The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1927
Page 2
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Cobi-itold ja<ii| •Ho .V mtler th4ti| Comb D In ter tba 1 -lirownpil Jv Out 'on Ihi^ li^bond^ Come (lenepdcrit, |] J • ifrs; E.|B. Lyn^i. bi ch;| Mrs. Keh J. L. JIalr. Mrs! w|)^ai fl<-l(l, int>^n . , soon^ baxklnR. petaU Hi -4! b njbiont itumn, Moori! :-f- Haley in the I stoiil -trl£e Club ! 3lrs, E.'H. ttiiiteri|was hoste.'s yiaterdky afteiinobn (b the men- bers |oI) the "W 'b liJesdiiy l^uncheon BWdgelclub in jfel- liome, 319 Kai t BJ-padway. ! j I jSwfe«. peas (janterfed loursomp tables, fpir the iuihi|!jeon and bridg iTheihembers!it the party werd jrtrs.: J. D. Mitte th Foust, .Mrs. t W. Harry. Mri. , Mrs. n. I E. K. HarriBoi •> T. Club i rfs and illrs. .|. ere ilvnstoMses I . thb nieinl>crs of |t »e X. T. X. clii - at one o'clock iuiic-hcon yesjerda ID thi liiome ofi the ; formev, 5()|> South \^'a8hingtidii; avei^ue. A throe-coui ^h luncheon wa|i served and sweet peas were tli table jdecnratloii^.. The afternno Hpeint inrorni illy with fancy • The meinhors^ illeiidiiiK win; Mrs. Ira D. K <-1 ck Mrs. C. Al Thompson, Mrs., .). F. NiRh. Mr . lit fi. nldneway. Mrs. ('. If. OIsui .. MH. Rllfhard K *iln)(. Mrs. J; i;. Cprnlsh, Mrs. X. \y. RevnolrtK. Mi <. -T; S: nreck'-nrivb <i. Mm. (). L. CCK, •RfrM. H .I il. aiii' t laii, Mr». A. 11. Henox, Mt 'H. I-M ^iii liirlaml. .\UK. T. A. JoWe an'.l \ r.s. J. P. Kohlj -r. \ :\ • • / -^Colai>mlriu jtiive Uiri'i' relArii eonterliil fur (lie K ^nlte<^|»«>are (' ub, Paskdcink 4'itiii'. lie liinil Kliiu i'osif^ VIolIiiisi, J iid FmHy SI ile> HiirrK niNiikl. J 'pear ti>niKb nl' Ff«f.f .H. E, JThurrli. aus|i[res VotMi |rt4 Mufjieul rinb. Ailults m'il rhIMmi;: v ' i : \> -v <- Ttrantletb OBlni y Club ; of LaHiU-pe lWl& ' The; nJpniber.s A the TwontI Century Iclub of JiHarpe wuire tci^ined yesterliiy afternoon th» hime of iMrji., H. p. Steph th ii- in fion, 601i South Sycamore . .strcjet. The radio and fancy-work w tjie dhrersions,. ind refieshmeiits were ^^ved. H. M. Sieph son, Mrs. .J. Kne ip and -Mrs. J. Staler were Quests. Tliei I^aHart^ ibembers at y.^ meeting were: .Mrs. Wm. Xewmin. Mrs. Water Wil^oft, .Mr.s. Oertnjile Barker,; 4rs. Edna Barker and Aljrs. SaBahjR^bmaii; .thfe Tola members,: jylra-'Joe Burger, Mrs. CL \V. Cheiw- ning ant MrsJC.lE. Pbnriington —Hell). Gii-ls lajnd Boys.' Hi re - wejare again maknig Stamp Pho os ii^pstairs [in the Kiiller apartmeifts. .5,%' Nort^h Jefferltin street. *n- G. lie (Mr.: arid jjre. Ij] .M. Powell ^n- Bonnoe ,khe birth I of 'a daughtj-r. Nanniie Jean Pow • - ruaryi22l j : iU, Tuesday. F^b- Memblr^ ot man's Mlssionarw ityi Methodist ' EJ met Tuesday ever for a picnic Hud hour. . "Oui* Templed lM8on and was Xv^lyn Quick. .M V i lie Young wio- kociety of TrCn- Ipjispopal churCli il^g' at the churlh 'per and stuily preBidemt, was la bUKinejig and planti were nrndp Iflvft a isteward»hlrt Mny in the ne f Utiire.j IHills" was tie given by .Mljs t^. Hazel Moo*e. cbarge of t |ie to ir The |men)t>ern piiWni wijre: MI^M, Irene jPorter, Mr*. Ha^el Hremt Mr». Kthol Hanil tin, Mrx. Iliu ,\to«ro,! MrA. d.ib. A llHOD, Miiiii M^o Kiittklfman.'Atlii* Kv<-lyu QuU-V'; Nulllo Thon bxon,! .MIIN Cora muty .hUna Aleet li Moore. MI|<H .MilUrol Mark tint iMinH t'letn M <jui|r.«j ^^y £iiljialiiln at 0ln4 W. Chancy., if eaieruiineii : t dinner yest'ej day! J ^TH. F. It limb. Mrs. J. II. Kos(«r', and 'Mrs. C. O.; Pvtersoii. of tola and Mrs Mxitiii.' Kinmaji. 'Of Burlington. k:i,iijui4.. • ; •-• •> <• Wediutsdny '• Bridie* ClB» .>l|efUi . ^T|ie W^ednesday Bridge club m^t yestierdai^ afternoiiii: with ilrs. 4. J. . GriCOhl lEi her hone atl CO:.' Kuutih : Woahtngton aven le. Mrs. P.- i*. Mlt^beh ifored 1 igh jurid after - liiidge a junch w: ^ .seri'ed. t 'Mrs| U a Chevalier. .Mra.vF. l.ei- ski and Mis» Ell: i^bethj Apt weie •• guefits. The mf-'iubers preseiit wci:e'.- Misa Haz^ BoWliis. .Mrk. J. e. Sta<Uier. Mr>. P. i?. MitihelJ. ; -and Mj«. V. Buwlus.i Ho<^tesN <o Wedne A ay i ^'^/AwntoB t'lub •. j i Mrs. C. L. Hoyt *aa hosteB."* yesterday afternoon ti> the \Vednes<laiy I Autitio^ club in hei] horaf. 109 .North CQUon cards. RSD [ ' ((oiitlnned fijoiq-I^ag* 1)! .\inut. Ki glevnjle. (^fiolls'ajid Cbirro* Itee. Te loifs. jit iij iahnonnccdj ^111 •tniouni atio{ut fZSHjOno. InaMlltr to follecl ;>r Ihi-lfij Wltiie euiiiuil I the sntal liieateij. l !>itt3butg. on oanK was the cause ilur#. tbe closing of the bankf >nMlderabl« excitement In er cities where they .were here I was no flurry. In The ; three national iank>!aiid the: other state badk in lfitt<(biirg have total deposltji ot ijioieididn IS-iOCOOO. The MHltfr had Individual deposit^ k jmonh in!g to less' than tSq.O'OO. he r^slj of the deposits liigely ere ttinds of other Miller IMIDKB, d funds of the state, countyjcity .nlnd WchonI board. | .Milter owns personally niore itban ."i<iop .-Icre.s of land, muett of it "le/coal (leposits, and Miller, his ; .ster, 'owns more thaii 1,700 acre«' i anil \Vi (!-" Pon-y, nephew, owns 800 -f-re... I I .- I ' .lona ban Miller's wealth, over !i;i.s in< obtfcdnesa. is estimated at :ii)out i $4««),ilOO. Haiilvi' .sj.said today that probably luilf ol| he assets regarded as <ive.siio^i3bIe by the state, banking : )1f >i:irti|)) nt foi'ildbe converted into < ii.-li. iiK^kiiig the total loss prob- .iMy not much more ihaa .|100;iD00. T<iila|>-')j j'ailtiru was the second j foi .Miilliiny ill the last year, and I lif arcs it hat city tif 2.U0II popula: lion witiiiiut n. iKink. MIJUER FORTUNE TO SkVE DEPOSITORS Kuit iSi 'Dll. Kaiis/. Feb. 24. tAP) : .Mt'lwist Stutf /lank here, oapi- :.-iliz< ii III $2ri.iiiiii together with sis ii.thii banks in <!i:nWford county ,<iitiii <)l(ii| by John Miller of Mul' If try, (jlriKcd il.i doors this niorn- iiiK. TIILI 10S.M was iKiiniated at 5::.'.iiiHiii iJi .sido.s 'lb<> caiirilul stock u.;.; .iv i!ii;5.u<i<i. I'. V. Miller, a •!i'iiii|.v .M:'ile bank eoitimisHloner. Is ill (ItiiK .H of (hi- bmil institution. The IwiiikH failfd to open at 9 t 'I'l'k nils morning ami » notice I iiiiiii'jl on tile itoiir of the Fort, .S<<.li lj.:ink that 11 was in tlie IIIIIKIS. (If ^toy I,. Done, state bank ' riiniiiii>«fii <iiii'r. : lt° wa : uniiiiii Military preparations by Ruglaiul, LXmerica and Portugal against the advancing Cantonese : rmies of China are pictiin latest to icach the United State.s nese situation. The top picture slj tanglenient in a Shanghai street are reiily for whatever may happen. To thl^ right leenter an} I^ Tonim • •:• •:• <• • •;• •:• • •:• •:• •:• • •> f> •:• •:• J •> • DID YOU KVHR .STOP TO nil .VK ! • By Ed.«on R. Waite <' Shawne^, Oklahoma •> : •iielliiencv in the • -M :ility. i (f'opyriglii. I!)27.i fiom Slianghai. foeal poinq ows Britislj rillemen. with t the F'orlUKiie.-- iine^-d that the on- lire ror-iiiite.s of .liibn .Miller, his .sifter. MIM Ada Miller, and his jii i»liew, .lolin Periy. all of Mul- Iii ri.v. witi be throwii behind (Jie lulled bnnk.s to protect the de- lio.sliors. i ' * The siafe banking department is ..^aiil to have been lirging Mr..Milder t" pjiHeet the depositors of the I banks irmn the frozen a .s8ets and , ,, , . . , ...ithat i;n t lie last few mohthiv he has ifenil interests olf these countries at Shanglijii ,„„ f^.^,,, 5«)f,,ooo to $100,000 of his SKA Service photos an •'• -' Jcerii liver the s. tiefore a li Id above: Thesi of foreign eiiii ilraivii liaynoe • photos are the 1 „g, j4,„„ ; '"•-'••'<•".'« '''V-! banks. Iiarhed-wire en- • ,; . 'personal fortune into the string of t roups.'eatherii'il arniinil iili arniori'il ' r*ie|i. i -Mfiii 4 X> \ *VI 1/ \X7T¥ T - (es-preparing a machine gan *^AJ^_ OAJ^ ^_»y_*y^^ LOAN COMPA^y u. N)t TO ClOlJE •'brt Scott report t!ui 8a rings and did be cloltet^ as a Result fal lure; of tlj 80 itfieaateni thb afternbol tant banPc pb irge TUe biiilriifapc ha I no coni it vas said, j --Telephony your ClassifieH Ads 18. nest at a strategic Shanghai poinil. Below is a coimiany of U!iieiiean volui fers. eniii!oye> ..f .Xnaiieun 1, IjHJ i-l n.IUiNNl!iLl I interests- iii Chinii. at Jrtiliiaiy ilrill. ' I I ' •.' I 1 ' lorileran.l niore^: llian liaif I .Vniericans who tiad come !iiif I'rime werejlo'ked oii ; British may not' be a.s e! ianil eliitieiit as .Vniericai ihcy do show more ctiuri matter of 01" the to hear t. The '^lergetic ns. but •sy and pniK tii- K. K. Gaylord. publisher- of the Oklalioma City Oklahoman md Times, says: That the average .-Vnieriean is lacking in any sense of puiicti al- ity. Whenever a meeting of iny kind is called, whether it he a small eoniniittee meeting, a mass meeting, a lecture or an entertainment, at least one-third of. the jat- temfauts ' straggle in anywhpo l^'om five miniites to tliree-fiiiar- ters of an hour iaie. j- Americ-a boiislH of greater effit: eiicy and , more -lime-saviiig ile- v ces than any other nation but there are few other peo |iles who are s'OCareless abrtut wasting other. peju |ilo 'i<; titni; by being tale at ineetiilgH \vlii;re their presence is reiiuired. Tills tardiiie .sK exiends 1 1 all social affairs. ,\Vlie|i the hiisiiss gives a dinner it is ainosi im- lieard of to have all ihi' giieitts jireni-nt fii i ,i |>|i<tlnlei| mnr lor dinner. Hellgloiih Hervlreij are no excuplloii anil u riiiiwiilerljilili- JUT cent (if llie aiHlleiicc lirriVen after Jiervlces'lliivi-'Wj'glin. 'Ilie ^e sielllH be greater tjiiiictiinlliy |ai wed- ngM and funcraU'than any nther I 'lasK of ineeljIIKS bitt, 1 It; Ve seen people late ill botli weildi i^.^ anil funerals, and in- ntftlur disc wi'is tliere any gnod reason fXteiit llinl lardiiiesf has heeoine li ;|Iii |iial with liiost Anierieails. I I atteniled a loiiveiition wliii-h held se .s.'^ioiis in Loudon, ICn^Oand. for abont one week. There were nearly three thousand Amerie .iiis in attendance. ' f found that the British were' always ion time ,i\iid the nieetiiiRS began iin time, j At ill of the meetings inany .Ain(;ri- ^•aus were late.'. The first assein- oly of tlie conveutipn was opened with a speech liy tlfo Prince of Wales. 1 arrivi-d at the liall fifteen minutes before tllif> meeting, time but was oliljged k^) take a Heat on the stage- as the iudrtorium wa .s; already filled.- I'iBrjmi "ly at the appointed time the diwrs wore locked and the meeting .railed to KANSAS ORATORg AND .-Kwiiig Iterhdrt: Dor. S.ibelha eililor. thinks that .\l!en aiui o.\-Gov. iiill.Moi the 'leveresl speakers' in There are many clever spe '.he l<':iisl-jtnr<! thai Doc. 'iielore niaiting his jil so sweeping uiid final. Topek ;t K;in.-as authr^r .-uul II. Kans.. Feb. 24. (AP)— ra -''"That sbow^-; what chain hanking ^ the M-eaiesi .Maior> oi ' J^'" 'i"-" icommented W. S. Ken- greiit ttir O;K' the iiat ;«iL Kansas ha .s hundred.s of i;ii'i|-d sneakers..yei not one is ii ;;reai Iplajllorm artist lilto • sister Seniple Mcl'lietson. She 'ts thonsamis to her way of nedy. a inis-sioner.; after banks of the Men- I Aim« I' 1 Oliver tee-.Mille - group in southeastern Kansias vere closed this morning. "When one weak bank in chains like that 1 reaks. the strong banks oftenj go too." he added. - Kenne(>j praised the provision of a,jbanpc;ng bill, passed recently by the House of Representatives, m^tlfRGi'" " >^'»">="' 'n'"^' forhiddint branch banking in Kan- UlJriJCin.O( never jbe niKlerrateil hy the news- j paix.T iedilors. loi] siie lias all the Tennal. j goiiiis ni the sreill iilatforni 1 ex-(i<iv. •.•mil lielivers tlieni. fqrapi tlMiik .'ne. Slu- lildiri lonveri tne laiUi. but she convinced ini; e is a great evangelist. She 1(1 )l>T tiiat sistant state bank com- gan are] .\ijne" all tin; Kansas speakers ar| Hef kuglgested that private banks, whose organization the ieg- 11 artist j islatiire Refused to restrict by re- aiSed 101 quiring approval of the banking Kansas, ikers in shiml:l dginenl has. K. I loner. (-hantaii(|iia inagnale. says that ex-Gov. .Vlien and C 'l iigiess- iiiaii Scoti .lie \ eiiually popular cliiiitauiina speakers, il 'ossidy Hill While .can"! lie (-(I'lal'd or ,-ill .'iroiiiid cleVeriietiH. .\lll noi (ippos^ inn ''"<• Ti-iiiiiirHoiiliilon. It's eii- llrily lii-i. \ ic .MIIKIOI k, » lio has i 'linu ^l |i ;ti!('<l lillnself as ! publii s|Kialier. is (itie jof llie ;/re. ilesi of | Karixa-i or.'toi'ij. lie 1^ big league stuff. Anions the breezy la kers in KMihii*. XU>y talk marly all lh(- llme. are l-'raiiii .larrdl :i id i Hill Itlbv. liill While has mad - iii'oie money with Ills; silver loiif lie; and hllv,-r |i (-ti iliiiii any Kansa 1. Hill IKl'.s at bin usHpclatlon gal ni ilifis all over the loitnlry. he ad Ire '-ses niiiversil ie.". ':olle'Kes. «e 's about f.'.iiO for euch address. .Ml IIM .- olh- ei KalisaH Kpe .-ilterH are pikers cuiiipared <o liill. Tliel -e an be no clevie.'.t orl gre:ilesl speaker. Kiich <>( the li <ileil Kaiisaiis i .'is bis own way that some lilie. .some ilon'l. .loliii .1. : liigalls w. s the riiii; tailed, chattering monkeys. departniet^t and the state charter boaril mSght encourage chain to fi- .—Telephone your Classified Ad8;nincinl (lilficulties in the future, to IS. "Ally wiay. It isr something for Kbod street | G. E. Pendi rvis played hig Ltinch W£s served aftc* Xuminous paint craae <^f the mOm^iit jl^ndon, and iit^is BVfT voraan with a ran follow. In fi two elUes tiany'*hatBi w| I of flowers are painted HiU Hat: in sUverl wMifh Ipves , an:' exi •.fwftllnlrtlie-a^^i-k.^ millinery is |i in Paris an 1 a| fashion whic 1 gii;t for artistr • ionable shopi ed, are to b> qiiaiut litUi -. aijimals. Tb > on I tUe fron IjUmiuoua paint araoijdln^ry ef Don't Let A Child Cough • , .A Cougbing child needs help. For ; H iyears, MLotliers have relied on Chambedain's Cough Remedy. It re- • mo^^ choking phlegm snd stops the cough. Aak your druggi&t to-day. Uotben—write for free booklet on 'K^are of the Sick." Chamb^rlun Medicine COL. 603 Park, Des Moines. TanM Brini^ Grafefid Refiiif Father of 4 Otildren Compi lUd to Stop work liue tit Badly i f;ih- <foti:n Condition Rfgiiins tit tilth and Strength. Takes Tanlac^ Worrj-, nervous^, 'and tremen-'j dous n -siKinsiliility of trying to tightotT eiekiiess make a father's life very trying. He must Imye health. Hiram Camp. a rwpec 'twl Topelta, Kansas, r&sidcnt, route [2S, says:"l wassorlin- down that 1 wasn!t al.Jn to work, i "I didnotexpecttolivif fora nonth. [ sufTcre<l from dizzy spelLs, I liecaine , extremely nervousialiout my cor ditioti. i 1 suffered from painful stomach troii- ilrs. 1 sought relief. Then a frit nd ad- iri.<ied Tanlac. i j . "This tonic wippd out my ti oubles ;md gave me strcn_gth. I can w )rk all laay without tiringj and never g it irritable or nervous, jl never suffe • from indigestion or diizv spells. .' 'aniac dame to my rescue.! t never get t red of ijceomroending Taijlac." Tnjnlae, made from roots, bari s and famous remedy. Mor>than •old. First rmttlc I.' At all dm, gista. And Upward Ix)tsi of Used Piar os $75, $100, $150, to ^250 New Pianqs $295 u^'^arcte TERMS people \6 rked. t&ink about. Komi.. F«b.i24 the Farhi iijud Loan Asspcidtloh mre', Milled • ICunsas. b by P. y. banks was .Mill commission .Midwesi Biinlj and loan.asso it>ction wi h th( ire- of H(>mc tTie in leiiiejl as- in •r. r here. iatlon brink. nIsWcirth .Si . ndvertfi*^ nitd createia iciWter demand for .\'AI F MK we are unihArixeil by tbe niatenfartliriprK ill 1)1 tile ef' 1 i T . . f (genuine Na rcisdiis I*etf liik^ i)ir Keiriilar <t }.on sMim jpi esenta^on of this (joi peii aiitl |l.l!> ('(upons redleemahle onl)' Anill antll»rrxed aistrJbkt oHji!) eXUfuxf. ed. Alsd oMif 1 Jiak-kngi^ for 88<}; (IINSALKiAT the yad^f ]^er6^tile Cofttytiy LI nit 2 Hetjle<« f j inck |t'ij«4Dmer-j:aod Only on i Indicated Eidqui4it€|| Exampleib Outi ta idi will fin I f lodels i the inf m lal social which bur great Buying Power functions. inglyisriiait for Spring 1927 i^ the silk f'otk'fbrdil occasiStii--]^* (dels her i in strictly tailored styles and otl ers on more dress; r JFoi As su^priaiing as the variety is delight fblis th6 M Years Specifjl this week:! proof Sun- fufflcd curtains. ColorB Blue Gold, and 69 Pa^r Successful Metcmneti^t^ ip lol/a t1 PI r- When^you see th;e^ jii-esses yoii'll agree >tith that we 've never: offered'siich values lefwe «f' thi.s iprice. The fh4te rials are Flkt Crepeibioflt^ and a few Cantori .s 'aitiong them, in a l^utifpli'. range'of colors. I We SiigBcst That You CMMJe fia^ly fjar tjhtoi Be^^' Selection*

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