Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 17, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1961
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Established In 1914 \thtOld ijmi NATIONAL EDITORIAL i I ( i 1 I t. • ! '.' t 1 Subscription Rates In Fayottw and Adjoining Counties $3.00 Per Yeai Outside Va.yi.Uf and Adjoining Counties $3.50 Per Year Chattin With Stonev equal, but It's what they are equal to later on that counts." The Lender Is published weekly in Fayelte. Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered "at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice StonemBn, Owner and Publisher Editorial Comments How often have >r.-u heard the expression "Faye'.t'- is a nice town" or "Fayette is a pleasant, picturesque town'".' We have heard it many times. In fact, we have thought it and said it ourselves. A little over two years ago whon we were lcoking for a place to go into the newspaper business, Fayelte appeared to have the most advantages and opportunities. JAMES E. BROMWEUL SECOND IOWA DISTRICT with crop prospects. — B — Properly, I believe, the Administration has reversed itself on recognizing Outer Mongolia. It now appears that it will not be recognized. _ B — One of the advantages of a summer, rather than a fall recess is a chance to attend the county fairs. Clem Crahan is attending in my place. — B — Ap of this writing the Senate- House conferees on the Atomic Energy authorization are still conferring. House conferees have been instructed by the House not to spend ninety-five million dollars to convert steam to power at Hanford, Washington. its revenue 24 hours per day, every day since January 21. IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE The Housewife Knows Best People in the government, as well as out of it, are alwayi seeking new controls of one kind or another over business, on the theory that this is necessary to protect the public. So an editorial appearing in the Portland Orgecmian is very much in point. It observes: "The U. S. senators who have given themselves the assignment of protecting the American housewives against the wiles oi packagers and labelers of foodstuffs ought to vMit our supermarket. "The housewife we know best doesn't need a senator to help her, With her beady, little robin eyes missing nothing, she moves from shelf to shelf, hefting packages and studying labels and prices. Click, click, goes her electronic brain, as she discards the oddsized package with the flamboyant label, snd tucks another into her cart . . . She is the acme of caution and perfection. She Ninety-five million dollars is roughly the amount of Federal Airplane hi-Jackir,gs are re- taxes paid by all the people in a ceiving some very stiff legisla- given Congressional district. In driving down the Main tive treatment, which they de- — B — street we noted that Fayette had serve. But the problem of Cuba You can always reach me or a good variety of stores ... a will not be solved by punishing contact my office through Clem selection that nv/.st small towns a few hi-jackers. Crahan, Oelwein, Iowa, does not have. We figured that — B — — B — it was a town that could pros- With the drought as bad as it Foreign Aid will probably be per, and that the newspaper is in the Dakotas, we in Iowa the last major legislation to pass business could be a challenge. must be thankful for our abund- this session. There have been times during ance this year. When I was — B — ificd — and it goes for all of the housewife's ^L^fV^v. y Tn Wh ° n " iTVf* WCek ; end n ° ° nc „ j J|^J idmin j. slration has *P ent shopping, not just food alone. She may make an ~! Jl„ K* . f Sf, W3S talked to was ** °» dissatisfied $650,000 per hour more than is occasional mistake, but she doesn't repeat it - «™1 J° *°° 8 /eal. We learn- hers is an elephant's memory when it comes to £ a d at y '™ J ^ ge appraising the comparative qualities of competi- ® ' ts . cover , , Bu '' thcn tive products. The concern which produces an f^'fSS* «. g °° d W ° U ' d ,u ap K n inferior product, or the store which stocks and 1°™** lt seem worthwhlle recommends it, is asking for economic oblivion, \\ r ' „,.,, and that request is usually fulfilled in a hurry. ^J 1 ' 1 'f 1 1lha , t Fa yf ttc can The housewife, .warning the local stores, knows f^m' and sIow, - v b , ut surel y ... .it will. It may take a few years, is efficiency personified. Shopping is her job, and none knows it better." This tribute, as any producer or retailer can tell you from hard experience, is thoroughly just- Creek Bottom Comments — By Reuben how to make a dollar return a hundred cents worth of value. Mass production and mass retailing would but eventually the problems will be ironed out. To progress rapidly, everyone must work har- If it Is not too early to start too small?) There is some logic a 1902 campaign, it's not too early in the saying that the family to chop a few chips out of the farm is not so much a way of candidate's platform. We note making a living as a way of life, that he will "strive mightily" to Never-the-less, the sooner more not have grown as they have by mass trickery of j^oniously. With only a part of decrease federal taxes, while he small (acreage) farmers quit the consumer. Place To Start The military budget, following the missive increases asked by the President in his broadcast of July 23 and his message to Congress that followed the next day, is some $47.5 billion for this fiscal year. The result will be a deficit of billions It is obviously necessary to now reduce government costs wherever passible. The President has taken some notice of this need. Specifically, he pointed to the post office deficit. It runs to about $700 million a year. The only remedy is higher post office charges. Congress has always been reluctant to increase the rates for letter, newspapers and maga- the populace working for prog- does many things that will all farming and get a wage job, the ress it takes a little longer. cost money. It is alleged that better for them, and the better However, if those who are in- one Southern Congressman nov- for agriculture as an efficient terested in progress continue to er voted FOR a tax nor free enterprise. Nothing could promote for themselves and the AGAINST an appropriation in hamstring modern agriculture mittee voted July 20 to defer action in postal rate town we ' re sure the future will nis entire political career. (But any quicker than the controls, increases. But theis is at least one past office . bright we no P e t0 God tne voters °f the directives, and political dictator- zines. It still is — the House Post Office Corn- function — parcel post — which is in an entirely different category. It is not a basic function. It is entirely commercial in nature. It serves no purpose of public enlightenment and education, *° wn - we nave a as does the carrying of the mails, newspapers aouar DUS1 « es s ne and magazines. It competes directly with private be bright. Really, there's no reason why Fayette shouldn't be a boomtown. We have a multi-million ere in Upper Iowa university, which most parcel carriers. And its rates are not sufficient to tt ° Wc '] Saim ™ ,d be ext,emel >' P roud somehow. pay the costs. Parcel post is an excellent place to start in reducing the post office deficit. IfflKHHHnaHiniiiiHHaSiaiiHSraiBKCT^ New York. ' Mr. and Mrs, Junior Bronn attended the funeral of Mrs. Bronn's brother's wife, Mrs. Delbert .Tens at State Center, Tuesday. Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago We have some very nice retail stores, both old and new . . . but we need more. We have very good professional men . . . but there is room for more. And we have a factory which will soon be in operation. All of these are definite advantages for the town somewhere along the line Iowa Second District are not that ship that would surely come with easily hornswoggled.) With pres- the federal subsidy by which ent rate of federal taxes, there farm families could make a liv- will be a deficit of billions this ing on a piddling number of year, and billions more debt for acres. (Perhaps we should quit the future citizens to shoulder farming, and get a job washing Of course with de- dishes. We have had 13 and one- creased taxes, and present ap- fourth years practice.) propriations, we could hit the And now a few unvarnished $300 billion debt sooner if that words abou[ .. senio[ . ci .. izenf » is the target the candidate seeks _, ,, , , , to shoot at. If personal federal The elderlv of Iowa and evor / income tax is decreased by in- other slate should have food, creased deductions, and several fuel, clothing, adequate- shelter other federal taxes are increased, and NEEDED medical care. But that would be in line with the there is no logical reason why but logic of the smart old Indian they should expect to live "high we chief who had his squaw cut one on the hog". The reason why housed in a wooden building which formerly served as his Smithfield Livewires A large crowd of softball fans w l° dsh ^ d . gathered at the Maynard park, 20 Years Ago — (,«.•««u ol „„,.. „ The ba ™ on th e McGirr farm Make plans for fair Sunday, August 3, to witness the 3 US \ ? ou f ° f w est Union was The Smithfield Livewires met battle between teams from Stan- destroyed by fire during the at the home of Douglas Marlin '^'"j-uT £~:~:'?" t l ley, Hazleton.-Oelwein, Postville, hard storm last week. This is laat week with 14 m f mbers 1 £ ^^jfjj tfcomluaWe to the Fayette, Westgate and Maynard. h * old McGlathey place where two leaders t |Roll u w ™£ is \ ul g ™^»« le J° the Fayette, after a heated battle in f^*™ was "urn-d • few W08 answered" with "how much mtfmoney *Sd °uld the afternoon with the Moose vea ™ ago- money in pocket". IM llv rnnirali™ ™ hi T„ *Z team from Oelwein, v-on their „. Word of the drowning of Mrs. Douglas Martin gave a talk on IZ rS* n , !•' ^ ' game and played Maynard for Viola Duredin Thorpe and little « r0UI ^f ? control™ and i Nan ^^^AT^^A^: the championship, winning 8 to daughter was received here re- C y Heed Z C y' AMioSse S„ »h * er ™{ dcal °j 2, Maynard taking second place, cently with great sadness. Mrs. g l w , t .. c „j^ 'fact, TonS h?™n J r ^Z* . W ° U d Deaths: Ambrose D. Allen of Thorpe u originally from Oel- Sca Z" 8 ° n ° m be ™ tl \ Ali of the towns Sumner; Mrs. Celia Berkstresser; wLein an d attended Upper Iowa. President Charles Reed an ,.° y , be lf we would a11 exert Mrs. Andrew Nichol (Edith sh ^ >s survived by her husband pointed the following committee £ il 1 e . more effort this could Knight), Prince Albert, Canada. M ™- Erna Noble of £ £ ^ \^ ^"thlSreaS l 0 wa Jack Frye returned home lack the zip and push that is end off the buffalo robe, and sew not — most of the (needy) elder- Sunday from T working three needed. We need a housing de- it onto the other end to make it ly didn't do very much for thcrn- months for the A. W. Patridge velopment to take care of the longer. selves, back in their best days. Company of Minneapolis, Minn, people who would move to town, As to the "small farmer" (bless We hope it is neither heartless and also the overflow of college his little old heart), let's dare to nor disrespectful to mention students. And, too, our Main mention a little of the horrible these truths, street could staj)d a good face- truth. How small is TOO We shall go along with "Jim" lifting. > " As far as being picturesque, CEE Gigantic Exhibits talEE of Cattle, Horias, Swine, Sheep and Poultry. Biggest in History. Other Main Features aret • 80-Acra Farm Machinery A Home Appliance Shows. • Gorgeous Nite Shows, Ten Nites, with Fireworks. 5flk Gen'l Adm. for Children under 15, Kids' Days, Aug. 28 and Sept. I. • Auto Races All 10 Days—$ Speedway Car Meets; 5 Late Model Stock Car Races: Two 7h?lll Show*. • 2,500 4-H Clubbers In State -Wide Contests and Daily Demonstrations. • Huge Farm Crops, Mower, Fruit & Vegetable Shows. • 8 Nite Horse Shows, Aug. 26 thru 31 & Sept. 2 & 3. Matinees Aug. 25, 26 and 27 and Sept. 3 and 4. • Dairy, Bees, Art, Women's, School and State Exhibits. • Royal American Shows on World's Largest Midway. /-Buy ttmrvd T/ct»f« by Mall. " Grondttand, $2 I $2.50 <E*c«pl Sunday Afftrnoont, $2.50 & $3; and tabor Day Alltrnoon, $3 4 $3.50). Hon* Shaw, $1.50 & $2. Sand Check or Mon»y Ordtr to Minntsola Statt Fair, St, foul 13. 1961 Outiidi Gat* Admiulonr, Adults, S0t, Aufoi, $t.0O. SMALL ? ? ? (There are days Bromwell until we" see better when we wonder if 187 acres is timber in the political woods. area of northeast i ....^— , Marriages: Margie Orr to Joe i ' aveue Connor; Beverly Kutschat to J. Sidney Crowe, West Unior,; Louise Hackman, Elgin, to Bertram Kurth. Harold Littelle and family are moving to Elkport the last of the week, where he will be superin for the fair: Kay Dugan, Nancy Reed, Cathy Alshouse, Tom Als- »*•>j_ > *r" m house, Dick Dugan and Mick Mc- w""" 60 - "mm, KOSS Gill. The committee was to Hough wed at Nashua meet at the home of Nancy Reed, Mrg MUdred Timm Qf FayeUe Wednesday. ...... and Ross Hough of DeKalb, III, The members decided to have wefe t ^ £ marria at the Mr. and Mrs. Martin Boedeker a pot-luck dinner August 20 at Lml Brown church a * t Nashua weeK, wneie ire win ue auptsim- „ . , - t „ . - M „„. „ luwll ,..„.,,.„ „ iendpnt of the school The Neu- were glven B charivari TViursday 12 noon, at the fairgrounds. After T"^ a J-'""*-" * enchwande^.house "which wul eveni "g af &elr farm toome the dinner the 4-H club mem- on August B, at 9 a. m. De vaTated bv the Littelle family «>«thwest ot Randalia by Mr. and bers will decorate the stalls. Key. Douglas A. Fox, ^^n^^ATSL M«. Floyd Bark, Mr and Mrs. After the meeting, Mrs. Martin ™" fa t« m ' J« church - performed of West Uni>n, who is employed Ro J >e ^ Patridge and Alice, Mr. served watermelon, cakes and the ceremony, at the Wilbur Bell soybean mill and MrSl Donal d Moaher and kool-aid for lunch. After the wedding, Mr. and ' family, Mr. and Mrs. Herman The next meeting will be held Mrs. Hough left on a business Peterman and family, Mr. and at the home of Keith Bruns, Sept. trip to DeKalb, 111. They return- Mrs. Harold Ashby, Jim and 21. New members are invited, ed to Fayette August 10, where Jane, Mr. and Mrs. David Wells and election of officers will be they will make their home at 504 King street. 30 Years Ago Deaths: Miss Dorothy Home- ^V?™ 1 ^ and Mrs. Charles held, wood; Mrs. Charlotte Smith of M *? nde and famil y- D1 7~7. Arlington; Mrs. Rebecca Wilson; The Randalia girls aaftball rlnn annual dinner Mrs. Lilly Beatty. team defeated Fredericksburg 40 Grasshoppers in Bremer coun- ^_ 12 ._ TIhv i r , 8day, .? Iarde ? e ? chr ° e - ?° r «d > v the W.S.C.S. A group of friends and neighbors gave them a charivari at The annual fall dinner, spon- their homejaturday evening, will be UTHSSnoppera j.i orauci vuuu- v ty are reported to be doing lots der and Mary Meyer hurled the held" Sert "27 in~thrMrf£A{S GrandmotKAi -k ol»K of damage in the alfalfa fields victory for Randalia. Judy Lam- church basement The^Mf. Vrfandmothers dub met and the Farm Bureau office here P hl <* hit two home runs. se^t ai the iSt J£Sh?» „ Seven members of the Idle asked any farmers noting any Mr. and Mrs. Harold Huebner groUp meeting of the Hour Grandmothers club met at damage in the fields to report it and Warren left Saturday morn- 1 The next trpnemi ™„ 0 fi n „ ^ me of Mrs - AS 1168 Dickin- A crowd estimated at 6,000 or their son, Robert and family, and Sept. fi at 8 n m in th« ^„r?I . u he afteri »™ was spent more was on hand at the Upper meet Evelyn, who has^pent the S Manilla mlt^. win f n f' SOci ^ and with each working Iowa campus to listen to the summer with her brother, Har! Sge S devo?onf ,£? ^ °\, the * - OWn handiwork, concerts given recently by bands old, Jr., and family at RosweU, -StoaLa? wiUhave" the iLJ^ ^ MrS " Dickinson fi ^d lunch to of all northeast Iowa. New Mexico. They returned ^ grou P- Don King, 22, of Strawberry home Mianday, ' ~ " Point, was killed recently in an Mrs. Madge Doran and grand- auto accident near Coralville. He daughter Mary Gates have re- was a lwotype operator employ- turned to their home in Watered in Iowa City. loo after a week 's visit in the Fayette will be represented at Lee Jellings home the Iowa state fair in Des Moines Lynda Wbiteford of Minneapolis year in the persons of Hett- olis, Minn., her mother Mrs Ruth ier and Edmonds, well-known Whitefiard and Jim, were Sunday Guernsey cattle breeders of Fay- visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Kennoth •" e - Hammerstrom at RiceviUe. Mrs. Harley Wescott of Waver- 4« v«,. Ago - i."vSSSWS:. u5 At a-meeting of the Board gSHftSS? fc tab »« 1 " * Trustees of Tapper Iowa univers- Mr. and Mm o«nr»« n«t«.«. ity, held here Tuesday, the Board ^JSSJ ^SSVt unanimously elected Dr. J. P. Fred Orbell, Sunday *•»»«*• Van Hornvee the new president La st Sunday evening callers of Upper Iowa. in the Robert Hanchett home Nearly 19,000 acres of land wlU were Mr. and Mw §Sn ££Z be, opened fwhomestaading to and family of Waverly, Mr. and ex-servicemen next .month, ap- Mrs. Wayne Huber and family of eordtag.to advlpe to Wattoiija ffanesvUle, Mr, and Mrs. Earl ^quarters 0*; the Aaericaft .Kltch of Hawkey^ and Mr. Imd 'W::;.,-; IJ ;t-* ''Mr* Vernon Hanchett 6* Deoor- W. W. Iwuce, for many years «fa. . •. alattV#kteM!(««;;^^ Mrsi Knille DaiSnltadt. Jaye^lhas MI s ntw.'Ux, and Mrs. Ralph BaiJnMtodt, popcorn and peanut stawi on the Deboruh and Kenneth, left ThuM- «w «^P >PQiite^t^ in Cutohogue. ANNOUNCING - - - A NEW MANAGER AT THE BEAUTY BOX J0DEEN FITZ Formerly at the Fashionnairo in Oelwein Graduate of Pitzie's Beauty School Is Now In Charge Of The . BEAUTY BOX In Fayette STOP IN AND GET ACQUAINTED It's like having a supermarket right in your own home!" "Break the shackles of daily shopping trips with an electric FOOD FREEZER" • SUDDENLY, MEAL-GETTING'S EASY! Marketing trips are cat 'way down, you, buy foods and store them «way,' have them whure you want them, whan you want them. Food bills go down, you can plan and budget mote eooaoindcauy. Youhave a world of frozen foods at your fingertips in your electric FoodFreeMr—a supermarket at home! -11 Pi/Mthttto meMTATSfOWBR See Your dealer lohyl

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