Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 19, 1963 · Page 24
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 24

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1963
Page 24
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PAGE TWENTY-FOUR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19,1963 Eggplant Is Good Combiner With Other Vegetables How to Resist Dessert? By ^t.rrr nrvHorr E^;';F";.AM. r' -- : ;. p'i-p>- or ;cs-. Y-i'f k. no* off r rs its i "ipr/v of r';*ri<>n'" h - i f . and add next T FRfED EGr.PLA.VT SUCKS 1 mHiurr, a Ib. g main dish sal- or c"i< V.--. loot: : g:o« c y clear, dark PUT/" -'irface. N r xt to color. hr-av.r --s and firmness of are -niportaTrt. LAMB STLTFED EOOPLAXT 1 large (2 Ib.) eggplant 1 Ib. ground lean lamb % c. diced onion 14 c. soft, day-old bread crumbs 2 tsp. salt % tsp. black popper % tsp. crumbled whole rosemary % c. d;i"e<i fresh tomatoes 2 »b<-p. butter or margarine Wash eggplant and wipe dry. Remove green top. Cut in lengthwise halves; scoop out inside leaving 4 in. shell. Parboil shell 8 min. in boiling water to cover. Remove'from water and drain. Dice pulp and mix with lamb and onion in skillet. Cook until lamb begins to brown and eggplant is tender, stirring frequently. ' Add H c. bread crumbs and all seasonings and tomatoes. shells. •4 tSp. biarir 2 eg£s, beaten 2 tbsp. milk C°ler> salt add;t : or,al Pee! and c-ii esspiant :n'o '2 flesh m - thick s lice^ i Combine next i ingredients: set aside. Add milk to eess. mixing well. Dip egg plant finger? into bread crumb mixture, then in'o milk and egg and again in seasoned bread crumbs. Fry in hot fat. preheated to 375 degrees F.. or until fat is hot enough to brown an inch cube of br^ad in a minut" Drain on absorbent papr Sprinkle ••vith additional celery salt. .Serves ? BAKED EGGPLANT SALAD 1 large (1 Ib. i eggplant 2 tbsp. chopped onion 2 c. diced tomatoes 2 tbsp. chopped fresh parsley 2 tbsp. olive or salad oil 3 tbsp. wine vinegar 1\2 tsp. salt ! i tsp. black pepper Green and black olives Sliced green peppers Wood River High PTA to Meet j Br POPPY CAVXOX So yyj're having 3 dinner part\ Yo*jr £rij<r5? of honor s^vs. Hr,-\ e-Apr-t r.f yrvj dP.riinS. hut ; don't forsrt. I'm on a duet . . . high protein, low calory', no po- '^toe*. no hr=qd. no rich Muee?." And «he qdds wistfully. "How am I eoins to resist dessert?" You scrept the challenie. Hap- piiy. as of this -veek. oysters are in «ea.v-n. Ezeplant is purpling •>r 'h<- c 'ands. There j= a spf-^ial '.r, flank =t<--a.i: which suggests London Bn/1. As for dessert — hail and hal- irlujah . . Here is a mousse with no crr-am. no butter. Takes less than 5 minutes to make in the blender . . . adds up to just about KO calories per serving including the Soft Meringue Sauce. London Broil Bring »n a boil % nip orsnse .juice. '•* cup lemon juice. Pour] over gelatin. Cover: blend 40 seconds. Add 3 whole eOTs and 2 eggj yolks: the peel of J j lemon or HI 7, tablespoons suear: H salt. Cover: blend 3 seconds lonser. With motor still ninnins. add 1 heaping cup cracked ice cubes. Continue to blond until ice disappears—about in >f-fonds Mouss 0 may be serv- fd immediately in sherbet siass- es. Or prxir into a rniart-sized mold. Chill. Unmolri. enrnish •.'. i f h apricot halves Sprinkle !J3htly with nutmeg. Pass Soft Merinaue Sauce, made by whip- pins the 2 egg whites and. when almost stiff, adding 2 tablespoons sugar, ^ teaspoon vanilla. Whip; to stiff peaks. ; WOOD PJVi;R — Wood River High School officials will re«or? on the progress of the . ryvol'". building program at :2 ! < p .m toda> at a Pan'nt Tea'h^r- Association me"'ins at th" ~< IT/-")]. S^KX.'I Superintendent NeK H^ivon- ~aid a repair! '.vill also i be given on modifications in ithe school's present building [facilities to meet current, student needs. The school lost building space when two homes used for classrooms were torn down on the construction site for the new- fine arts department and the |27-classroom building. ! The association has already planned topics for its regular flank steak about 1 inch thick.; Panbroil on a hot frying pan! . about 3 minutes on each side. Remove steak: keep warm. Add to drippings in the skillet. 1 <3- oiince> tin sliced, broiled mushrooms. 1 cup water. 2 bouillon '•ub^s. Stir and bring to a boil. Pour over the steak. To serve. slice on th p bias ' 4 inch thick. Mousse AL'Orange Into the glass container of your electric blender, place 2 envelopes plain unfavored, gelatin. DUKE BAKERY 819 Henry—Dial 462-2922 FRESH BAKED GOODS DAILY We Specialize in Wedding and Party Cakes Wash eggplant and wrap whole 7:30 p.m. meetings in the school in foil. Bake at Spoon into eggplant Place on baking pan. ^ hr «- °r " nt 'i Melt butter or margarine and from oven and d mix with the remaining 1 c. soft ter - degrees F.. auditorium, soft. Remove I p in cold Built For Ttvo LONDON—A new theatre bread crumbs. Sprinkle over tops; Hold by the stem and remove j be built in England to house both of eggplant halves. 'skin with a stainless steel knife Bake 40 min. or until done at! so eggplant will not darken. the Royal Ballet and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Group. WONDER'S NEWEST! The First and Only NO LOOSE BAND INSIDE! Nothing to mess up slices or catch fingers! Now it's so easy for you to take out bread slices and put them back . . . because our inside band is fully welded to the wrapper— never gets in your way! 2 Exclusive E-Z Open, E-ZClose End Seal! Just pull down our "E-Z Open, E-Z Close" End Seal... and presto ... the wrapper opens —without tearing, without fuse or muss! To close . . . just press the seal back and it sticks, resealing the wrapper instantly! And best of all our perfect bread wrap . . . KEEPS WONDER FRESHER TO THE LAST DELICIOUS SLICE ! Yes, now America's favorite — Wonder Enriched Bread —famous for goodness and tender toast . . . brings you the perfect bread wrap that makes it so easy to get Wonder out of the wrapper—and keeps the rest fresher to the last tempting slice. So, be sure you get Wonder Enriched Bread today. It's the perfect bread, now in the first and only perfect bread wrapl And remember, Wonder ... •* WONDER ? E NRICHED * helps build slmiiglxditsK mils , . &c<u*w'i^ii&]*sii!aife3ato»»>Mw<w>^w^'S^aj^ ©1963, CONTINENTAL BAKING COMPANY Incorporated Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways! Tomato Paste We Reserve The Right To Limit Hunt's Finest TOMATO SAUCE *"• TOMATO PUREE ' w 6-oz. cans 1 •£ 25« 2 M Ll 25« MILNOT ADAMS Niblets Corn Whole Kernel Golden NIBLETS MEXICORN 12-oz. cant Circus Drinks Dll M.ONTE C»E*« STYll CO'/NTPY GENTLEMAN G*EEN GIANT PEAS GREEN GIANT PEAS 2 "£ 43o 2 ',", 39c N ' c'° 5 27o 2 ',;„•; 29c • Orange • Grape • Orange-Pineapple 46-oz. cans TOMATOES Baby Foods 10 1 Hunt's Solid Pack No. 2Vi cans HUNT I ITEWED Gerber's Strained TOMATOES TOMATOES LIMA BEANS LIMA BEANS DEl MONTf * NCU$H |IEN ° DEI MONTI ••»E(E»" WITH IACON AND MOIASSES 2 N 'J,°° 39c 2 r, 49« 2 % 45c No. J03 "SO PRETTY HAIR SPRAY If Chili Dog Food Delsey Detergent or Tamales "Hy-Power" Strongheart Liver or Regular Bathroom Tissue White or Colored 4 10 4 No. 300 - $ 1 $ 1 Tri-City LIQUID Blankets $099 "Beacon" Brand 72x90 With $25 Register Tapes Superb GRASS SEED PLANT GRASS SEED NOW Far a fine, early 1964 Lawn! Grass Seed !UPHI ^ 69c Golden Vigoro "^ $3.95 Peat Moss JUNflOWEI bog 99c FRESH FROM OUR BAKERY Milwaukee Rye Bread 20-oz. loaf With Real Rye Flavor 15 c WITH COUPON BELOW ROYAL CROWN COLA 6-57' Dining Car Shortening Instant Coffee jar S|29 Golden Fluffo 3-lb. can 74' Crisco l-lb oan 37o 3-lb. can Colgate Dental Creme giant tube 53« Dial Soap 2 bath bars 39o ff| reg. "bars 2' Handi-Wrap Sandwich 100-foot Wrap roll 29< Worth lOc Toward Purchase Milwaukee Rye Bread 5 With Coupon 20-ox. 1 C^ »3if 9 loaf IDC 311 limit 1 coupon MI cvilcmw with addlllenal J1.JO w nor* pgf- choi* ol mooli. (tocolti « pxduu, not Indudlni clgo'tllti f any couponed iltm. Coupon uplioi o(lo> W»d., Sool. 35. •»• r 4 Cheddar CHEESE well aged Ib. 59' Pillsbury or Bollard Biscuits 3 8-oz.< pks. IO P": Cheddar < SJ51, M< SSr Mozzarella **"l££" Cheese Spread n tiZ t £ M '£, |/M^MXA'» Am«rican Cr«am 13.«z •»raTT s ch^i. sii«d ok Parmesan K ^?"^ eo *'£• 47c 39c 47c 31c Margarine B - 2 b 53 4 FROZEN FOODS Swiss Miss Pies * 20or Apple, Peach, Cherry Mexican Dinners PATI ° Down/flake Waffles Welch's Grape Juice Fruit Punch HAWAIIAN YEUOW '£ 49c 3 « kl " 49e 13 " n 39c 4 4 r. 49c DURKEE SPICES & EXTRACT lAfcple. T/a-oi. can BLACK PEPPER GROUND 1-oz. «M» CINNAMON *3G GROUND 1-oz. NUTMEG Van " la I'/a-oi. hot. Fab 900/C Slant 79o 67« Baggies Plastic Sandwich Bags 50-ct. 4|A.* 29* Ajax Liquid Cleaner Scoff largo Ajax Floor and Wall Cleaner 31 Lux Liquid 22-01. 63e 12-oz. Rinso-Blue Giant 79o 2 bt- 67< Swan Liquid 22-or. 63o Silver Dust Giant 8lo 2 Active All 10-lb. $2.29 3-lb. box 77« Breeze Giant 8lo 2 £69*

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