Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1927
Page 1
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VOLUME < i ITALY lAY ma 0. s, <tll tlicj live J)()l With Reiu- i — Explknatipns sal May MeaW Ultimatie iA^prci^al m U. S. Limitatjonis Fropbsal. / WasliingtoltijFcbl Im'i cx|ilauatl(in3> u Aiiier|ciin D.Wcp iiuial 1] i>iu-t-Trt-0'nii«'ya. ii .Ian : QRibaHH^^diur purtiiiciil al (tiu tlii)i< ru. (Ai'i -V ital.VH attln lirOiKisal -.Ior iilijaliiiii cdiif U' Uy til.- 11 tli>- sialo ol' the <U'llv «'ry!orjh« f()ri>\n!/llalliiii n-tiiHal |>Br^lci|iatc. Itto tHjllfVcil lo In ^nrtoniitl rolfHiilMiJii Illy liu- Kflli- ettoiil <>f llitf Malli II noli- Wjicihor (fok- f iivcrMiiiliJiin hi hera BUfflclclilf nl wannni a tliu(| Italy ilUli ilucod to,ae(!i.'iU il with Kjlgbl iiiHlf, mciijt ijcfUHujI to| iway!th«| u'jtiire of ihv I Tlicrd in ifi'asoiil u> Iriili I'ly <7"i Ainiji'lcaii jiUitii i-atif)iiH liaH IV .ktiitu (Itpa ^n(l||(!itt> ill al iihibassado Italy's Inabihty iial fsugjgestUin ; tliat thi9 Ameru-an ,< \ questiDn o( Ita.|liai ' iOcatloij! enttri'ly i! nient at Oeijc-ya Heated the America^ ' tplll; thiE Vt-'y-S la ships as bettteuu lIlJo I ..'Orcat Uritaiii and] lai i' Italy j has jatwav; r I"" peji for ^^'tt inieii I the 'Wfashiu^tpn in o|itA|niUB an acr ^ al leqii^ity ;in ciijjita; airplanb carri^jrs' aad |ltily as jiiiiist |\. The! p bposal for a plyliij: ko smpller draft Kiird ijiis naval i ajiit :in«.l Itaily, thv> ijue itiJohJ : left opfn_l)y! Pred In dome quartdrk i tbatj tiaiy'sattittile <bn{ the iitj pro||o^ might ha i-; b .'eii : quie<4cclil if ilie 1 (nie «ovcrniii(^it hud I been ablp to ea I J into t Aiii^rican mi'inoMi dii^n: fiomo -als- ' i "iira'nce for jcontiailiei ^ b«'li«'V(! 'lioi)(i in the IKl at o:i- ar^ile l!rora iho S: it losal Icfl t lie Kri'iiih ri>\- e- lal y nekv Hi V r till' orl Hi I'll to IIUl ill ; aiixiliijry iiitefl Stat gardi'd t lel«f;atioii riynfiTOii] He's Versatile II- s*'*!*!! m I v's «lo«i<»r <»• dhliillj 'ilfi(m>!> , from < oliirjihlii iindi Kdlnhiirtrli. piis('<iriilri> hi ' York mill lliVuiio. tninHT(Mi,>; iilliiscH and II lu'vj »( hh I ih II ix; mid fiirKPrlcs iill iini ri'rriltiMl III IMtiiiild SIrMurl hy .Ml«-hlumi' iiiiMiorllli's m I io iirrcsli'd him. iinulls Irliil at (ii-iiiid llaicn, Mlrh.. iorit'or^'ini: » shrill 4-lirck. SEPENCllS TO BE FIXED •a. ideii Measure l|»foW House Whi(^|i Refused i Similar Topekaj Ki|ns.. TU* Renattr-niiissi- I'firl^r prlnuJry lifH 2? to 12'at ttiifiu; i(i ornojin.; Thcl ijill liil htniHk ulilioii^li I bt'r 'liln-ady iiiis panilm hill. 1 THc l».'ii*k<M--li'ar lo 8i|bK<itiitu iiiirly the kcliitrtion iolT ciiil for ii:Jv- ii<l I •o • I. IP- .ships a |)et1v<iolr Kraii im porta treaty al lid not iii- (ir Kranf liayiiiK he ICpoIidKu. Is iieliev naval Ifraicc Goejj, tp i\ Vb. 24 lAI'l ttht-; I'arkti y n vole cl^icl^l I his al ICS lo I if Mojviis 1. .1. iParker or i'arker are co-aultllor! of tlie' bill M(|v!i .... stihp|lulcd by Roy -Tarir agent- j »s tc Bayi rd ] comn iiiiit; AVan|ner,^burg scl DeWltt H (»hool Vall|;y l^chojfl; ' •9i;hciol; Hihobl;j_Mafeh:, .1 4r: II a he stnlo leerHioxwri j oyi'mor. a - tn 'rnty general an 1 Hi - justices <if the isup cpje ooiiit dlstijlct; cbunJy; cl |i offl'cersj would cpii , natcfd at the- j'iiril PHtjKatics would I primary elecUqh W L 'ODVcntiojRs whiel olecl delegates! to conveiitiiotis. i If ^rtyj platforms \l-oiild he draf ed 4t" thCj st ^tc c J ivdntioiis. , . Tlfe time df Uht urimary wouid be fthanged to Ar r ' ' St^natlor ;fi«5orge Latlmei) andi Senja Kmporm th • justices Other slat and towiish |iiu<| ti) lie iioiii|l .• I election iinied at' tl tend counly turn won d -state parly 11 To I I Ihj order to [phbnjf Orohe.-llriai Kelle:^^ theatre, ^ticket pale, , Al Udlkre ol tjj be. a tiajU "Song of iniui,?'jrenderHj b . atiii Ef*ijelt Land, "fn. A' :Persl«ii ^ livd. *(lii; be thd i-*he!ilral featur ofltbe [program. AJsyi jipsis oif tb uutiitfer^ Jollows ; •thei jcamel-driv ersj gradually appr^ac i;: the <rie of ijiegkars are rhiajrd: ithe beatiti] ful princess efitjets.l'ta Tied by he sertanta (she i« leprfsjented by theme,j Klven ai ffrst !to clarine . anal cello, then' : ejpet ted by .fi)| i •' -orc^iestra) sh^ ijtiirt! ti iwatih jut ' gj^ijs and a,suaie' cjiirmer;; th > calib npw nasae[i thrmigh the mi^r Jc«t|anjd; interrupt 5jthej eutertaihi . meqtf {lie beg^^s [aye "heard again prepa IW ' oWir chill c'clcij a COM r jilll-pioi")!'' •oijvcinlioiis 1 dldatcs for iil AND CLERKS All Officials Named for Primary Ejection for ] Commissioner lo Be Held Here I March 8. I -+ lola will go to tile polls a week froiii Tno(^day, .Marcli 8. to nominate caiidiiiates for finaiii'e coin- inlssioner for the Renerul i-leclion. . The city coniiiiissioiiei'K have •ji'.simi.-i'ii'd pollin;; places and ind^cM nnd di-iks. The votiii); places and clerks ami Jiidm-H follow; Kiisi Wiuil. Klrst Miyitlst church Judge Fbrrist Grants Fij^st Parole Yiesterday Fred E. Blackstont Confessed Forjjer, is First to Ilc- ceive CIcmencV Since pistrict Judge Went Into Office in j^Den Gpi^fy. ))ii Kii-jl .liii.-kNon: jiidKcs.i IiMivvii. Mrs. I>. K. {jle'l^ lind .Mrs, I'ri-d Uiiodlii, clerks, MrM (ieoi'ge •I'liMicrl and Mrs. l,or» K'f< . , i .Second ward. .Memorial hall, on .Niirlh Washltigton: JiidK< h . I. ,1. Shook. Mrs. .MyHle Hrecl < nridci'. .M is . .Minnie Wolf; derkk .Mis. Finyil KIlloK ami Leua O. Urown. Tliird ward, fire depiot nent on West .Mailisoii: jiidKe.s. William :I)ingman. Mrs. Kinma Sii ith and Artliiir OcCliile: clerks. .Mr.x. 11. II. ('ol)leiilz and. Mrs. John l-^rischen- meyer. j Fotirlli ward. .Mc.Miinayi Cabinet .shop on Soiitli .leflerson:• judses.- C. W. Siiiiih. .V.die H. Kemp and I Forrest Will Fiji Term forj Man Who Killed Winks, in District Court Saturday. il.oiiis Mart man. coiiviclod Fchni [try 1 on niaiislaiieliler for fatally wmini^in^ a c-liarse of fonith dcjficn ^aynioni he Mar Winks. 1.") years OldJ oi man farn'i. northeast : ol ^n^•.lb(•lll't. .VtiKUst 1!I25. uull b< scnteiicejl al o'clock Saturday aftcrnooA Judge Frank H. For rest in ilistrict court, i , Hartniiiii ishot AVinkS when tlu youib islalle.^cd to have atten\i)lei| lo steal jwajerin-dons at tlie Hart man farm. 'IVstiinony in the niur dcr l|rial! hroiisht out the tact tha Wfiiks vias sliol after he liad lellj tlie Ilarpniin farm and was in «jcar. parked,oh tlie piililic hlKhway T)it fourth flcKreo iniinshMiKlite verdict retiiriied by Hut jury fixe^ I i I k sent'yuce' miniiniihi at si> nioiitbv. ill theciiiiiiiy jiiil. and Hit maxin|uiii at two years In the slali pciiitefillary. 1 .\ reiilicHi; Vor a new lirlal. iiiadt l>y Marl man's allorney. iwas denliM| in ill>^lrlcl iiiiirl recently. ^'Lodi) CONTROL AT LAWRENCE MEETl s In . ^NG PIC riTRE , ^H&W^SC; lEDULED g pitJture ^ijaw.s have bei Owin, couii iows: Tonii-'lJ lull; Frida KJoUotise: Fe Miirch 1. St IMarl-h; :•. .ledil Allen Center lirliU scho<il. iai^t* m rk , l.awrehic: Kant... Fclii 21. i.M'i- .Mcll'ioda of riverjconlrol ami flooi pn'^'cniioii were the injiics i'onsid-| ercd by i engineers thrdiigliout tin stale aiifl sliidenls of tlie encineer iii^^'Hcliool of till! University off Kansas iit a lileeting.held today at the iinivf'r.'ity. ^1*. F. Walker, d-a of tlie j;cliool ,«f '.•nf;ili«eriiiK at] '-' '• jiresideii :ai tlie meet ins. K. r GRIFFIN VISITS GALENA ME LK SI .lack {Criffin. jiircMdent of Jhc| f ' "it:!!!- I'Mks a.-;soc!alion. w;is at Oa,|if i leiia la.St night aud addresse<l nieeiiiig jof the Caleiia Klks lodge !'.\ct<-rdiiig to Critl'iu, Ttle'TTMige has '. shilwH rjemarkabic pipgress during Hie last I' ORCHARD PRUNING M 1). 1 tion Iva r I Ciwin, c o lETING MARCH 2 Ir. ' , .Ui oijchard pruning idemonstra- lieen scheduled by Hoy iounly farni agent, to he 2 o'clock next IWedne.sday iifternodii on ih >. W. II. Pettit farm ill S.'ilePi township. | _ • h ony W ^ill Play Friday KelleyfoRaiseFu^ids ExpizAses of Orchestra funU« f «• its work, the lohi Little Sym- presen. a jcoiKrfcrt Friday niKht at the orchest -a will receive a perceint of the prbgrain wi Volga Boatj iold Kelli j it." descriif Ns to Samuel penileiiliary. Hlaekstone's arrest Jan lary in iix. Joplln. Mo., was his fir^t li'«ubli|. BORAH VIS TO SOUT NEARL Judge Frank R. Forrcstj late yesterday issued his first parole since ^becoming distrittt judge, I ! Fred E. Blackstjone, wHo last Saturday entered la plea of guilty, to a <thargt^ of forcing a seifieS of checks on farmers lining near Humboldt, rjeceived tHei,parole, Blackstone paicl the cost of his ta-se. Blackstone fiaced a possible sei . fence of ten years in the slate M time he entered a plea of It iH understood that Hlackslono was facing two It is nmlir^lnod lli^i ^ ^^i,,,,^ bnl one was dl.sml.ssed on reconiiuendatlon bi Kenneth Fousi; <ounty Httorney. Kellogg Says No For Committc(| Senator Is Ask Actioiji At Once. er Washington. Feb. 21. consulting with I'res idgo. Secretary ICellogg ten Chairman Ijorah that the adniinislralion necessity for the proj to .Mexico and .Nicaragua by tli .1. II. Ml .Murray: clerks. .Mrs. Mct- la Swinford and'.Mrs. J, II. .Me.Mui- '••'V. . . 1 ! •• Fifth ivvaid. .less Ilowani huild- iiig on K.isi .Madisou: judges. .1. P. Pell. .Mrs. L. V. Burgess anil J. H. Cear: clerks. Ceprge Vaught and .Miss .Mary Remsberg. ' ' Sixth ward: judges. W. O. Reno. .Maude Wi>rster!and niissell IJris-^ ter: clerks, .Mrsi Mark Rui^ner amV •^'school^distr'icu'outsidi. of cilyi^:!'."."."'.'';!^. f?'" M^'' .•."^«"""' liniHs; jinlgcs. Charles K. Keitz- seuate foreign relation tee. jTlie secretary, who is^ home here, said the could obtain full inforiiation re • garding the situation in I man, Clark Cilliert'anil .Mrs. Cori heit'Tliompson: clerksj .Mrs. Clark I Cilbert and .Mrs. Charles E. Keitz- 1 man. STRIKERS CALL TRUCE IN CHINA . .Shanghai. Feb. 24. (AP)-^A truce was declared in tin; conflict lietiveen .N'atjonaiist ilalior in Shanghai and the totiering regime (if .Marshal Sun Cliuan- Fang tonight.^ Simultaneous proclatnations sent ihouRBniJs (>f workers back to the.iij jobs and called off the: executioners of Ceneral Li Pah-Cliang who beheaded more.than 10 ^algltat- ois during the' five day Walkout: , One arrived Their |l to be f hen-. .Shanghai. Feb.' 2l. (API thousand Sliantuug tnioiis hi-re tonight from Nanking final destination is believe Slinking. 2S miles south i where Hie Cantonese a|re - i-jxpected to attack hexl in llieir dr Shanghai. These are llie first; .Virthern ll'oops to arvi>ie herein the Peking regijiies proeraui for asHlsti^g Marshal Kun CljiiaiiK-Fang! in defense !of the city. ve . on APi-Afd dent Cool has writi indicatin sees n (ted visft \i commit- ill at hi; coiuiuittc ^ those twi directcij liimittec a ment officials who WeiV' lo appear before tlie co its session today. TJiey are Stocley Moijgau, chie of the dcyartnienis La can division, formerly charge In Nicaragua, an son S. Howell, Jr., of can .division. Secretary Kellogg's c^nimunica lion a]i]>arently did Cbairn*;in Brirah to mind as to the. desirahi coinmittee going to dent caj during the recess of; and he was prepared to| a(!tion on his resolution Morgan ^^•as befortj tlie commit tee for • more .than an hour anii was cross questioned b.y memberij of .the committee at iengjii. It was indicated that the hearing whlcl| was held liehind closed doors might proceed for some time, ami there, was little prospect of a vot«) today on the Borah resolution. in Amcri Americaii I William the Alexi ot caus(| cpiangc his ity of hi4 |-al Amcri congress] jircss for NO LIFE LOSS IN SHIP SINKING^ SLUSH FUND QUIZ IS HIT BYROBINSON • I - 1 • Senatir Reed of Missouri Is Assailed liiy Senate y Republican S en a 16 r ' ! Today. •". i • —•— Washington, Feb. 24. (AP)- .Method.4 of Senator Ueedi Democrat, of .Missouri, in conducting the caiijipaign funds inquiry were assailei^ in the senate today by S«,'nator' Uobinson. Ucpublican, Indiana, who in turn was accused by Uec(| of making a "cowardly insinuation that We, does not dure tio make openfy.'-' ; I Senator Kobinson questicincd the authority of Senator Reed jto enter indianaj in the investigation, de- (jlaring j no; charges of cbVruption ih the liriniary there haid been made. ' | : ' ' Describing tho investigation by "the vepcijailc, gray-haired senator from Uissouri," Senator Robinson! sdid |hc caihe to Iiidianapolis ''sitting alone on the front seat of a vehicle Jwhlch ; had degenerated into a garbage wa {;on ."i ;."Her(s' came one man from thi; iclppositd party Into Indiana three [weeks before thi> election, widely adyertjsing for! information which might help: defeat the Re- publicatj iwrty," i Robinson con- SEVEII CHAIN BkNl[S CLQSE DOORSTODAY Pitt^burd gleyale, 'ort Opbl Mulberry, Bn- jVrma, Cherokeje, Scott and is Banks Fail. To|ifcka. K SOvriij bjiiiks group! in sou closeij today deparlment. Tlid banks .Mille J. W suite Pitl.fiurg. Clietjrikee. heriy. operated iby Johij Pittsriiirg coal operaior .Montee of Fort .Scott.,fiirhier seiiat( r, ' were \ iDiittcdr at I'lirt Scott., Kiigleliile, Ilia, Opoli.i and hliil- uses giv assi^laiit ha the fro?i wt-ri Tj thei .Ml $21.^ t ll.'lTi F ?l(t7 dosliig II a.Hsets no irn le baiiksj deposit Iters St $2S:t00O depi P^t.sbiir:; OtIU. mmerciai 1 (100. ist St: 100(1. Fitrmers .$G2.<^M). Mi $2;!.'-. F: rt-.vest frmers $4.5.(K)0. TI le total lianMs is IKi and and $959 Tl lhani and .Mill Dui^ Mill erty pect tinued. Tthcre was np opportun- LITTLK SYMPHONY COMING TO i The City little syiiipliony orchestra will he brought'pir lola .March 11 under the uuspici-i^of Ipla lilgli Mtliool. it was annourjced today. afternoon program kill be tireseiited at spiicial priefs for grade school pupils. A seco cert will be given at night f| schod studeiits and adults', ferent program will he pr at night. I Tickets will he placed < soon. OLA ,Se:i|lle. Wa.sli.. Feb. SI. (APi Dispajclies from Kodiak tliis morn ine allayed fear that any lives liai. been lost in I lie sinking of - twc sliips,';victiius last night aud earl] today of rough seas in'tlie> Nortli Pacific The United Stales fisheries boat the S(!nndia. and the steam schooner..Mary If. .Moore, are liellcved vic'- tiiiis of the elements. Si.\ inenibers of the Scnndiiii creW. the last persons nbonri^ either vessel, were, rescued thiaj morning, reports indicated. id con- !)r high A dir- .^enfcd n sale the caravitii resiinies ii;s Journey: the themes of the princess "and tlie (airi<d-drlvers are luanrin the distance and the luarkt,'!! place, be- (joiui'is deserted." The program": "Ovefon." overture, ViinWeher. •To A Wild Rose.;' .McDowell, i "Song of the Volg;! | Boatman.'-' ilarold" Kelley anfl Everett Land, by Lake. : i \ "Hungarian Dance No. 5." Brahms, < "A Song of India," K{ir.sako.w. "In a Petsiau .Market." Ketelbey. ".March. Slhve." Tschafskowsky. In addition, "The Crnise of the asper B," with Rod. LaRocque and .Mildred Harris, will be depart ah^l;|s the. feature picture. presented KU KLUX KLAN LOSES APPEAL Ouster. Decision in State Is Upheld by U. p. Supreme Court.| Washington. Feb. 24. (.VPli—The 'appeal of the Ku Klux Klkn resisting exclusion from Kajiias he- [•aiis-e ot refusal to (oinply with ihe' stale ilaw was. in effej't dis- nlssed today by (he supretW court. Aig'iimeiit iot coiinsel for klan Was eiiile<I by Chief Justlct- Tuft •With the statement that ih; case Was not one within, the juris Ifctlon of the court. j The Kii Klux ,Klaii con :ended that It hnji; the right to opeitute in Kansas wjlihout obtaining iiermlb- ^iou tronijthe state. Prosecuted under the sta e law 'e(iuiriiig all corikirations of other Mtates to obtHin permission before •doing business" in Kansa.', the :Iun insijited. through counsel in oral argument, that It was a charitable organization, "not doing lousiness.", within the mean tjg of the statute, and that it wa t free to conduct its affairs without ask- ilug the state for its consent! Coiinsei for th«i state, however, ssirted that it was clearly vithin tjlie police power of the stale to re-j uire the klan as a Georgiii cor-' boration to comply with the Kansas law. He denied tliat 5i pp.s- sessed any features which exempt-. d it from such regulation; MAN GALLS NlEWS MAN; KILLS SELF ; Asbnry j'ark, N. J.. Feb. 24. (APi ' -Ernest Rleker, who yesterday killed; bis wife and a sheriff in South Larighorne. Pa., today find three shots into bis body after le Iiad called a repiirter of a local newspaper to telp him "all about{ the South Langhorne'shootihg." Tlie shooting occurred in the Berkeley Carteret Hotel w;here the man |-egislered last night. He is not e:^i>cctcd: to live. ity to ( examine the witness- les he liear'd. This one-man committee of the opposite party then went t< the hospital where my ^colleague. Senator Watson. >A'as a patient. : ji "He and the reporters then Went 'io the federal court building, cry- ling for' witnesses. And ihero he basked further Ih, the sunlight of iiniblicliy. AVIinesscs were heard jinit no rules of evidence; applied, iieadingl q lestions were asked, but |»)jily questions wiiich' would em- liarrass itlie Rcpubllcah party with tile elc(:ti( n three weeks away." i The mo -e to extend the life of •thri cpmn Ittec was described by Roblnison as "purely political." "I |reco;ni2c fhe political ad- vanta(;ca that would como to the iscnator from Missouri,' he said. "We would need ito campaign fund bf his own. He would need no •puhlicity aiid it would be a plenty, it has all M the earmarks of put- }tjng forwikrd someJwdy for the p|-csideiitial campaign." Reed accused Kobinson of making a charge aiid then withdrawing It. .! I "I do not withdraw anythingj I I hitve sal 1 als the record will show." tilter'rup ed Senator Robinson. I I "He made this insinuation and the he kays he does not mean anything." continued Senator Reed. I'The record wInLshow if he deles hot chat ge it and il intend to i^ec that he does not| II "He; refers to me as b«ing ven- i erable. I l^ope at least I am rc- I ipectable biit the' senator need not I lake In consideration my years and i neither leed apyj other man." Musical Appreciatiofi In lola Schools ' Week After At a meeting of the lola )lans wei-e completed for the Breciation" contest which has Contest . Al ban^ lavi-, to b stat(^ low capital. Tl: est ed ia had liscount the tota 000. e banks a. Mill the cont r and n to the r, who to meet iins.. Feb. 24. (AI of the .Montee-.Mi lieasterh I<!alisas w by the stiiie bank ler •ire ing t:. ind n by W. Kill i-idy, • k ciiniiiilHuioiiei fur ^verl! "badi '"alls .-^id Kelilied.| safd here kuliritles. i and the liliioun 'of le Bank. Mullerry. tills. : . state Baiik, Pitts liirg. Leads Mar nes Slate Hank, l!aiik.M CUer lie rsank.i ICiigle ;^lr^na. kee. ate BaiikjFort ti {state Bank. Oi capitalizaliioii of ).yo. Tlie total .1 amoiiiiteJi to .$7." dciiosits iilmouiitdd' to i • • kvere lieaiiijd by .lopa- ol in ail was hjdcl'by [embers oiJi his ta nily. xtensive intercs's of as pledg(i(l his'prop- th(i losses, it' ii] iix- suf- id that the depositors will fer no loss. the banks >jpt>ralcd under deposit irs' hanki . guai-linly which, however, ; has ce ised fully protective toj deposi xjrs, beiiause of ' bank jie insolvency i of| guaranty \ ifund. suri4lus in epch bank becam as 10 o capital: Cherjokec and| Mulberry 000 Upblts- banks N. cial -jassistani! baukl commissio! P.jV araiiier, and deven other exam hat-e taken ({barge of i the bainks. Rojy L. Bope; state hank com nis- sltjmr, went to Pittsburg yesterday j'or a topference with the of' hanks. He was ex- iirii to: Topeka this 'or a conference ficiiri of the pct'itid lo ret aftiorioon. Mi ler is i/j-esideiit hait,kk while with I them in lirmorate ci (>!ihiers of are: .M. fimlth, CI; Engl W. ! Cro son I Sev Mine order] ment Fori iC()utinued Miller, 15 per cent of [e Pittsburg l;ank was the n the fi-oup, beiiig capitnliz- . $50,000.' - - J $25,000 The Fort Scott the ! Arriia, lianks leach and the Englevale $10,000 each. R. Obeiiwortmanri. first chief state bank of all .Montee i.-> coniii vice presidential pacifies, the .various : h E. .Micbie, at Anna: Ho lerokee: K. J. W vale: A Perry ley, Opo! Pittsburd. C. Bean. Fort S(btt: .:ile •oil. (dis. the jaiis i.iiOO: the The ti as the arg- iiank TEN PAGES SENTSOUTH i 6 Englai^d Inf orrte Ship Is ^ That Tdi Nicaraijua to Protect Citizerib theW.a bing Sent Its lani ed Sialics As I 'or «pr il. m I iii I lids lieen |l« coniniHMd all Hij .Mairliies In leader (if (ho Amcrli •es. (Jeiieriii i-'clnnd . rale wllhf Rear .lullan I» : Liitinicr. w iidsi Hie |,\oierIraii Ivico sqnailrnh in mil serl American seiis. ON DAM Petition Is! Filed Shortly Be Wij; ithe f ore. Boulder jCahyo^ Bill Is Displaced Frbm Floorj of; Senate. po.- and |spo- ler; e.x-|: lers the ted and nksl lert pbb. [Ing d Th(i iforj p |Were thirds to br linlo ( !the upon A s ih'Slgnat rmica \4*arngun. 'an lan^ nlll CO Admiral )in com, special Centra IS 4. (AP)—Tha mbiissador' for-mally hoti- late lU'partn eni todi y thK^ lb warship (iolombo would jve ali Corinto. Ntcsiragual, Fein , fry 'lf>\ for 1 he "m/jral effc|:t" Its / Wasliii|gt(m, Feb.. Britlsl fieij the di (he Briti' arr riiary preitenci- iiilght hav^ but'ibtit under: no (ir(<iimslancf'k wouIiJ Drit- lsli.naval forces bo l/ahded. I 'I'lie enibassy crossed i niemorai: the' state departmeil sy iissurlngjhe BrI that American nay; anigiia would c^ir protectiinn aiid ass isli^and |i>ther foreijgii nallqujola in that country. (iommunicatlon lOimKcnt from to thb (jmbas- ijih government forces Ip Nic all properl At th( ing of a state deiViJrlment it i wasi id tliai the <>xplah|ition pfl ^end- British W! agiia appeareil "sal ^rship to'^Ticar- .ifa(;tory.i' Reference vjas.niade t )l the fafet that iBriti-sh iJnd other fofign wall- craft were sept to Vera 1914 at of Anie'ric i)i naval i occu- that city.' ! officials d ilined to dis- the; liinel palion o While j cuss the Doctrine liington. Fell. 21.,(;APlr Wl: libiisler c.n the Boulder C: rn lin- ih lyon (lUiin bill wiis renewed todayj jthe ^enate. Senator Jiplinson, Ite' of ti- it- !publi4an. California, iii char; the hill, begani circulating a pt lion l) invoke the cloture rule liin shate. Mulberry: Rex is and R. O. Pi^ter- PIUTSBURG HAS NO URRY OVER BAl^K et W. sburg. K ans.. Feb: 24. tAIj banks in Crayvford BourJKin, com ties, com'prising • ciiain. vere. closed todayj late'banking dep tanks arei locatec ^ittsburg, I .MuHje Ion Page 2, No.-l ofl the The Scott. Ho'ii >todld Will Close Soon pny Concert, j^eacherp yesterday afternoon, ^i^ding i]p of'a "musical ap- been goSng on among the 4th 5th and: 6th grades for the pi^t eight week.i ! The contest Will come to a close the week j Iter the concert iS: given here b^r the Kansas City Little Synjphony. I This; contest—oifll more accur-^-— ' atbly. I 'ducation—in musical appre- i|lHtloii has hi;en remarkably suc- (essfut thus far and some of the i^csults have been quite amazing (jonsldering the age of the chil- (jren who are taking part In it. Its pui'pose. of cpurs.i: Is simply to each j the youngsters something i bout Imusic through ear training, yictrola records are used almost axcluslveiyi Records are played snd explained: and then "tests" dre made by playing snatches ti:om (ilfferent records and having the pupils! tell the teacher iwhat the t^Tie of music Is, etc. Thlsj musical education has been arranged in a contest form and prizes | have been j offered to the school! building, which makes the highest record. Prizes also go to I the grade making [the best record | ajnd to the indivi(inal who ranks highest. In case cif ties, duplicate jirizes wjilli be given. Final tests |vill be ji^ai^c andithe prizes awarded the wc,ek after the symphony (oncert, which comes to lola on March 11. j This<(inlert, incidentally, will be dne of the most! important feature* In the wjiol* course of niusical appreciation i eduqalloii f which the ij;rade school boys and girls will fet. Since education as well as entertainment is one of the main Objective^ of the Kansas City Little Symphbny. it has prepared a i>rogram| ^esignejd exclusively to ^ppeal td and educate the children of grad^ I school a^e. That program 4ill jt^e given in lola on the afternoon • of March 11 and only, grade scboal children will be allowed tt Attend.' The admhssian jwlll be oDJly 10 icents. Th© per- forinancc (or adults iwill be in the ^v^ning pi the same day. 'Cka. rm brok- the way lought under tl miiiisjtration II 'prt Dodg A sjc when tec pla(i( the gram; for a L'nioii with read cers Dodgf "W men. Ch and foecaii seal. "Wi men preparing plied .1 were SOLDIERS H(^ME ^RlkSSTOHM land tiie by irt- in rry. ) pn a made era I. Sen his l!(>iild iat :! I • The |ine;in: !<!.'l.ati .Sal II n If t dell.lli for nieasi Iconcr on Id P|e;i iJohns' Iiiistoij ;ite a| urcK sliniili press neces.s.-irv si.xteen signiitiij' J-esentaiion of tlie iielil quickly bbtainedj A l^o- niajorilyl would ht necessary ng the; debate limitation rjilc d ed de L-et as jffect. bill iiliould it be jnvolf ill would! Iiave to bC; ac |:it- tliis:session, iggeslion.iliat efforts be ni:i ill! bri^ig the ilonin! rule into effl I se Defeats Bill Wh ch Under Board. Kajis.. Feb. 24. (Alj in thq house t( and nVeans com pilssagc of a bill. e state at 'Firt Dodg • and Bicki rdykc l^ome wld6*rs al El of i dminlslrii penal and cha I Th • bill w, fight led by l^ndres wort^ c(>unl> leade Ja( e Old Soldiers' li Ikson ' of| son of a south, gaii^t placin army criminals a resolution hi the G. went a the res rman hieans resoIitiiJn shdild have se it did must Ito be doc "We correct lace HomQ the .MoJ for voter! The bfiard s ilefesifed of board:of ) — lay nit- to ad- ilrie her iins' sworth tion how con liable institntii th-olK Ills aft( Lea Repiibliian fl Bourbon coiihity, sohiiel' wii»i fill gh arose to prulet^t veterans of tlH' in the, same c asK and lunaticH." lie , sij^ned by >ffi- A. R.,lpost at fort board jof ex-ser ilution; stated. S( hoen of tho w| committeje ; said no we I 1^ not bear the (J. 4 I^i )t expect those olil te(|hniC3liy t:Orrect iri mpnts,?' En(lres rej irlusjt remember tlhey important legislation liy .Seii.-itjor Pitlhian,! Deiiio- I.Vevada. It or .lohnson formally fi ed petition ..shortly jliefnre h •r Canj;!!!! bill wasr displai ed 111., by-previoiLs! agreenieiit. petition ^vas adnjiilteil whjch | lliat I be (inestiop of limiting iiiiis be voted ttpilin all p.'m. ilay. Iwo-lliirds on tlie will be h senator re before sswill In .yeui borfie.' been f| vote for lintiliititin. ^>>ll and limited nd a the adj' made (Jertain, n.s not be rejidaced. ding forj aclin|n. in said th.-it dii he had er^nsenleii ting upon iiiipo ml resolutions. be iKjrniitted i Ills measure to TWO BODIES 4 FOUND IN RE I WRECK • • I (APJ—Two leamen. hajve iof the huijn- Black S.|-a. is beacliefl off Brjnnklyn afl/ir' caslr adrift yeslCrday when •iVirk.'Feb. 24. presumably of .sj mind in tl^e hulk ed BrpMsh oil tanker, which it wa:- t caught fire. ITA :iir nmeitd o one h(i vote*on tihe :)iirnnient list ancn td Brm relation o to flic sen ish: warship to Nica ly :was. indicated wa.i not |iegarded m that doctrine or as preceden|t. ITALIAN IS Monroe Brit- clear- j the ijhg of i agua, it ^e mbveinent in violal^Ion ot i'stabllsUing a~ OFF FOR PERINJAMB Pei-n:inibii(o. Brjitii; . Feb. i lAPl—Cpmmander Piriedo, ^vho landeii •-I Brazil, f'roni'the Istajid o? Ftman- do .\Oroiiha this n off for Ij'ernambuco this afternoon. POINCARE TAL DEBT! PL Francesijo ill Port (frning. Hoppeci 41 .1:40 (i'clocfc [JCO 24. de Natal. Declares He Is Askirig Ui Paris, j S. and Eng Provisions. ^nd fd^ ur Senator ng the fiili- I to I be S(jn- •tant inea.s- ind that return vote. Feb. ,24. (JvP)—Frah'cc asking I iu United S dies andj Great Britain or provisioii.Ul accords oil the war .iebts, Pr ijiicr |POincar«^ •told the Chamber (fti Dciint£e.4 tt>: ilay. The accords. 1 d added, Iwoald not be sjibmitteif to parliami ratitloatioii, the go\|d_rnmeiit|-alon<» betrm' ri'ispon.'-ilile. • If provisional pny made, hijilb ihr' Uni| f!r(;;i». Tritaii'i con. imnifdia c payment sums, tlie preniicr )iisistedi;[ "It mist not he sjii^posqd United States that rattfyingj fthc Waj agreement ^ hieaii.s to repudiate it,'.' he M. Poiiicarc was ply 'o a savage a(| hny |,|iington hat we Intend dddc^. peaking tick, Uaiincfieit by Louis Duiwis. fo^iner fcrtjBldent of the reparations crj his : poliilry of mak ilebl" payments. ; j i— :- ipmissloif^^ upon tife prov: THE WEATHER |^|d In extreme ftilty: Friday; soraef JAN IfLIER LANDS IN Pen fAP»- aly's ; rived from ronlia. trans- to tb( ainbiica. i ffrazil rf'onimaniier' De ing disiapce fly ;it Port .V ijhe Island com plot J\ I Ian tie. s iVmerica? I'li- <>oi .•ice lays th<| ght in ap atal of Fe rig the age oil Big Inofease Is^Shown BRAZH. Feb. 24. Pinedo. ling ace, ajr- t|iis morning Vhaniio. Np- sduthern his ; night FUKECASt FOR iAX.SASi / clondyl tonight an( f'rftlay; what colder Friday -- j «north porlliin tnnig For Ipfa ami Vi cloudy fonIt;ht and wlial crildcr' Friday. Temperature—Hig icst yeaterda:*' G7. at 2,n. m.; lowest last nigbtp m.: noriial for today; yesterdiji. 14; excess 1st. ?68 ddgrees: yeaij.j highest,- 51; •' i total deflr inchr a.; 31. at t ;!G: exc(>ss since Ja this dai"?, - Precipitation ending a for tills iiuary ' last for 7 a. m. year lo di cicncy sipcc Januarj es. Sun rises. 7:01 a 6:10 p. nil. Mtealhcr and 3 the 24 t(y<iay. .00 tb. 1.47 ist, 1.1 All clehr, all roa' Ottawu. Pittsburg, fd Committee Reconrnendatim Toda'j\in State .CharitabM '{>]\v\iii, Kan., iiroi)riatipn.'; T |Kd», 24, ^ir tin; St; for th]e liext biienniiiim was ccjmmitteel ,700 al th^ way.|< compjj follow and ifnefins red with %2ri ing tabl(| compares of th^ coming fiscal years.; lital 1..- Hospilal 709; T()heka State Hospital 4 j-j Osawatoinie St Larned Slati Hospital i Stijle Schpol for Epileptics, Sidle Training Sc lool, ;W Stdte Orphai s Home atj .\tch Stdte Tubercular Sanitarium Inst {Ar)4-An ion state bliaritabk irfccomniendfid today The I total would owed for present amounts reco 1928 ....$S63,20 350,00 270.00 [Parsons, J 215,50 infield . !-— 209,511 son - 113.00 Norton—i nS .OOj The senate >iHed the Re^s bilj passed already Iby th'e house to allow (ities of tlie second class !tp i I , ' ' • receive .$1400 monthl county folr the suppo charity. lients were noi ill Stattjs ami It (lemaiid the of far larger n .the delay Iri debt in ref isioiiai • i -JI til.; suti 8et8> Roads, j M good jcxccpt • ir. • . r utions (if $374,000 i^stitutibns >jj-the house ei$3,17440QN bieaniura. The mraendefl for each ! i 192|) [) I $345,000 •)\ 350,000- : ) ! 140,000 • ) i 210,^00 » i 202.COO-rr- ( 93,000 ) ! 144.000 Urod rtjof I thiBlr oi^anized

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