The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1927
Page 3
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Blllie Ihome: in Ottilia a ieveral d lyb fiiienids and TelatiVqs. Iier afteil clalt and Mr! son, wood this Wrist spec Watch V. jOlitoinetrist. and Mfs. Geor|;e inl stxsft (frovcj iporningt on r ipairiojg a sije- MMc-hiant, «Iewi[i«r pleasure. trlit^ evb; Pougltuuta ai orjder. Phjajie H. Sherman, H.. l4. Sherniifr t, is J a, Junio of was Mr. Ctt6 tlie U. Kalis ofll in I lolk vcsterd ji>-{ Kalis jis ui\ un(^l ' Kalis, 'njusk ity sclioqls. sas IStatc^ Maiipiattatt, Kansak is a-member M th fraternity Gargo>^li lArchitevtSijal v\\i\i. Tolijasco -cli^bl ind tlie Pa|n- licll^nic (jQuncil.' Yoii wjili find (jjijatity. Sty, ICfOjioniy'jin our cla itii $4».i'i ; and our ' Sails $16..'-|U J29 .7 .'i.| Tlie Stylo iSt^op. 61^ last evcniVK .visit wj 'I A: lUvars ^jid Sbutlr teolto i- |to1 Kansas City, business a{id Saturday, 40S: 1 lion of Mr. a iof «2* Noil In lite'depa lagricuiti lie at tlie Kajn- I Asricul|t iral college at Mr. Siierihin ! jKappa Slgi^a Free peliviery;! Brbwn's Druj Mis. iDi W.i DililAiiin is iilg ihe diy with IW C. L Dcn'ton at LJaHarpe I —Don't fail ort*x El'cctric Wl4her. 1 ui): it to {iiid Plu^nb. t] iiick«l-lined copper tub; it will nlot crack, and alkali iw ill not pit ttib. iK. C| Ele|tric • ' • - . Aljtorney John. W Topijka looking aftcb legal nature this w (New location. Squar«j. (i. K. ; —|Mone)^ to iloaiij ciasy terms, no com Ijolal Building '& Vp^h AssQciati(j prghnized in |lSS.l ijouthwest corner Pees. Secretary. , yirs. Clarence Turj ter.j Betty of' first of-tl^e week, ijii their parbnts; and Mr.iflud Mrs. t..;M.r jL'olleife. F • I rldaiy T;he serjk'ices are interest :y, St.vJ* a at JlilTiO nsas City, li on btisineis. of Miss Jea i- iiiipervisor pf Phone 2.-1.-.. b -Store] spenjl- !r motliir, iMis. ijeu the Haal?- t has iBrowii is business of{ ek. I on^re'al <is\a niissio'nis. .liie ncr and! dauril>|- Chai^iite splint I lie,' jL,aHarbe w tU^ grandj)arcqtB, [itEpatrSck. I'arsnnti .Ir. rollpifp v«. lola inci-eased interest . at thi K Methodist church bn North Tl; klr^et. jThe Ubji-J ,Mr. | Mi preaches' intertsting; Berni(j E\'kiryone is Invited );o iattend. n. jt, 8 o'dock. [)ntini}i ig with —rBeaiitifuli assortment ol^ .Sp HafB. in newjfst faiiiiy slralv l)j " conibjnat in igrce and| cliarnilni:; silk j . .Kls6 youthful HtylifH ot .S .Hizes. aT $4.7^. Ch I Iren's Hat an I ages-l kfllcs. ;i>orRetl |L'» HlraNvs. $ii.'S01 to irfe. h(fn't lintil youj have seen our i<Iis EdWards Miliihery • i- ! — 1 . S.^ A. liHIisi is at ending (he sonij- grand Wichita week. -ri will b6 in lii aftoifnoons oiily fr^i^i Philjp S. Slay. 1 • Mis. L; Cf Lot(t 1 Walnut slrei^t, re ai<l f lUK. pad fo? and ibny I^Iay. (iffittj in 1 to fi: Ma:his lhO Irs. Of rned from Madisbii. Kausas-.^ lias j been: visiting Carroll. Mrs.' 1!) HI yesteilda here Ma: Tard 01" Thankx. -We wish jto Mt )ress our thiJnks andlappreciaLioii /t olir kind lie g!i- bors.and friends h r ^Iieir thy andlkindnesa in is[sisting! us during I the sjicktiess ind death of our. beloved uiffijauiI njcjther: also for the ibeautiful flo-il dfferings g veii by the F(rst :Ch ihti^" Church, the Prairie Bell ^ scl bor.s, the eniplo.ves dol.lRoyaJ Xdigh^ of the IPet 4i J. E. he.ynolds itid be ladfes tlic nytsic. brs and.'* ' furbisbeii^ er neifehl: , tril)uted.-i-Mr. Evcrei; Connfii.\i Bible Circle, children, iJy-; Mrs. Belle And'all ^nds \'Ho It I.. Fults [i'ults and - Airs. Howard Carl Tic^ of Moiran davj at tlie'liomd of- Smock of] 320 Soiiib Barhes and H-rAliifeniinu. \Aii\\< .*>< or and S Inn Toitlfes bley H)irrii. {\\vfX» toil tmily Si . , ii!i;M, SJIS. nt First spent! Sheri NValniJt k-: rhll^ronJ .niiHltiil Club, spjonsoir. • Mrs. O. L. -Jhlsler, visiting l^er niothdr;- dure, of 1 .'lOl Soithl Waihinfjton avehup tinr fhejast two^ weeks, rnturriedv foday .j to her ..Home Inj Chapman] Kansas. ~Mrs>! ThI der] wa.f called here )y the illness of bori mother whiije condition Is gradually Improving I Milk Co., on who"! ilrs.C iiilli 1st, list. and to. fhi^rrh. jlIonipntB H. Ml 8. D, b. Mineslnger. '^Urs. Logan Hunsaker. A. P- BriKbam and B. I. Stodghlll went to {W)n{ield toda r Tb attend tbe funerial | of ,Honer Rnsselt which «jas' Held l£her: t iBt~2:30 a'doek this aftern(|on. lola Jr. Colitis FrWiiy nlghl, 8 o 'dVk- Ml. and Mrs. JH. H. Sujtton, who has purchased the home at 610 North Third street, are, moving in toda '. !"ree Delivery. Phone 253. Brown's Drug Store. Miss AVynett^ Olmstead of 402 North Fourth. street was a visitor n Colony yesterday at the bom"* t)T Miss Maude Caldwell. -^30x3M! cord tires. $7.90. Tiri^ Repair Shop, C. Canatsey, Prop 116 £ast Jackson. i Mrs. V. A. Brown of ifichmond Mo., Svas in lola Wednesday visiting friends,. - —See "The Xigger Minstrel" at Liberty school, Snlurrlay. Feb. 26 Master lieslle Morrow of 316| .North SeeOnd street is reported as recovenin^ rapidly aftek- a siege] Of the measles. I - For the "Kid lies" wc are showing ;• complete a isortmeut of "Cinderella" Hats of straw and straw and silk combin: tions. Priced 9Si: to $-J..50. The Styie Shop. ; A. M^ Tlioroman. superintendent of the lola city lichool^, will leave; tomorrow to atiend ^he meeting Qf the department of supcrintei^d-| cuts of'the National Education ,^s- sociatiop at Dallas, Texas. The meeting opens Saturday. —Fashion decrees that sUirt-sl hiust be'short. So Kollins designed their new hose with lovely sillj above the knee. Nothing in view hut sheer, lu.strous silk, regardless) of the'sKirt length. "Rollins" Hose! can be bought at The Style Shop. Mr. and Mrk E. E. Bayles andj sons. Spencer and Hiigh, of War -i rensbiirg. Mo., arrived, today td visit overnight with their jrarents' and. grandparents. Mr. aiHl Mrs C. B. Spencer, on their way tof Harper, Kansas to make a short visit. , . Ir. %Vi Dr. and Mrs. D., !<. Hariier of Chanute spent tbe last we^k end in lola with the doctor's ptarents, .Mr. and Mrs.! W. L. Harp North Jeffers(jn avenue. -O. L. cifk. ML C Sp^eUUrt. Bye. Ear, Nof • ud Throat R. H. .Stewart"left afcir .days ago-for points in Oklahoma . on business. —Sittings by day or nigh Stamp Pbbto Stutlio. In th^ Apartments, S'^ N. Jefferson. THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, at tbe Fuller W. A. Simons is siiteUtiiting in tbe sliOB repair ghoji idur; absence of R. H. Stewart. —Are you trying for the Kelvi- nator Electric Refrigerate Free! • See K. Plumbing po. C; Electriic Mr; and'Mrs. F. J. Oylei South Walnut street arrivid home today from a visit with Mrs. Oyler's parents in Turlock, Ca Ifornia. It. H. Stewart of the .Vorth Side . , slioi^ repair «hop is expec-ted home —Trumpet: : Hollen, E F^at, lea- 5, n„i;;l,t from his Oklahoma busl- ness trip. • few _ ther case, 3 mouth piecet rack, like new, used on y tlme.s. Will sell for $30.10 tbnn cost. See If at the KegiSter. E. B. Anderson of ."JOS Syc.'imore Htrcot, who un lerwent an operation at St. Johns hospital about n week ago, was able to come up town this morning for ^he fir.?t time. —32x( coril tires, fl.l.u( Repair \ Shop, 116 East . C. Canatsey. Betty Craut of 2((f State street. Who IKIS bee the flu. is rei)orted better —^Try It oDce— you will other. 'Van Moozer't BreaiL J. H. Burger, the tailor] Portland block, returned la ng the r? It's and of 316 Fiuienil-of'3Ir«. Holeauyn.. I The funeral services for • MrsJ |£lvira;Hqleman, who passed away; at the,home of her daugfaterj .Mrs.' George Anderson. 601 North' Ken^ tucky street, will be held at tbej JAdams aiid Hesser chapel tomor-; row afternoon at 2 o 'clock, con-! {ducted by the Rev. J. M. PrestonJ Burjal will take place in tbe Neo^ sho Falls! cemetery. i Mrs. T. S. Rooks arrived in lola, yesterday for an indefinite stay. .Mr. and Mrs. Rooks have rooms at the Cummings house of South Cottonwood street. Both the front and side windows on the north side bf the Palace drug store were completely demolished the first] of the week when a couple of youths were scuffling and knocked the weighing machine into them. The weighing machine also was badly damaged. Tbe plate gla.>-s >vas, of course, insured. less.; South Tire acksbn. .Sdulli il odai>'. of hava no from Concordia. ,Mo.. where be had been to attendi the funeral of his uncle. hervlccs —Dr. Montgomery, Cblrcipractor. tola, .M Laundry Bldg. Phond rs. Hattie iifoleman ant daughter. ! .Mrs. Mabel Thomps( n and Mrs! Dave Woodruff, all of Mil- dreVl. were shopping in loU yesterday.! ^—JuBt like: Angel Pooft Van Hoozer's; Bread, 2 tor' ..Mrs. Emii.v itemsberg ^f wa.s in lola shopping yefiti] in the bt .lilRht 138. Cake, 15c. aHarpe! irday. of 316' • • • • • • •( • • ui:i ay Ishe me the ?ev. who oth-. on- and ani- Ifrs yedter- streot. Km llsh I, villi as been Mc- Browns Stire the Ny Store • F. L. B. LEATELL, M. D. a • Special attention Iglvlen Di^• ' eases of Colon and Rectum. • Electro-Therapy jand • Physiotherapyl • Office lola SUte Bank Bldg, • Phones—147 ^nd \ 705. Mr. A. U. Stark of JlH! sirytli Fourth street, who has been qiijilu sick for sevcj;al days. Is reported sllginly Imprdved toduyi t - I f —Parsniis Jr. CoileitP >>. h\\a Jr. ridlwe, Friday iilfthi, .s; o'rlbrk. lola Etrgiisb, the little daughter of K. K. Englisb. wbb operates the barber shop on East Madison street In VAx^t lola. i.s in St. .Tohn's hospital for an operation for appendicitis. She is very ill. ' , special shipment of snappy black and white Hats . for this week's sale at Edwards Millinery. . rKc l^i'R tJeorKc Pi'ge. who recently purchased the residence property at 103 SoutJi Fourtjli .street is putting a n^w roof on | the hniise and is otherwise repaiiiiig: the property. —Dr. A. B. Twadellj Osteopath. Mew Globe Bldg: Phone 19^. Mrs. Violet Hernilon; of .Joplin, .Mo., is visiting .Mrs. Edgar iSexton of 1103 iCast street. Mrs. Herndon is a sistler of .Mr. Sextbn. ! —-Stamp Photos, 6 for only 10c. Upstairs in the Fuller kpartjiuenls, .^U-North Jefferson street.!^ Hubert Hefferii of: Chicago is expected to arrive soon foo a visit with his hrothqr, I^atr ck' Heffern and Mrs. Heffern of I6 a and witli bis f.ithcr, John Heffdrn of near Piqua. ! ' Mrs. Henrietta Englisb South Third street is confined to; her bed with a severe cas." of flu. Mrs. English -is quite iali elderly lady but is bravely figh ing tho disease and her friends 1 ope slid will be able to be up agaii soon, j ' —Wrist Watch rcpairin ; a specially. J. V. Merchant,] Jeweler and Optometrist. S. P. Jackson of the | Jackson Realty Co.. made-a husineks trip to' Ottawa 5^stcrday. ' Merle Hall visitud in last Tucsda.v, —For I'Mlntlns and I'^perhang- ing, call .'\ntrim. .Mr. and Mrs. ('. jl. M of the Saunter Inn jdroi e cut to their farm this afternocn. They were accnmi)anfed by .Mr. and .Mrs. "Dare Ocvil" Warner. -Dr. Fred Woodbury, foot si>ecialist. Treats coins, bun- Ions, wejikened arches, etc charge for residence call 300, 217 West Madison. Lallarpe Klora I >climan, daughter of M^. and -Mrs. C. JE. Lehman of fiOl .N'Orth Walnut street,, is suffering with a severe case of tonsilitis. .Frank Bell has purchased the eii! the interest of the north side lunifn -taiid just eubt of the Baptist Teipj- plc. • • • ^ .Marcus Freeman has acceiied sale." position at the Clyde Canajt Hey tire and repair shop on Ka|i Jackson avenue. , Hiirmon Sutton and family aij moving today from 218 North Chestnut street to 510 .Vorth thir? street. .Mrs. W. B. Littrell, who has] beei visiting in the home of ber; sor J. C. Littrell and family, returneij this afternoon to her home in Ot tawa. i pscar Davis, oil operator, wi-nt t Bartlesville this afternoon on busij •ness. - . Mrs. G. C. Jackson, who hii.s'bfc^ visiting .Mr, and .Mrs. J. S. Jackh son cf 8 West .Monroe street rcj- turnod to her home in Walnu,t Kans. today. Nifty Colonel rraURSDAY EVENIlirG, F^RUARY 24,19g7. A who fam.ily of one Beni^. Texasj to get rch. Mrl pect^ of -M he has growij Vruits of rous A'alie^ that a will thiniA that lo lality is a gi-eatcunn- — -L- iitenSive fairmer liith try some quite 'Ihert- . —I candij missiiiner of lola bnd shalll greatly lappredii tbe sfapport of the voters! it the proaqhiog primaries. ! J. D. ARNETfr' !Jua offictj can't Regi a reminder tjiat you don't hav( out of boi>k; e kinds send blanM all ti P. had the.end L. Pattcjrson of .Mildred. bis I John home] businesi epartm TTbe lookiuRJ colonel in jthc rules country," University of South Dak6- ii,e ijnnduct ta students call Mi.s.s Eva Jean city'si Leslie. jShe's honorary colonel "of the 1' ^h,e R. p. T. C. at the university, arid in tjhis capac'ity led tbe grand inarch at the sdioul'.s annual military ball I (iprw^nt an : 1 — '• |citis at St. " " ten (I lys ago yeste -^ay. For jKlnance ('oninilssioner. i — If heireby announce that I am!-^ caiidrdute for tlic office of Com-i j liiissionel- ,->f Finance, City-of lola.' )iriniiry|| election i.March S. Your' Vot.. ianji suiiport i will be preally 4::pre.;i:(ied. 1\. il. IIECPX. Wi was br)md cClellanil graduate Harold Merchant of Spruce. Moj.. anil Sylvester .Madison of west fjf the. river, spent last night «ieh the] C. A. Madison family at 622 South Third street. Mr. Merthant is a nephew of Mr. Madison. I The Rev. Mary Sibbctt. national lecturer for the W. C. ,T; V.. who save a talk last evening at Trinity .Methoilist church, left tod.iy for Chanute where she will hold;a meeting this afternoon. She was the guest of Mrs. J. F. Variier, ill East -Monroe street, while here. : lioil your drinking water. It Is the safe way. j .Mr. and -Mrs. Carl P'.N'eal and c.'iildren. Carl, Jr.. and Robert Dale, left today for Detroit, .Mich., jto make their home. j Mr:-. Ralph Gorsuch returned to liQr home In iHaldwin today after a visit of |a few days with her pir- dnts, .Mr. and .Mrs. P. Q. .MarsJi. i ' .Mr. »nd Mrs. I.ce Veteto and M ss ' ^eulah Veteto. have returned home fiom Virgil, Kans.. where they attended the funeral ot Mr. Vetetp's sister. No extra Phone 'Mi«s Hattie Shapel. whrt has been liere visitint: her brotjher. Fred Shapel and family and X Trowbridge, lipft for Coro the first of the week w will make her future honje. ; | ! The. lola Building' & l.,<ian Asso- Hation is having a fine jgold leaf .sisn painted on the front window of therr new quarters in tlie old State Savings Bank building today. The Kessingor tire and repair shop is beins moved todap- into the old Register office building.' Tlie big ."iign on the frjint of the ios Dora [la. Califi. here she Hile.^ shoe store has beei ed aiid'artistically letterl completed by the Rowden. high and unerring hand of Fred The sign is about six fee^ reaches the entire widt i of the building, it features the Endicott- Jobnson" brand of shoes jivhich the firm handles exclusively. I I JUST ARRIVED ring Suits In all the new models and ne> or.s of the .season.! Smart suits in .single and | or double Hreast models, light and dark color: FEATURE VAL{JES $27.50, $32.50, w col- idoking $35.00 .They lapel.s. are real Other e • those new clov lY'ou will like them. value.s. nbw suits $19.75 to Co. Barclay Shields £lo "Men's Shoip" leaf They the San letter fro n Mr. J. Tlj Tred^-jay. has beep visiting;; with of his sons near reports that be home about the . Treidway writes so tired flf the |the lower Rio Gr good win^ap a jaste mighity good lif^ him. ITSt hat iit- ttde jipl^ We \>r the money a numter of Kanklas pei "most ( f them making go lor Final ce Commissioner. hereby [late foH Announce'that I a fhei oftic^: of f'inance of the Cit [t a rem suppli find th4 ter pro' ight ha| hospit yesterd il the index fingeif bd amputujtcd at his fipger inj at till ay. Mr. Patterson cemen of his Madiloii and •and j says there nder that if you.i] !S of an.vj kind m anywhere: else, ably, has them. own for apy. .kini the Register m; there are. kvim 111 Tuesda.y. retuiliiefl! ha.l red while iit bis « ork plant in Mildred, i Frr Final ce Commissioner I'pin the u: gent request of m ipy frien( s I havi consented' to beci me acardldate or Finance! Comi ws- sionef of the :ity of lola.; If no^ii- natedj and i lectcd I ' pledge squai e deal for ever>"body. the ijnpartia^ enforcement of and reteulations rclatind j)f that part of which conies wi ^nt of Finance. P. AV. HOLMEte. Wi^l Johnsjm of Coloiiy who peration fijir apiiej Johns hospital aliiint returned to his hjmc- 1 Dunciiii of McUonald. K;| II ovcijnisht guest iii ns.. th" of :6:;2 Siiilth brother-iurlaw. f, family «' ' For the woman who is alsio for the larger woma^i, wcf pl^^e assortment of you hf u wil! fit without alteratior s. Quel The materials are Flat Crep i Colors are .Mother Mpnkej cn'.s Kluc. S'avy, Gooseberfy. Priced fro^i— $15™'$45 hard, to fit and show a com! Istyles tha Caijtoii. GeorKelle. tskin, Grackle /For sfler. sity, Cham jump Wrinp I by Hand.: Whdn laundering table linen ncjv- er phi it through the wringer that hiake^ crdases that are Almost [impossible to remove. PAGfe THREE five years Mfss Isabel Cbiir- I student at McGill Univ4r- ::^lontreal. has been the world's iion woman ski jumpvr. i A of lO .'i feel won her the title. —For prompt results use Classified Columns. tlhc ,a lid [the to the hin idi- AT THE^EADER FRIDAY AND SATUE DXJ i 25 New Spring Coats at $25 ^5100 Values Bmutiful liyht fur tr^immiufls—Tivicda, dty Cloths, TioilUs, Sport Coata, Kaaka, fancy silk linings. I'oirvt Slicmi, Cjcpc d\ Chine Regular sizes H lo 46 Sizes for S ('o»Is for Jnnl<^ Misses and.Wunien, snappy st.vle^. liUck uiid thite, I tans, rose, grey—rhousc une of thesejsniurt rnsiliuns {luniurnnv ut this outs 4 and '•• Wl lb 4!) lues, :|jrreen^, s|iecin} prhjf. 15 New Spring Dresses at $15 $19.50 Values ('leTer >tyles—not n model linf is ilistin^uMied by Ihe lalH'if Ntrcet and aflemoon weiir—line qualll}{ " * " ' EXTRA SPECIAL A BiK Shipment of Pure Silk Hosiery Jnst Kerelred—Silk to the l»p—Very ! Special All rolnrs at PAIR t'lishlon de^ll tint icrepes and gronretirs In tbe latestl $1.00 See Wlndotr liUvUy rrriiesi pHnted rayon «i|ks iirinted.tlvjifrt spring are indeed lieautlfaLi .^^ee our Sir<'lal Wlndmr:I)i<ipluj. EXTRA SPRCIAL Spring Hats ,Yry Special s for biisliieH shades. ; i 2.98 SprJnp .•iilad^^(. See npndow .dl.spljiy NEW S|[LKS AND RAYONS You should see onr elal^mite displs y of new Sprlnsr printed Hat crfpes. prijitod ^ilk ai!;ii coll |ns and novelty prints. The pattenis !and coliirliiKN ij r styles In llic nflw Bei of outsicfe • - I • i ^ummeir 'I • Slalns on Hjnslerj, Tiie stains sho leave" on the feet o stockings mav be washing them in WiJter tabtespoon of boras dedi Jnly IS next will ver,. jubilee at the c: rotunds. It was twenty-five years fJiahts played their der John McCraw's indepem denti ce supply next; \ sometimes: jlight jcolored i removed by to which a has bt'en ad- J a sort of sil- w Yoj-k Polo ] -jon that dati^. Mgo tliat tho* jfjrst game nn- jianagiitent. Install Fngidaire now )^C'E Frigiilairc i •< tnst:^Hcd in your horn<% you" brc forever free from the need of oiitsi<|e ice- supply. The minute ihc connections are made and the current turned on you have automatic electric rcfri iteration—you h: vc the permanent convenience o£ direct frosc-coil coplin^—:you have Frigidaire. Come in and sec Frigidairc in actuajjpperftion. Inspect the new inoJcls now on display. E.xaminc the Frigidairc frost-( oil. Sec ho\y it works--how it preserves the frcsl ness and flavor of all fcik)ds— hbw it freezes ice cubes and iriakes frozen dciscrts. L.S.BySTARP j . SALE^ 20S N. W^ashinglcjn and SERVICE 'MLOl PRODUCT9 P> GENEiBAIt oits Want to Try the Star C : lo^ cash prices i will tnake you the place you first ^rade, ^e satisfaction gu^ othihg ConipanjJ^. The tm men's and bo^s' wear f jel that you have foun^ want to trade a£ .Only p|endkble merchjjflndise- rantJeed. Work OVERALLS WORK SHIRTS WORK SHOES ."^ale C^otUing Or Jackets, heav; high back, a bii j ?:20 wt. tjigain at . . 98c i Full j cut, blue or ({uality, G9c 59c >rcy, jiood »tnd Soliii Leather, mat^j; by Endi- cott-Johnspn ' $1.69 of Men's Dress TROUSEllS to $5.98 • Oyer 600 pairsj nien*s sprinji; dress this, sale. -Former pirices ^ere up to $9. pair while you can save $1 to S2[. —. X group of suits low usual selling weaves and others. STAR 's Suiis |ultable for nrices ; now- J trdiisers are in ,nO, Buy a jfpring w •new !ar, far be-, grjey fancy

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