The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on December 26, 1891 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1891
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PUBLI8HXD BVKRT SATURDAY —mt— W. H. BUBDIOK. TBBMS: •1.00 Par Tear, Strictly In Advance. The But A&wrtMng Medium to reach the four north-eastern eountte*. Office BonthwMt Comat Lawler and TlUlen sts W. N. BUBDICK , Editor nnd Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; TUB GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TititMs: $1.50, IF PAID IS ADVANKCE. XIX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1891. NUMBER 41. ADVERTISING RATES: Traa 1 in. 1 week It 00 I weeks ... 1 GO 8 week* ... 2 00 1 month .. a ro B mnntiin. 8 01) 8 months.. 4 00 4 months.. 6 60 1 year.... 10 00 9 In. 2 2.1] 3 00| 8 7r, 4 60 0 8S 8 00 13 00 M col 5 l»' 0 2.'>| n mi 11 sr. ir> ool 18 0 .1 H eoV I col *l 00 B 75 7 SO 9 » II JS 10 00: 91 00 00 00 |0 00 fl 00 10 00 12 no 17 00 a; oo »4 on 15 00 {10 00 13 oo 10 00 10 00 ai oo Vi 00 r ,o no 80 00 Ituslni'ss cards not exceeding fin' lines, js. I,... gnl adveitlsinientu at IPBOI rates. Advertisements InserlPil with no sppclllo tlmu will h« published until ordered out no** -ImtKod for no- cordlnplj-. All bills p.-ijrabl • quarterly. TALK TO YOUNG MN. Rev.T. DoWitt Talmagre Among the Michigan University Boys. Discourse MI the rlttfelU anil Man • Trnps ( nnlliiuiillv Set to Ciitoli 111* I'oet of tlio Unirnry nnd Drue Them to Ittlln. The following discourse wns delivered by Ui'V. '1'. DcWltt Tnlmngc to an Immense congregation composed principally of young; men, lit Ann Arbor, Mich. Hi; tooli Tor his text: Surely In vnin tho not I? spread in tlio sight ot any bird.—-Proverbs 1., 17. Early la tlio morning I vvetit out with • fowler to cntch wild pigeons. We hastened through tho mountain gorge and into the forest. Wo spread out tlio net, nnd covered up the edges of It as well us we could. We arranged tlio call- bird, lis feet fast, and its wings flapping in invitation to all fowls of heaven to settle down there. We retired into a booth of branches and leaves and waited. After awhile, looking out of the door of Uic booth, we saw a flock of birds in the sky. They came nearer nnd nearer, nnd after awhile were about to swoop into tho net, when suddenly they darted away. Again we waited. After awhile wo saw another flock of birds. Tlioy camo nearer and nearer, until just at the moment when tlioy wore about to swoop they darted away. The fowler was very much disappointed, as well as myself. Wo said to each othor: "Whut is the mutter?" and "Why were not these birds caught?" Wo went out and examined tlio net, and by a flutter of a branch of a tree part of the not had been conspicuously oxposed, and the birds coming very near had seen their peril and darted away. When I saw) that, I said to the old fowler: "That reminds me of a passage of Scripture: •Surely in vain is tlio net spread in tho sight of any bird.'" Now the not in my text stands for temptation. Tho call bird of sin tempts men on from point to point and from brunch to branch until they are about to drop Into the net. If a man finds out in time that it is tlio temptation of the dovil, or that evil men are attempting to capture Ilia soul for time and eternity, tlio man steps baek. IIo says: "I um not to bo caught in that way; I see what you aro about; suroly In vain 1B the net spread in tho sight of any bird." There aro two classes of temptations —the superficial and the subterraneous —those above ground, those under ground. If a man could sec sin as it is he would no more ombraco it than he would cmbraco a leper. Sin is a daughter of hell, yet slio is garlanded and robed und trinketcd. ller voico is a warble, ller cheek is the setting sun. Bere forehead is an aurora. She says to men: "Come, walk this path with me; it is lliymcd and priinrosed, and the air is bewitched with tho odors of the hanging gardens of Heaven; the rivers ore rivers of wine, and al. you have to do is to drink them up in chalices that spurkle with diamond and amethyst and chrysoprasus. Seel It Is all bloom and roseate cloud and Heaven." Oh! my friends, if for one . moment tho choiring of all these con certed voices of sin could bo hushed, we should see the orchestra of the pit with hot breath blowing through fiery flute, and the skeleton arinB on drums of thunder and darkness beating the Chorus: "The end thereof is death." I mint to point out the insidious temptations that are assailing more especially our young men. The only kind of nature comparatively free from temptation', so far as I can judge, is the oold hard, stingy, moan temperament. What would Satan do with such a man if he got him? Satan is not anxious to get a man who, after awhile, may dispute with him the realm ot everlasting meanness. It is the generous young man, the ardent young man, the warmhearted young man, that is in especial peril. A plrato ROOB out on the sea, and one bright morning he puts tht glass to his eye and looks off, and seet an empty vessol floating from port to port. He- says: "Never mind; that'i no prize for us." Dut.the same morning he puts the glass to his eye, and he sees a vessel coming from Australia . laden with gold, or 'a vessel from the Indies laden with spleoes.. He say si "That 's our prize;, bear- down' ; ;" Across the unfortunate «hlp the (frap- pling-hooks are thrown, . The crew are blindfolded and competed to walk'the plank.' It is not the empty-vessel, but the laden merchantman that is the temptation to the pirate. And a young map. empty of head, empty of heart, ompty of life—you want no Young Men's--Christian Association „to keen him safe; hells safe. He will not gam- bio unless it is with somebody else'* •takes. He will not break the Sabbath unless somebody else pays the horse hire,' He will not-drink unless some one else treats' him. He will hang •round .the bar hour after hour, waiting for some generous young man to come in. The generous young 1 man comes in and accosts him and Bays: "Well, will you have a drink. with me to -day?" The man, »B though it were • sudden thing for him, says: "Well, well, if you iuslBt on it I will— I will." To mean to go to perdition unless Kmebody else pays his expenses? For suoh young men wo will not fight We would no more contend for them than Tartary and Ethiopia would fight as to who should have the great Sahara Desert; but for those young 1 men who are buoyant and enthusiastic; those who are determined to do Something for time and eternity—for them we will fight, and we now declare everlasting; war against all lh» influences tbatas- lail them, and we ask all good men and philanthropists to wheel into line, and all the armies of heaven to bear down • upon the foe, and we pray Almighty ;: Uod that with the ttiunderbojt 0 f His >. wrath He will strike down and' eon" lume all these lofluenoes th'af are attempting to destroy the young men for whom Christ died, ', ' 0 ""?'','} t The first class of temptation* that a*> saulte a young man is led on by tho •keptto.e T He wjil ,»o>j adn% that, .he mm Qhl K«w UherjU he lit, he li to Pbliih*!i«?s£'i''|i^^ "*M»«& ask in tne wuy ot liberality? The victim of this skeptic has probably just como from the country. Through the intervention of friends ho has been placed in a shop. On Saturday the skeptic says to him. "Well, what are you going to do to-morrow?" He says! "I am going to church." "Is it possible!" says the skeptic. "Well, I used to do these tilings: I was brought up, I suppose, as you were, in a religious family, nnd 1 believed all those things, but I go*, over it; tlio fact is, since I camo to town 1 have road a great deal, and I have found that there are a great many things in tho Bible than aro ridiculous. Now, for instance, nil Unit uboiit tho serpont being cursed to crawl in the garden of Eden because it had tempted our lirHt parents; why, ytri see how absurd It iai you can tell from the very organization ot the serpent that it had to crawl; It crawled before it was cursed just as well us it crawled afterwards; .you can tell from ils organization that it crawlcil. Then, all that story abont the whale swallowing Jonah, or ,!«niih swallowing the wlmle, which WHS it? It don't make any difference, the tiling is absurd; it is ridiculous to supposo that a mail could have gone down through tho jaws of a sea monster and yet kept his life; why, his respiration would have been hindered; he would have been digested; tho gastric juice would have dissolved the flbrinc and coagulated albumen, and Jonah would have been changed from prophet into chyle. Then all that Btory about tho miraculous conception—why, it is perfectly disgraceful. O! sir, I believe in tho light of nature. This is the nineteenth cent ury. Progress, sir. progress. I don't blame you, but after you have been in town as long as I have, you will think just as 1 do." Thousands of young men nro going down nnilcr that process day by day, and there is only hero and there a young man who can endure this artillery of scorn. They nro giving up thoir Bibles. The light of nature! They havo the light of nature in Chiual they havo it in Hindustan; they have it in Ceylon. Plowers there, stars there, waters there, winds there, but no civilization, no homes, no happiness. Lancots to cut, and juggernauts to fall under, and hooks to swing on; but no happiness. 1 lull you, my young brother, we have to choose between four or five. Shall it lie tho Koran of tlio Mohammedan, or the Shasta of tlio Hindoo, or the Zendavista of the Persian, or the Confucius writings of tho Chinese, or the Holy Scriptures? Take what you will; God helping me, I will take the Bible. Light for all darkness, rock for all foundation, balm for all Wounds. A glory that lifts its pillars of fire over tho wildorness march. Do not give up your Bibles. If theso pooplo scoff at yon as though religion and the Biblo wore fit only for weak-minded people, you just tell them you are not ashamed to be in the company of Burke the statesman, and Raphael the painter, and Tliorwaldsen tho sculptor, and Mozart the musician, and lilackstono tho lawyer, and Bacon tho philosopher, and Ilmvoy the physician, and John Milton tlio poot Ask them what Infidelity had ever dono to lift the fourteen hundred millions of tho race out of barbarism. Ask them whon infidelity ever instituted a sanitary commission; and, before you leave thoir society onco and forever, tell them that they havo insulted the memory of your Christian father, and spit upon the deathbed of >you mother, and with swine's snout rooted up the grave oi your slstor who died believing in the Lord Jesus. Young man, hold on to your Biblo. It is the best book you ever owned. It will tell you how to dress, how to bargain, how to walk, how to act, how to live, how to die. Glorious Biblo! whether on parchment or papor, in octavo or duodecimo, on tho center table of tho drawing room or in the counting room of tho banker. Glorious Biblel Light to our feet and lamp to our path. Hold on to It. The second class of insidious temptations that comes upon our young men is led on by the dishonost employer. Every cominoroial establishment is a school. In nine cases out of ten the principles of tho employer boooino the principles of the employe. I ask the older merchants to bear me out in these statements. If, when you wore just starting in life, in commercial life, you were told that honesty was not marketable;' that though you might sell all the goods in the shop, you must not sell your conscience; that while you were to exercise all industry and taot, you were not to sell yourconseience—if yon were taught that gains gotten by sin were combustible, and at <the moment of ignition would be blown on by the breath of God until all the splendid estate would vanish Into white, ashes scattered in the whirlwind—then that Instruction has been to you a precaution and a help over since. There are hundreds of commercial establishments in our groat cities which are educating a class of young men who will be the honor of the land, and there are other establishments which are ednoating young me a to bo nothing but' Bharpers. What chance Is. there for.a young man who was taught' in an establishment that it is right to lie, if it is, smart, and that a Frenoh label is all that is necessary to make a thing French, and that you ought always to be honest when it pays, and that it is wrong to steal un less you do it .well?- Suppose, now, a young man just starting in lite enters » place of that kind where there are ten young, men,, all drilled in the Infamous practices of the establishment. He is ready to be taught. The young man has no theory of commercial ethics. Where is he to get his theories? He will get his theories from his employers., One day he pushes his wit a little beyond what the es tabllshment demands of him, and he fleeces a customer until the olerkis on the verge of being seised by the law. What is done in the establishment? He Is not arraigned. The head of the'ee- tabllshweut says to him; "Now, .be careful, young man, you might be caught nrot really that was splendidly, dope, you will get along in the world, I warrant yon," Then^hatyouoff man goes up until•• he becomes;vheed 7 Qlerfc He bM found that the'rej ta^i premium on Iniquity^ •» laHJUSdul Into that establishment.' It is a poor rule that will not work both ways. You must never steal unless you can do It well. lie did it well. I am not talking an abstraction; I am talking a terrible and crushing fact. Now here is a young man. Look at him to-day. Look at him flvo years from now, aftar ho has been under trial in such an establishment. Here ho stands in the shop to-duy, his checks ruddy witli the breath of the hills. He unrolls the goods on tho counter in gentlemanly style. Ho commends them to tho purchaser. Ho points out all tho good points in the fabric IIo effects the snlo. The goods are wrapped up, and he dismisses the customer with a cheerful "good morning," and the country merchant departs BO impressed with tho straight-forwardness of that young mau that lie will come again and again, every spring and every autumn unless interfered with. Tho young man has been now in that establishment five years. Ho tinrolU the goods on the counter, lie says to the customer, "Now, thoso aro tho best goods we have In our establishment;" they have better on tha next shelf. IIo says: "We aro selling thoBe goods less than cost;" they aro making twenty per cent He says: "There Is nothing liko them in all tho city;" there aro fifty shops where they want to sell the same thing. Ho says: "Now, that Is a durable article, it will wash;" yos, it will washout Tlio sale is made, tho goods aro wrapped up, tho aouutry merchant goes off feeling that ho lias an equivalent for his money, and tho sharp olerk goes into the private room of the counting house, and ho says: "Well, I got rid of goods at last; I really thought we would never sell them; I told him wo were selling them less than cost; and he thought ho was get ting a good hurguin; got rid ot them at last." And the head of tlio firm says: "Thai's well done, splendid' ly done?" Meanwhile, Ood had rocord cd eight, lies—four lies against the young man, four lies against his employer; for 1 undertake to say that tho employer is responsible for all the Iniq uitiesof his clerics, and all the iniquities of those who are clerics of thoso clerks down to the tenth generation, if those emp'oyers inculcated Snlquitious and damning principles. I stand be lore young men this morning who are under this pressure. I say como out of it. "Oh!" you say; "I can't: I havo my widowed mother to support, and if a man loses a situation now ho can't get another ono." I say come out of it. (Jo homo to your mother an say to her: "Mother, I can't stay in that shop and be upright; what shall I do?" ami if she is worthy of you she will say: "Come out of it, my son—wo will just throw ourselves on Him who hath promised to bo tlio God of tho widow and fatlierloss; IIo will tako saro of us." And I tell you no young tnan ever permanently suffered by such i course of conduct In Philadelphia, n a drug shop, a young man said to lis employer: "1 want to please pou, really, und I am willing to sell medicines on Sunday, but I can' loll this patent Bhoo-blaeking on Sunday.". "Well," Bald tho head nan, "you will have to do It, or you will havo to go away." "Tho young nan said: "I eau't do it; I am willing K> sell medicines, but not shoo-black- ng." "Well, then, go! Go now." Che young man went away. Tho Lord ooked utter him. Tho hundreds ot ihousunds of dollars ho won in this world were tho smallest part of his lort'uno. God honored him. By the tout-so ho took he saved his soul as well is his fortune in the future. A man laid to liis oinployor: "I can 't wash iho wagon on Sunday morning; I am willing to wash it on Saturday after- loon; but, sir, you will pleaso excuse ne, I can't wash the wagon on Sunday morning." His employer laid: "You must wash it; my carriage comes in evory Saturday night, ind you have got to wash it on Sunday morning." "I can 't do it," tho man laid. They parted. The Lord looked tfler him, grandly looked after him. He is worth to-day a hundred fold more Hian his omployor ever will be, and he laved his soul. Young men, It is Bate lo do right. There are young men In this house to-day who, under this storm of tomptatlon, are striking deeper and deeper tholr roots and Bproadlng out broader their branches. Tlioy are Daniels in Babylon, they are Josephs in the Egyptian court, they are Pauls amid the wild beasts of Ephesns. I preach to encourage them. Lay hold ot God and be faithful. There is a mistake we make about young men. We put them in two slassos—the one alass is moral, the other is dissolute. The moral are safe The dissolute oan not be reclaimed, deny both propositions. The moral are not Bate unloss they have laid hold ol God, and the dlssoluto may be re olaimed. I suppose, there are self- righteous mon in this house who feel ao need of God, and will not seek after him, and they will go out in the world and thoy will be tempted, and they will be fiungdo\yu by misfortune, and they will go down, down, down, until some night you will see them going home hooting, raving/shouting blasphemy going home to their mother, going home to their sister, going home to the young companion to whom^only a little while "ago, In the presence p{ brilliant assemblage, flashing llghti and orange blossoms, end censers swing lng,,ln the air, they promised fidelity and purity, ondkiudnessperpetual. As- that man, reaches., the< door she'Ay/iU open it, not with : an' outcry,"but she win slugger b»ok from the door M he comes Ip, andin her lpek there will be the propheoy of woes that are coining; want that will shiver in need of five, hunger that will cry in vain for bread, cruelties that will n<?t leaye the heart when thoy have crushed it, hut pinch it agaitiand again, and atab It again until some night- she will open 'the door of the place where her companion wasrulued, and she will fling, out hor arm from under her ragged shawl and say, with almost omnipotent eloquence; "Give me back my huabandl Give me back my = protector) Give me baok my all I Him of the kind heart and gentle words, and the manly brow •'give him bnekjo met'.' And then the wretches, obese and filthy i vwUlvjpiii HE LATEST NEWS. GENERAL NOTES. THE Archdnkp Sixi-mund, of Austria, died Tuesday in Vienta fiom influenza. _ NOUTII DAKOTA millcri nppeul for ns- istunce in relieving suffering in Russia. A MOVEMENT is begun for tho construe- ion ot a railroad from M inknto to H.tst- ingn. SiEw YoitK city in ovcirtui with leg- gors, thieves and ' men unable to obtain work. OUT of a population of 40,000 persons at Wilkeabarre, Pa., fully 25,000 havo la grippe. WAI.T WHITMAN is reported lo be growing weaker, utid it is not believed he will lost much longer. IT is reported that Robert T. Lincoln, United States mini-ter to Knglnnd, will resign. THE Ruggles Stre't Boston church soci- l.y of Boston, has rx'cnded a call to Rov. Overett D. Burr, of Chicago. THE Chemical Nationul bank, with a capital of 81,000,000, has b?en authorized to begin business at Chicago. THE Kent (Conn.) iron works will elope .ndefiuiiely. The furnnco has been run continuously {>T nearly half a century. Tnis iittorney-gencrnl has appointed Junius M. Mcuunon as istant United Shit, s attorney for tho western district of Michigan. AN order was ii-sued from tho navy de partment Thursday that tho destination nf the United Stutos war ships must not bo given out. A SUOKSSFUI. test of tho government bureau of animal industry's method ot in emulating swine was made in Illinois. JunoE BI.ODOETT, of tho federal district court for Northern Illinois, will re sign to accept the presidency of Iho Illinois insurance company ON Saturday, Clinics Uncles, the first .oloreJ man over raisoi to tho Catholic priesthood, was ordained by Cardinal Gibbons in B-illimore. ANOTIIEU natural gas well wa9 struct Thursday at Strongburst, III., 25 miles east of ft. Madison, la., and that village is wild with excitement. X110MA8 S. ADAMS, the farraors' alliunee candidate, was nominated for governor of Louisiana by the anti-combine convention ut B'tton Rouge, Thursday. OIIITUAHY: At SprintficM, III., Judge Alexander Fisher, aged twenty-six.-—At New Brighton, R. I.. Rear Admiral Thomas Pattison, U. S. N., aged seventy- Ihree.—At Peoria, 111., Captain A. S. Culc, aged eighty-seven. IT is seuii-oflijiully nnnounced iu Wash in^ton that President Hairison will shortly issue a proclamation 1 estoring the duty on sugar, coffee, teas and molasses from countries that have not negotiated reciprocity tiunties with this country. MONDAY boing thn tlurloenth anniversary of the 'death of the prince consort memorial services worn bold ut Windsor castle, und attended by .Queen V lorin nnd other members of tho royal family, OiiiTUAiiY; At. Baltimore, Genornl John R. Kenlev, aged 09. At Mount Pleasant, Ky„ Rev. J. W. Moran, aged GO. At "niliidelph'u. Henry C. Gibion. At Mattoon, Mrs John C. McShano III., Conrad Scurader, aged 74 CRIME. TiMOTnv E. BYIINBB was nrraigned in Minneunolis on a charge of forgery. ON Tuesday. Edward M. Field was indicted by the New York grand jury on th • chorgo of grand larceny. PIIAUDS in tobacci importations have b"oh discovered at New York which luaj reach 910,000.000. DURINO a quarrel over a woman in Chicano Thursday, Thomas Porler wa-- shot and killed by William Ray. ED FALI.CN was convicted in the district court al Fargo, N. D., Thursday, ot shooting Charles Ktirmim with intent to kill. AT Ottawa, III., Tuesday, P.iul Gre^sar, an inoffensive Frenchman, was shot d>wti in Fred Mueller's saloon, by a fellov. countryman. THE'parents of Henry L. Norcros-i, of Button, positively identified the head ol the liouib-thrower, in tho New York uiori'iie. OH their son, Tuesday. AT Crawfordsvillo, Ind., Silas Mistier, 11 fr.niier, win placed in j til for drunken iie -H. He iiniufdiati'ly set the buildingtm lire, anil in the excitement t at followed •ill Iho prisoners raeaped. They were, however, recaptured. THE New York Heiald charges the librarian of congress with altoritivt the date of the filing for copyright of t'.i- Kngliih edition of tho Kncjclnpedin Brilannica. W. A. MOWIIKK, manage of the Kalamazoo, Telephone Kxohange, is musing, and an examination ut his books show a shnrc- age of $2,000. TRUE bills were found Monday by the grand jury ugatnst Major Wymunandex Mayor Pennon, of Allegheny, Pa., for muenzlement. Two indictment were returned by the grand jury in New York Monday against Ed waul M. Field for grand larceny. Field is still in jail und refuses to partake of food. WILL HANEY, aged 28, son of Mrs. Paul Wickrich, of Youngstown, was shot by RoBeBolmer in a disreputable house iix miles cast of Hubbard, 0., Monday morn ing. Both wero drunk. It is claimed tho shooting was occidental. THE safe in the postofllcc at Pster.-biro, Pike county, Ind., was blown open with dynamite Sunday morning, stamps, and special request envelopes amounting to nearly $1,000 wcio stolen. Tho burglars escaped. N'lrnnipunii ('Is'nis—Mescrs. Morjrnn, chftlr- iimn; l'lthiii-r, White, Slow-art unil Mllchi-ll. ii(Trii|.ii—Messrs. Kiinsoia, clitiirnmn; arll.-le, fieortfe, 1 lour, AT (JONUlUMSlONAIi. TUESDAY, Dec. 15 SENATE.—Tho vice president appointed Senator Morrill regent of the Smithsonian institution to fill a vacancy. Mr. Proctor introduced two bills to increase the efii ciency of the army and to regulate promotions. Mr. Cullom introduced bills to auieud the interotutti eommerco law and to provide for the adoption of some kind of automatic car-coupler for freight trains. Mr. Hoar spoke of tho necessity for congressional action on tho cur-coupling question. Mr. Quay offered a resolution tor an inquiry as to the feasibility of purchasing the states of Sonora, Ohihunha and Coahulln, Mexico. Mr. Vilus introduced a bill nniendutory of the act repeating tho timber culture laws. Tho first amendment strikes out tho requirement that a neiAon must bo an nctual resident to bj allowed to make final proof; Cull, (Million mil irliy. Naval AITHlr^—Mo'^rs. Cnmoron, chalrmnn: llnlp.Hmntorif, Sloi-kl>rlilni>, l.'hnnillpr, Mcr-her- nin, Duller, DlncKburn, sml Ullivnn (l.oilNlnim ) IVnHnns— Messrs. IIHVIS, chninillln; Mmvver, I'fliMock, Hlmop, Hsni»lJtoiiizli, UnlHnner, Turnip, Illoilgett, I'nliner, Villi! ami Hrlco. I'ostolllces nnd Postronds—MPMrs. tfnwyer, chnirinan; MHclHI, McMliliui, Wolcolt, lllxon. U'n-liliuni, Colijiillt, Modioli, llrlrc, Irliy unil Chilton. rrlvllpefs and Elections— Messrs. Teller, chntrmini: Hoar, Mitchell, Chandler, lliggins, Itnn- suni. ]"t»i^li, (Irny tmd Tnrjilo. Public l.nnils — Me-srs. Plumb, rlmlrmnii; Il'illih, l'urtdock. Alien. Petllgrew, Sunders, Mur l|iin, Wnltliull: llerry, Pnsco nnd While. Hill I rotuN—Messrs, Cnsoy, chtilrmnn; Ilnwley, Htockbriilce, lVttlitrcw, Power, PelTer, lllack- buni, llerry, Hule, tlordon anil Palmer. HIIIPH —Messrs. Aldrlch, chairman; Shoiman, Malulerson, Harris and lllucktmrii. Select committes were appointed a» follows: rap 'sin Woman srll.-le, fienrtre, Hour, Allen,(Juay ami Wnrrei Un President's;e. Transnilltli « Keporl i>f Pactlle. Hallway Commission—Messrs. l-'rye, i-hnjimsn; Dawes, llisrock, Davis,Carey, Morgan, Tur|ils, KalUuer nni! Whit... On Trnnsniirliiilon ot Mont Products—Messrs. Vest, chairman: Cuke, Plumb, Power und Ca^ey. On delations with Cumuli—Messrs. Allen, htiirmtm: Hour, Allison, Ilule, l)ot)>h, Pitch, Voorhees, tlormait anil Carlisle. Indian Depredallon'—.Mcssrs. Slump, chairman: Paddock, Chandler, Allen, power, b'ulkuer, C.ike, Carlisle and Kyle. (JuadrO 'Cenlennlal--Mes«rs. I 'eltlLtrow, chulr- muii; lil^cock, Sherinun, Cameron, Hawiey, VVU- snn. I-'elton, Culloln. Col (|Ultt, Vent. Kelinu, Cruy, l)util'-l. Vilus and Gibson (Maryland). Territories— Messrs Plal, e:hairniun; Stewart, Dnvis,Carey, Shoni>, iIan«hnroiii;b, .tones (Arkun- us), Carlisle. Katilknor, elordon and MePherson. Trun.s| Itonles to the Sea Hiuird— Messrs. Si|iuro, chairman; Mitchell, Aldrlch, Caeoy, UalliiiKor, Gibson (lowaj, Geor b -e, Tnrpie and Gordon SATUIIDAY, DEC. 10. HOUSE—On motion of Mr. McMillin, of Tennessee, a toncurreut resolution was agreed to providing for a holiday re:fs^ from Wednesday, 2'3.1 instaut, uutil Tjes- duv. 5th proximo. 'The membership of the committee on ways and uin.ina was increased from thirteen to fifteen, on account of the large increase in tho uieuibwhip of tho house. The coniuiittve on quadricenteunial had I een increased from nine to eleven, ivid a similar increase had been made in the committee on immigration. 'The committee on Indian depredation claims had been abolished for the reason that nt the lust congress a law had been pass d submitting these claims to the courts. 'The name of tho committee on commerce had been changed to tho committee on inter-state and foreign committee. Mr. Springer, of Illinois, nii,'gostcd that the designation ol the quadri-ceiilenniiil committee should be changed to tho coinmittco on tlio Columbian exposition. Mr. Enloe, of Tennessee, offered a resolution for tho appointment ot a special committee to inquire into the charges made against 'ho commissioner of pensions and Iho administration of his ofilco. Mr. Cbipman, of Michigan, announced tha death of his colleague, Melbourne H. Ford, and in respect to the aieuiory of the deceusedtbe house ad journ- ed until Wednesday, Dec. 23. USE OF MAD-STONES They Were Known in Ancient Times, ami Healing' Power Claimed for Tlicni. Quotations trom Treatsies on this Queer Belief, and Examples of its Application. Inti'i 'P .stiiiir Stones of Stones Beiiifr Found in the Heart-, of Venom ous Serpents. MeSWana mother of second, striking out the provision that no F ^fCMr ^Z MGail™ person shall bo entitled to make entry of ilmno, of Chicago. At lialena, 1 ..,.„. hH ,.„ ,. r ..«i ,i., nf . nf r „e FOREIGN. One morning tb«.emx4ojr0]p l comes to efluh,ttn4 worn, ajud<tbrow»\p Uu htyodit s »p4jih«wul»9f atthbj more wold iwt are in poi'U- Seek' »ftor- W^to-day/ mid the ten thQus^dj temptations of, COAL baa been (lisoovered in the straits Mugelion. EMPKKOK WILLIAM lias made Chancellor Von Caprivi a Prussian count, A IIECIPIIOCAL treaty with British West Indies and British Guiana is concluded. THE Standard bank, al Melbourne, Australia, with a capital of $5,000,000, suspended Friday. TUB fishing boat Osproy was fouudoretl in tho Tay. Her crew of fice men were drowned. A TIIKATY of extradition placing Monc coon the same inttrnaiional footing as ranee has been signsd. A DISPATCH rocoivod in Brussels Bayi that a priest and a thousand native Christians were killed duiiog the Chinese ivjti IT is rumored in Berlin that Prince , urslonburg and Count Donnersmark are providing funds with which to start a great Bismark newspaper. A LONDON dispatch Bays Ore Sunday in tho di apery store at Battersoa resulted in tha death of two women and the seriouB injury of two Others. ON Saturday, at Vienna, a well-dressed man committed suicide with a revolver in St. Stephen 's cathedral during rerviee. JOHN DILLON was struck on the head ith a clone and tadly hurt in a political riot nt Eunie, county Claire, Tuesday. Sao Paulo, Brazil, by which ii was soughtto depose the governor, of the state, has been suppressed by the government troops, and quiet now prevails throughout the si ate, Mn, Monuis, inventor of the Morris tube, committed, suicide at London, shooting himself with a rifle. No reason ia given for the not. AN uprising ngainBt the provincial governor occurs at Pamambuce, Brazil. A fight ensues between the populace und government troeps, fiily men boing killed or wounded. IT le offioitilly announced that Zanzibar I wilt be a tree trade port, uxcept so far as a|cohol nnd munitions of war are concerned, aller Febtuaty next. A OHOWDKU ti-iry-bout cap?ized in tho Elbo at ti 1. CurgMonday hundreds o£ people 1 HIT thrown into the river. Ten of to " passengers vore drowned aad many others had narrow escapes. SENSATIONAL stories were given out Thursday that another Jack-tee Ripper atrocity had bean ojmmjtted in tho White chapel district, L 'Jiidon. " Investigation shows that the crime was a esse oFwife- murdor by a shoemaker in a fit of jealousy, STUBS AND OASUALTIB8. A DyNAMiTH explosion near Graoeville, Minn., killed two men, A DispATOir says an explosion oocurred at Bay View,.L. I., and two men were instantly killed. Several others ore reported as injured. T HHUB men were killed and 2 seriously injured by nn explosion iu the Burt tunnol ou the Midlapd railroad, near Leadyille Col, Friday '., ASWEDB miner named Petenon fell from the cage of <No. 7 ihaft on^Lake Superior' mipe.r near Marquette, Mich,, Wednesday ami wa* daah«d to pieces at tjie bottom of the shaft. J . the buiiaiiiMi „ip, 'the eastern ha)f of TiueVefl,'CiWi.' A doseo men were injure .4 but none' W^PUI#'''^-|O^-^'0TWW i desert lund except he be a resident of the state or territory in which tho land is locatod. WEDNESDAY, DEO. 16. SENATE—Thn president sent in the following nominations; To be United States circuit judges as provided by section 1, chapter 517, United States statutes, William L, Putnam, of Maine, for tho first judichl circuit; Nathaniel Sliipmun of Connecticut, for the second judicial circuit; George M, Dallas of Pennsylvania, for tho third judicial circuit; Nathan Goff of West Virginiu, for tho fourth judicial circuit; William M. H. Tatt of Ohio, for the sixth judicial circuit; William A. Woods of Indiana, for tho seventh judicial circuit; Warren Tautt of Oregon, United Statoedistriot.judge of Alaska. Mr. Cullom presonted a petition praying for a law requiring the use of automatic couplings on freight trains and train brakes. Bills were introduced to establish a branch mint ut Council Dluffd, Iowa; for a ship canal around Niagara Falls; and for a number of army changes. HOUSE.—Tho Speaker announced the appointment to the committee on rules of Crisp (chairman), Simmouds, McMillin, Cutciiings, Reed, and Burrows; Mr. Oates (Ala ) offered a resolution providing for the appointment of a standing committee on order of business; Mr. Bartitie (Nov.), appeared at the bar of tho house and took tho oath of office; Mr. Taylor (Tennessee), rising, said that it was bis roomful duty to anuouueo the death of his friend and colleague, the Hon. Leonidas 0. Houk, wto died suddenly. TMOIISDAY DEO. 17. SENATE,— The president sont in the nomination of Stephen R. Elkins, of West Virginia to be secretary of war. The president pro torn, presented tho credentials of Senator-elect Hill, of New York, which were read and placed on file; Mr. Turpio supported the, joint resolution proposing an amendment to the constitution, providing for the election of United States senators by a direct vote of the people of the severul states. The following bills wero introduced. By Mr. Sawyor, amending the net authorizing the Bale of timber on land 3 reserved for the Menomonio Indians in Wisconsin; by Mr, Teller, appropriating »15,000 to intro duce and maintain domestic reindeor in Alaska} Mr.' Plumb, to remove the limitation on arrears of pensions The following standing committees were appointed; Agrlcuhure-Mr. Puddook, chairman; Messrs, MoMlllan, Ossoy, Warren, Felton, Gnome, Gibson (Louisiana), Janes (Arkansas) and Dates. Approntlatlone-Mestirs. Allison, chairman Dawes, Plumb, Hale, Cullom, Stewart, Cookrelf doll, Gorman end Blackburn, Civil service and retreiicbmeufc— Messrs. Wo I colt, chairman,- Dawes, HiJnford, Washburn Morrill, Call, Gordon and Irby. 0lalm«-Mes»rii. Mitouell, chairman; Allen, Stewart, Bander*, l'efler, Fanpo. Faulkner, Vilas and White. Coast defeo «e;--Me«eri. , volpq, chairman Oawley, Squire, lllgglna, Feh»n, Berry, Gordon, OtilttoaanUltuyi,- Qorainerce—Mees PASSED COlTJiTEKFIUT MONEY, Four Mombera of uNotorious Pulludolplilu Giltijc Hre Ctiptur-m!. PiHLADLi'HiA, Dec. 19.—Four alleged leaders of the that have been Hooding this city with counterfeit money were arrested thortly nfter midnight this morning. Tho prisoners are Raphael Di Nicoh und Giacoma Di Nicolan, keepers of un Italian restaurant and lodging house und wholesale dealers iu counterfeit money, and Frederick Do- rogal' and fclaima 'Tate, accomplices. Tlio arrests nre tho result of hard work on tho part of the secret service officials aud aro considered one of the most important captures of counterfeiters ever made.Tho a pang diBposoil of from $500 to $1,000 woek of counterfeit money. CONDENSED NEWS. 'Che Nebraska supremo court declared unconstitutional the law taxing fire insurance companies a certain per cent, on risks accepted. The duko of Marlborough has obtained tho assont of the court of chancery to soil part of tho Blenheim estates which were granted to tho first duko by parliament, A bank at Wartraco.Tenu.. was enlored by profcbsionul robbers und $5,000 stolen from the safe. Tho money compartment wns not forced. A premature blnit in Buik tunnel, Col orado, killed John Maloy, John Stnrbock, fatally woundod Charles Olsen, and seri ously injured two others. At Meridian, Miss., a negro who as saulted Mrs. Baughton, Wednesday, was taken from the sheriff's posse and shot to death, A game keeper named Morrigm was murdered near Maryborough, Ireland. He wns shot in the back of the hoad while setting a rabbit trap. David Henderson donated tho entire receipts of Wednesday's matinee of Sinbad at the Chicago opara house to tha Chicago Hera'1 S.inta Claus fund for the poor children of Chicago. For centuries many accounts have been current regaiding the virtues, real or imagined, ol ccitain bodies known .is unake- st mm and iinnl-slonos, whicli are averted to have the power of abiorbing poison^ from wounds. The literature of 200 yours ago contains reference'i to the -ic sub-itaii- and even inw HOIHH persons have a lingering belie*- in their i Hi ncy. The sul'i-.'C. is a curious one. and a briel iw- unl of it may lie of iutertst, p irtiuuhirlj ol the origin and identification of one ol tin so peculiar bjdics. Ji.'.iu Haptistit 'Titvernier, Hie gr< at ori enial traveler of the seventi enth century, in his "'Travels in India" (seo Dr. Valentine Ball's trmislation in two volume*— Lmdoii nnd New York, 18c9, p.iges 429 4'JG), says: "I will finally make mention ot tlio snuke-i-touo, which is nearly of tin i/.i of u double doubloon (a Spuusli gold coin), some of them tending lo nu oval shupu, being thick in I'm middle and ue coining thin towards the edges. The Indians say that it irrows on the heads ol certain snakes, but 1 should rulii'r believe that it is tho priests at the idol.itors wh" mako them think so, and that, this stone is a composition which ia made of certain dings. Whatever it may be, it has an excellent virtue in extracting all the poison when one hai been bitten by u poisonous animal. If tho part bitten is not punctured it is necessary to mako tin incision so that tho blood may fliw, aud when the stone hat been applied to it, it does not fall off until it has extracted al tho venom, which is drawn to it. In order to clean it it is steeped in woman's milk, or in default of it, in 'hat of a cow; and alV;r having been steeped for 10 or 12 hours, tho milk, which has absorbed all tho venom, assumes he color of matter The day when 1 dined with the archbishop of Goa, he took mo into his museum, where he had many curiosities. Among othi r things ho showed mn one of the mad stones, and in telling me of its properties' assured me that it was three days since he had made atrial of it, after which ho presented it to me. As he traversed a marsh on Iho Island of Salsetto, upon which Goa .8 situated, on his way to a house in the country, ono of his p.ilaquin boarers, who was almost naked, wiwbilten by a serpniit. and wan ut onco cured by this stone. I have bought many of them nnd it is that which makes mo think that they make them. You employ two methods to ascertain if tho snake-stone is good and that there is no fraud. The first is by plucing the stono in the mouth, for then, if it is good, it leaps and attaches itself immediately to the palate. The other is to place it in n glass full of water, and im mediately, if it is genuine, tho water 1 gins to boil." it hns reached tho United Sbtes. It is highly interesting, since.wn •have here an organic product scarcely to be distinguished from a similar opal-liko body tound by .Arm Id Hague m the geysers of the Yellowstone Park. Both tubasheer and Kydropliane wero probably what was called "Genius bell," Ocnlui mundi" and "I/ipis uiutubilis" by Thomas Nicol, Robert Holeund other writers of the seven- t. enth century, and 'Welttiuge" by tho German*. The great capacity of this substance for absorbing a fluid would undoubtedly render it as efficacious for tho purpose of absorbing poison as any other known stone, providing the wound is open enough; and its internal use today as a medicine is possibly also duo to this property. Tubasheer, as known among mineralogists, is a corruption of the word tahixir, v name which was used even in the timo of Avicennn, the grand vizier and body surgeon of tho hu11 in of Persia in tho 10th century. It played u very important part in medicine during t'.ie middle ages. As to its origin, Sir David Brewster says that tabashcr is only formed in diseased or injured bamboo joints or sti.lks. Guilbourt diff-.irn trom Brew.tter, inasmuch as he attributes the different rates of growth to the fact Unit when there is a •uperabunilancy of suji the tubasheer is formed from the residum. More recently Henry Cecil says: "In the onrush of tropical growth in the young shojt, nature ifler tlooring tlio knot, has poured in, as it were, sap and silica sufficient for a normal length and width of stem to tho knot icxt above it. But by some check to tho impulse, or by irregularity of conditions, iho portion of stem thus provided for is shorter ornarowcr than intended, nnd tho unused silica is left behind as ,i sediment, compacted by the drying residum of sap.' Dr. Huth discusses tho name, history, origin and reputed virtues of this substance with much fullness. In regard to its mo in uiedieiiio during tho midd.u ages, he quotes a remarkable list of applications to the ills that flesh is heir to. Hero it is cited as a romedy for affections of tho eyes, tho chest, and of tho stomach, for coughs, fevers and biliary complaints, an J especially for melancholia arising fromsolitudo, dread of tho pist, and foJr for the future Other writers speak of it* use in bilious fevers and dysentery, internal and external heat, and a variety of injuries mid maladies. The writer has examined a largo number of so-called mad-stones, and they havo all proved to bo an aluminous shale; or other absorptive properties to a greater degree than any other mineral substance that 1 havo examined, and it is slrungu that it has never been mentioned as being used as an autidot-i. it iu vy bo confidentially recommended to the crsJenco of any person who may d sire to believo in a mad-stone.—N. Y. Sun. A Uulry Molioul. A move in tho rii/bt direction, so far as our agricultural colleges aro concerned, is that recently taken in Minnesota, where a practical dairy Bchool is now in operation. Fifteen thousand dollars wore appropriated for the purpoao of preparing a suitable building in connection with tlio university, and the school will bo conducted in be- chairman,- Jones iai, uuiuu. »»wyer, OUIIOIB , Watnbnrn, Ransom, Oo|te, Veet, Gorman, Kennt, Gib- ..e«are. Stye, (Nevada), Dnlnh. Sawyer, OulloJ" Qua^ ™ w " luorrok >J9«H "•WW son (Loulslaua; - Bduoauon auq moor-v-..„ ... c Stanford, Washburn, MoMlllan, HansbtouKli George,piwta, Barliaur.and Kyle,. , • , Kiumlue the several branches of the civil eerv- ice-Hessra, Power, chairman| GalUoger, Fetter, Gray and Vilas.. Finunco—Meiirs. Morrill, chairman; Sherman* Jones (Nevada), Allison. Aldrlck, lllswck, Voorhees,MoFuerttoniUarm; Hansom and Oar- llble, ... . . . .,. Fltlierles-MestrK,' Btockbrldire, chairman, Dawes,BWnfordj.ttrpitre, Power, ttlodgeit, Call, Kauspra and Gltoon (Maryland), Foreign rolationarrMessrs. • abertnau, - ohalr- maniPrye,Dolnh, Davie, *4l »cock, Morgan, Butler, Keniia and Gray.' '* ' • Improvement of Mississippi river and lu, trlbq- tariet"Meair«{ Waalihurn,' chair muni Petttgraw, Power, PeSer, Walthall, Bate and,Pi»}mer, Inqlin affaire—Messrs, Dawes, chairman | Piatt: Bfockbrldue. Msaaerao^Pettlarew, flhqiip, Hor- Ean.^oneJ (immiO,:: Daule.rand Vilas.>...;-,. In»r;it»t» oarnmerce-JleMM, Onllew. chairman; Wilson, Hlacoek^handler, Wolcotl, Ulg- h^^JIarrlii, Gorman, aouea (Arkansas),'Bsrhour ol)iilrman; l *WtliQni: 'flokeji .ysrt -iina; "TOAT'S ALL." He Wanted to He Understood from tlie .First,anil He Hun. A short, stout gentleman, completely envoloned in an overcoat and hsavy shawl, walked through the gato at the Broad street station the other evening and proceeded to the sleeping car attached to the night express says the Philadelphia Press, As ho eutored the car he coughed slightly and instantly six or seven men frowned deeply at him, Dropping his grip to the floor and removing his shawl, the man dhed into his pocket and produoing his ticket suid: ' Gentlemen, we may as well bave an un dorstunding at ouce. Here is a ticket that I bought and paid for. It gives me tbu right to ride as faros Pittsbuig in this o ir, and in this car I am going to stay. I have got a firBt -ohws cold, 1 know, and with it goes a loud, hoarse cough, and that, settles it. I thought I would let you know this in the begining, to save yon tho trouble of growling after wo get started That's ail." And he made ready to get into his bunk. He coughed at intervals all night, and it is safe to say kept everybody in the car awake; but whatever their thoughts may have been not one person uttered a word, A BmU or tne Infaat Year. OIJp the last thirty yean orator* from to* century, and th* segment will represent th* Mrm of the unbounded popularity ot Ue»wtter'i Stomach Bitter*, Ttu «B *nlng of UM year ism will be signalised by la* appearance of a freak Almanac ot the BItlere, la wblch th* U*M , derivation and acUon ot tola world-famou* medicine will be lucidly iet forth, Everybody ehoiild read It Tli* calendar and aelronomlcal calculation! to be found to tale brochure are elwaye aMonlahlngli apodrat*, and to* (taUatlce, illuitratione, humoV and other reading Matter rich Iu luteratt and full of prott. Th* Uoetelter Oompany, of Pittiburah, Pa., publlek It,th*uaelv*a. They employmore than nlxty baud* Is th* mechanical work, and niore lb«u eleven maitth* in lk« year at* connuued In li* preparation. It, can b* optalued wilhoui. coit ot all sruggUU and country dealer*, and It Minted Ja BnglUk, Germ**, Trench, Welih. I**, awadiak, Hollaad, Bokamlaa and such a manner as will give farmers' boys proper instruction in tho euro of tlio herd and tho management of the home dairy, and to factory men instruction in tho best methods of manufacture. Dairy schools in other countries have been proven of the very greatest practical benefit, and in Sweden especially havo been tho means of increasing tho quantity and value of tho product enormously. We mention this matter particularly because it is a good Ihevenot says in his "Voyages, page sign that our agricultural schools aro get- 94, that snake-stones wero made o', the ting away from the purely theoretical ashes of tho root of a certain plant, mixed methods of instruction. Tho theoretical, with a particula- kind of clay. Some technical and scientific work is not of IOSR snake-stones aj pear to have been made of value, only it must ha in- cooperation oharred bone. |tea, for an exhauslivo ac- w ith practical application in such wo vs count of this subject, YuleBarnell, Anglo- as w iU 8erV e to bring tho farmers in direct Indian Glossary]. The belief in their contact with tho instructors. A dairy efficacy is ttill very general in India; by school, or uny other ncbool in which Iho some thc> are supposed to be found in tho wor k of the fiu-m is actually porformnd, is head of the adjutiint bird, [See "Junglo ot incalculable bonefil in thus affording a Life in India,"patre 83 ] common ground on which thoy can meet. Francisco Retii dosennos in his "Exper- Money expended in this way is well Bpent, nionta." (Amsterdam, 1057, pages 4 to 8), and appropriations for such purposes the extraordinary boating powers attrib- w i|| always havo tho hoarly support of uted to stones obtainod from the heads of furmers uftor thoy have onco seen tho certain serpents called by tho French workings of 6uch institutions. A caso in corbas de capello," found throughout point is the sugar experiment station—or Hindoostan and Farther India. Tbesn Bugar manufaoturois' school—of Louisi- slones aro claimed to be an iufalliblo rem- ana. This is so much appreeiatod by tho edy for the biteB and stings o' all kinds of planters of the stale that they mako it a venomous reptiles or animals, and like- point to see that it never lacks for funds, wise for wounds made by poisoned arrows, if the appropriations for any given por- etc, He repeats the usual tales of their iods are not sufficient to carry on the work adhoring powerfully whon applied to the to the fullest extent, any lack is at once bite or wound, and clinging to it like a made up by private subscription, it is a cupping glass until thty hail absorbed all practical institution, where pruclico and the poiBon, when tbey would fall off Bpon- science go hand in band.—Exchange, tnnoously, leaving the man or animal sound and free. Then follows the accauut 0 th . wlllllow , „ f YoU r Soul, ot steeping the stones in milit to remove Tu e day was dark, cold and dreary, tho poison, the milk assuming a color be- The rain had fallen iu a dismal, sullen tween yellow and green. These wonder- wa y for n week. Tno house soomed cheerful stones und tho narrations concerning | 0J | an( j life, l thought, wns not -worth them had baen brought to Italy by Catho- the pain of living. Doors and and win- lie missionaries, who seem to put entire qow , „„„ c | 0Be d to shut out tha searching faith m their powere; so that Redi says wmu „ n d rain. But finally 1 opened a thoy offered to prove tho accounts by any j 00r atm looked out. Tho green bianchos number of experiments, buch as would „£ the overhnnging trees beut down, und satisfy the most incredulous, nnd every little glistening loaf seemed liko a prove to medical men that Galen f aco bearing a Bmilo; all the earth, so long was correct when he wrote (chapter athirut, seemed riotous with joy. Tho xiv., book 1) that certain medioines attract drooping flowers stood ereot, and little poiBon as tho magnet does iron. For this birds were flitting and chirping through purpose « aoarcli for vipei-n, etc, was reo- 'be branches overhead, while high up ommended, but, the season being later athwart the eky there streohed a shiniug and col h r then usual, none could at that «>>bon of clear blue, fair harbinger of thr time be obtained, ai thoy bud nol emerged golden sunshine just beyond from the'r »inter quurloiB. An experi- Spmeho*- my heart eeemed lifted up in- ment w.w therefore substituted, after 10 th e serone height — — --„--. I CIOBUU the "door much consultation among tho learned men but the Bhadows were dispelled; soon I of tho Academy of Pim, where iy oil of found myself Biugingcome morry rounde- tobacco wu'< introduced into tho leg ot a ' a yi an d tno world did not seem such a bad roostor. This was regarded as one of the 0,c ' world after all. Muoh ot the diaoom- most fatal of such fiubstunccfl, and was ad- fort of life lies in our shutting oui the ministered bj impregnating a thread with brighlor side und Bhutting ourdelvea in it foilio width of four flnaers and drawing ' w 't Q our "hadows and sorrows. God it, through the punctured wound. One of knows we have enough of them—we human atoms, who seem eaoh. in hiuisulf 'Md Pplqullt, .. chairman; jfj OocVrell, » Utilising Hug* Trees. "' Two nuije redwood trans, mowing side by aide, support tne timbers and rails ot a r»ilroftd in Sonoma oounty, Oal. 'lhe HittWUave beau, eawed off savwvy-nve feel above the surface of u creek, and at this belgW the raiiroad oroaaes ft r*vi»e.- 'p. H. Mnlfujiey, of DePwe, and Mies Imelia 6hilke>, of Fort Howurd, two members ol the SaiTatlom- army, wwe msnlftd in Q ?eiu Bay... NATIONAL Al'OLOCHES. the monks forthwith applied the Btone, . — , , which behaved in the regular manner de- a universe of joy or pain—but because of Bcrlbed Tlie bird did not recover, but it 'bat we should strive the more to grasp survived oight hours, to lbe admiration of whatever of happiness may come within the monka und other spectators of the ex- our reach. Btcause our pith is rough and periiuent. rooky let ua not keep our eyes so closely TTr\ in ll,n i^ruoant tbvia vtrt nna lina onnn UpOn the BtOTOS ttt 0M ttOt that W0 Oatt- ren ^^Xrf,^^^ •&.«• *• ^ -» ^ ^S^^&^^h^S^i Though the rain beat, a rainbow like qunn« r Uyof obmThe r fro ^'.^lg," ***** ofglOry nmy bang itsarob let of the r »mlni.Tni»nrvovnf imib, ^,i,n aoroas our aky if we will Bee it; though fair in November of 1888, lhat the Indian w06f \ZIJZIL ™^aTSiid wmth in Hindoatan, Buroiuh arid South AmerJ- U<iy Bm * ln VVomttD 8 World ' oat it ia originally a juice whiisb by evaporation ohuuges in.o a mucilaginous state, that then boaomes a solid uub-tance. it ranges from translucent to ooaquo in color. 1 found it either white or bluish white by reflected light, and pale yellow or slight cherry red by transmitted light. Upon fraoture it breaka into irregular pieces like starch. As in Tavernier's account of its clinging to the palate and causing water to boil when immersed, it actually has/the property of s ronaly adhering to the tongue, and when put into water emits rapid streams of minute bubbles of air. It has a strong siliceous odor, but after absorbing an equal bulk of water becomes transparent, like a Colorado, by- dropbane described bv the writer several yearn ago before tbe New York academy of loiences . Although this aubstanoeii mentioned in nearly all of tbe text books, very little of The Manner In Whloli One Couutry Apol> oglsek to A upther. It is in cermouies of various kinds that the honors to the flag are moat frequently shown. A man-of-war vtaiting a torelgn port will run up tbe fUg of the country she ia visiting, and aaiute it with a certain number, vans. This . is a pretty custom, but it is doing an honor to someone else's flag, not to our own. Sometimes this honor is done under compulsion; that )$, when one country is exaoiinfau apology from another, Tho commanding olttoer of a fleet, lying in front of an enemy's town, may demand tuat the forte on the shore run up the flag of the oonatrf whence tha fleet comas, an<t hotigr it with: a national aaiute, Tuin sort of thin**, howevert belongs to ibe eve of hostUitisj, wPecember St. Nicholas,

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