Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 3, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1898
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Another Joint geisloti of tlie I'enre Com- million Held but No Real rrogron Made—Americans Ask for liulrui tluni on Certain Mutters—nemalns of Out Bead at Santiago To lie lirought Hath to the United Slate, Paris, Dec. 3.—Spanish sympathizers having a quaul-comiectlon with tin (Spanish commission, are making much over the- reported attitude of the Filipinos towards the United.States. Theau sympathisers profess to have Information that Aguinaldo means to fight and that he now him 60,000 soldiers armed with Mauser rifles and eighteen quick- firing guna, and It Is asserted that he will be satisfied with nothing but Independence. Agonclllo, Agulnuldo's agent, was reticent when questioned on the subject, saying that he had no definite Information from the "government." I'eace Commissioners In .Seuslou. The Joint session of the peace com- mlaslons lasted two hours. No real progress was made. The Spaniards are awaiting Instructions. Spain's proposition for commercial privileges In the West Indies was not settled and was scarcely considered. The Americans have also asked for Instruction on certain matters. The Caroline Islands questions were not considered. The Joint commission adjourned until Saturday. The United States peace commission has concluded Its consultation with Major General Wesley Merritt and taken up the question of Spun- Jvsh commercial rights In the West Indies for a term of years and other subjects of negotiation to be considered later at a Joint session. OVR UKAU AT SANTIAGO. Reiualu. of Those Wbo Fell To He Brought to the United States. Washington, Dec. 3.—The war depait- ment has decided to adopt at once the suggestion of General Wood, In command-at Santiago, that the removal ol the remains of American soldiers from th'at section of Cuba be deferred until February at the earliest. While It la fully realized that this postponement will bring great disappointment to the friends and relatives of the dead sol- dlera, the officials believe they have no right to expose to the horrors of the yellow fever outbreak the large population of Santiago and neighboring towns from a mere sentimental consideration. The department has advanced very well In the preparation of plans for the removal of the dead and was In position to begin work of dlslnterment almost Immediately. It had employed the services of an expert named Rhodesr who had thoroughly gone over the ground at Santiago and arranged the details of the plan. For some time past the department baa been granting permits for the removal of remains of Individuals, provided the relatives of the soldiers furnished a metallic casket, which could be hermetically sealed, thus preventing the olntroducllon of contagious disease into the United States. Gold from the Unrlu Teresa. Norfolk, Va., Dec. 3.—The safe of the Spanish cruiser Maria Teresa, which baa lain for some time In the navy yard here, has been opened, and found to contain nothing but money. It was packed In bags of Spanish and American gold and silver coin. It la estimated that the value of tlie treasure will reach $76.000. The money will be turned over to the proper officials, and the safe will be sent to the national museum at Washington. Borse Given to General Wheeler. Huntavllle, Ala., Dec. 3.—A beautiful black Kentucky thoroughbred, richly caparisoned with a major general's trappings, was presented to General Joseph Wheeler by the citizens of Hunts- vllle. This was the first demonstration of the esteem entertained for General Wheeler by his home people, und the city was crowded by visitors from all parts of the Eighth congressional district. COUKT DECIDES WITH 1IAKNES. Custody of (,'hllil Hi Clrvoluuil To lie Fought III J£rtu County* Cleveland, O.. Dec. S—John A. Barnes won an Important point In the BarrieH- Magowuu IHl'fiiitluM for the possession of the child, Kdlth H.-iyl Barnes, recently kidnaped. Judge Ong dissolved the Injunction lent raining Barnes from Interfering with Mrs. Uarnes Magowan In the po&xc»Hlon of the child. The judge said he nmld not determine the validity of the appointment of proceeding of the sort brought before him. Judge Ong further nuld It was necessary to dissolve the Injunction In order to give l.urnes islanding In the Krle courtH. where the buttle for the pos- geHxIori of the child started. It Is claimed liy the Magowans that when the Oklahoma court grunted the Barnes divorce Mm litmius Mugowan was given the < iintody uf the child, and that thi-refore subsequent appointment of u guardian liy the Cleveland court was void. T*)b» llofore Hie Mmilvluttl I.(t«|fu0. IndlunupollH. Dec. 3.—At the session of the National Municipal league Kd- wurd J. McUennoit, of Louisville, doubted the truth of the assertion that Immigrants Ignorant uf American Institutions caused the failure of municipal government In this cuuntiy. The subjects before the league were dlscuHHed by C. H. Palmer, uf Kansas City; John A. Miller, of Milwaukee, and Horace 1C Uemlng, of New York, the latter advocating practical municipal Independence of the leBlalulure. JUusl night at the Denlaon hotel un elaborate banquet was given In honor of those attending the meeting, and Kevciul aodremeii were delivered. lluti Iho W«y ul Hi Kli;J. Wttuhli.gton. Dec 3.—Minister Merry has reported 10 the mule department that Hit government of Coma Klca huu received official notice of tht dissolution of tho United States of Central America. BMKMO • Arnica naiv«. Tbe beat Drive in (be world for oaU, brow, tore*, nioen, twit rheum, <•• ver eorei, tetter chapped handi, ohli- blaini, corn*, and ftll akin eruption*, And potltlvely OUTM pile*, or too pay required. It la guaranteed to give peneot Mttsftotlou, or money refund- lid. Price M cent* per box, For Hit I. Iftwia. Alton And Upper Alton RoVAL Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baking powdcn are the gxeatot tnenacen to health of the promt day. ROYAL uiuia foMtf eg, KIW yomc, MOHE STORM VICTIMS. fhreo Coal Marges tuul Twelve Alen on Board Are f.ont, New York, Dec. 3. —The coal barge Helicon, Qulnnebaug and Corsica, It has Just been learned, were lost during the recent storm with ten of the twelve men who composed their crews ot four each. The* barges Helicon and Quln- nebaugh, loaded with l.liOO tons of coul each, In tow of the tug Ocean King, and the Corsica, with 1,600 tons In tow uf the tug Luckenbach, left Norfolk on Nov. 23 for New Kngland points. They encountered the gale In all Its force. When about thlrty-flve miles oft Bar Gate, the Corsica broke from her tow and went down, followed by the Hell- con, and of the eight men composing the two crews, six were drowned. The Qulnnebaugh went down Sunday night olT Scotland, lightship, probably taking her crew of four men with her. ltodl«M from the Sleuuier Portland. Orleans. Mass., Dec. 3. — Two more bodies have come ashore from the wreck of the Portland, making twenty-four In all. One of the latest has been Identified as that of A. Uos»elln. assistant city clerk of Montreal. Canada, and the other as a deckhand. The three bodies which were reported from Chatham are those of Ansel Dyer, quartermaster of the Portland; Walter Ij. Bemls of Auburn, Me., and Edwin Dunbar of Booth Buy, Me. This makes seventeen Identifications. Cannot Identify the Wreck, Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 3.— There seems to be no means at present of ascertaining the identity of the wreck which wno discovered on Rocky Hill ledge lust Tuesday. The stump of a mast protrudes from the water at low tide and br.tween the trough of thf- wavew occasional glimpses of the stern and ciuar- ler of the veniwl ran be 'seen. The wreck appfarud to he that of a good slzuil vessel. No cargo has fciinc ashora and no bodies have been reported on the coast. C'rtnv of the Knntt Suule .Safi% Philadelphia, Doc. .'<.— A dispatch from Cape Honry, Va., to the maritime exchange states that the barge Knos Soule, which broke away from tlie tow- Ing steamer Uilan on last Sunday night during the heavy yule, has been lowed Into Cape Henry by the British uluatii- er Elton, from Hull to Baltimore. GILLETT "liXDEU AlUiKST. Tli« imhiig ('nttle Dealer IB Captured In Mexico. Kansas City, Dec. a.— Grunt C. Ull- lett, the cattle plungt-i of Woodbine, Kun., who disappeared lust week owing nearly J^, 000,000, Is under arrest at Chl- huahlia. In old Mexico. M. A. Fyke, attorney In charge for the oreditorB, jiiuke.s tJjiri stalfjneJjt. An oflloer left for Mexico with a fugitive warrant and an application fur extradition papers WHS wired to Washington. Surne doubt exists as to whether Gll- letl can IK- brought buck on extradition papers. The charge on which extradition will be asked Is forgery, but he will have a dozen other charges to face if he is brought back. Humors of the capture of Olllett were conllrmed by tin? office uf (.ieorye HotineH Commission company, to tlie effect that offers had been made to turn up Glllctt for a consideration, arid tlmt the oftVr would probably be accepted. A representative of the company said: "We arc sure we have (lllletl. An officer has gone after him. Heiiuisitlon papers will now f.-.llow the olllcer. That In all we can say." Only Onti IVnou Faintly Mint. Jennings, la., Liec. 3.— The elegant Buiisct limited transcontinental train of the Southern Pacific was badly wrecked at 4:30 p. in. yesterday two miles west of Jennings while running sixty miles an hour. It was miraculous Iliut there was no loss of life. Engineer W. K. Ragsdale, of Houston, WUH caught In the cab and hl« left foul badly mushed. Fireman !•'. H. Booth, of Houston, hud his buck and shoulder Heverelysprulned. Conductor Hlchard ijuultrough, of Houston, had his spine Hcrlouxly Injured. und Chief Air Instructor Cox, uf Houston, was caught In the engine, on which he was riding, und fatally Injured Internally. Our Wurtlilpa to VUlt England. London. Dec. 8.— In reply to a com- munlcatluli Inquiring when the United States Heel would visit Plymouth, the editor of The Dully Mull has received a letter from Secretary Long, staling that tlie date of Hie formation of the European Biiuudiun has not yet been decided, but wliell It Is decided the fact will be published. The Kvenlng NewH assumeu from the tone of Mr. lying's letter that the Untied States government definitely Intends to dlHputch a fleet to Europe. Klifliitnlel' Theater Uualroyed. HoeheHter, N. Y., Dec. 3. •-Idx'hfster's Academy of Muxlc Is u MIUHH of blackened ruins. Klie Htut led ubuut 1 o'clock In the morning, und ut 3 o'clock the theater W&H totally deutroyed. Five BU- looni under the theater proper were .ilm. bullied. I.UBB ulimit »7f.,«Xt. J. H. Phillips, manager of tlie Wheel of fortune Dramatic rompany. which In occupying the buunln thin week. KUVK the allow company lout everything. thalr loin bulnit (V.OOO. Htunluy WeHt, a deputy sheriff, who hud lusl heavily, iiltcini'led «u|< lilu un the racing truck at New Orleunu. Dr. Bull's Cut M plturliy tad pneu- ^± ^ . . M |« monla in * wonderfully V/OUKll •hart time, It promptly «* _ all*/* infUmnullon ofOVfUD- thcluag*. For tore lungt ' • ilbinv.UuU«. SnuUdoie.. Price 25c, Defendant Nearly Collapses on the Witness Stand. JUDHK CAMS IX A I'UVSKUN The Woman on Trlnt lor Attempting I Hlnckumll Clroffto ami tluluu Uolil Caught In A Triip by Counsel for Ih PlalnllM* During Her Cros<-K»nmlnt» lion - Her I.eller lu John W. Mnckay lie tnundlng Cn»h Kuiul In Court. Albany, N. Y., Dec. 3.—The cross fXHmlnatlr/n of Mrs. Margaret Cody o trial for the nllpgod blackmailing of th oOuld heirs was continued. She wn questioned minutely as to her experl ence In searching for lost heirs and I collecting evidence concerning pi'opl who wore claimants to cstiitps. Ooun Bel tried tu show that she hud not bee employed by Mrs. Pierce, the daURhle of Mrs. Angell but had, on her ow volition, connected herself with th case of trying to prove their relutlot ship with Juy Gould. She admitted tha Mrs. Pierce hnil not paid her any nione to come cast to t-'ecurt; evidence, bu she Huld thut phi hud hi-wn promise remuneration If uuccesHful. Trii'il In ISIf.>ed JVlBcklly, She was asked If It was nut nor prac lice U) secure money by InteresUntj her self In matters similar to thu Angell Gould EUlts. To this she replied thu whatever she did was In the line of pn feaslonal services. Counsel asked wh Dhe had u<iked the detective sergean If the complainant In the hlackma case for which she was arrested wa not John Muckuy of California. Thl was objected to and the objection wa sustained. Counsel then read a lette which Mrs. Cody wrote tu Macka some time before, stating that she knei who was iVKponslble for the. disaster i the Sand 11111 mine and telling him h "had better give her the money." 9h admitted she wrote IH, and said thu she had lost JIOU.OOO through Invest ments suggested by Mackay which ren dered her practically a pauper and was to compel him to return Home < that money that she wrote the letle She testllled that Mrs. Pierce did no send her a certificate of marriage be tween Sarah Brown and Jay Gould New York city, In 185!!. Could Not Kec.olJect. She was Hho\Vn stenographic minute of her testimony In New Vtirk city I Ihe Anc;ell-Gonld cane In which she sal that K!IW had received such a cerilfl cafe. Hhc could not recollect havlni given HUch testimony. She first leurnei of the Identity o£ Mrs. Ancell about th 1st of May, I89J. She was to be give a certain share of what was made Ir the cose, "Do you swear positively thut yoi did not know that you were coming t< House's Point lo se*? a woman kuowi as Mrs. Angell, believed to be Mrs Plcrce's mother and the wife of Jay Gould?" uuked counsel. "I di<! not." "Then how do you account for this?' said the attorney, reading a lette written to Kunnle Walker of Mlchl gan and signed by Mrs. Cody, asking If she knew the address of Mrs. Angell her slater, who wus the mother of Mrs Pierce of Missouri. Witness Almost CollupscH. This letter was dated February, 18S5 throe months before the time when Mrs Cody swore she first heard of the ex Istence of Mrs. Angell. Mrs. Cody, who had shown much nervousness and dls tress ul tin: close guestlonlijff of the attorney for the prosecution, turnec pale, Icunc-d back In the witness chuii and asked for a glass of water. It was evident lo those; about hei that she was about to collapse. A consultation with Judge Gregory was had by the attorneys for the prosecution arid the defense as to whether It was proper to continue the examination Judge Gregory suggested that u physician be called and un examination | je mode, and thut a recess be taken. Thlb wus agreed to and the family physician ut .linlgc Grt-Kory was called and a receHH was taken. NEVER" woiiLiii UK MISSED. LHM Slumlrl (ilvv Such a Mlsciuaul • Very Long Home. Philadelphia Dec. 3.--Tlie timely discovery by a special officer of a mlH- creunt In the act of starting a lire In the basement of John Wananiiiker's extensive, department store- yesterday afternoon, no doubt saved a serious conllugratlon und possibly thu lives of many pei-Nons. The building was, ut thu time, crowded with thousand! of shoppers and employes, about WJ per TUB EICEJICNCB OF SYRUP OF FIGS Is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combiuutiuii, but U!HU (o the care and skill with which it U manufactured by Bcieiitific iiroouuuea UBOWO to the OA^IVORNIA Fia bvnup Co. only, and wo wlnh to Improiw upon •11 the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs In manufactured by the CALIFORNIA Fio BYBUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will anaUt one in avoiding the worthlcaa Imlttllona ui^nufactnn-eil by other par- lion. The high utaudlug of tho CAI.I. FOBNIA Pio Svnur Co. with tho medical profumilon, and tint sutiafBctiou which (be geuuiuo Myrup of I'MgN has given to mUllous of fuiailicH, niulioa tho uuuiu of tho Company a guaranty of the excellence uf il» rumudy. U Is fur lu advance of all other laxulivea, us it uutu ou tho liidnoyH, liver unil Ixiwols without IrritutluK or weakening thorn, and It I)CM-H nut gripu nor nauiuinte. In order to get IU benellulal uffeoU, pleaius remember the nhiiie of the Company — CAUFORNIA FIG SYIRUP CO. •AN flUKDUO*. 0»L MVIITILLB. Ki. MEW Y*HK. M. T. coughmg .We know of nothing better to tear the lining of your throat and lungs. It Is better than wet feet to cause bronchitis and pneumonia. Only keep it up long enough and you will succeed in reducingyour weight, losing your appetite, bringing on a slow fever and making everything exactly right for the germs of consumption. Stop coughing mid you will get well Cherry Pectoral cures coughs of every kind. An ordinary cough disappears in a single night. The ricking coughs of bronchitis are soon completely mastered. And, if not too far along, the coughs of consumption (ire completely cured. of Ask your druggist for one Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plaster. It will aid the action of the Cherry Pectoral. ii-nt uf u hum \\i-n> \Vimii-i] Kluiu.-s vvriv SI-IT; to fcudilt.'iily K|irin& from a pile of wlckor t)iinkc-ls anil at llic sami- moment an ullkfci 1 s«] u man \vlio WIIM stnuplng in.-r the baskets In the act of Htriklng ti s^'und match. The man, who ua\v Ills name ns Mliliafl MoiKun, «'a.s lurked up In di-fault u" bail. Two boxes of matcheH anil a bottle of turpentine were found In his pockets. Morgan said lie had no home. 8l*tcr-ln-LH\v of Itluliiu Kllluil. Oakland, Cal., Dec. 3.—Mru. Allle L. Marble, the aged HlHter-ln-luw of tlie late James O. Blullir, fop some time a resident of Kiultdale, met with a trnglu death at San Leandro. She was driving a light buggy when the horse took fright and ran uway, going through un open gate In the o/ehurd. A loiv-liang- Ing limb struck Mrs. Marble In the breast, throwing her from her buggy and killing her Instantly. She was 70 years of ago, and was a native of Augusta, Me. linti Oponrd fur Liquidation. New York. Jjec, S.—The Tradesmen's National bank, which suspended business Oct. 'I. opened Us doors yesterday fur liquidation The bank has to Us credit $l,(HiO.Ouu. In addition there Is JillS.OIiG due depositors who have agreed to wait four months for their money. Fifty lier cent, of this will be paid In January. The depositors to whom JlilU or leas Is due were paid yesterday. One More to MfitHourl'B Credit. Madrid, Mo., Dee. 3.—Another lynching occurred here Wednesday, the victim being the second of the two negroi-a who killed Alex Loin In Madrid Kend, Ky., last Friday. The other nfgro Hiia lynched Tuesday night. Qutetryiiiun Qun \lbrk. fhleago, Uee. S.— Kvc-rylhliiB IB quiet at I-emont, where 2UU employes In the quarries are on strike, liuvllijc quit Thursday because they were refused a scale of Ki cents an hour. They had jeen notified they would only receive . cents, and they sent buck word tin; Western Stone company, In ivhose quarries they were working, hat they could not accept this propo^l • Ion, Further IncreiiBe WIIM refused and he men walked out. \\cll-linovvli Keiittiuklun llouil. Lexington. Ky., Hee. a.-News of the lealh of t'olonel A. H. Hunt, for twenty ears night clerk ul the I'hocnlx hotel this city, has been received here from et roll, Mich. Hi' probably knew more eople than any other man In Kentucky nd was the original of "The C'uloncl" n the play "In Old Kentucky." Nhut Her llriitul IliiHliund. Hall FranclKco, Dee. 3. MrH. AS'lllluin ktunicll, who kllli'il tier liusliaml und illeiiipled suleldr lit Alaincila, will re- over. Hhe claims to have been secret- y married to Mantell u month ago, Ihe declared thai thi'y quarreled und hat he had knocked her down before lie shot him. Many Live* are y Ibo timely UHO of Dr. Hell's Pi lie- 'ar-Houey. Whon u uold orooiis up- n you, or a cough ruckx your IUII o reiuudy IHHO prompt or effectual. HRNRY J. KLUNK, mutit • ttrlul v«li*« or lal>l>*, a*uti*«ntl« nub (b(lbv*u. ttlH ftott »tv*tt, filtyltenit »»»>• . 100U. We Have an Elegant Line of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. 203 West Third Street. QROCER, 7 W f . YY . Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, eic. Free Del 'very to any Part of the City. J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers. Second Street. Opposite City Hall. [Alton.MII. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power'at Low Rates. If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. 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Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, nj West Third st

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