Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 24, 1972 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1972
Page 17
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A48 Alton Evening Telegraph Thursday, August 24, 1972 TV teasers make fall fare look like great stuff, but?? By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) What will you be seeing in primeUme television when the new season starts next month? More action and adventure, blockbuster films and original movies: less comedy and variety; and von- little news. The three networks have already started firing the guns of August—the "promos" or station-break commercials that herald the attractions of the new season. These teasers make the new series look so good that a wag has suggested that the networks cancel the series and play only the promos. Alas, the product is not always as good as the ads. Some of the shows that are being touted as the greatest things since "I Love Lucy" will go down the tubes, literally, in January. The programming that pre- vails will probably reflect the mixture as before. In fact, Variety has already tagged the 1072-73 season "Son of Las) Year." The three networks have scheduled the new season pretty much in character. CRS, which has remained No. 1 in ratings with the help of its situation comedies, will offer 11 in the new season, including five new ones. NRC, which believes firmly in the long form, will be presenting more OO-minute and two-hour dramas. ABC, which as the No. 3 network must try harder, continues to be more adventurous in its programming, with such a departure as pro football in prime time. AH three networks have an impressive bag of theatrical films to offer, ABC paid many millions for "True Grit," "Patton," ''La w r e n c e of Arabia," "Goidfingcr," "The * * * * TV LOG KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSI) (NBC) S, KETC 9, KPLR 11, KDNLSO Friday August 25 THURSDAY EVENING «:W-2 Petticoat Junction 4 5 News 9 Exploring Crafts 11 Dick Van Dyke 30 Father Knows Best 6:30-2 To Tell the Truth 4 Primus 5 Rollin on the River 9 Folk Guitar 11 Felony Squad 30 I Dream of Jeannie 7:06—2 SPECIAL: Kid Power 4 My World and Welcome To It 5 Adventure Theatre 9 Shepherd's America 11 Movie (C) 30 Girl from U.N.C.L.E. 7:30-2 SPECIAL: Three Dog Night 4 My Three Sons 9 Sonia Malkine 8:00—2 SPECIAL: The Great Plimpton 4 Movie (C) 5 Ironsides 9 Hollywood Theatre 8:00—2 SPECIAL: Julie! 5 Bobby Darin 9 Making Things Grow 11 Big Valley 30 Movie 9:00—2 Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law 9:45—9 Umbrella 9:55—11 News 10:00—2 4 5 News 9 Yoga and You 11 Dragnet 30 Rifleman 10:30—2 Movie (C) 4 Movie 5 Johnny Carson 9 Folk Guitar 11 30 Movie 11:00-9 Two-Way TV 11:05—9 Choral Group 12:00—5 News 12:15—5 Sports Challenge 12:12-2 Movie 12:30-4 Movie (C) 11 Scant 12:45-5 Woather 1:30—11 Ntws/Religion 1:55—2 News/Religion 2:10—4 Movie 3:50—4 News 4:00—4 Movie 5:30—4 Religion THURSDAY MOVIES 7:00-11 — "City That Never Sleeps" (1953) (C) Gig Young, Mala Powers 8:00-4 - "Apache Uprising" (1966) (C) Rory Calhoun, Corinne Calvert 30 - -T-Men" (1947) Dennis O'Keefe, Alfred Ryder 10:30-2 - "Valley of Mystery" (1967) (C) eter Graves, Lois Nel- lll'IOh 4 — "The Extraordinary Seaman" (1969) David Niven, MicKey Kouney 11 — -Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet" (1940) Edward G. Robinson, Ruth Gordon 30 - -Wait 'till the Sun Shines Nellie" (1952) Jean Peters, Da vid Wayne 12:20-2 - "Rockabilly Baby' (1957) Virginia Fieid. Douglas Kennedy 12;3i>_.i_- The Paleiace' (19-iS) (C) Bob Hope, Julie Russell 2:10—4 — -ruid Across lh'.' Eve; glades" (1H5S) Christopher Piuinmer 4:W~4 — "Ajan Bait" (English: 1952) George Brent FRIDAY MOVIES 8:00-2 - -The Purple Heart" (1944) Dana 5:4&-4 Religion/News 6:00—4 Summer Semeter «: 30—2 Thought for Today 4 P.S. 4 6:35—2 Farm Report 6:45—2 Lone Ranger 7:00-4 CBS News 5 Today 7:15-2 Fury 7:45—2 Cartoons 8:GO—4 Capt. Kangaroo 11 News 30 Mr. Patches 8:15—2 Romper Room 11 Cartoons 8:30—11 New Zoo Revue 9:00—2 Movie 4 Lucille Bah 5 Dinah's Place 11 Jack LaLanne 30 Flying Nun 9:30-4 Beverly Hillbillies 5 Concentration 11 Not for Women Only 30 Financial Report 10:00—4 Family Affair 5 Sale of the Century 11 Galloping Gourmet 10:30-4 Love of Life 5 Hollywood Square 11 Bewitched 10:50—2 Lucille Rivers 11:00—2 Password 5 Jeopardy 11 Peyton Place 11:25-4 News 11.'30—2 Split Second 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Who, What, Where Game 11 Movie Game 11:55—5 News Noon—2 AM My Children 4 Plants are like People 11 Cartoons 12:30—2 Let's Make A Deal 4 As the World Turns 11 Three on a Match 1:00—2 Newlywed Game 4 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 5 Days of Our Lives 11 Movie 1:30—2 Dating Game 4 Guiding Light 5 The Doctors 2:00—2 General Hospital 4 Secret Storm 5 Another World 2:30-2 One Life to Live 4 Edge of Night 5 Return to Peyton Place Andrews, Richard Conte 1:00—11 — "Loves of Salammbo" (1959) Jeanne Valerie 3:00-2 - "China Gate" (UI57) Gene Barry, Angie Dickerson 7:00-11 - "A Place C;ilied Glory" (1966) Lex Barker 8:00—30 — "Conspirator" (1049) Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor 10:30-2 - "Ask Any Girl" (1959) David Nivin, Shirley Mac- Lame 11 - "The Falcon in Mexico" (1944) Tom Conway 30 — "Beast of Morocco" (11163) William Sylvester 11:30-4 — "Murder at Hi" Gallop" (1963) Margret Ruthford 12:15-30 — "Tall Story" (1960) Jane Fonda, Anthony Perkins 12:30-2 - "Hell on Devil's Island' (1957) William Tallinn 1:10—4 - "A Woman's Face" (1941) Joan Crawford 1:50-30— "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" (1953) Gordon MacRae 3:00-4 - -Bad Man from Brimstone" (15*37) Wallace Bony 4:50— i — "Spaceways" (1953) Howard Duff ^__,_^_ : _. __j; Odd Couple." "Dr. Doolittlc" and "7,." NBC's movies include "In the Heat of 'he Night," "The Anderson Tapes," "The Andromcdia Strain," "Marooned," "The Green Berets," "Cactus Flower" and "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." CBS has "Around the World in 80 Days," "The Dirty Doxen." "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" the musical version and "Oklahoma!" This is likely to be the last season of the blockbuster films on television. * * * * 11 Crafts with Katy 3:00—2 Movie 4 My Three Sons 5 Merv Griffin 11 Somerset 30 Mr. Patches 3:15—9 Giitcn Tag 3:30—4 Mike Douglas 9 Commonwealth 11 Flintstones 4:00—9 Mister Rogers 11 Daktari 30 Speedracer 4:30—5 Truth or Consequence 9 Electric Company 30 Johnny Sokko 5:00—2 4 5 News 9 Sesame Street 11 Leave it to Beaver 30 Patty Duke 5:30—2 Hogan's Heroes 4 5 News 11 Daisies 30 Flying Nun 5:55—11 News FRIDAY EVENING «:00—2 Petticoat Junction 4 5 News 9 Hodge Podge Lodge 11 Dick Van Dyke 30 Father Knows Best 6:30—2 To Tell the Truth 4 Circus 5 Hee Haw 9 Bridge 11 Felony Squad 30 I Dream of Jeannie 6:55—11 News 7:00—2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympics Preview 4 O'Hara, U.S. Treasury 5 Movie (C) 9 Joyce Chen 11 Movie 30 Man from U.N.C.L.E. 7:30—2 Partridge Family 5 SPECIAL: Vietnam Hindsight 9 Get Together 8:00—2 Room 222 4 SPECIAL: Pro Football 30 Movie (C) 8:30—2 Odd Couple 9 Of ithe Record 9:00—2 Love American Style 9 On Being Black 11 Dragnet 9:30—5 Hoe Haw 9:55-11 News 10:00-2 4 5 News 9 Designing Women 11 Dragnet 30 Rifleman 10:30—2 4 Movie (C) 5 Johnny Carson 9 Commonwealth 11 30 Movie 11:00—9 Viewer's Viewpoint 11:05—9 Choral Group 12:00-5 News 11 Flash Gorden 12:15—5 Johnny Bench 30 Movie (C) 12:30—2 Movie 11 Saint 12:45-5 Weather 1:10—4 Movie 1:30-11 News/Religion 30 Movie 1:50—4 News 2:00-2 News/Religion 3:00—4 Movie 4:40—4 News 4:50-4 Movie The Telegraph cannot always publish last - minute changes made by the television stations. "Fringe Reception" by Homer I- Harder Nothing is more irritating than not being invited to a party you wouldn't be caught dtad at. Talk about inflation ... it now costs six cents to put your two cents' worth on a penny postcard. The t rouble with thoughts is tin- way they sooner or later become speech. There are two kinds of people who >hould never do any- thiny impulsively: pro.<>ident:> and young ladies. Bulldozer: a person who sleeps through political speeches. : . I'p to llu- Values at: IV SKKVH 1. 2500 College .\ve. 41iiV18?8 111* N. Main, Brighton See l-b Soon tor Jr A .Square TV Kepairs SIUE clinic grads to work in Specialized Service EFHVARDSVn^E - Tlic Speech and Hearing Clinic at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville is arranging a graduate practice project with Specialized Services, Inc., Alton. According to Keith St. Ongc, chairman of the speech and theater department at. SIUE, the arrangement will provide opportunities for student clinicians and speech therapists to work with retarded persons with communication disorders. These disorders will include language defects, articulation skills, .hearing problems and other Winds of speech d i f • ficultiejt, St. Onge said. Specialized Services, Inc., is a rehabilitation agency whch tries to evaluate what the retarded can do and, if possible, place them in regular johs. Conceived by a group of parents In Alton, Specialized Services has developed into an organization with more than 200 trainees from a three-county area and a staff of more than 50 trained personnel. Mrs. James E. Laurent of East Alton, who received her bachelor's degree in speech pathology at SIUE in 1968. has a stipend to work with Specialized Services in Alton while working on her master's degree at the Edwardsville oampus. Mrs. Laurent has worked in special education in the Cahokia district and for the Madison County Association for Retarded Children. Primary objectives of the practicum arrangement with Specialized Services will be to study the aptitudes, physical capacity and quality of lh«i work of the retarded. FRANKLIN UNION IN THE STORE WAREHOUSE SALE CARPET REMNANTS SAVE 25%-50% OFF .? t0 50% and ? ore ' W , e P urch «ed a truckload of carpet roll - *ILV? fl 'f* 1 ?™** from a fam , ou * manufacturer at fantastic savings, Ieductlon °" our W*" 1 «toek, and are passing the savings a *« 01 along to you. Be early for best selection. 3 DAYS ONLY! SALE ENDS SATURDAY, 9:30 P.M. EXTRA BONUS OFFER save an additional If you I pick up or take the cafpet with you. 12'x15'...Acrylic hy-tip sheared, Avocado, reg. $219.95 now $130 12'x9T...Acrylic hy-tip sheared, Ghianti, reg. 1131.95 now j/a 15'x12'...Acrylic hy-tip sheared Chianti, reg. $219.95 now $130 15'x10'3"...Acrylic hy-tip sheared, Copper, reg. $207.50 now $99 12'x9'3"...Hylon Autumn Fern Tweed, foamback, reg. $95.50 now $58 12'x19'...Nylon Autumn Fern Tweed, foamback, reg. $190 now $114 12'x10'8"...Nylon embossed textured, Avocado, reg. $89 now $48 12'x17'6"...Nylon embossed textured. Avocado, reg. $141.75 now $88 12'x17'5"...Nylon embossed textured, Old Gold, reg. $144.50 now '$88 12'x9'...Nylon by-embossed, Avocado, reg. $81 now $68 12'i13'6"...Nylon hy-embossed, Evergreen, reg. $162.50 now ; . $98 12'x19'8"...Nylon hy-embossed, Evergreen, reg. $238.50 now $145 12'x9'...Nylon hy-embossed, Avocado, reg. $81 now $68 12'x9';..Nylon textured tweed, Red, reg. $69.95 now $43 12'x9T'...Hylon textured tweed, Red, reg. $76.50 now $53 12'x12',..Nylon textured tweed, Red, reg. $89.95 now $68 12'x9'...Nylon textured tweed, Gold, reg. $69.95 now '.'.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' $48 12'x12'.. Jylon textured tweed, Gold, reg. $89.95 now $68 12'x13'.. Jylon textured tweed, Gold, reg. $95.30 now $75 12'x9'...Nylon textured tweed, Rust, reg. $69.95 now $43 100% NYLON EMBOSSED PATTERN CARPET SPECIAL choose from SC88 decorator hues J »A VINYL RUG SHIELD 49° LUSH NYLON SHAG CARPET BACKED WITH RUBBER PAD your choice of many decorator colors TWEED INDOOR-OUTDOOR CARPET WITH RUBBER PAD LUXURIOUS ACRILAN PLUSH CARPET IN DECORATOR HUES fantastic buy at this low $ unbelievably low at 8 TRACK TAPE CARTRIDGE STEREO COMPONENT SYSTEM WITH AUTOMATIC TURNTABLE AND AM/FM/FM-MPX • Four speaker system in sealed enclosures • Solid state tuner with dual channel amplifier • Precision deluxe Gcfrrard automatic turntable • Automatic or manual tape program selection • Control Center rear panel speaker sockets • Front mounted sferwo headphone sockets. • Walnut cabinets wifh smoke dust cover. • One full year free service FRANKLIN UNION "300 EAST BROADWAY, ALTON ILLINOIS OPEN MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 9:30 4.W.-9:30 P.M

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