The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on December 19, 1891 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1891
Page 3
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tUkm ftt Postyille Weekly Review. •ffUlfflB EYKRT SATURDAY W. N, BUROICK. BY 1JOLMB: $i.{)Q ATEARINADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. Bulk Oysters at Hart's Meat Market. ______ -C. A. ' Hardin. Abel and wife Sundayed at —Xmai Cardi and Albums cheap, at W. J. HA»KI & Uo's. -All klndt Meat Market. of Sausage at Hart'i —ROT. Burton will occupy hli next Sunday. pulpit -J. B. Hart, at City Moat Market, pays 7J cti. in cash^for turkeyi. —Fine Ladlos' Gold Watchoi, $20.00, at W. J. HAXKS & Co'*. —Manhal Tuller'i battlle wai brake! by tramps one night this week. —Apples by tho barrel, bushel, peck or iiickel'a worth, at JOHN Mom's. —J. B. Hart will serve ohoico voni- son steak at his market on Christmas. - Only one more weak to propnre for Christmas, and that ought to be a busy week. —Mutton;at Hart's Moat Market. —Poultry bought and sold at Hart's Meat Market. —J. S. Diesser marketed soyeral loads of Tcry line hogs last week. —If you want wood Kayo woro with ma or any of my teamsters. 1'. J. BBUCHIR, Drayman. Xiee Anna Boston ' lnstroator on the piano and organ, Postviile, Iowa. —Joe. Bouohor mot with a serious loss last week. Ono of his splendid black dray horses died. —Celluloid Cabinet Picture Framos, assorted eolors—just the thing foi a Christmas preseat. ATBEKDT'S. -Charley Hurling returned to Fayette on Tuesday of last week to resume his studies at the U. I. U. Vise Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postviile, Iowa. —Tho finest and cheapest assortment of children's Toys in town, at JOHN Mom's. — We understand the school house in tho Carswell district was burned by tramps on Tuesday night. 0. L. S. 0. will meet with Mrs. F. J. Bockor noxt Wednesday aflernoon. fresh —A largb assortmont of fine confectionery for Christmas, nt JOHN Mom's. —Tne burglars of J. W. Ward &| CVs store wore sent up for flvo years. Good onough. —Armstrong & Holtar mako a now announcement this week. Look at it carofully. Good goods and honest priees aro always found nl thoir stere. -Somo of the Postvillo ladies receive New Year calls this year, ther notice next week. will *'ur- Fruit! PruitI Oranges, Lemons, Apples, Grapes, Persimmons, Bananas, Pomegranntes, Quinees and Pears, at John Thoma's. —You can't dud a better placo In tho city to gel your holiday goods than nt W. J. HAHKS A Co'a. —H. O. Grean put in two or throe days here this weok. Ho is still wrestling with life insurance. —Bast Standard Oysters, per can, lie. Best Standard Oysters, por quart, Sfc, at John Thoma's. —Mrs. Walls Eaton and Mrs. Geo. Wnlcrs were called to Norton, Kansas, by the death of tho oldest son of Henry Harris. They havo not yet returned. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, bat a good Job every clatter and priees vory reasonable. Titos. SnoKTaaai). —"Senator" Linaas Ingnlls will ornament thosloro of W.-J. Hanks & Co. for one yoar from Jan. 1st. - Prof. Brockonridge writes us that ho is gsttiug rniformly good reports from the directors whose schools are taught by Decorah Institute students. -A earload of choice New York apples, mostly Baldwins and Green­ ings, Just received at John Thoma's. Why Don't You Drop a Postal Card to tho Wookly Gate City, Kookuk, Iowa, for a sample copy, and see what Valuable Promiums it offers this yoar. —You can't fail to see the announcement of John Crosby this week. You can't afford to miss reading it. —Havo your Pictures ready for Chrismas. Call at onae and secure thsm finished on timo. AT BKKDYV —The fall term of school closes today for a two woek's vacation. Tho kids will improve the lime celobratiug Christmas, and the teachers will got a little needed rost, sandwitshed with turkey aud sicb. _,»—A corduroy bridge Is sou to ilia present roads. no compari- Call and Settle, Haying sold out our business wo want to close up all accounts. Those having claims against the tirm are requested to present them and get their money, and those owing us are requested to call and sottlo beforo Jan. 1st. SCUULER BKOS. Nearly a Quarter of a Million Names. The nddress of STery farmer in eaeli county in tho state. For sale In quantities to suit purchaser. Just tho thing for business men. Correctness guaranteed. For terms, address, THE TELEGRAPH, 3Sw6 Dubuque, Iowa New Lumber Yard. Great wondormont of the times! Lumbar sold cheap in Postvillo. Sandors ft Kapler keep on hand in their yard a general assortmont of all kinds of lumber, including Iho much cclr- brated Arkansas yollow piao aeiling, straight grain flooring, finishing, moulded casings, corner head and baso blocks,.etc A share of the patronage is solicited. 3»WDIK» & K -FLiit. * The REVIHW For 1882. We have been asked if we shall cut the price of tho Rafiicw for 1801' Wo answer no, no' directly, but wo shall give as a premium for all who pay for the full year 189J tho choice between a .00 cent agricultural paper and a literary paper of the samo prise. We have not fully completed the contracts but prosurao that our promiums will be Mrs. Logan's great magazine and tho Farmer's Friend. This will In effect bring the REVIEW down ta $1.00, as either of the publications named aro oheap at 60 cents. Wo cannot now promiao to extend the offer all through the year, and those desiring to take advantage of It will do well to make settlement early in tho new year, or before. Csuuty seat papers, that havo the wholo county for a field, can afford to furnish papers for CI.00. But no paper in a town[situatod as Postviile is can do it, for the field is too limited. With loss than 1,000 circulation it Is idle to try it. But for one year wo shall try the aboye ptemium plan and see how It works. —Waukon is agog over a wedding that failed to materialize. Lucky girl! HOLIDAYS! We are ihowtng, and would be pleased to' Wa\'» YOU sea. before tke stock is too much broken, the finest Hue of Hand Painted and Decorated; Chiaa Wara'evar in Postviile. This includes many noveliiss^that. you must see to appreciate. A line of Lamps unsurpassed IK BEAUTY AND PRICE. (SANDY FOR AExEx ! About 250 Garments on hand of all grades and kinds consistin^f Cloth Newmarkets, Cloth Jaokets and Short Wrapks and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets of every description^ including all of this season's produotion and those that we bought at 60c on the dollar that are from the stock of the large Cloak factory in Chicago that failed. Every Cloak and Jacket Most lie m ail Ill ta Si! Misses' Cloaks, 60 cents each and up. Ladies'.New­ markets from $2.00 up. We are determined to close out every Cloak and Jacket on hand and prices are made to suit every purse. The goods WILL BE SOLD WHETHER WE GET COST!OR NOT. Sale commences immediately and continues until all are sold, and SOLDJFOR CASH ONLY at G-reat Reductions. Pure Stick Candy, all flavors, 2 lbs. in a box, for.Uc; " Mixed Candy, taffy mixed, eream, &e, 10c; • - New England Broken Mixed, line colors aid flavors,]10c; •' Cream Candy, oligaotly flavored, 20e; retail price ISc worth 10c woith lOe worth JOe —"Uncle Jimmy" Row will raffle off a CSS swell body cutter, on Thursday evening of next wock. Tickets 50c. •-Our Holiday Stock is moving swiftly. Come andj mako your selection before It Is too late. Yours truly, W. CUBISS. Short-Horn Bulla For Sale. Four pedigreed short-horn bulls for sale cheap. One is eighteen months Old, the others youagor. Three miles southeast of Postviile. 13m8 P. ComcoaA*. - H. K. Meyer.'Jorgcn Swonson, W. W. Haiuea, and Dr. L. Brown are entitled to credit and thanks for u.ish on aabseription this waok. —The state bank examiner '•interviewed" the Citizens Slate Bauk on Wednesday, of courso finding everything straight as a st. I ig. —Como in and saa the latost thing In Silverware. Wo koop iho rory boat and fully warrant it. W. J. HAKKS & Co. —Prof. Braekenridge hopes the young people who read this paper will not let this winter pass by without doing thoir bast to become more intelligent. —Ambrose and Tkos. McGahcran are bound to have things pleasant down In their country seat and have had a tine furnace placed iu their home. Waters & Nicolay did the job and of course it. is a good one. Price Beduced. Wo havo a large line of albums, toilet sets, work boxes and aerap books rbich we have marked down to clo«o out. Don't fail to call at the REVIEW offleo if you want any of theso goods for Christmas presonts. —Next weok there will bo an Ingathering of absent members of families and an outgoing of others to form fam ily reunions, to all of whom and to everyone. olso to whom "these pres ents" shall come we wish a very merry Christmas. QUALITY In Fruits, Canned aad Dried, Is.what everyone wants, and is just what we have. I'he Finest Califer'iila Dried Peaches, this year's crop, 10, 12J and 16c per lb The Finest California Prunes, - - 10 lbs. for 1 00 New Crop Dried Nectarines, ~ w Apricots, " " '• Blackberries, '• «• " Apples, " " " Raisins, From the FINEST London Layer to the Loose Raisin at 7c lb.' NEW CROP CANNED GOODS. Fine Pie Peach, 3 lb. Cans, - - .1* cents Fine Table Feackei, 3 lb. Cans, - • 2 for J6 cents The Best California Table.'Peacb, 3'lb Cans, - - 20 cents Tho Best California Apricots, " " Green Gages, " " " Cherries, red or white, " " Blackberrios, 3 Cans for 24o. " ~ Blueberries, " " Raspberries, '• " Goossberries, " " California Pears, Caaned Peas..Corn.JTomatoe's, Succotash and Pumpkin. The BEST FLOUR. Try a Sack and yoii will use no other. Every sack Warranted. THE BEST Buckwheat and Akron Graham. Furnishing Goods. -Carl Meyer has purchased of J. S. Molt two acres of ground on tho] south side of town, for ISOn. Ho will build a good resldonoa on It in duo timo. —A frlondly letter from Dr. Brown inclosing his subscription for next yoar, informs us that his - business ig steadily Increasing, and that Mrs. Brown hopes —Tha days can't gut mitoh ^shorter, to visit nor Postyillo friends, all of Next Mouday will bu the jumping off whloh will be gratifying to thoir many placo. We shall weleoroe'.their length- frlende bore oulng, even though t tho get colder. weather does We Mean Business. You can see "what's the matter! Santa Claus couldn't resist the temptation, and it's not to be wondered at. He sucoumbed to the fasdination of Fine Tailor Made Suits at $12.00, $13.00, $15.00 and' $18.00. Call early -while we have reap the benefit of this sale. a Full Assortment and Special Sale of Pine Holiday Goods ! Barrels and Barrels of Candy are placed on sale at PRICES that far UNDERSELL and OTTT DO all competition. You -will promptly yield to them the minute you see them. They are CHEAP. They are made, to Perfection. We want you to see 'em. If you are a critical buyer; if you are hard to please, all the better. The more critical you are the more you will appreciate the Great Bargains we are "WF1Y NOT Line complete Tin Neckwcar.^Cent's Silkjand Lluen, Plaia and Fancy kerchiefs. Our line of Mufflers is unexcelled by any in town. • Prices from Twenty-Five Cents up. Hand' Pure Stick Candy, all flavors, 2 lbs. in a box for 15 cents; retail price 25c to 30c. Pure Mixed Candy, taffy mixed, cream, &c, only 10 cents; worth 25 to 30c. Pure New England Broken Mixed, fine'colors and flavors, 10c; worth 35c. Pure Cream Candy, elegantly flavored, only 20c per lb; worth 35 .to 40o. Best Roasted Pea Nuts, 10c per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 Cts. Best Brazil Nuts, 10 oents per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 cents. We Sell Best Winter Apples, three bushel- barrels for $2.50. We Sell Best Winter Apples by the peck for 25 Cts. now offering. If you want something Cheaper we have them at $3.50, $4, $5, $6 and upward. Our large selection gives a wide range wherein to exorcise one's tastes within the limitation of your purse. —J W. Ward & Co. mako a coniplolo change in their advertisement to-day. The bare annonuoement Is suuloleat to causo all bargain; seekers to read it carefully. —If you want any Framing dona before tho holidays briag id your pictures early. We have just received the finest Hue of Mouldings aver shown here. W. CHBJSS. • Bare Musical Treat. Tha Y. P. S. C. E. have secured tho services jot Mr. Ernest Willot, blind violinist, late', of Berlin, to give an ontortalnmeut at Cong, chureli, Jan. 1, 1891. Further notice next weak. COUMITTEB. OUR POSITION In tha Glove and Mitten trade as to Price and Stock (is so wall established that tt is not possible t? haye the "Stullin" Knocked Out of us by any Grav—back to tho timo we started till now WE SELL.tlie liae for what OUR NEIGHBOR PAYS FOR THEM. JOHN CROSBY, The Leader. Ion Can Set the Best For the Hue; We have placed on sale a Large Line of Albums, Plush Boxes, Gent's Silk Mufflers, Toilet Sets?, Silk Handkerohies, &c, that we offer at nearly one-half their commercial value. la Overcoats, Ulsters, Fur Coats, Caps, Underwear, Gloves and Mittens we are'emphatically Headquarters, and are prepared to so ve you money and give you goods that will please. Christmas Presents Just Received in Neokwear, dollars, White Shirts, Kid Mitts, Valises, Any of whioh Man or Boy. Mufflers, Handkerchiefs, SuBpenders, buffs, Pur Caps, Flush Caps, Ool'd Shirts, Night Shhts, Kid Gloves, Oanes, Umbrellas, Trunks, Knit Jaokets, Etc., Etc., Etc, Etc. will make a'very a propriute present for a —Whooping cough is very, prevalent among ohlldron here. It is a rather bad season of tha year to have it, unless great care Is taken to prevent faking cold. • . - 1.1 I l| < , , II II.. - Vbe man who burglarised Davis' School Books. We now have a full and complete stook of school books used in the Post­ viile schools and will sell .them at the lowest school board prices. We also carry a full stook of all school supplies at the lowest prioes. Briok drug stoi e. R. N. DOUGLAS*. Hew Dental Booms. I>if, Will Cole has opened a over the harness store dental in the r— „.,. ,. -„.,. - oflwi over the harness — „ More at Monona was gobbled at Prattle bridV block, where he may be found on t t Chieu. He will have an opportu* to learn a trade at AnanjpM •vgitiS j <||t any doubt. ^LQST—In Poatrllle, on Thursday, DfjC. ')0ih, 1691, a clasp watch charm | w|»h picture in it. Finder will be lib- •rik^v rewarded by returning* it to Y JB. X. COUMON.. Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, where be invitee tbe public to call when wanting first-class work done in hie line. —Oeo. W, Harris requests us to itato that all bli pigs are sold, the last one having been delivered to Mr. MeKlnley qq Tuesday. He will have no more for •ale before next ppring. v9w JrVuflg frlwd, Charley Gordon, , ; —1 have a very large line of Holiday Good* whioh I offer al a VIRT SMALL margin, oonslsllug of Dressing Cases, Dressing Trays, Work Boxes, Jewel Cases, Ink Sets, Shaving Sets, Manicure Sets, Glove, Cuff and Collar Uoxes, Photograph Albums, etc. Also double th,o assortment of Candy carried by any nrro in town. F.L.EATON. Tstke Notice, is4owi }fro.wluvBrne, MlnnM to spend Th »t the Postviile Steam Roller Mills jj^f Interne the delight of the boys, to will grind Feed, Com Meal and Gra* r , , *.M |"M« B»ro Monday wd Saturday of each - . y8?M$?W ,N of wood*. • week; hereafter. Having added wis,* M i&asawjiaiWv'i,.t «u I 1 ». „ of food-working machinery a line we are ^IsseU Qtf- prepared, to do Planing, Matching, and ^MM^k>& r rK''\',.iV«, Styes IA'UIV; 1 ^ .»« V Li AwtsfeiTiir* ^ WV^AVC . .fvraiw 1 Ji <- 1 ' . . 1 '-^riv: Lull AT an A Hease Ezamine These Special Prices! The Goods Must Go Beat LL Brown Muslin, yard wide, by bolt, 4*c1 Best Pepperell R Sheetinff, yard wide, by bolt, 6So Beit Lonsdale Bleached Sheeting, yard wide, by bolt, 7fo. 33 1-3 yard* of Calioo for 1.00. 36 inch Fine Drove Flannel, only 25 oents per yard; worth 35 to 40o. 62 inoh Fine Dress Flannel, only 421 cents per yard; worth 55 to 60o. 23 lbs. Fine Granulated Sugar (1.00 worth to one family) for 1.00.1 Best Water White Kerosene Oil, lOo per, gallon. Best 5 Gallon Galvanized Oil Can made, with pump oomplete, 1.25. One Large Plug Tobaobo, No. 1 quality, 2 inohes wide by 12 inohes long, only 20o. FLOUR! FLOUR! FLOUR! The Celebrated Sioux City Brands! Bakers Flour, Alliance Half Patent Flour, Superb " 4< Perfeot Full «' Mystic High " 1,05 por Sack 1.20 per Sack 1.25 per Sack 1.35 per Saok 1.46 per Saok Propare for the cold weather. Buy your Flannels, Underwear, Shoes *nd Overshoes now. We sell tho Boston Rubber Shoe Ce's Rubbers and Overshoes. Tltey are the best made. All Wool Shirting Flannel, " 36c All Wool Red Shirting Flannel, J5o Plaid Dress Goods, - So Linen Crash, - - 60 Badger. LL. Sheeting, yard wide, 60 Pepperell "R"' Sheotlug, yd. wide, 6}o Prints. - - 8o Gingham, - 80 Handkerchiefs, - loeach Roasted Coftee, • Yeast Cakes, Church's Salerattts, Five Gallon Oil Cans, Men's Undershirts, Mtm's Drawers, Ladies' Felt Slippers, Boy's Mittens, A Lubman A Sanders Corset, SOoperJb 3 packs for id Bo lb. packages > 1.86 each 98o each • 9Sc each 60c a pa,ir 10c a pair 6O0 We want your trade and will make it pay you ta oome and trade with us. Be sure and see us before making any purohases. THE GREAT SPECIAL SALE ! Our Men's Suits, Overcoats. Plush Caps, and Men's and Ladies' Underwear will still continue in foroe, and the Prioes are not matched by any competition anywhere. REMEMBER! That the Newman Bros. Organs with the patent Air Circulating Heed Cell and the Standard Sewing Maohine with its Botary Shuttle, are the best instruments of their kind in the world, and makes the most appropriate Christmas present for wife, daughter or sister, and we haye them for sale. Highest Prices Paid for Live Poultry 1 W« MAX! IT FAY YOU TO COM* A LOW PISTAHOB TO THAPI Wlltfug. WE ALWAYS LEAD IN DRESS GOODS ! Q " . :- Ladlos call for the Riohardson * Nororosi FlneShpSi, Ti)ey are,th« Scfifc F }tMngai »d;W*»rli»»;^09* rosde. We haye thom |» km Button, ,' .&y rv : Ji Wi Wwd & uOip PojtviW«» Iowa A CORDIAL Invitation is extended-to all our patrons of Postviile and vioinity to visit our Store and seethe Mammoth Stook of all kinds of Furniture, Carpets, Bugs, Curtains and all kinds of HOLIDAY GOODS. We are here to please you and will try 6ur utmost to give you Good Goods at Living Prioes. Oome and see us if you don't buy, you will be treated courteously'. Yours Very Truly, WALTER CHBISS:

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