Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 24, 1972 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1972
Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph Thursday, August 24, 1972 A-H «^H» I^MM *.»» w«» •_* * K. * ••«!£, M. wiv.^1 ajiJii x 11141 oUdjr y rlUKU Heart disease epidemic hitting in United States By Peter Weaver Consumer Writer last year we spent more than $70 billion on medical bills trying to stay alive and healthy. In 1950 we spent $12 billion. Now, hear this: In the same period — 1950 to 1971 — American male longevity (remaining expected lifetime of 20-year-old men) dropped from llth place in world standings to near 40th place. It's not that our men are dying much earlier, it's the fact that we are standing still while much of the rest of the world is progressing. . When we spend so much money on medicine, why are we in such poor shape? Dr. Jean Mayer, Harvard University nutritionist, says: "Cardiovascular disease — accounting for half the deaths In the 40- to 60-year range — depresses our international standing." Dr. Mayer believes "we have returned to the days of the great pandemics, when a fourth or half of the population died of one disease." In a report, "Diet and Coronary Heart Disease," the American Health Foundation backs up Dr. Mayer w?th the grim warning: "An epidemic has struck." So what can we do about It, other than wring our hands? Some of us have Inherited family traits that tend to lead toward heart disease. Not much we can do about that except recognize the traits and be more careful, Some of us smoke too much and we can do something about that. Stop smoking. We can also shift our emphasis on the kind of food we eat. Without making great, painful dietary changes, we can cut down on the fatty foods and 'the sugary foods we oat. According to the American Heart Assn., If we do this, we can lower our blood cholesterol and trlglyceride levels. Too much of these blood substances may lead to heart disease. I'm not going Into how this blood chemistry works. You can get an excellent explanation with some tips on a better diet by visiting or writing your local American Heart Assn. chapter. Ask for the phamphlet, "The Way to a Man's Heart." It's must reading. You can also ask for, "Recipes — for Pat- Controlled, Low-Cholesterol Meals," another booklet which shows how to cut down on saturated fat foods while Increasing the use of polyunsaturated liquid oils (corn, safflower, soybean and others). You can get another, much fuller, recipe booklet, "Diets to Live By," from: Anderson Clayton Foods; W. L. Clayton Research Center; 3333 North Central Expressway; Richardson, Tex. 75080. It costs $1 and shows in great detail how to improve your " P - S Ratio" (increasing polyunsaturated fats while decreasing saturated fats). My local heart association chapter recommended it. The big question most of us ask is who needs to worry — just men over 40? At first, most doctors thought blood cholesterol levels were the sole worry of older men. Now, according to Dr. Simeon Margolis, heart specialist at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, "We're finding it In young boys, even infants." He suggests that parents, at some early stage in a child's life, "have a doctor order a serum cholesterol blood test . . . Children should be screened for abnormal Hpid (cholesterol and triglycerides) levels so that treatment can be Initiated before irreversible vascular changes oc- cur." You can get an informative little booklet, "The Prevention of Heart Disease Begins In Childhood," b y writing: Flelschmann's Margarines; Box 46F; Mount Vernon, N.Y. 10559. My heart association chapter recommended it. Women? Unless they've inherited a tendency toward high cholesterol levels, most women are protected from it by female hormones. Up to around age 50, that is. Then they have the same dietary problems as men. As you may have guessed, I have been through the heart disease worry myself. I've been checked and I've had my children checked. One SOB and I were found to have tendencle,-, toward higher cholesterol levels. We're making changes — not dramatic ones — In how we eat. Don't sell it unless By Carfaon Smith It's so easy to become a criminal these days that you can qualify for a stretch up the river by, for example, selling your refrigerator when you move. Here's a plot that could get you maybe five eyars: You bought your refrigerator on credit and have made all but three of the 24 monthly payments. But now you're moving —selling your house. You'd rather sell the refrigerator than ship it across the country. Fortunately, the people who are buying your house say, "Sure, we'll buy your nice, almost- new refrigerator." They hand you a check — and you've committed a crime. Look at the fine print in your installment contract, You'll undoubtedly find a paragraph reading something like this: "Buyer shall not sell or transfer the merchandise nor remove it from the state without the express consent of the seller." Some such clause Is in every installment contract to protect what is known in legal circles as the seller's "security interest." When it says in the contract that "the soller reseiTes a security interest in the merchandise," what it means in plain English is Uhat the seller has the right to repossess the refrigerator if you fail to make the specified payments. Then, to protect this right — to make sure the refrigerator will be there tf the merchant decides to come and get it — your installment conract stipulates that you may not sell it or remove it from the state. And in a number of states it Is a crime punishable by imprisonment to sell anything in which another person has a security interest. Thus, when you sell a refrigerator on which payments are still due — even though you promptly pay off the balance — technically you may have committed a criminal act that could send you to prison. It's one illustration of many pitfalls for the unwary that are to be found in the contracts you sign when you buy on credit — and the reason why consumers are urged to observe what have been called the three Rs of buying on credit: — Read before you sign. An . appalling number of buyers sign contracts without reading them and may come to grief as a result. — Require an explanation of every word you don't understand. — Retain a copy of every document you sign — which means making sure, before you sign, that you're going to get a copy. An unscrupulous merchant — or just an enterprising one — can later write In anything he pleases, if you have no copy to prove exactly what it was that you signed. Above all, never let a salesman hurry you into signing anything, with assurances that the fine print is "just the usual stuff." Maybe he's only in a hurry to get on with it. But, on the other hand, maybe there are special reasons why he doesn't want you to read the fine print. 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