Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 17, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1959
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

-Junior Editors Quiz on- CASTLES SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer QUESTION: How are castles heated? ANSWER: The old castles were cold places in which to live. Most of the rooms had open fireplaces, some of them of great size, and people gathered around the hearth to keep warm. But It was impossible for the fireplace to heat the whole room, because even the floors were of stone. While the nobles gathered around the fireplace, the servants clustered around open fires built in shallow pits In the center of the floor. Since there wasn't much furniture, these open fires were reasonably safe. Today, many of the old castles of Europe have been modernized and heating systems installed. But even with modern conveniences, the castles are difficult to heat. FOR YOU TO DO: There are many different ways of heating homes today. Have your father or mother help you make a list of modern heating systems. Then have them explain the one used in your home. (The $10 award for this question goes to Jean Oliver of Farmville, Va. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Oh, nothing, Janiel Just sitting here envying girls with fathers who realize a girl needs a new formal occasionally I" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "By the time we have our second baby, maybe I can afford to give you a GOOD cigar, Mr Whitlow!" OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS 'There's a red light aheadl Turn right here—watch out for that ear . . .!" TIZZY By Kate Osann WELL, FOR PRACTICING %\\\\' FLYING TACKLES, DOW'T N, 'If I get Eddie to take you to the dance on Friday, will you ask him if he has a friend for me?" Bible Tale Answer to Previous Puzile 40 ACROSS 1 Herdsman of Tekoa 5 Nephew at Abraham 6 H« lived Mf years 12 Pedestal part 13 Mother erf Cain and Abel M Sweet secretion 5 6 15 Prayer ending jj 7 16 Son of Jacob ^ and, Bilhah 17 Small island 18 Billiard stroke 20 Perched 22 Jest* walked on the 55 Bloated 28 Mother-in- law of Ruth 34 Cry of bacchanals 35 Naval officer (ab.) 37 Wading bird 38 Is sick 30 Burmese wood sprite «1 43 45 47 54 61 62 63 64 65 Anglo-Saxon theow Schemes Writes down Cronus or Rhea, for instance Mother of Joseph and Benjamin Drinks excessively Ireland ' Trim twigs Roman emperor Hebrew month Preposition Snare Crippled Musical notes Lubricants DOWN Rib loser Mother Poems Scth was one of the of Adam Moses —— th*« Israelites to the Promised Land 6 KERS 7 Rigid 8 Pen name of Charles Lamb 9 Bird's home 10 Shield bearing 11 Ran 19 Female sheep 21 Sen eacle 2.1 Solar disk 24 Occupant 25 "As ye .«ow, so shall ve ——" 56 Wicked 27 Horseback came 28 For fear that 30 Ranpe 31 Hnps' kiln 32 Pronoun 33 Islands (Fr ) 3fi Greek portK'o 42 Female saini (ab ) 44 Explosive 46 Sjckrr 47 Genuine 48 Optra by Verdi 40 Stuff 50 At this place 52 Preposition .'i3 Persian fairy 54 Pertaining to an age 55 Soft foods 58 Swedish coin 59 Footlike part 1 Z } 1 \l \1 18 1 I 1 8 1 10 It 14 It 1/ 20 Zl 11 V u HI 47 48 io % 41 if T it ft if u BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES An Oversight? BY EDGAR MARTIN <STCSLl. CO. TOU THE WORRY WART 9-n OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLI LOO\<,PS?DF. KLOTz7 I CAN PLA.V OP MY HE At) / PRETTY 60CO, M ACH, A'-Fli^.ALVA.^ CLCWNIN6 LlKBA V FAT-H5T M\T FITTEL/ IFD0T ISS . X AN\ A 5v|l$6 YSDEL. SELLER / COMG MOW, LET Lib °RACT|C£DEK 1 66At>JH I FBARI THB LAD e JUST DOSS MOT TAKB ^ Ml* MUSIC BUGS BUNNY Playing by Ear BY AL VERMEER BY V. T. HAMLIN 3 MORTY MEEKLE Boarding House Reach BY DICK CAVALLI BY MERRILL BLOSSEH THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Plea for Help F SOU SO mCA A< SET O'JL rCOT IU1U .S HOUSE 1 LL CALt "Hit- fOLiCE; (SOODWIOHT , MC.rORTEt!/ BY WILSON SCRUGGS •a CAPTAIN EASY Card Play BY LESLIE TURNER "•iff ^WITHIN SECONPS OF THE TlfAB HE WAS TOLD TO DO 50. CLWE STEP5 FORWARD AMP DELIVERS THE SPEECH HE HAP L0N6 tK30 F0R60TTEK 1 \7'i> FANTASTIC! WORD FOR W0RP A& HE GAV& It TWELVE VEfVKS A<301 IV\15& BURKE COULP\ MY FINAL Te.ST HAVE FAKEP HER: CAM'T 8B PAKEP, HALLUCINATION TESTl/ 0L&A1 WHILE I rwU $T BE 5URB 5HE PIP NO 1 EXM^'NEP Thc'A. T r ,|=> KE \ THANKS. WOW ALL irEUMCAL ... TWiiKJTV K\A<E A TIMV P0J PERFECTLY 6LANK CAKP&! JOU THE 8ACK 0F-| --r' ONE-,50 V0U CAN V ^tPENTlFY It LATER

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