii nil Ladies' H ladbaes. Knit Mtocklnir taps. specM iill wool X'omfert Bats, si)f*lal L .i—. :Mb. While .Stifched loltoni ltntv-s|»echil *IA-|j •2n *1A-. ijiijj.-. B5c heavy .%*in. Ontlngd, STAPLE} Ke Ailna ^JTay Pongee Prlnfi, a yani! --^ J-:..— a .>c tic Lingerie t'reues, yd, 2Jc Belfast Suiting, yard—iWc ISc'Browii Pepperen S die Cohifort Ciiallies yard-J4c »-4 speHal, yard, .•lie Indian Head, 3«-In, yd..d3c f^c BlVhed 9-i Shertlngl 2Bc Fhy; Color Percales, yard, isiteelkl L— |16c «$c Feilherproof, TIeklnir, '• per, Ttc :M-in. Brown .Mnslin Or 3«-ln. Brown Mnslin .'>e 3 «.lii. Brched Wnslii yard L—.-.-i SXc £l»c 38-In. Bleached > .Mn-ilh .lyara x ntc ."i^c best irrade Sateen, yd...-.1».e MIIiLINERY New lial .s arrlrlnir ercryj day- ibe neweKt syles will.lie I'onad hertt ntt 2.^1 a>i i .imi llifs to Little 3INses' Hat ry on - $1.96 to special) yard distinctive and cxdus $8.75 bst imrked and ready for tjh^ iltlle; $1.48 tJ $3.50 SILK uiVDERWEAR ffU9 fillk Teddies, pair -J. ! *iA"> > Ilk Vests, each tiM HUk .Shorties t- - CentIHstonnt «in all H\ Peri HOSIERY njid lojts of Arrowhead, Allen per pair" L—| CUit'i'oa full fashioned 2iM all Nilii full I fashioned ; iittiK sitecbit J .V>c Children's Hose, italit. $<^75 Pjirl W«oI Silk Slips.; SPECIALS A and Dixie >itlfc Hose. extrii|iipecIaU pLIIeii! A Hose, special... tjhiffciiii HosK sllirbtly inii BLANKET DEPT. JBIankets, doMble&EIxSI^ special. iujIr-.-l «."i.75 Part Wool Double Briuikef .4—specfaU ,|mlr—_ •fSL':t Iteht fancy double Bluhket^i Ms80,i sfieeial i:ijao 66xS« heavy donWe Blankets, 'special— 4 <!*i«r<M5x7i dnnltle Blankets special, pair——J 1-1 •hlldren. i • • !yd. 19f Heetlnffi 4-„:Wc yd. mr yd. lie j.-l2c^ (oun ! .-I5ci re. All j JSIJW' pcritrtt— per BED SiPREADS |J-^7S KXTBA SPKCIAL! '^I IteaaUjfnl MikiextcailarKe Bedj ali collars— a $«.7.";valtfe—while tliey ias-i, «j|»eelai__:-* SILK 20 nijw patteriu ;,..4 «.ln. $2.75 fancy Silk Crepes^ ipeclal i2Ji9. 19 ] alterns; . 40.1>.- French Crffie.S H values sjw«Ial, $lj». ^ijir, Washa)>l<i, 40-i»^ Ceeiie, detChlif, specblj41«» yd. ifS.2.'> l|».in. fieoft 'ettes, siMWlal, y. nl. wodLcooDs: i Uajm .'•fii.lnch 9)1 wool Fl^^l, ja-d 4— --jL WJMI (rinrmeaHetoatIng, all.colors, W laelt^.^MA, yard: ijtlAI al w«<»i~.Ser«res and Saltings siiecial^ yard ——, value- RAYOlk^IEClALIC Mhile n la^ils—yard EVTy 4«.lR. 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